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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1860)"

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:e>i^toe t-v^o V)OLXi.<ftuT^s. 














^^^^M FIRE WOo^ 

— — ^j 


iifew fMmmmM'u^d 




30.PKR C 

TnL\ IT CA^ BK PR?C?RED {» 1\¥ OTHER Wii. 





THO. J. CARSON, Banker, 204 Balthnore-st^ 


%tnifh ol ifas|iott. \ 


m - ^ 

- ^ 





■ a !»<» — - 



— ^ — ^^ I 

'^mmm m%& §Mms §>mp^ Ux all §mpm^^^ \ 


W. E. BRODERICZ, Agent. ' 















A reduction in the prices of SKWIXr , ACHIXES is' ai nounced in our advertising columns. Their 
utility is established beyond question, and it the jiresent prices we sec no reason why they should not be 
found, as they ought to be, in every hoasehold. Several varieties are manufactured, adapted to various pur- 
poses. So far as ]iublic opinion has be -n firmed and uttered,- the preferenw is emphatically accorded to the 
WHEELER & WILSOX MACHINE FOT< FAMILY USE. and for manufactures in the same range of pur- 
pose and material, Duuing the jjreseiii ar.' ma the tria.s have been numerous, ami all the patents of any 
pretension have been brought fairlv into .ompetition. IX EVERY CASE THE WHEELER c*c AFILSOX 
MACHINE HAS WON THE HIGilJ'ST 1 IIEMIUM. 'We n sy instance the State Fairs "of New York, New 
'er.sey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois. \\ isconsin, Virgin- , Michigan, Indiana, Mi.-sissippi. Missouri and 
' alifornia, and the Fairs in Cincinnati, C'icago, St. Louis, r.altimore, Richmond and San Francisco. At 
Lhe Fair of the St. Louis Mechanical Asso<;iation, the ^.xaminiug Committi^e was composed of 25 Ladies of the 
highest social standing, who, without a dissenting voice, award' d for the WHEELi>:R & WILSON MACHIN'E 
THE HIGHEST AXl) ONLY PP.EMIUM, A SILVER PITCHER, valued at $75. If these facts do not 
establish a reputation, we know not what can. — Christian Advocate and Journal. 


■ This is the only stitch that cannot be 
he seam. It is made with two threads. ■ 

t ,i.2^eDt;! the same appear;guce upon each side of 
lie f th; fibric, and interlocked in the centre of it. 

W. MERRELL, Agent. 


Wholesale and Retail Manufacturer of 


Invites the attention of the public to his extensive assortment of DRESS, FREfSfCH CALF, 
and PATENT LEATHER BOOTS, SHOES, AND GAITERS, all manufactured by himself 
in the latest French styles, of the very best materials, and for sale at the very lowest prices. 

Persons troubled with tender feet, and who find it difficult to pet fitted, are particularly 
requested to call, as by a-particular method of taking measure he is enabled to fit those whose 
feet are covered with Cokns or Bunions, and to please the most fastidious. 

Drawings taken of the feet, and a pair of lasts kept expressly for each customer, by which 
means the Boots fit as easily when first put on as they usually do when half worn out. 

Strangers leaving their measure when in the city, can have their Boots made and sent to 
anv part of the United States. 

He prides himself upon making really good articles, and will suflFer none others to leave 
his store. » 




Corner North and Monument Sts., 

H. S. is prepared to furnish all orders in his line, viz. 

garble ^atitelB, 'Pomiments, 

tom:bs, aR^VE stones, 





E. L. PARKER & CO., 


Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, &c. 


mAE. A. EMM & €0. 



Manufacturer of COPPER WORK for Steam-Boats, Sugar Houses, Distilleries, &c. 
J8^ All orders t^nkfully received and punctually attended to on reasonable terms. 



1) K A I, K HS IX 

Segars, Chewing & Leaf Tobacco, 


Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, choice lirands of Clicwing Tobacco, all kinds of 
Fancy Pipes, Segar Cases, Snuff Boxes, Labels, Ribbons, Brands for Segars. 

|I3=' Domestic, French and German Fancy Papers, Letter and Wrapping Paper. 
George Benda's Dutch Metal and Bronzes. Also, FANCY ARTICLES generally. 




No. 42 YORK ST., near Light, BALTIMORE. 

Having made a large addition to his stock of Patt(.'rns, respectfully informs his friends 
and the public generally, that he is prepared to furnish all kinds of Mill and Machine work 
at the lowest prices, and warrants all work planned and erected by him to operate well. 




Invites the attention of the public to his extensive assortment of DRESS, FREJ^'CH 


sj,£irti»aai b&w m&mmw&n'i^ww. 




No. 720 W. BALTIMORE ST., 


AX J) 

Ornamental l?aintci' and (^\mn. 






^IsAIM ^11 S"!!®! WI1,1 ir®i,i, 





Anthracite & Bituminous Coals 











Sign, Banner, Ornamental 


iiiif n\ 

Cor. Fayette & North-sts., 


S T E A. ]\I 

No. 152 EAST STREET, between Hillen & Ensor, 

Where he is prepared to execute all kinds of SAWING and TURNING, such as 
Bench Screws, Hand Screws, Bed Posts, Carriage Hubs, Cart Hubs, Cedar Posts, Stair 
Banisters, Stair Newels, Piano Legs, Columns, Tabic Legs, Ten Pin Balls, etc. 
Iso, all kinds of Straight and Fancy SCROLL SAWING. 




IP I IRE, /^^^^^^r EII^E, 




Torches, Wrenches, Suction-Hose, Elastic Tubes, Hose Pipes and Screws, Rivets, Burrs, &c. 







llvon Wfli'fes 







Of every description, made and put up, 

Such as House Fronts, Cornices, Trusses, Brackets, Girders, Beams, Window and Door 
("ajJH, Columns, Posts, &c. Plain and Ornamental Railing and Two-Inch Water 
Pipes always on hanl. 




fiW f II il» €11X1 


i "M 







tod KD^j^typ^Bir^^siia ©? iMP (^ ©i\^o©iis^ 




Cotton Yarn, Wrapping Twine, 

Carpet Chain, Candle Wick, 

Cotton Rope, Lamp Wick, 

Knitting Cotton, Cotton Bats, 

Best Quality Chandler's Wick, &c. 

N. W. Cor. Hillen and Exeter-sts., Baltimore. 

Is delivered to any part (if the City FREE OF CHARGE. 
Dealers are respectfully requested to call and examine our stock before pur- 
chasing elsewhere. 



No. 143 Fayette-st., near Howard, Baltimore, 




Knots, Curtain Lights, Whip Sockets, Enameled Dash and Collar Leather, Enameled, 
Patent and Colored Canvass Coach Body, Japan and Leather Varnish, Japaned, Silver 
and Brass Harness Mountings, Varnish of all kinds. Malleable Castings, Sheet Brass, 
Plated Metal and Princess Metal for Stencil Cutters, all at the lowest rates. 





Hams, Bacon, Lard, Smoked Beef, Tongues, &c. 



No. 366 BALTIMORE! STREET, nearly opposite the Eutaw House, 

Manufactures and keeps constantly on hand every description of SADDLES, HARNESS, 
TRUNKS, VALISES, CARPET BAGS, COLLARS, and every other article in his line. All 
orders executed with neatness and dispatch. 

J. H. MURDOCH, 102 Hanover Street, 

Professor and Master of all styles and kinds of SALESMANSHir AND COL- 
LECTING, whether for stationary or traveling purposes, of and for each and every 
kind and extent of business. 

Professor M. can readily refer, as he is most noted, such as may not know him and 
his capacities, really to thousands of the oldest, wealthiest and most distinguished 
wholesale, as also retail, gentlemen and firms, and banking and other gentlemen, in 
most of the United States and the near British Provinces, to show that he was long 
at least one of, if not the most able, successful and best paid of any such on this 
continent at least, he having, (per written agreement for a term of years,) got $8,000 
per year, that is, in salary and interest upon it, and ex23enses paid and stated privi- 
leges. He has certificates from hundreds of such persons in many i^arts of the United 
States, etc., (including from very many such in Baltimore, of course,) that he has at 
least no superior at all in those capacities, and that he has all the indipsensable ele- 
ments or qualifications, and most evenly and harmoniously combined and balanced, 
too, for such purposes. Such instruction is both an entirely new, and truly, a most 
indispensable feature, in this age of great progress, and rivalry, and lightning go-ahead- 
ativeness in many, if not all or most things ; and hs will greatly excel (a standing 
principle with him) in everything, it matters not what, he undertakes. What he 
not simply believes, but hnoios as truth, he should not, and don't, put under, but 
upon the bushel, and light all around. 

Business men and parents can have truly No. 1 Agents, Drummers, Salesmen, or 
Collectors, or all together, made out of their favorite, or promising, or may be, even, 
less favorable clerks, or children, or the latter themselves can so have themselves made. 
What's called the best made better, the poorest train'd to be 
Much better, or, maybe, even to the mastery.* 

B@" Due notice will be given through the papers of the time the above is to 

*That is, even such as are very generally called the best made better. 








for Railways and Common Roads ; also of all kinds of Cast and Wrought Iron Work, 
such as ROOFS, FRONTS, GIRDERS, &c., &c., for Buildings and Machniery m all 
its branches. Plans and estimates furnished upon application. 





B il^ 1^ W S iffi ® a 1 , 

Dyes and Finishes all kinds of Woolen and Silk Goods to any color; also Silk 
Velvets Dyed to perfection ; Canton Crape Shawls Dyed Scarlet, Cherry and Crimson, 

Ladies' Goods, as well as Gentlemen's Qothing, Qeansed and Pressed in the best 









We are the original inventors and patentees of a mode of running CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, that ex- 
perience has proved to he the only plan by which lumber can he successfull3' sawed from the log with a Cir- 
cular Saw. 

We trust that as inventors of this principle, which has added much to the industrial wealth of our coun- 
try, we will receive that yjatronage which we feel the merits of our invention deserves, and that all gentle- 
men will avoid purchasing from those who attempt to evade our patent. 

Our Saw Mills are at least one-third stronger, and are capable of doing more work, and in every respect 
better than any others made. AVe make them of three sizes, suited as well for the wants of the largest lum- 
bering establishment as for the smallest plantation, with prices to correspond. 

We build STATIOXARY AXD PORTABLE .STEAM EX(;IXES of all sizes and finish that cannot be 
surpassed, also HORSE P0^\ EKS FOR COTTOX. GIXS, GRIST MILLS, etc. 

For descriptive catalogues or other information, apply to 







— 1»»> 


Pimlico Snuff Mills and 
Smoking Tobacco Factory 

Have n-moved their jjlace of business from 72 Exchange Place, to 

No. 84 PAYETTE STREET, three doors West of Charles, 

Where will be found a stock (jf our own ^Manufacture lA' 


And in every style of Packages, in part as follows: 

SCOTCH SNUFF.— Loose, in bbls. and kegs 

" " In beef and calf bladders, packed in bbls. and tierces. 

" " In ^Ib. bottles, in 6, 4 and 3 dozen cases. 

" '•' In 2 and 4 oz. papers, in bbls., 12 and 6 dozen cases. 

MACCOBOY SNUFF.— In tierces, kegs, jars and bottles. 
COARSE SNUFF. — In tierces, kegs and jars. 
STEM SNUFF.— In bbls. 

Nos. 1, 2 and 3, cut and dry, in bbls., poimd, half pound and quarter-pound papers, 
neatly put up in gross and half-gross boxes. 

¥Sa€ISIia. iii®miSS€ t@14€€@, 

Of all grades, loose in bbls., also in pound, half-pound and quarter pound papers, 
and in neat packages of 12 and 6 doz. 

Also in 10 lb. bales, manufactured of Virginia and Carolina Tobacco, carefully select- 
ed by us. 

'"e would soUcit a share of your patronage. 


84 PAYETTE STREET, 3 doors West of Charles, 




A DYER T I S P] M E N T S . 





Kerosene, Lard & Ethereal Oils. 

















llHAl.Ki; IX 

Eags, Eope, Iron, Metals, &c. 


Also, WOOLEN RAGS ul' every dcsciiptiijii, LEAD. ZINC. COlTER, I'EWTER, 
BRASS, WROUGHT AND CAST IRON always on band for sale. 



Denmead's Iron Works. 

A. & w. wmmEm & Bum, 





Locomotive or Stationary iSteain Eufcines, Woolen, Cotton, Flour, Rice. Supar, Grist or 
Saw Mills. Slide, Hand or Chuck Lathes, Machinery for cuttinjr all kinds of Grain. Hy- 
draulic, Tobacco and other Presses. Car and Locomotive Patent Rincryvheels, Wakuantbd. 
Bridge and Mill Castings, of every description. Gas and Water Pipes, all sizes, Wakranted. 
Rail Road Wheels, with Best Faogoted Axi,e, furnished and fit up for use, complete. 

_^S>^Being provided with Heavy Lathes for Boring and Turning Screws, Cylinders, Ac, 
we can furnish them of any pitch, length or pattern. 

.^^~01d Machinery Renewed or Repaired — and Estimates for Work, in any part of the 
United States, furnished at short notice. 



No. 2 WATER-ST., near South-st. 

Of all sizes, on hand and made to order, of the best materials, and warranted bound in the 

most substantial manner. 

A complete assortment of Office and Counting-House Stationery, Letter and Cap Papers, 

Steel Pens and Handles, Copying, Writing, Carmine and Red Inks, Inkstands, 

Sand Boxes, Wafer Clips, Seals, Wafers, Envelops, Rulers, Patent 

and Red Blotting Papers, &c., &c. 









ei)iNDI[S, WIN[S, GIN, CIGiRS. &C. 


Cognac Brandy, Pale and Dark, (Pinet, Castellon & Co., Otard, Dupuy & Co., James Hen- 
nessy. ) Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum, Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, Peach, Cherry, Lav- 
ender, Raspberry and Ginger Brandies; Wine Bitters; Madeira, Port, TenerifFe, Sherry, 
Lisbon, Muscat, Malaga, Champagne and Claret Wines, Choice and Old. Havana Cigars of 
all Grades. Extra Fine Old Monongahela and Bourbon Whiskey, from two to five years old. 

asiif 1 km iiwiixifi 


S. E. Corner Baltimore and Light-sts. 


lie i|j«tclf^, ^kl f fwieki, 



inj^Every attention paid to the Manufacture and Repair of Jewelry. Fine Watches 
Repaired by experienced workmen. Hair Plaiting in all its varieties. Orders attended 
to with dispatch. 













> ^m 


and SHAFTINGS, and all sizes of WATER STOPS and PIPKS. Repairing done with 
neatness and dispatch. All kinds of BOILEUS and TANKS made to order. 




B & i^ 1 1 H © E 1 . 

and FANCV SOAPS, which he will sell on the most liberal terms. 



%^^ iM*' 




No. 121 FRANKLIN STREET, One door West of Eutaw, 



;;^^V« JOHN C. Mc CULLOUCH, -^ \ 











O. F. DUTRO"W &. CO. 


Cil[[S[, GRIllll, BACON, eUTHR, LARD, Mi 






WM. L. RICHARDSON, Cashier Citizens' Bank, Baltimore. 
JOHNS HOPKINS, President of the Merchants' Bank, Baltimore. 
WM. LAMPING & CO., Baltimore. 
JAMES J. BROOKS, Esq., Baltimore. 
G. D. ARTHUR. Cashier Atlantic Bank, New York. 
J. C. DONNELL. Cashier Bank of Commerce, Philadelphia, Pa. 
JOSEPH B. BOWLES, President Bank of Louisville, Ky. 
J. HARPER, Cashier Bank of Pittsburg, Pa. 
• WM. P. SPRAGUE & CO., Malta, Ohio. 

SPEER, PATTERSON & CO., Concord, Ohio. 





Transact all bui^iness appertaining to Banks or private Bankers, in their several depart- 

Buy and sell on Coininission Stock and Securities in this and other Markets. 

I'ncurrent Money bought and sold. 

Make advances on Stocks, Koal Estate, Notes and other Collaterals. 

-Vetjotiate time Paper and Stock Loans. 

Receive deposits in Bankable and iJncurrent Funds, and give SPECIAL ATTENTION TO 
COLLECTIONS on all accessible points in the Dnited States and Canada, and can offer un- 
rivalled facilities to correspondents. 

Interest allowed on deposits. 














wmm mmmAm€^ 

%\t PotoaA Jfire |nBurame dLo. 

CDF B^^XjTin^vdlOI^E, 

INSURES Dwellings, Furniture, Warehouses, 

Goods on Storage, and Merchandise Generally, 
Against Loss or Damage by Fire. 

Also, Vessels and Cargoes in Port. 


(Former Office of J. S. Gittings & Co.) 


ANDREW REESE, President. 










1st. — Giving those insured their full share oi al/ piofita. ■ 

2d. — Dividends annuallJ^ 

3d. — Allowing all whose premiurus are above .$50 to retain one-lialt of the amount. 
4th. — By having a large capital and adjusting all losses with promptness and fairness. . 

5th. — By being a Home Company and readily accessible, and many other advanta- 
ges to be found by an investigation of its merits. I 

Over 159 W. Baltimore-st., Opposite the Museum. 





Incorporated in 1830. — Cliarter Perpetual. 
JOHN I. DONALDSON, President. A. B. COULTER, Sec'y. 

This Company proposes to insure Lives for one or more years, or for life. With their 
rates the assured enjoys the benefit of immediate in lieu of a prospective and uncertain bonus. 
He risks neither his policy nor the premium he has paid. 

These premiums may be made payable annually, semi-annually or quarterly, at option of 
the assured. The Company grants and buys annuities. Sells endowments for children. 

Makes all contracts in which Life or the interest of Money is involved. 



JOHN REESE, President. 






DUHURST, Secretary. 


Will receive Weekly and Special Deposits, and pay In- 
terest on the same. 

WILLIAM E. COALE, President. 





No. 75 N. Front Street, Baltimore, Md. 



Vertical and Circular Saw Mills, Chair Back, Fellow, Scroll and Cross Cut Saws, Mill Gear- 
ing:, Shafting and Pulleys. Woodworth's Planing Mills for Flooring, &c., Sash Machinery, 
full sets. Also a general assortment of Machinery for Sawing, Planing, Turning, and Carv- 
ing Wood in any desired shape. [Seep. 55 Advertisementg. 

jOHisr c. GivEiNr, 


Will furnish city and country dealers at the lowest net cash prices, with every variety of 
Tea, Coffee, (Green, Roasted or Ground,) Sugar, Molasses, Syrup, Vinegar, G. A. and Fine 
Salt, Kice, Barley, Split Peas, Starch, Soaps of every description. Indigo, Spices, Cocoa, 
Hroma, Chocolate, liice, Flour, Corn Starch, Farina, Macaroni, Vermicelli, Yeast Powders, 
Hemp, Carraway, Canary and Annis Seed, Sal Soda, Carb. Soda, Cream Tartar, Nutmegs, Es- 
sences, Extract Coffee, Cigars, Bremen Pipes, Dutch Herring, Bath Bricks, Chalk, Whiting, 
Kottenstone, British liUstre, Stove Polish, Matches, Blacking, Carpet Tacks, Table Oils, 
Nuts of all kinds, Prunes, Currants, Raisins, Dates, Figs, &c., Ac, 

^^^"Goods for Shipment delivered free, and no charge for Packages. '^^ 


mm mi 

89 N. HOWARD-ST., between Lexington & Saratoga. 



Also a Large Assortment of French Plate and other Mirrors. 

^©~A11 kinds of Furniture taken in Exchange, also bought for Cash. Furniture neatly 
Repaired, Varnished and Ke-Upholstered. 




fc00O%0 IfottttSuii 


^(£).l®3cPiaJ)® 1^ 

^i jy® 

LUCAS BROTHERS, Proprietors. 


Successors to V. LUCAS, Jr. 

No. 170 W. Baltimore-st., Baltimore, 


Made to order, with the utmost dispatch, of the best materials, and warranted not to go to 
pieces. Personal attention given to the manufacture of books made to order in their own 
Bindery for Banks, Public Offices, Insurance and Railroad Corporations and Merchants. 

Finest Stationery from the best sources of foreign and domestic manufacture, embracing 
CAP, LETTER, and DRAWING PAPERS. Office and School Stationery of every des- 
cription. DRAWING MATERIALS, and all articles for Engineers and Surveyors. 

check: BOOKS, COPYING PRESSES, in the greatest variety, COPYING BOOKS, 
made of the best French and English Paper, imported by ourselves, and warranted in every 
respect, at prices as low as the common article. 

BLANK NOTES, DRAFTS, AND BILLS OF LADING, of handsomely engraved pat- 
Notes, Drafts, Checks, Cards, Circulars, Ac. executed at short notice. 




A. 13. MUDGE. 



No. 14 HANOVER STREET, Cor. German, 

L. L. Brown & Co. 

Carew Manufacturing Co. 


A. S. Chamberlain & Co. 

Carson Bros. & Co. 

D. Carson, Jr. & Co. 

Dickey, Ross & Dickey, 


Eagle Mills Co. Plainer & Porter, ' 

PJmpire Mills, Plainer <fe Smith, 

Gibson, Crosby & Robbins, Parson's Paper Company. 

R. & A. H. Hubbard, Marlboro' Mills, 

Jessup & Lafflin, Metropolitan Mills, 

J. P. King & Co. Sagamore Mills, 
Owen & Hurlbut, 

Al»- ¥AB.};#'e:S #THKR €KLKBEAT1» MikKlHS, 






BOARDS, ill every variety; TISSUE AND SHOE PAPER, 




ixmtlt gmv gaisit, garl^t »tta ptt^v iapr, ^ImhU W,mv, 


Bi^Paper of every description Made to Order. 

A I.) ^' E R 1^ I S E M E N T S . 28 


No. 166 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, 

Respectfully informs Printers and the public generally that lie is prepared to execute all 
orders in the best style and on reasonable terms. 

Portraits, Buildings, Views, Machinery, 

#ieite,.§aife Steicfe, gill geiife, gw^jte^ iMife, 


_,^^~0rdei'3 by mail or express will receive prompt attention. 







The Largest Assortment of MUSIC in the city can be found at this 


Instruction Books for every instrument. Dealers, Booksellers, Seminaries, Teachers, ^c. 
supplied on the most reasonable terms. 

~ " Orders by mail promptly attended to. 







Sewing Machines and all kinds of light Machinery re- 
paired at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable 

^^^^Sewing Machines Bought, Sold and Exchanged. 




JwmI Mil (Sirmaiii 


Plain and Ornamental Frames for Portraits, Engravings, Needle Work, &c.. Brackets, 
Bracket Tables and Window Cornices, in all their variety. Fancy Wood Frames. &c. Look- 
ing Glass Plates, by the Box or single Plate. 

OLD WORK RE-GILT with neatness and dispatch, on very moderate terms. 



Anthracite & Cumberland Coal 

OFFICE, N. E. Cor. South-st. and Exchange Place, 

LOCUST GAP AND LYKENS VALLEY COAL, for Furnaces, Grates and Stoves. 
CUMBERLAND COAL by the Cargo, Car Load, or Single Ton, furnished at short notice, 
on favorable terms. 

THOMAS L. LEVERING, Selling Agent. 





HVfaiinfacture Establislied 1816. 

The quality ul' tliis Ink lius hcfu fcsln/ Jor nion: llttiii KuHTV i/ciir.t. During thi>s 
time, it has constHntly imai'aseil in public favnr ami 2)at,roiiage, and is now the leading 
articl(3 in the country. 'I'hc j'roprictors annex a few of many Testimonials received 
from parties wiio iiave n-si'd if for mini' limn n i/iiorii-r of a i-cninry. and whose oppor- 
tunity and i|ualiHcations tor judging correctly of its merits will not be ipiestioned. 

Rkoistrv of Deeds Ofkuk. Hoston, January 10, 1859. 
Messr^i. Mayxakd A. Noyks, (Tentleincn : lam glad that longer use of your Writing Ink 
enables nie to repeat the tostimony given in its favor many years ago. I have used it in this 
ottice thirtv-seven years, and my oldest records are as legible and black an when fir at loritten. 
This rare ijuaHty for permanence, renders it invaluable for State and County Records and all 
mercantile purposes, where it is important that the writing should remain legible and un- 
changed in color by the lapse of time. 

Uknky Allink, Register of Deeds. 

BowuoiN I'UBLic School, Boston, January 7, 1857. 
Messrs. Maynahu & Xoyks, Gentlemen : I have used yoiir Ink in the Writing Depart- 
ment of this School I he past thirty years, and take great pleasure in renewing my testimo- 
nial of its superior quality. It flows freely from the pen, its color is brilliant and permanent, 
and it combines all the necessary and desirable qualities of good Ink. 

J AS. Robinson, Writing Master. 

The following extract of a letter Irom a well known and long established Bookseller 
in Dover. X. II., is like many others often received, and ^vill be found to express tlie 
opinion and correspond witli the experience of a large number in the business. 

After trying various kinds of Ink, most of my customers come back to yours. I am tired 
of the miserable compounds offered every little while, pretending to be superior to all other 
Inks, and will have nothing further to do with them. I have used your Ink on my books 
over twenty-six years, and my customers can see how it stands against' time. Entries made 
in 1832. are as fresh as those made during this year. 

Dover, N. H., October 16, 1858. E. J. Lane. 

Tlie following Testimonial fi-om Dr. Chilton is added as a supplement to any of his 

previous tests. 

From experiments instituted by mc, in 1855 and 1856, and repeated within the past six 
months, I am fully satisfied that Maynard & Noyes' Writing Ink is entitled to the pre-emi- 
nence it has always sustained for Legibilit}' and Permanence of color. 

New York, May 11, 1858. James R. Chilton, M. D., Chemist. 

The above popular Ink, together with BLUE, RED, CARMINE and COPYING 
INK, WRITING FLUID and INK POWDER, is for sale by the principal Book- 
sellers, Stationers, and Paper Dealers in Baltimore. 






And all Articles in the Stove Business, Wliolesale and Retail, 


KepairinK (Ion.- <iii all kinds of .STOVES. Fl'IiXACES and KANOES by ourselves : heinj; inacUcal men. 
we shall attend to the business, therefore we guarantee all work done l>,v us to ii\yv satisfaction. 
All Orders left with us will be promptly attended to. 

i^"Sewing Machines of all kinds Repaired by J. B. Oldershaw. 

JAMES H, MURDOCH, M. D., and Professor and Demonstiator of Human, Physi- 
ology, Meteorologfy, Medicine, Climatology, Hydropatliy, all kinds of Bathing, Sweating, 
etc., etc., etc , will give due notice through the papers of the time he will open his 

INSTITUTE for the most thorough Demonstration and the most rigid and habitual appli- 
cation of the Natural Laws or Laws of Health and Life of Mankind, etc., for the Preserva- 
tion, or rather the prolonging of Health and Life very greatly, or at the very least, the 
Checking, or to those who really prefer it, the moderate or most extreme Production or Ag- 
gravation of DisEASB, it matters not by what name or names any other Physician or person 
or yourself may or will call it. 

N. B. — Professor M's mode of treatment is not a deceiving, etc., etc., etc., but truly the 
most honorable, humane, practical, speedy and certain, and only such plan, as incredible as 
it may appear to most persons or the uninitiated. 

Dr. M. most certainly has had in every possible way, not only the most thorough, terrible, 
and costly experience personally for many years in all tl)e schools of medical practice and in 
every other possible way, but by having watched such constantly and most carefully, and by 
the most intense study, extreme expenditures, etc.. etc., has equal knowledge of and for such. 

This treatment will give the very greatest possible strength and comfort and energy of body 
or mind, or both of bod}- and mind or mind and body, and success, fame, good looks, happiness, 
and of course, all their great bases — health, life, and longevity. 




ISTo. 63 Soutli diaries Street, Baltimore. 

^SS^Uas Pipes laid in all kinds of Buildings at the shortest notice, and on the most reason- 
able terms. 



Camden-st., opposite Bait. & O. R. R. Depot, 



Tho sul)S(Til..i- liMviii- rsiahlisli.d ;i lAME DEPOT at 


Where he is |ire)>aii'(l l<i fmnisli a veiv' siipcrior artiili' dt' I, inn- ii> luiildiis ,ii lower 
rates than any other house in tlie city. Also, CA I.CIN KD I'LASTKR. CEMENT, 
and HAIR. Also, on hand a superior Fertilizer, railed Doilb's Soil Invigorator. 

K. r>OUB, Agent. 




JS^" Persons having I'niuls to invest, can hear ol" good cliances by applying at 
our oflSce, 



Wo are at all times PURCHASING SLAVES, paying the HIGHEST CASH 
PRICES. Persons wishing to sell will i)leasc call at 

2 8 2 Pratt Street, 

(_'onnnunications addressed to 

B. M. & W. L. CAMPBELL. 




Have constantly for sale, every Variety of the Best ANTHRACITE, CHARCOAL 

Also, every descrijition of LUMBER by the Cargo. 









Jars,Vials,Wine, Porter & Mineral Water Bottles 

^^^^15. iujit>. 

s^ ^^, 

Nos. 32 and 34 SOUTH CHARLES-ST. 













CHAPIN A. HAEHIS. M. 1).. I'rinciplos of Dental Science, and Tiiciv an.l I'lac- 

tice of Dental Surgery. 
THOMAS E. BOND. M. D., Therapeutics and Materia Medica. 
PHILIP H. AUSTEN. M. D.. Mechanical Dentistry. 
REGINALD N. WPtlGHT, M. D., Chemistry and Metallurgy. 
A. SNOWDEN PIGGOT, M. D., Anatomy and Physiology. 
CHRISTOPHER JOHNSTON, M. D., Microscopical and Comparative Anatr.n.v nt' 

the Teeth. 
FERDINAND J. S. GORGAS, D. D. S., ] ,. , , .. ,. , , ,, ,. 

SAMUEL T. CHURCH, D. D. S., j J^emonstrators .it ])ental I ract.ce. 

WILLIAM G. SMULL, U. D., Demunstratnr of Anatomy. 

The Twentieth Annual session will commence on the 3d day of October and close on the 1st 
of March. 

The regular course of Lbcturks will commence on the 1st of November. 

The entire day during October, and the afternoon of each day during tlie rest of the session 
will be devoted "to Practical Dentistry and Anatomical Dissections. 

The Infirmar}' has a large and rapidly increasing supply of patients, attbrding to the stu- 
dent unsurpassed facilities for the acquirement of a practical knowledge of every Operation 
in Surgical, Medical and Mechanical Dentistry. 

Tickets for the Lectures, $100. Demonstrators' Tickets, $20. Matjiculation Fee, $5. 
Dissection Ticket, (optional,) $10. Diploma Fee, $30. 

P. H. AUSTEN, Dean of the Faculty, 

79 NoKTH Charles SriiKEr, l{.\i/riM(iKK.. 




The Annual Session begins early in Octobei', and ends 
on the first of the ensuing March. 

X ]\. SMFTIT, ^I. 1)., Proft'ssrir of the T'riiii'iples iiiid Practico ()f Siirt^en'. 

W. E. A. AHvIX, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and riiarmacy. 

SAIMITEL CHEW, M. I)., I'rofessor of tlie I'riuciples and Practice of Meihcine. 

.lOSEPH ]U)m\ M. D., Professor of Aiiiitomy and Pliysiolog^'. 

GEOPtiiE W. MrLTF>XBEPt(_iEU, M. ])., Professor of Obstetrics. 

CHAS. FPiKJK, M. ]).. Professor of Materia Medica and Tlierapeutics. 

Clinical Instruction is given in Medicine and Surg:ery at the "BALTIMORE INFIRMARY," 
an Institution of more tiian thirty yeais standing, belonging to the University, situated in its 
immediate neiglib(jrhoo(i, under the sole charge of, and attended by, the Faculty. Its wards 
constantly contain aiuple material for illustrating the various forms of disease, and are open 
throughout the year, to all Matriculates of the [School, without charge. 

Anatomical material is abundant, and supplied at moderate expense. The Demonstrator, 
B. U. Smith, M. I)., devotes regular hours to this department of instruction. 

Fees for the Full Course, $90. Practical Anatomy, SIO. Matriculation, $5. Gradua- 
tion, S20. 

For further information apply to 

GEO. W. MILTENBERGER, Dean of the Faculty, 







Is constantly open for the reception and care of THE SICK. 
The Patients are attended hy the Faculty of the University, and 
nursed by the Sisters of Charity. An addition has recently been 
erected, containing commodious private apartments separate from 
the more public portion of the house. Persons from a distance re- 
quiring surgical treatment, or operations, will find the Institution 
admirably adapted to this purpose. 

Board from THREE to TEN DOLLARS per week, according 
to the accommodations required. 

Applications for admission may be made to 












JOHN H. REA. U. (-,. MnitRAY. 




Oil Clotliiii^, Covered ETats, <fec., <fec. 

Also, Military and Police Uniforms, 

N. E. Cor. South & Pratt-sts., Baltimore. 




m%. f it#a«a nm^mw swiiiir, 

ECi=All Jobbing promptly attended to at the Shortest Notice, 















Constantly on liand a Eaige Assortment of all kinds of MATTRESSES and BED- 

"Orders will be punctually attended to. 






W^. B. KIR^^^ISr, Captain, 


Fredericksburg & Landings on Rappahannock, 

Leaving Baltimori' tVoin her 

On TUESDAY AFTERNOONS, at 4 o'clock. Returniiio;, will K-are Fredericksburg at 4 
o'clock, FRIDAY MORNINGS. She will continue to leave Baltimore EVERY TUESDAY, 
and Fredericksburg P^VERY' FRIDAY during the season. Fieight of every description 
taken at low rates. Horses. Cattle, and Live Stock ftenei'ally, handled with care, and com 
fortably accommodated. Through Goods punctually attended to, charges paid promptly, 
and forwarded as soon as received. 

^^©"For information. Freight or Passage, applv in Baltimore at her Oftice, 105 SOUTH 
STREET, or on board the Boat. Agents in Fredericksburo-, A. K. PHILLIPS & CO. 



The Steamer JIARY WASHINGTOX. M. L. Weems, Master, will leave for tlie Patuxent River EVERY 
WEDNESDAY ^FORMNC. at 6 oelock, via Fair Haven and Flum Point. Ryturiilii.i;. will leave Hiir.« 
Landing EVERY FRIDAY MdKNlXG at 6 o'clock, direct for Haltimore. leavin.L' Benedict at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

The Steamer (;E(»R(;K AVEFilS, Theo. Weems, Master, will leave Haltimore for the Patuxent River 
EVERY SATURDAY MOHXINtj', at 6 o'clock, via Plvuii Point. Retiiniin?, will leave Peiiedict at 6 
o'clock on WEDNESDAY MORNING, for Baltimore, calling at Plum Point ami Fair Haven. 

The Steamer MARY^ WASHINGTON will make a trip to Pair Haven EA'KRY MONDAY ami return the 
same day. commencing on Monday. .June 20th. ISIig. 

All Freights prei)aid and received up to .5 o'clock on the evening previous to their departure. 

Rates of Passaue.— Passage to Patuxent River $2, Meals extra. To Plum Point ^2, Meals inehuled. 
To Fair Haven Jl, Meals extra. 


,^ 1^ 

P 3 


.^^"Stamps for Bookbinders, Seals, with Presses, &c. made to order. 




liilaiHl lioutf via ItelawHio and Karitun. and C'lii-saii'-'akf and Delaware Canals. Comprising sixtfen 
Sttamers and Marines of averuKt* capacity of l.'JO tons eacii. I'"or tlic conveyance of Mercluindist, Produce, 
Packages. Jforxes. Cattle. Carriages. Purniliire and G<vds of nil sorts, at very low rates. 


A Steamboat leaves Baltimore Daily, except Saturdav and Sunday Afttinoons, from No. 3 LIGHT 

A Steamtioat leaves in like manner for Baltimore 1>.\ILT. except Saturdav and Sunday Afternoons from 

K?"<;oods destined for places beyond Baltimore or Xew York, forwarded immediately with care — Free of 
all charges for Commission. 

K^Tlie saffty, regularity and dispatch of this Line, together with the moderate rates charged, commend 
it to the public as a desirable medium for conveying every description of Freight. 

WESTFKX FREIGHTS from the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co. received at the LOCUST POINT DEPOT, 
handled carefully and forwarded with the utmost dispatch immediatel.y on arrival. Through receipts can 
be obtained over this route from any of the Agents of the B. & 0. R. R. Co for Goods deliverable in N. Y. 

J. A. SHEIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
W. DALZELL, Agent, Pier 7 North Biver, N. Y. 




B K 1' W K K N 



One of the Compauy-s Steamboats leaves No. 3 LIGHT STREET WHARF, Evert Afterxoos. Arriv- 
ing in Philadelphia at 5 o'clock the next morning, in ample time for the New York Trains. 


Leaves Daily, at 3 o'clock, from No. 19 SOUTH WHARVES. Goods forwarded immediately with care— 
Free of all charge for commission. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
A. GROVES, Jr., Agent, No. 9 South Wharves, Phila. 


B. F. STARR & CO. 



The subscribers are constantly receiving BURR BLOCKS from 
the best quarries in France, and are prepared to make to order, and 
kceji cunstanlly on hand a large assortment ot' 

French Burr Millstones, 

<.>t' the besi quahtv, ai 

S- E. Coriie3r ISTortli & Centre Streets, 

<ilHi(>-<itf tlic No\tlii-ni reiitial l!ailw;i\ St:itiuii. lati'lv ocfiipinJ by Win. Ho>;-g & Son. 



Li-ftUier Riid Gum Belting. CALCINED f'l.AS'I'ER ami MILL IKONS .if btst quality. 

B. F. STARR & CO., 173 North-st. 


^iamnitlie mtil i«ll0w iaille$» 


D. c. ISrOYES, 


Bi iwi'C'U Ashland .Square and H''l Air Aliirkri. 

B A L T I M < J K t: . 

|Cf="Venitian Blinds Repaired. 


And Piofeitsoi- and Demonstialor v( Muinau Physiolujjy, Mcteoioloy.v. Climatology, Baths and Bathing, 
Sweating. Hydropathy, Country, JFountain and other Airs. Jk'dical and other \Vater.s. Dietetics, Medicines, 
etc., etc., etc. To private and individual.^ bj- the many different systems, or his own truly great or 
most thorough and most thoroughly practical, though very greatly condensed one. and Independent man- 
ufacturer of Doctors, Druggists, (wholesale and retail,) .\pothecarics and Patent Medicine Makers, of all 
schools, kinds, degrees and titles, and qualities liy the very latest and most practical, humane, speedy, in- 
fallible, honorable, and highly improved and n|)provcd (his own) way for the Preservation, or rather the 
Prolonging of Health and Life very greatly, (to such as really prefer.) even the moderate or most extreme 
Production or Aggravation, or the Cure, or at the very least, the ('hecking of Disease, it matters not by 
whatever name or names the other or orr/iiinri/ schools or kinds of doctors or Pliilo.soiihers, or you or other* 
may or will call it. Philo.sophers of tiie best kind and of all .schools made and warranted \o. 1. 

N. B. — Any and all persons can be treated most skillfully and most successfully liy my truly great mode. 
Doctors and Philosophers of alt .schools, kinds, degrees and titles, and qualities and rpi)Utations even not ex- 
cepted, though included of course. 

Diseases (.Sufferings) and Health ought to he and really are fully a.s familiar and as thoroughly practic«l 
to him as the great American (and the English) .Mphabct is to the Hon. Edward Everett. 

<^Due notice will be given through the pajier"; of the time the above is to commence. 







Inrltes the attention of the public to his large assortment of BOOTS, SHOES and GAITERS, all of his 
own manufacture, and of the verv best materials, which lie offers to sell at the lowest ])rice5. 




m i A 



No. 50, N. E. Cor. Baltimore & Frederick-sts. 

Where may be found a General Assortment of 


|l3=Also, a large assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES and VESTINGS, which 
will be made to order in the latest and best manner. 


Successor to Peter Newell, 



Has constantly on hand a fine stock of 


Of Favorite Brands. Also, constantly manufacturing from the best selection.^ of Leaf, 
all styles and kinds of Cigars, viz. 


All kinds of Chewing Tobacco as cheap as can be purchased elsewhere in the city, such 
as Dark, Sweet, Medium, Natural, Sun Dried, Fig, Rough & Ready, P. & B. F.'Grave- 
ly's. Rose and other Fancy Twists. Persons in want of any of the above articles would 
do well to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere. 






^^, ME AND Cf^ 




^ ^^ 





1 & £. f I Si ^ E 1 . 

Bottler of Porter, Ale, Cider and Mineral Water, Catawba and Scupperuong Wine, 
and Importer of Scotch Whiskey, Ale, and London Brown Stout, &:c. 





Candle Moulds made to order. 

Keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of LAMPS, SOUP LADLES, 
SPOON'S, &c., &c. 
BS^All orders promptly attended to. Repairing of all kinds of Plated Ware. 


mi mm & TifwARf MiiNuriiciuR[R. 





Succe:^^or to B. T. ELDF.I!. 

120 S. EUTAW-ST., opp. Bait. & O. R. R. Depot, 

For the, sal./ of all kinds of WESTERN and SOUTHERN PRODUCE.' ProvisioDs, 
Cheese, Butter, Flour, Lard, Cotton, "Wool. Bacon. &c. 


Messrs. Jaiues I. Fisher & Sons, Baltimore. 

Brannan & Pearson, 
C. R. Coleman. Esq., Cashier Mechs. Bank. 

B. T. EIrler. Esij.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Messrs. Jos. E. Elder & Co. " 
H. J. Tavlor k Co. '• 


Soap & Candle Manufacturers, 


Constantly on hand for sale Fine and Fanry Soa})s, Candles, Tallow, itc, im the 
most pleasing temis. 

Tallow wanted — the highest market price paid. 




151 Fr\>KI.IX STr.EET. 




;ii c^jiL MM & f ISO STciTIDlltt 

No. 3 S. Cliarles-st., Baltimore. 

|E3=ACC0UNT books manufactured to order. 













Alum, Soda-Ash, Felts, Wires, Twine, 


Manufactured to Order, to any Size and "Weight. 


"Advauccs made on Consignments of Merchandise of all descriptions. 




Under the Patronage of the Baltimore Annual Conference, 

(g. ©^©©(^i. ^, 5!^],. ^T^©^a(s](iiiii 


Kev. Thomas B. Sargent. D. i). 

■■ Henry Slieer. 

" Thomas H. W. Monroe, 

" William T. D. Clemm, 

" William Hirst. 

" Benj. B. Hamlin. 

" Fielder Israel. 

" Jacob S. McMurray. 

" Mayherry Goheen. 

" Geo. G. Brooke, 

'■ Benj. F. Brooke, 
Dr. Thos. E. Bond. Jr. 
R. G. Armstrong. Ksq. 
Joshua Royston. Esq. 
James F. Purvis, Esq. 
James M. Lester. Esq. 
George C. Addison, Esq. 
John Brannan, Esq. 
Joshua Dryden. Esq, 
John Hurst, Esq. 
X. C. Brooks, ex-officio. 

This Seminary of Learning^, instituted for the liberal education of Young Ladies, was 
created a College proper by the Legislature of Maryland, December session, 1849, with 
authority to confer degrees, and endowed with all the rights and pnivileges of the most 
favored female institutions. 

There are two departments in the Institution — the Collegiate Department and the 
Preparatory Department, with their appropriate branches of learning. The course of 
study in each is three years, designated by as many different classes. 


The course of instruction is intended to develop the intellectual, social and rAoral facul- 
ties ; and by imparting a thorough, practical, accomplished and christian education, fit the 
pupil for the faithful discharge of the responsible duties that await her in life. 

Great pains will be taken to promote intellectual advancement, by rendering the acqui- 
sition of knowledge pleasant, and by training the pupil to correct habits of thought and 

The proper exercise of the social feelings will be encouraged by inculcating whatever 
belongs to refined manners and dignified courtesy in our intercourse with others : while 
reading, recitations and expositions from the Bible, will familiarize the mind with the 
truths of our holy religion, and imbue the heart with right principles of action, and rules 
for the government of life. 

The accommodations for boarders have recently been increased by the erection of an 
additional story on the main edifice, and a new building, 60 feet long, and five stories 
high, with chemical hall, painting and reading rooms, bath rooms. &c. 

The Institution takes rank with our oldest and best Seminaries, and enjoys a liberal 
patronage from the city of Baltimore, and from the Middle, Southern and Western States. 


N. C. Brooks, A. M., Frof. Ancient Languages. 

C. F. Himes, A. M., Prof. jMathematics. 

W. B. Monroe, M. D., Prof, of Chemistry. 

Mrs. R. Harris, Preceptress — English. 

Miss E. C. Brads, Belles-Lettres and Physiology . 

Miss S. E. Lummis, English and History, 

Rev. Dr. A. Guinzberg, German. 

M. Jennie Southworth, French. 

Mons. Emile Kett, l>rawing and Painting. 

Mr. J. Schseffer, Instrumental Music. 

Miss Ellen C. Gobright. Piano and Singing. 

Dr. H. Perabean. Vocal Music. 

Miss E. A. Cairns, Domestic Superintendent. 


Board, per Annual Session, s^lUO. Tuition, from $40 to ^50 per tmnum. Music, Paint- 
ijg^and Modern Languages, extra charge. 
Irj'For Circulars containing full information, address at No. 53 St. Paul Street. 

A 1) VKiriWSEMKNTS. 43 





At CARROLL HALL, Cor. of Baltimore and Charles streets. 
And at POWHATAN HALL, Cor. of Pratt and Bond streets. 

Witli iiiori-usfd facilities of afTordinp to yoiiii^ Ladies, Misses, Masters and (Jentlemen, a tlioroupli and 
jpractioal knowledge of tin- above elegant accomplishment, his conise of instruction is thoroughly sy.stematic, 
and emhiaces all tlie new and fashionable dances. —TKRMS MOMKKATK. 



AN J) 

Rlaiilv-Book Manufacturer, 

No. 252 West Baltimore Street, 

Kee]).s always ou haud a full and complete assdrtinent of all American and Foreign 
Pnhlications and Stationery, and manufactures to order, Blank-Books for Counting 
Rooms. Public Offices and other purposes. 





B ^^ Xj T I :is^n o :r. E , 

MaiHifactui-ei- of a superior quality of SOAP, which possesses e.xtraordiuary cleansing properties. It is man- 
ufactured by a new and simple process, known only to himself. Having had more tlian twenty five years 
experience in his profession, he conceived the idea of simplifying the process of Soap making, and after 
more than eig^iteen months assiduous application in study, labor and experiment, has succeeded in produc- 
ing an article \shich will rival, in quality and price, all other Soap. 

X. B.— Chemical, Olive, Eagle, Plain, and Fancy Soap, for common washing and toilet purposes, 
constantlj' on hand and for sale. 







Thf Subscriber haviiii;- brcii engaged in this liusiness for the last twelve years, in con- 
nectinn with his Iron Foundry, will guarantee a l)etter Hoisting Machine for less money 
than can be produced in this city. Every merchant and owner of a warehouse will save 
the expense in a short time, to say nothing of the safety of his goods in being hoisted 
some sixty or eighty feet above his head. 1 would refer to soine of the principal mer- 
chants in Baltimore and ilsewhere, for whom T have put up these Hoisting Machines. 
The wheels are in use, and can be seen daih' at work. 

Exchange Place. 

W'm. T. Walters & Co 

H. Rieman & Sons. '• " 

K. H. Stabler & Co.. Calvert street. 

liaker k Brother. Charles 

.lames tieor^e. Frederick '■ 

Brooks. Fahnestock Js Co.. Baltimore-st. 

C. M. Keyser. Howard street. 

Kirkland .Nc Chase. Smith's wharf. 

Z. Barnum. Barniim's Hotel. 

K. I.arrahee. iron front. Calvert street. 

Xoah Walk-r A; Co., Ifio W. Baltimore-Rt. 
ilessrs. Mar.-;ton & Brother, Baltimore-st. 
Charles P. Pe Ford, (Jay-st.. Xew Store, 
.John S. Berry. Hanover street. 
Dall, Gibhons & Co., Hanover street, 
Hamilton Easier, Baltimore street, 
Popplein, Huppman & Co.. 182 and 184 

Baltimore street. 
Thomsen, Woods I'c Block, Hanover-st. 
Wm. McCann. carriage depot. S. Gaj--st. 

Also. Jiefers fo some of the Priiuipal ArcJiH^ds and Builders in Baltimore : 
H. k .1. REYXOLBS. : .lOB ETAXS k SOX. 




JAMES McXABB. M. CORXELL. and many others. 

A call is only wanted, to satisfy any person in want of a good Machine to hoist goods, 
that my Machines are thf best to be had, and at prices that no person will purchase an 
inferior one, as I will warrant them as represented, or the money refunded. 

All kinds of repairing done. Also, Casting of 
Also, a Steam Dummy, to be seen at S. S. 
tiirers, corner of Ficmt and Lo^^■ streets. 

JAMES BATES, Iron Founder, 

1, 3, & 5 President-st., near Pratt, Bait. 

ing of every description, as I am casting daily. 
i. STEVEXS & SONS. Furniture Manufac- 






Nos. 89 and 91 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, 


^1, M 



Constantly adding jtt'r f vi'ry Steamer 


With a Complete A.-ssortmeiit of Goods generally. 



TWIiEi, OiHiiiE, BiiSHES, 



TWINES.-Seine and Gillinp Twine, Cotton Yarn. Carpet Chain Tie Yarn Lamp Wick% Shoe Thready 
Cotton Bats, Broom Twine. Wool and Cotton Card. Russia, Manilla. Jute and Cotton Cordage ^\ OODE.\ 
WARE.-Bickets, painted and varnished, 2 and 3 Hoops; Backets and J^'^'^'^^- '''•=^^^,.^°""^. ^X °U^^ 
Baskets, Tubs, Churns. Mats. Blacking, Ink, Matches, etc.. etc. Clay Pipes and Stems, ( amp Stools, Hsh 
ing Tackle, etc. Spinning Wheels made and repaired. Seine* knit and hung to oraer 

W. HENRY JOHNSON, 72 W\^ratt-st^near Gay. j 





iBnattS attS (liqttac0 mmm, 

Nos. 1, 3, 5 & 7 N. EUTAW STREET, 


Awarded in f<iur sucl•<^s.sive years at the Maryland Institute over a large conipetiton of 
the best makers of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Also the 
Awards at Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond, Montgomery, Alabama, &c., &c. 

WM. KNABE & CO. respectfully invite the attention of the public and e.specially 
those in want of a 


To their well assorted stock of Instruments, which for power and .sweetness of tone, easy 
and iii^reeable touch, and beauty of finish have been pronounced unrivalled. 
■ -"Cei^tificates of Excellence have been given by THALBERG, STRAKOSH, G. 
S'.ATTER, H. VIEUX TEMPS, and other Mu.sical celebrities. 

Every Instrument Guaranteed for five years and a privilege of Exchange given at any 
time within six months if not entirely satisfactory. 

A liliiral Discount to Clergymen, Teachers and Schools. 

Wholisale I)calers will find it to their advantage to call. Terms liberal. 






N. E. Cor. of Fayette and Eutaw-sts., 
And Nos. 15, 17 & 19 N. Eutaw-st., 


u ^j^ ^m^ 


Would respectfully invite the attfiition of his friends and the public, to the large assort- 
ment of Grand and Square Pianos constantly on hand ai his Wareroonis, and which, for 
volume of tone, easiness of touch, elegance of finish, and durability of construction, are 
surpassed by none in the world. 

My improved Cross String Piano Fortes, particularly, securing a richness and volume 
of tone heretofore seldom attained in a Piano, have not failed to obtain that patronage 
which their superior quality so justly deserve. 

Having bought- the large Factory and Warerooms, the extensive stock of finished and 
unfinished Pianos, lumber and other materials, of the late firm of Wm.Gaehle & Co., I 
am now in possession of the best facilities for the manufacture of Piano Fortes, and hav- 
ing passed, myself, through a practical course in the art of making a Piano, in all its 
branches, under the personal instruction of the well known Piano maker, the late Henry 
Gaehie, (my father,) of the late firm of Knabe, Gaehle & Co.; also employing the most 
skillful workmen, selected from the principal journeymen of the late firm of Knabe, 
Gaehie & Co. and Wm. Gaehie &. Co., and superintending personally all the different 
departments, my patrons may rest assured that not only a good, but the very best Piano 
will be furnished by me, at the lowest price, and on terms which cannot fail to suit. 

To attain additional strength, all my instruments are furnished with full metallic plates 
and every Piano sold is warranted for the term of five years. 

My personal attention is given to the selection of Instruments, and a privilege of 
exchange is granted at any time within six months from day of sale, should such instru- 
ment fail to give full satisfaction. 

Ail orders entrusted to my care will meet with prompt dispatch. 

Pianos exchanged or hired. Tunings done promptly by persons of experience and | 





[F /S^ g Kl @ M /^ [§ [L 










BALTIMORE -ST., (9 Eutaw House,) 4 doors W. of Eutaw. 

Also, Traveling Bags, Valises, Bonnet Boxes, 

Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Horse Covers, Ply Nets, 

Buffalo Robes, Collars, Halters, Horse Brushes, &c. 

lE^All Orders promptly attended to. 



V? /I I 





A D y E R T I S K M E j\ T S . 





I. O C A T E D 

Corner of Baltimore and Charles streets, 

[§ ^ iL T" [Rffl © 1^ II , m©. 

Tlie lari^csl, most elegciiitly t'uiiiishcd, iiiid [lopnlar Coiniiurcial CJollti^e n\ tlie United 
States. Designed expressly for young men desiring to olitain a thoroujih practical 
Business Education. 

Every young man has a Counting Desk to himself, and is siparaidy iiisliuetid. 

Students in attendance from nearly every stale in the Union. 

The most comprehensive and thorough course of study, and ihe oidy practical method 
of instruction, are here introduced. 

No copying from printed or inanuscrijii forms in learning Practical Book-keeping at 
the Baltimore Commercial College. This method of instruction is nowhere else intro- 
duced in this country. 

F .A. G XJ X-. T ^ST - 

E. K. LOSIER,. Principal. Lectvu'er on thr .Science of Accounts. Connnerce, Busi- 
ness, Customs, etc. 

J. M. PHILLIPS, Profess(M-of the Theory and Practice of Book-keeping and Com- 
mercial Calculations. 

H. H. DAVIES, Associate Professor of Book-keeping. 

N. C. JOHNSON, Professor of Business and Ornamental Penmanship. 

S. T. WILLIAMS, Esq., Lecturer on Mercantile Law. 

Rev. E. YEATES REESE, D. D., Lecturer on Commercial Ethics 

TRUSTEES.— Hon. John P. Kennedy, Hon. Thomas Swann. Jacob Trust, liscj., 
Hon. Joshua Vansant, Wm. H. Keighler, Esq., Wm. Knabe, Esq. 

Large Circulars and Catalogues, stating- Terms. &c., to lie had at the College. 

A D ^' E K T 1 H K M E X T S , 



















Gallaghers Mercantile College, 


KOK (»'rill ( TION ANli I'UACTR'E IN l!(iOK-KEKIM.\"(i. 



The public art" paiticulaiiy referred to the numerous Uusiuess Men and Practical Bookkeei)ers who have 
availed themselves of the benefits of this Institution, and respectfully presents a few city References in 
Oirciilars. stating terms, &c.. &c.. to be had at the College, or sent by mail. Address 

F. H. GALLAGHER, Principal, 
207 and 209 Baltimore-st., between Charles and Light, Baltimore. 




147 Lexington-st., between Howard & Eutaw. 

Mr. Marsters, being extensively known as one of the most successful Artists of Balti- 
more, deems it unnecessary to say anything; by way of self commendation ; this style 
of advertisement may be indulged in by tiiose who need it. He is content to refer to 
the pictures with w'hich, for the past twelve years, he has been supplying his patron.s, 
and which may be found in every quarter of the world — in almost every house in this 
city : and also to the numerous specimens on exhibition at his rooms; which all 
testify abundantly to the character of his workmanship, whether it regards correctness 
of portraiture, position, finish, or durability. 

Mr. Marsters prides himself on keeping pace with all the improvements of the day. 
He is always prepared to execute any style of picture, from the life size oil portrait to 
the tiniest miniature, on all kinds of material. 

Copies of Paintings, Prints, Statuary, and old Daguerreotypes, may be magnified, 
and finished in Oil or Water Colors. 

His large and scientifically arranged sky light, with the very best of instruments and 
appurtenances, enable him to produce good pictures instantly — even while moving. 







Collars, Trunks, &c., 

No. 334 ba^ltimore: street, 


' BS^Oiiistaiitly oi[ hancl, a tine stock of Horse. Covers, Kobes. Carpet 

Saddlery, Hardware, and everything appertaining to the Saddlery Bnsinens — especially 
iulajited to tlie Cit^' and Country Trade. 


Wliulitiaie and Retail ManufacuuTr and Dealer in 




jA W^if^ 4^. ^ IJ^r^^ %Q^ ^ 

(Jt'every descrijUion and of' the Latest Styl('s. 

No. 114 NORTH EUTAW STREET, near Franklin, 

Invites the attention of the public to liis assortment of HOOTS, SHOES and GAI- 
Tl'.RS of every description, which he has constaiiily on hand. 
|r3^0rders attended to with promptness. 








j^XuXj KiinsriDs of 




He has facilities in Machine Presses — innumerable fonts of Book nnii .loli Type, with 

every appliance t^ 



His work, and is fully persuaded lie cannot he surpasseil. 
ICr'Orders from home and abroad solicited and promptly executed. 

Woods' Baltimore City Directory, 





^. I^IELD, 

At his Old Established Stand, 


lE^^Orders from the rountry solicited and promptly attended to, and the attention of 
Merchants and Dealers is called to my article of COVE and SPICED OYSTERS, 
which are superior to any in market, and I will sell on the most reasonable terms. 



Fire and Burglar-Proof Safes, 

= 05 


"* 6 

I ^ 

z § 

i:; o 

-, o 

- W 

^ !^ 










Dry Goods, Hosieries, Shirts, &c. 



Between Calvert and South, opposite the American Office. 

Strangers and the public will find in this extensive establishment the Larg-est and 
Choicest Stock of the following Goods, which will be sold low for Cash : 









Robbins' Illuminating Fire Place Stove, 

Spencers Boston Elevated Oven Range. 

Also, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 




S. W. Corner Balderston StrPel, 







m& \. STEVfflS & CO. 


'^^^i DOORS, SASHES, '^,J^^] 

Blinds, Slate Mantels, 






Sashes, (glaxi'd and not fX-AixA, 


Newel Posts, 


Wooden Mantles. 


Builders' Hardware. 


Window Frames. 

Door Frames, 


And a Great Variety of Builders' Materials 


Surfacing Machines, 

Power and Foot Mortising do. 

Moulding do. 

Tenoning Machino}<, 
Planing do. 

Blind Mortising do. 

We warrant our work. W^e solicit your custom. 


No. 47 West Pratt-st., Baltimore, Md. 


Hot-bed Sashes. 

Slate Mantles, 

Slate Hearths. 

Window Glass. 

Centre Flowers. 

Carved Mouldings and Bracket 

Panel Ornaments. 

Sash Weights and Cords, 

Dressed Flooring, 

Wood Tube for Chain PumiK^, 

Water Pipe, &c. 

A D V E R T I SE M E N TS . 









iFIL¥ IMliri^ (S®3.taiaS. ae,» Se. 




HAT 11 CAP no 




Bptwt;ei) North and Calvert-sts. 




No. 1 SHARP-ST., Corner Baltimore, Up Stairs, 

ll3 ZS. [L ¥ R^ @ [^ 1 a 

L. W. has coustautl.v on hand and makes to ordei-. all kinds of PAPER BOXES, such as Band, Round, 
Square, Jewelers', Diuggifts', Cologne, Prescription, Shoe and Pill Boxes of all sizes; Rope, Straw, White 
and Blue Bonnet Boards ; Colored Paper, White Lining Paper for Boxes, Fancy, French, Gold and Silver 

B^Country Merchants and the Trade in general would do well to give him a call before purchasing else- 
where, as he will sell at the \(;ry lowest market prices. 

J^. L. KISriGHT, 

Wholesale Dealer in Paper, 



Will purchase for Cash, RAGS, CANVAS and other Stocks. 

„-^ — .^^^, jii^.x. i..iu m 


A D V E K T I S E M E N T S . 


Established m 1807-Retired 1853. 

JOHITe. WILSONrigent, 

The Surviving Parrn.-r uf JOHN WILSON & SON, foiiniTly at No. 14 Haltimore-st., 
mar ilic Bridge, now rHmoved to 

N. W. Corner Howard & Camden-sts. 

Ni'arly o|>positc Canidrn Station , 



"This Diploma, (if the first class, « as awarded bj- tlit- Miuvlaud Institute for the Promotion of Mechanic 
Arts, to John- E. Wilsox. of Haltiniore. for best OLI> RYE AVHISKEY, exhibited at the Exhibition of 
Articles of American .Manufacture, held in the city of Baltimore, on the 1st day of October, 1852."' 

G. H. Hu.vT. Secretary. JOSHUA VANSAXT, President. 


As per the Analysis of Thomas Antisell, M. D., Professor of Chem- 
istry, Medical Department, Georgetown College, D. C. 

"It contains rvi jier cent, .\b-oliite .Ucohol — is remarkably free fr<jm EusKL <»ii,. and ccmtains .no Metallic 
Salts or other matters detrimental to health. In Aroma. Per Centage. and Specific Gravity, it ranks 
amonji the First Spkcimk.ns of Whiskey."' 

Selected expressly for Medicinal and Social uses. Constantly on hand and for sale by the V)arrel. demi- 
,john, gallon and sin^'le bottle, at tin- 



By the Agent JOHN E. WILSON. 




Blank-Book Manufacturers. 



O J^ S> «) J^ ¥s» ||) M> ^ « 





No. 156 West Baltimore Street, 


SURANCE COMPANIES, &r., supplied with everi/ article 
used ill the Counting House. 

A large assortment of FANCY STATIONERY. 








«>»i — ■ 

He respectfully informs the citizens of Baltimore and Merchants who visit the City, that 
he is prepared to furnish 

^lorh pttcr and aU Met ^igu^ in guimitabU M^U, 

And at Rkasonablk Prices, guaranteeing to have all work executed at the appointed time, 
and done with the best materials. 


Signs for the Country got up in a few hours for the convenience 
of Merchants and others passing through the City. 

Anil all other work connected with the Sign and Ornamental Painting department. 









All kinds of Book Illustrations, Landscapes, Portraits, 
Animals, Views of Buildings, Machinery, Newspaper Heads, 
Title Pages, Bill Heads, Showbills, Societies' Seals, Colored 
Labels, Envelop and Tobacco Stamps, executed in the highest 
Style of the Art, Publishers, Authors and Printers, who may 
entrust their orders to J. W. T., can rely upon their work 
being executed in a manner entirely satisfactory. 

His long experience in New York, Boston and Philadel- 
phia Establishments has imparted to him facilities not pos- 
sessed by any similar Artist in Baltimore, and it is with the 
utmost confidence that he invites the public to an examina- 
tion of his specimens. 





Q^ ?Ror%^ 




i4i^f sii^ai 

This new, extensive and commodious Hospital, (mider the 
management of an Association of Ladies,) is open for the re- 
ception of Medical and Surgical cases. 

The edifice was designed expressly for the use to which it 
is applied ; and being located upon a very elevated site, 
secures the healthful influence of a pure air, and commands a 
noble view of the entire city and environs. 

The Infirmary is provided with experienced nurses ; and 
hot and cold water, baths, &c. for the use of patients, are fur- 
nished on each floor of the building. 

In the Wards the charges vary according to the means of the 
Patients. Persons desiring or needing seclusion, can obtain sepa- 
rate rooms with very superior accommodations, at reasonable rates. 

No Contagious or Infectious Diseases admitted. 

THOS. F. MURDOCH, M. D., Physician. 
Mr. C. PAWCETT, Superintendent. 

?[3==The Eutaw-st. and the Greene-st. branches of the City Passenger 
Railway, pass on either side, at a square distance from the Infirmary. 


A D V E R T I S E ^I E N T S . 





F © ^^ f ^^ 5!1] a i i S 15 


The Proprietors (if these Aliiehines chiiin,(and siibstniitiate the chiim,) that 
their instruments ic'Ul execute any and every kind of nrcdleicoi-k, und perform the 
same in the best possible manner. Combining, as it does, the merits of all 
the old machines, and, at the same time, avoiding their faults, it commends 
itself to the public as the great Family SeicingjMachine, and as adapted to every 
branch of industry where the needle is required. 

They will stitch, hem, fell, bind, and gather. They make a strong lock 
stitch, that cannot be raveled or pulled out. They make a beautiful, uniform 
stitch, aUko on both sides of the work, without forming ridges underneath. 

The Machines have great strength, are perfectly simple, and the manage- 
ment of them easily acquired. 

Any spool ot' cotton, thread or silk, may be used without re-winding. They 
are almost noi.ieless in their operation, and will wear /ono-fc than any other 
Sewing Machine extant. 

Let Manufacturers, Planters, Farmers, Housekeepers, or any other persons 
in search of an instrument to execute any kind of sewing now done by machinery, 
make sure they secure the best, by examining ours before purchasing. 

202 Baltimore street, Baltimore. 


' L . I L - ■ I I 1^ 






8 ji a f t M •© a 1 

Established 1837 

Book, Paper and Stationery Store, 

Marble Building, 182 Baltimore street, Baltimore. 

Medals awarded by the Maryland Institute, for Printing, Book-binding and Bank Checks. 
By the Metropolitan Institute, "Washington, a Diploma for superior Blank Books. 

]Nd:XJRP»H[Y cfe CO. 

Qii Qrf Bi "(T^ 


Books, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery, &e. 

Constantli/ on hand, a large and ivcll selected s to c k of 

School, Classical, Miscellaneous and Juvenile Books, dc. 

Foreign Books: a large and varied stock, to which constant ad- 
ditions are made by direct imjiortation. Foreign Books imported to order. 

n lank MS oohs^ Paper ^ Stationery, Sfc. 

Comprising a large .issortmcnt of En<j!i.'li, Fmir?i, ami American Letter, Cop and J\'o<c Papers, Envelopes, 


Gold and Steel 1' c i 

'-'"Plji'iV 1^ 

V p II i n 'J IS o u /. 

of the best Tualities. 

BLANK BOOKS, of every Description, made to Order, in superior styles. 


Made to order to any style, or pattern of Rulini;, in a superior manner, at the shortest notiee. Long expcrienee. and 
unsurpassed facilities, in having this of work Printed, Ruled, Paged and Bound, on the Premises 
Enable us to execute all orders iu this lino in a very superior style, at remarkably loic rates. 

In every variety jPromissory Notes, Drafts, Bills of E.k change. Bills of Lading, 
Blank Deeds, Commercial and Law Blanks, &c. kept constantly on hand, or Printed to order. 

jggf Tliey take pleasure in announcing that they hare completed their 
arrangements, hy which they are now enahlcd to keep constantly on ftand 
a large arid choice assortment of everything required in connection 
with the Book and Stationery Business. They deem it un- 
necessary to enlarge on the advantages, convenience, and saving of time and 
expense, whicli this comhiiialiun and concentration of slock affords to Book- 
sellers, Colleges, Schools, Libraries, itc. ttc, in being able to pur- 
chase everything at one}'lace, at the very Luicesi Ka tes. Wholesale and Retail. 

Print to Order 

at short notica : 

Ca r d 3 



D r af t s 

Promissory Notes 

Bank Checks 

Bills E.cchange 

Blank Deeds 

Cashiers' Blanks 

Bills of Lading 

Law Blanks 

Law Briefs 

B o k I 


Of every description, executed in the very best manner, at the loicest rates. 

Having united with their Bookstore, in the same building, an extensive Print- 
ing Office and Bookbinderv, well supplied with the most approved materiiils 
and experienced workmen, enable them to offer superior advantages and induce- 
ments for the prompt, careful and correct execution of every description of Book 
and Job Printing, Book-Binding and Ruling, well worthy the attention of all 
who may require anything in this line. j80"Particular attention paid to FINE 
WORK for Banking and other Institutions, Insurance, Railroad, Steamboat, 
Transportation, and other Joint Stock Companies, Public Offices, &C. 

Keep constantly 

on hand and make 

to order: 


• n a I s 

Sales Books 


Check Books 

Copying Books 

Bill Books 

Receipt Books 

Pass Books 


For nearly twenty years Rail Road and Commercial Printing have constituted an important branch of our business. 
Our experience, combined with extensive facilities, consisting of the most approved Machinery, large fonts of Type, 
of the latest and most approved styles ; Borders, Engravings, Ornaments, 4,c. especially adapted for 
Rail Road and Commercial Work; also, large fonts of Figures, of all sizes, suitable for Freight and 
Passenger Tariffs, Tabular Work, &c. &c., and keeping constantly on hand a large stock of Card Bohads 
and Papers, of all classes, enable us to offer unsurpassed facilities for the Prompt, Cheap and Correct executirn of 
every description of Rail Road and Commercial Printing, dc. ffg' The most careful and prompt attention given to 
orders. Estimates and specimens furnished on application. JOHN MURPHY & CO. 

Established, 1837. 

; I 



.^"Bank Checlis, Promissory Notes, Law Blanlrs, & c ."©ft /T 

I860 MUiii>HY'S 1860 

^^n^rHl^riiiHiig HiiS^iiWia^iiig JskWtstetii 



l'iitt[i©J3©P| i'i®p©a 

Marble Building, 183 Baltimore St., Baltimore. 

COTJlST'rXlSrO- I^OOI^J: C-A.IL.E]NriD.A.I^, I860. 





f 1 





J 13 

I 27 


(It « n3 
■O fl I M 

3i 41 5 
lOlll 12 



25 '26 


20 21 22 
27 28 29 

11 2 

8i 9 

15 10 

12 13! 14:15 
19 20'2l 22 
26 27'28 29 

3. 4! 5; 6 
10 11 12 13 
17;i8 19^20 

23 24 25 


i I 
... ll 2 3 
71 8| 9 10 
14 15 16'l7 
21:22 23 24 
28 29 30 '31 




25 26 27118 

5; OjJ, 
19 20tef 


2 3| 4 5 
9il0|ll 12 
16 17'l8il9 
23 24 25 26127 

30 31!...!... ... 



Keep constantly on hand a large and well 
selected stock of 

School, Classical and Miscellaneous 

© © © Ji i , 


Paper & Stationery 


English, French and American 



Commercial and Law Blanks, 

Bills of Lading, Promissory Notes, 


Leases, Mortgages, &c. 

All of which they are prepared to sell, 


Plain & Ornamental 

IoIk f I'iutiug, 

Of every description, in Bronze and Fancy 
Colored Inks, at the Lowest Prices. 


■With every other description of 

BL.A.]srK: book:s. 

Kept constantly on hand, or manufactured 
I to order, in a superior manner, to any style 
or pattern of ruling, at the shortest notice. 

j^=Ordeks from any part of the U. S. 
will meet with prompt and strict attention. 







o 1 5 ■ <u 


;30 ... 
... 1 
7| 8 
14 15 
21 22 

4 5 
11 12 



2j 3! 4 






!16 17 


V »l 9 
14 15 16 

28 29130 


4 5 6| 7 
11,12113 14 

23124:25 26|27 28 

8031 ...I... 


11 21 3 4 
Vl 8 9110 11 
14 15 16|17 18 

2829 3031 

4 5 6 

11 12 






20 21 1 22 

27 28 ... 

Murphy's Unalterable Stereograplilc Bank Checks. — The attention of Banking 
Institutions, and the Mercantile community generally, is respectfully solicited to our new and improved styles of 
r.NALTERABLE BANK CHECKS, as affording great projection against alteration or erasure by means of acids or 
otherwise. These Checks combine a degree of unsurpassed neatness, elegance, and security, and are sold at the 
same prices as ordinary checks. Stereographic Cliec/cs, equal to, and at about one-half the price of Engraving. 

Discowixt Days ofth.e lianlis. 

Hank o/ Baltimore, Tuesday & Friday. 
Union, Monday & Thursday. 
Mt-'hanics, Wednesday & Saturday. 
Franklin, Monday & Thursday. 
Marine, Tuesday & Friday. 
Far. it Merchants, Mou. & Thursday. 

Com. (b Farmfr», Tuesday & Friday. 
Merchants, Tuesday & Friday. 
Western, Tuesday k Friday. 
Chesapeake, Wednesday. 
Far. <t Planters, Mon. & Thursday. 
Citizen-i, Wednesday. 

Ban?! of Commerce, Wed. k Saturday. 
Houard Bank, Tuesday. 
Peoples Bank, Wednesday. 
Fells Point Savings Inst., Thursday. 
Josuih Lee <fc Co. and other Banker/, 
discount daily. 


4®*WitK Neatness and. IDespatclx, at the Lo-vvest Prices. "S^ft 

* WfWW W'J V t, 

' f ¥ * 9W^ f' 




No.73a75 Second Street 


CHECK, NOTE & D R A F T- B O O K S , A R D S, 






ct-j JO t' 1 1 tx..J 


Tlif Ihrihfics of our (utahhsbuifnl , for tlir pivfert (jniilion i,t <rery dfna-iption of liHio</nii}hic 
wnrk-.nirtnnst iiwplc. llu niHieM iirlviiiitnt/i- in I (tin, of nil iiwilriri imj>ivrfninil.s.iiii<l oiirprivirnil 
a/initiiiii iHtjivni til tTii;v bruiirh ol' our iirl , iiikIiIiiuj ii.s In coiiijicti' .•utrrv.sslhlh, m ixrellenirnlwoii.-. 
as wdl (IS uwilrniliiin in prirr.-i .kiIIi any kiiulird f-stiihlishiiiint in Ihr rniinlir. 

s-i ^ 


"^3&?.< Scccnb Htvcct ^ 

>^ , s^^ '^^T-^jr '-^-^^ -". 

- /i^z^^A^ /U^^^^^^^ ^t-t/T^c^ ^^^ti^^^c^ <^^^.^^ 

^yi^^'X ^ e/yy^% 

L73a7S iiciiil Stf lit 











Tilt' ffrrili/ic.s oritur f.stdhli.slinifiil , Ihr llir prrt'crt i:ir/iitioii of every tlescriptiou orhlliofirnpliir 
work .fiir nioxl ample. The nirlifJil tiilviiiiiffi/e in Inkai of nil modem inipmvenieiil.s.anfl our iirr.winil 
a/tmlton is giirn I o every hriincli of our arl ,iiiiiblii>(j ii.s to roiiipcle stieressfiilh'. in excel I nieenf mirk. 
(IS well II.S wnfkriiiion in prirr.i, with any kinilred f.stohl iabmrnt in Ihc rmnilry. 

EisriDi2sra- "ste-A^i^ iseo. 


Baltimore City Directory, 



Compiled expressly for this Edition ; and an 




No. 202 Baltimore-st., a few doors west of St. Paul. 

,M^p^'i JW< 

P R K F A C E . 

In submittins: the present volume of Woods' Baltimore City Directory, the pubHsher 
takes pleasure in pointing to the unerring evidences of the City's prosperity, which is indicated 
by the large increase in names compared with that of last year. The difficulties and embarrass- 
ments of compiling a Directory have been descanted upon and explained until the repetition 
of them has become tiresome. The method pursued in collecting and arranging the names 
is such, that an error should hardly occur, and yet it must inevitably happen that some mil 
' be found, although they will be fewer in this than in any heretofore issued. 

The Directory is published to meet the wants of a large class of the citizens. To meet 
this want — to produce a work which will promote the convenience, and be of service to the 
business community — where the compilers have a correct knowledge and experience in their 
calUng, we think it will be admitted that they have a right to expect a fair amount of 
support in their undertaking from those who derive benefit from its publication. Our 
experience, however, has shown that a number of those who use a Directory, and profit 
by it, are more willing to participate in the benefits arising from its publication than they 
are to contribute their portion to reimburse the publisher for the labor and outlay he expends 
in its preparation. 

In looking for names in the Directory, many mistakes occur, and errors are attributed 
where none exist, from not knowing the proper mode of spelling the name looked for. The 
similarity in the sounds of names of different orthography, leads to innumerable blunders. 

The Business Directory will be found to be a valuable improvement on former issues, 
and cannot fail to be appreciated by business men. 

While thanking our subscribers for their increased liberality, we regret to be compelled 
to add a word or two of complaint. We regard it as exceedingly strange that our business 
men, notwithstanding their proverbial tact and shrewdness, will permit themselves to be so 
frequently imposed upon by ephemeral and worthless publications, claiming to be "Business 
Directories," or what not, gotten up by adventurers, without character or permanence, and 
not containing any information that may not be better procured in the pages of our issue. 
We can substantiate the assertion, that in no instance has the entire city been canvassed 
for information of this kind, except by the publisher of this work. 

We take pleasure in presenting to the citizens our Street Directory, showing the odd 
and even numbers on the corners, or right and left hand crossings of the several streets in the 
city. Many of the new streets recently opened are not properly or legally named — others 
have no sign boards on them, rendering it thfficult to make this part of the work as jperxect 
as it would otherwise be. 

This work was commenced the latter part of last January, and was to have been pub- 
lished by the first of May. After canvassing three weeks, we had to stop on account of a 


bill relative to numbering tbe houses being introduced before the Gty Council, which waS 
not finally acted upon until the middle of June, We immediately recommenced our labors, 
being subjected to the additional trouble and expense of canvassing afresh all the ground that 
had been gone over. 

Our earnest desire has been to produce a work worthy of the interest of the commimity 
at large, and make it a faithful reflex of the business enterprise and commercial greatness of 
Baltimore, encouraged as we have been by the largely increased subscription list, to persevere 
in our labors, it shall be our endeavor, in every succeeding annual issue, to iatroduce such 
improvements as shall render it still more necessary and useful to its patrons, and an indis- 
pensable guide to citizens and strangers. 

In closing these remarks, the pubUsher would express his thanks for the uniform cour- 
tesy extended to his canvassers during the progress of the work ; the prompt and ready 
acquiescence exhibited by the different public officers in furnishing information, and the 
valuable assistance rendered by numerous friends are warmly appreciated. 


Adams Express Company, . . 539 
Additions, Alterations and Correc- 
tions, ... . . 12 
Appendix, . . from 531 to br>'2 
Athenaeum, .... 546 
Banking Institutions, from 534 to 537 
Board of Trade, ... 546 
Boundaries of the Wards, . .530 
Business Directory, from 461 to 508 
Churches, . . .550 to 552 
City Government, . , . 531 
City Police and Fire Alarm Tele- 
graph, .... 534 
Colored Persons, . . . 427 
Commissioners of Public Schools, 532 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls, . 545 
Corn and Flour Exchange, . . 546 
Custom House, . . . 542 
Courts, , . . . .549 
Dispensaries, .... 547 
Fire Department, , 533 and 534 
Gas Light Co. of Baltimore, . 546 
Germania Club, . . . 549 
Government of the United States, 531 
Government of the State of Md., . 531 
Gray Manufacturing Co. of Md., 546 
Hibernian Society of Baltimore, 548 
House of Refuge, . . . 54Y 
Infirmaries, .... 547 
Insurance Companies, from 537 to 539 
List of Names of Residents, from 

17 to 459 

Map of the City of Baltimore, cor- 
rected to date, in front of 17 
Markets, .... 529 
Maryland Institute, . . . 546 
Maryland Gas Company, . . 546 
Maryland Hospital for the Insane, 546 
Masons, .... 547 
Merchants (The) Exchange Read- 
ing Rooms, .... 546 
Notaries Public, . . . 546 
Odd Fellows, (I. 0.) 547 and 548 
Offices, &c., . . . . 542 
Packets, .... 540 
Post Office, from 542 to 545 
Preface, ..... 3 
Public Schools, (Location and 

Teachers of,) 532 and 533 

Railroads, .... 541 
Rechabites, (I. 0.) • • • 5^8 

Red Men, (Improved Order,) . 548 
Red Men, (Independent Order,) . 548 
Resident Commissioners, . . 545 

Sons of Malta, (I. 0.) . . 548 

Sons of Temperance, . . 548 

Stages, . . . . 541 

Steamers and Steamboats, 539 and 540 
Street Directory, from 509 to 529 

Susquehanna Canal Co., . . 546 

Telegraphs, . . . .541 

Transportation Lines, . . 539 

United Ancient Order of Druids, 548 
United Brothers, (I. 0.) . 548 


Adjusters of Averages, • 

Agencies — Mercantile, 

Agents — Advertising, 

Agents — Insurance, .... 

Agents — Patent, .... 

Agents — Property and Collectors, 

Agents — Real Estate, 

Agricultural Agency, .... 

Agricultural Implements, 

Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Pho 
tograplis, .... 

Apothecaries and Chemists, . 

Architects and Civil Engineers, . 

Artists, ...... 

Artists' Materials, 

Artificial Flowers, 

Attorneys at Law, 

Auctioneers, ..... 

Bacon Dealers, .... 

Bag Manufacturers, 

Bakers, ..... 

Band Box Manufacturers, 

Bankers, ..... 

Banks, ...... 

Banks — Savings, 

Basket Makers, .... 

Bell Founders, .... 

Bell Hangers, .... 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, . 

Block and Pump Makers, 

Boat Builders, .... 

Bonnets, Ribbons, Silks and Straw 
Goods, ...... 

Book Binders, ..... 

Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, . 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur- 
ers — Retail, ..... 

Boots and Shoes — Ladies, 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur- 
ers — Wholesale, .... 


Brass Founders, ..... 


Brick Makers 

Brick Press Manufacturer, 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers, . 






Brokers — Exchange, Bill, Real Estate 
and Stock, ...... 

Brokers — Merchandise, 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Burr-Mill Stone Manufacturers, 

Cabinet Makers, 

Cap Makers, 

Cards — Machine, . 

Carpenters and Builders, 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c., . 

Carpet Weavers, . - . 

Carriage and Coach Makers, 

Carvers, .... 

Chair Makers, 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals, 

China, Glass and Queensware, 


Cloaks and Mantillas, . 


Clothiers — Retail, . 

Clothiers — Wholesale, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c.. 

Coal Dealers, .... 

Coal Oil and Lamps, 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 

Collar Makers, 

Comb Makers, . 

Commercial Colleges, 

Commission Merchants, 

Commissioners of Deeds, 

Composition Roofing, 

Confectioners and Fruiterers, 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Whole- 
sale, .... 

Consuls and Vice Consols, 



Coppersmiths and Works, 

Cork Cutters, 

Corset Makers, . 

Cotton Yarn, &c., . 

Cuppers and Leechers, 

Curled Hair Manufacturers, 

Curriers and Leather and Findings Deal- 







Dancing Academies, . 


Distillers, . 

Druggists — Wholesale, , 

Dry Goods — Retail, . 

Dry Goods — Wholesale, 

Dyers and Scourers, . 

Earthen and Stoneware Manufacturers 

Edge Tools, .... 

Embroideries and Laces, 

Engine and Locomotive Builders, 

Engravers, ..... 

Ethereal Oil, Alcohol and Camphine, 

Express Forwarders, 

Fancy Goods — Retail, 

Fancy Goods — Wholesale, . 

Fire Engine Hose Manufactui;prs, 

File and Rasp Manufacturers, 

Florists, ..... 

Flour and Feed Dealers and Millers, 

Forwarding, .... 

Fringe Manufacturers, . 

Furniture Dealers, 

Gas Fitters, 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 
Glass Dealers, . . . 
Glass Stainers, .... 
Glass Manufacturers*. 
Gloves, Hosiery, Worsteds, &c., . 

Gold Beaters, 

Gold Pen Manufacturers, 

Gold and Silversmiths, 

Grocers — Retail, .... 

Grocers — Wholesale and Commission, 

Guano Dealers, .... 

Gun Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Hardware — Retail, 

Hardware — Wholesale, 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods 


Hats, Caps, Furs, &c. — Wholesale, 
Hermetically Sealed Fruits, &c., 

House Furnishing Goods, 
Ice Dealers, 

India Rubber Goods, . 
Instrument Makers, 
Insurance Companies, 
Intelligence Offices, 
Iron Fence Railing. . 
Iron and Steel Dealers, 
Iron Founders, . 
Iron Furnaces, 
Japan ners, . 


, 483 

, 483 

, 483 

. 483 

, 483 

. 486 

. 486 

. 486 

. 487 

. 487 

. 487 

. 489 

. 489 

. 489 

. 489 

. 490 


Junk Dealers, 490 

Lamps and Oil 490 

Lime, 490 

Liquor and Wine Dealers, . . . 490 

Liquors and Wines — Wholesale, . 490 

Lithographers, 49I 

Livery and Hack Stables, . , . . 491 

Locksmiths, , 491 

Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manu- 

Lottery and Exchange Offices, 

Lumber Merchants, . 


Malsters, .... 


Marble and Stone Workers 

Merchant Tailors, . 

Millers, .... 


Millinery Goods, 

Mineral Water, 

Morocco Manufacturers, 

Music and Musical Instruments, 

Nails, Brads, Spikes, &c., 


News and Periodicals, 

Notaries Public, 

Nurses and Midwifes, 

Oculists and Aurists, 

Oil Dealers, 


Organ Builders, . 

Ornamental Plasterers, . 

Oyster Dealers, . 

Painters— House and Sign, 

Paints, Oils, &c.. 

Paper Hangings, . 

Paper Stock, 

Paper Warehouses, 


Physicians, .... 

Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, 

Pickling and Preserving, 


Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manufac 
turer, . . . • 

Potteries, . 

Printers — Book and Job, 

Printers — Copperplate, 

Produce Dealers, . 

Provision Dealers, 

Ranges and Furnaces, . 

Regalia Makers, 

Restaurants, . 

Rolling Mills, . 

Rope Makers and Ship Chandler 

Saddle and Harness Makers, 




Saddlery Hardware, 
Safes — Fire Proof, 
Sail Makers, 
Saloons — Lager Beer, 
Sash and Blind Manufacturers, 
Saw Mills, .... 
Scales, ..... 
Seed Stores, 
Sewing Machines, . 
Ship Builders and Marine Railway- 
Ship Joiners, .... 
Ship Smiths, . . . , 
Shipping Masters, . 
Shipping Merchants, . 
Shirt Manufacturers, 
Shoe Findings, . . . , 
Silver Platers, 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers, 
Steamship Lines, . 
Steam Planing Mills, . 
Steam and Water Heating, . 
Stove Dealers, . . . 
Steam Sugar Refiners, . 
Tailors' Trimmings, 






Telegraphs, . 

. 505 

Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, . 


Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, 

.. 505 

Tobacco Dealers and 





Trimmings, Laces, &c. 


. 506 

Trunks, Valises, Carpe 

t Bags, &c., . 



. 507 

Type Founders, 



Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers, 

. 507 





. 507 

Veterinary Surgeons, 


Vinegar Makers, . 


. 507 

Watches and Jewelry, 




. 508 

Whips and Cane's, 


Wig Makers, 


. 508 

Wire Workers, . 


Wood Dealers, 

. 508 

Wooden and Willow Ware, 


Wool Dealers, 

. 508 

Miscellaneous, . 




Acomb William, 

Adams Kxpress Company, 
Ammidou & Co., 

Angell A. H. & Co.,, 

Armstrong & Berry, 

Armstrong R. D., 

Baker Bros. & Co., 

Baker R. J., 

Balderston H. & Son, 

Baltimore College Dental Surgery, 
Baltimore Commercial College. 
Baltimore Female College, 
Baltimi )re Infirmary, 
Baltimore Life Insurance Co., 
Bait. & Pliila. Steamboat Co.. 
liarnitz & Brinton, 
Barrett & Debeet, 

Bechtel John W., 
Bollman W & Co., 

Bourne James, 
Boyd John, 

Bruce Daniel C, 

Campbell B. M. & W. L., 
Canlield, Bro. & Co., 

Carr F. A., 

Carson T. J., 

Clarke & J(jnes, 

Clarkson Joseph & Son, 
Cohen A., 

Connolly's Wholesale an 
C)oke & Suead, 

Cromwell's Line of Steamers 

Denmead A. Sz W. & Sons, 

Dietz Lawrence D., 
Doub & (Jassard, 
Do^ib E., 

Drydeu & Gibbons, 

Manufacturer and Dealer in Brooms, Baskets, 

Wooden Ware, &c., 121 Frankhn street. 
Address on side of front outside cover. 
Dealers in Kerosene, Lard, and Ethereal Oils, 1 S. 

Liberty street, - _ _ _ . 

Agents of American Guano Co. of New York, 65 

W. Pratt street. 
Booksellers, Stationers, &c., 156 W. Baltimore-st. , 

under Museum, ----- 
Provision and Produce Commission Merchant, 1 20 

S. Eutaw street, - - _ _ _ 

Dealers in Chemicals, Paints. Oils, Glass Ware (fee., 

32 and 34 S. Charles street, - - - - 
Importer and Manufacturer of Dye Woods, &c., 

36 S. Charles street, - - _ - 

Manufacturer of Wire Selves, Riddles, &c., 12 S. 

Calvert street, --.-_. 
N. E. corner Hanover and Lombard streets, 
N. E. corner Baltimore and Charles streets, 
St. Paul, N of Saratoga, _ - - - 

S. W. corner Greene and Lombard streets, 
6 South street, ------ 

J. A. Shriver, agent, 3 Light street wharf. 
General Commission Merchants, 120 North street, 
Looking-Glass and Picture Frame Manufacturers, 

75 W. Baltimore street, - - - _ 
Practical Plumber, &c., 93 N. Eutaw street, 
Civil and Constructing Engineers, corner Clifton 

street and Second avenue. Canton, 
Hat Store, 193 W. Baltimore-st., front inside cover. 
Dealer in Porter Ale, Cider, Malt and Hops, 14 S 

Gay street, _ _ . - . 

Dealer and Shipper in Anthracite and Cumberland 

Coal, N. E. corner South and Exchange place, 
Slave Depot, 282 W. Pratt street, - - ' - 
Manufacturers and Dealers in Fine Watches, Jew- 
elry, &c., 229 W. Baltimore street, - 
House, Sign, and Ornamental Painter and Glazier, 

720 W. Baltimore street, - - - - 

Banker, 204 W. Baltimore street, bottom line on 

front outside cover. 
Manufacturers of Steam Refined Candy, Sugar 

Toys, &c., 20 Light street. 
Engineers and Maoliinists, 75 N. Front, 20 and 
Furniture and Variety Store, 89 N. Howard-st., 
Iletail Marble Yard, corner Constitution and Madison streets. 
Saddle, Harness and Trunk Manufacturers, 9 

Eutaw House, W. Baltiijiore street, 
116 Spear's wharf, Samuel T. Pearce, Agent, back 

outside cover. 
Iron Foundry and Machine Shop, corner North 

and Monument streets, - _ - - 
Fancy Goods and Variety Dealer, 151 Frankhn-st., 
Collectors and Property Agents, 1 S. Calhoun-st., 
Lime Depot, 1 S. Calhoun street, - - - 
Dry Goods Dealers, 89 and 91 W. Baltimore-«t. , 



- 61 






- 89 









Dukehart William, 

Dutrow C. F. & Co., 
Ehlers J. D., 

Ellicott & Hewes, 

Exchange Bank, 
Faringer Charles, 

Farrow Joseph & Son, 
Field A., 

Firemen's Insurance Co., 
Forsyth & Cole, 

Gallagher Alexander, 
Gallagher F. H., 

Gittings John S. & Co., 
Given John C, 

Green Amon & Co., 

Guerand F., 
Haig George H., 

Hammond John D., 

Heinz Andrew, 
Hiss & Austen, 
Hodes John, 

Hoen A. & Co., 

Howard Fire Insurance Co. 
Hunt Samuel, 

Jefiferys T. R., 

Johnson James H., 

Johnson W. Henry, 
Kerchner Francis W., 

Kimberly Brothers, 

Kirwan, Captain Wm. B. 
Knabe Wm. & Qj., 
Kni^'ht A. L., 
Koehler F. X.. 
Ladd, Webster & Co., 

Loane C. Jennings, 

Luca^ Brothers, 
Lynch Wm., 

Maj'ger & Schaffer, 

Mass & II Click, 

Maynard & Noyes, 
McCaffrey Henry, 

Marfufacturer of Fire, Garden and Bath-House 
Hose, and Fire, Army and Navy Buckets, 18 
Water street, _._--- 

Produce Commission Merchants, 5 Balderston-st., 

Designer and Wood Engraver, over 166 W. Balti- 
more street, ------ 

Produce Commission Merchants, and Dealers in 
Butter and Cheese, 59 Exchange place, - 

Second street, adjoining Post Office, 

Manufacturer of Soap and Candles, Constitution 
street, near Buren, - . - - - 

Oyster Packers, &c., 95 Conway street, - 

Oyster Packer, 309 W. Lombard street, 

N. E. corner South and Second streets. 

Manufacturers of Snuffs and Smoking Tobacco, 84 
W. Fayette street, - - - - - 

Boot and Shoemaker, 114 N. Eutaw .street, 

Mercantile College, over 207 and 209 W. Baltimore 
street, ____-.- 

Bankers, 29 South street, - - _ - 

Wholesale Grocer and Commission • Merchant, 22 
S. Calvert street, - - - - - 

Manufacturers of Cotton Yarn, Wrapping Twine, 
&c., N. W. corner Hillen and Exeter streets, - 

French Dyer and Scourer, 124 N. Howard street. 

Dealer in Dry Goods, Dress Trimmings, &c., 123 
W. Baltimore street, - - - - 

Saddle, Harness and Trunk Maker, 355 W. Balti- 
more street, -..--_ 

Boot and Shoemaker, 80 N. Gay street. 

Cabinet Furnit. and Upholstery, 128 W. Fayette-st. 

Manufacturer of Mattresses and Bedding, 125 
Franklin street, - - - - - 

Lithographers and Engravers, 75 Second street, in 
front of title. 

S. E. corner South and Second streets. 

Saddle, Harness avd Trunk Manufacturer, 202 W. 
Baltimore street, - - - - - 

Sign, Banner, Ornamental and Heraldic Painter, 
corner Fayette and North streets, up stairs. 

Felt and Composition Roofer, and Dealer in Klind- 
ling Wood, front outside cover. 

Twine, Cordage, &c., 72 W. Pratt street, 

Manuf. of Gents' Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, 7 St. 
Paul street, ------- 

Packers of Provisions for Home and Foreign Mar- 
kets, S. W. corner Pratt and Patterson streets, 
and Manuf. of Soap and Candles, 28 Buren-st., 

Steamer Wm. Selden, foot of South street, 

Piano Manufacturers, 1, 3, 5 and 7 N. Eutaw-st., 

Wholesale Dealer in Paper, 5 S. Charles street, - 

Seal Engraver, and Die Sinker, 140 W. Fayette-st, 

Sewing Machines, over 202 W. Baltimore, back 
inside cover. 

Manufacturer of Verdigris, Colors, (Src, foot of 
Cross, South side of Basin. - - - - 14 

Booksellers, Stationers, &c.. 170 W. Baltimore-st., 21 

Dyspeptic Cordial, Hair Tonic, &c.. Falls Road 
near Toll Gate, - - . - - - 12 

Architectural Iron Works, Engineers and Machin- 
ists, works 40 E. Monument street, 6 — 15 

House, Sign and Ornamental Painters, Camden-st., 
opposite B. & 0. R. R. Depot, - - - 26 

Black Writing Ink, 26 

Music Publisher. 207 W. Baltimore stieet. - - 23 



















McClymont Wm. & Co. Dealers ia Anthracite and Biturainous Coals, West 

Falls avenue, ---_., 4 

McCuUoh John C, Dealer in Wood and Coal, office corner Park and 

Fayette streets, -__._- iq 
McPhails Hat Store, 132 W. Baltimore street, - - 59 

Meeth John, Boot and Shoemaker, S. E. cor. Warren and Light 

streets, --_-___ 37 

Mercer Luther 0., Saddle, Harness and Trunk Manufacturer, 334 W. 

Baltimore street, - " - - - - 62 
Miller L. H., Manufacturer of Fire and Burglar Proof Safes, 

Salesroom 16 S. Charles street, - - - 54 
Murdoch J. H., Professor, &c., 8 — 26 — 37 

Murphy J. & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers and Stationers, 182 

W. Baltimore street, 
Murray James, Practical Millwright, Engineer and Machinist, 42 

York street, near Light, - - , _ 3 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co., Over 159 W. Baltunore street, - - - - 18 
New York & Baltimore Transportation Line, J. A. Shriver, Agent, 3 Light-st. wharf, - 36 
Noyes D. C, Paper Hanger, 262 N. Gay street, - - - 36 

Oldershaw & Co., Stove Dealers, 215 W. Pratt street, - - - 26 

Page George & Co., Patent Portable Circular Saw Mills, &c., 5 N. 

Schroeder street, ----- 10 
Passano Leonard, Importer and .Jobber in Fancy Goods, Cutlery, &c., 

52 Centre Market space, - - - - 33 

Rea John H. & Co., Manufacturer of Clothing, Shirts, &c., N. E. corner 

South and Pratt streets, - - - - 32 
Robbins & Co., Proprietors of Baltimore Stove works, 46 and 48 

Light-st. -------66 

Rosenfeld S. & Co., Dealers in Cigars, Chewing and Leaf Tobacco, 20 

S. Gay street, ------ 3 

Sack Christian D., Manuf. of Britanfda Ware, &c., 34 N. Liberty-st. 39 

Savage Charles, Deal, in Rags, Ropes, Iron, Metals, &c., 36 Lee st. 12 

Shriver H. C, Sign and Block Letter EstabUshment, 276 W. Balti- 

more street, up stairs, - - - - - 62 

Shanks Thomas, Sewing Machine Repairer and Salesroom, 146 W. 

Baltimore street, ----- 24 

Singer Isaac M. & Co., Sewing Machines, 159 W.Baltimore, at end of Book 

Sloan & Calwell, Dealers in Brandies, Wines, Gins, Cigars, -(fee, 17 

and 19 Cheapside, ----- 14 

Smith & Curlett, Manufacturers of Soaps, Tallow Candles &c., cor. 

Holiday and Pleasant streets, - - - 36 
Spinning John H., Maryland Paper Works, 122 North street, - - 41 

Starr B. F. & Co., French Burr Mill Stones, S. E. corner North and 

Centre streets, ------ 36 

Stevens George 0. & Co., Manufacturers of Doors, Sashes, Blinds, &c.,47 W. 

Pratt street, -------67 

Storck A., • Steam Turning and Sawing Establish 't, 152 East-st. 6 

Sweeney Peter, Provision Dealer and Packer, 205, 207 and 209 

Lexington street, ----- g 

Teal Geo. McKendree, Merchant Tailor and Clothier, N. E. cor Baltimore 

and Frederick streets, - - - • - - 38 
Thompson John A., jr., Tobacco, Cigars and Snuff, 170 W. Pratt-st. - 38 

Thompson R., Manufacturer and dealer in Carriage Lamps, Mould- 

ings, &c., 143 W. Fayette street, - - - 7 
Toland Wm., Manufacturer of all kinds of Saws, 85 n Front-st. 4 

Torsch John W., Designer and Engraver on Wood, 117 W. Balti- 

more street, up stairs, ----- 63 
Turner Samuel E., Dealer in Fancy Stationery, &c., 3 S. Charles-st. 40 

University of Marj'land, N. E. corner Greene and Lombard-sts. - - 30 

Union Protestant Infirmary, Corner Mosher and Division streets, - - 64 

Williams John, Stationer and Blank Book Manufacturer, 2 Water 

street, --------13 

Wagner August, Manufacturer of Brass Ware, Gas Fixtures, &c., 

63 S. Charles street, 26 

Walker Noah & Co., Qothiers, 166 and 167 W. Baltimore street, - - 49 


Weatherby & Hare, 

AVebb Charles & James & Co. 

Webb George W., 

Wheeler & Wilson, 

Wheelwright, Mudge & Co., 
Wilson John E., 

Woods Jno. W., 

Carpenters and Builders, 7 N. Sharp street. 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers, 136 Ensor street. 

Goldsmith and Jeweler, S. E. corner Baltimore and 

Light streets, __--__ 
Sewing Machines, 205 W. Baltimore street, up 

stairs, at end of Book, 
Wholesale Paper Dealers, 14 Hanover street, - 
Diploma Old Eye Whiskey warehouse, N. W. cor. 

Howard and Camden streets, - - - - 
Book and Job Printer, over 202 W. Baltimore-st. 







Adams Samuel, flour mill, n e cor. President 

and Fawn 
Angell A. H. & Co., agents American Guano 
Co., 55 w Pratt — [See Advertisement, fronting 
page 22.] 

ARMSTRONG R. D. provision and produce 
commission merchant, 120 s Eutaw, oppo- 
site B. and 0. R. R. depot. — [See pi 40 Jid- 

Baker, Holmes & Brown, brass and bell found- 
ers and edge tool manufact'rs, 10 w Pratt 

Balloch James, 478 Lexington 

BARNES JOHN A.wholesale and retail oil and 
lamp dealer, 20 e Baltimore, dw 186 George 

Banner, Spurrier & Co. bankers, s e cor Han- 
over and Baltimore 

Bonney E. fancy millinery, hoop skirts, &c., 
161 w Baltimore 

Bowers Mary A. 23 w Lombard 

Brown Robert D. & Co. commission mer- 
chants and importers of linens, 2 German 

Burton Dr. 0. A. dentist, 94 w Fayette 

Church S. T. dentist, Crystal building, 39 n 
Charles, dw 11 Barnet 

Clarke & Pe^ram, tobacco commission mer- 
chants, 59 Exchange place 

COY Dr. B. F. dentist, 70 n Charles 

Crowley Frederick C. contractor, office 100 
German, dw 32 Columbia 

CUMMISKEY EUGENE, attorney at law, 
43 St. Paul, up stairs 

Demuth Geo. professor music, 213 n Howard 

Demuth G. 0. & Co. importers wines, liquors, 
cigars, &c., 40 n Charles 

Dillahunt Wm. wagoner, Eastern av., 3d door 
e of Exeter 

Dowling Edward, Fountain hotel 

Durham Columbus P. 37 w Fayette 

Ehlers John D. wood engraver, over 166 w 
Baltimore, dw Aisquith. — [See p. 23 Adver- 

Evans C. H. druggist, s e corner Chatsworth 
and Mulberry 

Evans Mrs. M. 169 w Lombard 

Hall A. C, agent Baltimore Steam Towing 
Co., 8] Smith's wharf 

Hammond J . Thomas & Brother, brokers and 
commission agents, basement 49 Lexington, 
betw. St. Paul and Charles 

Jones Lant S. telegraph operator, 384 w Balti- 

Keys Robert T. commission merchant and 
agent for the Marietta and Cincinnati R. R. 
Co., 79 Exchange place, up stairs, dw 203 n 

Lewis Milo, Insurance agent, 159 w Balti- 
more, dw s w cor of Gilmor and Saratoga 

Marshall W. 493 w Fayette 

MAY & CO. manufacturers of stoves, ranges, 
&c., 27 Light, cor. Water 

Millues Frank, mattress manufacturer, 334 s 

Pinkney Frederick, deputy State's Attorney, 
dw 340 w Fayette 

Foist Charles Dominick, clerk, Western hotel, 
s w cor Howard and Saratoga 

Reilly Francis J. plumber and gas fitter, 271 e 

Scliad George, brickmaker, 318 Canton av 

Schaer John, whip maker, 241 s Sharp 

Sellman & Co. merchandise brokers, 95 w 

Sellman Henry D. (S. & Co.) 60 St. Paul 

Sellman James C. (S. & Co.) 60 St. Paul 

Sprigg Horace, Scott near Lombard 

Stevens David, jr., gaiter upper maker, 76 s 

Thompson Wm. com. mercht. and imp. bran- 
dies, wines, tfec, 29 Cheapside 

Willis & Sasscer, real estate brokers and gen- 
eral commission agents, 20 Second 

WISSERT J. & BROTHER, decorative ar- 
tists, 7 n Eutaw 

Wissert Jacob, (J. W. & Bro.) 7 n Eutaw 

Wissert Joseph, (J. W. & Bro.) 7 n Eutaw 



For tlie Year ending 1860. 


^T^ n. north; s. south; e. east; w. west; st. street; ct. court; or. avenue; al. alley; la. lane; 
dw. dwelling; L. P. Locust Point; cor. corner; F. P. Fells Point; F. H. Federal Hill. 

J^ote: The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aarons Aaron, clerk, 197 Hanover 
Aaron George, gunsmith, 285 s Charles 
Aaron Lewis, second hand clothing dealer, 

21 Pine 
Aaron Micharl, 216 Montgomery 
Aaron Samuel, 216 Montgomery 
Abbe Wm. drayman, 59 Centre Market space 
Abbes Francis H. hatter, 163 Chesnut 
Abbes Mrs. Sarah C. 163 Chesnut 
Abbett Samuel R. 25 Hollins 
Abbett Thomas M. treas. Susq. Canal Co. 13 

Lexington, dw 25 Hollins 
Abbett Henry M. clerk, 25 Holhns 
Abbett Samuel R. 25 Hollins 
Abbo Mrs. Daniel, 12 Slorrett al 
Abbot Alex, clerk, 42 s Spring 
Abbot Edson A. bookkeeper, 113 s High 
Abbott Charles, glass blower, 354 s Eutaw 
Abbott D. W. book-keeper, 165 e Madison 
ABBOTT EDWIN A. steam saw and flour 

mill. City block, next to drawbridge, dw 

113 s High 
ABBO TT FRED'K, brushmaker, 41 Barnes 
Abbott Horace & Son, Canton rolling mill, 

Hudson St. Canton 
Abbott Horace (H. A. & Son) 67 e Pratt 
Abbott John, cigar maker, 30 s Bond 
Abbott John N. carpenter, 304 Aisquith 
Abbott John E. laborer, Henry st 
Abbott John C. mariner, 34 William 
Abbott John W. tobac. deal., 234 e Lombard 
Abbott Matilda, 36 HoOiday 
Abbott Samuel, mariner, 6 York 
Abbott Thomas, shoemaker, 175 Eastern av 
Abbott Wm. H. mariner, 34 William 
Abbott James L. 73 Cathedral 
Abbott Jas. Asbury, brickmkr, 143 Hamburg 


Abbott James, carpenter, 6 Gold's ct 

Abbott James F. speculator, 130 n Bond 

Abbott Noah, cabinet maker, 132 Cross 

Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 

Abbott Wm. H. police officer, 141 Hamburg 

Abbreo Jerome, sailmaker, 107 s Caroline 

Abchen Ambrose, shoemaker, 9 Be van al 

Abel Christopher, butcher, 177 Penna av 

Abel Christian, butcher, 177 Penna av 

Abel Deborah, 98 (102) s Central av 

Abel Hannah, 93 n Fremont 

Abel John, tailor, 46 German 

Abel Frankhn, butcher, 177 Penna av 

Abel John, baker, 42 s Howard 

ABELL A. S. & Co. publishers Bait. Sun, s e 

cor. Bait. & South, dw A. S. A. 85 Saratoga 
ABELL CHRISTIAN, butcher, 177 Penn ay 
AbcU Christopher C. butcher, 177 Penna av 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 177 Penna av 
Abell Ignatius, collector, 55 s Paca 
Abell Jacob, tailor, 47 Clay 
Abell John J. 135 s Caroline 
Abell Edwin F. clerk, 85 Saratoga 
Abell Thomas P. tailor, 164 Henrietta 
Abendshine Andrew, barber, 164 s Bond: 
Abendshein Andrew, laborer, 12 Bevan 
Abendschein John, laborer, 14 Bevan 
Abendschon Ambrose, shoemkr, 74 Leadenhall 
Abendschon Clem, carpet weaver, 232 s 

Abendschon Lewis, shoemkr, 74 Leadenhall 
Abenshon Joseph, paver, 200 L Hughes 
Abendshon Lewis, glass flattener, 60 Hill 
Abercrombie David, bookseller, 79 Chew 
Abercrombie David, jr., clerk, 79 Chew 
Abercrombie Thos. variety store, 66 Camdea. 
Abbey George, laborer, 16 Durst al 




Abey Joseph, huckster, William nr Fort av 
Abey Jos. W. clerk, 341 e Pratt 
Abey Michael, fishennan, 70 Johnson 
Abey William H. grocery, 369 Light 
Aberle Mathias, drayman, 348 n Eutaw 
Aberline Andrew, cooper, 153 s Regester 
Aberline Mich, steam sawyer, 15 New Church 
Abhan John H. boxmaker, 173 East 
Abler Charles G. shoemaker, 32 Hampstead 
Abrahams John J. (A. & Ashcraft) dw 283 e 

ABRAMS JOHN J. ship builder, cor Thames 
and Philpot, ft Caroline, office, 58 Philpot 
dw 283 e Baltimore 
ABRAHAMS B. cigarmaker, 64 s High 
Abrams Jacob D. 2 n Broadway 
Abrahams Mary Ann, 96 s Caroline 
Abrahams Wm. H. clerk, 47 s Broadway 
Abrahams Woodward, (T. J. Cochran & Co.) 

29 s High 
Abraham George F. plasterer, 36 William 
.Abrams Wm. H. ship carpenter, 283 e Bait 
.Abrams Alexander J. marble cutter, opposite 
Greenmount, dw n e cor John and Aisquith 
.Abrams Washington, carpnter, 277 Canton av 
.Abru John, shoemaker, 1 Ivanhoe ct 
.Aburn Charlei, grocer, 67 Lancaster 
.Aburn Emily, grocer, 321 e Bahimore 
.ABURN JUHiN, grocer, cor Thames and 

Aburn Johnson, ship carpenter, 117 s Wash- 
ington, F P 
.Aburn \Vm. R. ship carpenter, 92 Block 
Ab John, shoemaker, 230 Cathedral 
.Acheise Mary, Bait, steam laundry, Monu- 
ment, 3 doors from Broadway 
Acken Wm. D. 146 w Madison 
Achey Chas. F. (F. A. & Son) 132 German 
Achey Frudk. & Son, curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Fred'k. (F. A. & Son) 129 German 
Ackenback Henry, laborer, 415 Penna av 
Ack Henry, cigar maker, 182 s Bethel 
Ackerman, Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerjiian Jajie, grocery, 255 Aliceanna 
-Ackerman Nicholas, tailor, 81 Star al 
Ackerman John, laborer, 62 Walnut al 
Ackelendenker Michael, sawyer, 20 Union 
Ackle Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 
Ackler Jacob D. boot and shoemaker, 72 s 

Acomb James, clerk, 16 n Exeter 
Acomb John, basket maker, 41 Preston 
Acomb Joseph, basl^t maker, 41 Preston 
ACOMB WILLI.^, basket & brush manu- 
facturer & cedar cooper, 121 Franklin. — [See 
p. 15 Mvertisements.] 
Acorn Henry, confectioner, 146 s Caroline 
Adair John, machinist, 95 Preston 
Adair Henry, clerk, 40 w Monument 
Adair Wm. R. attorney, 86 n Charles 
Adam John W. wheelwright, 25 Hillen 
Adam John, blacksmith, 23 Hillen, dw 25 
Adam Urbach, stone cutter, 39 Bank 
Adams Anne, tailoress, 78 Washington, F H 
Adams A. F. (Sheets & A.) 233 Mulberry 
Adams Ann, 22 Beale's ct 
Adams Adelaide, boarding house, 86 n Charles 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 96 Ross 
Adams Ann F. seamstress, 101 Montgomery 
Adams Benj. (A. & Davidson) 32 Hanover 
Adams Benj. K. hatter, Warner near West 
Adams Charles S. clerk, 239 e Baltimore 
Adams Charles, shoemaker, 165 s Eden 

Adams Charles A. bookkeeper, 289 Canton av 
Adams Capt. Charles, mariner, 98 w Madison 
Adams Charlotte, 21 Somerset 
Adams David M. pro Hanover house, s w cor 

Hanover aud Pratt 
Adams & Davidson, grocers and commission 

merchants, 7 Commerce 
Adams Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 

226 Hollins 
Adams Elizabeth M. boarding house, 12 St. 

Adams Elizabeth, 189 s Paca 
Adams Elizabeth, 186 German 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore 

Samuel L. Shoemaker, resident partner 
Adams E. D. teacher, 52 s Broadway 
Adams Ellen, 286 German 
ADAMS EMELIUS, coal yard, s w cor Caro- 
line & Dock, dw s e cor Chase & Aisquith 
Adams Emma, 286 German 
Adams Francis E. dry goods store, 287 Can- 
ton av 
Adams Frederick, blacksmith, 51 n Exeter 
Adams George, laborer, 10 Gold's ct 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer, 175 Henrietta 
Adams Geo. E. foundryman, 68 Aliceanna 
ADAMS REV. GEORGE F. 239 e Baltimore 
Adams Henry, 194 w Fayette 
Adams Henry, piano maker, 194 w Fayette 
Adams Henry, laborer, 75 n Fremont 
Adams Mrs. Harriett, 127 n Charles 
Adams Hannah, 39 Stirling 
Adams Henry, currier, 147 n Bethel 
Adams Hooper, bricklayer, 7 s Bethel 
ADAMS HOUSE, s wcor Hanover and Pratt, 

David M. Adams, proprietor 
ADAMS JAMES C. beef and pork packer 

and provision inspector, 28 Second, dw 147 

w Lombard 
Adams James, bricklayer, 100 s Regester 
Adams James M. engineer U. S. navy, 162 

Adams James, hatter, 231 w Pratt 
Adams Jane, 18 w Lombard 
Adams Jacob, laborer, 180 Columbia 
Adams Jacob, of tobacco warehouse. No. 5 
Adams John A. clerk, 180 w Baltimore 
Adams Capt. John E. 293 e Fayette 
Adams John E. brickmaker, 4 Winter's row, 

near Hamburg 
Adams John G. R. policeman, 159 s Paca 
Adams John Q. 24 Columbia 
Adams John W. collar maker, 31 Pearl 
Adams John H. sailmaker, 83 William 
Adams John H. (Milburn, A & McGee) 83 

Adams John W. wheelwright, 311 Harford av 
Adams John B. (A. & Davidson) Hanover, 

between Lombard and German 
Adams Josephine, 480 n Gay 
Adams John T. lumber in.spector, West Falls 

av, dw 289 e Baltimore 
Adams Joseph, laborer, 137 s Chapel 
Adams Joseph, clerk, 184 Chesnut 
Adams Joseph S. carpenter, 229 Ross 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 157 Welcome al 
Adams Joshua, brass founder, 435 n Gay 
Adams Lewis, of tobacco warehouse No. 1 

356 s Charles 
Adams Lewis W. carpenter, 4 Abbot 
Adams Matthias, laborer, 307 AUceanna 
Adams Mena, 194 w Fayette 
Adams Mary M. 100 Ross 




Adams Samuel T. clerk tobacco warehouse 

No. 5, 138 Conway 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 20 

e Pratt 
Adams Samuel H. carpenter, Elbow lane, rear 

52 Columbia, dw 52 Columbia 
Adams Robert, sailor, 43 n Caroline 
Adams Sarah, 315 Mulberry 
Adams Samuel S. laborer, 49 Milliman 
Adams Thomas, salesman, Howard house 
Adams Thomas, jeweler, 59 s Howard, dw 65 

Adams T. W. machine sewing and stitching, 

over 146 w Baltimore 
Adams Thos. E. M. clerk, 248 w Fayette 
Adams Thos. express wagon, 162 s Howard 
Adams William, watchman, 49 Milliman 
Adams William H. pilot, 133 Gous-h 
Adams Wm. W. clerk B. & O. R. R., 248 w 

Adamstone Geo. millstone worker, 11 Forrest 
Addison, Edw. R. machinist, 56 s Poppleton 
Addison Geo. C. 54 Conway 
Addison George M. & Co. grocers, 210 

Addison Dr. John, southern dispensary, 44 

Addison John D., 54 Conway 
Addison L. tailoress, 17 n Caroline 
Addison Samuel S. shoestore, 230 w Pratt 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s i'opplctoii 
law and U. S. district attorney, U. .<. build- 
ing, n w cor North and Fayette, dw Ainia- 
nolis Junction 
Addison William, carp. Little Church, dw 75 

Addison Wm. W. shoestore, 208 w Pratt 
Addison Wm. brickyards, foot Leadenhall, 

dw 75 William 
Addicks Thomas H. clerk, Maltby house 
Adelman Charles, cooper, 17 Spring 
Adelstern Jacob, tailor, 8 State 
Ader Lawrence, blacksmith, 255 n Eden 
Ador Michael, house carpenter, 188 s Dallas 
Adkins Charles B. clerk, 348 w Baltimore 
Adkinson Ann, 294 Franklin 
Adkinson John, quarryman, 2 Carlton 
Adkisori Joseph, carpenter, 532 Saratoga 
.Adkisson & Co. sailmakers, s w cor Light-st 

wharf and Camden 
Adkisson Samuel, bricklayer. Mount nr Lex- 
Adkisson Wm. (A. & Co.) 210 Franklin 
Adkisson Wm. H. H. 210 Franklin 
Adlor Aaron, pedler, 169 e Lombard 
Adler Abraham, clerk, 96 e Baltimore 
Adler Adam, rag dealer, 41 Harrison 
Adler Adolph, salesman, 49 n Howard 
Adler Henry M. elk, 56 Centre Market space 
Adler Henry, (Simon, Frank & Co.) 34 Han- 
Adler Julius, dry goods dealer, 210 and 212 

s Broadway 
Adler Joseph, property agent, 64 s Eden 
Adler Lewis H. merch. tailor, cor Liberty and 

German, dw 177 s Charles 
Adler Dr. Lewis, 15 s Liberty 
Adler M. & Co. clothiers, 372 w Baltimore 
Adler M. (M. A. & Co.) 616 w Baltimore 
Adler Philip, 15 s Liberty 
Adolph John, 21 Shakspeare 
Adolphus Dr. Philip, 77 Lexington 

Adreon C. C. 316 Franklin 
Adreon George, bricklayer, 522 Penna. av 
Adreon Hannah, 316 Kranklin 
Adreon Pearson, collector and agent, 45 Ster- 
ADKKON WM. &Co. auctioneers & commis- 
sion merchants, 22 s Charles 
Adreon Wm. T. (W. A. & Co.) 152 Hanover 
Ady James, variety store, 159 Sharp 
Adylot Peter, carpenter, 244 w Fayette 
Aech Henry, cabinet maker, 141 n Bond 
Aehner Andrew, cooper, 365 w Lombard 
Aenolf Conrad, shoemaker, 258 s Sharp 
Aett Fabean, laborer, 214 s Bethel 
Aett John, laborer, 87 Johnson 
Affayroux Appelotte, carpenter, 256 n Caroline 
Affayroux I'rancis P. blacksmith, 156 Har- 
ford av 
AFFELDER MAX, dry goods and fancy deal. 

10 s Charles, dw 34 Hanover 
Aftung John, shoemaker, 61 Warren 
Agan Florida, 193 s Charles 
Agan Francis, laborer, 83 McElderry's whf 
Agan Martin laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Agan Michael, laborer, 1 s Greene 
Aged Women's Home, n w cor Lexington and 

Agenspurrier Philip, carpenter, 121 Ross 
Agner Lewis, butcher, 10 Calverton road 
■Agnew i'homas, carpenter, 95 Cathedral 
.VlK-rn Catherine, 123 Chester 
Ahern Daniel, laborer, 123 s Chester 
,\hern Jeremiah, wagoner, 77 n Exeter 
Ahern John, pro. Cecilia furnace, Canton, dw 

253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John, laborer, 37 Cambridge 
Ahern Laurence, tavern, 12 Fish Market space 
Ahern Wm. clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahl Henry, Hunter al near Reservoir 
Ahlers Charles, cigar maker, 61 North 
Ahlers Fredk, laborer, 23 Washington, F. P 
Ahlers Geo. F. cigar maker, 167 e Baltimore 
Ahlers Henry, laborer, 101 s Ann 
Ahling Henry, tavern, 72 Buchanan's whf 
Ahlsleger Christiana, 159 s Fremont 
Ahlsltger Wm. bookkeeper, 159 s Fremont 
Ahrens Adolph, (Sterling & A.) 201 Garden 
Ahrens Ahrend, vinegar depot, 26 Eastern av 
Ahrens Augustus, 26 Eastern av 
Ahrens Daniel, laborer, 966 w Baltimore 
Ahrens Daniel, carter, 123 s Chester 
Ahrens Julius, baker, 243 w Pratt 
Ahren Andrew, tinner, 18 s Republican 
Ahrend Theodore, prof, of music, 5 Hillen 
Ahring E. H. 114 n Central av 
Aidt L. shoemaker, 60 Ross 
Aigins Timothy, laborer, 17 Tyson al 
Aiken Dr. George, 272 Saratoga 
Aiken Mrs. Harriet E. 272 Saratoga 
Aikin Andrew, laborer, H Albemarle 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. prof, chemistry Univer- 
sity of Maryland, dw 25 Hamilton 
Ailman Henry, blacksmith. Falls road 
Ailman Mary, 89 n Amity 
Ailworth Thomas, laborer, 245 Boston 
Ailworth Thomas, laborer, 5 Hill 
Aires Jas. A. engineer, 67 s Washington, F.P 
Airey Edward, carter, 170 Orleans 
Airey Elias, shoemaker, 56 Preston 
Airey Hiram, shoemaker, 57 Preston 
Airey James, huckster, 152 Ross 
Airey James, wharfinger, 30 s Ann 
Airey Jerome, policeman, 391 Franklin 




Aircy Joseph, shoemaker, 68 Division 
Airey Wm. cooper, 70 Division 
Aisquith Geo. R. bookkeeper, 248 w Fayette 
Aitcheson James, brassfounder, 67 North, dw 

173 Hoffman 
Aitken Andrew, clerk, 139 n Gay 
Aitken Alex. M. bookkeeper hank of Balti- 
more, dw248 n Howard 
Aitken James P. clerk, 1.39 n Gay 
Aitken Mrs. Marguretta, 139 n Gay 
Akers Charles, bricklayer, 216 w Biddle 
Akers Conrad, wheelwright, 42 Philpot 
Akers Charles, salesman, 216 w Biddle 
Akers Daniel, boilermaker, 16 Henry 
Akers Edward, watciimaker and jeweler, 65 s 

AKERS EDWIN, dry goods dealer, 138 Lex- 
Akers George W. eng^ineer, 179 G. Hughes 
Akers John, well sinker, 42 Philpot 
Akers Wm. boiler maker, 163 Hamburg 
Albacher John, laborer, Garrison lane near 

Western cemetery 
Alband Charles, confectionery, 20 Park 
Albaugh Charles E. cigar maker, cor Dover & 

Camden lane 
Albaugh Daniel T. cigar maker, 133 Cross 
Albaugh Edward W. huckster, 259 s Charles 
Albaugh George, laborer, 49 Constitution 
Albaugh Henry, coachmaker, 44 Abbot 
Albaugh Jacob, shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Albaugh John W. shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Albaugh John, butcher, Helairav 
Albaugh John, (White & A.) 103 Penna av 
Albaugh John, blacksmith, 24 Tessier 
Albaugh John, paver, 92 n Ann 
Albaugh Wm. A. (Orem & A.) 218 s Charles 
Albaugh Zephcriah, teacher, 398 n Gay 
Alberger Adam, butchir, 89 Mullikin 
Albers Henry, brickmaker, 291 Aliceanna 
Albers Dr. Henry, 237 w Pratt 
Albers Seibolt, oil cloth manufact'r, 272 s Ann 
Albert Adam, grocery, 70 Mulberry 
Albert Augustus, (A.&M. A.) 160 Lexington 
Albert Augustus J. (A. & Bro.) 81 w Monu- 
Albert A. & M. paper hangers, 62 n Eutaw 
.Albert & Brother, hardware merchants, 352 w 

Albert Daniel, shoemaker, 61 n Frederick 
Albert Elizabeth, 175 Raborg 
Albert Frederick, clerk, 226 n Howard 
Albert George, tailor, 164 s B(md 
Albert Henry, clerk, 125 n Paca 
Albert Jami's, 81 w Monument 
Albert Mrs. Jacob, 64 n Charles 
Albert John, boot fitter, 57 Bank 
Albert John, carter, 164 s Bond 
Albert John, weaver, 57 Penna. av 
Albert John, butcher, Garrison la near West- 
ern cemetery 
Albert John paver, 125 n Paca 
Albert John, provision store, 156 s Paca 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter, 114 I reston 
Albert Michael, (A. & M. A) 185 Ross 
Albert Moses H. gaiter manuf. 204 w Pratt 
Albert Wm. J. (A. & Bro.) 52 Cathedral 
Albert! Henry F.& Co. imps, of fancy goods, 

6 and 8 s liberty 
Albert! Henry F. '(H. F. A. & Co.) 278 Lex- 
Aibertson Isaac, proprietor Mansion house, 
61 w Fayette 

I Albicker Solomon, butcher, Frederick road, 

near first toll gate 
Albinson Peter, clerk, 488 w Baltimore 
Albraht Jacob, cooper, Frederick road near 

Calv(;rton road 
Albrecht August, laborer, 260 Montgomery 
Albrecht F. W. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Plenry, lager beer saloon, Frederick 

road east of toll gate 
Albrecht Jacob, cooper, 115 Frederick av 
Albrecht Wm. piano maker, 335 s Sharp 
Albright Charles, shoemaker. Fort avenue 
Albright Frederick, cooper, Frederick av near 

Calverton road 
All)right Frederick Lewis, brass founder, 176 

Albright Henry G. coppersmith, 12 Barre, dw 

27 s Schroeder 
Albright Hi'nry, lager beer saloon, Frederick 

av near Calverton road 
Albright Henry, brass founder, 12 Barre, dw 

27 s Schroeder 
Albright Henry, cooper, Frederick avenue 

near Calverton road 
Albright Julius, machinist, 62 s Popplcton 
Albright 'I imothy, shoemaker, 15 n Spring 
Albright Wm. T. barber, n e cor Fayette and 

Albright Wm. foundryman, 83 Cambridge, 

Alcock Frederick, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. H. D. bookkeeper, Josiah Lee& 

Co. 293 w Biddle 
Alcott Joel W. 102 William 
Alden Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Aldgidge, Higdon & Co. imp. dry goods, 5 

Aldridge Andrew, jr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge George W. carpenter, 193 Lee 
Aldridge Dr. John, 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Mrs. Wm. millinery, 109 e Pratt 
Aldridgv Wm. 109 e Pratt 
Aids John, .shoemaker, 201 e Baltimore 
Aids Wm. shoemaker, 201 e Baltimore 
Aleman Henry, blacksmith, Falls road 
Aler Ann Jane, 79 Hollins 
Alcr John, smith & wheelwright, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John, machinist, 93 Hollins 
Aler John W. state wharfinger, cor Wall and 

Dugan's wharf 
Aler John F. pump maker, 43 n Paca, dw 103 

Aler Sylvanus, machinist, 93 Hollins 
Aler Wm. laborer, 414 w Lombard 
Alex Martin, carpenter, 93 Hollins 
Alexander Benjamin, tailor, 225 Montgomery , 
Alexander Charles, attorney, 9 Hill 
A LEXA.\ DKR CHAS. magistrate, 26 St. Paul 
Alexander H. Eugene, clerk, 272 Lexington 
Alexander James, merch. tailor, 136 w Fayette 

dw 209 Mulberry 
Alexander J. J. n e corCharles and Lexington 
Alexander Jas. proprietor black horse tavern, 

111 n High 
Alexander John H. civil engineer, 272 Lex- 
ALKXANDER JOHN, London watch and 

jewelry store, 137 w Baltimore 
Alexander Jno engineer, U. S. N. 171, Hoffman 
Alexander Mar<raret H. fashionable dress mk. 

over 137 w Baltimore 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 242 w Pratt 




Alexander Richard, collector, 123 Camden 
ALEXANDER THOMAS S. attorney at 

law, n e cor Charles and Lexington, dw 

Charles 2 doors s of Eager 
ALEXANDER WM. attorney, 26 St. Paul, 

dw 117 e Baltimore 
ALEXANDER WM. treas. George's Ck. Coal 

and Iron Company, 19 South, dw tutaw 

Alfadder Conrad, tailor, Aliceanna 
Alford James E. deputy shiriff', 3 Trinity 
Alger Horace B. grocery, 94 s Dallas 
Algier Jacob, carpenter, 354 Williamson 
Alhide Frederick, shoemaker, 241 e Lombard 
All Deresce, 262 e Madison 
Allan Abner M. bookkeeper, 103 Hanover 
Allan John, cooper, 133 L. Greene 
Allard Edward C. carpenter, 335 n Gay 
Allard Joseph, 167 a Paca 
Allard .Joseph, carpenter, 25 McClellan's al. 

dw 300 Aisquith 
Allard John E. tailor, 4 Raborg 
Allard Thomas B. carpenter, 381 n Gay 
Allard Wm. carpenter, 346 u Gay 
Allaway George N. clerk, 59 e Baltimore 
Allaway Martha, 59 e Baltimore 
Allbright Jesse P. constable, 132 s Paca 
Allbright Juss(! P. bricklayer, 20 Scott 
Allen Abner, clerk, 103 Hanover 
Allen Alexander & Co. lumlier merchts. West 

Falls av. dw A. A. 204 Aisquith 
Allen Charles, engineer, 22 Henrietta 
Allen Daniel, tavern, 163 Eastern av 
Allen Rev. Ethan, D. D., Homestead, Balti- 
more CO 
Allen Eliel, cooper, 227 Henrietta 
Allen Geraldus S. at Adams' Express Co.,dw 

152 Division 
Allen Henry A. prof, of music, 213 Garden 
Allen Henry L. baker, 86 Pearl 
Allen Henry, house carp, and ship joiner, s 

Wolfe, near Aliceaima, dw 103 s Ann 
Allen Isaac, watchman, 56 CrOss 
Allen James, 159 e Fayette 
Allen James I. machinist, 61 s Oregon 
Allen James, blacksmith, 11 Foster al 
Allen James, moulder, 122 Orchard 
Allen Jeremiah, wagoner, 152 Division 
Allen Joseph S. house carpenter, 104 s Re- 

Allen Joseph, plough maker, 18 Warner 
Allen John S. tailor, 93 Aisquith 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, 103 s Ann 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen John, machinist, 140 n Fremont 
Allen John, cooper, 133 s Greene 
Allen John, agent, 241 Gough 
Allen Capt. John E. 320 e Baltimore 
Allen Joseph, agr. impl. maker, 18 Warner 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 118 e Lombard 
Allen Lewis J. 213 Garden 
Allen Lucy Ann, 159 e Fayette 
Allen Michael, watchman, Observatory, Fede- 
ral Hill 
Allen Nathaniel S. carpenter, 264 s Paca 
Allen Peter, shoemaker, n e cor Conway and 

Allen Robert W. (Samuel P. Thompson & 

Co.) 66 Centre 
Allen Reuben, 114 Ramsay 
Allen Samuel, painter, 97 s Bond 
Allen Solomon, 98 Lee 
Allen Thomas S. shoemaker, 165 Henrietta 

Allen Thomas F. ship carp. 75 Cross 

Allen Thomas, ostler, 123 Dover 

Allen William, carpenter, 343 Mulberry 

Allen William, clerk, 90 e Lombard 

Allen William, restaurant, 8 ijight 

Allen William, ship carp. 52 Cross 

Allen William, policeman, 170 G. Hughes 

Allen William, vinegar depot, 37 George, dw 

237 Franklin 
Allen William Jr, carpenter, 90 e Lombard 
ALI-EN WILLIAM H. arch. & builder, 265 

e Baltimore 
Allen William, cus. house officer, 10 George 
AUenbaugh Mary T. huckster, 59 Orchard 
Allenbaugh Chas. T. plumber, 59 Orchard 
AUenbaugh Geo. plasterer, 52 Royd 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoem'r. 32 Chatsworth 
Allender'Mrs Elizabeth, 187 Stirling 
Allers Diedrick H. grocer and feed dealer, 

140 s Eutaw 
Allers Edw Herman, gro. and feed store, 410 

s Charles 
Allers John A. lime dealer and brick maker, 

532 w Fayette 
Allers John, machinist, .327 Mulberry 
Alley W. W. painter, 126 German ' 

Aliniter Henry, potter, 280 s Bond 
Allison Ann, 111 w Biddle 
Allison Ann, 65 s Eden 
Allison Edward, tailor. 130 Granby 
ALLISON JAMKS S. feed store, 5"2sCharles, 

dw 165 Chestnut 
Allison Philip S. clerk 209 e Pratt 
Allison Wm. carpenter, Fremont near Penn- 
sylvania av 
Allison Robert H. clerk, 65 s Eden 
Allman Wm. carpenter, 188 n Central av. 
Allmand J. O. G. book-keeper, 75 n Charles 
Alluvisi Salvator, medalion maker, 12 Fast 
Allnutt E. S. (Tinges & A.) 191 Franklin 
Allnutt G. R. W. (Gittings, A. & Co.) 209 w 

ALNUTT JAMES W. president Bank of 

Commerce, dw 177 Saratoga 
Allnutt Margaret, 191 Franklin 
Alhuitt Sarah, 149 Hanover 
Allnutt Thomas, clerk, 149 Hanover 
Alloway John, carpenter, 25 Ryan 
Alls John, shoemaker, Fayette near Broadway 
Allston Association, for the encouragement of 

art, 40 St. Paul 
Allston Frederick, clerk, 18 s Calvert 
Allstan James H. kook-keeper, 18}-^ s Calvert 
Allstan Jane, boarding house, 18^2 s Calvert 
Allwell Stephen, 128 MuUikin 
Allwell Wesley, boatman, 70 (110) Castle al 
Almack Geo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
Alman John, fruit seller, 8 China alley 
Allmandinger Geo. harness maker, 141 Vine 
Almony Mordecai, carpenter, 235 n Lden 
Alois Francis, tailor, 177 n Eden 
Alpha James M. carter, 139 Chester 
Alpsteck Jacob, cooper, 139 s Caroline 
Alricks Francis W. dry goods dealer, Ger- 
man, dw 61 Courtland 
Altbine Charles, butcher, 444 Penn av 
Alternus D. carver. Eagle hotel, 132 Ilollins 
Alterdice John, carpenter, 21 Hill 
Altevogts Frederick, grocery, 281 Aliceanna 
Alt Conrad, laborer, 142 Lancaster 
Alt John, tailor, 183 s Regester 
Alt John, shoemaker, 8 State 
Alter George, 232 Saratoga 




Ahman Adam, paver, 194 s Bond 

Altman Br-rtlia, French mill 'ry . 154 s Broadway 

Altmyer Simon, 147 e Lombard 

Altman M. portmonnae manufacturer, 154 s 

Alton Lewis, carpenter, 109 Bank 
Altrith Christian, carter, s w cor Cross and 

Goodman alley 
Alvater Chas. A. stone cutter, 169 e Madison 
Altvater Harriet, 67 n Exeter 
Altvater Jacob, clerk, 10 State 
Altvater John, grocery, 104 Eastern av 
Altvater I^ewis, shoemakir, 38 McElderry 
Altvater Wm. carpenter, 1 May 
Altvater Wm. F. carpenter, 46 n Eden 
Alvey Mary, 182 e Pratt 
Alvey Samuel R. mate, 182 e Pratt 
Ambach Simeon, porter, 70 n Gav 
Ambrose George, laborer, rear 179 s Aim 
Ambrose James L. engimcr, 495 w Loml^ard 
Ambrose William, painter, 271 s Paca 
Ambroster J. F. blacksniitli, 237 Lf-mmon al 
Ambrusher John, blacksmith, 10 Baker's ct 
Ambler Rev. Wesley P. 15 s Carey 
Aman Frederick G. grocery, 42 s Howard 
Ame John, tailor, 322 s Sharp 
.Amer Martin, grocer, 110 West 
American Fire Ins. Company of Philadflphia, 

4 Franklin Buildings, Edward J. Richardson 

& Sons, agents 

Baltimore, office 30 Second, Jas. L. Arm- 
strong, preet 
AMERICAN FARMER, 1 Carroll Hall, (up 

stairs,) N. B. Worthington, proprietor 

CO. s w cor Baltimore and South, Wm. S 

Browning, treas 
Amert Christopher, stevedore, 14 Guilford al 
Ament Philip, laborer, 228 Aliceanna 
Ament Joseph, porter, 134 Central av 
Ament Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce alley 
Ames Catherine, 6 Foundry 
Ames Emerson, 23 s Eutaw 
Ames Hudson N. B. machinist, 363 w Lombard 
Ames John, port warden, 363 w Lombard 
Ames John, 363 w Lombard 
AMEV JOSEPH H. restaurant, choice oys- 
ters and liquors, 1 n Greene 
Amey Mrs. Rebecca, 95 s Poppleton 
Amey Philip, cooper, 61 Mc Henry 
Amey Samuel, cooper, 101 Cathedral 
Amey Samuel, carpenter, 10 Dawson 
Amey Samuel, cooper, 101 Cathedral 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 78 Durst alley 
Amich James H. wagoner, 6 n Oregon 
Amick Mary, 47 Perry 
Ambing George, brewer, 47 s Wolf 
Amelang Augustus, tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Ammel Philip, boat crimper, 93 Lexington 
Ammer Jacob, currier, 9.3 Lexington 
Ammer Martin, confectionery, stand s w cor 

Lexington and Howard, dw Marion, near 

Ammesback Leonard, tailor, 76 Somerset 
AMMIDON & CO. dealers in Kerosene oil, 

lamps and Pratt's gas generators, 1 s Liberty. 

[See p. 12 ^Advertisements.] 
Ammidon John P. (A. & Co.) 4 Parkin 
Amrine John, tailor, 45 French 
Amos Alfred P. clerk, 62 e Pratt 
Amos B. F. hatter, 27 w Baltimore 
Amos Dr. Corbin, 145 n Paca 

Arnos Eliza, confectionery, 73 Pcnn av 

Amos Frederick A. bricklayer, 325 Ross 

Amos Henry, plumber, 7 

Amos James, clerk, 23 McElderry 

Amos Jesse J. grocer, 192 e Monument 

Amos Jos. bj-icklayer, 73 Penna av 

Amos Jos. engineer, 568 w Lombard 

Amos Joshua, shoemaker, 20 St Mary 

Amos John H. bricklayer, 341 Ross 

Amos Lemuel, carpenter, 3 Etna lane, dw 338 

Amos Susan R. 259 n Central av 
Amos Wm. Y. laborer, 241 n Bond 
Amos Wm. tailor, 330 Poppleton 
Amos Wm. E. grocer, 87 Preston 
Amos Wm. W. carpenter, 3 Etna lane, dw 338 

Amrhen Geo. furniture wagoner, 78 Harrison 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 283 Franklin 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 181 n Central av 
Amyl Edward, stone cutter, 134 e Madison 
Anchutz Henry P. porter, 77 w. Baltimore 
Anchias Frederick, locksmith, 89 Granby 
Anderson Agnes, seminary, 385 n Gay 
Anderson Arthur, butcher, 4 Forrest 
Anderson Ann, 137 Ensor 
Anderson & Brother, grocers, 224 n Gay, dw 

Brown's Hotel 
ANDERSON BROTHERS, importers hard- 
ware, n w cor Light and Pratt 
Anderson Andrew, printer, 113 York 
Anderson Benjamin F. E. & Co. wholesale 

and retail grocers and liquor dealers, 235 

Lexington, dw B. F. E. A. 235 Lexington 
Anderson lionner, shoemaker, 58 e Eager 
Anderson Clifford, clerk, 183 Loyola place, n 

AiVDEKSON CHARLP:S, blacksmith, n e 

cor Eutaw and German, dw 139 German 
Anderson Chaney, carpenter, 43 Chatsworth 
Anderson Charles C. collector N. C. Railway, 

dw 39 Fawn 
Andirson Cromwell B. teamster, 5 Bolton 
Anderson David, blacksmith, 54 Carpenter al. 

dw 78 Columbia 
Anderson Edward, carp. 82 Republican 
Anderson Miss E. house keeper at Maltby 

Anderson Elizabeth, huckster, 116 York 
Anderson Elizabeth, 189 Raborg 
Anderson Elizabeth, 109 e Madi-son 
Anderson G. H. (A. & Bro) 199 Aisquith 
Anderson Isaac J. laborer, 126 Jefferson 
A.NDERSON JAMES M. & SON, engravens, 

over 148 w Baltimore, dw J. M. A. 183 

Loyola Place, n Calvert 
ANDERSON JAMES G. splitter, currier and 

leather dealer, over 5 Balderston 
Anderson Jeanette M. 65 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson Jesse T. fireman B. & O. R. R. 47 

s Oregon 
Anderson James (Glover & A.) Adams house 
Anderson James, ship carpenter, 11 s Ann 
Anderson James, hack driver, 22 Garden 
Anderson James T. (A. Bros.) Bolton, 4 doors 

w of Dolphin 
Anderson Joseph, cirgar maker, 172 Eastern av 
Anderson John, Hibernia house, 23 Thames e 

of Bond 
Anderson John, carpenter, 108 St. Mary 
Anderson John W. clerk, 41 Lee 
Anderson John, rigger, 144 William 


>* 55 W. PRATT-ST. ^. 



Offer for Sale, in quantities to suit purcliasers, the Superior Fertilizer known a.s 
Imported direct from .Inrvis and Baker Islands in the Pacific Ocean. 

< < 


Purchasers will please bear in mind that we are the 


And all Guano sold by us will be 


and every package delivered will bear upon it our name in full, with the trade 
mark of the Company, (the American Eagle.) 




Anderson John W. blacksmith, 106 Scott 
Anderson John, hack keeper, 141 w Madison 
Anderson John, hiborer, 176 Burgundy alley 
Anderson John, mariner, 161 e Lombard 
Anderson John, groc. and liquor store, 136 

Anderson John W. (A. & Bro.) 199 Aisquith 
Anderson John, siioemaker, 53 s Liberty 
Anderson Joshua, carpenter, 26 St. Mary 
Anderson Lemuel T. ambrotypist, 41 Lee 
Anderson Leah J. 41 Lee 
Anderson Mary A. 123 e Baltimore 
Anderson Mary, milliner, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Morris, carpenter, 227 Forrest 
Anderson Milton, machinist, 52 s Poppleton 
Anderson Nancy, 316 Eastern av 
Anderson Oliver H. painter, 493 w Baltimore 
Anderson Robert, machinist, 40 n High 
Anderson Robert, hatter, 55 e Lombard 
Anderson Robert S. (J. Edward bird & Bro.) 

84 n Charles 
Anderson Susan, seamstress, 62 Perry 
Anderson Thomas J. clerk, 177 Montgomery 
Anderson Thomas, hackman, 25 Centre 
Anderson Thomas D. (A. &, Bros.) 226 w 

Anderson Thomas, carpenter, 58 e Eager 
ANDERSON WILLIAM E. furniture ware- 
house, 10 and 12 Second and 30 Cen. Mark. 

space, dw 49 s Exeter 
Anderson Winfield S. (Jas. M. A. & Son) 183 

Loyola Place, n Calvert 
Anderson Wm. carter, Henry 
Anderson Wm. painter, 180 Chesnut 
Anderson Wm. hackman, 10 Garden 
Anderson Wm. H. painter, over 11 n Sharp, 

dw 184 Mulberry 
Andrae Christian, barber, 356 w Pratt 
ANDRE Dr. J. RIDGAWAY, druggist, 83 

Andree Theodore, metallurgist, 190 s Charles 
Andre Francis, painter, 342 s Sharp 
Andreae Christian, milliner, 190 s Charles 
Andrew Charles & Co. public weighers, 5 

Spear's wharf, dw C. A. 97 Granby 
Andrew .John J. omnibus driver, 12 Townsend 
Andrew Nicholas, basket maker, 62 s Charles 
Andrew Robert, 12 Townsend 
Andrew Robert, farmer, Ross extended 
Andrews Amanda, grocery, 235 e Pratt 
Andrews Benjamin F. painter, 198 Mulberry 
Andrews Elizabeth, dress maker, 88 Pearl 
Andrews George W. (A. & Thompson) 237 n 

Andrews Grover, foundryman, 100 Patuxent 
Andrews Gotleib, laborer, 49 Clay 
Andrews Frederick, waiter at Fountain hotel 
Andrews Hanson, laborer, 10 Lemmon 
Andrews James, waterman, 132 s Central av 
Andrews James, blacksmith, 560 Lexington 
Andrews Jane, 39 Harmony lane 
Andrews John H. policeman, 191 n Exeter 
Andrews John, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Andrews John, boot maker, 191 n Exeter 
Andrews John B. nightman, 149 s Chester 
Andrews Martin, shoemaker, 106 Lancaster 
Andrews Matthew, mate, 59 Warren 
Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
ANDREWS R. SNOWDEN, architect, 7 and 

8 Carroll hall, dw 48 Mt. Vernon Place 
Andrews Samuel K. policeman, 96 Grundy 
Andrews Stephen, drover, 11 s Carey 
Andrews Gen. T. P. 48 Mt. Vernon place 

ANDREWS & THOMPSON, druggists and 

chemists, 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews Wm. moulder, 478 w Lombard 
Andrews Wm. A. painter, 93 Pine 
Angel Henry, tin and sheet iron worker, 59 

Angel John T. stone cutter, 146 e Madison 
Angel Thomas, blacksmith, 204 Forrest 
Angel Mrs. Rebecca, 27 Buren 
Angell James B. grocery, 313 Canton av 
Angelhardt John, tailor, 241 e Eager 
Angelmier Mathias, grocer, cor. Oregon and 

Angermcyer, John, lithograph. 340 s Charles 
Ankle Earnest, tavern, 47 n Frederick 
Anker Joseph, shoemaker, Harford av, abv. 

Point la 
Annas Frederick, laborer, 286 Aliceanna 
Annis Mary, fancy store, 254 n Caroline 
Annsly Robert, 68 Lee 

Ansehatz Charles, locksmith, 180 s Caroline 
Ansel & Co. druggists, 177 w Pratt 
Ansel M. & Co. exchange office, 186 w Pratt 
Ansutz Henry, upholsterer, 74 s Register 
Anspach Mrs. 31 n Republican 
Anthony Frederick R. (Dodge & Co.) 4 s Gay 
Anthony Henry A. book keeper, 27 Orchard 
Anthony Henry, of planing mill, 40 s Caroline 
Anthony James H. 164 e Lombard 
Anthony John, puddler, 190 s. Ann 
Anthony Marcus, laborer, 85 Cambridge 
Anthony Robert E. book keeper, 186 Lee 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 340 Aisquith 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Anton Henry cooper, 36 Fell 
Anton John, tailor, 58 Ross 
Antz Conrad, 26 Calendar 
Antz Daniel, hostler, 766 w Baltimore 
Anzman Joseph N. shoemaker, 19 Arch 
Appe Jacob, drayman, 17 s Frederick 
Ajipel Casper, boot fitter, 139 Henrietta 
Appel Frederick W. tailor, 29 s. Bond 
Appel George, laborer, 180 s Regester 
Appel Henry, tailor, 24 Jasper 
Appell Wm. tailor, 29 s Bond 
Apple Chris, confectioner, 225 w Fayette 
Apple George, laborer, 31 King 
Apple John, fireman steamboat, 190 s Bethel 
Ajjple John, shoemaker, 348 Light 
Apple M. tailor, 66 Mullikin 
Appleby Ann, 216 n Eden 
Appleby Bignal, baker and confectioner, s w 

cor. Pearl and Lexington 
Appleby George R. printer, 121 e Lombard 
Applegarth Alexander, commission merchant, 

Bowly's whf. dw 201 n Eutaw 
Applegarth & Co. railway, foot of (^Jross 
Applegarth Henry C. shoe fitter, 170 s Howard 
Applegarth Capt. John A. agent Steam Tug 

Co. office 37 w Pratt, dw 42 Aisquith 
Applegarth Capt. Lawson J. (A. & Co.) 305 

e Pratt 
Applegarth Nathaniel, com. merchant, 37 w 

Pratt, cor. Buchanan's whf. dw. 48 Fawn 
Applegarth, Nathaniel, clerk, 201 n Eutaw 
Applegarth Robert T. shoemaker, 347 s Sharp 
Applegarth Robert, cigar maker, 207 Hanover 
Applegarth Thomas, mariner, 338 Eastern av 
APPLEGARTH CAPT. WM. ship and com- 
mission merchant, 37 w Pratt, cor. Buchan- 
an's whf. dw 109 s High 
Appier Arthur M. (Orlando M. A. & Bro.)^ 
608 w Baltimore 




Appier Elizabeth, 1 s Republican 

Appier Orlando M. & Bro. paper hangers, 608 
w Baltimore, dw O. M. A. 23 s Howard 

APPLETON & CO. exchange office, 214 w 

Appleton Wm. S. (A. & Co.) s e cor. Calvert 
and Madison 

Appold , cor. Kutaw and L. Monument 

Appold Andrew, bark mills, s e cor. Caroline 
and McElderry, dw 97 Ensor 

APPOLD GEORGE & SONS, hide and leath- 
er dealers, store 8 and 10 Water, tannery- 
North near Madison 

Appold George J. jr. (Geo. A. Sons) 120 St. 

Appold Henry, glass blower, 5 Bryan's ct 

Appold John, tailor, 100 Patuxent 

Appold Samuel, (Geo. A. & Sons) Calvert n 
of Read 

Appold Theodore R. (Roloson & A.) 174 n 

Appy Robert, laborer, 113 Orlean.s 

Arato Paulo, 23 Eastern av 

ARBEITER HALL, and Working Men's 
Union, 5 s Frederick, John Lorz, president 

Arbeltier Nicholas, consul of France, 100 Sar- 

Archer Mrs. Ann, 47 McCulloh 

Archer Cornelius, laborer, 137 s Chapel 

Archer Mrs. E. 133 Hoffman 

Archer James P. & Co. stock, bill and real es- 
tate brokers, 19)^ South 

Archer James P. (J. P. A. Co.) 133 Hoffman 

Archer Capt. James, U. S. A. 47 McCulloh 

Archer Samuel, (Oettinger & A.) 133 e Lom- 

Archer Thomas G. baggage master B. & O. 
R. R. dw 144 Dover 

Archer Wm. A. brakesman, 144 Dover 

Archer Wm. A. baggage master B. & O. R. 
R. 7 Centre Market space 

Ardin David, ladies' shoemaker, 36 n Charles, 
dw 312 n Eutaw 

Ardin John F. shoemaker, 6 East 

Ardisson Charles, prof. Spanish, Loyola Col- 
lege, 145 Park 

Arens Henry, (Von Kapff& A.) 75 Lexington 

Arens Nathan, umbrella maker, 166 s Spring 

Argenti Tullio, stencil cutter, 107^ w Lom- 
bard, dw 12 East 

Aring Jesse, furniture wagoner, 38 Dolphin 

Aring Philip, gas fitter, 108 n Bethel 

Arlow John F. tinner. Gay near Ashland sq 

Armacost Amos, stone mason, Falls road near 
Northern av 

Armacost Priscilla, grocery 23 Lewis 

Armacost Wm. H. barkeeper, 7 Centre Mar- 
ket space 

Armager Jesse, grocery, 186 Hanover 

Armager Jesse, brickmaker, 231 s Sharp 

Armager John H. carpenter. 111 Orleans 
Armager John L. hatter, 22 McElderry 

Armat Christopher, 143 n High 
-Armann Ferdinand, painter, 24 w Lombard 

Armandt Paul, grocer, s w cor. Mullikin and 

Armbrust John, file maker, 87 n Fornt. 

Armbruster Francis, file cutter, 110 Ross 

Armbuster Charles, laborer, 13 Baker's ct 

Armen John, stevedore, 45 Bank 

Armiger, Benjamin, cooper, 59 Holland 
.Armiger B(^njamin,55 Chew 

Armiger Eli, printer, 101 e Fayette 

Armiger James B. printer, 59 Holland 
Armiger John H. (R. & J. A.) 250 n Caroline 
Armiger J. R. watchmaker, 38 Granby 
Armiger Joseph, pedlcr, 164 n Caroline 
Armiger Joshua, (R. & J. A.) 250 n Caroline 
Armiger Margaret, grocery, 164 n Caroline 
Armiger Richard & Joshua, carpenters, 87 

Armiger Richard, (R. & Joshua A.) 55 Chew 
Armistead Mrs. 31 Hamilton 
Armistead C. Hughes, (A., Riggs & Co.) 103 

w Monument 
ARM ISTEAD, RIGGS & CO. tobacco agents, 

57 Exchange place 
Armitage George T. painter, 112 Preston 
Armitage Dr. James, ne cor. Paca and Fayette 
Armor Frederick, cooper, 49 Bank 
Armor George F. manuf. mattresses, 167 w 

Lombard, dw 79 Lee 
Armor John, 376 w Fayette 
Armor Mrs. Joseph G. 86 n Greene 
Armor Wm. 133 w Madison 
Armstrong Andrew, coach trimmer, 96 East- 
ern av 
Armstrong Asa, shoemaker, 43 Barnes 
Armstrong Benjamin H. huckster, 152 n Bond 
ArmstroDo; Benjamin, blacksmith, 10 Concord 
ARMSTRONG & BERRY, publishers, book- 
sellers, bookbinders, &c. 156 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Charles, machinist, 84 Luzerne, 

ARMSTRONG, CATOR& CO. silk and mil- 
linery goods dealers, 237 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Daniel, clerk, 259 Light 
Armstrong & Denny, cabinet makers, 21, 23 

and 263 Light 
Armstrong Edward, Maltby House 
Armstrong Eliza P.,. 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Elizabeth, 119 Preston 
Armstrong Elizabeth, mattress maker. Eastern 

av near Wolfe 
Armstrong Ethalinda, Cross near Sharp 
Armstrong H. A. clerk, 18 e Fayette 
Armstrong J. Andrew, boat builder and oar 

maker, 58 Block 
ARMSTRONG JAMES & CO. soap and can- 
dle manufacturers, 31 Concord, dw J. A. 30 
Armstrong James, (Charles and Jas. Webb & 

Co.) 30 Stiles 
Armstrong James, carpenter, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong James W. painter, 7 Poultney 
Armstrong James H. tavern, 350 Bond 
Armstrong James, painter, 257 Light 
Armstrong James L. president American Fire 
Insurance Co. of Baltimore, 30 Second, dw 
50 n Greene 
Armstrong John L. blacksmith, 220 Bank 
Armstrong John S. harness mak. 11 n Libei-ty 
Armstrong John, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John A. attorney at law, 29 St. Paul 

dw 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong Mary, 53 McCulloh 
Armstrong Mary Jane, millinery goods dealer, 

52 n. Greene 
Armstrong Rob. G. (A. & Berry,) 14 n Eutaw 
Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 230 e Madison 
Armstrong Solomon, watchman, 87 n Caroline 
Armstrong R. Dorsey, clerk, 14 n Eutaw 
ARMSTRONG THOMAS, saddle and har- 
ness maker, 11 n Liberty 
Armstrong Thomas, (A., Cator & Co.) 73 n 




Armstrong Thomas, laborer, 21 Granby 
Armstrong Thomas, boiler maker, 17 Armis- 

tead la 
Armstrong Thomas, (James A. & Co.) Foun- 
tain Hotel 
Armstrong Thomas, (Chas. & Jas. Webb & 

Co.) Fountain Hotel 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny) 261 Light 
Armsworthy Benjamin, policeman, 65 Bank 
Ardt Charles E. nailsmith, 160 Henrietta 
Arnd Francis, vinegar depot, cor. Windsor and 

Boston, Canton 
Arndhold Frederick, box maker, Raborg btw 
Pine and Fremont 

Arndt , cigar maker, 55 Centre Market 

Arndt Carlos, nail maker, 185 s Sharp 
Arndt Jacob, basket maker, 1 Biddlc al 
Arnett James, saddler, n w cor. Camden and 

Arnett Wm. H. salesman, 5 McEIderry 
Arnold Adam, laborer, 14 L. Gough 
Arnold Benjamin, carpenter, cor. Greenmount 

av and Belvidere road 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Conrad, milkman, 210 Washington, 

Federal Hill 
Arnold Davis, carter, 86 s Poppleton 
ARNOLD FRANCIS, surgical instrument 

maker, 15 s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
ARNOLD GEORGE W. baker, 118 w Fayette 
Arnold George, carter, 179 Conway 
Arnold George, laborer, 77 s High 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Arnold H. W. (M. W. Donavin & Co.) s e 

cor. Eutaw and Lee 
Arnold Isaac, cologne manuf. 36 Holland 
Arnold Jacob, brickmaker, over 113 s Popple- 
Arnold James, surgical instrument maker, 113 

n. Eden 
Arnold James, bricklayer, 25 McHenry 
Arnold John, regulator B. & O. R. R. 86 s 

Arnold John, shoemaker, 12 Dewberry al 
Arnold John, salesman, 178 n. Exeter 
Arnold Michael, tanner, 186 Forrest 
Arnold Ricliard, box maker, 96 Raborg 
Arnold Wm. shoemaker, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Wm. Y. surgical inst. maker, 343 w 

Arnold Wm. of Mt. Clare depot, 29 McHenry 
Arnold Wm. lottery vender, 203 e Madison 
Arnrcick Jno. shoemaker, 76 Pennsylvania av 
Arnst Theodore, brass finisher, 20 Conway 
Arosemena Kdward, clerk, 526 Lexington 
Aro Lewis, huckster, n w cor. Eutaw and 

Arold George, gardener, 512 Pennsylvania av 
Arold John, sec. hand dealer, 660 w Baltimore 
Arold John, shoemaker, 16 Dewberry al 
Arrighi Zeflero, tailor, 70 n Exeter 
Arrow John, grocery. Homestead, Bait, co 
Arrow Joseph, gardener, Homestead, Bait, co 
Arrow Sanun-l laborer, tobacco wareho. No. 3 
Arscott Jo8iph, rigger, 2 Guilford al 
Arscott Richard, mate, 143 e Lomlmrd 
Arsenia Sister, St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, 

291 w Pratt 
Aathur Anthony, tobacconist, 137 L. Greene 
Arthur Anthony, jiostler, No. 2 city fire de- 
partment, 128 s Howard 

Arthur Charles, bill poster, 30 Neighbour 
Arthur David, huckster, 171 e Madison 
Arthur Henry, baker, 53 n Eutaw, and 32 

Arthur Hugh, millwright, 371 Saratoga 
Arthur James, saddler, 369 Saratoga 
Arthur John, laborer, 700 w Pratt 
Arthur John, laborer, 79 Booth 
Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 59 Happy al 
Arthur Robert, dentist 79 n Charles, dw 605 

w Fayette 
Arthur Robert, drayman, 105 n Spring 
Arthur Thomas, coach maker, 77 e Monument 
Arthur Wm. W. hatter, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Wm. C. coppersmith, Lexington, 2d 

door e of Mount 
Arvey Robert W. laborer, 135 Hudson 
Arvey Napoleon, laborer, 325 Eastern av 
Asbeck Louis, of Germ So'y, 165 w Lombard 
Asbrecker, George, shoemaker, 221 Light 
Ash Ann, cor Hughes and Light 
Ash Mrs. Elizabeth, 15 Temple 
Ash George F. (A. & Russel,) 44 Jackson 
Ash Israel, liq. store, 170 Light, dw 130 Loe 
Ash Jacob, 186 Hughes 

Ash John, matliematical inst. maker, 68 Chew 
Ash John M. clerk, 63 Chew 
Ash Louis, {M. Gutman & Co.) 92 s Sharp 
Ash Martha, 65 Chew 
Ash & Russell, druggists and chemists, n w 

cor. Orleans and Caroline 
Ash Thomas P. painter, over 10 South, dw 10 

s Gay 
Ashburger Wm. blacksmith, 377 Lexington 
Ashburn Charles, book keeper, 17 Aisquith 
Ashby C. blacksmith, 143 Franklin 
Ashby John, clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Ashby John, brakesman, 9 s Shroeder 
Ashcom Alexander, pilot 141 Bank 
Ashcom John L. pilot, 143 Bank 
Ashcom Pamelia, 141 Bank 
Ashcroft Edward J. clerk, 43 Grundy 
Ashcroft Rob't, (Abrahams & A.) 266 e Lom- 
Ashcroft AVells, ship joiner. 111 s Ann 
Asher Martha, 30 Chesnut 
Ashford Henry, brass moulder, 2 Somerset 
Ashland Manufacturing Co. 20 German 
Ashley Charles C. (Wm. H. & Chas. C. A.) 

162 German 
Ashley Wm. H. (Wm. H. & Chas. C. A.) 

162 German 
Ashley Wm. H. & Chas. C. carpenters, Do- 
ver near Fremont 
Ashley Wm M. currier, 201 e Madison 
Ashman, Alfred, stone cutter, Camden near 

Eutaw, dw 179 w Pratt 
Ashman Alfred, (A. & Maples,) 279 w Pratt 
Ashman George, clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Ashman Hirst, clerk, 318 w Lombard 
Ashman Mary A. 25 Orleans 
Ashman & Maples, stone cutters, 368 w Bait 
Ashton Charles A. clerk, 135 e Pratt 
Ashton John, book keeper, 90 Centre 
Ashton John, hatter, 10 Fish Market space 
Ashton John M. machinist, 135 e Pratt 
Ashton Joseph, engineer, 49 Fawn 
Ashton Marrow, grocer, 92 Franklin, dw 90 
Ashton Mrs. S. dress maker, 90 Centre 
Ashton Thomas, iron moulder, 135 e Pratt 
Ashton Wm. hatter, 183 n Dallas 
Ashton Wm R. book keeper, 119 s Paca 
Ashway George, laborer, 17 Slemmer's al 




Askew Charles L. carpenter, 27 McClellan, 

d\v 485 Saratoga 
Askew Jehu B. inspector of weights and meas- 
ures, 51 s Ann 
Askew John, fireman, P. W. & B. R. R. 316 

Canton avenue 
Askew Thos B. engineer, 330 n Eutaw 
Askew Wm. H. machinist, 133 Dolphin 
Askey James, cabinet maker, 30 s High 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Askey Wm. cooper, Smith's whf. dw 56 Stiles 
Askins Catherine, 24 s Bond 
Askins Nancy, 24 s Bond 
Askins Wm. mariner, 24 s Bond 
Asmus Daniel, blind maker, 198 s Sharp 
Asmus Ernst, surgeon, 9 n Gay 
Asplin John, mariner, 90 Warner 

CO. 4 South, John R. Moore, president 
Associated Reform Church, Fayette between 

Liberty and Charles 
Assum Frederick, collector, 57 n Gay 
Athasia Sister, Convent of Notre Dame, s e 

cor. Eager and Aisquith 
Atkin, Henry, laborer, 39 Slemmer's al 
Atkinson Dr. Archibald, 509 w Fayette 
Atkinson Broadnax, salesman, Howard House 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, 211 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Elizabeth, 73 s Charles 
Atkinson Frank F. merchandise broker, 7 

Commerce, dw Strieker near Saratoga 
Atkinson George, butcher, n e cor. Wilson and 

Pennsylvania av 
Atkinson, Henry, iron moulder, 323 Mulberry 
Atkinson Israel, confectioner, 220 Hollins 
Atkinson John H. cloth, cutter, 120 e Madison 
Atkinson, John W. carpenter, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph T. (Bryan & A.) 95 St Paul 
Atkinson Joshua, clerk, 273 e Pratt 
ATKINSON JOSHUA, collector, 273 e Pratt 
Atkinson Joshua I. treasurer B. & O. R. R. 

Co. Camden Station, dw 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson Maria, milliner, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Matt. W. (West & A.) 20 c Monu- 
Atkinson Robert, cabinetmaker, 113 Saratoga 
Atkinson Samuel E. deputy warden city jail, 

dw Baltimore, near Paie 
Atkinson Samuel Clark, prof. Newton Univer- 
sity, dw head of n Strieker. 
Atkinson Thomas F. carpenter, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Thomas, bricklayer, 5 Mount 
Atkinson Thomas W. (Hopkins, Hull & A.) 

155 Park 
Atkinson Wm. C. grocer, 186 s Broadway, dw 

273 e Pratt 
Atkinson Wm. weaver, 66 Preston 
Atkinson Wm. H. shoemaker, 127 Fremont 
Atkinson Wm F. stone cutter, 70 n Exeter 
Atkinson Wm T. grocer, 8 Aisquith 
Atkinson Wm. F. granite cutter, 76 n Eden 
Atkinson Wm. shoemaker, 159 Raborg 
Atler Francis tailor, 75 e Lombard 
Atler Francis, (bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atler George W. coachsmith, 10 s Fremont 
Atler Mary R. 130 Lee 

Atwell Capt. Benjamin, mariner, 278 e Fay- 
Atwell Daniel, (Pate, Harrison & A.) 219 

Atwell James R. blacksmith, 278 e Fayette 
Atwell Joseph W. blacksmith, 245 Gough 
Atwell Richard, ship carp. 106 s Bond 

Atwell Richard H. & Co. imp. and manuf. 
mts. 68 South, dw R. H. A. 23 Courtland 
Atwolf Joseph, boat builder, 296 s Ann 
Atwood Benjamin, broom maimf. 62 s Calvert 

dw s e cor. Kden and Orleans 
Aubel Frederick, piano maker, 15 n Poppleton 
Aubel Frederick, cabinet mak, 15 n Poppleton 
Aubel John, cabinet maker, 15 n Poppleton 
AUBREY & CO. commission merchants and 
dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, 61 
Exchange place 
Aubrey W. P. (A. & Co.) 52 w Madison 
Audibert John H. bricklayer, 17 Mosher 
Audibert John H. bricklayer, 105 Preston 
AUDOUN JOSEPH H, magistrate 1st ward, 
office Bank btw Bond and Broadway, dw 
107 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, (Binyon & A.) 130 Bank 
Audoun Lewis, imp. hardware, 187 s Broad- 
way, dw 267 e Baltimore 
AUER FREDERICK, tavern, 132 Saratoga 
Auerbach August, laborer, 92 s Wolfe 
Auerbach Christian, laborer, 169 Henrietta 
Augee Henry, tin and sheet iron worker, 279 

s Charles 
Augusta Ins. and Banking Co., Exchange 

place, W. L. Montague, jr. sec'y 
Auhl Charles, cabinet maker, Saratoga betw 

Park and Howard 
Aukerhauson Henry J. sugar refiner. Home- 
stead, Bait. Co 
Aul Henry, ship carp. Hunter al near Johns 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 253 e Eager 
Auld & Bowcn, ship smiths, foot of Warren, 

s side basin 
Auld Hadaway, Paca between Fremont and 

Auld Hugh, magistrate 2d ward, 247 s Bond, 

dw 202 Eastern av 
Auld Joseph H. (A. & Bowen) 42 Warren 
Auld John, wood corder, 338 s Sharp 
Auld Mary, 59 s High 
Auld Richard, mariner, 112 s Ann 
Auldt Mrs. Mary, 347 n Gay 
Ault Mary Jane, 287 Aisquith 
Ault Samuel & Son, dealers in shoe findings 
and garden seeds, 28 s Calvert, dw cor. Ais- 
quith and Chew 
Austen Dr. Philip H. dean Bait. Col. Dental 

Surg, office 79 n Charles, dw 76 s Sharp 
Austin Adam, distiller, 108 s High 
Anstin Alexander R. book keeper People's 

Bank, dw 63 n Poppleton 
Austin Ann, 347 w Lombard 
Austin Charles M. huckster, 13 Rock 
Austin Geo. C. carpenter, 347 w Lombard 
Austin T. J. 202 n Broadway 
Austin Thomas S. deputy measurer Custom 

house, dw 202 n Broadway 
Austin Wm. (Cullimore & A.) 243 s Wolfe 
Austrian Betsy, cap maker, 2.35 s Bond 
Avelin Henry, mate, 10 VV indsor, (."anton 
Averett Martha J. a e cor. Fayette and Cal- 
Averett Thomas H. clerk, 580 w Fayette 
Averill Elisha, agent for Coal Oil Co. 164 s 

Awbrey, .Andrew J. cigar maker, 269 n Eden 
Awbrey Prestley, tobacconist, 269 n Eden 
Awbrey Thomas P. painter, 316 e Monument 
Awings Thomas, laborer, s Front near Balti- 
Ayd-John, carpenter, 246 e Eager 




Ayd Joseph, carpenter, 257 Aisquith 

Aydon Thomas, telegraph overseer, 164 Har- 
ford av 

Ayers & Brashears, millinery dealers, 32 Han- 

Ayers Charles C. grocer, 154 w Pratt, dw 78 
s Paca 

Ayers Geo. W. carp. 67 s Washington, F. P. 

Ayers Eugenia, (A. & Brashears,) 78 s Paca 

Ayers James, laborer, 8 n Amity 

Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 

Ayres Jacob, laborer, 27 Low 

Ayres Jacob, 158 w Lombard 

Ayres Jas. H. master rigger, s e cor. Lancas- 
ter and Wolfe, dw 79 Ann 

Ayres Littleton, 156 Hearl 

Ax Christian, (Gail & Ax,) 28 Barre 

Axie John, officer at House of Refuge, dw 148 


Baakee Dr. 74 Lexington 

BABB JOHN D. baker, 68 s Charles 

Babb John D. jr. 68 s Charles 

Babb John, shoemaker, 185 s Bethel 

Baccigalluppo Vincenzo, confectionery, 60 n 

Bach Adam, feed store, 322 Aisquith 
Bach Henry J. cabinet maker, 44Chatsworth 
Bach Henry, merchant tailor, 9 s Gay 
Bach Henry, glass blower, 40 Lancaster 
Bach John, carpenter, 242 s Dallas 
Bach John C. carpenter, 124 s Howard 
Bach Philip, salesman, 76 Centre Market space 
Bach Wm. tailor, 259 e Eager 
Bacharach Abraham, dry goods dealer, 77 

Bacharach Aaron, second hand fur. dealer, 

195 Canton av 
Bachler Adam, laborer, 4 Hosselburger ct 
Bachler Jacob F. confectioner, 23 Penna. av 
Bachelor Philip, 308 Johnson 
Bachman Henry, cabinet maker, 335 s Sharp 
Bachman J. C. Henry, (Bock & B.) Spring- 
field Farm, Harford road 
Bachman John, piano mak. West near Eutaw 
Bachmann Jacob, gardener, 179 Lemmon al 
Bachmann Frederick, grocery, 246 s Eutaw 
Bachman Lewis, baker, 18 s Ann 
Bachmann, Melchoir, 52 e Lombard 
Bachner John, tailor, 31 s Caroline 
Backel John, shoemaker, 142 Mullikin 
Backer Augustus, shoemaker, 35 China al 
Backer Henry, tailor, 152 n Caroline 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 128 Gough 
Backman James E. pattern maker, 13 Mc- 

Backman Joseph, laborer, 276 s Ann 
Backrack Henrietta, 236 Canton av 
Backwith John, ship carpenter, 202 s Ann 
Backus Rev. John C. 126 w Madison 
BACMEI8TER WM. L. imp. and manuf. of 

cigars, 52 s Gay, dw 108 Pearl 
Bacon, Mrs. Jane, 87 HoUins 
Bacon James E. daguerreotypist, 472 w Balti- 
more, dw 87 Hollfns 
Baden Henry, 61 s Paca 
Bgider Charles, barber, 99 V^ Lexington 
Bader Civiakus, tobacconist, 176 e Madison 
Bader Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader Jacob, var)iisher, 21 Jasper 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 212 Cross 
Badger James, carpenter, 243 w Hoffman 

Badger Robert, sewing machine operator, 38 

Badger Thomas P. sewing machine operator, 

38 Hanover 
Baehr Louisa, 544 w Baltimore 
Bael Mary, cook, 64 Barre 
Baepler Henry, baker, 120 Columbia 
Baer Arthur T. clerk, 204 n Howard 
Baer Charles W. clerk, 48 McCulloh 
Baer Elizabeth, teacher, 48 McCulloh 
Baer Dr. Edward R. Marine Hospital 
Baer George H. clerk, 48 McCulloh 
Baer John H. money department Adams' Ex- 
press Co. 48 McCulloh 
Baer John Henry, blacksmith, 521 Light 
Baer Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Baer John, cooper, 26 Lcadenhall 
Baer John, grocery, 98 s Spring 
Baer Matilda S. 204 n Howard 
Baer Wm. H. clerk in Crim. Ct. 209 n Howard 
Baerke Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Haertsch Gregor, saddler, 93 Lexington 
Baetjer Henry, pro. horses and drays, 93 s 

Bagen Philip, porter, 243 n Bond 
Eager George, drayman, Washington road 
Bagenolock Henry, tailor, 107 n Bethel 
Bagenolock Mary, grocery, 107 n Bethel 
Bfigge Thomas, baggage express agent, 220 s 

Baggott Mrs. dress maker, 184 n Eutaw 
Bagwell Thomas, fisherman, 10 Fish Market 

Bahm Eva, tailoress, 271 Eastern av 
Bahne Conrad, laborer, 414 s Charles 
Baier John, shoemaker, 173 Ilaborg 
Baier Lewis, machinist, 74 s Eutaw 
Baierlipp John, tailor, 247 e Fayette 
Baikinsch Lorentz, teilor, 8 Tessier 
Bailey Caroline, 118 Stirling 
Bailey, Craft & Co. hat manf. 77 n Front and 

Bradenbaugh al 
Bailey Edward, painter, 144 Preston 
Bailey Edwin, (McShane & B.) 187 Forrest 
Bailey Elijah, 127 s Sharp 
Bailey Elizabeth, 106 w Monument 
Bailey Francis Y. chair maker, 66 Ensor 
Bailey George, policeman, 104 Preston 
Bailey Geo. H. R. policeman. Hand tavern, 42 

n Paca 
Bailey George, wood corder, 134 Bank 
Bailey Harry, tailor, 16 French 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey Jeremiah S. clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Bailey James, shoemaker, 208 w Pratt 
Bailey John, ship carpenter, 202 s Ann 
Bailey John T. coachsmith, 118 Stirling 
Bailey, John M. carpenter, s e cor George and 

Bailey John F. mariner, 5 Hope al 
Bailey John M. carpenter, 47 Dolphin 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w Lom- 
Bailey Margaret, 162 Gough 
Bailey Otho, policeman, 67 s Oregon 
Bailey Robert, clerk, 91 e Fayette 
Bailey Samuel H. coach painter, 118 Stirling 
BAILEY WiVL boot and shoe store, 225 w 

Pratt, dw 124 Conway 
Bailey Wm. (B., Craft & Co.) 367 Cathedral 
Bailie Mary B. grocery, 226 Eastern av 
Bailleul George, printer, 21 s. Sharp 
Bailone Paschal, carpenter, 57 German 




Baily Geo. (B. & Worthington,) 7 Spear's whf 
Baily James, manuf. alcohol, 267 Cross, dw 

42 s Greene 
Baily Samuel, brass finisher, 13 May 
Baily & Worthington, millers, 7 Spear's whf 
Bain Francis, mate, 249 Gough 
Bain Geo. W. carpenter, 672 w Baltimore 
Bain John, cooper, 83 Amity 
Bain Mary, 2 Hannony la 
Bain Wm. nurseryman, 248 Mulberry 
Baier John, baker at Maltby house 
Bair John, shoemaker, 156 s Eden 
Bair Wm. A. cigar maker, 134 n Charles 
Baird Samuel M. carpenter, 193 Chesnut 
Baitz Henry W. cabinetmaker, 235 e Lombard 
Baitzel Jacob, carpenter, 413 w Lombard 
Baitzell Samuel G. clerk, 413 w Lombard 
Baivers George, laborer, 14 e Monument 
Baker Arthur, ship carpenter, 143 Hamburg 
Baker Alfred, 77 n Liberty 
Baker Asbury, bookkeeper, 21 n Calvert 
Baker August, shoemaker, 90 Orchard 
Baker Augustus, tailor, 232 Earre 
BAKER BROTHERS & CO. manufacturer's 
agents for Baltimore and New Jersey glass 
works, chemicals, oils, &c., 32 and 34 s 
Charles. — [See p. 28 Mvertisements.] 
Baker Capt. Caleb H. manner, 191 L Consti- 
Baker Cornelius, ship carpenter, 175 Bank 
Baker Charles J. (B. Bros. & Co.) 66 n Paca 
Baker Charles, tavern keeper, 57 Hanover 
Baker Christian, baker, Jackson's ct 
Bakf'r Christian, tin and sheet iron worker, 

210 Canton av 
Baker Mrs. Dr. Edward, n w cor Charles and 

Baker Edward, shoemaker, 515 w Baltimore 
Baker Eleanora, 409 Saratoga 
Baker Frederick, harness maker, 45 n Paca 
Baker Frederick, milkman, 176 Conway 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 168 Durham 
Baker Frederick, sr. cedar cooper, 5 Webb 
Baker Frederick, jr. cooper, 248 n Eden 
Baker George, blacksmith, 3 Baker's ct. 
Baker George, varnisher, 329 Mulberry 
Baker Geo. A. principeil Irving Institute, 34 n 

Baker George, milkman, 529 n Gay 
Baker Gotlicb, grocery, 281 Cross 
Baker Greenbury, machinist, 529 n Gay 
Baker G. Alex, bookkeeper, 194 Saratoga 
Baker Gideon, nightman, 190 s Wolfe 
Baker Hammond, ship carpenter, 137 s Eden 
Baker Hendry, foundryman, 5 Cannon 
Baker Capt. Henry, mariner, 7 n Bond 
Baker Henry, confectionery, 235 Cross 
Baker Henry, farmer, 35 n Calhoun 
Baker Henry, yeast maker, 90 Chew 
Baker H. shoemaker, 419 Light 
Baker Henry, paver, 285 n Central av 
Baker Henry, cabinet maker, 161 e Fayette 
Baker Henry, tailor, 45 Albemarle 
Baker Henry, baker, 411 n Gay 
Baker, Holmes & Brown, brass &bell founders 

and edge tool manufacturers, 13 e Pratt 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 540 Penna. av 
Baker Jacob, bricklayer, 181 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 221 Henrietta 
Baker James, carter, 275 e Madison 
Baker James, cooper, 169 Hamburg 
Baker James M. bricklayer, 289 e Baltimore 
Baker James, machinist, 81 n Amity 

Baker Jane, 501 w Pratt 

Baker Jane, tailoress, 18 Scott 

Baker John, ship carpenter, 178 Canton av 

Baker John J. colporter, 32 Jackson 

Baker John H. tailor, 116 n Bethel 

Baker John, nailsmith, 76 Somerset 

Baker John T. shoemaker, 263 n Dallas 

Haker John, laborer, 10 Abbot 

Baker John H. huckster, 75 s Fremont 

Baker John J. feed dealer, 216 German, dw 9 

Baker John L. officer in custom house, 193 

Baker John W. (J. W. Bruff & Co.) 354>^ w 

Baker John W. grocer, 138 n Gay, dw 100 n 

Baker John C. blacksmith, 67 n Poppleton 
Baker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 
Baker John, rag picker, 73 Goodman al 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 135 Thames 
Baker John, carpenter, 200 Kastcrn av 

Baker huckster, 256 s Broadway 

Baker John F. shoemaker, 231 n Caroline 

Baker John, cooper, 6 Harmony la 

Baker Joseph, 194 Saratoga 

Baker Mrs. Kate, 171 Lee 

Baker Louise, 161 e Fayette 

Baker Lewis, blacksmith, 562 w Lombard 

Baker Michael, shoemaker, 269 n Central av 

Baker & McCracken, paper dealers, 120 w 

Raker Maria, 95 n Charles 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. 9 Hollins 
Baker Mary Y. 221 n Bond 
Baker Nelson R. elk, B. & O. R. R. 9 HolHns 
BAKER .NICHOLAS, pro. Green Tree hotel, 

s w cor President and Eastern av 
Baker Nelson, (B. & McCracken,) 291 Light 
Baker Philip, box maker, 12 New Church 
Baker Mrs. Philipina S. 251 Hanover 
BAKER RICHARD J. manufacturer of dve 

wood and dealer in dye stufis and chemicals, 

36 s Charles, dw Windsor mill road. — [See 

p 32 ^Advertisements.] 
Baker Robert B. cabinet maker, 34 n Fremont 
Baker Robt. B. jr. cabinet mak. 34 n Fremont 
Baker Sarah L. 194 Constitution 
Baker Samuel, laborer, 19 Jordan al. 
Baker Samuel, butter dealer, 42 Pearl 
Baker Severin, tailor, 40 s Exeter 
Baker Sophia, 50 s Ann 
Baker Thomas, baker, 129 Hill 
Baker Tobias, cooper, 336 Sharp 
Baker Theodore, cabinet maker, Bel Air av 
Baker Wm. boatman, 132 Gough 
Baker Wm. grocery, 100 n Front 
Baker Judge William, office 36 s Charles, dw 

Windsor mill road 
Baker Wm. laborer, tobacco warehouse No. 3 
Baker Wm. laborer, 57 Montgomery 
leaker Wm. tailor, 66 Chew 
Baker Wm. grocery, 129 York 
Raker Wm. C. clerk, 72 Lee 
Baker Wm. A. ship carpenter, 34 Williamson 
Baker Wm. (B., Holmes & Brown,) 6 Gough 
Baker Wm. O. carpenter, 173 Raborg 
Baker Wm. H. K. 13 Pearl 
Baker Wm. A. clerk, 66 Chew 
Bales Mrs. Reliecca, 78 Buren 
BALBIRNIE THOMAS, architect, ISBamet, 

dw Mount Jackson, Bait, co 
Balch Nicholas, laborer, 41 Slemmer's al 




Bald Fredk. W. lock & gun smith, 91 Penn av 
Bald Wm. carter, 1 James al 
Balden Frederick, clerk, 132 n Gay 
Balderston Asa H. (B. & Son,) 21 Lexington 
Balderston Hugh & Son, wire workers, 12 s 

Calvert, dw H. B. 150 w Lombard. — [Seep. 

4 .Advertisements.] 
Balderston Isaiah, (B. & Son,) 21 Lexington 
Balderston Jacob, (Hugh B. & Son,) 150 w 

Balderston John C. boot and shoe commission 

merchant, over 14 Hanover, dw 103 s Sharp 
Balderston Marcellus, 106 Eastern av. 
Balderston & Son, dentists, 21 Lexington 
Balderston Wilson, wire worker, over 4 Light 

St. wharf, dw 103 s Sharp 
Baldner Caroline, 32 Pleasant 
Baldner Mary Jane, 182 Vine 
Baldus John, laborer, 153 Stirling 
Baldwin C. (Woodward, B. & Co.) 236 n 

Baldwin David, assistant treas. Savings Bank 

of Raltimore, 4 s Broadway 
Baldwin E. F. draughtsman, 79 w Biddle 
Baldwin Ephraim, 79 Garden 
BALDWIN Dr. EDWIN C. 137 n Exeter, 

dw Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Baldwin Frederick, drayman, 178 e Fayette 
Baldwin George R. tobacconist, 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin John, moulder, 52 Leadenhall 
Baldwin John F. tobacconist, 98 n Gay 
Baldwin John, engineer, 158 McHenry 
Baldwin John H. carpenti:r, 199 Gough 
Baldwin Mary, 34 s Bond 
Baldwin Mary E. 79 w Biddle 
BALDWIN, MYER&Co. oyster packers & 

preservers of fruits and herm. sealed meats, 

oysters, &c. West Falls av 
Baldwin Robert, board, house, 180 Columbia 
Baldwin Robt. T.(B., Myer&Co.) 274 Madi- 
son av 
Baldwin Summerfield, (Norris & B.) 236 n 

Baldwin Walter T. (Hook& B.) 202 Franklin 
Baldwin Wm. H. machinist, 138 n Eutaw 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, B. &, Co.) 

236 n Eutaw 
Balke Frederick, carpenter, 3 s Fredirick 
Ball Alexander, paint, oil and glass di'aler, 183 

s Broadway 
Ball Binjamin, ship carpenter, 197 Preston 
Ball Charles, laborer, 104 Eastern av 
Ball David, deal. queensware,&c. 160 Franklin 
Ball George, carpenter, 185 Preston 
Ball George, tavern, 44 Thames 
Ball Henry S. bricklayer, 127 Mulberry 
Ball James M. 84 n Greene 
Ball John H. bricklayer, 38 Pine 
Ball John L. shoemaker, 314 n Gay 
Ball John, engineer, 76 s Ann 
Ball John D. carpenter, 28 Richmond 
Ball John, engineer, 207 Happy al i 
Ball John W. 651 w Lombard 
Ball Philip A. (Warwick, Frick & B.) 1.32 

w Hoffman 
Ball Rev. Dr. R. H. 160 Saratoga 
Ball Robert, mariner, 67 s Wolfe 
Ball Sam.T. shoemak. 191 nGay, dw 1 n High 
Ball Sarah, dress maker, 1 n High 
Ball Walter, painter, 6 St. Paul dw 84 n 

Ball Walter, jr. paint & oil store, 173 w Pratt, 

dw W. B. jr. 89 Pearl 

Ball Thos. Walker, clerk, 337 w Lombard 

Ball Walter, treas. Bait. Steam Packet Co., 
office, Union dock, dw Bait. Co. 

Ball Wm. D. bailiff criminal court, dw 127 

Ball Wm. bricklayer, 16 Falls 

Balla John R. cabmet maker, 36 e Baltimore 

Ballantine Alex. B. ship carp. 102 s Ann 

Ballard Cyrus J. wood dealer, 231 e Pratt 

Ballard Edward J. 158 German 

Ballard Emily, 366 n Gay 

Ballard James, tailor, 97 n Eden 

Ballard Levin E. commercial reporter Bait. 
American, dw 563 Lexington 

Ballard Wm. carpenter, 366 n Gay 

Ballard George E. clerk, 23 s Howard 

Ballard Janus, blacksmith, 1 w Chase 

Ballard Lavinia, 366 n Gay 

Ballenger Henry, 65 s Howard 

Ballenger Joseph, dry goods 162 s Broadway 

Ballin Herman, clerk, 39 e Lombard 

Ballirder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 

Ballman Henry, grocery, 755 Light 

Balman Christian, planing mill, Eastern av 
near Central av 

Balmann Clement, grocer, 5 Montgomery 

Balmer Jas. ajiothe'y) n e cor Bait, and High 

Balloch James, 345 w Lombard 

Ballouf Augustus, morocco deal. 69 Harrison 

Ballouf Charles, morocco dresser, 69 Harrison 

Balster John, emigrant agi/nt, 28 Fell 

Balster John, ship joiner, 28 Fell 

Baltes Elizabeth, 253 e Eager 

w Baltimore 

Baltimore Athenaeum, cor St. Paul and Sar- 
atoga sts. occupied by Baltimore Library 
Co., Mercantile Library Association and 
Maryland Historical Society 

TATION, cor Park and Centre 

Baltimore Association for Improving the Con- 
dition of the Poor, 24 w Fayette 


Patterson building, n e cor Bait, and Gay 

BALTIMORE CLIPPER, 134 w Baltimore 

Baltimore Copper Smelting Co. Clinton street, 
Canton, D. Keener, agent 

of Gay and Lombard 

stone Point, office 56 s Gay sreet. Haslett 
Me, Kim, president 

Baltimore Cemetery Co's office, over s w cor 
Baltimore and South 

(Methodist Episcopal) over 12 Light 

Baltimore City and County Almshouse, Cal- 
verton road 

BALTIMORE COAL CO. office s e cor Com- 
merce and Exchange Place. Thomas Wil- 
son, president 

SURGERY, corner Lombard and Hanover, 
entrance Lombard. — [Seep.29 Advertisements] 

Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Fayettf. 
and Liberty 

Bait. Equitable Society, for insuring houses 
from loss by fire, office 19 South, Francis A. 
Crook, treasurer 




Baltimore Female College, 53 St. Paul. — [See 

X. 42 ^fldvei'tisements.] 
cor South and Water, J. I. Cohen, jr. pres. 

and Lombard. — [See p. 31 Mvertisenients.] 

South, John I. Donaldson, president. — [See 
p. 19 Mvertisements.] 

Baltimore Glass Works, s end of G. Hughes. 
Baker, Bros. & Co. proprietors 

Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 
gomery, Thos. N. Neilson, prop. 

Baltimore Museum, n w corner Baltimore and 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker near Lex- 

office Camden Station 

CIAL ADVERTISER, 112 w Baltimore 

Baltimore Price Current, office Merchant's 
Exchange Reading Rooms, Porter & Tobin, 

MINGTON R. R. depot, cor President and 
Canton av 

BOAT CO., office 3 Light street wharf J. 
Alexander Shriver, agent. — [Seep. 35 Jldver- 
tisetiieiits , 1 


ment 1 e Baltimore, next to bridge, E. R. 
Craven, proprietor 

s end Concord, Fenby's whf. M. N. Falls 

SHIP CO. Fenby's wharf. Wm. Mentzel, 
Baltimore Stock Board, 45 w Fayette, County 

building. Samuel Harris, jr., president 
Baltimore & Susquehanna Steam Co. office. 
West Falls av. Joseph Jas. Taylor, agent 
Baltimore Weekly Dispatch, M. H. Radcliffe 

& Co. proprietors, 84 w Baltimore 
paper, 3 n Frederick, Wm. Schnauffer, pro. 
Baltimore Working Men's Union, 5 s Fred'k 
Baltz Anth'y, newspaper carrier, 233 s Dallas 
Baltz Henry, hack driver, 233 s Dallas 
Baltz Mrs. Henry, victualler. Point lane, near 

Greenmount Cemetery 
Baltzell Alexander, clerk, 343 w Baltimore 
Baltzell Charles, 26 L. McElderry 
Baltzell Mrs. Columbus, 13 George 
Baltzell Emanuel, 90 Hanover 
Baltzell George, shoemaker, 306 Canton av 
Baltzell John J . lumber inspector. East Falls 

av. s of Eastern av. dw 343 w Baltimore 
Baltzer Henry, tailor, 62 Aliceanna 
BALTZELL Dr. WM. H. 90 Hanover 
Baltzell John, milkman, homestead. Bait. Co. 
Balzer Nicholas, porter, 41 Slemmer's al 
Bam Louis, laborer, rear of 84 Centre market, 

Bambeck Peter, shoemaker, 195 e Lombard 
Bamberger Abraham, butcher, 83 Mullikin 
Bamberger Ansel, (B. Bros.) 147 Lexington 
Bamberger Brothers, dry goods dealers, 147 

Bamberger David, dry goods, 43 n Howard 

Bamberger Elkan, millinery, embroidery and 

dress trimmings, 45 n Howard, dw 71 
Bamberger John, 233 Harford av 
Bamberger J. (B. Bros.) 27 n Eutaw 
Bamberger Moses, (B. Bros.) 27 n Eutaw 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Henry (B. Bros.) 147 Lexington 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 12 n High 
Bancord John, harness maker, 244 e Biddle 
Bandel Justina B. 96 s Exeter 
Bandel Leonard J. block and pump maker, 97 

McElderry 's wharf, dw 96 s Exeter 
Bandell Andrew J. clerk. Fire Inspector's 

office, dw 171 n Exeter 
Bandell Ann Maria, 204 Madison 
Bandell Charles S. 225 e Lombard 
Bandell Edward, carpenter, 204 e Madison 
Bandell Geo. machinist, 93 n Eden 
Bandell Geo. W. dyer & scourer, 187 e Bait. 
Bandell Geo. W. carver, 21 n Caroline 
Bandell Geo. W. carver, 204 e Madison 
Bandell George S. salesman, 92 n Eden 
Bandell Hy. M. shoemaker, 204 e Madison 
Bandell James L. shoemaker, 204 e Madison 
Bandell John W. clerk, 365 e Pratt 
Bandell John M. (Humrichouse & B.) 365 e 

Bandell Michael H. 160 Bond 
Bandell Philip, 119 s Exeter 
Bandell Samuel L. land agent, 542 Lexington 
Bandell Wm. bacon dealer, 70 n Bond 
Bando F. barber, 267 n Bond 
Bangert Joseph, baker, 8 Fell 
Bangert Philip, camphine wagon, 93 Mc- 
Bang Francis G. policeman, 152 L. Greene 
Bang John H. moulder, 154 L. Greene 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 11 Penn 
Bangs Edward (Carey, Howe & Co.) n wcor 

Monument and Park 
Bangs Henry, tailor, 165 n Central av 
Bangs John, boot and shoemaker, 229 w Pratt, 

dw 144 Barre 
Bangs Joseph, feed store, 258 e Madison 
Bangs Mary A. 113 s Bond 
Bangs Richard F. machinist, 55 McHenry 
Bangert Henry, cabinet maker, 182 East 
Banghart Nicholas, porter, 112 Franklin 
Banhach John, laborer, 131 s Chapel 
BANK OF BALTIMORE, n e cor Baltimore 

and St. Paul. — [See ^ippendix.] 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South.— [Set 

Bankard David, grocery, 600 Penna av 
Bankard Elizabeth, 596 Pennsylvania av 
Bankard Henry, carpenter, Fremont, intersec- 
tion Pennsylvania av 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 81 Hampstead 
Bankard Jacob, 456 Baltimore 
Bankard James M. butcher, 67 Hampstead 
Bankard Michael, carter, 228 n Dallas 
Bankard Nicholas D. carpenter, 592 Penna av, 

dw 594 
Bankert Rudolph^ hatter, 116 McElderry 
Bankhead Robert, clerk, 30 n Fremont 
Banks Andrew, 194 Franklin 
BANKS DANIEL B. Pres't Union Manuf'g 
Co. office cor Howard and German, dw 194 
Banks David, furniture dealer, 59 South, dw 

196 e Baltimore 
Banks James, stone cutter, 33 Chew 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 




Banks James W. F. clerk, 51 German 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 23 s Poppleton 
Banks Robt. T. importer china ware, 55 South, 

dw cor Pratt and Gough 
Banks Wm. laborer, 162 n Spring 
Banks William J. grocer, 48 Jeiferson 
Bannan Mrs. Cnthorine, 79 York 
Bannan Hugh, clerk, 26 Josephine 
Bannan Hugh, laborer, 1 Rose 
Bannan John, grocer, 194 Lexington, dw 26 

BANNON M. attorney at law, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Anne Arundf:! Co. 
Bannon Michael, laborer, 1 Curriers' ct 
Bannon Owen, laljorer, 120 Scott 
Bannon Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannon Peter, laborer, 54 Cooksie 
Bannard John, 27 Fawn 
Banneburg George, finisher, 111 Vine 
Bannenberg Fredk, .shoemaker, 344 w Pratt 
Banning Catharine, 360 n Eutaw 
Banning Maria, 360 n Eutaw 
Banning Mary E. 360 n Eutaw 
Bannister Joseph, 14 Maiden lane 
Bannister Sarah, 14 Maiden lane 
Bannister Wm. 77 MuUikin 
BANSEMER G. A. (W. G. B. & Co.) 236 w 

BANSE VIER W. G. & Co. wholesale grocers 

and commission merchants, 108 w Lombard 
Bansemer Wm. G. (W. G. B. & Co.) 236 w 

Bantum James M. coachmaker, 289 Cross 
Bantz Francis, policy dealer, 248 s Bond 
Bantz Frederick, shoemaker, 171 s Caroline 
Bantz & Bowiie, boot, shoe, hat and cap deal- 
ers, over 320 & 322 w Baltimore 
Bantz Theodore S. (B. & Bowne) n w corner 

Lexington and Chatsworth 
Banz John, tailor, 78 s Wolfe 
Banz John, cigar maker, 99 York 
Barbee George B. clerk, 626 w Baltimore 
Barber Joseph, laborer. Homestead, Bait. Co. 
Barber John G. butter depot, 26 s Poppleton 
Barber Lorenzo U. clerk, 47 w Fayette 
Barber Wm. rigger, 92 Mullikin 
Barber Wm. machinist, 457 w Lombard 
Barbour John, book agent. Union hotel, w 

Barbray Tracey, 205 s Bethel 
Barbine Charles H. fi.shernian, 42 Fort av 
Barbine Charles, fisherman, 228 Wash 'g. F. H. 
Barbine Joseph, grocery, 172 William 
Barboro Dominick, bookstand, n w cor Light 

and Pratt 
Barclay Mrs. H. C. 121.Gough 
Barclay Walter C. 69 McCulloh 
Bard Jeniiiii, teacher, 52 s Sharp 
Barder Henry, paver, 89 Harrison 
Bardcn Jacob, varnishcr, 15 Clay 
Barcker Susan, 192 s Ann 
Bardroff Joseph, plasterer, 430 Saratoga 
Bardroff Peter, piano maker, 20 Rock 
Barentz Bernard, printer, 315 n Central av 
Earfolemew Adam, cabinet maker, 158 Raborg 
Barford Sarah, dressmaker, 98 Barre 
Bargar Decter, fireman, B. & O. R. R. 386 

Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar George W. bricklayer, 101 Ross 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Barger Henry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Bargcr Mary, confectionery, 166 Dover 

Bargert John, musician, 4 Second 
Barickman Ambrose, 59 n Schroeder 
Barickman Eleanor R. 10 Greenmount av 
Barke Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barker Charles F. clerk, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker E. W. clerk, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker Rev. F. M. 610 w Fayette 
Barker Frederick, laborer, 185 s Eden 
Barker Frank, clerk, 190 Preston _ 
Barker George Y. clerk, 190 Preston 
Barker Mrs. H. A. 190 Preston 
Barker John, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker John, stevedore, rear 247 s Dallas 
Barker Joseph H. clerk, 190 Preston 
Barker Joseph W. hatter, 344 HolHns 
Barker Mary, 342 Canton av 
Barker Wm. machinist, cor High and Low 
Barker Wm. K. tobacconist, 265 w Pratt, dw 

150 Barre 
Barker Wm. porter, Mechanic's Bank, dw 43 

Barker Wm. C. 52 Cooksie 
Barker Wm. H. ship carpenter, 176 Bank 
Barker Wm. harness maker, 9 Jefferson 
Barkhouse Conrad, cabt. maker, 87 Jefferson 
Barkhaus Henry, cabinet maker, over 183 e 

Barkhause Conrad, cabinet mak. 87 Jefferson 
Barklage G. H. (B. & Ostendorf) rear of 120 

Barklage & Ostendorf, packing box makers, 

15 Cowpen alley 
Barklie Archibald K. clerk, 64 w Biddle 
Barkman Jacob, trader, 119 Columbia 
Barkman Joseph, cigar maker, 86 Peirce 
Barkmeyer Frederick W. porter, 161 King 
Barkme-yer Wm. porter, 161 Carpenter al 
Barlag Elizabeth, grocery, 82 s Dallas 
Barlage Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 
Barlage Ferdinand, cigar maker, 38 Portland 
Barlage John G. grocer and liquor dealer, s e 

cor Pratt and Penn 
Barley Geo. engineer, B. &. O. R. dw 25 s 

Barley John T. fireman, B. & O. R. 25 s 

Barley John, laborer, 25 s Schroeder 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 118 s Central av 
Barling Frederick, milkman, 3 St. Peter 
Barling Joseph, clerk to the city collector, 370 

w Fayette 
Barlow Joseph, grocer, 38 n Paca 
Barlow Joseph, Hand tavern, 42 n Paca 
Barlow Joshua, clerk, 14 George 
Barlow Thomas, carpenter, 239 Central av 
Barnard Adam, machinist, 174 McHenry 
Barnard Thos. B. draughtsman, 57 Columbia 
Barnard Oliver, conductor N. C. Railway, 192 

Barnard Randolph, bricklayer, 202 Garden 
Barnard Nicholas, tailor, 7 Choptank 
Barnes Abraham, inspector Custom House 
Barnes Alexander M. 279 Aliceanna 
Barnes Agnes V. 150 s Ann 
Barnes Bennett, tobacconist, 250 Aisquith 
Barnes Capt. Benj. 116 Conway 
Barnes Christian R. detective police, dw 49 s 

Barnes C. R. (B. & Co.) 128 s Broadway 
Barnes & Co. proprietors Novelty Mills, coffee 

and gram cleaning establishment, n e corner 

Caroline and Aliceanna 
Barnes C. F. 614 Lexington 




Barnes Deborah, 2 Gold's ct 

Barnes Daniel J. policeman, 194 Bank 

Barnes Hanson P. huckster, 285 e Madison 

Barnes George, laborer, 127 Bank 

Barnes Geo. laljorer, 127 s Washington, F. P. 

Barnes & Hudgins, grocers and com. merchts. 

cor. Pratt and O'Donnell's whf 
Barnes Henry, ship carp. 119 Albermarle 
Barnes James S. iron moulder, 6 Lanvale 
Barnes James, tailor, 156 Pine 
Barnes, Jas. E. wheelwright, 293 Eastern av 
Barnes John A. (Robb & B.) 186 George 
Barnes Joseph A. carpenter, 119 Albermarle 
Barnes John H. general eigent Cin. Will. & 

Zanesville R. R. dw 186 George 
Barnes iM. C. (!«. & Co.) 128 s Broadway- 
Barnes Michai'l, laborer, 406 s Charles 
BARNES MARY A. 20 Peirce 
Barnes Robert C. Jr. clerk, 560 w Fayette 
Barnes Richard, ship carp. 72 s Washington 
Barnes Robert C. clerk city collector's office, 

560 w Fayette 
Barnes Samuel, printer, 13 Scott 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 13 Scott 
Barnes Samuel E. mariner, 30 Gough 
Barnes Samuel N. conductor B. & O. R. R. 

129 Hollins 
Barnes Thos. H. waterman, 6 Williamson 
Barnes & Taylor, grocers and commission 

merchants, 128 Dugan's wharf 
Barnes Winston (B.& Hudgins) HJoS Calvert 
Barnes Wm. M. carpenter, 319 n Eutaw 
Barnett Dewarren H. millinery goods, 65 n 

Howard, dw 102 w Fayette 
Barnett Robert, carpenter, 30 Morton al 
BarnettRose A. tailoress, 129 Washington, F.H 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 162 Bank 
Barnett William, clerk, P. O. 120 Lee 
Barney Elizabeth, 76 n Charles 
Barney James H. (John Sullivan & Sons) 76 

n (Jharles 
Barney John W. clerk, 298 Saratoga 
Barney 1 hos. laborer, 75 York 
Barnliart George, 120 s Chapel 
Barnhart Frederick, waiter at Fountain Hotel 
Barnhill Andrew H. 21 Comet 
Barnitz Alexander H. (B. & Brinton) 211 w 

Barnikol Frederick, tailor, 84 s Bethel 
BARMTZ & BRLNTON, general com. mer. 

120 North and lumber commission mer- 
chants. West Falls av 
Barnitz Michael, 29 George 
Barns Jacob, cabinet maker, 193 Canton av 
Barnstein Solomon, second hand clothier, 150 

s Fremont 
Barnum Allen S. clerk, 52 Courtland 
BARNl'M'S CITY HOTEL, fronting Cal- 
vert, St. Paul and Fayette, Barnum & Co. 

BARNl<M & CO. proprietors Barnum 's City 

Barnum Zenos (B. & Co.) Harford av near 

city limits 
Barnwell Michael, nail maker, s e cor Exeter 

and French 
Barr Mary A. of Baltimore steam laundry, 3 s 

Barr John, proprietor Susquehanna Hotel, 125 

n Calvert 
Parr Samuel, route agent, 72 w Biddle 
Barrels George, tailor, 325 n Central av 
Barranger Lewis L. butcher, 288 Saratoga 

Barranger Lewis L. jr., butcher, 288 Saratoga 
Barrenger John, trader, 229 e Monument 
Barrenger John, gardener, Patterson's lane 

rear Greenmount cemetery 
Barrett Asa, upholsterer, 358 w Fayette 
Barrett Catharine, millinery store, 58 n Eutaw 
BARRhTT & DEBEET, carvers and gilders, 
75 w Baltimore. — [See p. 24 Mvertisnnents.] 
Barrett Edmund, drayman, Lombard near 

Barrett Edw. wagoner, 74 e Lombard 
Barrett Eliza, millinery dealer, 101 e Baltimore 
Harrett Eliza, over 15 Light 
Barrett Frank, shoemaker, 37 Jefferson 
Barrett Gregory jr., officer at Penitentiary, dv 

115 n Fremont 
Barrett George, silversmith, 241 Hollins 
Barrett Gregory, weaver, 118 Fremont 
Barrett James F. engineer, 13 Williamson 
Barrett James J. musician, 17 McElderry 
^arrett James J. paint and oil store, 240 Lex- 
ington, dw 58 n Eutaw 
Barrett J. L. (B. & DeBeet) 5 Jackson square 
Barrett John, cooper, 36 Eastern av 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett Joseph E. engineer, 53 s Poppleton 
Barrett Luke Z. clerk, 188 Saratoga 
BARRETT M. & BRO. looking glass and pic- 
ture frame manufacturers, 82 n Howard, dw 
M. B. 9 Grundy 
Barrett Patrick, gardener, 234 German 
Barrett Patrick, grocery, 191 Canton av 
Barrett Thomas P. fisherman, 387 s Eutaw 
Barrett W. T. (M. B. & Bro.) 62 Centre 
Barrett Thomas H. fireman of No. 1, city fire 

department, 234 German 
Barrett Mary, 15 n Eutaw 
Barrett Sarah A. 15 n Eutaw 
Barrett Wm. supt. police and fire-alarm tele- 
graph, dw 323 Mulberry 
Barrett W. D. (Warder & B.) n w cor Monu- 
ment and Park 
I.'arrickman Jacob, cedar coop. 200 e Baltimore 
BARRIL& MUR, agents Peruvian Gov'rt 
for the sale of guano, over 29 South, Git- 
tings' building. 
Barringer John shoemaker, 165 Carpenter aly 
Barringer John, bacon dealer, 63 McF-lderry 
Harrington Edw. P. book-keeper, 238 German 
Barrington Frank F. prof, music, 88 s Exeter 
Barrington Jacob, 24 Shakspeare 
Barris George, cooper, 312 e Monument 
Barroll Benj. C. attorney at law, 163 Loyola 

Place, n Calvert 
Barroll Henry B. 92 McCulloh 
Barroll Henry, Ijook-keeper, 109 w Monument 
BARROLL JAMES E. attorney at law, 328 

Madison av 
Barroll James W. 286 Madison av 
Barroll Mary Ann, 109 Monument 
Barron Catharine, grocery, 53 n Front 
Barron Edward, cement roofer, 9 Scott 
Barron James, carpenter, 137 e Lombard 
Barron James, fireman. No. 2 city fire depart- 
ment 131 e Lombard 
Barron John M. actor, 279 s Sharp 
Barron John, steward, Eutaw house, dw 59 s 

Barron John, carpenter, 142 w Madison 
Barron John, huckster, 195 s Paca 
Barron Sarah, grocery, 142 Madison 
Barron Thos. veterinary surgeon, 10 Hoffman 
Barron Thos. D. clerk, 275 w Baltimore 




Barron Wm. 134 Conway 

Barrow Alexander H. book-keeper, 9 s High 

Barrow D H. book-keeper, 84 Hanover 

Barrow Edwin, painter, 203 Columbia 

Barrow H. T. book-keeper, 24 s High 

Barrows Philip, rigger, 3 Philpot 

Barry is. Hoogewerff, merchandize brokers, 

4 Grocers' Exchange 
Barry Catherine, 23 Garden 
Barry Daniel R. clerk, 85 Columbia 
Barry Edmond, teamster, 148 s Central av 
Barry George E. agent Boston Coal Company, 

8}4 South, dw 12 St. Paul 
Barry George, moulder, 40 s Oregon 
Barry Jas. C. Jr., (B. &. Hoogewerff) 46 n 

Barry James, laborer, 1 Hargrove al 
Barry Jas. C. Sr., book-keeper, 46 n Liberty 
Barry John L. teller in Franklin Bank, 58 s 

Barry John, carpenter, s w cor Hillen & East 
Barry John S. wholesale dry goods com. mer. 

20 Hanover, dw 70 Saratoga 

Barry Capt. John J. collector, 222 w Fayettte 
Bnvry John, gas fitter, 129 n Spring 
BARRV LLEWKLLYiN F.atty. at law, 80 w 

Fayette, dw 79 w Monument 
Barry Michael, printer, 5 L. (.'onstiiution 
iiarry I'hilip, book-keeper, 4G n Lilxrly 
Barry Robert C. attorney at law, 4 Courtland 
Barry Samuel, mariner. Constitution nuar 

Barry Samuel M. 61 n Liberty 
Barry VVm. tailor, 92 n Gay 
Barry Wm. laborer, 9 w Chase 
Barry Wm. porter, 67 Vine 
Barry Dr. William J. 166 Preston 
Barry Wm. R. (Schaeffer & Loney) 134 n 

Bartcher August, tailor, 16 s Regester 
Bartel John, lag. beer brewery, 292 Eastern av 
Barteline Justice, tailor, 35 Gough 
Bartell Christopher, cabinet maker, and keeper 

lager beer saloon, 81 e Lombard 
Bartell Christopher, 65 e Lombard 
Bartenslager John, woodsawyer, 293 Eager 
Bartcnslager John, tailor, 60 s Bethel 
Bartgis Mary C. book and variety store, lA^yA 

n Gay 
Barth Christian, shoemaker, 192 Lexington 
Barth Daniel, saddler, 196 Cathedral 
BARTH & EDMEADES, commis. merchts. 

and importers liquors, wines, cigars, &c., 

21 South 

Barth John H. agent Piedmont coal and iron 

company, 68 s Gay, dw 610 Lexington 
Barth Samuel, (B. 8i Edmeades) 610 Lexington 
Barthold Augustus, jeweler, 6}^ n Eutaw 
Bartholdt John F. jeweler, 63 n Gay 
Bartholomaji Christian G. cabinet maker & 

splints for fract. bones, 15 Chase, dw 13 
Bartholomee Edward, broom maker, 42 n Pine 
Bartholomee Edmund, 42 n Pine 
Barthlolomee Julius, cigar maker, 42 n Pine 
Bartholomew Christian, tailor, 90 Harrison 
Bartholomey August, tailor, 57 Gough 
Bartholow B. F. 388 w Fayette 
Bartholow George, carpenter, 716 w Pratt 
Bartholow Hester, 554 Penna av 
Bartholow John, butcher, 554 Penna av 
Bartholow P. J. proprietor National Hotel 
Bartholow J. M. C. clerk. National Hotel 
Bartholow Lycurgus S. book-keeper, 238sPaca 


Bartholow Dr. Robl. U. S. A., 388 w Fayette 
Bartholow Thomas, 716 w Pratt 
Bartleson Alonzo D. clerk, 128 Pearl 
Bartles Henry', cigar maker, 46 e Lombard 
BARTLETT BROS, wholesale druggists, 70 

s Calvert 
Eartlett Caroline H. 55 McCulloh 
Bartlett David L. (Hayward, B. & Co.) 57 

Bartlett Eleazer S. Treasurer Maryland Soap 

Stone Works, 156 w Lombard 
Bartlett Francis J . book-keeper, 156 w Lom- 

leather dealers, 134 w Fayette 
Bartlett George (G. B. & Co.) 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 37 Philpot, dw 

178 s Ann 
Bartlett John M. (B. Bros.) Calvert n of 

Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, 166 s Ann 
Bartlett Wm. piano maker, 47 Marion 
Bartlett Wm. E. office s e cor Eutaw and Dov- 
er, dw 110 Hanover 
Bartlett Wm. E. jr., (B. Bros.) 73 s Sharp 
Bartley Robert, tailor, 27 Eastern av 
Bartman Christopher, brass finisher, 121 s 

Bartol Henry B. coachmaker, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Henry, cigar maker, 265 e Lombard 
Bartol James L. attorney, Spurrier's court, dw 

Windsor Mill road 
Barton Andrew C. policeman, 102 Granby 
Barton Beale, 41 Stirling 
Barton George tailor, 269 e Eager 
Barton Green H. clerk, 18 George 
Barton Henry E. 238 Montgomery 
Barton Ignatius D. 22 Orchard 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 Chester 
Barton Jas. ship joiner, 47 s Regester 
Barton James L merchant tailor, 15 s Gay, dw 

223 e Fayette 
Barton John, furniture wagon, 41 Stirling 
Barton John W. salesman. Black Horse hotel, 

111 n High 
Barton Joshua, machinist, 117 Grundy 
Barton Joseph, nightman, 41 Stirling 
Barton Mary, 192 Chesnut 
Barton Patrick, laborer, 244 s Dallas 
Barton Samuel S. sail maker, 238 e Pratt 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 70 MuUikin, dw 

173 Orleans 
Barton Samuel R. ship carpenter, 236 Bank 
Barton S. A. 45 Garden 
Barton Selah, watchman at Custom House 
Barton Wm. morocco dresser, Bull's Head tav- 
ern, 132 n Front 
Barton Wm. L. printer, s e cor Eutaw ajnd 

Barton Wm. N. (Wm. J. B. & Son) 62 e 

Barton Thaddeus J. 238 Montgomery 
Barton '1 heodore, 238 Montgomery 
Barton Victor, tanner, 444 Penna av 
BARTON W;iLLIAM J. & SON, curriers, 

cor Cheapside and Lombard 
Barton Wm. N. (W. J. B. & Son) 62 e Lom- 
Bartscher August, tailor, 60 Regester 
Bartscher Dr. F. 192 Aisquith 
BARTZ DANIEL, wholesale and retail deal. 

in wine, 24 s Sharp 
Bartroff Behler, piano maker, 20 Rock 




Basford Richard A. shoemaker, 23 s Oregon 
Bash Henry M. office 13 iNorth, dw 82 w 

Bass Daniel, tailor, 12 Abbot 
Bass W. Alex. 21 n Republican 
Bassett Elizabeth, 18 Jew al, O. T. 
Bassett Freeman, boiler maker, 226 Mont- 
Bassett Capt. John B. mariner, 257 Gough 
Bassett James, huckster, 115 West 
Bassford John T. daguerrotypist, 413 Lex- 
Bassford Mrs. Maria, 74 n Calvert. 
Bassford Sarah A. teacher, 74 n Calvert 
Bassford Thos. R. 74 n Calvert 
Bassford Wm. hatter, 6 s Kremont 
Basshor Thomas C. bookkeeper, dw Foun- 
tain hotel 
Hast John, baker, 82 Eastern av 
Bastable Gilbert M. cattle dealer, 21 n Cal- 
houn, Franklin Square 
Bastian Henry, cigar maker, 214 Canton av 
Bastien Emile, finisher, 96 Lexington 
Bastien E. ladies' hair dresser, 96 Lexington 
Bastianelli Ernest, operator sewing machine, 

278 e Fayette 
Bastianelli, Gaetano, stitching machine rooms, 
\ 12 n Gay, dw 90 s l-ioiid 

Batcher Margaret, seamstress, 33 Thames 
Batchelor Andrew, of tobacco warehouse No. 5 
Batchelor Andrew, ship carpenter, 5 n Wolf,- 
Batchelor Christian C. ship carpenter, 5 n 

Batchelor Joseph, gas fitter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor James, clerk, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor John, 31 L. Monument 
Batchelor Samuel K. baker, 114 Mullikin 
Batchelor Lewis, grocery, 599 Penna av 
Batchelor Lewis F. driver Adam.s Express, 

599 Penna av 
Batchelor Wallace, paper hanger, 20 s Ann 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 5 n Wolf 
Bateman Benj. M. G. tinner, 270 Light 
Bateman Jas. J. bookkeeper, 430 Lexington 
BATEMAN JAMKS S. tobacconist, s w cor. 

llilleii and Forrest 
Bateman John L. boiler maker, 27 s Repub- 
Bateman John, clerk, 118 L. Greene 
Bateman Samuel, moulder, 226 l>ight 
Bateman Wm. H. carter, 310 Aisquith 
Baterman Chrislop'r. laborer, .325 n Central av 
Bates Edward, Lee near Light 
Bates Franklin L. manuf. hoisting wheels and 
trucks for warehousi'S, over 1, 3 and 5 Pres- 
ident, dw 344 e Baltimore 
Bates George, carpenter, 41 President 
BATES JAMES Jr. iron founder and hoisting 
wheel manuf. 1, 3 and 5 President, dw 8 s 
Broadway. — [Sec p. 10 Mvertisements.] 
Bates John A. distiller, 17 n Strieker 
Bates Mrs. Rebecca, 78 Bureii 
Bates Wm. C. moulder, 18 Jefferson 
Bates William, wheelwriglu 14 Lee 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Bathurst John G. shipping merchant, over 21 

South, dw 89 Park 
Batrom Wm. 428 Penna. av 
Battee Rev. Dennis H., Homestead, Balto. Co. 
Battee Dr. John S. coroner, office s w cor. 
Hanover and Welcome al, dw 165 Hanover 
Battee John, policeman, 94 Hampstead 
Ba'.tee Robt. N. clerk, dw Union hotel w Pratt 

Battee Richard Ridgely, attorney at law, 59J^ 

w Fayette, dw 165 Hanover 
Batten Hartman, 128 e Pratt 
Batten Samuel, clerk, 51 German 
Battenfeld Anna, grocery, 351 Canton av 
Battcnfeld Chris, shoemaker, 200 Canton av 
Battenfield Frederick, butcher, 436 e Baltimore 
Battess John, mariner, 346 e Lombard 
Battin Harmon, fringe maker, Pratt near Eden 
Battinger William, butcher. Garrison la near 

Western ( 'emetery 
Baty John, bricklayer, 144 n Caroline 
Baty James, 12 Barnet 

Baty Joseph W. drayman, Ann near Bank 
Baty Mrs. 166 s Ann 

Batzer Joseph, tailor and grocery, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Valentine, carter, 331 Canton av 
Btiu Henry, tailor, 143 n Bond 
Bauch Conrad, porter, 4 New 
Bauch Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 
Bauchardt Wm. umbrella maker, 75 n Eutaw, 
and hat and cap manufacturer, 45 n Kutaw 
Bauer Adam, porter, 19 Happy al 
Bauer Augustus cigar mk. 125 n Broadway 
Bauer Conrad, grocer, 35 s Oregon 
BAUER CHAS. tavern, 129 Forrest 
Bauer Christojiher, merch. tailor, 48 Ensor 
Bauer Edw. tailor, 166 s Broadway 
Bauer Elizabeth, 226 e Madison 
Bauer Frank, grocery and liquor dealer, 6W 

Bank, cooper shop, 150 s Spring 
Bau(T George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer John^ shoemaker, 133 n Eutaw 
Bauer John A. laborer, 81 Chapel 
Bauer John, wood turner, 269 s Bond 
Bauer John, tavern, 59 n Gay 
Bauer John, butcher, 437 Penna av 
Bauer Joseph, grocery, 15 Jefferson 
Bauer Michael, blacksmith, 381 s Charles 
Bauer Wm. H. telegraph operator B. & O. 

R. R. Fayette near Howard 
Bauer Wm. locksmith, 141 Carpenter al 
Bauers John, butcher, 216 Division 
Bauersfield Frederick, 75 Park 
Bauerman George, tailor, 472 Canton av 
Baughans Alfred, collar maker, 13 Brune 
(iau-'her A. O. (!'. Tiernan & Son,) 138 Park 
Baugher J. C. (P. Tiernan & Son,) 149 Park 
Baugher Joseph, 138 Park 
Baugher Joseph L. tavern, 158 Franklin 
Baughman Ann, 79 Grundy 
Baughman Chas. W. G. 6 Hoffman 
Baughman Geo. salesman, 434 w_Fayette 
Baughman Geo. piano maker, 335 s Sharp 
Baughman Jos. K. painter, 44 n Amity 
Baughman Joshua, painter, 83 Hollins 
Baughman Michael, (Schieihold & B.) Lom- 
bard between Hisih and Exeter 
Baughman Saml. W. painter, 6 lloff'man 
Bauhaus Wm. clothing cutter, 106 Welcome al 
Baulig Geo. tailor, 28 Lee 
Bauni Abraham, currier, 124 Henrietta 
Baum Catlierine, milliner, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Christian, carpenter, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Ellen, dry goods deal. 81 Pearl 
Baum Elizabeth, dry goods deal. 27 e Lombard 
Baum Ferdinand, currier, 268 s Sharp 
Baum Frederick, cooper, 178 s Central av 
Baum Feldtner, grocery 268 s Sharp 
Baum George, cooper, 141 s Caroline 
Baum Henry, baker, 9 George 
Baum Koshman, butcher, 216 Canton av 




Baum John, tailor, 59 Gough 
Baum John, cooper, 214 s Bond 
Baum Michael, shoemaker, 249 s Dallas 
Bauman George, laborer, 280 Johnson 
Baumann Wm. shoemaker, 3 L. Paca 
Baumbau Nicholas, foundryman, 15 Cam- 
bridge, Canton 
Baumeister, Wm. grocery and shoe findings, 

206 Aliceanna 
Baunfrank Henry, private watchman, 53 s 

Baumhaner Edw. cabinet maker, 9 Baker's ct 
Baumgardner Wm. J. J. painter, 71 Ross 
Baumgart Joseph, tailor, 61 Amity 
Baumgart John J. 23 s Central av 
Baumgater John, shoemaker, 219 n Central av 
Baumgartcn Adolphus, tailor, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Chas, 306 Eastern av 
Baumgarten Chas. carpenter, 202 s Chapel 
Baumgarten Henry, tailor, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Seleg, engraver and die sinker, 

45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Wm. salesman, 242 Saratoga 
ster Hall, 45 Albermarle 
Baus Conrad, drayman, 4 New 
Bausman Rev. J. P. 304 w Fayette 
Bauswith Amelia, 108 n Bethel 
Bauswith Wm. T. brass finisher, 108 n Bethel 
Bawden John H. clerk, 62 s Bond 
Bawden .lohn, clerk, 72 s Caroline 
Bawmiller John, shoemaker, 348 Light 
Bawn Thos. weaver, 97 Peircf^ 
Baxley C. V. teacher, 117 Mulberry 
Haxley Claud, 185 w Fayette 
Baxley Eliza, 165 Chesnut 
Baxley Dr. Henry W. 185 w Fayette 
Baxley Jackson Brown, apothecary and drug- 
gist, 138 n Howard 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 25 (Jhew 
Baxley James, millwright, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 125 flollins 
Baxter Emily, grocery, s w cor Fayette and 

Baxter George, mariner, 281 s Durham 
Baxter James, cooper, s w cor Fayette and 

Baxter Joseph V. clerk post office, 43 Gittings 
Baxter Joseph T. printer, 16 s Exeti;r 
Baxter Wm. coop('r, 86 Greenmount av 
Baxter Wm. stone cutter, 230 Preston 
Bay Edward, carpenter, 81 Garden 
Bay Hugh, carpenter, 281 n Howard 
Bay James, miller, 81 w Biddle 
Bay Jane, 81 w Biddle 
Bay Nathan, 281 n Howard 
Bay Ohver, carpenter, 113 Pine 
Bayer Andrew, tailor, 36 e Baltimore 
Bayer Geo. tailor, 447 w Baltimore 
Bayer George, shoemaker, 67 Richmond 
Bayer Lawrence, musician, 255 e Pratt 
Bayer Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
Bayfield & Gregg, tanners, s e cor Holiday and 

Centre, office 90 Spears' wharf 
Bayfield Jas. H. (B. & Gregg,) 148 n Howard 
Bayfield James, 153 n Paca 
Baygan Michael, carter, 16 Pleasant al 
Bayles Barnard, (B. & Co.) 3 Columbia 
BAYLES & CO. wholesale dealers in boots, 
shoes, hats, caps and bonnets, 16 s Charles 
Bayless Chas. grocer, 55 Jefferson 
Bayless Geo. H. clerk, 135 n Eden 
Bayless Thos. laborer, 382 Harford av 

Bayless Wm. rope maker, 382 Harford av 
Bayley Chas. grocer, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. F. (B. & Bro.) 63 n Front 
Bayley Cap. Edwin, (Coleman & B.) 14 s 

Bayley Daii'l K. (B. & Lee.) 536 w Lombard 
Bayley Elizabeth, 46 Conway 
Bayley Elijah, 339 w Pratt 
Bayley Elizabeth, 106 w Monument 
Bayley Capt. Edward, mariner, 14 s Broadway 
Bayley Geo. W. (B. & Bro.) 63 n Front 
liayley Geo. W. clerk, 127 w Biddle 
Bayley George, policeman, 104 Preston 
Bayley & i'rother, slaters. Union dock 
Bayley Henry, 633 w Lombard 
Bayley Jane P. teacher, 46 Conway 
Bayley John, grocery, 242 n Caroline 
Bayley John fireman N. C. R. R. 175 Preston 
Bayley John, tavern, 315 n Howard 
BAYLEY & LEE, plumbers, 782 w Baltimore 
Bayley Mary L. teacher, 46 Conway 
BAYLEY R. P. importer of china, glass and 

queensware, 6 Hanover, dw 633 w Lombard 
Bayley Mrs. Wm. 65 n Front 
Baylies Chas. F. grocer, 140 n Eden, dw 119 
Baylies Edward, clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies James L. storage warehouses, 18 and 

22 Spear's wharf, dw 74 s Exeter 
Baylies John H. clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Nicholas, miller and flour merch. 18 

Spear's wharf, dw 20 s. Kxeter 
F^ayline John, coojier, 33 Goodman al 
Baylis Richard, feed dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Baylis Isaac T. carpenter, 55 s Poppleton 
Baylis James R. lumber deal. 322 w Lombard 
BA'YLY HAMILTON J. City Commis- 
sioner, City Hall, dw 127 w Biddle 
Bayly John H. carpenter, 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Philip H. carpenter, 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Wm. bookkeeper, 177 n High 
Bayn Jas. Francis, rigger, 249 Gough 
Bayn John, bricklayer, 210 n Caroline 
Baynard Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. George, 7 Cathedral 
Bayne Beiij. C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
BAYNE CHAS. & CO. whol. deal, tobacco 

and cigars, 106 w Lombard, dw C. B. 3 

Bayne Geo. C. D. 42 Barre 
Bayne Lawrence P. 619 w Fayette 
Bayner Henry, shoemaker, over 235 Columbia 
Baynes Geo. B. bookkeeper, 42 s Eutaw 
Baynes James & Son, wool dealers, Hollings- 

worth near Lombard, dw J. B. Balto. co 
Baynes Jas. carpenter, 104 e Monument 
Haynes John B. (James B. & Son.) 42 s Eutaw 
Baynes Thomas, bone dust manuf. Hams' 

Creek, dw n w cor Pratt and Choptank 
Bayzand Wm. H. boys' clothing store, 148 w 

Baltimore, dw 106 Aisquith 
Bazzell John, moulder, 37 Schroeder 
Beach Thomas J. editor Sun, dw 30 North 
Beach Waldren, machinist, 151 n High, dw 

14 Maiden la 
Beacham Mrs. Catherine, boarding house, 132 

n Gay 
Beacham Ellen, Pratt, 3 doors e of Caroline 
Beacham Geo. P. (A. Flannigan & Co.) 209 

s Ann 
Beacham James A. clerk, 140 s Broadway 
Beacham John S. (A. Flannigan & Co.) John 

near Greenmount Cemetery 




Beacham Jos. R. (Miller & B.) 15 Hollins 
Beacham Lenox, (A. Flannigain & Co.) 68 w 

Beacham Samuel, (A. Flannigain- & Co.) 

Greenmount av 
BEACHAM SILAS, ship smith, s side of Ba- 
sin, dw 24 s High 
Beacham Wm. G. (Beal & B.) 82 s Bond 
Beachamp John, wood dealer, cor Hughes' 

quay and William st dock, dw 44 Warren 
Beachamp Mary E. dress maker, 85 s High 
Beadenkoff George, baker, 173 Hanover 
Beadenkoff Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 173 

Beadenkopf George, baker, 256 n Gay 
iieadenhopf Lutwig, 156 Durham 
Beahan John S. grocer, 23 New Church 
BEAL A. L. 367 e Baltimore 
Beal & Beacham, wholesale and retail liquor 

dealers, 104 Dugan's whf 
Beal Wm. S. M. (B. & Beacham,) 367 e Bal- 
B<jale Andon, tailor, n w cor Canton av and 

Beale Mrs. Sarah D. fancy dry goods dealer, 

270 n Gay 
Beale Solon, teacher, 270 n Gay 
Beale William E. carpenter and builder, 93 n 

Beall H. D. reporter, 17 s High 
Beall W. Francis, teacher, 332 e Baltimore 
EJealer Henry, carpenter, 23 McElderry 
Bealmear Catherine B. 216 n Howard 
Bealmear Francis, (Armstrong, Cator & Co.) 

28 Hanover 
Bealmear Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Beam Geo, F. (Orendorf, Ensey & Co.) Bolton 

3 doors w of Dolphin 
Beam George, shoemaker, 63 Short 
Beam John laborer, 55 Alici;anna, Canton 
Beam John, tailor, 365 Canton av 
Beam R. M. liquor guager, over 79 Exchange 

place, dw 66 Pearl 
Beaman Aaron F. upholsterer, 27 Hanover 
Beaman Manly R. bookkeeper, 210 n Howard 
Beaman Wm. clerk, 210 n Howard 
Beaman Wm. A. clerk, 210 n Howard 
Bfjamullar Henry, milkman, 245 Penna. av 
Bean Conrad, stevedore, 163 s Eden 
Bean Christian, laborer, 210 Canton av 
Bean Christiana, 149 s Ann 
Bean Mrs. C. T. A. foncy and millinery store, 

195 w Pratt 
Hean John H. pilot, 125 s Ann 
Bean John, tailor, 492 Penna. av 
•lean Joseph H. carpenter, 20 McClellan, dw 

27 n Liberty 
Bean Joseph, boat builder, cor Wills & Block, 

dw 58 Block 
Bean K. M. commission merch. 130 Dugan's 

wharf, dw 71 s Ann 
Beanstine Frederick, milkman, 25 Port al 
Bear Alexander, 7 s High 
Bear George, 48 McCuUoh 
Bear Henry, painter, 128 n Fremont 
Bear Henry, 83 e Lombard 
Bear Isaac, pedler, 32 May 
Bear Joseph, sec. hand dealer, 34s Caroline 
Bear llev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Bear John jr. clerk, 48 McCulloh 
B<iard Barbary, grocery, 254 Montgomery 
Beard Eliza A. dry goods dealer, 210 n Gay 
li-urd Geo. \V . tnnur, 90 En.>jor 

Beard Geo. VV. R. collector and property agt. 

117 s Paca 
Beard George W. gas fitter, s w cor Lee and 

Charles, dw 117 s Paca 
Beard James, 56 Penna. av 
Beard Mrs. John, 134 Hanover 
Beard Capt. John, jr. harbor master, 60 Lee 
BtARD Dr. JUHN W. n. w cor Barre an* 

Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Maria, boarding house, 57 Columbia 
Beard Robert, machinist, 263 s Charles 
Beard Samuel, coach maker. 111 Mullikin 
Beard Capt. T homas, 195 w Pratt 
Beard Wm. W. paper hanger, 210 n Gay 
Beard Wm. huckster, 56 Penna. av 
Bearman Henry E. cigar maker, 2 L. Gough 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 95 Haborg 
Beasten Susan, 169 Lee 
Beatson George, clerk, 255 Saratoga 
Bealson John, bookkeeper, Citizens' Bank. 

dw 255 Saratoga 
Beatton Malcom, ship carpenter, 91 Patuxent 
Beatty Cornelius B. 50 St. Paul 
Bealty Charles W. (B. &Cole,) dw Bait. Co 
Beatty & Cole, com. merchls. & agents of Bel- 

lona Gunpowder Co. 153 w Pratt 
Beatty Edward W. custom house officer, Lan- 

vale lane, opposite Greenmount Cemetery 
Beatty George, 42 s Spring 
Beatty James L. farmer, 602 w Pratt 
BEATTY JAMES, Baltimore biscuit an<l 

cracker manufactory, 4 U'Donnell's wharf. 

dw 12 Barnel 
Beatty John, tavern, 1 Camden 
Beatty John, (Taylor, Foster & Co.) 141 

Washington Place 
Beatty Joseph, biscuit baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Michael, laljorer, 23 s Rcgester 
Beatty S. L. 139 Washington place 
Beatty Wm. H. wood dealer, Union dock, dw 

154 e Pratt 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 16 Barre, dw 21 
Beatty Wm. H. Baltimore biscuit and cracker 

manufactory, 4 O'Donnell's wharf 
Beauchamp John, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
I Beauchamp Robert S. tailor, 189 w Pratt 
j Beaumont Ann, board, house, 17 n Calvert 
i Beaumont Lsaac, bookkeeper, 17 s Eutaw 
1 Beaumont Elizabeth, dress maker, 17 s Eutaw 
Bebe Frederick, shoemaker, 519 Canton av 
Bebee John A. brickmaker, 147 s Paca 
Bebee John E. bookkeeper, Adams house 
Hebie H. artist, 53 n Gay 
Bebziat Francis, machinist, 92 s Carey 
Bechell Christian, cabinet maker, 273 n Dallas 
Bechend Charles, cooper, n w cor Canton av 

and Bond 
Bechler Mary, tavern, 57 n Fredi rick 
Bechler Segmund, tailor, 36 n Frederick 
Bechman Wicholas, varnisher, 57 Happy al 
Becher George, 329 Mulberry 
Becher John, shoemaker, 213 s Ami 
BECHTEL John W. plumber and stove 

dealer, 40 St. Paul and 93 n Eutaw, dw 90 

Ross. — [See p. 39 Jidvertisements.] 
Bechtol Frederick, laborer, 351 s Bond 
Bechtold Henry, shoemaker, 64 Orleans 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 Happy al 
Beck Adam, wagoner, 43 Preston 
Beck August, brewer, Calverton road 
BECK& BACHMAN, importers and manufs. 

smoking tobacco, 113 and 115 w Lombard 




Bock B. J. clerk, Harford av opp. Homestead 

Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 161 William 

Bock Ernest, Sprinj-jfield farm, Harford road 

Beck Francis, carpenter. Oak near Federal 

Beck Francis, tailor, 170 Aliceanna 

Beck Frederick, carpenter, Oak near Federal 

Beck Frederick, clerk, 42 n Fremont 

Heck Frederick, coach painter, 88 Mount, near 

Beck Fredk. cane and umbrella manufacturer, 

125 w Baltimore 
Beck Frederick W. (B. & Bachman,) Spring- 
field farm, Harfoad road 
Beck, George, cabinet and furniture dealer, 38 

and 40 Harrison 
Beck George H. clerk, 113 w Lombard 
Heck George, 75 Columbia 
Beck George, brewer, 360 Penna. av 
Beck Gotleib, 341 Lexington 
Heck Henry, lal)orer, 143 s Exeter 
Beck Jacob, furniture wagoner, 125 Franklin 
Beck John, fireman, 368 Cathedral 
Beck John A. painter, 86 Chesnul 
Beck John, laborer, 215 s Chapel 
Bock John, laborer, 228 s Dallas 
Beck John, tavern and cooper shoj), 28 and 30 

Beck John, 18 Park 
Beck Jacob, tavern and cigar store, dw 471 n 

Beck John G. piano maker, 361 Lexington 
Beck John, porter, 415 w f'ratt 
Beck John, butcher, n e cor Franklin and Pine 
Beck Joseph, 230 Wolfe 
Beck Ludwig, shoemaker, 66 n Gay 
Beck Mrs. Al. E. furnishing store, 115 n Gay 
Beck Nicholas, porter, 415 w Pratt 
Beck I'erry, shoemaker, 417 Light 
Beck Perry 11. 417 Light 
Beck Phili]), whip maker, 55 McElderry 
Beck Samuel, 141 w Fayette 
BECK THUS. Rock Spr'g lager beer brewery, 

Baltimore near Calverton road 
Beck Wm. R. propr. furniture carriage, 438 

Beckel Henry, wheelwright, 8 Tessier 
Beckel Henry, second hand dealer, 253 s Bond 
Beckell Jacob, welldigger, 253 s Bond 
Beckell John, milkman, 378 s Charles 
Beckenbaugh, George, clerk, 50 n Paca 
Beckenbaugh James, med. student, 50 n Paca 
Beckenbaugh John M. printer, 50 n Paca 
Heckenbaugh Thomas L. 50 n Paca 
Beckenbaugh W. W. 220 German 
Beckenheimer David, second hand furniture 

dealer, s e cor Hampstead and Eden 
Becker August, tailor, 232 Barre 
Becker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad, 104 s Eutaw 
Becker Frederick, baker, 486 Penna. av 
Becker Frederick, tailor, 237 e Lombard 
Becker Francis tailor, 81 e Lombard 
Becker George VV . shoemaker, 41 s Liberty 
Becker Henry, tailor, 152 n Caroline 
Becker Henry, tailor, 57 n Frederick 
Becker Henry, tailor, 86 s High 
Becker Henry, tavern, 102 n Gay 
Becker H. Lewis, grocery, 515 w Lexington 
Becker John D. porter, 154 n Exeter 
Becker John H. blacksmith, 158 s Regester 
Becker John, laborer, 158 Ensor 
Becker J. A. H. 2nd bookkeeper Chesapeake 

Bank, dw 154 n Exeter 

Becker John, laborer, ne cor Aliceanna &, Ann 
Becker Wm. shoemaker, 337 n Gay 
Beckett B. H. clerk, 91 s Sharp 
Beckett Filter, stone cutter, 37 Penna. av 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, 50 Portland 
Beckett Wm. (C. C. & R. H. Hyatt,) 60 s 

Beckerleg James G. waterman, 108 s Sharp 
Beckler Mary, grocery, 3 Diamond 
Beckler Sigmund, tailor, 36 n Frederick 
Beckley Dennis, laborer, Foster alley near 

Beckley John, milkman, cor Harford av and 

Point la 
Beckley Wm, H. paper hanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckman Frank, laborer, 43 Preston 
Beckman Frederick, blacksmith, 43 Preston 
Beckman Frederick, 30 Ross 
Beckman Henry, carter, 184 n Eden 
Beckmyer Wm. porter, 75 McElderry 
Beckweth Horace, fisherman, 27 s Front 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Eli B. clerk, 49 n Fremont 
Beckwith Franklin, ship carp. 117 s Wash- 
Beckwith Richard, ship carp. 117sWashingtCM» 
BEDEL ADAM, tavern, 219 Light 

Hedccker clerk, 17 n Liberty 

Bedenbecker John, 245 s Dallas 
Bedenkopf Martin, baker, 12 Ensor 
Bedford L'has. H. D. printer, 58 n Fremont 
Bedford John D. clerk, B. & O. R. R. 184 

Bedford Thomas, clerk, 6 n Charles 
Bedgar Augustus, furniture deal. 58 Penna. aT 
Bedlow Edward D. plumber, 72 n High 
Bedorf Isaac, shoemaker, 133 n Kutaw 
Bee Henry, pattern maker, 12 n Pine 
BEEBE LUCIUS M. woodenware & cordage 

dealer, 21 s Charles, dw 48 s Sharp 
Beebe John E. bookkeeper, 12 n Bond' 
Beebe Samuel, brickmaker, 195 Peirce 
Beechncr George, woodsawyer, 219 Chesnut. 
BEE HIVE HOTEL, 37 Pennsylvania aT 

Michael Hoftman, proprietor 
Beefelt Edward, cigar maker, 14 Henrietta 
Beehler Charles, ship carpenter, 2 Hill 
Beehler David E. bookkeeper, 37 s Eutaw 
Beehler Francis, umbrella manufacturer, 235 w 

Baltimore and s e cor Baltimore and Liberty, 

dw 37 s Eutaw 
Beehler Jacob M. 37 s Eutaw 
Beehmiller John, milkman, 653 Light 
Beeler Charles, laborer, 71 Portland 
Beekley Nathaniel, mariner, 203 Gough 
Beckley Rachel, 205 Gough 
Beemiller Edward, sausage maker. Light below 

Been Capt. Thos. A. mariner, 177 s Broadway 
Beer Lisette P. 109 w Fayette 
Beerch Charles, hod carrier, 236 Canton av 
Beetley Isaiah, policeman, 371 e Fayette 
Beetley James, carpenter, 242 Eastern av 
Beetley Rachel, 205 Gough 
Beetley Robert S. bookkeeper, 261 e Pratt 
Begncll John, shoemaker, 485 n Gay 
Behler Frank, cigar maker, 61 Centre Market 

Bchm Christopher, shoemaker, 168 Stirling 
Behn Henry, bookkeeper, 9 s Greene 
Bchner John, tavern, 62 n Ann 
Beher Jacob, tailor, 20 s Regester 
Behr John, shoemaker, 89 Hanover 




Behr John, laborer, 437 Canton av 
Behrend Cusel, dry goods, 152 Lexington 
Behrend Jacob, clerk, 96 n Howard 
Behrens Bernard, cabinet maker, 267 n Gay 
Behrens B. N. carpenter, 212 s Broadway 
Behrens Henry, nailmaker, Fort av 
Behrens Isaac, watchmaker and jeweler, 217 n 

Behrens John, tailor, 29 s Washington, F. P. 
Behrens John, (Schmink, B.& Co.) 158 French 
Behrens John, machinist, 113 Cross 
Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 99 n Gay 
Behrens Morris, watchmaker and jeweler, 206 

n Gay 
Behrens Mrs. Theresa, millinery, 267 n Gay 
Behuy Francis, carpenter, 110 n Fremont 
Behuy Jacob 110 n Fremont 
Behuy John, stone cutter, 110 n Fremont 
Behuy Lewis, carpenter, 110 n Fremont 
Behuy Kosanna, seamstress, 110 n Fremont 
Beickirch Lawrence, tailor, 8 Tessier 
Beier Belthauser, gro. and liq. deal. 266 Alice- 
Beiger Adam, lager beer saloon, 265 n Bond 
Beil John, artificial flower mak. 130 Lexington 
Bein Henry, carpenter, 137 s Wolfe 
Beir Frederick, harness mak. 35 Brown 
Beirkle Henry, cigar maker, 246 w Pratt 
Beirodf John, shoemaker, 9 Clay 
Beis Mary, boarding house, 2 West Falls av 
Beis John, tailor, 23 Harrison 
Beisheim iVicholas, painter, 177 s Wolfe 
Beissler Francis, 48 s Regester 
Beissler F. 60 Stiles 
Beisner Henry, bookbinder, 59 n Gay 
Beiszwanger Jacob, shoemaker, 49 Forrest 
Beitz Wm. carpenter, 235 e Lombard 
Beitzel Chas. caljinet maker, 364 Penna av 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 83 Ross 
Beitter Elizabeth, confectionery, 63 North 
Beitter Henry, cabinet maker, 63 North 
Belbin Charles. (Lyles&B.) s e cor Eastern av 

and Broadway 
Belbin Wm. jr. blacksmith, 186 L. Constitution 
Belbin Wm. blacksmith, Flannigan's whf. dw 

149 s Broadway 
Belchner George, 7 Green's ct 
Belden James, (Pryor & B.) Baltimore Co. 
Belfry Bridget, grocery and liquor dealer, 87 s 

Belman Henry, foundryman, 425 Canton av 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, 258 e Lombard 
Bell Albert, hack driver, 3 s Greene 
BELL ALEXA.VDER & CO. malsters, s w 

cor North and Saratoga, dw A. B. Southern 

av, between Bel-Air and Harford avs 
Bell Arthur, (B. & Uhrenschall,) 152 e Madison 
Bell Alfred, butcher, 720 Penna. av 
Bell Edward, pilot, 150 s Bond 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 104 Granby 
Bell Elizabeth V. tutoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell George, printer, 28 n Howard 
Bell G. W. C. clerk, 162 Franklin 
Bell George W. wheelwright, 104 Granby 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker, and 

stove dealer, 474 w Baltimore 
Bell G. W. shoemaker, 100 n Fremont 
Bell Hanson E. wheelwright, 96 Granby 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Henry, office over 75 w Fayette 
" Bell Henry, laborer, 49 Albemarle 
Bell Hugh, stone cutter. Farmer's hotel, 150 


Bell Humphrey, blacksmith, 21 s Republican 
Bell Isaac, carter, 4 Dewberry al 
Bell James B. accountant, 442 w Fayette 
Bell Jemima, 116 Stirling 
Bell John, stone cutter, 46 Valley 
Bell John H. flour and feed dealer, 530 w Balti- 
more, dw 452 w Fayette 
BELL JOHN C. manufacturer water wheels, 

12 Swan, dw 11 w Baltimore 
Bell John, grocery, 162 Frankhn 
Bell John W. pattern maker, 34 n Front 
Bell John, millwright, 104 Granby 
Bell John, baker, 169 Peirce 
Bell John W. pattern maker, 51 Albemarle 
Bell John, stone cutter, 65 Chew 
Bell JohnW. millwright, Albemarle nr Granby 
Bell John W. pottery, 99 n Fremont 
Bell Matilda, tailoress, 31 Foster al 
Bell Mary, 154 Dover 
Bell Martha, 31 Foster al 
Bell Margaret, seamstress, 245 e Fayette 
Bell Margaret, seamstress, 99 n Fremont 
Bell Mchenry, laborer, 49 Elliott, Canton 
Bell Nich. R. foreman grist mill, 2 n Bond 
Bell Nelson H (Massie, B. & Goodloe,) 156 

w Lombard 
Bell Newton, carpenter, Saratoga near Hober 

and stove dealers, s w cor East and Ensor 
Bell Richard A. bookkeeper, 16 s Calvert 
Bell Scimuel, butcher, 44 Orleans 
Bell Seneca P. iron moulder, 59 Scott 
Bell Thomas B. watchman at Custom house, 

263 e Pratt 
Bell Thomas, stone cutter, 56 Chew 
Bell Thomas, horseshoer, 167 Saratoga 
Bell Thomazine Y. 93 Hillen 
Bell Wm. H. stone cutter, 440 w Lombard 
Bell Walter, gunsmith, 207 n Bond 
Bell Wm. W. cigar maker, 227 e Lombard 
Bell Wm. farmer, 210 MuUikin 
Bella John, tailor, 339 s. Bond 
Bellena Rosa, 20 Watson 
Beller Charles, porter, 221 Light 
Bellevue Gardens, Baltimore, near Calvert 

Bellis John, mate, 195 s Ann 
Bellis John H. barkeeper at Fountain Hotel 
Bellman Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellman F'rank, painter, 80 French 
Bellman Frederick, fireman, 51 Aliceanna 
Bellman John, grocery, n e cor. Monument 

and Constitution 
Bellman John, shoemaker, 128 French 
Bellman Thomas, shoemaker, 110 French 
Belmeryer John, laborer, 221 s Bethel 
BELT, BOWIE & CO. tobacco and general 

commission merchants, over 1 Ellicott 
Belt E. N. (Martin, B. & Co.) 284w Madison 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 127 Vine 
Belt Francis, potter, 61 Booth 
Belt Hickman, carpenter, 48 Holiday, dw 189 

e Monument 
Belt S. Sprigg, (B., Bowie & Co.) 77 St. Paul 
Belt Thomas H. 24 Pleasant 
BELT THOMAS H. JR. shipping merchant, 

s e cor. Pratt and Smith's wharf, dw 24 

Belt Thomas W. book keeper, 86 n Charles 
Belt Trueman, (B., Bowie & Co.) 77 St. Paul 
Beltz Barbara, b'ding house, 14 New Church 
Beltz Casper, laborer, 4 Bolton al 
Beltz Hartman, shoemaker, 210 s Bond 




Beltz Jacob, wood sawyer, 398 Canton av 
Beltz Nicholas, laborer, 49 Albemarle 
Bultzer Henry, tailor, 136 e Pratt 
Boman Charles, painter, 28 s Caroline 
B^miTsdoffor, John, tailor, 299 s Durham 
Benbury James H. & Co. wholesale dealers 
in hats, &c., 255 w Baltimore, dw J. H. B. 
440 w Fayette 
Benbury James H. clerk, 440 w Fayette 
BENDANN BROTH KRS, photographic stu- 
dio, over 205 w Baltimore 
Bondann Daniel, (B. Bros.) 13 s High 
Bindann David, (B. & Bros.) 13 s High 
Bunden Thomas, mariner, 77 Block 
Bender Charles, confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Bender (Jhristian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Fred, tailor, 256 n Eden 
Bender Gotleib, harness maker, 23 L. McEl- 

Bender Geo. W. hatter, 32 Orchard 
Bender Henry, piano maker, 53 Josephine 
Bend(;r Henry, carpenti-r, 423 w Pratt 
Binder Jacob, cigar maker, 52 s Eulaw 
Bender John, (Coleman & H.) 6 n Republican 
Bender John, butcher, 18 Rock 
Bender Joseph, saddler, 354 w Pratt 
Bander Joseph, tailor, over 77 n Howard 
Bender Louis, 57 Raborg 
Bender Lucas, paper carrier, 245 Lemmou 
Bender Samuel, Custom-house boatman, 32 

Bendorff August, tobacconist, 268 s Caroline 
Bendross Fred, carter, 143 s Bethel 
Benedict Peter, 4 Halfmoon al 
Benedix Joseph, dry goods dealer, s c corner 

Eden and Jefferson 
iienezet George, coach painter, 180 s Eden 
Benhoff Frederick, blacksmith, 117 Elliott 
Benjamin G<'orge A. varnisher, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin George, moulder, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin Jacob, pawn-broker, cor. Gay and 

Benjamin Levi, pawn-brok(^r, 22 n Gay 
Benjamin Samuel, grocer, 42 Douglass < 

Benjamin Virginia, seamstress, 62 Bank 
Benline John, laborer, 23 Goodman al 
B^nnar J. professor French, Franklin House 
Benned John, nightman, 235 s Ann, dw Bulti- 

timore County 
Benner Caroline, 147 Aisquith 
BENNER & CO.Adelphia House, s w corner 

Fayette and Holiday 
Benner Elizabeth, grocerj^, 134 Low 
Heaner Ferdinand, machinist, 302 Light 
Binner George, shipsmith, 246 s Charli-s 
BiMiner John, carter, 10 Burke 
Benner Mary A. 128 Jefferson 
Benner Otto, (B. Co.) 34 w Fayette 
ISenncr Samuel, silver plater, 302 Light 
Benner, Spurrier & Co. bankers, 176 w Balti- 
Benner Thomas S. (B., Spurrier & Co.) 147 

Benner Thaddeus, 52 Cross 
B,'nnerWm. (B., Spurrier&. Co.) 147 Aisquith 
Bennerman Henry, laborer, 315 Light 
Bennet Cyrus, clerk, 105 w Fayette 
Bennet Harriet A. 73 AIcHenry 
Bennet Jane, dry goods dealer, s e corner Ais- 
quith and Chase 
Bennet John, carpenter, 323 Eastern av 
Bennet John I. lottery vender, 46 Thames, dw 
251 e Pratt 

Bennet Lewis H. sweep-master, 187 Ross 
Be-nnet Livingston M. 219 Garden 
Bennet Matthew, clerk, 305 e Baltimore 
Bennet Patrick, currier, 35 Hillen 
Bennet Rufus, carpenter, 9 Ross, dw 143 
Bennet Samuel, laborer, 48 Albemarle 
Bennet Thomas S. teacher, 123 e Monument 
j Bennet Wm. J. clerk P. O. 305 e Baltimore 
I Bennett Alfred, s w cor. Fayette and Greene 
\ Bennett Ann E. 238 n Eutaw 

Bennett Benj. F. (B. & Hopkins,) 130 s Sharp 
, B.nnett C. W. 112 w Fayette 
Bennett D. Curtis, butcher, 95 e Madison 
Bennett Dan. H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Daniel, engineer, Falls Road near 
Northern av 
I BENNETT EDWIN, manufacturer of cane 
I and Rockingham ware, corner (^anton and 
j Central avenues, dw 327 e Baltimore 
Bennett Edward, saw-mill, 251 e Hratt 
Bennett Edward, (John B. & Bro.) 214 e Lom- 
Bennett Eliza, 131 Knsor 
Bennett Ellis, caulker, 46 Johnson 
Beiuiett Enoch, notion house, 326 w Baltimore, 

dw 80 n Paca 
Bennett F. W. & Co. auctioneers and commis- 
sion merchants, 28 and 30 s Charles, dw F. 
W. B., Mulberry opposite Cathedral 
B'Mniett George, clerk, 238 n Eutaw 
Bennett George 1 . carpenter, 271 e Baltimore 
BENNETT G. R. & L. E. coal dealers, 169 n 

Howard, dw G. R. B. 329 n Kutaw 
Bennett Geo. W. mail agent, 95 Gough 
Bennett Geo. W. shoemaker, 167 Stii-ling 
Bennett & Hopkins, carpenters, 69 Hanover 
Bennett John, house carpenter, 15 Fountain 
Bennett John, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennett .John, excavator, 165 s Paca 
BENNETT JOHN & BRO. grocers and li- 
quor dealers, 214 e Lombard 
Bennett John, (John B. & Bro.) 214 e Lom- 
Beimett Joshua,, 168 n Front 
Bennett L. E. (G. R. & L. E. B.) 329 n 

Bennett Littleton S. mariner, 10 Lee 
Bennett Livingston M. att. at law, 219 Garden 
Bennett Mary A. 329 n Kutaw 
Bennett Patrick H. 361 w F'ayette 
Bennett Robert, watchman. Custom house, 183 

s Ann 
Bennett Robert, conductor B. & O. R. R. 630 

w Pratt ^ 

Bennett Silas, salesman, 105 w Fayette 
Bennett Thomas, clerk, 268 e Baltimore 
Bennett Thomas, teacher, 123 e Monument 
Bennett Wm. puddler, 2 
Bennett W. W. 875 w Pratt 
Bennett Wm. boiler maker , 167 Montgomery 
Bennett Wm. H. sawyer, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Wm. T. clerk at Western Bank, dw 

165 s Paca 
Benney Francis, brush maker, 290 s Sharp 
Benney Joseph, brush maker, 290 s Sharp 
Benney Jonathan, shoemaker, 236 n Gay 
Benney Wm. shoemaker, 233 e Madison 
Bennis Wm. laborer, 9 Rose 
Bennoid George, ship carpenter, 256 s Ann 
Benny Robert, laborer, 214 Eastern av 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Schroeder 
BENSON BENJ. S. iron founder and ma- 
chinist, 52 e Monument, dw 192 n Calvert 




Benson Charlotte L. 374 n Gay 

Bonson KUen, 54 s Ann 

Bonson Fanny J. 40 s Sprint 

B-nison Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 68 n 

BENSO.V DR. GFO. W. 199 Hanover 
Benson Hellen, 344 Franklin 
B<nison James, brickmaker, 426 Light 
Benson John, carpenter, 25 Sterrett 
Benson John, 180 L. Hughes 
Benson John P. paint store, 170 Franklin, d\v 

352 Lezington 
Benson Mrs. Mary, 193 n Exeter 
Benson Odelheit, 435 ( anton av 
Benson Robert F. clerk, 40 Spring row 
Benson Robt. P. clerk P. W. & B. R. R. 105 

s Exeter 
Benson Wm. druggist, 55 Hill 
Bfinson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm P. ship joiner, 54 s Ann 
Benteen Frederick D. dealrr in pianos, 10 n 

Charles and 80 w Fayette, dw 272 w j\Iad- 

Benthall Capt. Robert, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Wm. McR. bookkeeper, 310 e Balti- 
BF.NTLEY CHAS. W. propr. Balto. steam 

boiler works, 25 s Front, dw 16 e Fayette 
Bentley Edward, brickmakir, 265 s Paca 
Bentley Peter, embroidery stamper, 52 o Balti- 
Bentley Thos. brickmaker, 265 s Paca 
Bentline John, copper smelter, Clinton near 

B<'nton Benj. carpenter, 56 Oak 
BENTON & DEETS, steam cabinet manuf. 

Eist Falls av,, warerooms 2 e Lombard 
Benton Francis, carpi'nter, 186 Montgomery 
Benton Hester, 464 w Lombard 
Benton Levi, laborer, 109 Low 
Benton Samuel (B. & Deetz,) 164 e Fayette 
Benton Thos. F. cigar maker, 92 Lee 
Benton Wm. D. 92 Lee 
Bejiton Wm. D. laborer tobacco warehouse 

No. 5 
Bentz Andrew, baker, 160 s Wolfe 
Bentz Philip, upholsterer, 38 Harrison 
Ben villi' Lawrence, 127 Aliceanna 
Benz Casper, baker, 443 w Fayette 
Benzel Fredk. shoemaker, 92 Harrison 
Benzer Henry, laborer, 135 s Spring 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorney at law, 19 Law 

Benzinger John S. 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Mary B. confectionery, 62 e Fayette 
Berberich Joseph, cabinetmaker, 65 Wa.shin')'- 

ton,F. H. 
Berbig Edward, shoemaker, 207 s Bethel 
Berch Christian, butcher, 25 Calve-rton road 
Berch Henry, clerk in post office, 9 Lloyd 
Berg August T. clerk, 156 Mulberry 
BKRG O. H. exchange broker, 16 South, dw 

145 w Lombard 
Berg, Philip, boot and shoe deal. 64 w Pratt, 

dw 174 n Gay 
Berg Theodore, cigar maker, 75 e Lombard 
Berg Rev. John, editor and propr. True Union. 

over 73 w Fayette, dw 38 n Charles 
Berge Herman, whip maker, 3 Spring ct 
Berge Wm. varnisher, 3 Spring ct 
Bergen Michael, tailor and clothier, 113 n 

Bergen Wm. barkeeper U. S. hotel, 60 President 

Berger Andrew, laborer, 15 Elliot 

Berger August, nightman, 52 Chatsworth 

BiTger Anastasia, 514 Lexington 

Berger Anna, 150 Hillen 

Berger Clement, 52 n Fremont 

Berger Christian, tailor, 54 n E.xeter 

Berger Frederick, 6 Josephine 

BERGER JOHN, bookseller and stationer, 

252 w Baltimore, dw 43 n Front — [See p. 43 

Berger Joseph, butch(>r, 27 Harford av 
Be-rger Kuhn, wood sawyer, 533 Lexington 
Berger Maurice, trunk mkr. 514 Lexington 
Berger Martin, baker, 90 French 
Berger Philip, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Berger Zi'pherenus J. ethereal oil manuf. 52 n 

Berges John, seaman, 320 Aliceanna 
Bergheimer Henry, clothier, 376 s Charles 
Bergheimer Leon, baker, 18 s Ann 
BeTghofT Alexander, cooper, Wolfe, 1st door 

s of Gough 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman John, 134 s Dallas 
Bergman John, barkeeper, 141 w Lombard 
Bergman Philip, clerk, 138 Pearl 
Bergstran Peter, safe maker,, n e cor Holiday 

and Foundry 
Bergot John, brick maker, 6 Port al 
Berkla John, cooper, 62 s Central av 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Berkner Frederick, cabinet maker, 6 Josephine 
Berlineke Christian, cigar maker, 55 n Fred- 
Berlineke Christopher, cigar maker, 55 n 

Berlinger Philip, shoemaker, 163 s Chapel 

Bernard , bricklayer, 202 Garden 

Bernard Bridget, 60 Kastern av 

Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 

Berneburg John, locksmith, 9 Arch 

Bernei Seligman, clothier, 74 Centre Market 

Berneke A. tailor, 147 n Bond 
Berner Charen, 247 n Eden 
Berner Gotleib, tanner, 55 Buren 
Berner Wm. rigger, 287 Aliceanna 
Berney B. shoe store, 54 Harrison and 24 w 

Berney Dr. James, 16 Hollins 
Berney Philip, shoemaker, 54 Harrison 
Bernhard Andrew, 108 Cross 
Bernhard Basche, laborer, 41 Marion 
Bernhard Charles, barkeeper, 866 w Baltimore 
Bernhard Charles, nightman, 54 s Oregon 
Bernhard Joseph, (Struth & B.) 279 Hanover 
Bernheimer Schismann, laborer, 109 Stirling 
Bcrenstecher Catherine, 418 Penna. av 
Berenstecher Henry, lager beer saloon, 370 

Pi-nna. av 
Bernstein George, shoemaker, 157 e Fayette 
Berntheusel Wm. grocery and baker, 98 e 

Berntson Rasmus, mariner, 184 Gough 
Berresford John, iron roller, 138 Hudson 
Berriman Wm. laborer, 299 Canton av 
Berry Benj. D. brickmaker, 77 Henrietta 
Berry Benj. D. brickmaker, 113 s Wolfe 
Berry Benjamin W. grocer, 65 Camden 
Berry Capt. Charles A. mariner, 197 Ross 
Berry Mrs. C. D. 64 n Paca 
Berry Edward, "Times" sailor boarding 
house, 53 Thames 




Berry George R. (John S. & Geo. R. B.) 160 

s Sharp 
Berry G<o. W. shoemaker, 284 n Gay, dw 

216 Aisquith 
B<irry G. Henry, (Armstrong & B.) 110 

Berry James, laborer, 57 Preston 
Berry James L. forman planing mill, 6 Essex 
Berry James W. furnishmg and variety store, 

283 w Pratt 
Berry Jasper M. & Co. lumber dealers, n w 

cor Howard and Cathedral, dw J. M. B., 

Baltimore Co. 
Berry Jesse L. C. fire brick mkr. 160 s Sharp 
Berry John, carpenter, 152 n Front 
Berry John E. mariner, 274 s Broadway 
Berry John II. stock broker, 34 Second, dw 

26 McCulloh 
Berry John P. carpenter, 152 n Front 
Berry John S. Calverton Mills near almshouse 
Berry John S. (John S. & Geo. R.) 14 s 

BERRY JOHN S. & GEORGE R. firebrick 

maimfacturers, cor Sharp and Montgomery 
Berry John T. flour mercnant, Howard near 

Pratt, dw 294 Lexington 
Berry Louis, carpenter, 8 Essex 
Berry Margaret Ann, 510 Lexington 
BERRY N. E. tobacco, produce, grain and 

commission merchant, over 63 w Pratt, dw 

87 Camden 
Berry Patrick, laborer, 15 Cotton row, Canton 
Berry Richard, grocery, 215 e Baltimore 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Theodore M. clerk, 65 ('amden 
Berry Wm. B. (J. M. B. & Co.) n w corner 

Howard and Cathedral 
Berry Walter W. di'aler in cigars and tobacco, 

174 w Pratt, dw 126 Hanover 
Berry Wm. H. 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. laborer, 106 York 
Bersch Christian, butcher, Calverton road, 

near Baltimore 
Bersch llenry, sr. 9 Lloyd 
Bersch Henry, jr. clerk post office, 9 Lloyd 
Bersick Michael, provision store, s w corner 

Lombard and Poppleton 
Bershell Geo. laborer, Washington road near 

Bert Peter, furrier, 68 s Paca 
Berth Charles, tailor, 34 n Charles 
Bertholf Jas. H. jr. tinner, 167 Hollins 
Bertholf James H. clerk, 456 w Lombard 
Bertoldi John, stencil cutter, 123i^west Lom- 
bard, dw 9 Mercer 
Bertram Charles, (Jno. B. & Son) 214 w Pratt 
Bertram Chas. shoemaker, 214 w Pratt 
BERTRAM JOHN & SON, shoe store, 214 

w Pratt 
Bertram Wm. shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Bertran John L, tinner, 169 Stirling 
Beruoh Christopher, cabinet maker, 8 Low 
Berryman John B. clerk, 229 Franklin 
Berryman Samuel, provision dealer, 320 East- 
ern av 
Berryman Thomas, laborer, 6 Armistead lane 
Herz Casper, laborer, 4 Bouldin al 
Berz Wm. baker, 19 Stirling 
Besel Sebastian, hatter, 230 n Gay 
Beselin Wm. clerk, 20 Centre market space 
Besser John, locksmith, 687 w Baltimore 
Besser Warner, locksmith, 342 Mulberry 
Best John, carpenter, 37 Haubert 

Bestor John R. jr. 97 s High 

Bestor John R. "bookkeeper, 97 s High 

Bestor Rollin J. clerk, 97 s High 

Bethel Church, Lee near Light 

Betschler Martin, shoemaker, 244 s Charles 

Betson Joseph, cooper, 1 L. Garden 

BETTS ALEXANDER P. sail maker, 122 

Dugan's wharf, dw 50 n Eden 
Betts Alice, 87 Cambridge, Canton 
Betts Conrad, stevedore, 137 s Caroline 
Betts Charles H. clerk, 61 Lexington 
Betts John, porter, 127 n Howard 
Betts John H. millwright, 69 n Popjjleton 
Betts Mary, 156 e Lombard 
Betts Robert, bookkeeper, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert Oliver, saddler, 43 n Central av 
Betts William, printer, 78 e Lombard 
Betts Wm. E. prov. dealer, 61 Lexington 
Betz Andrew, blacksmith, 58 Chatsworth, 

Betz August, moulder, 240 Lemmon 
Betz Eliza, shirt store, 239 Canton av 
Betz Gustav, wheelwright, 262 n Central av 
Betz John, cabinet maker, 191 s Regester 
Betz John, laborer, 137 s Exeter 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 191 Regester 
Betz Ludwick, tailor, 261 e Lombard 
Betz Thomas, shoemaker, 239 Canton av 
Betzall Andrew, 73 Washington, F. H. 
Betzold Fredk, omnibus driver, 10 Walsh 
Betzold Herman, tailor, 247 Penna. av 
Betzer George, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Betzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Betzer John G. grocer and tailor, 225 e Eager 
Betzinger George, nail maker, 175 s Regester 
Betzinger Philip, furniture car driver, 116 n 

Betzwizer Francis, painter, 69 e Monument 
Beumshlah Andrew, tailor, 18 McClellan's al 
Beumshlah Henry, tailor, 18 McClellan's al 
Beutelspacher Elizabeth, 190 Hollins 
Eevan Chas. F. (B. & Son,) 285 n Howard 
Bevan George F. clerk, 100 s. Paca 
Be van Geo. foreign clerk. Mechanics' bank, 

dw 100 s Paca 
Bevan George (Samuel B. & Co.) 100 s Paca 
Bevan John T. bricklayer, 117 n Paca 
Bevan Joseph, (Chas. Blake & Co.) 84 Han- 
Bevan Joshua, grocer, 115 Orleans 
Bevan Samuel, (S. B. & Co.) 120 Park 
Bevan Samuel & Co. importers and jobbers in 

English, French and German dry goods, 279 

\v Baltimore 
BEVAN & SONS, marble workers, 140 Sara- 
Bevan Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Bevan Thomas H. 147 w Biddle 
Bevan Thos. H. copper smelt. 70 Beason, L. P. 
Bevan Thomas M. copper smelter, Clinton, s 

of Boston 
Bevan Thomas W. (B., Phillips & Co.) s w 

cor Pratt and Spring 
Bevan Wm. J. stone cutter, 131 Peirce 
Bevan Wm. (Morgan & B.) 131 Peirce 
Bevan Wm. F. (B. & Sons) 93 w Biddle 
Bevan Wm. J. laborer, 6 L. Gough 
Bevan William, copper smelter, Clinton, s of 

Be vans David, blacksmith, 11 Cotton row, 

Bevans David, furniture wagon, 121 n Paca 




Bevans John T. 117 n Paca 
Hevans James, machinist, 291 e Madison 
BEVANS JAS. H. att. at law, 5 Courtland 
Bevans Henry, poUceman, 291 e Madison 
Bevans Reuben A. L. cabinet maker, 281 e 

Baltimore, and 3 n High 
Bevans Wm. of planing mill, 83 s Exeter 
Beveridge David F. clerk, 363 w Fayette 
Beveridge Daniel, moulder, 82 n Front 
Beveridge John, saddler, 279 w Pratt 
Beveridge Oliver, wire worker, 82 n Front 
Beveridge Robert, gardener, 109 Cathedral 
Beverungen Louis, butcher, 320 Aliceanna 
Bevy Augustus, junk dealer, 149 Orleans 
Beyer Andrew S. cigar maker, 56 s Howard 
Beyer Catharine, grocery, n e corner Lombard 

and Exeter 
Beyer Frederick, tailor, 39 Albemarle 
Beyer Frederick, musician, n e cor Lombard 

and Exeter 
Beyer John, carpenter, 122 Hollins 
Beyer Justus, cigar maker, 222 Lee 
Beyer Ludwig, piano maker, 142 s Caroline 
Beyer Margaret, 22 Abbot 
Bewly Wm. carpenter, 33 s Republican 
Bfetch John, shoe findings, 303 n Howard 
Bezer Joseph, shoemaker, 131 Camden 
Bezeck John L. salesman, 163 Ross 
Bialla Moretz, French millinery, 23 and 47 n 

Hian John, wagoner, 117 Hamburg 
Biays Mrs. Jane C. 97 s Sharp 
Biavs Philip A. M. clerk, 97 s Sharp 
Bibb H. C. (B. & Co.) Lanvale cor Mason al 
Bibb &, Co. stove warehouse, 39 Liglit 
Bibby J. M. 80 s Paca 
Bible Depository, 75 w Fayette 
Bice Abraham, clerk, 45 Greenmount av 
Bichel Henry, carpenter, 232 n Bond 
Richer John, shoemaker, 50 Durst al 
Bichy Hermann, tailor, 13 n Liberty 
Bickell Joseph, laborer, 3 Spruce al 
Bickell Adam, laborer, 32 Burke 
Bickell Dr. Charles, chemist, over 81 Second, 

kw 142 s Charles 
Bickley Samuel, shoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Bickener John, carpenter, 101 s Register 
Bickernian John, porter, 154 s Bond 
BICKERTON JOSEPH & CO. importers and 

manuf. cloaks, mantillas, shawls, &c., 183 

w Baltimore 
Bickerton Jos. (J. B. & Co.) Fountain hotel 
Bickerstaff Henry, carter, 55 Tyson 
Bickstaff Susan, 55 Tyson 
Bickford & Hoffman, wheat and guano drills, 

90 s Charles 
Bidder Ferdinand, green grocery, 51 s Bond 
Biddle Charles, blacksmith, Elliott, 2 doors w 

of Clinton 
Biddle Richard F. moulder, 101 L. Greene 
Biddle Samuel, private watchman, B. & O. R. 

R., Camden station 
Bickman Louise, cook, 118 Hanover 
Bidroff Wolfgang, copper smelter, 58 Essex, 

Bielefeld Joseph, lager-beer saloon, 248 e Eager 
Bielefeld Peter, lager-beer saloon, 274 n Cen- 
tral av 
Bielefeld W. W. cigar maker, 74 Perry 
Biemler Henry, laborer, 173 s Sjiring 
Beinshoffur Jacob, laborer, 51 Aliceanna 
Bier Jane A. 261 e Baltimore 
Bierdorf , tailor, 76 n Gay 

Bierizie Alonzo, music teacher, 15 Hillen 
Bigelow Waldo, bread wagoner, 163 n Eutaw 
Biggers Alfred L. laborer, 22 n Poppleton 
Bidlingmeyer John, wheelwright, 136 French 
Biddison James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison Zachariah, machinist, 534 w Balti- 
Biddle Joseph, fisherman, 29 s Front 
Biddle Samuel, 101 L. Greene 
Biede Adolphus, apothecary and chemist, 218 

s Broadway 
Bieger Adam, lager beer saloon, 42 s Regester 
Biemeler Henry, milkman, 245 Penna. av 
Bien Adam, shoemaker, 343 Penna. av 
Bien Henry, laborer, 502 Penna. av 
Bierau George, clerk, 36 Williamson 
Biggs John A. butcher, 7 n Caroline 
Biggs Joseph, policeman, 90 n Eden 
Biggs Mary, 48 n Spring 
Biggar John (J. F. Jamison & Co.) 202 n 

Biggins Wm. H. boot maker, 18 Hillen 
Bigler .George cabinet maker, 117 Low 
Bihl Michael, tailor, 30 Burke 
BLN'GHAM & BLACKBURN, produce com- 
mission merchants, n e cor Franklin and 

Bingham Mrs. Elizabeth, 303 w Fayette 
Bingham John, clerk, 303 w Fayette 
Bingham M. M. (B. & Blackburn, 180 Preston 
Bingham Wm. clerk, tobacco warehouse No. 

4, dw 224 Barre 
Billego Julius, 72 s Central av 
Billings Edwin E. clerk, 91 Warner 
Billings Edwin, tinner, Fremont near Lee 
Billings John, china, glass and earthenware 

dealer, 174 s Broadway 
Billingslea Charles, 88 n Eutaw 
Billingsley Thos. A. clerk tobacco warehouse, 

dw Adams house 
Billingsley Thoms B. clerk, tobac. warehouse, 

dw Adams house 
Billington Gover, lottery and exchange office, 

s e cor Centre mark, space and Fish market 

space, dw 155 n Central av 
Billman Conrad, carter, 5 Choptank 
Billman Geo. provision store, 1 s Poppleton 
BilJmeyer Jacob, shoemaker, 176 East 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, dw 

Fountain hotel 
Billmeyer Margaret, 174 East 
Bilhips Alfred M. currier, 15 McKlderry 
Billups Benj. F. salesman, 15 McElderry 
Bilhips James O. salesman, Maltby house 
Billups John R. sailor, 235 Cross 
Billups Joseph R. shoemaker, 15 McElderry 
Billups Louisa, 228 w Pratt 
Bilson Andrew J. plasterer, 94 Preston 
Bilson Henry, machinist, 469 w Lombard 
Bilson John, plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Samuel, plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 

237 w Fayette 
Bilson Zachariah, hatter, 154 Ensor 
Bimber Balderser, tailor, 311 Canton av 
Binding Henry, cooper, 31 Lee 
Binder Louis, musical instrument maker, 57 

Binderwalt Christina, millinery, 53 3^ Pearl 
Bindewald Ludwig, tailor, 455 w Baltimore 
Bindewell Louis, 45 n Eutaw 
Bina Joseph, laborer, 17 Orchard 
Bines John, laborer, 138 Garden 
Bines Robert, 81 s Paca 




Bingener Wm. shoemaker, 271 s Sharp 
Bingham Bpnj. T. carpenter, 291 Franklin 
Bingham Robert, stone cutter, 55 Centre 
Binney Capt. Joshua, surveyor of vessels and 

cargoes, office s w cor Gay and Lombard, 

dw 44 Fawn 
Binig Charles, paver, 268 Division 
Binnix l^ewis, laborer of tob. warehouse No. 5 
Binnix Martha, 169 e Madison 
Binswanger E. furniture dealer, 8 Harrison 
Binswanger Emanual (B. & Son) 8 Harrison 
Binswanger Simon, (B. & Son) 8 Harrison 
Binswanger & Son, vinegar manufacturers, 

rear of 25 Saratoga 
Binyon & Audoun, house carpenters, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Benj. F. carpenter, 55 s Caroline 
Binyon Thomas, prop, horses and carts, 300 

Canton av 
Binyon Wm. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Birch Charlrs, deal, second hand wares, cor 

French and East 
Birch Charles, clerk. 111 s Sharp 
Birch Thomas B. ship joiner, 119 s Bond 
Birch Wm. R. clerk. 111 s Sharp 
Birch Mrs. Wm. S. Ill s Sharp 
Birckhead Mrs. C. A. 48 n Charles 
Birckhead Christopher, tailor, 3 Albemarle 
Birckhead Lenox, 48 n Charles 
Birckhead Middleton, carpenter, 185 Forrest 
Birckhead Jamc^s, 87 Park 
Birckhead John W. police, 189 n Central av 
Bird Geo. (Wyman & B.) 234 n Eutaw 
Bird E. Carrere, tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

Gilmor house 
BIRD J. EDWARD & BRO. wholesale and 

retail dry goods dealers, 213 w Baltimore, 

dw J. E. B. 110 w Fayette 
Bird Joseph, (J. E. B. & Bro.) 8 Parkin 
Bird John, wood dealer, 99 William 
Bird Oden, carpenter, 165 G. Hughes 
Bird Peter, grocery, 243 e Chase 
BIRD STEPHEN L. & CU. dry goods deal- 
ers, 69 w Balto., dw S. L. B. 187 w Lombard 
Bird Thomas, laborer, 84 French 
Bird Thomas, steamboat fireman, 12 Fish 

market space 
Birdsall Samuel, huckster, 36 Harford av 
Birdthistla Patrick, wagoner, 100 Granby 
Birely Lewis A. agent for Val. Birely, 247 w 

Birely Val. hide and leather deal. 15 Cheapside 
Birkby J. M. salesman, 8 n Howard 
Birkenwald Solomon, shoemaker, 60 Thames 
Birkett Mary, 20 n Liberty 
Birkey Kdward H. 74 Hanover 
BIRKEY THUS. H. grocer, 74 Hanover 
Birkey Thomas H. jr, 74 Hanover 
Birkholz Chas. piano maker, 4 Pearl 
Birkholz Ciiarles, 11 Barnet 
lUritz Ernest, laborer, 362 Pennsylvania av 
Birmingham Andrew, carpenter, 182 n Caroline 
Birmingham Daniel, laborer, 185 s Castle 
Birmingham Mary Jane, 182 n Caroline 
Birmingham Michael, clerk, 145 Henrietta 
Birmingham Thomas, painter, 45 Ross 
Birmingliam Wm. stone mason, 8 Booth 
Biscoe Mrs. Ann, 89 s Paca 
Biscoe George, screwman, tobacco warehouse 

No 5, dvv' 309 Eastern av 
Biscoe James, clerk, 125 s Paca 
Biscoe John R. clerk, Madison w of Bond 
Biscoe Mrs Samuel C. 125 s Wolfe 
Biscoe Wm. M. ship joiner, 309 Eastern av 

BISCHOFF C. F. tobacconist, 167 Franklin 

and 20 n Paca 
Bischoft" Christopher, cabinet maker, 239 s 

Biserd Hanse, porter, 180 e Lombard 
Bishop Adam, laborer, 220 s Durham 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rod agent, 95 Ensor 
Bishop Casper, paver, 299 n Central av 
Bishop & Curry, feed and flour dealers, 161 

Bishop David, 185 e Fayette 
Bishop Elizabeth, 164 s. Howard 
Bishop Klizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop Elizabeth, 26 Jefferson 
Bishop George, carpenter, 155 Ensor 
Bishop George W. cigar maker, 92 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Bishop George W. pump maker, 1 Webb George W. clerk B. & O. R. R. 143 s 

Bishop Godfried, coppersmith, 253 Hanover 
Bishop Harriet, tailoress, 142 s. Eutaw 
Bishop Jacob C. waiter, 36 Richmond 
Bishop' James, screwman, tobacco warehouse 1 

Ringgold al 
Bishop James, watchman, 241 w Biddle 
Bishop James E. 316 Aisquith 
Bishop James H. carpenter, 155 Ensor 
Bishop James, painter, 179 Hollins 
Bishop James, tavern, 498 w Pratt 
Bishop John, detective policeman, 241 w Biddle 
Bishop John, ship carp. 246 Eastern av 
Bishop John T. stone mason, 327 Cathedral 
Bishop John, cooper, 94 French 
Bishop Leonard, laborer, 542 w Pratt 
Bishop Mrs. Mary Ann, 94 n Caroline 
Bishop, Nathaniel, carpenter, 371 e Fayette 
Bishoji Patrick, switchman B. & O. R. R. 164 

Bishop Richard, coach manuf. 93 w Fayette, 

dw Bait. Co 
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, 151 n Fremont 
Bishop Wm. rigger, 136 s Wolfe 
Bishop Wm. jr. inspector at custom house, 260 

e Madison 
Bishop Wm. J. lightning rod constructor, 156 

e Monument 
Bishop Wm. T. (B. & Curry) 157 n High 
Bishop Winchester, policeman, 155 Ensor 
Bisney James, copper smelter, Clinton, near 

Bissett Thomas, jr. stone cutt. 53 McHenry 
Bissing, W.J. watchmaker, 64 n Gay 
Bisson Wm. mate, 128 Chester 
Biter Wm. shoemaker, 249 s Broadway 
Bittaker Wm. hostler, Pearl near Lexington 
Bittenger George, shoemaker, 1 Albemarle 
Bitter Christian, (Plughoff& B.) 45 Harrison 
Bitter John, wood sawyer, 194 Stirling 
Bitter Lewis, tavern, 5 w Pratt 
Bittinger Frederick, laborer, 37 Albemarle 
Bittinger John D. shoemaker, 7 Penna. av 
Bittmer Fritz, laborer, 214 s Chapel 
Bittner Andrew, laborer, 18 Hammond al 
Bittner Frederick, 219 Lexington 
Bittner John, tailor, 313 n Central av 
Bittner Lainhardt, shoemaker, 248 s Ann 
Bitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 83 Ross 
Bitzel John, butcher, 25 Abbot 
Bitzell Hllenstine, 73 e Monument 
Bitz John, porter, 188 Park 
Bixle- B. M. clerk, B.& O. R. R. dw 50 Pearl 
Bixler Daniel, jr. bookkeeper, 50 Pearl 




Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 

Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 50 Pearl 

Black, Alexander, boatman, 291 a Lombard 

Black Archibald, 11 Ri>g;ester 

Black Benjamin F. (B.&Webb) 33 McHenry 

Black Catharine, 413 w Pratt 

Black Charles, mariner, 64 Thames 

Black D. H. trunk maker, 96 Aisquith 

Black Mrs. Hannah, 33 McHenry 

Black Harmon F. yeast maker, 197 e Fayette 

Black Henry, baker, 141 n Fremont 

BLACK HORSE HOTEL, 111 n High, James 

Alexander, prop. 
Black Isabella, 24 s Ann 
Black James, stone cutter, 270 Mulberry 
Black James F. messenger Adams Express 

Co. 413 w Pratt 
Black John, builder, 326 Saratoga 
Black John R. carpenter, 18 Marion, d\v 111 

n Fremont 
Black John, stone cutter, 370 Mulberry 
Black John, cooper, Smith's wharf, dw 187 

Black John, clerk, 296 Lexington 
Black Lewis W. painter, 33 McHenry 
Black Lillid H. 22 George 
Black Margaret, seamstress, 4 e Center 
Black Samuel, marble yard, 166 Cathedral, dw 

Baltimore Co. 
Black Sarah, washerwoman, 67 Preston 
Black Susan, 67 Preston 
BLACK & WEBB, painting depot, 79 Exch. 

Black Wm. huckster, 42 Plum al 
Black Wm. machinist, 270 Mulberry 
Black Wm. scale maker, 270 Mulberry 
Blackburn Cyrus, (Bigham&B.) 167 n Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin, clerk, 167 n Kutaw 
Blackburn John C. attorney at law, 34 St. Paul, 

dw s e cor Pine and Saratoga 
Blackburn John A. grain fan maker, 258 s Car- 
oline, dw .39 Thames 
Blackburn J. W. clerk tobacco warehouse, 162 

Blackburn Samuel, tinner, 331 n Howard 
Blackburn Wm. clerk, 160 Hanover 
Blackby Cai)t. Thomas, 124 Cross 
BLACKISTON & GREEN, cabinet makers, 

over 446 w Baltimore 
Blackiston Herbert H. clerk, 18V< s Calvert 
Blackiston John B. (B. & GreJn) 307 Mul- 
Blackiston "Wm. C. lumber inspector. West 

Falls av. dw 138 s Sharp 
Bhicklar Alexander C. clerk, Bond nr Jefferson 
BLACKLAR CHARLES, provision dealer, 

105 e Pratt 
Blacklock Nicholas F. paper stock dealer, 118 

Light-st wharf, dw 521 w Fayette 
Blackman Charles, bookkeeper, 89 s Exeter 
Blackston John B. cabinetmaker, Baltimore nr 

Pearl, dw 307 Mulberry 
Blackston Mary, .307 Mulberry 
Blackway Wm. miller, 102 York 
Blades Charles, butcher, 86 n Central av 
Blades John L. chair maker, 106 s Wolfe 
Blades Samuel, chair maker, 157 n Exeter 
BLAIll & CO. gas fitters, 366 w Baltimore, 

adjoining Eutaw house 
Blair Charles E. bookkeeper, 14 1^ s Calvert 
Blair F. P. fireman B. & O. R. R. 460 w Lom- 
Blair George, furniture wagons, 130 French 

Blair George W. copper plate printer, 228 Mul- 
Blair Henry H. clerk, Henrietta w of Hanover 
Blair J. A. clerk, 14 1^ Calvert 
Blair John, tailor, 93 n Schroeder 
Blair L. P. (Blair & Co.) Western Hotel 
Blake Caroline, 242 (.'anton av 
Blake Charh^s & Co. dealers in watches, &c. 

217 w Baltimore 
Blake Charles (C. B. & Co.) Garden, north of 

Blake George A. carpenter, 150 s Bond 
Blake George, 151 York 
Blake James, moulder, 133 s. Chapel 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, cor Frank- 
lin and North, dw 200 n Eutaw 
Blake John, barber, 242 Canton av 
Blake John, laborer, 133 s Chapel 
Blake John, carpet weaver, 47 Tyson 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Joseph, stone cutter, 47 Tyson 
Blake Joseph, salesman, n e cor Howard and 

Blake Margaret, washerwoman, 133 s Chapel 
Blake Martin, grocer, 59 East 
Blake Richard, hatter, Front-st. hotel 
Blake Sarah, 10 Josephine 
Blake Wm. machinist, 133 s Chapel 
Blakeley Sophia, 121 Peirce 
Blakely John, tanner. Homestead, Bait. Co. 
Blakely Wm. H. painter, 309 n Gay 
Blaker Edward R. brass finisher, 35 Stiles 
Blakeslee Ransom, jr. succ(>ssor to Baltitnoro 

Clock Co. 18 s Charles, dw 32 s Sharp 
Blakey Wm. malster, 340 Saratoga 
Blakistone Wm. D. grocer, s w cor Hanover 

and Barre 
Blamire John E. mariner, 160 e Pratt 
Blanch James C. potter, 92 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, soap and candle manufactory , 

135 Lexington 
BLANCHARD E. WYATT, attorney at law, 

41 St. Paul, dw 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard E. H. 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard Harriet, confectioner, 47 Forrest 
Blanchard Joseph, coachmaker, 47 Forrest 
Blanchard Thomas H . grocer, 38 n Eden 
BLANCK JOHN, Columbia house, 471 w Bal- 
Blandel George, Haubert, iiOcust Point 
Blandy Dr. Alfred A. dentist, 51 n Charles 
Blaney GeOrge, stonecutter, 161 Greenmountav 
Blaney James M . bricklay. 266 Greenmount av 
Blaney James W. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John T. carpenter, 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Sarah, 266 Greenmount av 
Blanford David, leather inspector, 44 w Biddle 
Blandford Klizabeth, 157 Bank 
Blanford Samuel H. sailmaker, 44 w Biddle 
Hlankenburg C. shoemaker, 223 e Madison 
Blankenhong I'eter, carpenter, 357 e Eager 
Blash Samuel G. sailmaker, 366 Canton aT 
Blaskee ,Iohn, tailor, 72 Leadenhall 
Blass Wm. H. salesman, 54 s Sharp 
Blatt John, tailor, 446 Saratoga 
Blattan Margaret, Choptank near Fayette 
Blattner John, laborer, 6 Covington 
Bleger Julius, baker, 152 w Pratt 
Bleidermacheri D. dressmakiT, 277 Aliceanna 
Blemmer Christian, shoemaker, 80 s Dallas 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 190 
n Central av 




Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Bletzer Frcdurick, slioemakcr, cor Wilk and 

Blow Robert W. clerk, 84 n Charlos 
Blich John, teachir, 6 Trinity 
Blick Thomas H. bookkreper, 98 c Baltimoro 
Blick Wm. pliistcrtT, 115 n Broadway 
Blickliahne Gnorge, apothecary, 44 n Gay 
Blilcr Rudolph, machinist, 528 w Pratt 
Blimline Henry, manuf. shirts, drawers, &c. 

over 2 n Liberty, dw. Park near Fayette 
Blimline Margaret, 108 s Spring 
Blinbergor Adam, laborer, 100 Biddle a) 
Blinsinger George F. carpenter, 145 Ross 
Blinsinger Wm. M. carpenter, 145 Ross 
Blissard George, 178 William 
Blissard John, sr. coppersmith, 178 William 
Blissard John, jr. machinist, 178 William 
Biilt George, bookkeeper, 260 East(M-n av 
Blizzard C. H. policeman, 22 Rock 
Hlock Andrew, coachsmith, 82 Park 
Block Augustus, imp. and com. merchant, 83 

Exchange place, dw 90 McCulloh 
Block F. engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block Henry, iron finisher, 48 Aliceanna 
Block John, (Thomsen & B.) 142 n Charle.s 
Block Julia, 4 n Schroeder 
Block Lewis, second-hand deal. 58 McEldijrry 
Block Louis, cigar maker, 88 York 
Block Smion, furniture and (clothing dealer, 254 

s Bond 
Bloise Thomas, tinner, 59 Montgomery 
Blome George, baker and confecl. 141 Aisquilh 
Blome John, tavern, 26 w Lombard 
Blondheim H' rtz, tailor, 105 n Howard 
Blood Loren/.ii I', teacher, 276 e Lombard 
Blood Wm. omnibus driver, 153 s Hegoster 
Bloodget J. M. 23 n Cr.lvert 
Bloom Christopher, butcher, Point la Har- 
ford av 
Blooman Anthony, laborer, 110 e I^ombard 
Blooman Jane, grocery, 110 e Lombard 
Bloomenthal Abraham, furniture di;ale)-, 262 s 

Bloomer Karnest, shoemaker, 92 Lanca.sler 
Bloomer Harman, laborer, 67 ( hina al 
Bloomer John W. hatter, 97 Aisquith 
Bloomer Wm. K. 97 Aisquilh 
Blotkamp Wm. watchmaker, 217 s Broadway 
Blottenberger Benjamin, wagoner, 178 Green- 
mount av 
BLXOHAM JOH.V, variety and hardw. dealer, 

45 Harrison, dw 127 n High 
Blum Antoine, laborer, 257 n Dallas 
Blum Barbara, 103 s Bond 
Blum Daniel, second-hand store, 103 I^ow 
Blum George, barber, 96 Richmond 
Blum Gotleib, tailor, 219 s Bethel 
Blum Henry, clerk, 208 s Sharp 
Hlum H. F. barber, 395 n Gay 
Blum Isaac, (tless & B.) 68 n Front 
Blum Isaac, second-hand deal. 193 o Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 228 s Caroline 
Blum Jacob, shoemaker, 1 McElderry ct 
Blum John L. tailor, 75 Hanover 
Blum Samuel H. clerk, 208 s Sharp 
Blum Wm. & Co. jewelers, 92 n Gay 
Blumanar Louis, clothier, n w cor Charles and 

L. Hughes 
Blumenberg Herman, cabinet maker, 153 e 

BLUMENBERG J. J. the Island of Cuba to- 
bacconist, 57 w Baliimore 

Blumenberg L. manufacturer cloaks and tal- 
mas, 177 n Gay 
Blumenthal Bernard P. dry goods dealer, 655 

w Baltimore 
Blumer John, fisherman, 280 Aliceanna 
Blumerblein John, laborer, 36 Eastern av 
Blumerwater John, tailor, 61 Preston 
Blumgrist John, safe maker, 159 North 
Elumguest Charles, blacksmith, 283 n Cer- 

tral av 
Blumingstine Catharine, 57 Orchard 
Blumlein Andrew, stove mounter, 426 w Pratt 
Blundell Andrew, laborer, 8 F'rench 
Blundell Dennis, clothier, 103 Garden 
Blundell Lewis, carpenter, 8 French 
Blundell Malachi, mail agint, 80 Ross 
Blundell Wm. hackman, 76 Mulberry 
Blunt George, carter, 125 Hamburg 
Blunt Mrs. Ellen Key, Cathedral near Read 
Blute Mary, 9 Mulberry 
Blyman Wm. broom maker, 22 Eutaw ct 
BIyth George, clerk N. C. R. 52 n Calvert 
Boak Robert, weaver. Beam's la 
Boakman Andrew, bricklayer, 211 s Eutaw 
Board of trade, office new ^ixchange 

buildings, George U. Porter Secretary 
Boarman Geo. S. carpenter, 743 w Baltimore 
Boarman Rebecca C. dry goods store, 743 w 

Bobee Joseph F. clerk, 207 Light 
Bobeth Charles, (Eggert & B.) 643 w Baltimore 
Bobert Charles C. sexton Eastern av Methodist 

Church, dw s e cor Eastern av and Bethel 
Boblity Wm. pump maker. 66 Union 
Bobst Mrs. Henry, 206 s Chapel 
Bochman John, tailor, 150 Hillen 
Bock Jacob, laborer, 163 s Regester 
Bock Wm. tailor, 259 Eager 
Bockelman Deilrich, tailor, cor Barre and L. 

Bockelman Henry, tailor, 147 s Greene 
Bocker Henry, tailor, 49 Carlton, 
Bockes Wm. T. cigar maker. Eagle hotel 
Bocklage Francis, O'Doiinell w of Clinton 
Bockmiller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockmillcr Wm. P. (Rezin Haslup & Co.) 98 

Bockrnan Andrew, tailor, 374 e Eager 
Bockman Christian, machinist, 142 s Caroline 
Bockste Franz, tailor, 3 Slate 
Bode Conrad, cooper, 151 s Regester 
Bode Charles, tailor, 296 n Gay 
Bode John, shoemaker, 184 Orleans 
Bodein John, umbrella maker, 32 Barnes 
Bodeker Gust, book-keeper, 145 w Lombard 
Hoden Frederick, tailor, 56 Aliceanna 
Boden Jane, grocery, 139 e Madison 
Boden James, shoemaker, 214 w Pratt 
Boden Marg. J. dress maker, 299 Monument 
Bodensick Charles, book binder, 393 Franklin 
Bodensick David, cabt. mak. 263 Franklin 
Bodensick David A. printer, 263 Franklin 
Bodensick Geo. H. book binder, 324 Franklin 
Bodensick Geo. miller, Frederick road, near 

Bodensick Wm. T. book binder, 263 Franklin 
Bodine Charles, laborer, 20 Barnes 
Eodine Mary, 22 Barnes 
Boeckner Charles, barber, 4 Eutaw house 
Boeckner John, carpenter, 101 Regester 
Boeher Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Boehl Henry, carpet weaver, 117 Cross 
Boehrn Dr. Ad. 205 Hanover 




Boehm Charles T. 125 Hanover 

Boehm C. G. office, 22j^ s Charles, dw 125 

Boehm Charles L. 223 n P.utaw 
Boehm John L. clf'rk, 215 w Fayette 
Boehm John W. blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehm Mary A. tailoress, 6 Preston 
Boehme Augustus, 130 Hanover 
Boehmer J. Henry, porter, 99 n Howard 
Boenzly John, shoemaker, 65 n Frederick 
Boerncr George C. cabt. maker, 39 n Amity 
Boerner Henry, salesman, secor Conway and 

Boester C. musical inst. maker, 125 Franklin 
Boettger Conrad, varnisher, 26 s Liberty 
Boettner Francis R. tobacconist, 183 e Pratt 
Boeth Henry, salesman, 37 s High 
Bogan Richard, laborer, 36 Eastern av 
Boger George, printer, cor Frederick and Gay 
Boewing Charles, apothecary and chemist, 1 

Boston, Canton 
Boggess Hillery, salesman. National Hotel 
Boggs Alexander L. jr., (Dungan & B.) 42 

BOGGS, COTTMAN & CO. importers and 
dealers in wines, liquors, &c. and commis. 
merchants, 46 w Lombard 
Boggs Charles A. clerk, 42 Courtland 
Boggs & Co. agents Connecticut Mutual Life 

Insurance Co. cor South and Second 
Boggs F. Henry, merchandize broker, 42 

Boggs Harmanus, (B., Cottman & Co.) 185 

St. Paul 
Boggs J. Greer, book-keeper, 75 e Baltimore 
Bogss Robert, J. B. clerk, 42 Courtland 
BUGGS WILLLIM K. engineer and archi- 
tect, over 22 Second, dw 151 Park 
Boggs Wm. A. (B., Cottman & Co.) 185 St. 

I aul 
Boggs Wm. (B. & Co.) 139 Park 
Boggs Wm. porter, 144 n Eutuw 
Bogie Ann, 223 s Ann 
Bogle Robert, artist, 60 McCulloh 
Bogle James, ship carpenter, 223 s Ann 
Bogt Himry, clerk, 75 Warner 
BogU(^ Henry, (Harrington & B.)71 Franklin 
Bogue James, grocer and liquor dealer, 11 

Bogue M. 230 w Fayette 
Bogue Maria, confectioner, 38 s Frederick 
Bohling Henry, cabinet maker, 252 e Eager 
Bolilrnan Nicholas, cooper, 163 s Spring 
Bohlman John, cigar maker, 90 Hamburg 
Bohman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Boliman Peter, carpenter, Harford av. above 

Pomt la 
Bohman Wm. sugar baker, 269 s Charles 
Bohager Francis, sec. hand store, 11 s Bank 
Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 
Bohannan Wm. locksmitii, 284 e Monument 
Boherd Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 
Bohn Jacob, boarding house, 105 w Fayette 
Bohn Michael, wood turner, 116 e Fayette 
Bohner Joseph, cabinet maker, 131 Thames 
Bohnlofink John, shoemaker, 195 e Lombard 
Boice George M. postmaster, magistrate and 

miller, Calverton Mills, near Almshouse 
Bokee George M. china, glass and queens- 
ware deal. 41 n Howard, dw 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, clerk, 277 Lexington 
BOKEK W11.LL\M F. &. Co. china mer- 
chants, 1 and 3 Harrison, dw 105 n Front 

Bokel B. 283 e Eager 
Bokel John G. grocery, 283 e Eager 
Bokel John H. shoemaker, 62 Park 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery, 146 Stirling 
Bok(>r John, painter, 22 Chatsworth 
Hoker Henry, clerk, 22 Chatsworth 
Boker Thomas, plasterer, 22 Chatsworth 
I Bokern John F. cabinet maker, 36 Thames 
I Bolaman Henry, tailor, 341 e Eager 
Bolan James, laborer, 186 Happy al 
Boland Edward, clerk, 26 Hillen 
Boland James, grocer and liquor dealer, 168 

Canton av 
Boland Margaret, dressmaker, 120 Ross 
Boland Michael, 82 Hillen 
Roland Thomas, boiler maker, 10 French 
Bolden Robert, blacksmith, 16 s Ori'gon 
Bolenius G. H. agent, 28 Harre 
Bolgiano Joseph A. 238 Aisquith 
Bolgiano John C. carj)enter, 98 Chew 
Bolgiano John, (Samuel Ault & Son) s w cor 

Aisquith and Chew 
Boll John, tailor, 262 Hanover 
Bollach Joseph, 194 s Castle 
Boliack Peter, grocery, 523 Canton av 
Bollinger Adam, wood sawyer, 209 s Chapel 
Boliman Andrew, machinist, 465 w Lombard 
Boliman Earnest, drayman, 52 n Eutaw 
Boliman Edward, carpenter, 335 Franklin 
Boliman Henry, porter, 64 Park 
Bolhnan Henry, brick maker, 47 Johnson 
[tollman John E. drayman, 217 Conway 
BoUman James H. machinist, 465 w Lombard 
Boliman Wendel, (VV. B. & Co.) 112 Penn av 
Boliman Wm. drayman, n e cor Portland and 

BOLLMAN W. & CO. civil and constructing 
engineers, Patapsco Works, cor of Clifton 
St and Second av. Canton. — [See;). 9»4Jd'/s.] 
Bolst Margaret, 7 Hull's la 
Bolster Michael, laborer, 98 St. Peter 
Bolster Thos. H. machinist, 49 n Strieker 
Biilt Capt. Edward, 56 Ila!)org 
Holt Thomas H. jr., machinist, 88 Gough 
Bolt Thomas H. sr., pilot, 88 Gough 
Bolte Henry, clerk, 543 w Baltimore 
Bolte Simon, clerk, 543 w Baltimore 
Bolton Daniel K. campheiie and ethereal oil 

dealer, 198 e Fayett(,' 
Bolton Elizabeth, 28 Ross 
Bolton Francis, 193 St. Punl 
BUI -TUN HUGH & CU. glass, oil and paint 
store, 81 McElderry's wharf, dw PL B. 20 
n Front 
B:ilton Hugh W. (H. B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton Joseph, tailor, 48 Ai)ljot 
Bolton James, stone cutter, 28 Ross 
Bolton James T. (H. B. & Co.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton James K. clerk, 95 s Caroline 
BULTON STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, cor Cathedral and Bolton 
Bolton Tvmer , trim'gs. strjre , 167 G. Hughes 
Bolton Wm. B. (B. F. Stanton & Co.) 20 n 

BOLTuN WILLIAM H. oil and pamt dealer, 

84 w Pratt, dw 3 Jackson 
Bolts Albert B. clerk, cor St. Paul and Lex- 
Boltz John, laborer, 123 s Bethel 
BOVIBERGER JOHN H. .shoemaker, 712 w 

Bomberger John, shoemaker, 712 w Baltimore 
Bomberger John, laborer, 272 s Durham 




Bomgardner John, carpenter, 4 Hoffman 
Bona Barnhard, collector, 115 Pearl 
Bonak Philip, shoemaker, 183 s Bethel 

Bonakcr butcher, 261 Aisquith 

Bonaparte Jerome N. 95 Park 
Bonaparte Wm. carter, 14 Concord 
Bonaventure Sister, superior St. Anthony's 

Orphan Asylum 
Bond Anna, 9)^ n Kutaw 
BOND ALEXANDER, tavern, 85 w Pratt 
Bond Alexander J. carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Alfred, carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Barnet, produce dealer, 148 w Pratt, dw 

Aisquith n of Chase 
Bond Barney, shoemaker, 159 Raborg: 
Bond Franklin, rag dealer, 235 s Bethel 
Bond Gcorg-e, prop'r Hand tavern, 42 n Paca 
Bond Hugh L. attorney at law, 44 St. Paul 
Bond James, sr., 49 s Caroline 
Bond J. VV. & Co. (J. W. & James H. B.) 

booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond Jas. (Jas. B. & Bro.) 348 e Monument 
BUND JAMIiS & BRU. fruit and produce 

dealers, 13^ Hollingsworth 
Bond John, carpenter, 129 n Paca 
Bond John cooper. 94 n Eden 
Bond John W. 330 e Baltimore 
Bond John R. clerk, 38 n Calvert 
Bond John, wagoner, 14 s Front 
Bond John W. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 
Bond Josias, gardener, Philadelphia road, near 

city limits 
Bond Joseph H. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 
Bond Lamliert W. 121 Grundy 
Bond Lorenzo D. tavern. Falls road mar 

Northern av 
Bond Louis, book keeper, 115 Pearl 
Bond Michael, produce dealer, 61 Hank 
Bond Rebecca, matron Mary'd Institute, for the 

instruction of the Blind, 258 Saratoga 
Bond Thomas B. cigar maker, 25 Haw 
Bond Thomas, gardener, Philadelphia road 

near city limits. 
Bond Thomas J. grocer, n w cor Aisquith and 

BOND THOMAS, produce dealer, n w cor 

Calvert and Pratt, dw 199 n Mond 
Bond Wm. carter, 60 Richmond 
Bond Wm. 397 Lexington 
Hond Wm. provision store, 360 s Sharp 
Bond Wm. carter, 91 Garden 
Bond Wm. (B. & Thurlow) 287 e Pratt 
Bond Wm. A. carpenter, 283 Ross 
Bond Wm. pyrotechnist, Wolfe near Fayette, 

dw 330 e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. B. attorney at law, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel Co 
Bond Wm. (Jas. B. & Bro.) 41 s Washington, 

Fells Point 
Bonday James, wharfinger, 273 s Ann, dw 187 

Go ugh 
Bonday & Thurlow, oak coopers. 111 Thames 
Bone Francis, fancy store, 244 e Madison 
Bone Wm. n e cor Lombard and Chester 
Bonheim Martin, dyer, 150 s Eutaw 
Boninger Brothers, commission and ship mer- 
chants, 22 German 
Boninger Edward, (B. Brothers) Eutaw house 
Bonickel Wolf, huckster 13 e Lombard 
BONN AN THONY S. & CO. importers and 

wholesale dealers in leaf and manuf. tobacco, 

172 w Pratt, and Magnolia Snuff Mill, 3 


Bonn Anthony, officer at Penitentiary 
Bonn Anthony S. (A. S. B. & Co.) 58 Conway 
l-onn Daniel W. (A. S. B. & Co.) 120 s Paca 
Bonn Richard, (A. S. B. & Co.) 62 s Paca 
Bonner Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough 
Bonner Thomas VV. clerk, 14 Gough 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 296 Canton av 
Bonnet John, tailor, 210 Durham 
Bonnet Nicholas, wagoner, 211 s Bond 
Bonnett, Joseph L. currier, 88 Eastern av 
Bonney Klias 616 Lexington 
Bonney James, clerk at Fountain Hotel 
Bonsai Louis, book-binder, 52 w Baltimore 
Bonsall Robert F. silversmith, 16 Jackson 
Bontein Theodore, musician, 169 e Lombard 
Bontz Robert, laborer, 48 Somerset 
Bonzly John, bookbinder, 65 n Frederick 
Boocumer George, shoemaker, 77 Preston 
Booker John L. Sec'y- Great Council of Red 

Men, 22 Chatsworth 
Bookman Joseph, cooper, 4 e Centre 
Bookman Joseph, 70 Greenmount av 
Bookman Henry, clerk, 204 Canton av 
Book Christopher, shoemaker, 231 s Bond 
Bookhultz Geo. nightman, 214 Columbia 
Bookhurst Elizabeth, 7 Low 
Boon Benjamin T. printer, 89 Warner 
Boon Francis, laborer, tobac. warehouse No. 5 
Boon Gardni;r S. turner, 114 Pine 
Boon John, shoemaker, 86 Chapel 
Boon John, shoemaker, 2 Regester 
Boon Joseph H. hay dealer, 122 Ross 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 18 n Bond 
Boone John H. D. lottery dealer, 1 Second, 

dw 103 Ensor 
Boone Mary A. tailoress, 30 Dolphin 
Boone Mathew T. clerk, 103 Ensor 
Boone Nicholas, watchman Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank, 186 Aisquith. 
Boone Samuel, painter, 246 n Caroline 
Boone Susannah, dry goods dealer, 254 s 

Boone Wm. cabinet maker 788 w Baltimore 
Boone Wm. G. mariner, 7 Wills 
Boone Wm. H. machinist, 138 e Madison 
Boone Wm. cabinet maker, 152 n Kxeter 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Jacob, butcher, 480 Light 
Booth James H. cigar maker, 3 Thomsen 
Booth John C. wholesale and retail liq. dealer, 

Gay near Bridge, dw 219 Aisquith 
Booth John, laborer. Mount Royal, foot 

Booth Jno. C. liquor dealer, 83 n Gay, dw 

219 Aisquith 
Booth Joseph C. plasterer, 40 Preston 
Booth Josij)h, upholsterer, 10 s Central av 
Booth M. G. (Claiborne, B.& 'o.) 20 s Calvert 
Booth Richard J. French teacher, 63 s High 
Booth Dr. R. R. dentist, 175 w Fayette 
Booth Sarah, 103 s Regester 
Booth Wm. bookeeper, 283 Lexington 
Booth Wm. J. (Chenowcth & B.) 159 n Gay 
Booth Wm. O. L. painter, s e cor Gough and 

Booth Wm. laborer. Cathedral, near city hmits 
Booth Wm. H. cigar maker, 50 w Pratt 

Booth cigar maker, 64 s High 

Boothe Michael, rigger, 310 Kastern av 
HOOZ & BRO. ship builders, Boston, Canton 
Booz Benj. property agent and collector 123 3 

Washington, F. P. 
Booz Chas. W. (B. & Bro.) 11 Cambridge 




Booz Daniel, ship carpenter, 123 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Booz Henry, ship carpenter, 138 Lancaster 
Booz James, ship carpenter, 42 Binney 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 138 Lancaster 
Booz Capt. Joseph, 8 Lee 
Booz Richard, ship carpenter, 5 Patapsco 
Booz Tiiomas, (B. & Bro.) 142 Chesapeake, 

Booz Thomas, 149 Gough 
Booze Jas. W. brass finisher, 81 s Caroline 
Boozer George, potter, 380 e Monument 
Bopp L. dry goods dealer, 413 Light 
Bopp Lawrence, clothier, 154 Light-st whf 
Bopp Nicholas, iron roller, 138 s Regester 
Borchers Henry, cigar maker, 257 e Lombard 
Boram Abram, rope maker, 43 Abbot 
Borck John R. han- dresser, 201>^ Lexington 
Bordlcy Hiram J. clerk, 39 Lexington 
Bordley Isabella, 41 Grundy 
Bordley Margaret C. artist, 3 Barnet 
Bordley Margaret, 49 St. Paul 
Bordley Dr. James, 39 Lexington 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner and plumber, 107 

Camden, dw 224 Lee 
Bordley Wm. C. clerk, 122 Madison 
Boring John T. tobacconist, 73 Columbia, dw 

171 Conway 
Boring Wesley, 284 Mulberry 
Borkers Henry, cigar maker, 259 e Lombard 
Borkman Henry, cabinet maker, 69 Park 
Borland Sarah B. boarding house, 17 s High 
Borman John, laborer, 10 Shakespeare 
Born Ellen L. grocery, 23 Fountam 
Born Geo. M. shoemaker, 147 Chesnut 
Born Herman, blacksmith, 380 Saratoga 
Born Tobias, wagoner, 82 n Schroeder 
Borne Ellen, grocery, 140 Cross 
Bornheim Wm. clothier, 110 Low 
Bornhorn Henry, carpenter, 73 Bank 
Bornsheim Theodore, musician, 155 e Lom- 
Borrouich George, tavern, s w cor Grant and 

Bortzner Conrad, laborer, 234 Canton av 
Bory Frederick, laborer, 6 Bouldin al 
Bosch Peter, shoemaker, 258 Montgomery 
Boschert Martin, carpenter, 36 Rcg(;ster 
Bose Marccllus J. wood huckster, 47 Warren 
Bose William, office over 128 w Baltimore, dw 

114 St. Paul 
Bosenberger Henry, tailor, 159 n Eden 
Bosenberger Henry, cabinet maker 57 Han- 
Bosh George H. morocco dresser, 88 n Ann 
Boshammer Henry, wagoner, 88 s Regester 
Bosley Charity, 191 Aisquith 
Bosiey E. M. (B., Webb & Co.) 37 s Exeter 
Bosley Elizabeth, 100 n Exeter 
B<isley George, cigar maker, 124 L. Greene 
Bosley Georgia cigar maker, 202 Penna. av 
Bosley Hemy R. harness maker, 100 n Exeter 
Bosley James H. forwarding and com. mt. 124 

North, dw 91 McCulloh 
Bosley John, policeman, 170 n Howard 
Bosley John, 10 Hamburg 
Bosley John, 79 e Lombard 
Bosley John, grocer, 64 Hampstead 
Bosley Nicholas M. (B., Webb & Co.) 96 s 

Bosley Talbot, wagoner, 176 e Monument 
Bosley Washington, clerk, 27 Stirling 
Bosley Wm. tavern, 90 Pennsylvania av 

BOSLEY, WEBB & CO. hardware dealers. 

4 Light-st. wharf 
Bosley Wm. H. printer, 74 e Baltimore 
Bosnian Alexander, carpenter, 29 Bevan 
Bosman Rev. Alexander, 142 e Monument 
Bosnian Wm. H. coffee roaster, 109 Hamburg 
Bosman Wm. J. engineer, Hamburg near 

Hope al 
Boss Antoine, cooper, 150 Spring, lager beer 

saloon, 160 s Caroline 
Boss Francis, 152 s Spring 
Boss George, mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, carpenter, 18 McClellan's al 
Boss Henry, plumber, 109 Thames, dw 139 f 

Boss Isaac, watchman, 28 n Bond 
Boss John, shoemaker, 877 w Pratt 
Boss Martin, shoemaker, 157 e Fayette 
Boss Nap, policeman, dw 1 Maiden la 
Bossle Charles, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bossle Joseph, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bosselle Lewis, cigar maker, 22 e Pratt 
Bosselle Louis, sr. porter, 65 Granby 
Bossman Antoine, laborer, 137 s Exeter 
Bossman Thos. policeman, 283 Aliceanna 
Bosson James W. upholsterer, 82 w Fayette. 

dw 123 w Biddle 
Bostick Ann, shoe binder, 15 New 
Bostold Augustus, foundryman, 19 Cannon 
Boston Augusta, seamstress, 153 s Spring 
Boston Charles G. of tobacco warehouse. No. 

5, dw 119 s Eden 
Boston Charles H. H. bookkeeper, 39 Fawn 
Boston Charles, house carp. 119 s Eden 
Boston Edward A. clerk, 369 e Baltimore 
Boston Francis, boiler maker, 291 s Charles 
Boston Jacob, clerk, 39 Fawn 
Boston John B. (B. & Price,) 369 e Baltimore 
Boston John E. H. bookkeep. 364 w Fayette 
Boston John Thomas, ship joiner, 119 s Eden 
Boston Joseph, shoemaker, 33 s Frederick 
Boston Mary, 173 Eastern av 
Boston & Price, hat and fur store, 129 w Bal- 
Boston Samuel A. puddlcr, 163 s Wolfe 
Boston Steamship wharf, foot of Long Dock. 

Ambrose L. Huggins, Agent 
Bostwick Joseph, foundryman, 130 s Central at 
BOSWELL & CO. Piano Forte manufactu- 
rers, 5 and 7 s Eutaw 
Boswell Benj. lieutenant police, 55 Raborg 
Boswell John, bricklayer, Washington Hotel 
Boswell James E. (B. & Co.) 317 e Baltimore 
Boswell Mordecai F. S. (J. Townshend& Co.) 

67 Hollins 
Boswell Mariott, clerk, 171 Saratoga 
Boswell Wm. brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Bosworth Barbara, 20 Beale's ct 
Bosworth Jeremiah (Lyelh & B.) 399 w Lom- 
Bosworth Jeremiah, marble worker, 399 w 

Bosworth John, laborer, 20 Beale's ct. 
Bosworth Thomas, lumber marker, 26 n Caro- 
Botch Daniel, 312 Franklin 
Botee Mrs. Marie, 462 Light 
Boteler Andrew, carpenter, 379 Saratoga 
Boteler Charles I. carpenter, 379 Saratoga 
Boteler George, carpenter, 7 Scott 
Boteler Joseph, carpenter, 379 Saratoga 
Boteler Beverly, W. clerk B. & O. R. R. 481 w 




Both Hchnann, confectionery stand, n w cor 

Light and Barre 
Both Henry, drayman, 37 s High 
BOTHMANN CHAS. grocer and tobacco- 
nist, 210 Hanover 
Bothman Gustavus, (C. H. Buehrke & G. B.) 

225 Hanover 
Botsford John B. agent, 27 w Baltimore 
Bott Frederick, plasterer, 123 Koss 
BOTTERILL FRANCIS, mathenuuiwd in- 
strument maker, 179 e Monument 
Botti'ser Bernard, cooper, 409 Light 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottlemcss August, cooper, rear 354 s Caroline 
Bottomore Ann, nurse, Greenmount av 
Bottomore Francis, 123 n Paca 
Bottomore Fred. J. shoe store, 108 Saratoga 
Bottrill Francis, furniture wagoner, 32 w Biddle 
Bottrill Francis, brass finisher, 179 e Monu- 
Botts Albert B. clerk, n e cor St. Paul and 

Boucher Wm. jr. musical inst. maker, 38 c 

Baltimore, dw 77 Cathedral 
Bouchet Ak'xander, jeweler, 19 e Lombard 
Bouchet John M. printer, 29 Constitution 
Bouchet Joseph A. stone cutter, 29 Constitution 
Boucsein Lewis, apothecary, s e cor Pratt and 

Bouey Barney, laborer, 85 Hillen 
Bonis John H. clerk, Harford av near Madison 
Bouis John, plumber, 70 Raborg 
Bould Joseph, collar maker, 258 s Charles 
Boulden Jared (Swain & B.) n w cor Lombard 

and Bond 
Boulden John P. clerk, 63 e Fayette 
Boulden J. E. P. (Mc. Ginn &• B.) 165 St. Paul 
Boulden Thomas, laborer, 10 French 
Boulden Wm. J. 14 s Chester 
Bouldin.Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquith cor Chew 
Bouldin Augustus, surveyor, s w cor Fayette 

and Nortii, dw 38 Aisquith 
Bouldin Charles H. bookkeeper, 23 n Calvert 
Bouldin Owen & Bro. surveyors, 18 North, 

dw 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Kandolph J. attorney at law, s w cor 

Charles and Fayette, dw 298 v. Lombard 
Bouldin Kichard J (Owen B. »fe Bro.) 63 e 

Bouldin Wm. custom house officer, 112 s 

Boult John W. clerk, 88 Gough 
Boult Thomas J. clerk, 72 Ann 
Bour Adam, cooper, 19 s Happy al 
Bour Louis, pedler, 32 May 
Bouree Robert, tailor, 480 Harford av 
Bourgelt Wm. Henry, cigar maker, 39 Clif- 
ford al 
Bourguet Francis, (Deville & B.) 532 Lexing- 
Bourke E. James, book keeper, 152 Conway 
Bourke Mrs. Jane, 193 Lee 
BOURNE GEORGE, commission merchant, 

19 Commerce, dw 379 w Lombard 
BOURNE JAMES, hat store, 193 w Balti- 
more, dw 86 Hill. — [See front inside cover.] 
Bourne Samuel, hatter, 22 Somerset 
Boury Edw. (Jos. B. & Sons,) York road 
Boury Jos. (Jos. B. & Sons,) Patterson la, 

rear Greenmount Cemetery 
Boury Jos. & Sons, imp. French, English, 
German and Italian goods, over 269 w Balti- 

Bousch Conrad, laborer, 407 Canton av 

Bousch John, laborer, 208 s chapel 

Bousher Valentine, tailor, 185 n Eden 

Bouswald Philip, 6 Broad al 

Bowden John, 72 s CaroHne 

Bowden James, shoemaker, s e cor Madison 

and Bond 
Bowdoin Geo. E. (Pawson & B.) 130 n Charles 
Bowen Amos, baggage master, B. & O. R. R. 

3 Parkin 
Bowen Almira, 83 s High 
Bowen Benjamin, baker, 225 n Bond 
Bowen Rev. C. J. 80 McCulloh 
Bowen Charles H. clerk, 133 Hamburg 
Bowen Charles H. tax collector, dw 101 Wil- 
Bowen David, engineer, 91 Hamburg 
Bowen Edward, L. butcher, Greenwillow, near 

Bowen Elias, stone cutter, 302 Franklin 
Bowen Ellen, 18 n Charles 
Bowen Geo. W. book and job printer, 12 
Franklin building. North, up stairs, dw 173 n 
j Eutaw 
Bowen George A. bricklayer. Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mercer,) 2 e Baltimore 
Bowen Geo. butcher, 135 Penna av 
Bowen Granville, carpenter, 8 s Fremont 
Bowen Henry C. shoe cutter, 204 w Pratt 
Bowen John L. clerk, 35 n High 
Bowen John A. clerk naval depart. Custom 

house, 141 n Paca 
Bowen John, copper smelter, 10 Andrew, L. P. 
Bowen John W. carpenter, 54 Clay, dw 181 

Bowen Joseph M. clerk post office, Eaffle hotel, 

132 Hillen _ ^ 

Bowman James, mariner, 330 s Bond 
Bowen Levi K. attornc^y at law, 26 n Calvert, 
and Naval officer Custom house, dw Foun- 
tain hotel 
Bowen Levi, (Auld & B.) 67 William 
Bowen Mary A. 77 Cross 
BuWEN & MERCER, lamp and oil dealers, 

3 Exchange Place 
Bowen Nathaniel M. shoemaker, Charles, btw 

Camden and Pratt, dw 281 s Charles 
Bowen Nicholas, porter. Fountain hotel 
Bowen Otis, blacksmith, 65 s Oregon 
Bowen Oswald, varnisher, s e cor Orleans and 

Bowen Richard S. (Adkisson & Co.) 20 Hill 
Bowen Richard, shoemaker, 35 n High 
Bowen Samuel W. plasterer, 64 Jefterson 
BOWEN SOLOMON, flour and feed dealer, 

807 w Baltimore, dw 3 Parkin 
Bowen Thomas H. house and sign painter, 23 

German, dw 104 s Broadway 
Bowen Thomas, butcher, Penna. av near North- 
ern av 
Bowen Wilks, farmer, 268 Greenmount av 
Bowen Wm. E. provision dealer, s w cor Pratt 

and High 
Bowen Wm. 67 s Ann 
Bowen Wm. machinist, 22 Jackson 
Bower Adam, grocery, 11 Rose 
Bower Andrew, cabinet maker, 22 New 
Bower Andrew, newspaper reporter, 369 Ca- 
Bower Anton, laborer, 3 West al, O. T. 
Bower Barbara, 494 Saratoga 
Bower Casper, shoemaker, 175 s Eden 


50 . 


Bower Catherine, 71 HoflFman 
Bower Daniel, tailor, 85 McElderry's whf 
Bower Edward,clothing cutter, 166 s Broadway 
Bower Francis, carpenter, 23 Josephine 
Bower Frederick, cabinet maker, 26 Leaden- 
Bower George, shoemaker, 61 Gough 
Bower George, stone cutter 36 Preston 
Bower George, blacksmith, 30 Jasper 
Bower Gotleib, milkman, 169 Barre 
Bower Jacob, laborer, 62 Philpot 
Bower John Jacob, butcher, 510 Saratoga 
Bower John, sieve maker, 146 Penn. av 
Bower John, tailor, 172 Durham 
Bower John, shoemaker, 95 n Calvert 
Bower Jolin, tinner, 156 n Eden 
Bower John, baker, 256 s Bond 
Bower John, laborer, cor Cathedral & Biddle 
Bower John, laborer, 213 Eastern av 
Bower John, shoemaker, 256 s Broadway 
Bower John, grocery, 19 McEIderry 
Bower Julius, tailor, 65 Park 
Bower Louis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bowerfine John, brewer, 398 Canton av 
Bowerman Henry N. book keeper, 40 Saratoga 
Bowerman Henry W. tailor, 9 n Caroline 
Bowerman Henry, book keeper, 40 Saratoga 
Bowerman Jacob, gilder, 48 Raborg 
Bowerman James B. clerk, 40 Saratoga 
Bowerman James B. clerk, 179 Garden 
Bowerman Margaret H. boarding house, 29 

Bowers Adam, laborer, 26 Lemmon 
Bowers Andrew, cabinet maker, 22 New 
Bowers Charles, policeman, 251 e Monument 
Bowers Fredk. J. watchman at Custom house, 

dw 147 s Paca 
Bowers Francis, carpenter, 23 Josephine 
Bowers George, laborer, 109 Boston 
Bowers George, stone cutter, 36 Preston 
Bowers George E. watchman at Custom house 
Bowers George E. restaurant, 76 w Pratt 
Bowers George, confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bowers George W. pension agent, 186 East 
Bowers Henry A. coach painter, 683 w Bal- 
Bowers Henry, laborer, 14 Davis 
Bowers Henry, 16 Greenmount av 
Bowers Henry, shoemaker, 219 Vine 
BOWERS JAMES W. apothecary, 705 w 

Baltimore, dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers James, shoemaker, 110 Preston 
Bowers John, laborer, 7 Patapsco 
Bowers John F. painter, 126 Raborg 
Bowers John, moulder, 36 Binney 
Bowers John, salesman, 317 w Lombard 
Bowers John, ship carpenter, 2 Wills 
Bowers John, shoemaker, 154 s Spring 
Bowers John, grocery, 19 McEIderry 
Bowers Jos. carpenter. Homestead, Bait. Co 
Bowers Julius, tailor, 137 West 
Bowers Mathias, carpenter, 16 Greenmount av 
Bowers M. tailor, 217 n Central av 
Bowers Mary Ann, rear of 23 w Lombard 
Bowers Nicholas, shoemaker, 13 Chew 
Bowers Nathan J. seaman, 132 s Chester 
Bowers Roswell N. as.sistant bookkeeper, 683 

w Baltimore 
Bowers Rufus, carpenter, 18 s Carey 
Bowers Mrs. Sarah Ann, confectionery, 147 s 

Bowers Capt. Thomas, boarding house, 27 w 

I Bowers Thomas M. plasterer, 176 c Fayette 
Bowers Wm. blacksmith, 73 Eislen 
Bowers Wm. coach maker, 406 w Baltimore. 

dw 683 
Bowers Wm, T. coachmaker, 683 w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. of Camden-st depot, dw 205 

Bowers .Wm. machinist, 7 Patapsco 
Bowers Walter, machinist, 7 Patapsco 
Bowersock Austin, telegraph operator, N. C. 

Railway, dw 282 Saratoga 
Bowersock Geo. W. tailor, 282 Saratoga 
Bowersock Theodore K. clerk, 258 Mulberry 
Bowersox August, carpenter, 526 w Baltimore 
Bowersox August, carpenter, 183 Ramsay 
Bowersox Theodore King, 258 Mulberry 
Bowes James, tavern, 28 Thames 
Bowes John, salesman, 317 w Lombard 
Bo whan John W. salesman, Howard house 
Bowie Elizabeth, 102 Greenmount av 
Bowie James, tailor, 11 ii Bond 
Bowie Margaret, 154 w Madison 
Bowie Mrs. 254 Madison av 
Bowie Reuben S. painter, 9 e Monument 
Bowie Richard C. (Belt, B. & Co.) 128 Cathe- 
Bowie Wm. tailor, 11 n Bond 
Bowitch Elias, tailor, 185 s Charles 
Bowles John R. clerk, 339 w Fayette 
Bowles Jane J. 339 w Fayette 
Bowling John L. shipsmiih, 173 Bank 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Thomas W. clerk, 300 Saratoga 
Bowling Wm. J. oi Customhouse, 112 s Wolfe 
Bowly J. Hollins, supdt. American Printinsr 

Telegraph, dw Howard house 
Bowly Samuel H. 197 n Howard 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 197 n Howard 
Bowlyer David C. butcher, 38 Mount 
Bowman Charles, cigar maker, 14 Brune 
Bowman Christian, laborer, 173 s Eden 
Bowman George, laborer, 65 Preston 
Bowman James, mariiii'r, 330 s Bond v 

Bowman John, baker, 243 w Pratt 
Bowman John, laborer, 141 s Exeter 
Bowman John, 184 w Madison 
Bowman Thomas, laborer, 15 Barnes 
Bowman Wm. general dealer, 116 Eastern av 

dw 127 s Exeter 
Bownas Joseph, dealer in iron, 15 Sterrett 
Bowness Joseph, clerk, 15 McHenry 
Bowne Charles S. policeman, 63 Eastern ar 
Bowne Edward S. (Bantz & B.) Eutaw house 
Bowne Joseph D. ship carp. 63 Eastern av 
Boxwell Wm. tailor, 226 German 
Boyce Capt. Albert G. 280 e Baltimore 
Boyce Barkert, mariner, 268 s Ann 
Boyce George, brickmaker, 596 Light 
Boyce James, coal merch. and prest. Franklin 

Coal Co. over 36 Second, dw Towsontown 
Boyce John, blacksmith, 144 Hollins 
Boyce Thomas, dairy, 108 s Paca 
Boyd Alexander, coach trimmer, 154 French 
Boyd A. McKendree, (Fisher, B. & Bro.) 277 

w Lombard 
Boyd Andrew J. cigar maker, 82 Gough 
Boyd Mrs. Ann, shocbinder, 96 s Eutaw 
BOYD FRANCIS H. B. carpenter, Braden- 

baugh al, dw 109 n Exeter 
Boyd Frederick, butcher, 146 Columbia 
Boyd George S. clerk, 156 s Sharp 
Boyd Henry, shoemaker, 40 Warner 
Boyd Henry, saddler, 372 w Lombard 




Boyd Henry, shoemaker, 30 Wayne 
Biyd Heman, baker, 136 Lexington 
Boyd Hugh S. property agent, 84 n Caroline 
BOYD ISAAC L. magistrate 17th ward, 213 

Montgomery, dw 69 William 
Boyd James H. carpenter, 69 Henrietta 
Boyd James T. grocery, 1 Liberty al 
BOYD JAMES, property agent, 26 St. Paul, 

dw 538 w Fayette 
Boyd James, mariner, 80 Block 
Boyd James H. saddler, 48 German, dw 372 

w Lombard 
Boyd Joseph, hatter, Bull's Head tavern, 132 n 

B oyd John H. house carpenter, 39 n High 
BOYD JOHN, malster, and bottler, 14 s Gay, 

dw Northern av. — [See p. 39 Mvertisements.] 
Royd John, grocery, cor Fremont & Columbia, 

dw 12 St. Peter 
Boyd John C. clerk, 4 South 
Boyd John T. printer, 4 Ensor 
Boyd John J. (Fisher, B. & Bro.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd John W. clerk, dw Adams house 
Boyd John W. salesman, Hbward house 
BOYD JOSKPH H. lumber merchant, 12 s 

Caroline, dw 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Joseph C. attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw J4 

Boyd Mary, 64 Saratoga 
Boyd Michael, brakesman, 32 Kyan 
Boyd Oscar E. salesman, Howard house 
Boyd Mrs. Rachel, 662 Saratoga 
Boyd Stuart, 104 Hanover 
Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 24 E(itaw ct 
Boyd T. H. Stockton, (Harvey & B.) 44 Ais- 

Boyd Thos. S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
Boyd Wm. A. jr. (Wm. A. B. & Co.) 40 

Boyd Wm. pedler, 44 Gist 
Boyd Wm. grocery and distiller, 66 Hillen 
BOYD WM. merchant tailor, 3 n Charles, dw 

176 Mulberry 
Boyd Wm. H. ship joiner, 107 s Ann 
BOYD WM. A.& CO. imp. & jobbers in leaf, 

& manuf. tobacco, cigars & simffs, 33 South 
Boyd Wm. J. (Duvall, Keighler&Co) Maltby 

Boyer David, cigar maker, 175 Fastern av 
Boyer John W. clerk to Port Warden, dw 34 

Boyer John W. property agent, 34 Gough 
Boyer Michael, machinist, 130 Raborg 
Boyer Wm. tinner, 215 e Monument 
Boyee Wm. W. tinner, 16 Hill 
Boyington Franklin, over n w cor Gay and 

Boylan Michael, laborer, 166 Dover 
Boylan Owen, mail driver, 128 s Howard 
Boylan Thomas, hostler, 60 Perry 
Boylan Thomas, hostler, 24 Conway 
Boyle Ann I. upholstress, 106 Lexington 
Boyle Mrs Agnes, 100 w Monument 
Boyle Benj. ship carpenter, 197 Preston 
Boyle Charles, teamster, 30 Ryan 
Boyle D. Scott, medical student, 50 n Paca 
Boyle Dennis H. tin and sheet iron worker, 

510 Lexington 
Boyle Mrs. Edward, 101 w Biddle 
Boyle Rev. Francis, 101 w Biddle 
Boyle Helen, 101 w Biddle 
Boyle James A. clerk, 101 w Biddle 

Boyle James, book agent, 343 Franklin 

Boyle James, blacksmith, 94 Grundy 

Boyle James, grocer and feed dealer, n w cor 

Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle James, carpenter, 173 Mulberry 
Boyle James W. bookkeeper, Fayette between 

Poppleton and Schroeder 
Boyle James D. machinist, 94 Grundy 
Bodle John S. sexton West Potter's field, 173 

Boyle John J. grocer, 227 w Fayette 
Boyle John P. ckrk, 101 w Biddle 
Boyle Lawrence, grocer and liquor dealer, 21 

w Chase 
Boyle Malachi, laborer, 28 Hillen 
Boyle Martin, laborer, 114 Dugan's whf 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 510 Lexington 
Boyle Richard K. deputy U. S. Marshal, 173 

Boyle Robert, liquor store, 64 s Howard 
Boyle Wm. H. J. carver, 56 n Bond 
Boyle Wm. K. printer, 106 Lexington 
Boylen James, laborer, 79 Watson 
Boymount John, miller, Calverton mills near 

Boxold Mary, notion store, 50 Aisquith 
BozeMrs. Flizabeth, 416 Light 
Boze Capt. Wm. mariner, 416 Light 
Hozman Edward, laborer, 72 Decker 
Bozman Capt. Isaac, 131 Conway 
Bozman Wm. H. laborer, 87 Barre 
Braby Henry, grainer and ornamental painter, 

22 Holland 
Rracht J. G. house carpenter, 80 Albemarle 
Bracco Edward L. clerk, 42 Saratoga 
Brachner Charles C. piano maker, 91 Lee 
BRACK CHAS. E. apothecary, 17 Brown 
Brackett John T. baker, 243 Mulberry 
Brackett Mary, dry goods store, 243 Mulberry 
Brackett S. B. clerk, 205 Garden 
Brackin Henry, 136 Cathedral 
Brackin Henry, hatter. Star hotel, 100 n Front 
Brackin John, laborer, 2 Willow 
Brackland B. jeweler and watchmak, 8 e Pratt 
Brada Conrad, gun and locksmith, 654 w Bal- 
Bradburn Louis T. mate, 185 e Pratt 
Bradbury John W. brass founder, 154 s Ann 
Bradbury Robert R. mariner, 154 s Ann 
Bradbury Samuel B. ship carpenter, 154 s Ann 
Bradch Jacob, shoemaker, 166 s Bond 
Braden Jas. oyster dealer, Bolton near Lanvale 
Braden John, wagoner, 276 n Howard 
Braden Mary, grocery, 25 s Central av 
Braden Wm 276 n Howard 
Bradenbaugh Charles, merchant, 56 s Gay, 

dw 276 Saratoga 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmak. 320 w Fayette 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, shoemaker, 164 s Wolfe 
Bradford A. M. 360 n Gay 
Bradford Dr. Charles H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Geo. W. & Co. wholesale and retail 

hardware deals. 102 Franklin, dw G. W. B. 

282 n Howard 
Bradford James, laborer, 53 Chatsworth 
Bradford Jesse D. engineer, 361 Columbia 
Bradford Jesse D. engineer, 36 Binncy 
Bradford John, blacksmith, Baltimore near 

Gilmor, dw 448 Lexington 
Bradford John, of N. C. Railway, Falls road 

near Mount 
Bradford Joseph, miller, Calverton mills, near 





Bradford Mary, dry goods store, 155 w Madi- 
Bradford Thomas, ship carp. 358 Eastern av 
Bradford Wm. teamster, Calverton Mills near 

Bradford Wm. jr. blacksmith, Calverton Mills 

near Almshouse 
Bradigan Patrick, tf amster, 24 Callendar 
Bradley Alexander, furniture wagoner, s e cor 

St. Paul and Hamilton 
Bradley Elizabeth A. H. 13 Cambridge 
Bradley E. B. bookkeeper, 66 McCulloh 
Bradley Francis, carpenter, 169 e Eager 
Bradley Henry, carp. Homestead, Bait. Co 
Bradley Hugh, hack keeper, 26 n Fremont 
Bradley James, laborer, 31 King 
Bradley James L. ambrotypist, 57 s Howard 
Bradley James H. 113 Hill 
Bradley Jacob, labori'r, 372 s Eutaw 
Bradley John, laborer, 184 sWashington, K.P. 
Bradley John, gas fitter, 5 n Poppleton 
Bradley John, 24 Foundry 
Bradley John, grocery, 96 Stirling- 
Bradley John, iron moulder, 12 s Front 
Bradley Levin, mariner, 325 Eastern av 
Bradley Margaret, 18 Albemarle 
liradley Mary, 12 s Front 
Bradley Piitnck wagoner, 12 s Front 
Bradley Patrick J. grocer, 168 e Prait 
Bradley Robert H. 101 Uranby 
Bradley t^amuel, ship joiner, 171 s Ann 
Bradley Wm. stf)ne mason 14 New Church 
Bradley Wm. E. bookl>inder, 18 Albemarle 
Bradshaw Florence, 11 MuUikin 
Bradshaw George, mariner, 77 Block 
Bradshaw J. W. salesman, Maltby house 
Bradstreet J. M. & Son, commercial and law 

agency, 30 Second 
Brady Andrew, drayman, 282 Montgomery 
Brady Andrew, laborer, 35 York 
Brady Anna, grocery, 282 Montgomery 
Brady Anna, 404 w F'ayette 
Brady Ann, 3 Mulberry 
Hrady Bernard, boiler maker, 60 York 
{Jrady Charles, varnisher, ].'')9 (_)rleans 
Brady Dennis, laborer, 5 Plowman 
Brady Edward, brass finisher, 191 East 
Brady Edward, tiinier, 3 Mulbi'rry 
Brady Edward, Chapel near Gough 
Brady Edward, (Long & B.)21 Garden 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 84 n Eden 
Brady Edwin, machinist, 153 w Hoffuiaii 
Brady Francis, laborer, 47 (juilford al 
iirady Francis, hostler, 111 n High 
Brady Francis, laborer, 130 Sarah Ann 
Brady George, machinist, 153 w Hoflnian 
Brady Geoi-ge W. sailniaker, 19 (iougli 
lirady Grei-nbury, jr. jilast'r, 153 w Hoft'inan 
Brady Greenbury, machine carpenter, 153 w 

1 1 ofi'rnan 
Bradv Hugh, contractor, 31 w Biddle 
BKA"DY JAMES, ladies' shoe manufacturer, 

472 w Baltimore 
Brady James, stone mason, 212 s Charles 
Brady James, carpenter, 245 Columbia 
l^rady James T. printer, 150 Conway 
Brady James W. clerk, 49 s Bond 
Brady James W. bookkeeper, 89 s Bond 
Brady James H. stone cutter, 25 w Biddle 
Brady James T. clerk, 502 w. Pratt 
Brady Jefterson V. B. clerk, Greenmount av 

near toll gate 
Brady John, bookseller, 105 e Baltimore 

Brady John, gilder, 3 Mulberry 

Brady John, laborer, 302 s Caroline 

Brady Jolvn, drayman, 345 s Sharp 

Brady John, laborer, 100 North 

Brady John, laborer, 362 n Howard 

Brady Lawrence K, grocery and dry goods 
dealer, 216 and 218 Harford av 

Brady Michael, cellar dealer, 146 Rosfi 

Brady Michael, clerk, 3 Mulberry 

Brady MaryE. 160 Eager 

Brady Mary, seamstress, 25 w Biddle 

Brady Margaret, 79 Camden 

Brady Patrick, shoemaker, 3 Mulberry 

Brady Patrick, laborer, 59 Warren 

Brady Patrick, carter, 302 s Caroline 

Brady Patrick, laborer, 224 William 

Brady Robert H. painter, 41 Milliman 

Brady Thomas, tailor, 287 w Pratt 

Brady Thomas, engineer, 2 Morris al 

Brady Thomas, laborer, 302 s Caroline 

Brady Thomas, teacher, 150 Conway, 

Brady Timothy, carter, 302 s Caroline 

Bradycamp Herman, grocery, 316 s Shaii,> 

Bradyhouse Uichard, boat builder, foot of Bond 
dw 27 Thames 

Bradyhouse, Capt. Thomas, 246 Canton av 

Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 138 Wolff! 

Bradyker Charles, laborer, 188 Cross 

Braeger Jo.S(;ph, tailor, 164 Stirling 

Brafman Abraham, clothier, 32 Centre Market 

hrager John, engineer, 17 Perry 

Bragg Simon, furniture dealer, 45 Peima. av 

Bragg Wm. F, house carp. 31 n Paca, dw 519 

Brahler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 

Braidwood John, moulder, 23 Scott 

Brail Henry, cabinet maker, 81 Henrietta 

Braisher Mary, seamstress, 131 s Exeter 

Braislou Wm. locksmith, 179 Plamburg 

Bramble Charles H. collector, 244 e Monument. 

Bramble Sol. W. harness maker, 513 w Lom- 

Bramble Capt. Th(mias, 91 s Caroline 

Bramble Thomas H. 123 William 

Bramble Tyson, huckster, 8 s Bond 

Bramble Tyson, huckster, 29 Chew 

Bramble Zora, taih.r, 287 w Pratt 

Bramer Andrew, drayman, 20 i\ew Church 

Brameck Franz, tailor, 58 Johnson 

Bramley A. 5 Plyde's ct 

Bramer Christian, tailor, 228 s Caroline 

Bramwell George, dry good.s dealer, 143 Co- 

Branan Wm. cigar maker. Eagle Hotel, 132 

Brand Alexander J. commission merch. s c cof 
Exchange Place and Commerce, dw 94 Park 

Brand Charles, tailor, 41 n Eden 

Brand Coni-ad, basket maker, 33 Philpoi al 

Brand John, labon-r, 29 Philpot al 

Brand Mrs. 132 w Madison 

Brandau Jacob, siioemakcr, 12 s Repnblicaii |^ 

Brandan John P. butcher, Jenkins la rear 
Greenmount cenn'tery 

Brandau Catherine, Frederick road, rear 1st 
toll gate 

Brandau Frederick, cabinet mak. 59 President 

Brandau Rev. G. H. 6 George 

Brandaw James, tailor, 72 Thames 

Brandell Ferdinand, boot fitter, 18 n Front 

Brandi>ll M. brewer, Saratoga near Calhoun, 
dw near Western cemetery 




Brandes Fred. F. dry goods dealer, 27 e Pratt 
Braridey Michael, horse shoer, 155 L. Green 
Brandmuller George, shoemaker, 16 Ross 
Brandt Bernard, (H. B. & Bro,) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Charles, tailor, 6i}4 Lexington 
Brandt Charles, cabinet maker, 324 ('anton av 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 22 New Church 
Brandt Henry, cigar maker, 41 n Liberty 
Brandt Henry, lager beer saloon, s e cor Mon- 
ument and Forrest 
Brandt Henry, cigar maker, 66 Albemarle 
Brandt Herman & Bro. morocco dressers, 29 

Brandt Jacob, jr., agt, Richmond steamboat 

line, 5 Light st. wharf, dw 49 Courtland 
Bi-andt John H. clerk, 424 w Lombard 
Brandt John B. commission merch. 61 South, 

dw 149 Courtland 
Brandt Louis A, cigar maker, 155 e Pratt 
Brandy Charles, collector, 244 e Monument 
Branflix George, cooper, 48 s Central av 
Branich Samuel, seaman, 189 s Dallas 
Branmer Charles, piano maker, 91 Lee 
Brannan Bernard, trader, 87 n ('entral av 
Brannan Edmund, cooper, 294 Canton av 
Brannan Eliza, chair caner, 59 n Spring 
Brannan Eliza J. 24 Hill 
Brannan George, carter, 120 s Chapel 
Brannan James A. seaman, 21 Gough 
Brannan James, engineer, 191 Baborg 
Brannan James, grocery, 149 York 
Brannan James, engineer, 3 Hill 
Brannan John, (B. & Pearson,) 62 McCulloh 
Brannan John, carpenter, 67 s Ann 
Brannan John E. cigar maker, 85 McElderry 
Brannan John B. carpenter, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Lawrence, engineer, 116 Eastern av 
Brannan Michael, P. W. & B. R. R. 62 Fawn 
Brannan Michael T. carpenter, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Michael, carter, Holiday near Centre 
Brannan Patrick, stone cutter, 1 Mulb<'rry 
BRANNAN & PEARSON, merchandise bro- 
kers, 3 Grocers' Exchange, cor Kxchangi' 
place and Commerce 
Brannan Robert, patentee, 54 n Caroline 
Brannan Sarah D. tailoress, 10 Lee 
Brannan Sarah, 21 Gough 
Brannan Thomas, engineer, 305 Light 
Brannan \Vm. puddler, 276 Canton av 
Brannan Wm. cigar maker. Eagle hotel, 1.32 

Brannen Jas. stone cut. 45 Centre Market space 
Brannen Michael, bar keeper. Miller's hotel, 

s w cor Paca and German 
Branner Philip, laborer, 29 Fell 
Branner, Christian, carpenter, 251 w Biddle 
Branning John, stone cutter, 356 e Eager 
Brannock John, ship carpenter, 97 William 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 12 Comet 
Bransburry Charles, tiiuier, 172 Conway 
Branson Joseph, 16 n Eutaw 
Brant Charles, clothing cutter, 64/^ Lexington 
Brant Elizabeth, 83 McHenry 
Brant John, hostler Alpha, of City Fire Depart- 
ment, Clay near Eutaw 
Brant John, 220 Washington, F. H. 
Brant Jno. L. confect. 65 Centre Market space 
Brant John, glove maker, 65 Centre Market 

Brant Joseph, grocery, 68 Chatsworth 
Brasch John, laborer, 285 s Bond 
Brashears Alex. G. (Wm. Shamburg & Co.,) 
29 s Liberty 

Brashears Edmonia, ( Ayres & B.,) 34 German 
Brashears Francis, coach maker, s c cor Eu- 
taw and German, dw 160 German 
Brashears Geo, W. coach maker, North near 

Madison, dw 95>^ Greeimiount av 
Brashears John B. cabinet maker, 34 German 
Brashears John T. captain Central police sta- 
tion house, 62 Holiday 
Brashears Dr. Robert, 144 e Madison 
Brashears Sarah, seamstress, 134 s Howard 
Brashears Wm. blacksmith, 134 s Howard 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y of poor association, 24 

w Fayette, dw 208 Mulberry 
Brass Joseph, coffee roaster and spice grinder, 

87 Barre, dw 85 
Bratt John Thomas, 83 Washington 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Thomas, machinist, 402 w Lombard 
Brauer John, currier, 189 e Lombard 
Brauer Philip, butcher, 13 n Liberty 
Brauer Wm. cigar maker, s e cor Granbv and 

Braul \\ m. trunk maker, 116 e Baltimore 
Braun Joh)i J. baker, 178 Columbia 
Braungart Bernard, dyer and scourer, over 87 

I- nsor 
BRAUNS F. L. & CO., general shipping and 
commission merchants, s o cor Loml)ard and 
Brauns K.v. F. W. 320 Lexington 
Brauns Miss H. 320 Lexington 
Braun/. Edward, laborer, 250 Happy al 
Brautigam Martin, shoemaker, 54 Park 
Brauiiicam .Vlartin, sliocniakir, 3.50 s Charles 
BRAW DERS &. CARY, ])lumbers, 31 V^ Park 
Brawders Thomas J. (B. & Cary,) 39 Hoffman 
Brawner Andrew, 78 hnsor 
Brawner Andrew h. litter carrier, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Cathc-rine, 142 n Exeter 
Brawner Charles \. l)rieklayer, 78 En.sor 
Brawner Daniel W. clerk, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Geo. A. printer, 78 Knsor 
Brawner J. H. clerk, 142 n Kxeter 
Brawner^Wm. M. clerk, 78 Ensor 
Bray Alfred, huckster, 136 Conway 
Brayden Wm. restaurant, n w cor Howard and 

Brayley James S. barber, 1 n Eden 
Brazier Roiiert, boot and shoemaker, 263 Lex- 
Brazier Wm. policeman, 155 William 
Braziker Charles, 83 Johnson 
Brecht Charles, translator custom house, ap- 
praiser's office, 396 e Monument 
Breck Charles, carpenter, 80 Albemarle 
Breckenridge Thomas, carter, 51 Tyson al 
Brecker Wm. blacksmith, 24 Jasper 
Brefer Chas. box maker, 15 n Howard 
Breen Michael, trader, 31 Haw 
Breganser Casper, stone mason, 84 Albemarle 
Bregel Henry, saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
Bregel John, shoemaker, 174 Durham 
Bregel John J. saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
Bregel John J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Joseph F. confectioner, 71 n Gay 
Bregg Abraham, 242 Saratoga 
Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
Brehme U. & Co. importers and dry goods 

commission merchants, 12 Hanover 
Brehme Sylvester, shoemaker, 67 Park 
Brehme O. (B. &, Co.,) 96 s .><harp 
Breil Henry, baker, 256 s Sharp 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 




Breimer Powell, 387 s Charles 

Breisthwerd Conrad, bl'ksmith, 251 Aliceanna 

Brt'ller Geor^^e, tailor, 145 ii Bond 

Breitling Jacob F. laborer, 193 Eastern av 

Brem Casper, laborer, 47 Aliceanna 

Brem Balderson, laborer, 47 Aliceanna 

Brem John, tailor, 67 Aliceanna 

Breme Wm. tailor, 734 I'ennsylvania av. 

Bremer Andrew, drayman, 20 New Church 

Bremer Baltzar, locksmith 66 s Caroline 

Bremer Charles, tailor, 90 sjEutaw 

Bremer George, tailor, 39 IVIcKlderry 

Bremer John, cigar maker, 103 Lee 

Bremer Theodore, cigar maker, 71 Thames 

Bremer Wm. laborer, 303 Aliceanna 

Brenan Edmund, cooper. Canton av l)et Ann 

and Happy al 
Brenan Hugh, laborer, 70 Richmond 
Brenan Patrick, drayman, 21 Tyson al 
Brenan L. Oliver, book keeper, 61 e Fayette 
Brenan Peter E. mahogany dealer, 21 n Gay 

dw 35 
Brenei.s Charles, shoemaker, 265 Aisquith 
Brendel J. George, baker, 83 Warner 
Brendel Michael, Johnson, near Fort av 
Brendel .Nicholas, tailor, 4 Biddle 
Brendle Lorenz. cabinet maker, 130 s Spring 
Brcnnan James F. feed dealer, 29 w l^ombard 
BRENNAN PETER, grocery, s w cor North 

and Foundry 
Brenner George, laborer, 209 s Wolfe 
Brenner John, butcher, 13 Choptank 
Brenner Joseph, (B. & Bro.) 86 s Bond 
Brenner & Bro. wholesale and retail clothiers, 

n e cor Bond and Thames 
Brenner, clerk, 70s Broadway 
Brenner Samuel, tailor, 153 s Fremont 
Brenner Sol. (B. & Bro.) 70 s Broadway 
Brenncrseak Henrv, furniture wagoner, 168 s 

BRENT ROBERT J. attorney at law, 31 

Lexington, dw 58 w Madison 
Brent Vivian, attorney at law, 31 Lexington 
Brenton Alf. (Towson & B.) 218 Franklin 
Brerreton John, lamp maki'r, 128 Vine 
Brescof George, grocery, 339 e Monument 
Bresecke Henry, laborer, 43 Brown 
Breslauer Abraham, second hand furniture 

dealer, 174 s Howard 
Bressler August, shoemaker, 198Hollins 
Bressler Henry, shoemakiT, 28 Frederick road 
Breslow Frederick, cabinet maker, 42 Abbot 
Brestler Pete-r, shoemaker, 367 n Gay 
Brethour Peter, foundryman, 423 Canton av 
Brettenheimer Moses, professor Hebrew, 76 

Bretthol Wm. porter, 177 Aliceanna 
Bretthol Wm. miller, 177 s Regester 
Brevitt Charity, 287 n Eutaw 
Brevitt Joseph W. clerk, 287 n t'.utaw 
Brewer Charles, lottery office, 191 w Pratt, dw 

173 Conway- 
Brewer Charles, moulder, 110 William 
Brewer Dr. G. G. 169 Pennsylvania av, dw 99 

Brewer Daniel, clerk, 6 Townsend 
Brewer Geo. G. pension and property agent, 

52 w Fayette, dw 99 McCulloh 
Brewer George W . dry goods commission 
merchant, over 21 German, dw 262 Jjexing- 
Brewer Henry, butcher, Bel Air av 
Brewer Jane, 169 w Baltimore 

Brewer John, butcher, 106 Greenmount av 
Brewer John, plasterer, 84 n Schroeder 
Brewer John M. attorney at law, 59K w Fay- 
ette, dw 10 Townsend 
Brewer John, confectioner, 182 e Madison 
Brewer Kunegundy, 179 Pennsylvania av 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 138 Pennsylvania av dw 

99 McCulloh 
BREWER NICHOLAS, bounty land and 
property agent, 2 s Front, dw 34 Gough 

Brexterman , cigar maker, 14 President 

Breyle Jacob, pattern maker, Lombard near 

Brian Kdward, farmer, 287 e Fayette 
Hrian Isaiah, iron roller, 144 Bank 
Brian James N. book kreper, 136 n Gay 
Brian John H. clerk, 136 n Gay 
Brian John G. hardware dealer, 136 n Gay 
Brian Joseph, farmer, 89 Ensor 
Brian Martin P. saddler, 176 n Gay, dw 400 
Brian Wm. carpenter, 5 w Biddle 
Brian Wm. gas fitter, 21 Harford av 
Briar Thomas P. currier, 319 e Monument 
Brice George, wagoner, 26 Bank 
BRICE GEO. H. attorney at law, 46 St. Paul, 

dw 159 w Biddle 
Brice John, laborer, 3 Tcssier 
Brice Misses, 46 Saratoga 
Brice Mrs. iS'icholas C. 26 Columbia 
Brice Robert, drayman, 41 Ryan 
Brice Susan, 155 Saratoga 
Brice Thomas R. house carpenter, 158 s Bond 
Brice Wm. N. 46 Saratoga 
Brick Walter, painter, 126 German 
Brickerd Emanuel, carpenter, 311 Aisquith 
Brickerd Henry, laborer, 348 William 
Brickermeyer Henry, sugar refiner, 61 Centre 

Market space 
Brickett John, confec. 146 Light-st whf 
Brickhouse Smith L. carp. 240 Columbia 
Brickman Ri'v. Arthur O. 227 e Fayette 
Brickner George, barrel dealer, 183 William 
Brickner John, tailor, 371 Pennsylvania av 
Brickner Michael, tailor, over 224 e Eager 
Bride Cotter, rustic furniture, 105 Grundy 
Bride Daniel, carpenter, 1 Paca place, Paca 

near Franklin 
Bride Mrs. E. dress maker, 139 w Madison 
Bride Gustavus, manuf. rustic furniture, alley 

rear 133 Dolphin 
Bride James, 139 w Madison 
Bride John, 139 w Madison 
Bride John, weaver, 18 Biddle al 
Bride Mary, grocery, 105 Granby 
Bridener John, chair ornamentor, 25 n Fre- 
Bridenbach John, cabinet maker, 309 Aisquith 
Bridener Jacob, carpenter, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener Martin, baker, 25 n Fremont 
Bridge Richard, clerk, 157 n Gay 
Bridge Stephen, dry goods, 157 and 19 n Gay 
Bridgeham Edward H. chaser, 33 n Calvert 
Bridenstein August, butcher, Harford av, near 

city limits. 
Bridger J. P. clerk, 104 w Fayette 
Bridges Geo. H. clerk, 42 German 
Bridges John C. (Woods, B. & Co.) 567 w 

BRIDGES WM. fruiterer and confectioner, 

313 w Baltimore, dw 42 German 
Briding Earnest W. saddler, harness and collar 

manuf. 183 w Pratt 
Bridle Philip, laborer, 56 Biddle al 




Briel & Bruns, house carpentors, 2 n Sharp 
Briel Henry, whip maker, Eutaw near Biddle 
Briel John, (B. & Hruns) 254 n Eutaw 
Briele Henry, I)iano maker, 81 Henrietta 
Brien Elizabeth R. 158 w Madison 
Brien Henrv, clerk, 158 w Madison 
Brien Robei-t, clerk, 158 w Madison 
Briers Mrs, Catherine, tailorcss, 145 Peirce 
Briese Henry, carver, 135 Saratoga 
Briffgamen Frederick, carpenter, 135 Eager 
Brisffs Ann, 9 Hill 
Brig?s Charles, carter, 330 e Fayette 
Briggs George, clerk, Marriott, Locust Point 
Briggs Jas. Andn-, Locust Point 
Brigham Edward, 38 n Calvert 
Brigham William T. bookkeeper, 252 w Mad- 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 220 e Monument 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 205 n Central av 
Bright Wm. T. plasterer, 88 s Spring 
Brightman Capt. Wm. P. 295 Light 
Brigman John, laborer, 30 s Regester 
Br^iey Mary, tailoress, 174 Bank 
FirillGeo. P. barber, 73 Thames 
Brill Peter, cabinet maker, 2(56 s Broadway 
Brill William, tailor, 260 s Sharp 
Brim John, moulder, 528 w Pratt 
Rrinck Antoiue, musician, 179 s Ann 
Brinckmeyer Brothers, manuPrs and import's 

cigars, 45 e Pratt 
Brinckmeyer Charles, (B. Bros,) 58 s High 
Brinckmeyer Conrad H. shoemaker, 202 w 

Brinckmeyer H. (B. Bros.) 45 e Pratt 
Brinckmeyer Wm. cigar maker, 68 Portland 
Brine Thon\as, 131 Chew 
Bringe Albert, laborer, 18 New 
Bringman Jos. T. (Forrester & B.) 177 Ger- 
Brinhardt Joseph, tailor, 6 Jefferson 
Brink Henry Ad. (H. F. Alberti & Co.) 155 

Brinckley A. W. boarding house, 62 s Kutaw 
Brinkley Joseph B. & Co. who. grocers and 
com. merchts, 59 s Calvert, dw J. B. B. 103 
St. Paul 
Brinkman Julius, cigar maker, 5 Callendar al 
Brinkman Henry C. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinton Nathan S. (Barnitz & B) 48 w Madison 
Hrintsfiekl Emeline, 266 Light 
Briscoe Andrew, cigar maki'r, 127 Orleans 
Briscoe Cha]mian B. clerk, Custom House 
Briscoe George, laborer, tobacco warehouse 

No. 5 
Briscoe George, cigar maker, 47 Henrietta 
Briscoe George, shoemaker, 14 Etna la 
Briscoe James, 44 Lexington 
Briscoe Samuel W. 42 Lexington 
Briscoe Wm. H. 47 Henrietta 
Briscoe Wm. T. cigar maker, 47 Henrietta 
Brisiman John, baker, 1 Shakespeare 
Bristly Jacob, baker, 137 s Fremont 
Bristor & Co. lottery office, 56 w Pratt 
Bristor Wm. B. (B. & Co.) 140 n Lxeter 
Britt Andrew, laborer, 64 Short 
Britt Geo. R. P. bookbinder, 162 Pearl 
Bnttain & Bro. flour, feed and produce, 218 

Brittain John, (B. & Bro.) 218 Light 
Brittain Rrv. Thos. 218 Light 
Brittain Wm, B. (B. & Bro^) 218 Light 
Brittingham Sally A. 135 Hamburg 
Brizkman Mrs. Mary, 28 Lee 

BKOADBKNT A. G. & CO. fancy dry goods 

dealers, 18 n Charles 
Broadbent Gershom, 18 n Charles 
Broadbent Joseph F. lottery office cor Balti- 
more and Centre Market space, and s w cor 
Fayette and North, dw Glen Mary, Bait. Co 
Broadbent Scotti J. (France, B. & Co.) Glen 

Mary, Charles st av 
Broadlx^nt Stephen, sr. (France, B. & Co.) 

Glen Mary, Charles st av 
Broadbent Stephen, jr. (France, B. & Co.) 

Glen Mary, Charles st av 
Broaders Henry, 5 s Central av 
Broaders Henry R, pro. Washington Hotel, 

cor Camden and Eutaw 
Broadfoot A. Louise, 44 n Liberty 
Broadfoot Cassandra, 44 n Liberty 
Broadfoot Joseph, moulder, 109 Albemarle 
Broadfoot Joseph O. moulder, 44 n liberty 
Broadfoot W m, J. 44 n Lil^erty 
Broadwater Richard, moulder, 331 Light 
Broadwater Wm. R. shoemak. 179 Aliceanna 
Broadway Church, Broadway near 

Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church, Broad- 
way, between Pratt and Gough 
Broadway Presbyterian Church, cor Broadway 

and Gough 
Broch Mathias, tailor, 292 n Central av 
Brocher Julius, tailor, 48 Ensor 
Brock Aim E. 86 Harrison 
BROCK JOHN M. tavern, 86 Harrison 
Brock, Wm. boatbuilder, 128 s Ann 
Brockelmann Theodore, (Katz & Leupold,) 

56 Courtland 
Brockenbaugh Marius C. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Brockener Samuel, shoemaker, 897 w Pratt 
Brocker George, brakesman N. C. Railway, 

232 Preston 
Brockkoff Lewis, cab. maker, 202 w Fayette 
Brockman Henry, carpenter, 29 Fell 
Brockman Henry, brewer, 26 w Lombard 
Brockmeyer F. gro. and liquor dealer, s w cor 

Stirling and Eager 
Brockemeyer Henry, tobacconist, 191 e Eager, 

dw s e cor Eager and Stirling 
Brockmeyer Richard, blacksmith, 159 Stirling 
Brocksmidt Henry , wheelwright, 317 n Howard 
Brodbeck Amos, potter, 228 e Monument 
BRODBECK WILLIAM, dyer and scourer, 

45 German 
Broderick Ann, boarding house, 4 Hillen 
Broderick Francis, laborer, 157 Aliceanna 
Broderick James H. dark, 33 Green Mount av 
Broderick John, junk dealer, 2 McKim, dw 

33 Greemnount av 
Broderick 1 hos. laborer, 8 Callendar al 
Broderick, Wm. grocer, 33 Greenmount av 
Broderick Wm. J. clerk, 4 Hillen 
Broderick Wm. E. agent I. M. Singer & Co's 
sewing. machines, 159 w Baltimore, dw 33 
Greenmount av 
Brodie Alex. Fremont, intersection Cooke 
Brodick John, laborer, 100 s Spring 
Brodstreet J. M. & Son, 30 Second 
Brodtbeck Rev. Henry, 63 Short 
Broening Henry J. tailor & scourer, 18 s Sharp 
Hroening Hy. blacksmith, 64 s Schroeder 
BROESKER CHARLES, green grocery, 308 

Broessell John, tailor, 118 Vine 
Broessell Wigand, tailor, 118 Vine 
Broessell Wm. tailor, 13 n Liberty 




Brogan Philip, hackman, 96 s Howard 
Brogden Wm.jr.(Lemmon & B.) 68 n Charles 
Brogeen Wm. H. shoemaker, 87 El^ow la 
Broil Henry, grocer, 366 s Bond 
Brome Wm. H. pilot, 119 n Broadway 
Bromley Jesse, 294 Johnson 
Bromley Thos J. lottery vender, 32 w Lom- 
Bromwell Alfred, tailor, 303 e Monument 
Bromwell Geo. W. ladies' shoemaker, 158 s 

Bromwell H. J. butter dealer, 342 Lexington 
Bromwfill Josiah R. clerk in city comptroller's 

office, 254 n Howard 
Brooke Rev. B. F. 99 Mulberry 
Brooke Horace L. (B.& Coates,) 85 n Charles 
Brooke & Coates, iron com. nterchants, 112 

Spears whf 
BROOKE JAS. J. butter warehouse, 1 Guil- 
ford, dw 37 Calhoun 
Brooke Wm. 44 Henrietta 

Brookhart Thos. plasterer, 124 Greenmount av 
Brookhart Wm. plasterer, 124 Greenmount av 
Brookhart Wm. plasterer 125 Chew 
Brookman Frederick, salesman, Howard house 
Brookman Philip, engineer, 323 .Miceanna 
Brookmyer Annie K. tavern, 195 Light 
Brookmyer Frederick, wheelwright, 107 Hen- 
Brooks Benedict J. machinist, 121 s Washing- 
Brooks Benedict J. machinist, 214 Bank 
Brooks Charles, 133 Hamburg 
Brooks Charles, teamster, Calverton Mills nr 

Brooks Charles S. brakesman, 57 Richmond 
Brooks Mrs. Chas. W. boarding house, 65 e 

Brooks Chauncy, president Western Bank 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fulton & Co.) dw Bal- 
timore County 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fahnestock & Co.) Bal- 
timore Co 
Brooks Christian, carpenter, 13 Buren 
Brooks Christopher, restaurant, 138 s Eutaw 
Brooks Christopher, clerk, 168 n High 
Brooks Christopher C. bookkeeper, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks David, puddler, 53 President 
Brooks Edwin F. plumbing house 13 n Eutaw 
Brooks Eliza Ann, confectionery, 16 Courtland 
Brooks, Fahnestock & Co. wholesale dry 

goods dealers, 345 w Baltimore 
BROOKS, KULTON & Co. who. deal, in 

boots, shoes and hats, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Geo. W. watchman at Custom House, 

57 McHenry 
Brooks George, 195 w Fayette 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 95 North 
Brooks Hester, 33 Shakespeare 
BROOKS HKNRY P. attorney at law, 9 n 

Calvert, dw 169 n Eutaw 
Brooks Henry, cigar maker, 221 Conway 
Brooks Henry, 41 Jackson 
Brooks Henrietta L. 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Isaac, 117 n Front 
Brooks James H. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Brooks James, laborer, 132 s Chapel 
Brooks .lames W. painter, 6 n Spring 
Brooks Jesse, cigar maker, 192 s Eutaw 
Brooks John, cow keeper, 71 Holland 
Brooks John, bird dealer, 198 w Fayette 
Brooks John, shoemaker, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John, hackman, 98 s Eutaw 

Brooks John, watchman, 350 Eastern av 
Brooks John, carpenter, 227 s Bond 
Brooks John, laborer, 464 Penna. av 
Brooks John, 65 n Charles 
Brooks John, prop, menagery, s e cor Pratt & 

Mill, dw s w cor Pratt and High 
Brooks John, attorney at law, 169 n Eutaw 
Brooks Dr. Joseph D. 166 Aisquith 
Brooks Joshua, blacksmith, 54 Frederick road 
Brooks Jonathan, machinist, 2 n Republican 
Brooks Lewis, cap maker, 230 n Central av 
Brooks Louis L. cap maker, 230 n Central av 
Brooks Margaret, tavern, 110 s Howard 
BROOKS N. C. principal of Baltimore Fe- 
male College, 53 St. Paul.— [See p. ^2 Adver- 
tisements. ~\ 
Brooks Peter B. chairmaker, 147 Hamburg 
Brooks Priscilla, nurse, 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Rebecca, tailoress, 338 Canton av 
Brooks Richard, milkman, 168 n High 
Brooks Robt. policeman, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Rodney R. painter, 3 s Liberty, dw 39 

Brooks Samuel, tinner, 144 Columbia 
Brooks Samuel, restaurant, 20 s Spring 
Brooks Samuel M. clerk, 22 n Front 
Brooks Samuel, machinist. Homestead, Ball. 

Brooks Sophia, 22 n Front 
Brooks Susan P. 84 s Sharp 
Brooks Thomas, waiter, 6 Little 
Brooks Walter B. (B., Fahnestock & Co.) 178 

w Lombard 
Brooks Wm. shoemaker, 182 Lemmon 
Brooks Wm. stone cutter, 337 Eastern av 
Brooks Wm. agent, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wm. grocer, 329 Aisquith, dw 293 
Brooks Wm. 208 e Madison 
Brooks Wm. engineer water works, 102 s Pop- 

Brooks Wm. H. stone cutter, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Wm. cigar maker, 269 Saratoga 
Brooks Wm. H. gardener, 464 Penna av 
Broom Ellen, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom George, grocer, 152 Bank 
Broom John, ship carp. 152 Bank 
Broome Wm. H. steam healing and air furnaci' 

agent, 138 e Madison 
Brop Edward, lithographer, 231 Hanover 
Brosius Jacob, sr. 422 Penna av 
Brosius Jacob, jr. butcher, 422 Penna av 
Bross Edward, grocer, 73 n Pine 
Brothers Dr. Kufus S., Maltby house 
Brotherton John P. collector, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Mrs. Phoebe, 172 e Lombard 
Brotzel John, confectioner, 2 Columbia 
Brotzell Henry, brickmaker, 299 William 
Brotzell Jacob, brickmaker, 39 Gittings 
Brotzman Anthony, cab.mak. 100 s Central av 
Brotzman John, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brotzman Conrad, Venetian blind maker, 54 

Brotzman Peter, tailor, 8 Tessier 
Brotzman Richard, tailor, 11 New 
Brotzman Sebastian, tailor, 11 New 
Brotzman S. baker, 11 New 
Brouer Conrad, locksmith, 168 e Lombard 
Brouderick John, waiter. Union Hotel, cor 

Pratt and Charles 
Broughton Henry C. ship joiner, 81 s Spring 
Broughion Isaac, printer, 416 w Baltimore 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 192 e Lombard 
Broughton Capt. Jos. D. mariner, 2 Watson 




Broughton Samuel H. mariner, 57 n Eden 
BrousselJustus, cabinet maker, 118 Vine 
Broumel .las. carpenter, 554 w Fayette 
Brower Wm. cigar maker, 2 L. Gough 
Brown Abner C. .stair builder, 82 Pine 
Brown Adelaide, 34 n Eden 
Brown Albert iVI. attorney at law, 47 St. Paul, 

dw n e cor Garden and Preston 
BR» >WS ALEXANDER & SONS, bankers, 

2 s Calvert 
Brown Alexand.r E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) n 

w cor Lanvale and Grundy 
Brown Alexander W. book agent, 55 Harford 

Browil Alexander P. tailor, 41 Watson 
Brown Dr. Alfred J. sugeon dentist, n w cor 

Charles and l^exington 
Brown Adolphus, carpenter, 234 Columbia 
Brown Adoiphus, carpenter, 35 Ryan 
Brown Augustus, butcher, 461 e Baltimore 
Brown Andrew, tavern, s w cor Broadway and 

Canton av. 
Brown Ann B. 18 Watson 
Brown Ann M. boarding house, rear of 86 s 

Brown Auluy, jr. clerk N. Y.& Bait. &. Phila. 

trans, line, 21 e Lombard 
Brown Aulay, grurral collector, 66 s Bond 
Hrown Arthur, gas fitter, 10 Addison 
Brown B.Mijaiuin, (B. B. & Co.) 129 s Paca 
Brown Benjamin .1 . painter, 143 Vine 
Brown BiMijamin, laborer, 165 Orleans 
Brown Ben)amiii F. machinist, Mosher between 

Garden and Bulton 
Brown Benjamin, ship carp'r. 114 G. Hughes 
BROWN, BROS. & CO. bankers and dealers 

in foreign exclianges, s w cor Baltimore and 

Brown & Brune, attorneys at law, 40 St. Paul 
Brown Bridget, 114 s Sharp 
Brown Charles H. clerk, 317 w Madison 
Brown Charles F. clerk, 129 s High 
Brown (Charles W. carpenter, 82 Pine 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 336 Canton av 
Brown Charles H. seaman, 34 n Eden 
Brown Charles E. teacher, 526 w Fayette 
Brown Charles H. H. 317 w Madison 
Brown Charles J. sexton Charles street (M. E.) 

Church, 23 Pearl 
Brown Charles, huckster, 252 Franklin 
Brown Ca])t. Charles, 246 e Fayette 
Brown Catharine, 87 Lancaster 
Brown Catharine, vest maker, 55 s Eutaw 
Brown (>aroline, cook, 37 Conway 
hirown Christian, tailor, 109 Peirce 
BROWN, COOK & CO. wholesale grocers, 

14 Commerce 
Brown Cornelius, fireman dredging machine, 

dw Bull's head tavern, 132 n Front 
Brown Daniel, carpenter, Bel-Air av 
Brown David, moulder, 257 Hollins 
Brown David K. attorney at law, 13 Lexing- 
ton, dw G17 w Fayette 
Brown Edward, sexton Meth. Prot. Church, 
iiecor Fayette and Aisquith,dw 102e Fayette 
Brown Edward, laborer, 103 Cathedral 
Brown Kdward, liquor dealer, 13 Lancaster 
Brown Edward, carpenter, 7 Camden la 
Brown Edward, clerk, 129 s High 
Brown Elias, (Clark & B.) 186 Saratoga 
Brown Edwin, shoemaker, 240 w Fayette 
Brown Eliza, teacher, 28 Albemarle 
Brown Eliza, tailoress, 211 Eastern av 

Brown Eliza and Caroline, school teachers, 20 

Brown Eliza, 279 Forrest 
Brown Elizabeth, 72 Chew 
Brown Elizabeth, 61 Chatsworth 
Brown Elizabeth, 102 North 
Brown Klizabeth V.192 Chesnut 
Brown Elizabeth, 99 Mullikin 
Brown Francis, clerk, 189 w Lombard 
Brown Francis, tavern, 68 Thames 
Brown Francis, shoemaker, 283 s Bond 
BROWN F. M. agent for Baltimore Oil Com- 
pany, 81 Smith's w'rf. dw s e cor Lombard 
and Eutaw 
Brown Franklin, huckster, 4 Rock 
Brown Frederick, laborer, 193 s Chapel 
Brown Frederick, laborer, 221 s Wolfe 
Brown Frederick, n^ar 227 Aliceanna 
Brown Frederick, mariner, 68 Thames 
Brown Frederick, photographer, over 63 w Bal- 
Brown F. S. clerk, 317 Madison av 
Brown G. K. bookkeeper, 77 n Liberty 
Brown Garrett, n w cor Lanvale and Grundy 
Brown GarretyW. (Browns & Lehr) 15 n Ex- 
Brown G. K. bookkeeper, 77 n Liberty 
Brown George Wm. (B. & Brune) 70 n Calvert 
Brown George, 22 Harford av 
Brown George F. stone cutter, 30 Hillen 
Brown George W. 21 Mosher 
Brown G(^orge A. 347 n Eutaw 
Brown George S. (Alex. B. &. Sons,) s w cor 

Cathedral and Madison 
Brown George C. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown George W. tinner and bookstore 319 n 

Brown George (Alex. B. & Sons) 54 Cathedral 
Brown George W. (Browns & Lehr) 15 n Ex- 
Brown George W. nail cutter, 67 President 
Brown George W. ship carpenter, 17 n Wolfe 
Brown George, math. inst. maker, 6 Hillen 
Brown George W. machinist, 42 e Eager 
Brown George H. (W. S. B. & Son) 13 Lloyd 
Brown & Geisendaffer, trimmings dealers, 566 

w Baltimore 
Brown Gertrude E. milliner, 123 n Caroline 
Brown Hannah, cook, 565 Lexington 
Brown Henry, (B.& Robinson) 295 Eastern av 
BROWN HENRY C. & CO. saw manufac'y, 

Uhler's al, dw H. C. B. 16 Watson 
Brown Capt. Hiram, 228 Aisquilh 
Brown Horace E. Gilmor house 
Brown Horatton, currier, 129 German 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 265 s Dallas 
Brown Ira, carpenter, over 11 n Sliap, dw 222 

Brown H. G. & Co. contractors & pavers, 146 

Camden, dw H. G. R. 96 s Paca 
BROWN 'S HOTEL, 119 n High,Lewis Brown 

Brown Isaac, patentee, 438 n Gay 
Brown Isaiah turner, 181 n Fremont 
Brown Isaiah, shoemaker, 46 Dolphin 
Brown Jacob, clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Brown Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 29 w Pratt 
Brown Jacob C. sailmaker, 262 e Pratt 
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, 147 Welcome al 
Brown Jacob, dry goods dealer, 215 Hanover 
Brown Jacobs mdkman, Frederick road, near 

double spring 
Brown Jacob, provision dealer, 80 Lee 




Brown Jehu, gardener, Patterson's lane rear of 

Greenmount Cemetery- 
Brown James, laborer, 187 w Biddle 
Brown James, ship carpenter, 226 Bank 
Brown James H. trunk maker, over 6 Hillen 
Brown James, laborer, 5 e Monument 
Brown James iM. letter carrier, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James S. painter, 40 n Amity 
Brown James E. clerk, 95 n High 
Brown Rev. James H. Fremont nr Penna. av 
Brown James, stone cutter, 103 Cathedral 
Brown James M. (Browns & L.) 15 n Exeter 
Brown James, ch'rk, 82 n Paca 
Brown James, tav. and restaurant, 85 Thames 
Brown James M. letter carrier, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James, policeman, 130 s Washington 
Brown James V. watchmaker, 123 Franklin 
Brown James, machinist, 123 n Caroline 
Brown James E. clerk, 95 n High 
Brown James K. planing mill, 123 n Caroline 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown Jane, 55 Harford av 
Brown J. Edward, 617 w Fayette 
Brown J. Harman, (B. Bros. &Co.) 67 Court- 
BROWN J. ROBERT, house carpenter, n w 
cor Grant & Mercer, dw 118 Greenmount av 
Brown J. Wilson, salesman, 261 Saratoga 
Brown J. C. washing machine dealer, Frank- 
lin Inn, 50 Hillen 
Brown John A. bailiff Court Com. Pleas, 276 

e Pratt 
Brown John W. & Son, comm. merchants and 
packet ag'ts, 81 Smith's wf. dw J. W. R. 93 
Brown John W. clerk B. & O. R. R. dw 67 

Brown John C. messi-nger Clerk '.s office Court 

Com. Pleas, 240 n Gay 
Brown John N. custom house officer, 202 Ais- 

Brown John S. & Co. railway and ship build- 
ers, e end G. Hughes 
Brown John, (Henry Wilkens & Co.) 179 w 

Brown John M. carpenter, 141 Conway 
Brown John J. varnisher, 375 Hamburg 
Brown J. Frank, (H. G. Brown & Co.) 116 

Brown John, laborer, 3 Choptank 
Brown John, conductor railroad, 91 North 
Brown John, (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n High 
Brown John L. express agent, 134 w Baltimore 
Brown John, (Baker, Holmes & B.) 87 north 

Brown John N. (B., Bros. & Co.) 18 s Eutaw 
Brown John, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown John W. agent for Philadelphia packets, 

93 Saratoga 
Brown John, painter, 19 Abbey al 
Brown John, house carpenter, s e cor Broad- 
way and Lombard 
Brown John, baker, 1 Baker's ct 
Brown John J. carpenter, 21 Mosher 
Brown John G. bootmaker, 371 Light 
Brown John, laborer tobacco warehouse No 4 
Brown John W. jr. clerk, 93 Saratoga 
Brown Capt. John, mariner, 2 s Central av 
Brown John W. engraver, 189 w Lombard 
Brown Jonathan, tin and sheet ironworker, 12 

Douglass » 

Brown Joseph E. teacher, 326 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph E. 617 w Fayette 

Brown Joseph, tailor, 129 s High 
Brown Joseph, shoemaker, 371 Light 
Brown Joseph, sec'y. Gas Co. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph M. carpenter, 300 Franklin 
Brown Joshua L. policeman, 377 Pinna, av 
Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 347 Saratoga, dw 

110 Pine 
Brown J. Wilson, salesman, 261 Saratoga 
Brown Laura, 140 Raborg 
Brown Lemuel, huckster, 45 Fawn 
Brown Lemuel, huckster, 395 Lexington 
Brown Lewis, prop. Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Brown Lewis, confectioner 340 w Prait 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 422 Lexington 
Brown Levi, music store, 568 w Baltimore 
Brown M. J. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 18 Green- 
mount av 
BROWN M. J. & W. A. flour and feed deal- 
ers, 11 w Pratt 
Brown Martha T. 358 w Lombard 
Brown Martha, 6 Hubbard al 
Brown Mary Ann, tailoress, 209 Preston 
Brown Mrs. Mary B. dre.ssmaker, 165 Conway 
Brown Mrs. M. M. select female seminary, 526 

w Fayette 
Brown Mary A. of Baltimore steam laundry, 

dw Gay near Exeter 
Brown Mary E. 49 e Fayette 
Brown Mary, huckstress, 7 Camden la 
Brown Mary, 242 Light 
Brown Mary, 67 s Schroeder 
Brown Mary, 114 Cider al 
Brown Mary, 10 Liberty al 
Brown Mary, variety store, 61 Ross 
Brown Mary, 81 Bank 
Brown Mary Ann, dressmaker, 93 Orleans 
Brown Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 330 s Charles 
Brown Matilda, 55 Harford av 
Brown Martin S. engraver, over 11 Light, dw 

71 Walsh 
Brown Matthew, jeweler, 61 Ross 
BROWN, MATTH KWS& CO. produce com- 
mission merchants, 4 Spear's wharf 
Brown Mi'rcer, 410 w Fayette 
Brown Michael, carter, 23 Pleasant al 
Brown Michael, carter, 11 Pleasant al 
Brown Michael, laborer, 11 Pleasant al 
Brown Michael, moulder, 73 J^tirling 
Brown M. & S. dry goods dealers, n w cor Or- 
leans and Central av, dw M . B. 155 s Broad- 
BR« )WN, MITTAN & CO. coal dealers, 110 
n Front, and North, between Monument and 
Brown Moritz & Sol. dry goods dealers, 155 

s Broadway 
Brown Moses, policeman, 112 Granby 
Brown Nathaniel L. watchmaker, 24 Holiday 
Brown Nicholas, 310 n Caroline 
Brown Rachel P. 43 Lexington 
Brown Oliver M.(B., Matthews* Co.) 26 North 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Pi-ter, cooper, 265 Alicpanna 
Brown Pi'ter A. mariner, 51 Thames 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 477 w Baltimore 
Brown Philip, currier, 73 s Charles 
Brown Reuben T. huckster, 3fl0 Franklin 
Brown Dr. Richard W. 91 ^Villiam 
Brown Richard, grocer, 48 n Eutaw, dw 85 
Brown Robert, jr. nianuf. and wholesale deal, 
in liquors and oil, 11 Patterson, dw Hoffman 
near Ross 
Brown Robert, clerk, 87 n High 




Brown Robert P. 89 McCulloh 
BROWN ROBERT D. & CO. com. merch'ts 
and importers of linens, 18 Hanover, dw R. 
D. B. Relay House B. & O. R. R. 
BROWN ROBERT, Sr. imp'r. and dealer in 
watches and fine jewelry, 158 w Baltimore, 
Museum building, dw 189 w Lombard 
Brown Robert, carter, 189 s Washington, F.P. 
Brown Robert, huckster, 4 Rock 
Brown Robert, jr. oil merchant, 81 Smith's 

wharf, dw 135 w Hoffman 
Brown & Robinson, riggers, Kerr's wharf 
Brown Rosena S. trimmings .store, 276 e Pratt 
Brown Samuel H. clerk, 332 Saratoga 
Brown Samuel, stone contractor, 359 n Entaw 
Brown Samuel, cigar maker, 21 Sterrett 
Brown Samuel, rigger, 319 Light 
Brown S. (M. & Sr B.) 120 e Fayette 
Brown Sarah, 55 e Baltimore 
Brown Dr. Septimus, n e cor Preston & Garden 
Brown Stewart, attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 67 

Brown Susan, nurse, 1 Paca place, n Paca 
Brown Thomas, superintend't Baltimore steam 

boiler works, dw 33 Jackson 
Brown Thomas H. sec'y Great Falls Iron Co. 
8 e cor Pratt & O 'Donri^ll 's wharf, dw n w cor 
Lanvale and Grundy 
Brown Thomas .M. (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n 

Brown Thomas R. 304 w Madison 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 34 Lee 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 42 Rock 
Brown Thos. W. blacksmith, 237 n Central av 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 74 Richmond 
Brown Thomas, laborer, 86 Grindall 
Brown Thomas, sailor, 432 William 
Brown Thomas J. gold and silversmith, 90 w 

Brown Thomas, brickmaker, 86 s Poppleton 
Brown Thomas, ship joiner, 172 Gough 
Brown Thomas, restaurant, 322 s Bond 
Brown V. J. (B., Cook & Co.) 335 w Fayette 
Brown Capt. Washington, mariner, 159 Mont- 
Brown Mrs. Washington, 134 n High 
Brown William B. shoemaker, 170 Kast 
Brown Wm. & Co. importer and manufac'rof 
watches and jewelry, 276 w Baltimore, dw 
W. B. 89 McCulloh 
Brown Wm. B. 317 Madison av 
Brown Wm. finisher, 4 Williamson 
Brown Wm. (.Jameson & B.) 148 Preston 
Brown Wm. H. sup't of streets, 31 Constitu- 
Brown Wm. A. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 121 n 

Brown Wm. H. bricklayer, 300 Franklin 
Brown Wm. H. & Bro. druggists, 4 s Liberty, 
dw VV. H. B. n w cor Lanvale and Grundy 
Brown Wm. T. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. R. clerk, 122 w Fayette 
BROWN WM. S. & SON, stove and house 
furnishing store, 12 w Baltimore, dw W. S. 
B. 13 Lloyd 
Brown Wm. T, 18 Watson 
Brown Wm. W. silversmith, 121 Chew 
BROWN WM. D. ship yard and railway, 

Hughes opp. Covington, dw 23 n Calvert 
Brown Wm. D. s e cor Lexington and Calvert 
Brown Wm. stevedore, 90 Lancaster 
Brown Wm. coach trimmer, n e cor Mullikin 
and Lewis 

Brown Wm. grocer, 42 Eager 
Brown Wm. stevedore, 199 s Chester 
Brown Wm. H. policeman, 42 e Eager 
Brown Wm. clerk, 47 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. L. carpenter, s w cor Front and 
Low, dw 216 e Baltimore 
j Brown Wm. H. ship carpenter, 19 Fountain 
Brown Wm. M. printer, 35 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. clerk, 228 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, 169 HoUins 
Brown Wm. O moulder, 9 Parkin 
Brown Wm. clerk, 47 n Fremont 
Brown W. T. bricklayer, 192 s Paca 
Browne Eliza, boarding house, 72 Lexington 
Browne Horace E. com. mt. 58 Exchange 

Place, dw Gilmor house 
BROWNE JAMES H. & BRO. flour, grain, 
feed and guano dealers, 40 and 42 s Frede- 
rick, dw J. H. B. Barnum's hotel 
Browne Joseph K. (James H. B. & Bro.) 30 

Browne Lewis B. periodical dealer, 99 Garden 
Browne Ralph, 1 Paca place, near Franklin 
Browne Wm. Hand, (Thos. J. Hand & Co.) 

188 n Calvert 
Browning Edward, iron moulder, 150 e Eager 
Browning Edward, rope maker, 361 s Sharp 
Browning James S. coach maker, 78 North 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 75 s Eden 
Browning Mary, 118 Garden 
Browning Mary L. trimming store, 103 Biddle 
Browning Samuel, 38 n Calvert, 
Browning Warfield T. (Cinnamond & B.) 

Monument Square 
Browning Wm. E. rope maker, 247 Forrest 
Browning Wm. S. American printing tele- 
graph treasurer, 318 n Eutaw 
Browning Wm. E. painter, 103 w Biddle 
Brownley Hiram E. ship carpenter, 141 Mont- 
Brownley, Dr. Joseph, 3 s Exeter 
Bownley Joseph, blacksmith, 282 n Eutaw 
Brownley John W. ship carpenter, 175 s 

Brownley Martha, 5 Grundy 
Brownley Thomas J. engineer, 14 Hill 
Brownold Bernard, (B. & Bro.) 91 n Paca 
Brownold & Bro. dry goods dealers, 154 and 

157 Lexington 
Brownold ("harles, bookkeeper, 35 Chatsworth 
Brownold Moses, (B. & Bro.) 154 Lexington 
Brownold Samson, (B.&. Sons,) 35 Chatsworth 
Brownold & Sons, dry goods store, 157 Lex- 
Brownold Solomon, salesman, 35 Chatsworth 
BROWNS & LEHR, dealers in tobacco and 

cigars, 9 w Baltimore 
Browser August, bl'ksmith, 163 Carpenter al 
Brubaker, Martin, supdt. shirt factory, 56 

Bruce Ann, 169 e Madison 
BRUCE DANIEL C. coal dealer, s e cor 
Pratt and Greene, and n e cor South and 
Exchange place, dw 49 Hanover — [Seep. 
24 Mvertisements] 
Brvice David, confectioner, 238 w Pratt, dw 

211 Barre 
Bruce James A. superintendent Maryland Gas 

Works, dw 181 s Charles 
BRUCE JOHN M. coppersmith, 94 n Calvert, 

dw 160 Aisquith 
Bruce Joseph, machinist, 46 Warren 
Bruce Oliver, machinist, 230 Hill 




Bruce Oliver, machinist, 46 Warren 

BRUCE ROBERT, truss and bandage m'kr, 

145 w Lombard 
Bruce Robert, moulder, 8 Hill 
Bruce Robert, printer, 10 s Gay 
Bruce Wm. grocer, 153 e Madison 
Bruce Rev. Wm. 336 Saratoga 
Bruchey Joseph, engineer, 18 Amity 
Bruchoir Louis, 109 Raborg 
Bruck Charles, baker, 104 s Caroline 
Bruck Henry M. Uiilor, 320 w Pratt, dw 278 

Bruda Augusta, bookkeeper, 120 Conway 
Bruda Gustavus, bookkeeper, 120 Conway 
Brueback Charles, varnisher', 16 Diamond 
Brueback Jacob, cabinet mkr. 148 Henrietta 
Brueckner John F. piann mkr. 11 Sterrett 
Bruehl .lustus, baker, 157 s Bond 
Bruehl Wm. box maker, 23 Gough 
Bruen Charlotte, dry goods dealer, 455 w Fay- 
Bruening Charles, salesman, 15 n Eutaw 
Bruff Charles S. architect, 11 Hume 
Bruff James M. (J. W. B. & Co.) Foun- 
tain hotel 
BrutT John W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 295 w Fay- 
Bruff John vV. & Co. dry goods merchants, 

245 w Baltimore 
Bruff John K. bricklayer, 228 n Bond 
Bruff Joseph T. ship carpenter, 78 s Ann 
Bruggman John J. tavern, 32 Fell 
Bruggy Martin, carpenter, 94 s Eutaw 
Brummell Albert, traveling agent, 79 n Fre- 
Brummell Joseph, painter, 16 Lanvale 
Brumm"ll Thomas, carpenter, 16 Lanvale 
BRUMMER CARSEN H. grocery, 231 s 

Brummer Casper, 44 Lancaster 
Brummer Frank, laborer, 107 Lancaster 
Brun Francis, bookkeeper, 86 Lexington 
Brun Mad. F. child's dress maker, 86 Lex- 
Brunce David, coach trimmer, 122 Harford av 
Brunck JuUus, clerk, 39 s Ann 
BRUNCK JULIUS, lager beer saloon, 30 

Brundige Charles H. (Wm. G. Price & Co.) 

52 n C*lvert 
Brundige James, bookkeeper, 52 n Calvert 
Brundige James, 74 South, dw 66 n Calvert 
Brundige Peter, rope maker, 378 Light 
Brundige Thomas V. com. mt. 74 South, dw 

Baltimore Co 
Brundige Wm. Jr. grocer and liquor dealer, 

109 n Eutaw 
Brundige Wm. C. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Brundige Wm. sr. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Brundis:e Wm. huckster, 298 Mulberry 
BRUNE F. VV. & SOXS, merchants and 
agents Maryland Steam Sugar Refining Co. 
89 and 91 Smith's whf. dw F. W. B. 71 n 
Brune F. W. jr. (Brown & B.) Charles st av 
Brune John C. (F. W. B. & Sons,) 26 Ca- 
Brune Thomas, 459 e Baltimore 
Brune Wm. H. (F. W. B. & Sons,) 42 Mt. 

Vernon Place 
Brunhorn, Christopher, tavern, 265 s Ann 
Brunhover John, shoemaker, 193 s Bond 
Bruning George, cabinet maker, 345 s Bond 

Bruning Henry, grocer and liquor dealer, n e 

cor \Varner and Burgundy al 
Bruning H. H. professor of languages, office 

7 Franklin, dw 208 s Eutaw 
Bruning Sophia, dry goods deal. 208 s Eutaw 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlings &, B.) 72 Chew 
Brunner Andrew, clerk, 54 Pearl 
Brunner Andrew, jr. carpenter, 54 Pearl 
Brunner Daniel, general commission agent, 15 

Brunner Gaynor, 207 e Madison 
Brunner Henry, tailor, 127 s Sharp 
Brunner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sharp 
Brunner Joseph, pump maker, 29 n Greene 
Brunner John, provision store, 122 s Bond 
Brunner Wm. T. clerk, 54 Pearl 
Bruno Stephen, painter. Homestead, Bait. co. 
Bruns Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns John, (Briel & B.) Mulberry near Pine 
Bruns John, carpenter, 164 Mulberry 
Brunt George, carter, Guilford al 
Brunt Henry, shoemaker, 22 New Church 
Brunt James, 487 Penna. av 
Brunt Margaret, 114 French 
Brunt Ralph, dairyman, 487 Penna. av 
Brunt Uichard, carpenter, 36 George 
Brunt Samuel, salesman, 14 s Calvert 
Brunt Thomas, dealer in embroideries and 

lace goods, 189 w Baltimore, dw 130 w 

Brunt W. clerk, 14'^ s Calvert 
Bruschwiller Wm. chair maker, 25 Foster al 
Bruschwiller Wm. jr. painter, Beale's row, 

rear of Aisquith, near Bond 
Brunz John, (Briel & B.) 64 Mulberry 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, house carp. 230 e Pratt 
Bruscup Thomas, bailiff of Orphan's Court, 

207 e Fayette 
Bruskuhl Frederick, 24 s Sharp 
Bruslin Michael, laborer, 3 w Lombard 
Brushweller Wm. jr. house painter, 18 Beale's 

Brushweller, Wm. sr. chairmaker, 25 Foster al 
Brusnan John, grocer, 257 n Bond 
Brusster Henry, ship carpenter, Boston, foot 

of Patuxent, dw n e cor Patapsco & Boston 
Bruster James, salesman, Franklin house 
Bruster Moses M. mariner, 58 s Caroline 
Bruter Francis J. tailor, 315 Canton av 
Bruter Michael, musician, 315 Canton av 
Brutsche Felix, blacksmith, s w cor Frederick 

av and Calverton road 
Brutz Henry, shoemaker, 161 n Eden 
Bryan Christopher, cabinet maker, 94 n Cen- 
tral av 
Bryan Christopher, stove manufacturer, 53 s 

Calvert, dw 134 Lee 
Bryan C. H. 105 w Fayette 
Bryan Capt. Frederick C. 244 e Fayette 
Bryan Hanson, clerk, 28 Pearl 
Bryan John, wire worker, 246 Light 
Bryan John H. bricklayer, 331 s Sharp 
Bryan N. 93 n Paca 
Bryan Thomas E. clerk, 131 Aisquith 
Bryan Samuel L. salesman, 95 Lee 
Bryan & Atkinson, att'ys at law, 36 St. Paul 
Bryan Wm S. (B.& Atkinson) 44 n Strieker 
BRYAN WILLIAM, tavern, 63 President 
Bryant, Tinsley & Holmes, grocers, tea and 

spice dealers, 2 F.xchange place 
Bryant Wilson P. (B., Tinsley & Holmes) 354 




IJryarly Robert, tailor, 100 n Exeter 

Bryarly Thomas J. bookkeeper, 122 w Fayette 

Bryden George W. carver, 229 e Eager, d\v 

Homestead, Baltimore Co. 
Bryden Jas. W. farmer, Homestead, Bait. Co. 
Bryden Jane, 90 n Charles 
Bryson B. A. conductor B. & O. R. R. dw 41 

n Strieker 
Bryson Gilbert H. city surveyor and civil en- 
gineer. City Hall, dw 59 Aisquilh 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 219 n Caroline 
Bryson James, clerk. Merchants' bank, dw 61 

Bryson James R. iron moulder, 499 w Lom- 
Bryson J. F. civil engineer. Brown's hotel, 119 

n High 
Bryson Wm. J. of Eastern Shore Steamboat 

Co. 124 Light-st. whf. dw 78 s Eden 
Bub Casper, cabini't maker, 75 n Gay 
Bub John, varnisher, 35 n Gay 
Bubart George, sugar refiner, 34 w Lombard 
Bube Adam, bootmaki-r, 19 French 
Bubert H. H. 181 s Eden 
BUBERT JOHN D. tavern, s e cor Camden 

and Charles 
Buchanan Andrew, furniture wagoner, 7 Ab- 
Buchanan Klizabeth, 54 w Fayette 
Buchanan Henry, mariner, 6 Abbot 
BUCHANAN JAM KS M. Jr. attorney at law, 

45 St. Paul, dw 47 w Fayette 
Buchanan James, assistant weigher Custom 
house, Franklin house, n w cor Franklin 
and Howard 
Buchanan Jame.s H. salesman, Calvert between 

Lexington and Saratoga 
Buchanan 1>. 57 St. Haul 
Buchanan Wni. J. attorney at law, 45 S. Paul 

dw 47 w Fayette 
Buchanan James E. (Kauffelt &, B.) Franklin 

hotel, n w cor Howard and Franklin 
Bucher Jacob, cabinet maker, 224 Canton av 
Bucher John, laborer, 29 Union 
Buchet Francis, hairdresser, 65 Mulberry 
Buchheimer Frederick, upholsterer and tavern, 

94 West Falls av 
Buchheimer George, grocery, 442 Penna. av 
Buchheimer Henry, wagom-r, 86 Regester 
Buchheimi>r John, grocer, 55 President 
Buchheimer Peter, clothier, 4 e Pratt 
Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 195 s Shar]i 
Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 16 Dawson 
Bucholz Frederick, carp'r. 160 Greenmount av 
Buchs Franz, painter, 15 Jasper 
Buehsbaum John, tailor, 121 Orleans 
Buchta John, blacksmith, 5 Swan, dw Plow- 
man, opposite Albemarle 
Buck Alfred, (B. B. & Sons,) 301 e Baltimore 
Buck Alonzo, 109 Albemarle 
Buck B. & Sons, sailmakers, 85 Smith's whf, 

and Corner's whf, foot of Ann 
Buck B. W. (Wright & B.) 318 Lexington 
Buck Benjamin (C. B. B. & Son,) 255 w Lom- 
Buck Benjamin G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Capt. Charles W. mariner, 96 s High 
Buck Christian, tailor, 237 s Bethel 
Buck Edward L). (John B. & Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck George W. proprietor Fulton house, 34 

w Pratt 
Buck Henry, ship carpenter, 135 Thames 
Buck Jacob, engmeer, 259 Columbia 

Buck James, moulder, 133 Welcome al 
Buck John E. paper hanger, 81 Grundy 
Buck John M. cashier FrankHn Bank, dw318 

Buck James, butcher, 37 Hoffman 
Buck Jane, 344 w Fayette 
Buck John E. 81 Grundy 
Buck John H. clerk, 75 e Pratt 
Buck John M. jr, clerk, 318 Lexington 
Buck John N. (Shipe & B.) Howard House 
Buck John, dry goods dealer, 237 Light 
Buck John & Co. importers and dealers in 

hardware, 86 and 88 w Pratt, dw J. B. 75 e 

Buck Joseph A. (Isaac M. Denson & B.) 31 

Buck Louis F. clerk, 101 s Exeter 
Buck Susaima, tailoress, 230 e Lombard 
Buck Wm. H. clerk, 186 w Hoffman 
Bucker John, laborer, 368 Pennsylvania av 
Buckerman, Peter, grocery and liquor deal. 116 

s Spring 
Buckey, Jas. H. engineer, 458 w Lombard 
Buckingham Mrs. Charles h. tailoress, 381 w 

Buckingham C. W. 135 e Pratt 
Buckingham Lsaac, music teacher, 39 Pine 
Buckingham John E. Biddle e of Harford av 
Buckingham John W. carp. 48 s Schroeder 
Buckingham W. H. cooper, 197 n Dallas 
Buckingham Washington L. painter, 89 Pine 
Buckler Dr. John, 135 n Charles 
Buckler John jr, mail agent, P. W. & B. R. R, 

1.35 n Charles 
Buckler L. H. (B. & Shipley) n w cor Calvert 

and Read 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 n Charles 
BUCKLER & SHIPLEY, general commi.ssion 

merchants, 85 s Charles 
Buckler Dr. 'I'homas H. 41 Lexington 
Buckler Wm. wharf builder, 121 s Chester 
Buckler Wm. mariner, 82 s Chester 
Buckless Henry, pilot, 126 Gough 
Buckley C. R. clerk, dw Adams house 
Buckley Charles R. shoe store, 97 Hanover, 

dw 12 n Bond 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley David Z. laborer, 13 Abbey al 
Buckley Mrs. Eliza A. millinery dealer, 173 n 

Buckley John, milk dealer, 90 s Republican 
Buckley John mariner, 159 East 
BUCKLEY JOHN, wholesale and retail dealer 

in oysters and fruit preserver, 121 Hillen, 

dw h9}4 
Buckley Martin, carter, 18 Neighbour 
Buckley Michael, lab. 87 McElderry's whf 
Buckley Wm. H. mariner, 90 s Chester 
lUickmaster Henry C. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Buckmiller Robt. tan'r. North n of Madison 
Buckner Dr. Charles S. 12 Cathedral 
Bucksbaum Henry, lager beer house, 19 n 

Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods dealer, 196 s 

Buckstein Wm. laborer, 201 Montgomery 
Bucksti John, box maker, 9 Tripolett's al 
Budd Charles, cigar maker, 259 Gough 
Eudd Benj. sailor, 87 Hamburg 
Budd John R. house carp. 257 Gough 
Budd Wm. stevedore, 205 s Chester 
Budder Wm. blacksmith, 80 Albemarle 
Buddey Henry, cooper, 40 Slemmer al 




Budnitz Henry, tobacconist, 270 s Sharp 
Buddymyer Wm. laborer, 323 Aliceanna 
Buebky Adam, shoemaker, 241 s Charles 
Buechy Herman, tailor, 79 n Pine 
Buehler Henry L. clothing store, 168 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. dealer in tobacco and cigars, 159 

Franklin, dw. 182 
Budike Clara, 35 s Eutaw 
Buehrke C. H. (C. H. B. & G. Bothman) 254 

w Pratt 
Buehrke C. H. & G. Bothman, tobacco and 

cigar dealers, 254 & 304 w Pratt 
Buengener Geo. Wm. shoemak. 261 s Sharp 
Buffter Elijah, cellar digger, 33 Rose 
Bugg Ellen, 88 s High 
Bugg Richard A. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Buhner O. carver, 54 German 
Buker Aaron, engineer, 377 ('anton av 
Bukoffskey Wm. saddler, Hudson, 2 doors e of 

Bukoffskey Wm. H. harness maker. Canton av 

near Port al 
Bukoffskey, George, iron roller, Hudson 2 

doors e of Bridge 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 248 w Pratt 
Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 11 Spring ct 
Bulgan Henry, paver, 292 Raborg 
Bulger Nicholas, tailor, 50 Dewberry al 
Bulger Patrick, private watchman, 108 s How- 
Bull Asahel, carpenter, 2 Webb 
BULL DR. BENJ. H. D. 260 w Pratt 
Bull Edmund, (B. & Tuiile) 196 w Biddle 
BULL & EY ANSON, house and ship plumb- 
ers, s e cor Saratoga and Park 
Bull Frederick (B. & Eyanson) 278 w Pratt 
Bull Isaac, lottery vender, s e corner Pratt and 

Bond, dw 67 s Ann 
Bull Rev. John W. 260 w Pratt 
Bull John, laborer, 10 Cuba, Locust Point 
Bull Mrs. Mary, 121 n Eutaw 
Bull Nicholas, carpentt^r, 226 Saratoga 
Bull Shadrack, constable, 226 Saratoga 
BULL & TUTTLE, publishers of Baltimore 
Clipper, and book and job printers, l34 w 
Bull Wm. R. teamster, 64 Decker 
Bullen Jane, 22 n Poppleton 
Bullen Wm. property agent, 181 s Paca 
Bulling Charles (Gerdes, B.& Wehrhane) 118 

Bulling Fredk, bookkeeper, 346 w Baltimore 
Bullock Caswell, J. glue mak. 339 Columbia 
Bullock Catherine, tailoress, 72 Preston 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 81 s Washington, F. P 
Bullock Ezekiel, R. R. contractor, Bolton, 4th 

door w of Dolphin 
Bullock James, collar maker, 21 Mercer, dw 

542 w Fayette 
Bullock Joseph L. glue maker, 243 Columbia 
Bullock John, jr. carpenter, 243 Columbia 
Bullock John, glue maker, 243 Columbia 
Bull's Head Hotel, 130 n Front, Patrick Cor- 
coran proprietor 
Bum John, cigar maker, 369 e Eager 
Bumbarger Robert, shoemkr, 341 e Monument 
■ Bumgarden James, painter, 71 Ross 
Bump Josephus L. huckster, 153 Chatsworth 
Bump Samuel C. trader, 57 s Ann 
Bunce Edward, laborer, 122 Harford av 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
Bunch John A. tavern, 36 President 
Bunger John H. shoemaker, 89 s Spring 

Bunn John, baker, cor Warner and Barre 

Bunn Joseph, porter, 355 s Charles 

Bunn Philip, well digger, 195 s Sharp 

Eunsholdt Ludvich, 284 s Bond 

Bunting Charles, professor of music, 70 n 

Bunting David G. mariner, 301 Light 
Bunting David W. mariner, 301 Light 
Bunting Edward F. 301 Light 
Bunting George, Albemarle near Pratt 
Bunting George, butter dealer, 188 Aisquilh 
Bunting George, carpenter, 548 Lexington 
Bunting George R. clothing cutter, 7 Trinity 
Bunting George W. carpenter, 7 Gough 
Bunting Joseph, carpenter, 56 n Caroline 
Bunting Dr. John, clerk House of Delegates, 

72 n Bond 
Bunting John C. bricklayer, 70 n Howard 
Bunting John J. tailor, 111 e Fayette 
Bunting Capt. Robert, waterman, 34 Warren 
Bunting Smith K. carp. 548 Lexington 
Bunting Wm. carpenter, 548 Lexington 
Bunting Wm. J. shoemaker, 70 n Howard 
Buntzinthal Frank, grocery, 37 Rofee 
Bupp George, fireman, iron rolling mill, 318 

Burbage John, sr. watchman Franklin Bank, 

332 Aisquith 
Burbage John E. jr. salesman, 332 Aisquith 

Burbage engineer, 49 President 

Burbank David, clerk, 133 s Paca 
Burbank Leonard, clerk, 133 s Paca 
Burch Fredk D. comb maker, 377 Franklin 
Burch Francis, ship joiner, 167 s Ann 
Burch Thomas B. clerk, Ann near Baltimore 
Burchinal Jeremiah, horse shoer, 151 s Cen- 
tral av 
Burdett Aaron, copper plate makr. 364 Lex- 
Burgan Sarah, 128 Orleans 
Burgan Thomas T. painter, 68 Mullikin 
Burgard Michael, glass blower, Henry 
Burgdorf Amelia, York road, near city limits 
Burger Charles, baker, 194 Henrietta 
Burger Charles, grocery, 1 rederick road, w of 

Burger Christian, tailor, 66 Granby 
Burger Conrad, tailor, 30 New Church 
Burger Francis, tailor, 196 Eastern av 
Burger Henry, watchmkr. over 41 w Baltimore 
Burger John, blacksmith, 608 Light 
Burger Joseph, cabinet maker, 66 n Schroeder 
Burger Nicholas, s e cor West and William 
Burger Peter D. of saw mill, 42 s Broadway 
Burger Simon, cabinet maker, 212 e Eager 
Burger Thomas, tailor, 30 New Church 
Burgess Basil, 450 Lexington 
Burgess B. T. (C. W. B. & Son) 190 e Fayette 
Burgess Benj. pattern maker, 41 s Poppleton 
Burgess Caleb, silver plater, 151 Lexington 
Burgess Caleb W. & Son, grocers, 166 n Gay, 

dw C. W. B. 164 
Burgess C. R. (Wm. B. & Son) n w corner 

Greene and Mulberry 
Burgess Henry H. civil engineer and com. of 

deeds, 4 Spurriers ct, dw 3 St. Mary's ct 
Burgess James, carpenter, 156 n Dallas 
Burgess John M. silver plater, 151 w Fayette 
Burgess John T. carpenter, 86 Mullikin 
Burgess Loami, upholsterer, 121 s Sharp 
Burgess Mary, tailoress, 499 w Pratt 
Burgess Owen D. 450 Lexington 
Burgess Stephen F. carp. 232 e Fayette 




Burgess Wm. & Son, merchant tailors 4 s 

Sharp, dw Wm. B. n w corner Greene and 

Burgess Wm. jr. clerk, n w cor Greene and 

Burgess Wm. laborer tobac. warehouse No. 5 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 139 Raborg 
Burgess Wm. H. clerk, 110 Orleans 
Burgess Woodwin, shoemaker, 53 Hillen 
Burgunder Joseph (Benj. B. & Bro.) 110 s 

Burgmyer Ballach, woodsaw'r 157 s Broadway 
Burgot Peterj glass cutter, 110 G. Hughes 
Burgunder Benjamin & Bro. clothiers, 276 w 

Burgunder Simon, clothier, 53 w Baltimore 
Burk Augustus, harness mk. 122 e Fayette 
Burk Andrew J. officer at penitentiary, York 

road, near Greenmount 
Burk Cornelius, lab. 83 McKlderry's wharf 
Burk David, clerk, 101 Smith's wharf 
Burk Edward, laborer, 139 s Chapel 
Burk James, laborer, 175 n Fremont 
Burk John, laborer, 141 s Chapel 
Burk John, carter, cor Bank and Happy al 
Burk Margaret, 174 n Fremont 
Burk Patrick, laborer, 39 Mosher 
Burk Peter, laborer, 29 Centre market space 
Burk Wm. policeman, 259 Eastern av 
Burk Wm. I. .sailmaker, foot of south, dw 246 

e Pratt 
Burkamp Francis, baker, 149 n Eutaw 
Burkamp Fred, shoemaker. 111 n Eutaw 
Burkard Adam, tailor, 49 s Regester 
Burkard Conrad, laborer, 51 s Regester 
Burkard Peter, porter, 51 s Regester 
Burkcum Harman, 276 s Ann 
Burke Amos, jirinter, 211 Mulberry 
Burke Andrew Jackson, stone cutter, 262 

Greenmount av 
Burke Catharine, 158 Chesnut 
Burke Charles, baker, 139 n High 
Burke David, bookkeeper, 24 Holiday 
Burke Kdwin, ]iorter, 25 Pine 
Burke Edwin R. stone cutter, 159 Garden 
Burke Eliza, 246 Light 
Burke Eliza, 65 Chesnut 
Burke Eliza J. 159 Garden 
Burke Geo. W. custom house store keeper, 

Hender-son's whf, dw 307 e Baltimore 
Burke Henry, paper hanger, 282 s Charles 
Burke Jacob, tanner, 99 Ross 
Burke Jacob W. policeman, 3 Morris al 
Burke Jerome, plasterer, 154 w Madison 
Burke John, cooper, 38 Hampstead 
Burke John, drover, 62 Central av 
Burke John H. H. grocer and feed dealer, 580 

w Pratt 
Burke John J. hackman, Union hotel, corner 

Pratt and Charles 
Burke John, 126 s Washington 
Burke John, grocery and liquor deal. Cooksie, 

Locust Point 
Burke Julia, 15 Be van 

Burke Mary Ann, grocery, 114 n Caroline 
Burke Mary, cook at Barnum's hotel 
Burke Mary, 120 Harford av 
Burke Mary J. Union hotel, corner Pratt and 

Burke Michael, laborer, 17 Guilford al 
Burke Michael, laborer, 55 Haubert, L. P. 
Burke Michael, laborer, 14 Cuba, L. P. 
Burke Michael, tailor, 13 Young al 

Burke Martin, botanic physician, 127 Peirce 
Burke Nicholas, city bailiff, 41 Greenmount av 
Burke Oliver, moulder, 99 Ross 
Burke Owen, blacksmith, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 11 n Amity 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 9 n Amity 
Burke Richard, teacher, 167 s Bethel 
Burke Richard, laborer, 219 Lemmon 
Burke Robert, tinner, 114 n Caroline 
Burke Thomas, bricklaj'er, 120 Harford av 
Burke Thomas, 149 n Eden 
Burke Thomas, painter, 518 w Baltimore, dw 

211 Mulberry 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 34 n Spring 
Burke Wm. H.Stone cutter, 41 Greenmount av 
Burke Wesley, policeman, 3 Morris al 
Burke Wm. 598 Pennsylvania av 
BURKE WM. B. proprietor Ocean house, 

and oyster packer, 47 Thames 
Burke Wm. J. sailmaker, Smith's wharf, dw 

246 e Pratt 
Burke Wm. R. watchman at custom house, 

256 Greenmount av 
Burker Adam, carpenter, 115 s Bond 
Burkert George, shoemaker, 4 Jasper 
Burkert John, cooper, 351 s. Bond 
Burkett John, paper carrier, 6 Jasper 
Burkhard George, laborer, 525 Gist 
Burkhard Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burkliart Michael, laborer, 41 Philpot 
Burkhart Philip, tailor, 29 Union al 
Burkins Wm. moulder, 36 n Schroeder 
Burkman Charles U. carpenter, 34 Haubert 
Burkmeyer Adam, porter, 32 Liberty al 
Burleigh Joseph B. author, 362 w Fayette 
Burleign Simon, cooper, 73 Grlndall 
Burley Anna, 60 Eastern av 
Burley Henry W. shoe dealer, 258 n Gay 
Burley Isaac, shoemaker, 116 Ensor 
Burley Matilda, 190 n Broadway 
Burlingame Dr. Waterman, dentist, 54 n 

Burman Earnest H. box maker, 1 Collins ct 
Burman Jer. policeman, 765 w Baltimore 
Burminghani James E. plasterer, n w corner 

Montgomery and Warner 
Burmingham James, laborer, rear e Second 
Burmingham Mary, reare Second 
Burmingham Wm. tailor, 79 n Front 
Burmingham Wm. H. currier, rear e Second 
Burn Ann E. grocery, 3 Chatsworth 
Burn Henry, cabinet maker, 187 Wolfe 
Burn James, ship carp. 183 s Washington 
Burn Robt. carpenter, 183 s Washington, F. P 
Burn Robert, jr., ship carpenter, 183 s Wash- 
ington, F. P 
Burn Wm. ship carp. 183 s Washington F. P 
Burnap Rev. George W. 45 n Calvert 
Burneston Isaac B. book-keep. 189 w Fayette 
Burncston James, carpenter, 80 n Exeter 
Burneston Joseph, carpenter, 130 s Central av 
Burneston Franklin, planing mill, 16 East 

Falls av 
Burneston Thomas, clerk, dw Eutaw Hous»i 
Burneston Wm. carpenter, 16 East Falls av 
Burnett Alfred, carpenter, 62 Granby 
Burnett Alfred, 33 s Bond 
Burnett Asel, 166 East 
Burnett George G. painter, 409 Lexington 
Burnett George, carpenter, 56 n Eden 
Burnett Jane, confectioner, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Joseph P. jr., carpenter, 10 Little 





Burnett Capt. Joseph P. 10 L. Gough 
RURNETr & REESE, wholesale and retail 
lime and feed dealers, s e cor Pratt and Fre- 
Burnett Samuel, (Smith & B.) 140 Lee 
Burnett Sol. G. A. sign painter, 272 e Pratt 
Burnett Wm. clerk, 56 n Eden 
Burnett Wm. T. (B. & Reese) 140 Lee 
Burnett Wm. furniture wagoner, 56 n Eden 
Burney Mrs. J. boarding house, 98 Preston 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 341 e Balti- 
Burnham Samuel, painter, 194 n Central av 
BURNHAM JAMKS N.real estate broker, 22 

Second, dw 472 w Baltimore 
Burnham John, shoemaker, 176 East 
Burnham John W. clerk, 341 e Baltimore 
Burnham John F. furniture wagoner, 11 Little 

Burnham Kcsiah 396 n Gay 
Burnham Capt. Wm. mariner, 341 e Baltimore 
Burningham Daniel, iron roller, 185 Castle al 
Burns Ann, grocery, 245 Boston 
Burns Andrew, laljorer, 190 s Central av 
Burns Bridget, 22 Slemmer's al 
Burns Bridget, confectionery, 159 Aliceanna 
Burns Charles M. bkcksmi'th, 17 Scott 
Burns Daniel, blacksmith, 138 Hamburg 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 31 Stockton al 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 77 e Monument 
Burns Edward, laborer, 57 Arch 
Burns Edward, hatter, .38 Centre Market space 
Burns Edward, painter, 38 Orleans 
Burns Edmund, grocery, 168 Columbia 
Burns Mrs. Elizabeth, 138 Hamburg 
Burns Findley H. (Redgrave & B.) 168 w 

Burns Francis, sr., (B., Russell &, Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis P. gilder, 80 n Front 
Burns Francis, jr., (Wilson & B.) n w cor Hol- 

lins and Fnmont 
Burns Fredcrioka, seamstress, 12 Hammond al 
Burns Geo. W. clerk, 168 w Fayette 
isurns Geo W. blacksmith, 17 Scott 
Burns Henry, laborer, 245 Forrest 
Burns Henry, tavern, 190 West Falls av 
Burns Jami'S, laborer, 224 s Eutaw 
Burns James, 32 Elizabeth la 
Burns James, laborer, 20 President 
Burns Jane, 250 Hollins 
Burns John, laborer, 9 Hillcn 
Burns John T. feed store, 43 n Spring, dw 135 

Burns John, gilder, 353 e Eager 
Burns John, blacksmith, 15 Scott 
Burns John M. machinist, 239 Forrest 
Burns John, plasterer, 14 Pearl 
Burns Joseph, shoemaker, 185 w Hiddli' 
Burns Lawrence, laborer, 64 Durst al 
Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 283 s Paca 
Hums Luke, laborer, 52 Buren 
Burns Margaret, 266 Light 
Burns Margaret, 239 Forrest 
Burns Mary, 179 Vine 
Burns Mary A. 134 Pine 
Burns Mary, 152 n Calvert 
Burns Martin E. moulder, 239 Forrest 
Burns Matthew, laborer, 18 Morris al 
Burns Matthew, carter, 187 s Eden 
Burns Michael, tanner, 34 Liberty al 
Burns Michael, tailor, 120 e Monument 
Burns Michael, Fort av near Washington 

Burns Patrick, carter, 390 Hanover 
iiurns Patrick T. moulder, 2.39 Forrest 
Burns Patrick R. tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns Patrick, engineer, 138 Hamburg 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 37 Stockton al 
Burns Peirce, tavern, 152 s Eutaw 
Burns Peter, carter, 131 s 'Dallas 
Burns Peter, grocery, 12 Foundry 
Burns R. D. attorney, 5 Counsellor's hall 
Burns Robt. A. harness maker, 564 Lexington 
BUKNS, RUSSELL & CO. brickmakers, 30 

Burns Saml. carpenter, 105 Chatsworth 
Burns Saml. (B. &. Sloan) 81 n Eutaw 
Burns Sarah K. 578 w Lombard 
Burns Susan, 578 w Lombard 
BURiVS& SLOAN, lumber merchants, 132 
Light St wharf, and cor German and Eutaw 
Burns Thomas, hod carrii'r, rear ]7 French 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 186 Happy al 
Burns Wm. F. (B., Russel & Co.) 88s Sharp 
Burns Wm. F. blacksmith, 28 Scott 
Burns Wm. carpenter, 88 Ensor 
Burns Wm. finisher, 255 Hamburg 
Burns Wm. confectionery, 64 Thames 
Burns Wm. H. bricklayer, 331 Saratoga 
Burns Wm. shoemaker, 106 w Fayette 
Burns Wm. sportsman, 32 McElderry 
Burnston Catherine, 16 East Falls av 
Burnup Elizabeth, 40 Gough 
Burnup W. G. brass foundry, 309 Light 
Burras Edward, painter, 29 s Republican 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, boatman at Custom house 
Burriss James, omnibus driver, 17 Shakspeare 
Burris John, tavern, 7 CeiUre Market space 
Burr, Haiglu & O'Connell, coach makers, 

29 n Gay 
Burrough Jacob, lime dealer, office Mechanic's 

Exchange, dw 174 Preston 
Burroughs Andrew L. pa])'r carrier, 56 Raborg 
Burroughs h.lizabeth, tailoress, 3 n Fremont 
Burroughs Silas, rigger, 224 e ljonil)ard 
Burrow James, bricklayer, 228 n Eden 
Burtenbaugh Lawrence, shoemak. 185 w Biddle 
Burt Alfred P. 3 n Front 

Burt Rev. JN. C. s w cor Cathedral and Ham- 
Burt Thomas, salesman, 73 s Paca 
Burton Charles, 249 n Eden 
Burton Ellen, 182 L. Constitution 
Burton Edwin S. mechanical dentist, 4 New 

Burton Geo. W . (Raymond & B.) 36 w Bal- 
Burton James A. locksmith and bell hanger, 

42 Greenmount av 
Biirton John F. machinist, 104 Boyd 
BURTON DR. O. A. dentist, 56 Lexington 
Burton Robert, tailor, 290 Mulberry 
Burton I homas C. baker and confectioner, n 

w cor Pine and Fayette 
Burton Thomas, 326 e JVlonument 
Burton Wm. watchman N. C. Railway, « (f 

cor Centre and Calvert 
Busby Abraham, salesman, 100 Saratoga 
Busby Kllen, 18 George 
Busby Robert, baker, 8 s Ann 
Burwig Samuel, junk dealer, 255 s Broadway 
Buryer Joseph, cabinet maker, 66 s Schroeder 
Busch Bernard, cabinet maker, 157 Stirling 
Busch Bernard, shoemaker, Bel-Air av 
Busch Francis, shoemaker, 287 s Bond 




Busch George, laborer, 195 Aliceanna 
Busch Henry, letter carrier, Anne Arundel Co 
Busch Henry, 307 William 
Busch Henry, laborer, 364 Canton av 
Busch John M. cigar maker, 70 Union 
Busch .VJary A. dry goods dealer, 70 Union 
Busch Michael, laborer, Bel-Air av. near city 

Busch Peter, glass blower, 364 Ostcnd 
Busch Wm. cooper, 144 s Caroline 
Buschelbergcr Chas. hod carrier, 39 Fountain 
Buschman Charles, carpenter, 336 s Bond 

tailors, 9 n Liberty 
Buschman Frederick, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Francis, (B. & Ellermeyer) 9 n 

Buschman Henry, tailor, 9 n Liberty 
Buschman Hermann, cloth, cut. 121 Saratoga 
Buschman John, tavr.'rn, 256 Montgomery 
Buschmann Christian, tavern, Calverton road 

near city limits 
Buschmann Victor H. (B.& Weber) 24 s Sharp 
Buschmann & Weber, tailors' trimmings, &tc. 

2 Hanover 
Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 673^ Hanover 
Busey Jas. R. brickmoulder, 58 s Carey 
Busey Rev. Israel F. 92 McCiilloh 
Busey Richard, rope maker, 32 Gittings 
Busey Sarah N. 186 Penn. av 
Bush Abraham, 5 Henrietta 
Bush Bernard, milkman, 414 Harford av 
Bush Dedcrick, laborer, 6 Fort av 
Bush Geo. hotel at Ferry Bar 
Bush Geo. H. C. J. policeman, 339 Light 
Bush Geo. W. bricklayer, 126 Ross 
Bush Henry, jr., letter carrier, dw Brooklyn, 

Anna Arundel Co 
Bush John, sr. turnkey at middle station house, 

dw 1 Somerset 
Bush Kesiah, 323 Franklin 
Bush Lorenz, watchmaker, 279 n Gay 
Bush Mary, 63 Forrest 
Bush Wm. laborer, 20 Fell 
Bushe Maurice, grocer, 186 e Monument 
Bushman Clem. A. tailor, 220 Lexington 
Bushman George J. shoemaker, 222 Lexington 
Bushman Harmon, cloth, cutter, 111 Saratoga 
Bushman John, carpenter, 43 George 
Bushtard John, painter, 77 Preston 
Busick George W. painter, 267 e Madison 
Busick James, shoemaker, 219 n Eden 
Busick Joshua, jr., hatter, 59 Ensor 
Busick Joshua, shoemaker, 59 Ensor 
Busick Levin, boot fitter, 449 n Gay 
Bussard David, watchman, 532 w Baltimore 
Bussard M. L. engineer, 449 w Lombard 
Bussard Matthew, inspector trains on railroad, 

11 s Republican 
Bussick Daniel, boot fitter, 53 Ensor 
Bussa John, cigar maker, 69 Courtland 
Bushey John, laborer, 30 Lemmon 
Buskey Ann, 108 Thames 
Busk John, bookkeeper, 137 s Broadway 
Busk Dr. Thomas M. 59 s Broadway 
Busk Mrs. Thomas, 52 s Broadway 
Bussey K. F. inspector at Custom house 
Bussey Dr. B. F. s w cor Hillen and Exeter 
Bussey James T. dentist, s w cor Hillen and 

Bussman Charles, carpenter, 336 s Bond 
Bussman Wm. shoemaker, 240 s Charles 
Bustoh V. beer brewer, 113 Eastern av 

BUTCHER ALEXANDER, confectioner, 160 

w Baltimore, dw 15 Hollins 
Butcher Benj. F. carpenter, 123 Pearl 
Butcher's Hide and Tallow Depot, cor Falls 

and Buren 
Butcher James H. mate, 247 Gough 
Butcher James H. provision dealer, 114 s 

Ann, dw 112 
Butcher Wm. H. ladies shoemaker, 61 s 

Butcher John, laborer, 216 s Bethel 
Butler Abel, machinist, 108 Boyd 
Butler Absalom C, chiropodist, 9 s Sharp, dw 

68 Pearl 
Butler Albert, brakesman, 186 McHenry 
Butler Amanda H. milliner, 225 w Pratt 
Butler Charles, (B. & Oakford) 199 Franklin 
Butler Francis, milkman, 48 Canton 
Butler Eliza, 225 w Pratt 
Butler Elizabeth, 115 s Regester 
Butler Elijah, tailor, 303 s,Charles 
Butler Geo. T. carpenter, 187 L. Constitution 
Butler James, carpenter, 126 Saratoga 
BU ILER DR. JAMKS H. 8 n Greene 
Butler Jane, 34 s Bond 

BUTLER & OAKFORD, provision merch- 
ants, 14 Water 
Butler Dr. John, 8 n Greene 
Butler John W. clerk, 77 s Sharp 
Butler John, cooper, 28 Williamson 
Lutler John T. painter, 49 s Liberty 
l.-.itler Dr. John J. 101 Elliott 
Butler John, machinist, 349 Columbia 
Ijutler John, laborer, 29 Lemmon al 
Butler John, machinist, 21 Low 
Butler John (B. & W.) 21 Low 
Butler John, clerk, Conway near L. Greene 
Butler Joseph, paver, 26 Bank 
Butler Jos<ph, laborer, 203 s Bethel 
Butler Lewis, laborer, 2 Ulrick 
Butler M. A. millinery store, 2 s Poppleton 
Butler Martin, laborer, 35 Block 
Butler Martin, laborer, 1 Ulrick 
Butler Martin, stone cutter, 48 Ross 
Butler Martin, stone cutter, n e cor Calvert and 

Centre, dw Ross near Paca 
Butler Martin, laborer, 1 L. Spring 
Butler Mary Ann, milliner, 225 w Pratt 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Samuel, n e cor High and Watson 
Butler Samuel, seaman, 29 Fountain 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 764 w Baltimore 
Butler Thos. 225 w Pratt 
Butler Thomas C. clerk Bait. Fire Ins. Co. 8 

n Greene 
Butler Thos. printer, 29 Camden 
Butler Wm. laborer, 1 Camden 
Butler Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia road, 

near city limits 
Butler & Wooff, grinders and polishers, s e 

cor Plowman and Front 
Butt F. stone mason, 125 Ross 
Butt Henry, grocery, n w cor Hoffman and 

Penna. av 
Butt John, tailor, 59 President 
Butt John, laborer, 7 Philpot al 
Butt Josiah, (B. & Ricketts,) Adams house 
Butt L. D. clerk, 26 North 
Butt & Ricketts, wholesale dealers in fruit and 

candies, 32 Light 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, and sexton Eutaw-st. 

M. E. church, 174 w Biddle 
Butt(=rhoof Peter, laborer, 65 s Regester 




Butterwege Anton, wheelwrigbt, 10 n Greene 
Butterwey Anthony, wheelwright,112n Greene 
Buttner John A. baker, 334 c Eager 
Butts Casper, rag dealer, 53 Biddle al 
Butz Andrew, lace weaver, 69 L. Church 
Butz Sebastian, cooper, 178 s Central av 
Buvinger George, tinner, 138 Pine 
Buxbaum Jacob, grocery, 67 Harrison ' 
Buxbaum Julius, 126 e Lombard 
Buxner John, shoemaker, 171 Elisor 
Buxstein Adeline, 30 n Spring 
Buxton Eunice P. 128 s Broadway 
Buxton John T. fireman, s e cor Lombard and 
* Pratt 

Buxton Upton M. baggage miaster B. & O. R. 

R. 41 Portland 
BUZBY DAVID T. general com. merchant, 6 

Exchange Place, dw 31 Courtland 
Buzby Joseph A. shoe store, 175 Hanover 
Buzzi Albino, marble worker, 12 East 
Byens John 117 Hamburg 
Byens Wm. pump maker, 117 Hamburg 
Byer Frederick, harness maker, 35 Brown 
Byer George, confectioner, 234 Barre 
Byer Henry, baker, 89 Harrison 
Byer John, paver, 270 n Central av 
Byer John, laborer, 41 Block 
Byer John, brewery, 392 Canton av 
Byer Micliael, paper hanger, 68 Boyd 
BYERLY JAMES D. dry goods commission 

merchant, 14 German 
Byers James F. clerk, 10 n Fremont 
Byers Wm. bricklayer, 14 n Poppleton 
Bynon Wm.cop. smelter, Clinton, s of Boston 
Byrd Alfred H. attorney, 17 St. Paul, dw 234 

n Eutaw 
Byrd Francis, 246 n Eutaw 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wyman, B. & Co.)234 n Eutaw 
Byrd Oden, carpenter, 165 G. Hughes 
Byrd Sylvester, carpenter, 99 William 
Byrn Wm. dry goods dealer, 163 n Gay, dw 

76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. T. sailmaker, 288 e Lombard 
Byrn Wm. H. salesman, 53 St. Paul 
Byrne Andrew J. carpenter, 34 n Frederick 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 99 Granby 
Byrne Anna, M. tuiloress, 261 AJiceanna 
Byrne Bridget, grocery, 34 n Frederick 
Byrne Bridget, grocery, 384 w Eager 
Byrne & Co. carvers and gilders, 13 n Liberty 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Dennis, Claggetts' brewery, 99 Granby 
Byrne Edward, laborer, 799 w Baltimore 
Byrne Frederick, coach maker. Church, near 

Byrne H. (B. & Co.) 104 Pearl 
Byrne James, shoemaker, 6 Hawk 
Byrne James J. clerk, 247 n Gay 
Byrne James P. cabinetmaker, 43 w Lombard 
Byrne John, clerk, 7 Hillen 
Byrne John B. clerk, 49 George 
Byrne John, gardener, 231 e Chase 
Byrne Lawrence, tavern, 70 President 
Byrne Lawrence, porter, s w cor Harford av 

and Chew 
Byrne Mary, 130 e Madison 
Byrne Mary, dry goods dealer, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Matthew, laborer, 18 Morris al 
Byrne Michael, saddler, 99 Granby 
Byrne Michael, wagoner. Concord, near Lom- 
Bynu Owen, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Peter M. 70 President 

Byrne Peter A. cabinet maker, 103 Ross 
Byrne Philip, laborer, 100 Granby 
Byrne Thomas, carpenter, 373 Lexington 
Byrne Wm. H. book keeper, 189 Aisquith 
Byrnes Joseph, laborer, 87 s Spring 
Byrnes John, laborer, 104 s Dallas 
Byrns John, clerk, 173 n High 
Byron Edward, machinist, 261 Hollins 
Byus James F. clerk, 10 n Fremont 
Byus John W. engineer, 28 G. Hughes 
Byus Joseph H. agent glass cutter, Uhler's al, 

between Hanover and Charles, dw 123 s 



Cabel George S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 

Cabener Catherine, 3 Elliott 

Cabernager Harman, wagoner, 2 West Falls av 

Cacy Rosctta, 93 Garden 

Caddimore John, policeman, 247 s Ann 

Cade Cajit. Nelson, mariner, 116 s Regester 

Cadel B. Franklni, policeman, 254 Eiastern av 

Cadel Samuel, policeman, 218 e Pratt 

Cadez John, watchmaker, 218 n Eden 

Cadin Lawrence, laborer, 4 Liberty al 

Cadow & Co. grocers and produce dealers 16 

Penna. av 
Cadow James E. (C. & Co.) Harford Co 
Cadwallader Edward J. 9 n Central av 
Cadwallader Abel, contractor, 139 Conway 
Cadwallader Edward J. shoe maker, 161 e^ 

Cadwallader Lewis W. machinist, 139 Conway 
Cafferty Thos. 95 n Central av 
Caffrey Thos. grocer, 360 w Pratt 
(kahili Bernard, bar keeper, n e cor Fayette 

and Frederick 
Cahill John, machinist, 15 Hill 
Cahill Josi'ph N. engineer, 101 West 
Cahill M. grocery, 62 Lancaster 
Cahill Patrick, lumber insp. n e cor East Falls 

and Canton avs, dw 105 Cathedral 
Cahn Bernard, (C. & Fleishman,) 23 s Sharp 
Cahn & P^leishman, wholesale liquor dealers, 

52 s Howard 
Cahu Lissman, junk dealer, 57 Union 
Cain John, tavern, 147 Albemarle 
Cain John W. stevedore, 366 Canton av 
Cain John, tailor, 16 French 
Cain John, laborer, 71 e Monument 
Cain Michael, laborer. 58 Boyd 
Cain Patrick, laborer, 13 West Falls av 
Cain Patrick, porter, 13 New Church 
Cain Thomas, laborer, 17 Calvert al 
Cairncross John, plumber, 253 w Pratt 
Cairns James, clerk, 379 Pennsylvania av 
Calahan James, shoe maker, cor Gnieiie and 

Calame C. W. clerk, 91 s Greene 
Calder Robert A. paper hanger, 265 e Pratt 
Calder Rosanna, grocery, 157 Eastern av 
CALDWELL ALONZO, chemist and drug- 
gist, s e cor Madison and Biddle 
Caldwell Andrew P. carpenter, 202 Saratoga 
Caldwell C. E. clerk, dw Hand tavern, 42 n 

Caldwell C. E. clerk, 224 w Fayette 
Caldwell Charles, milkman, 1 Foster al 
Caldwell Daniel, dyer, n e cor Holiday and 

Saratoga, dw 172 Pearl 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 1 Foster al 
Caldwell Elizabeth A., Decker near Chase 
Caldwell John K. (Norris, C. & Co.) 82 Lee 




Caldwell John A. clerk, 90 n Howard 
Caldwell John, sugar boiler, 113 Bank 
Caldwell John C. block and pump maker, 157 

e Pratt 
Caldwell John, carver, Eagle hotel, 132 Hillen 
Caldwell L. H. shoe maker, 315 Mulberry 
Caldwell Maranda, 115 n Paca 
Caldwell Martin, carpenter, 631 Light 
Caldwell Dr. Nicholas, 1 Decker 
Caldwell Rosina, 22 Josephine 
Caldwell W. Q. jr. carpenter, 202 Saratoga 
Caldwell Wm. P. clerk, 38 n Calvert. 
Caldwell Wm. boiler maker, 162 William 
Caldwell Wm. M. hardware dealer, 64 n How- 
ard, dw 86 Lexington 
CALDWELL W. Q. sr. architect and mea- 
surer, 85 w Fayette, dw 202 Saratoga 
Cale Dr. L. A. 231 n Central av 
Caleb Wm. H. H. bookbinder, 137 Hamburg 
Calhoun Charles, silversmith, 38 Constitution 
Calhoun Francis, horse dealer. Gen. Wayne 

Calhoun Charles, clerk, dw Howard house 
Callaghan Dennis, laborer, 47 Stockton al 
Callahan Daniel, grocery, 298 Eastern av 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 25 ^bbey al 
Callahan Hinry, laborer, 2 Welch al 
Callahan James, shoemaker, 140 Conway 
Callahan James, grocery and liquor dealer, 51 

Callahan John T. coppersmith, 17 Hill 
Callahan Martin, cigar packer, 164 Lee 
Callahan Mary, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 2 Little 
Callahan Patrick, gas fitter, 206 w Baltimore 
Callahan Thomas, huckster, 79 Peirce 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, 71 n Bethel 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 68 McKim 
Callahan Timothy, laborer, 67 s Eden 
Callan Ann, grocery, 94 Ensor 
Callan Fanny, 237 e Fayette 
Callan Frank, laborer, 175 s Chester 
Callan Henry, grocery, s e cor Dallas and Fay- 
Callan Martin, 43 s Wolfe 
Callan Uwen, silver plater, n e cor Baltimore 

and Frederick 
Callanan Richard, carver, n w cor Canton av 

and Wolfe 
Callaway Geo. huckster, 19 Williamson al 
Callaway Wm. S. plasterer, 27)'^ Aisquith 
Callendir Sarah, 67 Pine 
Callender Wm. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Calley Patrick, carter, 9 Pleasant al 
Calligan Di-nnis, laborer, 13 Chase 
Callis Geo. R. bricklayer, 74 s Caroline 
Callis James H. street commissioner, office 

City hall, dw 1 n Regester 
Caiman Thos. laborer, 71 n Bothel 
Caltrider Daniel, confectionery, 58 n Poppleton 
Calvert Adam, plasterer, 68 Henrietta 
Calvert John, stone cutter, 33 Scott 
CALVERT STATION, Northern Central 

Railway, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert Wm. pattern maker, 116 n Caroline 
Calvert Wm. jr. machinist, 116 n Caroline 
Calverts John, grocery, 307 s Charles 
Calviere Francis, watchmaker, 26 w Lombard 
Calwell Capt. Robt. 144 s Bond 
Calwell L. B. (Sloan & C.) Baltimore Co 
Calwell W. W. clerk, 22 Josephine 
Camalier Vincent, clerk, dw Maltby house 
Caman Mary, 25 Regester 

Camby Thos. jpoliceman, 24 Warner 
CAMDEN STATION, H. & O. R. R. front- 
ing Howard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Cameron Anna B. confectionery, 116 n Greene 
Cameron Charles C. salesman, 22 Mulberry 
Cameron Daniel W. clerk, 13 s Howard 
Cameron Henry, prof, music, 16 n Eutaw 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, 73 Forrest 
Cameron Hugh, laborer, 39 Eastern av 
Cameron Rachel, 71 Ensor 
Camp Jas. L. (Jas. D. Mason & Co.) 278 w 

Camp Joseph, carpenter, Eutaw, between 

Madison and Monument 
Camp Leo, carpenter, Eutaw, between Madi- 
son and Monument 
Campbell Ann, 35 s Frederick 
Campbell Archibald, silver plater, saddlery 
and hardware dealer., 13 Light, dw 340 w 
CAMPBELL B. M. & W. L. slave dealers, 

282 w Pratt.— [See p. 27 Jdvertisements.] 
Campbell Bernard M. (B. M. & W. L. C.) 

284 w Pratt 
Campbell Bernard, bell hanger, 24 n High 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 38 Valley 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 21 Bank 
Campbell J. J. & Bro. dealers coach and sad- 
dlery hardware and silver platers, 13 Light, 
dw j. J. C. 614 w Fayette 
Campbell Catharine, grocery, 110 s Spring 
Campbell Catharine, grocery, 294 Aliceanna 
Campbell Catherine, tailoress, 183 Orleans 
Campbell Catherine T. 21 Bank 
Campbell Charles, gardener, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell Edward, carpenter, 3 Jenkins' al, 

near Hoffman 
Campbell Elizabeth, 3 Jenkins' al, near Hoff- 
Campbell Felix, laborer, 9 Grace ct 
Campbell Geo. W. 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Henry, weaver, 32 Biddle al 
Campbell Henry J. tinner, 309 w Pratt 
Campbell J. & R. importers and manufac. of 

watches, &c. 227 w Baltimore 
Campbell James, laborer, 44 L. McElderry 
Campbell James A. grocery, 26 Foundry 
Campbell James, huckster, 68 Centre market 

Campbell James Mason, attorney, Courtland, 

near Lexington, dw 55 Franklin 
Campbell James S. mate, 290 e Pratt 
Campbell James, sailor, 105 Cambridge 
Campbell Jesse D. printer, 98 e Madison 
Campbell John J. dry goods and grocery, cor 

McHenry and Poppleton 
Campbell John, collector, 116 Orleans 
Campbell John, (J. & R. C.) 75 Mount Ver- 
non place 
Campbell John, laborer, rear 68 Ramsay 
Campbell John W. painter, 64 French 
Campbell John H. silver plater, 340 w Fayette 
Campbell John, shoe maker, 176 East 
Campbell John, 48 e Pratt 
Campbell John T. gardener, Jefferson place, 

Charles-st. extended 
Campbell John, painter, 48 w Baltimore 
Campbell John F. daguerreotypist, 234 Lex- 
ington, dw 51 Lee 
Campbell John, carpenter, 84 Preston 
Campbell L. H. book agent, 527 w Lombard 
Campbell Lewis, rope maker, 390 Harford av 
Campbell Mary, rear 68 Ramsay 




Campbell Michael H. book agent, Union ho- 
tel, cor Pratt and Charles 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 53 Davis 
Campbell Mary, dry goods dealer, 350 n Gay 
Campbell P^. P. (Brooks, Fulton & Co.) 346 

w Baltimore 
Campbell Peter, 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Peter, stone cutter, 232 e Chase 
Campbell Peter, Pratt near High 
Campbell Robt. 75 Mount Vernon place 
Campbell Robert, clerk, 50 Josephine 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 130 s Dallas 
Campbell Robt. jr. (J. & R. C.) 59 n Charles 
CAMPBELL ROSS & CO. wh. com. mer- 
chants, 24 Hanover, dw R. C. Balto. Co 
Campbell S. Kennedy, (J. J. C. &.Bro.)614w 

Campbell Mrs. Sophia, Read, bctw. Charles 

and Cathedral 
Campbell Susan, ironer at Barnum's hotel 
Campbell 'I'homas, laborer, 258 Happy al 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 6 Liberty al 
Campbell Thomas W. inspector at Custom 

house, 39 Lee 
Campbell Walter L. (B. M. & W. L. C.) 282 

w Pratt 
Campbell Wm. H. 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Wm. copper smelter, 31 Lancaster, 

Campbell Wm. G. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Campbell Wm. laborer, 42 Preston 
CAMPBELL WM. flour and produce commis. 

merchant, 43 s Howard, dw 23 Gt>orge 
Camper Cliarles, coach trimmer, 392 n Gay 
Camper Henry, shoemaker, 23 Albemarle 
Camper Isaac L. carpenter, 63 n Eden 
Camper Mary, provision store, 392 n Gay 
Camper Mary, fancy store, 128 Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, plane and tool maker, 128 

Canavan James L. 23 n Chase 
CANBY, GILPIN &CO. wholesale druggists, 

n w cor Light and Lombard 
Canby Edward L. clerk, Lombard near Ann 
Canby Samuel & Co. corn meal mill, West 

Falls av 
Canby Samuel, (Wilson & C.) 78 e Pratt 
Canby Thomas Y. (C, Gilpin & Co.) Balti- 
more Co. 
Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) 106 w Monu- 
Cane James, boot fitter, 20 Willow 
Cane John, laborer, 27 Pleasant al 
Cane Michael, 25 Pleasant al 
Cane Patrick, laborer, 25 Pleasant al 
Cane Thomas, laborer, 331 s Sharp 
Caney John, shoemaker, 16 New Church 
CAN FIELD, BROTHER & CO. jewelry and 
fancy goods, 229 w Baltimore. — [Seep. 17 
Canfield Ira C. (Canfield, Bro. & Co.) 157 St. 

Canfield Wm. B. (Canfield, Bro. & Co.) 99 

Canley John, barkeeper, 215 Eastern av 
Cann Henry, carpenter, 339 s Sharp 
Cann James R. printer, 181 Hanover 
Cann John Jones, tinner, 181 Hanover 
Cann Lloyd, fisherman, 49 Johnson 
Cann Michael, waterman, 147 William 
Cannon Alexander H. 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Anthony, laborer, 62 Stiles 
Cannon Ann K. tailoress, 336 Raborg 

Cannon Bartine A. type found. 314 Aisquith 
Cannon Clayton, bookkeeper Dime Savings 

Bank, dw 431 w Fayette 
Cannon Charles, 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Catherine B. 336 Raborg 
Cannon Duncan, 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Capt. James, of steamer Adelaide, 89 

Cannon James H. mariner, 159 G. Hughes 
Cannon James H. (Clark & C.) 89 Albemarle 
Cannon J. C. clerk, 431 w Fayette 
Cannon John S. clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Cannon John B. (C. &. Matthews,) 108 w 

CANiNON &. MATTHEWS, auctioneers and 

commission merchants, 42 and 44 s Charles 
Cannon Micliael, laborer, 22 Ross 
Cannon Mary A. dry goods store, 107 Aisquith 
Cannon Capt. Richard, 146 Cross 
Cannon Wm. manuf. pat. med. 114 L. Greene 
Cannon Wm. H. carpenter, 23 Wayne, dw 

119 Barre 
Cannoles Charles, furniture wagon, 48 Preston 
Cannoles Charles, coachmaker, 154 e Madison 
Cannoles Joseph, coachmaker, 154 e Madison 
Cannoles Mary, 154 e Madison 
Canoles Wm. hackman, 137 Stirling 
Canott John, laborer, 4 Greenwillow 
Canox Joseph, dealer in leather and garden 

seeds, 197 Lexington 
Cansler Louisa C. school, 32 s Sharp 
Cansler Wm. W. paper hanger, 32 s Sharp 
Canty Patrick, plasterer, 148 Raborg 
Canton Company's warehouses, bonded for 

U. S. purposes, se cor Chester & Aliceanna 
CANTON GO'S OFFICE, n w cor Patuxent 

and Boston, Wm. Harrison, agent 
C ANION CO. OF BALTIMORE, office over 

n e cor South and Second, J. H. Pleasants, 

Caniwell John, shoemaker, 127 s Central av 
Canzler Charles, huckslm-, 28 Bank 
Cape John C. grocery, 19.3 n High 
Capers John C. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Caples Wm. M. shoemaker, 71 n Eutaw 
Cappcau Charles F. carp. 673 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Misses Cecilia and Frances, milli- 
ners, 673 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Jabez, (C. & Onion,) 673 w Balti- 
Cappeau Joseph, bookkeeper, 513 w Fayette 
CAPPEAU & ONION, feed dealers, 13 w 

Capron & Co. general commis. and shipping 

merchants, over 62 s Gay 
Capron Francis B. (C. & Co.) 40 Mulberry 
CAPRON & GWYN, commission merchants. 

97 South 
Capron R. J. (C. & Gwyn,) 142 Washington 

Carback David, laborer, 57 Milliman 
Carl)ack Edward, foundrymun, 88 York 
Carback Elisha, shoe dealer, 165 Lexingtcm, 

dw 250 w Madison 
Carback Elisha, painter, 207 Gough 
Carback John, 106 Chew 
Carback John, saddler, 245 n Bond 
Carback John, furniture wagoner, 33 Abbot 
Carback Richard C. clerk, 250 w Madison 
Carback Wm. policeman, 203 n Central av 
Carbery Catherine, 106 w Monument 
Carcaud Gilbert, carpenter, 1C7 Ross 
Card Vv m. S. sailmaker, 68 n Poppieton 




■ Carey Edmond, labornr, s Sharp extended 
Carey Elizabeth, shocbindfr, 51 Marion 
Carey Francis, grocery, 311 e Lombard 
CAREY GE(J. fire and life insurance agent, 

Franklin Insurance Co. of I'hila. 1 North, 

dw 70 Cathedral 
Carey George G. teacher, 70 Cathedral 
Carey Henry G. clerk, 70 Cathedral 
Carey, Howe& Co. wholesale dealers in boots 

and shoes, 2()G w Baltimore 
Carey Henry, watchman, 30 n Eutaw 
Carey Henry, porter, 22 s Eutaw 
Carey James, (C, Howe & Co.) Franklin rd 
Carey James, jr. bookkeeper, 70 Cathedral 
Carey Jeremiah, horseshoer, 761 w Baltimore, 

dw 3 Dewberry al 
Carey John, runner Banking house, 12 St. 

Carey John, cigar maker, 30 n Eutaw 
Carey Patrick, plumber, 10 St. Mary 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 208 Garden, dw 

Jordan al near Hoffman 
Carey Philip, drayman, 18 Decker 
Carey Matthew, laborer, 9 Tyson al 
Carey Robert, mariner, 19 Barre 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 53 Tyson al 
Carey Thomas, gardener, Tyson al nr Tyson 
Carey Wm. laborer, 160 Cath(;dral 
Carhoff Charles, butter depot, 65 Orleans 
Carigan Daniel, sr. 12 Williamson 
Carigan Daniel, jr. 12 Williamson 
Carigan G(?orge," shoemaker, 12 Williamson 
Cariman Jas. Ial)orer, tobacco warehouse No. 3 
CARISS SAMSON & CO. looking glass and 

picture store, 140 w Baltimore, dw S. C. 60 

w Fayette 
Carl Charles, cabinet maker, 19 s Chester 
Carl John, grocer, 105 Peirce 
Carl John, cabinet maker, 67 n Frederick 
CARL JOSEPH, magistrate, 47 n Eutaw, dw 

212 w Biddle 
Carl Lewis A. shipping clerk tobacco ware- 
house No. 4, dw 122 Franklin 
Carl Philip, carter, 68 Portland 
Carlan Thomas, drayman, 5 Camden lane 
Carland Thomas, painter, 53 North 
Carless Michael, laborer, 10 Hammond al 
Carlhone Charles, rag dealer, 287 s Charles 
Carlile James H. collector and agent, 32 Ais- 

Carling Michael, tavern, 63 Penna. av 
Carlisle Amos, millwright, 29 McHenry 
Carlisle Hannah, 106 Raborg 
Carlisle Patrick, shoemaker, 249 Montgomery 
Carlisle Samuel, laborer, 82 Mullikin 
Carlisle Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carlisle Wm. H. stone cutter, 90 n Central av 
Carlyle Samuel, file cutter, 105 Columbia 
Carlton John, huckster, 64 Greenmount av 
Carlsohn Charles, machinist, 180 McHenry 
Carman Jacob, 13 Franklin 
Carman James, gas fitter, 439 n Gay 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 79 Henrietta 
Carman Patrick, 298 e Monument 
Carman Thomas J. laborer, 3 Foster al 
Carman Wm. architect, 153 e Fayette 
Carmelite Female Academy and Convent, 68 

Carmichael Ellen, teacher, 64 Albemarle 
Carmichael Thomas H. lieut. police, 64 Albe- 
Carmichael William butcher, Butchers' row 

Penna. av extended 

Carmichael Wm. omnibus driv. 85 Dawson al 
Carmichael Wm. carter, 73 Union al 
Carmichael Wm. clerk, 64 Albemarle 
Carmichael Wm. J. saddler, 64 Albemarle 
Carmichael Wm. carpenter, 839 w Baltimore 
Carmine Francis, huckster, 294 Eastern av 
Carmine Joseph M. plasterer, 174 n Eden 
Carmine Josiah, 168 n Eden 
Carmine Samuel B. locksmith and bell hanger, 

157 G. Hughes 
Carmine Thomas J. painter, 157 G. Hughes 
Carmody Patrick, porter, 152 n Calvert 
Carnahan Rev. David T. 135 Aisquith 
Carnan Johnson, machinist, 13 Stirling 
Carnell George, brick machine manufacturer, 

236 Lee 
Carnes Alexander G. W. clerk, 186 Pearl 
Games Andrew J. clerk, 13 Holland 
Carnes John, jr. clerk, 13 Holland 
Carnes Susan, dress maker, 48 n Eden 
Carney John, laborer, 407 s Charles 
Carney Nicholas, laborer, 1 Jenkins' al 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 61 James' lane 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 14 Dewberry al 
Cams Wm. plasterer, 19 Brune 
Caroline Methodist Episcoi>al Church, Caro- 
line between Baltimore and Lomliard 
Caroline Mission Chapel, n e cor Chapel and 

Eastern av 
Carpenter Barney, laborer, 77 Happy al 
Carpenter Sarah, 11 s Howard 
Carpenter Sophia, 55 George 
Carpenter Wm. clerk, 138 e Monument 

Carper 34 s Sharp 

Carr Alexandi^r, huckster, 118 Garden 

Carr Bridget, 92 Ross 

Carr Bernard, coal trimmer, 235 Gough 

Carr Caroline, 42 Philpot 

Carr Catharine, 59 French 

Carr Charles G. attorney. Counsellors hall, 

Lexington, dw 262 Madison av 
Carr Charles, carter, 21 Bank 
Carr Eleanora, 172 n Eden 
Carr Edward N. 245 n Paca 
CARR FRANCIS A. house, sign and orna- 
mental painter, 720 w Baltimore. — [See p. 4 
Carr Francis, laborer, 73 Castle 
CARR, GlESE & CO. produce and lumber 
commission merchants, 21 Spear's whf. and 
104 West Falls av 
Carr George M. N. blacksmith, 360 s Charles 
Carr Henry, (C, Giese & Co.) 2 s Broadway 
Carr Henry, (J. Henry Giese & Co.) 2 s 

Carr Greenljerry, laborer, 16 s Schroedcr 
CARR HENRY, tailor and clothier, 66 w 

Pratt cor Gay, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr James E. hatter, 119 n Howard 
Carr James, brass finisher, 149 e Lombard 
Carr James, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
Carr John M. cigar maker, 37 Penna. av 
Carr John, machinist, 255 Gough 
Carr John, glass blower, 96 s Bethel 
Carr John, policeman, 151 Orleans 
Carr John B. (R. H. C. & Bro.) 94 Barre 
Carr John, stone mason, 110 Stirling 
Carr J. Wilson, (Sharp, C.& Co.) 80 Camden 
Carr Lewis, porter, 2 Mercer 
Carr Michael, laborer, 96 s Bethel 
CarrM. A. 123 Ross 
Carr Mary, actress, 24 Holiday 
Carr Nicholas, hackman, 92 Ross 



Carr Patrick, laborer, 111 Castle 

Carr Patrick, laborer, 23 Chew 

Carr R. H. & Bro. gro. and com. merchants, 

69 s Charles, dw R. H. C. 118 Cathedral 
Carr Robert, huckster, 18 Rock 
Carr Samuel, drover, 18 Rock 
Carr Samuel, brass finisher, 184 n Exeter 
Carr Mrs. Sophia N. fancy store, 245 w Pratt 
Carr Thomas, baker, 6 e Payette 
Carr Wilson C. N. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

269 n Eutaw 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, 80 Camden 
Carr Wm. laborer, 5 Laurens 
Carr Uriah, clerk, 85 n Eutaw 
Carrere Mary, 57 St. Paul 
Carrick George, blacksmith, 289 s Paca 
Carrick Wm. stone maison. Shield's al near 

Carriere Henry, grocery, 237 n Bond 
Carriere Matthew, policeman, 144 Orleans 
Carrigan James, morocco manufactory, '26 

French, dw 28 
Carroll Andrew, tavern, cor Charles & Spring 

Carroll Charles R. 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles, rope maker, 388 Harford av 
Carroll Charles, jr. 56 Mt. Vernon place 
Carroll Charles T. 108 Park 
Carroll Charles, cabinet maker, 19 Jasper 
Carroll Clara, 147 Chatsworth 
Carroll Col. Charles, 46 Mt. Vernon Place 
Carroll Charles E. printer, 162 e Monument 
Carroll Daniel, tinner, 146 Dover 
Carroll Eliza, 212 s Charles 
Carroll Ellen, 212 s Charles, 
Carroll Edward, laborer, 75 s Wolfe 
Carroll Edward, porter, 86 Harford av 
Carroll Edward F. (Harding & Co.) 223 Sara- 
Carroll Edward, ship carpenter, 54 Fawn 
Carroll Edward, machinist, 294 e Monument 
Carroll Frederick, laborer, 76Towson, L. P 
Carroll Geo. W. provision deal. 159 William 
Carroll H. clerk B. &0. R. R. 21 Commerce 
Carroll Henrietta, 117 Pearl 
CARROLL HALL, s e cor Baltimore and 

CARROLL HARRY D. G.90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Henry P. grocer, 130 Preston 
Carroll James, brakesman, 109 Harford av 
Carroll James, machinist, 108 Mulberry 
Carroll James I. rope maker, 298 Harford av 
Carroll James, 105 w Monument 
Carroll James H. cigar maker, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll James, moulder, 2 Falls 
Carroll James A. tobacconist, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll James, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 66 n 

Carroll James, laborer, 411 s Charles 
Carroll John W. rope makeq, 236 s Sharp 
CARROLL JOHN, propr. Eutaw house, n w 

cor Eutaw and Baltimore 
Carroll John R. ship carpenter, 77 Hamburg 
Carroll John, 9 s Durham 
Carroll John, grocery, 107 Pine 
Carroll J. K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 25 
Carroll Mrs. Joanna, 215 Forrest 
Carroll John B. tailor, 243 Columbia 
Carroll John W. salesman. Brown's hotel. 

High near Gay 
Carroll John, clerk, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll John B. rope maker, 390 Harford av 



I Carroll John B. clerk Boston Steamship Co. 
i dw 25 Commerce 
Carroll Joseph, sr. 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Judas C. 60 Franklin 
Carroll L. shoemaker, rear 12 Light 
; Carroll Margaret, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Margaret, dressmk'r, 108 Mulberry 
Carroll Mary, milliner, 363 Lexington 
Carroll Mary, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Michael, clerk, 74 e Lombard 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Mortimer, paper carrier, 113 Har- 
ford av 
Carroll Patrick B. 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick J. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick H. machinist, 114 s Howard 
Carroll Sarah, 92 Chesnut 
Carroll Sinclair, machinist, 40 s Poppleton 
CARROLL THOMAS G. straw and milli- 
nery goods, &c. 101 w Baltimore, dw 159 n 

Carroll Thomas, 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 125 n Exeter 
Carroll Thomas, saddler, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Thomas, porter, 7 Dover 
Carroll Thomas, cooper, 78 York 
Carroll Thomas C. boiler maker, 290 Light 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 28 President 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 182 n Central av 
Carroll Thomas, 15 Cuba, Locust Point 
Carroll Wm. cigar maker, 147 n Eden 
Carroll Wm. fruit dealer, 38 s Frederick 
Carroll Wm. L. stone cutter, 215 Forrest 
Carroll Wm. P. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carruthers John, gas fitter, 171 Preston 
Carson Carvill H. (C, Zimmerman & Co.) 

s e cor Lexington and Republican 
Carson C. H. 582 Lexington 
Carson David, (C, Zimmerman & Co.) 330 

Carson David E. clerk, 273 w Lombard 
Carson David, cooper, 390 West 
Carson David, jr. builder, 46 Josephine, dw 

330 Lexington 
Carson Elijah, brickmaker, 297 s Paca 
Carson George, brickmaker, 18 Sterrett 
Carson George, brickmaker, 232 Columbia 
Carson Henry, rigger, 274 s Ann 
Carson James, laborer, Holland al near Boyd 
Carson John, attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw 565 
Carson John N. plasterer, 65 n Bond 
Carson John L. machinist, 2 e Pratt 
CARSON JOSEPH & CO. western wholesale 

provision merchants, 43 and 45 Light 
Carson Joseph, cooper, 87 e Monument 
Carson Joseph H. carpenter, 55 Josephine 
Carson Joseph, (Jos. C. & Co.) 135 Park 
Carson Joshua, builder, 57 Pin al dw 429 w 

Carson Thomas, bookkeeper, s e cor German 

and Liberty 
CARSON T. J. banker, 204 w Baltimore, dw 

172 Preston — [See front outside Cover] 
Carson Washington K. (Young & C.) 273 w 

Carson Wm. wood yard, 164 Hollins, dw 244 

dealers, west side of Union dock 
CARSWELLJOHN S. dealer in lamps and 

oil, 211 s Broadway 
Cart Frederick, laborer, 233 Lemmon 
Carter Asbury, clerk, 86 3 Sharp 




Carter Alexander M. teller Bank of Baltimore, 

83 Camden 
Carter Ann Maria, boarding house, 67 Jef- 
Carter A. Robert, (Focke & Co.) 376 w Lom- 
Carter Bernard, attorney at law, Courtland 

near Lexington, dw 126 McCulloh 
Carter Clement, 72 n Front 
Carter Durus, carpenter, 295 n Caroline 
Carter Desmus J. bricklayer, 158 Aisquith 
Carter Edward F. clerk DaiJy Exchange, dw 

26 Holiday 
Carter Ellen, 65 Ross 
Carter Edwin T. clerk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Edward, mariner, 240 Light 
Carter Edward, ship carpenter, 3 Wills 
Carter Flavius, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Francis, nightman, 49 St. iVlary 
Carter George, nail and iron worker, 63 Mul- 

likin, dw n w cor Spring and Orleans 
Carter George, rigger, 221 s Ann 
Carter Glanvillc H. coachmaker, 78 n Front 
Carter Henry Clay, receiving teller Meclian- 

ic's Bank, dw 42 Lexing^ton 
Carter James II. salesman, 23 n Liberty 
Carter Jerome, of tobacco warehouse No. 4 
Carter John W. grocer, 61 Camden, dw 94 

Carter J. Merriken, clerk, 86 s Sharp 
Carter Joseph, laborer, 83 Cross 
Carter Joseph, shoemaker, 10 e Fayette 
Carter Rebecca, 80 Chapel 
Carter Richard, tract agent, 176 Chestnut al 
Carter Robert E. treasurer Greenmount Cem- 
etery, 52 n Calvert 
Carter Samuel, cigar maker, 65 Ross 
Carter Samuel, of tobacco warehouse No. 4 
Carter Urban, shoemaker, 735 w Baltimore 
Carter Valentine, clerk, 429 w Baltimore 
Carter Wm. Fitzsimmons, tailor, 156 s Eutaw 
Carter Wm. S. barkeeper, 369 s Charles 
Carter Wm. laborer, 37 Bevan 
Carter W. W. bookkeeper, 78 n Front 
Carter Wm. moulder, 32 Fountain 
Carter Wm. dyer, 72 n Poppleton 
Carton Leelman, pedler, 170 e Baltimore 
Carty Wm. 229 s Charles 
Caruthers C. boarding house, 64 s High 
Carvalho David, 119 w Fayette 
Carvalho R. N. child's furnishing store, 139 

Lexington, dw 119 w Fayette 
Carvalho S. N. artist, 92 Saratoga 
Carver Wm. bricklayer, 77 Pine 
Carville Thomas B. clerk, dw Maltby house 
Cary John B. bookkeeper, 6 s Gay 
Cary Mary, cook at National hotel 
Cary Patrick, blacksmith, 208 Garden 
Cary Patrick, omnibus driver at Maltby house 
Cary P. (Brawders & C.) 10 St. Mary 
CARY WILSON M. young ladies' seminary, 

233 n Kutaw, dw 269 
Cary Wm. F. agent for Dr. S. S. Fitch, 45 n 

Casby Andrew, laborer, 3 Webster al 
Case Mrs. Eliza A. boarding house, 84 Han- 
Case James M. engineer, 255 Harford av 
Case Thomas D. mariner, 84 Hanover 
Caserley John, laborer, 45 n High 
Casey Abraham, blacksmith, 206 Harford av 
Casey Abram, blacksmith, 309 Harford av 
Casey Eleanora, milliner, 602 w Baltimore 

Casey Francis, sail maker, 243 e Pratt 
Casey James, laborer, 164 Durham 
Casey James, painter, 180 n Gay 

Casey , 93 Garden 

Casey John, grocery, 67 East 
Casey Mary, grocery, 65 French 
Casey Michael, laborer, 87 McElderry's whf 
Casey Wm. grocery and flour deal. 84 Hillen 
Cashbaum George, H Choptank 
Cashmyre Henry, cooper, 11 s Eden 
Cashmyre Henry, reslaurani, 313 e Lombard 
Cashmyre Peter, laborer, 58 James lane 
Caskey Amelia A, dry goods dealer, 445 w 

Caskt^y John W. ship carpenter, 335 Light 
Caskey Joseph, carpenter. Dolphin bet Grun- 
dy and Bolton 
Caskey Robert, carpenter, 445 w Fayette 
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker. Oak near Dol- 
CASPARI & CO, apothecaries, 742 w Balti- 
Caspari Charles (Chas &. Wm. C.) 44 n Gay 
CASPARI CHARLKS & WM. apothecaries 

and chemists, 44 n Gay and 70 Penna. av 
Caspari Harriet, bookstore, 98 n Howard, dw 

446 Lexington 
Caspari Theodore, clerk, 446 Lexington 
Caspari Wm. (Chas & Wm. C.) cor Biddle 

and Penna. av 
CfLsparoehner John, shoemaker, 388 n Gay 
Casper B. stone cutter, 84 Albermarle 
Casadv Wm. puddhr, 42 Essex 
Cassady Eugene, tinner, 91 Pine 
Cassady John G. teacher, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady John, carpenter, 84 Dolphin 
Cassady Owen, grocery, 22 Jefferson 
Cassady Owen, grocery, 91 Pine 
Cassady Patrick, drayman, 70 n Gay 
Cassady Patrick, plasterer, 26 Valley 
Cassady Patrick, huckster, 224 l-exington 
Cassard Augustus, lumljer dealer, dw 631 w 

Cassard Francis, (Gilbert C. & Son,) 90 n 

Cassard F. W. (Geo. C. & Bro.) 91 n Paca 
dealers, 407 and 409 w Baltimore, dw G. C. 
119 German 
Cassard George & Bro. com. mer. and provi- 
sion dealers, 46 South, dw G. C. 343 Lex- 
Cassard Gilbert, lumber merchant, West Falls 
av, and Hollins near Oregon, dw 631 w 
Cassard James D. clerk, 631 w Lombard 
Cassard John, provision deal, dw 119 German 
Cassard Lewis A. (Doub & C.) Fulton s of 

Cassard Lewis A. lime dealer, 1 s Calhoun 
Cassard Lewis R. clerk, 243 Lexington 
Cassard Lewis, (Gilbert C. & Son,) 427 w 

Cassard Thomas, (G. C. & Son,) 115 German 
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 23 McHenry 
Cassell Daniel, paver, 32 n Amity 
Cassell Dorsey, painter, Saratoga, 1 door w of 

Cassell George R. bricklayer, 231 w Biddle 
Cassell George W. bricklayer, 23 McHenry 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayi-r, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Henry, laborer, 148 s Washington 
Cassell George N. bricklayer, 23 McHenry 




Cassell John S. painter, 106 n Schroedi r 
Cassell Joseph, carpenter, 280 Saratoga 
Cassell Leonard, carpenter, 89 w Biddle 
Cassell Samuel C. bricklayer, 67 s Eutaw 
Cassell Wm. H. bricklayer, 3 Grundy 
Cassellman Charles, tailor, 4 Broad al 
Cassen Andrew, 164 s Spring 
Cassidy Bartholemew, weaver, 549 Saratoga 
Cassidy Bernard, grocery and feed dealer, n e 

cor Monument and Greenmount av 
Cassidy Francis, grocery and liquor dealer, 4 

Greenmount av 
Cassidy James, shoemaker, 33 w Pratt 
Cassidy James carpenter, 549 Saratoga 
Cassidy John, carpenter, 84 Dolphin 
Cassidy Luke, grocery, 49 Harford av 
Cassidy Martin, (McDevilt & C.) s e cor Hil- 

len and Exeter 
Cassidy Patrick, sexton St. Joseph's Church, 

dw 93 Barre 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Philip, printer, 38 n Front 
Cassidy Thomas, bricklayer, 84 St. Paul 
Cassin James L. clerk in U. S. Paymaster's 
office, 6 Exchange, Second, dw Gilmur 
Cassin John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 
Cassin Mrs. Mary, 69 w Biddle 
Castle George, baker, 147 Sarah Ann 
Castle John, di-sk maker, 422 w Fayette 
Castle Martha, 358 Eastern av 
Castelberg Jacob & Co. watchmakers and 

jewelers, 120 n Gay, dw 163 
Castleberg J. (Wm. Blum & Co.) 163 n Gay 
Caswell Robert R. ship builder, s side Basin, 

dw 288 Johnson 
Catcher Ferdinand, cal). maker, 344 s Charles 
Cate Amon, lumber yard and .steam sash fac- 
tory, ne cor East Falls av and Fawn, dw 148 
w Lombard 
Cathcart Charles H. bookkeeper Bank of Com- 
merce, dw 83 s Broadway 
Cathcart George, carpent.r, 229 Hollins 
Cathcart Robert, (R. & W. H. C.) 51)^ s 

Cathcart Robert & W. H. block and pump ma- 
kers, 115 Smith's wharf, and 113 Thames 
Cathcart Robert, laborer, 42 Albemarle 
Cathcart Wm. H. (R. & W. H. C.) 83 s 

Catez Mrs. Susannah, 160 Harford av 
Cathedral (Roman Catholic) cor Mulberry and 

Cathell Daniel W. wood turner, 38 e Lombard 
Cathell Priscilla, 38 e Lombard 
Cathell Wm. H. cigar maker, 38 e Lombard 
Catherine Sister Mary, assistant teacher St. 
Vincent di? Paul's parish school, 35 n Front 
GATHER GEORGE R. attorney at law, 46 

Lexington, dw 244 Conway 
Gather Wm. carpenter, .594 w Lombard 
Gathers James, (J. C. & Bro.) 7 w Baltimore 
GATHERS JOHN & BRO. booksellers, 102 

w Baltimore 
Gathers John, (J. C. & Bro.) 7 w Baltimore 
Gathers Wm. clerk, 28 w Baltimore 
Catlett Henry B. clerk, 142 w I^ombard 
Catlott Thomas Y. salrsman, 142 w Lombard 
Catlett W. B. clerk, 142 w Lombard 
Caton John, blacksmith, 77 s Wolfe 
Caton John, laborer, 67 York 
Caton John, blacksmith, s w cor Bank & Eden 
Caton Michael, huckster, 154 Preston 

Caton Mrs. boarding house, 40 Second 

("a ton Patrick, laborer, 31 King 

Gator Benjamin F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 151 

Cator Elizabeth, 100 Barre 
Cator John L. brickmaker, 100 Barre 
Gator Robinson W. (Armstrong, G. & Co.) 

68 Barre 
Cator Capt. Wm. mariner, 10 Hill 
Catrup Henry M. ship joiner, 83 s Caroline 
Catrup Samuel P. 94 n Bond 
Catrup Samuel H. millwright, 94 n Bond 
Catterton Wm. J. policeman, 37 Hill 
Cattus John, clerk, 109 w Fayette 
Catzenburger Martin A. rear of 42 Clay 
Caufii'ld Wm. carpenter, 148 e Pratt 
Cauffir'ld Hugh, laborer, 122 Boyd 
Cauffield James, clerk, 39 Albemarle 
Caufman Ann, 6 Wyeth 

Caufman Solomon, rag dealer, 170 Columbia 
Caughey Benjamin & Co. grocers and liquor 

dealers, 9 Penna. av 
Caughey John H. (Noah Walker & Co.) 12 

Caughey M. P. bookkeeper, 12 Aisquith 
Caughey Michael, tailor, 20 Aisquith 
Caughey Noah W. (Noah Walker & Co.) s e 

cor Calvert and Monument 
Caughey Richard, shoemaker, 177 Ramsay 
Caughey Patrick, 56 McMechin 
Caugh«y Patrick, 9 Penna. av 
Caughey S. Hamilton, (Noah Walker & Co.) 

Eager e of Charles 
Caulfield James, clerk, Pine near George 
Caulfield Robert, bookkeeper, 25 Chatsworth 
Caulk Adeline A. dressmaker, 151 e Baltimore 
Caulk A. L. laborer tobacco warehouse No. 5 
Caulk Alonzo, painter, 76 Henrietta 
Caulk James T. policeman, 43 Warren 
Caulk James, laborer, 43 Warren 
Caulk John R. cigar maker, 43 Warren 
Caulkland John, laborer, 3 Philpot 
Cavana John, sign painter and grainer, over 

s w cor Baltimore & Sharp, dw 65 Cathedral 
Cavana Martin, 174 Eastern av 
Cavanaugh Dennis, tavern, 20 Forrest 
Cavano Lewis, private watchman, 65 Vine 
Cave Charles, 103 n Exeter 
Cavenagh Peter, baker, 19 e Madison 
Cavenagh Mary, cook, 100 s Howard 
Caveiiaugh Christiana, chambermaid, 156 w 

Cavenaugh Edward, confec. 57 Muberry 
Cavenaugh George, cooper, 108 Raborg 
Cavenaugh Jas. millstone worker, 5 Camden la 
Cavenaugh John, laborer. Smith al, nr Walsh 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, 82 s Poppleton 
Cavenaugh Martin, drayman, 120 Scott 
Cavenaugh Michael, painter, 45 McHenry 
Cavity Peter, grave digger, 56 McCulloh 
Cavy Thomas, blacksmith, 355 Columbia 
Cawlay Roderick, laborer, 106 Patuxent 
Cecil Ernest, land agent, 122 n Paca 
Cecil Joseph, laborer, 193 s Castle 
Celio Constantine, confectioner, 57 n Charles 

dw 66 Lexington 
Cella John, boarding house, 66 President 
Centre Market, Baltimore, opposite Harrison, 

to Pratt 
Central Police Station, s e cor of Holiday and 

Central Presbyterian Church, s w cor Sarato- 
ga and Liberty 




Coregho Francis, boarding house, 62 President 

Ceregho Joseph, 62 President 

Cesati Mrs. S. mantilla maker, over 103 w 

Chaar August, boot fitter, 80 Centre Market 

Chabot Gabriel H. clerk American office, 27 e 

Chabot Dr. Lawrence J. 230 e Madison 
Chafman Charles, policeman, 333 Mulberry 
Chafinch Elisha W. chair maker, 59 Bank 
Chaffinch Samuel E. cigar maker, 123 s Wolfe 
Clmffinch Wm. W. carpenter, 123 s Wolfe 
Chaillfou Augustus, brush maker, 15 Haw 
Chaillon Augustus, brush maker, 15 Haw 
Chaillon Barbary, 15 Haw 
Chaillon l\ugene, fisherman, 15 Haw 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberrv 
Chaisty E. J. jr. (C. & auinn) 158 Mulberry 
CHAKSTY & QUINN, calvert plumbing 

works, 49 n Calvert 
Chalfant E. J. clerk, 48 Barre 
Chalk Ellis, laborer, Mount Royal, foot of 

Chalk James A. machinist, 88 Oak 
Chalk Joseph, plasterer, 102 Richmond 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 102 Richmond 
Chalk Wm. H. fireman N. C. Railway, Mount 

Royal, foot of McMechin 
Chalmers James, cabinet maker, 321 Franklin 
Chalmers John W. carpenter, 21 n Schroeder 
Chalmers Piloman, tailor, 21 n Schroeder 
Chamberlain Mrs. Ann E. dry goods dealer, 

Calverton Mills, near almshouse 
Chamberlain Edward, express agent, 79 s Eu- 

Chamberlain Fernando, morocco dresser, 232 

n Caroline 
Chamberlain John E. messenger Grand Lodge 

L O. O. F. 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John C. shoemaker, 285 w Pratt 
Chamberlain Phil, tailor, 292 e Monument 
Chamberlain Reuben, lamplighter, 31 Chew 
<"'hamberlain Wm. policeman, 375 Penna. av 
Chamberlaine Henry jr. cashier Chesapeake 

bank, 170 Preston 
Chamberlaine Samuel L. bookkeeper Chesa- 
peake bank, 168 Preston 
Chambers Anthony S. printer, 49 Hanover 
Chambers Charlotte, 85 n Fremont 
Chambers Christian E. 3 n Caroline 
Chambers Mrs. Emma, young ladies' school, 

44 w Monument 
Chambers George, machinist, 85 n Fremont 
Chambers Helen M. principal No. 22 primary 

school, dw 222 Barre 
Chambers James L. clerk, 157 s Paca 
Chambers .lames, policeman, 30 Gittings 
Chambers James, laborer, 153 s Fremont 
Chambers James E. clerk, Adams house 
Chambers John, carpenter, 5 Bevan 
Chambers John F. barkeeper, Franklin house 
Chambers John, blacksmith, 85 n Fremont 
Chambers Robert, policeman, 30 Gittings 
Chambers Robert, carpenter, 197 Hollins 
Chambers Robert M . plasterer, 26 n Oregon 
Chambers Wm. grain inspect. 72s Republican 
Chambers Wm. seaman, 4 e second 
Chambers Wm. blacksmith, 4 e Second 
Chambers Wm. brass finish. 85 n Fremont 
Champayne David, carpenter, 10 Chatsworth 
Champayne Henry R. coachsmith, 23 Popple- 

Champayne John R. coachmaker, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 544 Saratoga 
Champayne Wm. R. sr., carp. 170 Vine 
Champayne Wm. R. jr., coach painter, 10 

Champness Joshua, chemist, 121 Castle 
Chance Edward, conductor, 66 s Poppleton 
Chance F. E. bookkeeper, 33 Courtland 
Chance James R. auctioneer, 210 w Baltimore, 

dw 33 Courtland 
Chance Levin, waterman, 5 Poultney 
Chance Marinas, grocer, 45 s Oregon 
Champion Wm. seaman, 10 s Ann 
Chanceaulme Martin, carver, 68 n Caroline 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkeeper at Gilmor 

House, dw 52 e Fayette 
CHANDLEE EDWIN, dentist, 15 s Howard, 

dw 413 w Fayette 
Chandler Abanlla, 354 Canton av 
Chandler D. M. salesman, 9 n Calhoun 
Chandler Geo. W. huckster, 410 Light 
Chandler John, clerk, 176 Montgomery 
Chandler Kennard, clerk, 176 Montgomery 
Chandler Thomas H. (Jackson & C.) 265 w 

Chandley John H. ethereal oil dealer, 732 w 

CHANDLER WxM.T.& Co., pharmaceutists, 
n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun, dw Wm. T. 
C. 265 w Fayette 
Chaney Adeline, 77 .Aisquith 
Chancy Andrew W . shoemaker, s e cor Balti- 
more and High 
Chaney Benj. deputy warden jail, 55 Booth 
Chaney Eliza A. 247 n Central av 
Chaney Elizabeth, huckstress, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Grafton, (Toner & C.) 80 Ensor 
Chaney Jane, 95 William 
Chaney Louis, mariner, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Michael, wood sawyer, 180 s Bethel 
Chaney Stephen W. shoemaker, 8 Webster ct 
Chaney Valletter S. 73 n Schroeder 
Chaney Wm. clerk, 56 s Schroeder, 
Chaney Wm. clerk, 111 Hollins 
Chaney Wm. milkman, 64 Ridgely 
Chanfrau James E. clerk, 33 Edward 
Chanslum Isabella, 366 n Gay 
Chapin Charles, engineer, 123 s Caroline 
Chapin Philip, turner and screw nuinuf. n e 
cor Caroline and Aliceanna, dw 123 s Caro- 
Chaplain J. Bond, flour inspector, Fountain 

Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman Andrew, .ship carpenter, 7 Wills 
Chapman Mrs. Ann B. 163 e Madison 
Chapman Chas. L. machinist, 96 s Carey 
Chapman Greenbury, shoemaker, 81 n Pop- 
Chapman George R. trunkmaker, 118 Garden, 

dw 128 Preston 
Chapman Jas. B. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman Jas. jr. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman John Lee, prop. Maryland glass 
works, s w cor Lancaster and Central av, 
dw 41 Stiles 
Chapman John Lee, jr. glass blower, 41 Stiles 
Chapman Matilda, housekeeper, at Howard 

Chapman Rev. W. H. 22 Calhoun 
CHAPMAN JONATHAN J. wholesale glass 
dealer, 40 s Charles, dw 141 e Baltimore 




Chapman , 212 Eastern av 

Chapman Nicholas P. bookkeeper, 146 Dol- 
Chapman Ruth, 128 Preston 
Chappell Mrs. Priscilla E. 219 Franklin 
Chappell S. M. acohol and oil dealer, 7 Mer- 
cer, dw s w cor German and Penn 
Chappell Philip S. chemist and chem'l works, 

foot of Cross s side basin, dw 40 Conway 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 269 w Fayette 
Charles Andrew, copper smelter, Clinton, s 

of Boston 
Charles Benjamin, prop, agent and collector, 

135 Broadway, dw 96 s Ann 
Charles Daniel, laborer, 29 Haw 
Charles David, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston, Canton 
Charles Henry, file grinder, 6 Etna la 
Charles John, sawyer, 39 Preston 
Charles John, shoemaker, 111 Vine 
Charles John B. carpenter, 112 Dolphin 
Charles Peter G. clerk, dw Western hotel 
Charles Robert, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Charles Street Methodist E. Church, n e cor 

Charles and Fayette, parsonage 20 Eutaw 
CHARLES & STANTON, proprietors Can- 
ton House 
Charles Thomas J. hatter, 203 s Broadway, 
and leader East Baltimore military band, dw 
96 s Ann 
CHARRON J. B. & CO. agents and import- 
ers of wines, brandies, &c. n e cor Lombard 
and Hanover 
Charlier L. professor of French, Simon's hotel 
Charter Eliza, 248 Franklin 
Charron John B. (J. B. C. & Co.) 281 Lex- 
Chase Alfred B. shoemaker, 169 w Baltimore 
Chase Algernon S. (Ricc,C. & Co.) 187 St. 

Chase Benj. F painter, 38 Philpot 
Chase Charles W. oyster packer, 25 Harrison 
Chase Chas. F. bookkeeper, 169 w Biddle 
Chase Daniel, (Kirkland, C. «&. Co.) 245 w 

Chase Geo. B. clerk, 80 e Pratt 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmaker. Locust Point, 

dw 111 Conway 
Chase Isaac H. ladies shoemaker, 253 n How- 
Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, 110 n Bond 
Chase John, ship smith, 38 Philpot 
CHASE L. D. agent Lester, Sloot& Co's sew- 
ing machines, over 163 w Baltimore 
Chase Mrs. Mary Ann, 152 Pearl 
Chase Mary A. 25 Harrison 
Chase Mary, 260 n Eutaw 
Chase Moses, watchmaker, 260 n Eutaw 
Chase R. W. bookkeeper, 42 Lexington 
Chase Capt. Stephens, 95 n Broadway 
CHASE & TOWx\ EH, manufacturers' and 

machinists' warehouse, 6 s Howard 
Chase Thorndyke, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase "Wells, (C. & Towner,) 92 n Paca 
Chasehory Miles, bookkeeper, 141 e Monu- 
Chason Peter, boatswain U. S. N., 272e Pratt 
CHATARD DR. F. E. 30 n Charles 
Chatard L. T. (McLane & Co.) 43 St. Paul 
ChaUird Capt. Frederick, U. S. N., 70 Centre 
Chasteau Mary E. 9 Watson 
Chasteau Thomas E. 9 Watson 

Chelar Joseph, tailor, 239 e Lombard 

Cheney Jane, 271 s Charles 

Chenoweth Asbury, gas fitter, over s e corner 

Hanover and Pratt, dw 66 Holiday 
CHENOWETH & CO. manufacturers reap- 
ing machines and agricultural implements, 
1 Swan 
Chenoweth & Booth, wholesale and retail 

dealers, in liquors, 159 n Gay 
Chenoweth Benj. T. (C. & Co.) 280 e Lombard 
Chenoweth George E. (C. & Co.) 8 n Bond 
Chenoweth Harris, 55 George 
Chenoweth M. J. dressmaker, 37 Garden 
Chenoweth Richard, painter, 37 Garden 
Chenoweth Ro. confectionery, 56 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth R. B. (C. & Booth) 159 n Gay 
Chenoweth Thomas, carpenter, 295 s Charles 
Cheny Grafton, (Toner & C.) 80 Ensor 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimor« 
CHERRY DR. M. J. dentist, 45 Hanover 
Cherry James, cigar maker, 21 s Caroline 
Cherry J. W. shoemaker, 208 Hollins 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
CHERRY T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Liberty 
Cherubin Brother, assistant teacher St. Vin- 
cent de Paul's Asylum 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, s e cor North and 

Fayette. — [See Jlppendix] 
Cheseborough Andronicus, clerk, 41 Fawn 
Cheseborough Capt. Robert C. 41 Fawn 
Chesney Benj. H. wheelwright, 100 s Eden 
Chesney Benj. H. plasterer, 43 n Eden 
Chesney Edwin, printer, 252 Aisquith 
Chesney Harriet E. 252 Aisquith 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 100 s Eden 
Chesney Jesse, clerk, 252 Aisquith 
Chesney John W. house carp. 29 McElderry 
Chesney Robert, coal dealer. Eagle hotel, 132 

Chesney Samuel, coal dealer. North near Cen- 
tre, dw 132 Greenmountav 
Chesney Wm. F. carpenter, 57 Haubert 
Cheser Shadrach, mariner, 71 Cross 
Chesnut Chas. cork cutter, 80 s Bond 
Chesnut Gerard, agent Eastern Shore steam- 
boat Co., 27 s Bond 
Chesnut Joseph C. cork cutter, 36 s Spring 
Chesnut Washington, clerk, 104 e Baltimore 
CHESNUT WM. & C(3. wholesale grocers 
and commission merchants, cor Pratt and 
South, dw Wm. C. 104 e Baltimore 
CHESTNUT SAMUEL, cork dealer, 40 s 

Calvert, dw 36 s Spring 
CHESTER WM. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant 

dw 11 
Cheston Galloway, (James C. & Son,) 39 e 

Cheston James & Son, shipping merchants, 

cor Cable and Patterson 
Chew Chas, tailor, 326 Canton av 
Chew James W. depty. clerk U. S. court, dw 

92 n Eutaw 
Chew Robert W. bookkeeper, 46 Pearl 
Chew Dr. Samuel, prof, at University of Md. 

70 n Paca 
Chew Dr. Samuel C. 68 n Paca, dw 70 
Chew Wm. W. clerk, 68 s Sharp 
Chichester Mrs. George, 144 Harford av 
Chichester & Sanford,gen. advertising agents. 

Sun building 
Chickering Eldridge C. bookseller and stationer, 
226 w Pratt 




Chick witz Valentine, shoemaker, 189 s Castle 

Child James W. plasterer, 86 Preston 

Child Samuel, coachmaker, 29 n Gay, dw 38 e 

Child Samuel, jr. (Cortlan & Co.) Bait Co 
Child Sarah J. 86 Preston 
Childers Edward, 11 Lancaster 
Childs Benj. E. bookkeeper, 13 n Fremont 
Childs Benj. P. 13 n FVemont 
CHILDS CHARLES, Philadelphia Branch 

House, 67 President 
Childs Charles A. bricklayer, 22 Orchard 
Childs Elizabeth, 156 German 
Childs George W. clerk, 151 Orleans 
Childs & Gaynor, provis. and produce com. 

merchants, 48 South 
Childs John W. 1 Orchard 
Childs J. Wesley, (C. & Gaynor,) 156 w 

Childs J. VV. clerk, Adams house 
Childs Samuel, salesman, 156 German 
Childs Samuel, laborer, 179 n Dallas 
Childs Sarah H. 125 Garden 
Childs Wm. H. salesman, 156 German 
Childs Wm. grocery, 233 Hollins 
Childs Zachariah, policeman, 97 n Caroline 
Childress Wm. boiler maker, 232 Montgomery 
Chincenbeck Josh, ship steward, 264 s Ann 
Chinoweth, Wm. cooper, 88 Greenmount av 
Chipman Emanurl, miller, 129 s Eden 
CHIPMAN GEORGE, wood and willow- 
ware dealer, cor Calvert and Lombard, dw 
88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M. bookkeeper, 88 e Balti- 
Chippendale Fredk, actor Holliday-st. theatre 
Chisholm Henry, boiler maker, 19 Hill 
Chism Richard, dry goods deal. 229 Lexington 
Chiverel Alexander, tailor, 10 Jackson 
Chiverel Alexander, laborer, 177 Eastern av 
Chiverel Jann'S, pilot, 103 Bank 
Chiout John, furniture wagoner, 289 Aliceanna 
Choate Mrs. 104 Hill 
Choupin Josrph, pedler, 19 e Lombard 
Chreeffer George, 292 n Central av 
Chrensohall Charles, sec. hand furniture dealer, 

507 w Baltimore 
Chrismer Eaphrasier, 208 Vine 
Chrismer W. E. grocery, s e cor Lombard and 

Hollins al 
Chrismer Ursula, doctress, 46 Harford av 
Christ Adam, cooper, 152 s Spring 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Church, (Episc.) cor Gay and Fayette 
Christ Christopher, porter, 226 s Dallas 
Christ Jacob, grocer and liq. deal. 344 William 
Christ Joseph, cooper, 183 William 
Christ John, 152 s Spring 
Christ Wm. laborer, 11 n Central av 
Christ Wm. cabinet maker, 252 n Caroline 
Christall Geo. W. shoemaker, 34 Henrietta 
Christall John, shoemaker, 34 Henrietta 
Christlif George H. mechanical dent. 102 Pine 
Christlif Henry, cooper, 168 Pearl 
Christian Charles M. clerk, 292 w Baltimore 
Christian George, tailor, s w cor Gay and Sar- 
Christian John H. clerk, 17 Commerce 
Christian Richard, grocery, 287 Eastern av 
Christie Edw'd G. bookkeeper, 546 w Fayette 
Christie Elizabeth, Frederick road nr toll gate 
Christie Henry, weaver, 66 Union 

Christie James, glass blower, 124 G. Hughes 
Christie Michael, blacksmith, 54 McMechin 
Chrislman John, wood and bone turner, 87 Jef 

Christopher Aquilla, 114 Mullikin 
Christopher & Co. lottery office, s e cor Balti 

more and Greene 
Christopher Francis, plasterer, 43 Ross 
Christopher Jane, 86 \orth 
Christopher Joseph, policeman, 43 Ross 
Christopher Mitton, painter, 130 Chew 
Christopher Nicholas, dry goods dealer, 189 s 

Christopher R. W. Western China Hall dry 

goods store, 545 w Baltimore, dw 150 Pine 
Christopher Tho. engine tender, 136 Mullikin 
Christopher Thos. J. mariner, 57 n Eden 
Christopher Wm. merchant tailor, 502 w Bal- 
timore, dw 240 Saratoga 
Christopher Wm. C. (C.& Co.) 207 Saratoga 
Christy James T. 22 Henrietta 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, 54 McMechin 
CHRONISTER JOHN W. prop. Franklin 

lager beer gardens, 866 w Baltimore 
Chrystal John, grocer, 226 n Gay 
Chunn Elizabeth, 233 n Eden 
Chunn Dr. James T. 181 w Madison 
Church of Ascension, (Prot. Epis.) Lexington 

near Pine 
Church Charles, cigar maker, 332 w Pratt 
Church Edward J. lumber dealgr,s w cor Ais- 

quith and Monument, dw 2i^ Aisquith 
Church James A. policeman, 254 n Caroline 
Church James, bricklayer, Chapel, nr Gough 
Church John, cigar maker, 250 e Pratt 
(E]3iscopal,) Broadway, between Baltimore 
and Fayette 
Church Thomas, bricklayer, 286 Harford av 
Church Tho. express wagoner, 180 n Caroline 
Church of tlie Immaculate Conception, Mosher 

bet Division and Ross 
Church Dr. S. T. dentist, n e cor Charles and 

Church of the United Brethren in Christ, cor 

Scott and St. Peter 
Church Wm. policeman, 10 Stirling 
Churchill James, cabinet maker, 26 w Fayette 
Churchill James, 119 n Gay 
Churchill Lorey, silver plater, 5 Mercer, dw 

277 n Eutaw 
Churchner Michael, shoemaker, 108 s Bethel 
Cilley Joel, wood dealer, foot of Mill 
Cilley Joel, wood dealer, 4 L. Gough 
cers and attorneys at law, 59 w Fayette 
Cinnamond Charles, cabinet maker, 58 Car- 
penter al 
Cinnamond Geo. R. (C. & Browning,) 59 w 

Cinton Florence, milkman, 130 Elliott 
Circle Henry, ship carpenter, 112 s Regester 
Circle John, paver, 246 Happy al 
Cissel Benj. C. hatter, 204 w Pratt 
CITIZENS' BANK, 234 w Pratt.— [See ^p- 

vfTidix ,} 
CITY COMMISSIONERS office. City Hall, 

2d floor 
CITY HALL, Holiday, n of Fayette, in 
which are the Mayor's office. City Collec- 
tor's, Register's, Commissioner's, Auditor's, 
Appeal Tax Court, Comptroller's, City Sur- 
veyor's, Fire Inspector's, and Health oflaces 




City Jail, cor Madison and the Falls 
City Spring, n Calvert, near Saratoga 
City Yard, Fort av, s side Basin 
CITY YARD, old fish house wharf, s side of 
Basin, Langlcy B. Cully, port warden, dw 

19 Warren 

Clabaugh E. A. (C. & Graff,) 8 Carey 
Ciabaugh E. A. distiller, cor Russell and Os- 

tend, dw 8 Carey 
Ciabaugh & Graff, distillers and wholesale liq. 

dealers, 38 South 
Ciabaugh Jas. A. bookkeeper, dw Eutaw house 
Ciabaugh Jas. Addison, clerk, 532 w Fayette 
Ciabaugh John, painter, 163 ISlulberry 
Ciabaugh W. H. 98 s Sharp 
CLABAUGH WM. H. proprietor Fountain 

Hotel, 5 Light 
Clabby Bridget, 81 Goodman al 
Clabby Honora, grocery, 29 Hillen 
Clabby Wm. laborer, 90 North 
Clackner Klizabeth, 32 n Eden 
Clackner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 7 Aisqui'th 
C]ackner"Matthew, clerk, 7 Aisquith 
Claggett Lewis H. clerk, 93 Pearl 
Claggett Mary, 257 w Madison 
Claggett Thos. 145 e Lombard 
Claggett Thomas J. clerk, 93 Pearl 
CLAGGETT WM & CO. brewers, e Lom- 
bard, adj. Falls, dw Wm. C, Bah. Co 
Claggett Wm. green grocery, 60 Orleans 
Claiborne, Boo\h & Co. tobacco com. merchts. 

20 s Calvert 

Claiborne Ferdinand L. (C, Booth & Co.) 530 

w Fayette 
Clampitt Elias, brass and bell founder, 96 n 

Calvert, dw 104 
Clancy Jeremiah, porter, 80 Pine 
Clapp Ann, 140 n High 
Clapp Christian C. dancing academy, 78 s Bond 

dw 53 s Ann 
Clapp George C. hatter, 64 Hillen, dw 6 Jef- 
Clapp Francis A . hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapsaddle Francis, blacksmith, 48 n Paca, dw 

144 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle Michael, blacksmith, 51 Mulberry 
Clara Sister, assist, teacher St. Vincent de 

Paul's Parish School, 35 n Front 
Clarboe Wm. H. T. bookkeeper, 50 Barre 
Clare Isaac, 160 Hanover 
Claridge Mrs. Ann, 154 n Central av 
CLARIDGE & GRIDLEY, stove and tin 

store, 205 e Baltimore 
Claridge James R. clerk, 76 w Pratt 
Claridge John H. (C. & Gridley,) 154 n Cen- 
tral av 
Claridge Lloyd, painter, 163 Hamburg 
Claridge Wm. clerk, Bond near Pratt 
Clark Abis, 9 Walker 

Clark Albert H. newsman, 148 n Fremont 
Clark Ann, dairy, 87 Lexington 
Clark Andrew, drayman, 20 French 
Clark Anthony, grocer, 191 Gough 
f'lark Anthony, grocer, 237 Gough 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, 140 Henrietta 
Clark Austin, laborer, 43 s Durham 
Clark Benj. D. nautical instrument deal. 163 w 

B:iltimore, dw 52 Barre 
Clark Benj. shoemaker, 45 Harmony la 
Clark Benj. J. bacon dealer, 121 n Bond 
Clark Bernard, (C. & Brown,) 159 n Exeter 
Clark & Brown, carpenters, 17 Pleasant 

Clark & Cannon, lottery venders, 36 w Pratt 

Clark Catherine, 182 Hcllenry 

Clark Charles H. pilot, 124 s Broadway 

Clark Charles, pilot, 10 Fell 

Clark Chas. H. (C. & Luckett,) 140 w Biddle 

Clark Charlotte, board, house, 42 Albemarle 

Clark Daniel H. shoemaker, 6 Orleans 

Clark Edward, ship builder, w side of Union 

Dock, dw 51 s Exeter 
Clark Kdward, moulder, 121 William 
Clark Eliza, confectionery, 105 l^ee 
Clark Elizabeth, 20 Orchard 
Clark Elizabeth, 516 w Fayette 
CLARK GABRIEL D. importer watches and 

fine jewelry, cor Calvert and Water, dw n e 

cor Monument and Hargrove al 
Clark George T. hydrant manufacturer, 33 n 

Clark Geo. W. (Hartzell & C.) 20 s Paca 
Clark Geo. R. actor. Brown's Hotel 
Clark Geo. manu. cut glass shades, 91s Sharp 
Clark Henry, (Levi Perry & Co.) n w cor Lee 

and Charles 
CLARK HENRY H. ambrotypist, 23 w 

Clark Henry, stone cutter, 190 L. Constitution 
Clark James, (W. Bollman &■ Co.) cor Second 

av and Clifton 
Clark James G. clerk, 140 w Lombard 
Clark James, 4 Anthony's ct 
Clark James, laborer, 31 s Front 
Clark James, 36 William 
CLARK JAMES, lock manufacturer, 147 w 

Clark James, laborer, 174 Dover 
Clark James, carpenter, 337 Mulberry 
Clark James, rigger, 248 Canton av ' 
Clark James, bridge builder, 166 G. Hughes 
Clark James E. huckster, 20 Church 
Clark James G. cooj)er, 13 Commerce, dw 41 

s Exeter 
Clark James R. (Matthew B. C. & Bro.) 280 

w Fayette 
Clark James S. carpenter, 4 Anthony 
Clark Jane, 17 n Central av 
CLARK JOHN, bottler of porter, ale and ci- 
der, Calhoun al near Camden, dw 106 Barre 
Clark John, engineer, 153 Montgomery 
Clark John, lottery office, Greene nr Franklin, 

dw 106 w Baltimore 
Clark John, laborer, Mount Royal, foot of 

CLARK JOHN T. grocer and com. merch. 

122 Dugan's whf, dw 222 s Charles 
Clark John, bricklayer, 45 Harmony la, dw 

24 Carlton 
Clark John K. lottery office, 61 Penna. av 
Clark John, tailor, 62 n Cai-oline 
Clark John , iron finisher, 182 McHenry 
Clark John, machinist, 82 s Poppleton 
Clark John S. ship carpenti r, 204 e Lombard 
Clark John, furniture wagnner, 131 Mullikin 
Clark John, grocery, s w cor Eastern av and 

Chapel al 
Clark John, lime dealer, 73 w Biddle 
Clark John, laborer, 100 North 
Clark John, president Citizens' Bank, 44 n 

Clark John, shoemaker, 33 Henrietta 
Clark John, at B. & O. R. R., 17 n Central av 
Clark John A. 130 Conway 
Clark John H. coopc^r, 124 s Ann 
Clark John P. clerk, 110 n Calvert 




Clark John N. shocfinding and leather dealer, 

113 n Gay 
Clark John W. machine carp. 78 n Popplcton 
Clark John W. police Maryland Penitentiary, 

dw 53 Buren 
Clark Jonathan T. sliip carp. 25 Henrietta 
Clark Joseph, grocery, 177 e Eager 
Clark Joseph, huckster, 8 Willow 
Clark Joseph, plasterer, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Kane, shoemaker, 35 Henrietta 
Clark Kenzie J. meal dealer, 161 East 
Clark Lawrence, laborer, 240 Aisquith 
Clark Lawrence, laborer, 80 Richmond 
Clark Lemuel, bookkeeper, dw Adams house 
Clark Lester, carpenter, 181 Stirling 
Clark Lewis, auctioneer. Western Hotel 
Clark Lewis, salesman. Western Hotel 
CLARK L. P. patent hydrants, 11 n Freder- 
ick, dw 33 n Exeter 
Clark & Luckett, dealers in boots, shoes, hats, 

caps and boiniets, 287 w Baltimore 
Clark Levi, carpenter, 332 Raborg 
Clark Lucretia, 20 Orchard 
Clark Lucretia E. 67 St. Paul 
Clark Mrs. Margaret, 441 Lexington 
Clark Mary,groci'ry, 15 s Bethel 
Clark Mary M. 15 s Howard 
Clark Mary P. grocery, Greenmount av 
Clark Matthew, bookkeeper, 115 Ensor 
Clark Matthew B. (M. B. C. & Bro.) 272 w 

Clark Matthew B. & Bro. flour merchants, 

378 w Baltimore 
Clark Michael, laborer, 11 Webster al 
Clark Michael, laborer, 28 Hillen 
CLARK. MICHAEL M. quartermaster U. S. 

A. office 160 n Eutaw, dw 39 McCuUoh 
Clark Michael, stone cutter, 182 McHenry 
Clark Patrick, laborer, Mount Royal, foot 

Clark Owen, switchman B. & O. R. R. n e 

cor Eutaw and Ostend 
Clark Patrick, tinner, 177 e Eager 
Clark Patrick, grocery, 130 Gough 
Clark Peter, laborer, 7 Cotton row, west of 

Clark Richard S. clerk, 533 w Baltimore 
Clark Richard J. (C. & Cannon,) 36 w Pratt 
Clark Robert, mate, 1 Williamson 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 45 Harmony lane 
Clark Samuel G. clerk, 115 Ensor 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 4 Wagon al 
Clark Sarah, 84 s Carolin(; 
Clark Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Stephen, ship carpenter, 380 Bank 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 55 Madison 
Clark Tenssa E. 161 Kast 
Clark Thomas W. miller, Frederick road, nr 

Lst toll gate 
Clark Thomas S. & Son, sailmakers, 128 Du- 

gan's wf, dw T. S. C. 83 e Pratt 
Clark Thomas F. finisher, 313 s Charles 
Clark Thomas, 82 s Poppleton 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 88 s Republican 
Clark Thomas, porter, 53 n Pine 
Clark Thomas S. jr. runner at Farmers and 

Merchants bank, dw 83 e Pratt 
Clark Thomas, 14 n Callioun 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 280 s Republican 
Clark Thomas, bricklayer, 45 Harmony la 
Clark Timothy, 67 James lane 
Clark Wm. G. sail and awning maker, Home- 
stead, Baltimore county 

Clark Wm. E. bookkeeper, 6 Calverton road 
Clark Wm. T. ship carpenter, 198 Gough 
Clark Wm. P. junk deal. 145 .McElderry's whf 

dw 349 w Lombard 
Clark Wm. clerk, 48 w Baltimon; 
Clark Wm. H. jeweler, over 166 w Baltimore. 

dw 204 Garden 
Clark Wm. H. assistant editor "The Sun," 

133 Mulberry 
Clark Wm. sergeant of police, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, 326 Raborg 
Clark William H. (T. S, C. & Son,) 322 w 

Clark Wm. bricklayer, 45 Harmony la 
Clark Zachariah, pilot, 124 s Broadway 
Clarke Addison, bookkeeper, 56 Biddle 
Clarke Andrew, drayman, 45 Light 
Clarke Ashur, ladies' seminary, 61 Saratoga, 

dw 56 w Biddle 
Clarke James, clerk, 159 w Lombard 
Clarke James, furniture dealer, 224 Lexington 
Clarke James A. grocery, s e cor Broadway 

and Bel- Air av 
Clarke James C. 202 n Eutaw 
Clarke Rev. James M. 126 n Bond 
Clarke John G. (C. & Jones,) 20 Light 
Clarke John, plumber, rear 152 n Calvert 
Clarke John T. bacon inspector, 30 Hillen 
Clarke John, shoemaker, 29 Orchard 
Clarke John T. gro. and com. merchant, 130 

Dugan's whf, dw 222 s Charles 
Clarke John, rigger, 119 Thames 
CLARKE & Junes, candy manufacturers 

and fruit dealers, 20 Light. — [Seep. bJldter- 

Clarke J. Lyle, (C. & Pegram,) 81 Park 
Clarke Joseph H. professor of languages, 20 

Clarke Levin P. water com. 33 n Exeter 
Clarke Mrs. Maria, 40 Mt. Vernon place 
Clarke Michael F. book binder, 80 Richmond 
Clarke Phoebe D. 56 Biddle 
Clarke Robert A. grocer, 30 o Lombard 
CLARKE & PEGRAM, agents for sale of 

manufactured tobacco, 119 w Lombard 
Clarke Samuel T. salesman, 96 e Pratt 
Clarke Thomas B. salesman, Maltby house 
Clarke Wm. (McDougall & C.) 59 e Pratt 
Clarke Mrs. Wm. B. 40 Mt. Vernon place 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F. president Loyola College, 

s w cor Calvert and Madison 
Clarke Wm. E. clerk, 15 s Howard 
Clarke Wm. lamplighter, 121 William 
Clarkly David, laborer, rear 114 Dugan's wlif 
Clarkson Alfred, bricklayer, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson E. H. N. machinist, 67 n Front 
Clarkson George L. shoemaker, 97 n Central 

CLARKSON JOSEPH & SON, machini.sts, 

75 n Front. — [See p 20 Advertisements.] 
Clarkson Joseph, (J. C. & Son,) 67 n Front 
Clarkson Wm. W. (J. C. & Son,) 67 n Front 
Clarvoe Wm. H. T. book keejjer, 50 Barre 
Clary Aaron, property agent and collector, 

244 Aisquith 
Classen Harman, 157 s Sharp 
Classen Henry W. grocery and feed dealer, s 

e cor Sharp and Welcome al, dw 157)^ s 

Classen Peter, rigger, 67 Lancaster 
Claus Frederick, tailor, 20 Thomsen 
Clauss Emanuel, paver, 70 s Bethel 
Chuitice Aim, dry goods deal. Ill Penna. av 




Clautice Edwin, plumber, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Francis, provision dealer, 21 Cheap- 
side, dw 274 Greenraount av 
Clautice George, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

151 Penna. av 
Clautice George J. huckster, 99 Stirling 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 31 French 
Clautice John, tailor, 238 e Madison 
Clautice John, wheelwright, 17 Harford av 
Clautice Joseph, oyster can maker, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Peter, blacksmith, cor Kmory and 

Portland, dw 110 s Paca 
Clautice Wm. coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clavell Edward, mate, 71 s "Washington, F. P. 
Clavcll George, mariner, 33 s Bethel 
Clay Henry, fireman, 323 Light 
Claypoole George, painter, 79 Ensor 
Clayjjoole .'as. clerk, 7 s Carey 
Claypoole Capt. John, mariner, 232 Aisquith 
Claypoole Robert, mariner, 232 Aisquith 
Claypoole Septimus, clerk, 79 Ensor 
Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw 53 Conway 
Clayton Edward, 179 Hanover 
Clayton Jas. L. trunk mak. 516 w Baltimore 
Clayton John T. carp*>nter, 236 n Eden 
Clayton S. Suton, com. agent, 84 Leo 
Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 
Clayton Wm. painter, 36 Holiday 
Cleaveland Sylvester, clerk, 164 n Exeter 
ClefTerd John, 148 German 
Clefford Samuel, cheese dealer, George, near 

Clem John, shoemaker, 32 s Dallas 
Cleman Wm. 191 e Monument 
Clemens John B. 218 e Pratt 
Clemens John D. cooper, 6 Foundry, dw 161 

n Central av 
Clements James R. sheet iron worker, 87 s 

Clements Capt. John W. 144 s Bond 
Clemm Adam, ethereal oil manuf. 7 Harrison, 

Clemm John, cooper, 118 Cross 
Clemm Joseph E. commission merchant, 69 

Exchange place, dw 25 Lexington 
Clemm Peter S. carpentir, 170 n Eutaw 
Clemm Wm. E. 191 e Monument 
Clemm Rev. Wm. T. U. 69 Barre 
Clemments John W. brass finisher, 3 Webb 
Clemments John S. carpenter, 117 Aisquith 
Clemments Margaret, tailoress, 3 Webb 
Clemmons John R. tobacconist, s e cor George 

and Penna. av 
Clemmons Wm. cabinet maker, 4 George 
Clems Peter S. carpenter, Eutaw nr Ross, dw 

202 n Eutaw 
Clemsen William, seaman, 208 s Ann 
Clendenen Caroline, 56 East 
Clendenen James W. 108 Park 
Clendenen Mary A. milliner, 110 Lexington 
^ Clendenen Wm. R. gilder, 59 Kastern av 

Clendincn Dr. Alexander, 60 e Baltimore, dw 

9 Courtland 
Clendinen Joseph, porter, 13 s Bond 
Clendinen Susan, 59 Eastern av 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. 91 n Greene 
Clendinen Mrs. Dr. Wm. H. 147 w Hoffman 
Clernan Joseph, grocer, 102 Ross 
Clernan Samuel P. carpenter, 102 Ross 
Cleshim Peter, huckstt:r, 18 French 
Cleveland Joseph S. iron monger, 48 Thames, 

dw 53 s Eden 

Clickner James, clerk, 48 e Fayette 
Clickner Samuel A. shoe cutter, 27 n High 
Cliffe Mrs. R. W. Home school, 52 s Sharp 
Clifford Ellen, grocery, 162 s Wolfe 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 11 Neighbor 
Clifford Sylvester, jr. lottery office, 109 Sara- 
toga, dw 248 Lexington 
Clifford Sylvester, fancy store, 248 Lexington 
Clifford Sylvester, collector and property agt. 

421 w Pratt 
Clifford Wm. grocery, 12 Neighbor 
Clifler Charles, cabinet maker, 182 e Lombard 
Clift A. M. 82 Hill 
Clift Catherine, seamstress, 5 Edward 
Clift Elizabeth, 6 Williamson 
Clifton Mrs. Alphonsa, boarding house, 42 

Clifton James A. salesman, 42 Lexington 
Clifton L. R. D. 42 Lexington 
Clifton Theo. E. salesman, 42 Lexington 
Cline Anthony, brickmaker, 358 e Baltimore 
Cline Catherine, bookfolder, 94 Holiday 
Cline Geo. pattern maker, 203 Montgomery 
Cline Geo. laborer, Frederick av below Cal- 

verton road 
Cline Hugh, pattern maker, 79 McHfury 
Cline Jacob, pattern maker, 79 McFlenry 
Cline John, 3 Choptank 
Cline Wm. 358 e Baltimore 
Cline Wm. (Roach & C.) over n w cor Sec- 
ond and Tripolett's al 
Clinton Henry, coach trimmer, 57 Orleans 
Clinton DeWitt, huckster, 2 Preston 
Clishom Martin, laborer, 15 French 
Clishom Wm. laborer, 85 Harrison 
Clipper Caspar, Johnson near Cross 
Cloak James, laborer, 22 Boston, Canton 
Cloak Patrick, drayman, 37 Hillen 
Clocker Plezekiah, carpenter, 199 e Fayette 
CLOGG GEORGE S. boot maker, 178 w Bal- . 

timore, dw 86 n Gay 
Clohesy Martin, laborer, 45 President 
Cloney Robert, tailor, 75 York 
Clopin John, butcher, 6 Townsend 
Close Alexander, (C. & Bro.) 59 n Charles 
CLOSE & BRO. dry goods commission merch- 
ants, 4 German 
Close James, (C. & Ero.) 81 n Charles 
Close Nicholas, grocery, 139 Gojigh 
Closemeyer Henry, laborer, 284 Aliceanna 
Clotworthy Alexander, furniture dealer, 7G n 

Clotworthy Charles A. clerk, 136 w Biddle 
CLOTWORTHY & FLINT, wholesale drug- 
gists, 339 w Baltimore 
Clotworthy Wm. 1'. (C.&Fint,) 139 w Biddle 
Cloud Benjamin, furniture wagoner, 51 Chew 
("loud Chas F. eating house, 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Daniel, (Daniel Miller & Co.) EuUiw 

Cloud Mrs. Robert M. 405 w Fayette 
Cloud Laura, music teacher, 242 e Baltimore 
( loud Wm. H. mariner, 108 German 
Clough M. V. B. (John K. Sears & Co.) 122 

s Charles 
Clouney Martin, laborer, 100 Carey 
Clouse Edward C. tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Clouse Margaret, 218 Lexington 
Cloustians Mary, teacher, 126 Ross 
Clunan Timothy, laborer, Hull, Locust Point 
Clunet Victor, secretary American Fire Insur- 
ance Co. of Baltimore, dw 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, 234 n Howard 




Cluney Robert, tailor, 75 York 
Coaine John, laborer, 20 Pleasant al 
COAKLEY & BROTHER, leather and shoe 

trimmings dealers, 3 s Gay 
Coakley Daniel, (C. & Bro.) 5 s Gay 
Coakley John, 5 s Gay 

Coakley Margaret, mangier. Barnum's hotel 
Coakley Philip H. jr., 263 Madison av 
Coakley Philip H. broker, 22 Second, dw 263 

Madison av 
Coakley Wm. porter at Barnum's hotel 
COALE, CUGLE & CO. importers and deal- 
ers in fancy goods, 285 w Baltimore 
Coale Ellis P. clerk, 67 Lexington 
Coale E. H. dry goods dealer, 67 Lexington 
Coale Mrs. Edward J. 45 Mulberry 
COALE GEORGE B. sec'y. Merchant's Mu- 
tual Insurance Co. Commercial building.s, 
Gay, dw 77 Park 
Coale Isaac, jr. (C, Cugle & Co.) 94 w Mon- 
Coale James Carey, agent Marine Ins. Co. 2 

Exchange buildings, dw 84 McCulloh 
Coale Joseph, engineer, 4 Grundy 
Coale Misses Sarah and Olivia, milliners, 

93 n Gay 
Coale Thos. E. (C, Cugle & Co.) 18 n Strieker 
Coale Wm. E.jr., bookkeeper, cor Saratoga 

and Sharp 
Coale Wm. E. stock and bill broker, and pres- 
ident Exchange bank. Second, adjoining 
Post Office, dw 50 s Sharp 
Coal Oil and Paraffinc Co. of Baltimore, works 

s w cor West and Leadenhall 
Coale S. Robinson, (E. H. Stabler & Co.) 612 

w Fayette 
Coates Robert E. (C. & Harris) 173 Barre 
Coapy John, laborer, 12 Sterrett 
COATES C. E. & CO. lumber and commis- 
sion merchants, west side Union dock, dw 
C. E. C. n e cor Pleasant and Charles 
Coates Geo. W. P. (Brooke & C.) 85 n Charles 
Coates & Harris, house and sign painters, 90 

Coats Israel B. coachsmith, 95 Hillen 
Coates James A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates John, lumber and coal merchant, Pratt 

w of Greene 
Coates John, lumber merchant Pratt near 

Greene, dw 262 w Lombard 
Coats Mary (Coles & Co.) 13 n Front 
Coath Frances, 107 s High 
COATH JOHN, restaurant, 19 Centre market 

Coath Thomas J. proprietor Gunner's hall, 46 

e Lombard 
Coath William, 46 e Lombard 
Cobb Charles H. (Josiah C. & Son) 1 Park 
Cobb Edward R. E. bookkeeper, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Gardener, engineer N. C. railway, dw 

Oak near Dolphin 
Cobb George F. salesman, 337 w Loml)ard 
Cobb Josiah & Son, grocers and provision 

dealers, 31 n Liberty 
Coberth Lloyd, engineer, 228 Light 
Cobluns Charles, horse dealer, 137 German 
Coblens Daniel, horse dealer, 142 German 
Coblens Frederick, laborer, 31 Union 
Coblons Samuel, horse trader, 135 German 
Coburn Cornelius, painter, 3 Slemmer al 
Coburn Cornelius, jr. machinist, 3 Slemmer al 
Coburn John W. clerk, 19 n Gay 
Coburn Thomas, stone mason, 58 Buren 

Coburn Susan, bonnet and fancy store, 19 n 

Coch Peter, blacksmith, 462 n Gay 
Cochran Charles, jr. teller Farm's & Planter's 

Bank, 165 Hanover 
Cochran Bridget, tavern, 13 Liberty al 
Cochran Bridget, washerwoman at National 

Cochran Daniel, laborer, 196 Vine 
Cochran David, weaver, 73 Preston 
Cochran H. W. runner Josiah Lee & Co's 

bank, dw 138 s Exeter 
Cochran James E. (Dowell & C.) 18 Holland 
Cochran John D. (T. J. C. & Co.) 112 Ais- 

Cochran John E. clerk, 18 Holland . 
Cochran John, moulder, 51 Granby 
Cochran Marie, 307 e Baltimore 
Cochran Martin, laborer, 2 Slemmer al 
Cochran Mary, 61 Buren 
Cochran Mary, 89 n Poppleton 
Cochran Mary J. confectionery, 47 George 
Cochran Sophia, 307 e Baltimore 
Cochran Stephen, tavern, 82 West Falls av 
Cochran S. Morris, (C. & Stockbridge,) 

Charles between Saratoga and Mulberry 

9 Law buildings 
Cochran Samuel H. clerk, 165 Hanover 
COCHRAN THOMAS J. & CO. ice dealers, 

138 s Exeter, dw T. J. C. 74 e Baltimore 
Cochran William T. printer, 181 e Lombard 
Cochrane James, 47 Albemarle 
Cochrane John, 84 n Front 
Cochrane Dr. Robert M. C. 47 Albemarle 
Cochrane Richard, 47 Albemarle 
Cochrane Wm. J. moulder, 84 n Front 
Cock Geo. D. (Werdebaugh, Smith & Co.) 58 

s Paca 
Cocke Wm. E. jr. (Geo. W. Howard & Co.) 

Eutaw house 
Cockey & Co. lumber commission merchants, 

n e cor Canton and East Falls av 
Cockey Edward C. clerk, P. O. 337 e Pratt 
Cockey Edward, guager custom house, 337 e 

Cockey John C. clerk, 50 w Fayette 
Cockey Dr. J. G. 2 s Exeter, dw cor Lombard 

and Albemarle 
Cockey Jno. G. (C. & Co.) dw Baltimore Co. 
Cockey Dr. J. Paul, 24 e Lombard 
Cockey Mary, 436 w Fayette 
Cockey Samuel O. (Phipps & C.) 68 n Greene 
Cockey Thomas, guager, 337 e Pratt 
Cockey Wm. H. carpenter, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. (C. & Co.) Baltimore Co. 
Cockfield E. J. Adams house 
Cockle Michael, shoemaker, 237 s Wolfe 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway ^ 

Cocks Mary, dry goods deal., 12 n Fremont 
CoDD EDWARD J. engineer and machinist, 

259 s Caroline, dw 223 e Pratt 
Codd Simon, tavern, n w corner Buren and 

Codd Thomas, second hand book dealer, 137 

w Lombard 
Codet J. R. dancing master. Metropolitan hall, 

84 w Baltimore, dw 132 n Gay 
Codworth Benjamin shoemaker, 203 Gough 
Cody Michael, shoemaker, 176 e Lombard 
Coe C. H. P. bookkeeper, 74 n Greene 
Coe Joshua, bricklayer, 107 Chew 
Coe Mrs. Margaret E. 74 n Greene 




Coe Rebecca, 107 Chew 

Coe Theodore, clerk, 107 Chew 

Coe William H. clerk, 91 Albemarle 

Coedy John, clerk, 45 s Frederick 

Coen Derby, tailor, 196 Montgomery 

Coffee John, laborer, 100 North 

Coffey Michael, shoemaker, 26 Albemarle 

Coffey Thomas, keeper of hacks, s w corner 

Eager and Morton al 
Coffield Catharine, 332 Mulberry 
CofReld G. C. H. 296 n Howard 
Coffroth E. M. bookkeeper. Western hotel 
Coffroth George R. (C. & Miller,) 132 n Eutaw 
COFFROTH & MILLER, commission mer- 
chants and dealers in tobacco, cigars and 

snuff, 330 w Baltimore 
Coggins Charles, paper carrier, 57 Stirling 
Coggins George, paper carrier, 106 e Madison 
Coggins Henry, paper carrier, 106 e Madison 
Coggins Jas. paper carrier, 31 Greenmount av 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 66 n Bond 
Coggins M . paper carrier, n e cor Forrest and 

Coggins R. paper carrier, 313 e Monnment 
Coggins Rev. Thomas, agent Association Im- 
proving Condition Poor, 39 Greenmount av 
Coggins Wm. paper carrier, 376 e Monument 
Coghlan Edward, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Richard, clerk, 37 Hillen 
Coghlan Thomas, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Cogswell George A. carpenter, 41 n Pine 
COGSWELL JAMES, hat manufacturer, 241 

e Monument 
Cohen A. fur. and variety store, 89 n Howard 
Cohen Edward, bill broker, 5 North, dw s e 

cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Eleazer, bookkeeper, 157 Lexington 
Cohen Gershon, clothier, 19 Second 
COHEN ISRAEL, stock broker, 5 Franklin 

buildings. North, dw 195 St. Paul 
Cohen Jacob I. jr. president Bait. Fire Ins. Co. 

dw 115 n Charles 
Cohen Lewis, tailor, 55 n Eden 
Cohen Margaret, nurse, 24 Maiden lane 
Cohen Moses, dry goods dealer, 7 Hanover, 

dw 157 Lexington 
Cohen Col. M. I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Dr. Joshua 1. 115 n Charles 
Cohen N. E. N. clothier, 21 Second 
Cohen Simon, dry goods dealer, 181 and 183 n 

Cohen Solomon, clerk, 157 Lexington 
Cohlman George, stove maker, 93 s Regester 
Cohn Charles, oysterman, 182 e Baltimore 
Cohn Frederick S. cigar maker, 36 w Baltimore 
Cohn M oritz, bookkeeper, 107 w Fayette 
Coignard A. conf. and chocolate manuf. 166 

Coignard C. D. French teacher, 166 Saratoga 
Colarduau Dr. S. F. 55 McCullogh 
Colbert Augustus F. clerk, 126 e Pratt 
Colbert John, laborer, 96 Albemarle 
COLBKR'l' LEWIN A. architect and builder, 

Exchange al near Exchange place, dw 383 

w Fayette 
Colbert Levin, com. merchant, 126 e Pratt 
Colbert Robert N. mariner, 9 s Ann 
Colbert Sarah P. 183 Aisquith 
Colburn Dr. A. W. 166 s Paca 
Colburn Edmund W. writing master, 166 s 

Colburn Dr. H. dentist, 29 n Liberty 
Colburn Harvey, moulder, 154 n Spring 

Colburn Levi H. 107 w Fayette 

Colburn Nathaniel K. 29 n Liberty 

Colburn Thomas 1. drover, 19 Harford av 

Cole Annie, 33 Hamilton 

Cole A. Cornelius, clerk, 84 w Fayette 

Cole Caroline, 234 e Baltimore 

Cole Catherine, 234 e Baltimore 

Cole Charles, stevedore, 49 Fawn 

Cole Charles, F. A. bookkeeper, 1 Muliikin 

Cole Cornelius, jr. clerk, '98 n Exeter 

Cole Cornelius H. livery stable, 55 German 

Cole CorneHus M. 98 n Exeter 

Cole Edwin C. clerk, 138 n High 

Cole Elleanor, 178 w Lombard 

Cole Emanuel, baker, 31 n Frederick 

Cole Frederick, shoemaker, 164 Raborg 

Cole George B. (Beatty & C.) 138 n High 

Cole Geo. H. pilot, Lombard 1 door e Chester 

Cole Dr. George W. A. 459 Lexington 

Cole Hannah, 60 n Spring 

Cole Henry, 252 e Monument 

Cole Jacob, 86},£ Hanover 

Cole Captain James, 291 Eastern av 

Cole James, bricklayer, 304 Mulberry 

Cole James H. painter, 291 Eastern av 

Coles James Wm. clerk "Sun" office, dw 104 

w Fayette 
Cole Jarret, 80 s Exeter 
Cole John, 186 n Calvert 
Cole John A. clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole John E. grocery and provision store, sw 

cor Eden and Gough 
Cole John H. (George W. Howard & Co.) 178 

w Lombard 
Cole John E. house carp. 234 e Lombard 
Cole John R. carpenter, 11 s Oregon 
Cole John R. grocer and tea dealer, 50 and 52 

n Eutaw, dw 62 n Greene 
Cole John, laborer, 210 Pennsylvania av 
Cole Mrs. J. bakery and conf. 86)^ Hanover 
Cole Capt. Joseph B. surveyor of vessels and 

cargoes, office s w cor Gay and Lombard, 

dw 248 e Pratt 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 127 Ross 
Cole Joseph M. machinist, 4 Grundy 
Cole Joshua, tinner, 75 Hollins 
Cole L. Hiram, salesman, 20 Light 
Cole Lewis i\l. officer Bait. & O. R. R. Co. dw 

201 w Lombard 
Cole Lewis H. (Forsyth & C.) 245 w Diddle 
Cole Lewis P. miller, Calverton mills near 

Cole Mary J. 187 e Lombard 
Cole Dr. Merryman, 86 n Exeter 
Cole Michael, laborer, 1 Hull's lane 
Cole Nicholas, laborer, 4 Armistead lane 
Cole Philip, ship joiner, 87 Gough 
Cole Philip, blacksmith, 98 n Schroeder 
Cole Richard, bricklayer, 64 Chew 
Cole Samuel I. bricklayer, 144 Hollins 
Cole Selah, carpenter, 137 n Exeter 
Cole Stephen, meal seller. Farmers' hotel, cor 

Hillen and Forrest 
Cole Taylor, 226 n Caroline 
Cole Thomas, laborer, 326 n Howard 
Cole Thomas B. machinist, 278 Aisquith 
Cole Wm. E. 51 German 
Cole Wm. H. (Spear & C.) 3 n Exeter 
Cole Wm. H. bookkeeper, 92 Preston 
Cole Wm. J. attorney at law, 70 w Fayette, 

dw Baltimore Co. 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 281 e Madison 
Cole Wm. tailor, 18 n Bond 




Cole William R. (W. P. C. & Son) 252 w 

Cole Wm. H. sr. attorney, 32 St. Paul,dw 459 

COLE W. P. & SON, manuf. and wholesale 
dealers in straw goods, hats, caps, &c., 273 
w Baltimore, dw^W. P. C. 138 n High 
Cole Wm. plasterer, 42 n Spring 
Cole William, 10 n Bond 

Cole Wm. miller, Frederick road near tollgate 
Cole Wm. H. (Hiss & C.) 240 n Charles 
Coledore W. L. 55 McCulloh 
Colegate Charles, policeman, 532 w Baltimore 
Colehouse Wm. H. tailor, 224 e Lombard 
Colein John, carpenter, 485 w Pratt 
Colein John, cooper, 73 Cross 
Colein Thomas R. 485 w Pratt 
Coleman Alex, marble cutter, 96 Hamburg 
COLKMAN & BAYLEY,ship chandlers, 105 

and 107 Thames 
Coleman & Cox, grocers and com. merchants, 

s w cor Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Charles, clerk, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Charles C. painter, 489 w Lombard 
Coleman Charles R. bookkeeper, over 63 w 

Coleman Charles R. butcher, Ross extended 
Coleman Charles, mariner, 64 Block 
Coleman Charles R. cashier Mechanics' bank, 

58 w Biddle 
Coleman Charles W. tobacconist, 82 Gough 
Coleman & Cleaviland, junk deal's, 48 Thames 
Coleman Captain Geo. A. (C. & Baj'ley) 116 

Coleman Dorothea, 59 n Frederick 
Coleman Edward, pump maker, Wolfe, be- 
tween Bah. and Lombard, dw 129 Gough 
Coleman Eliza, seamstress, 144 Henrietta 
Coleman Eliza H. seamstress, 74 Ross 
Coleman Ellis C. 186 Orleans 
Coleman Gior^v millwright, 15 s Spring 
Coleman Hiiiry, engineer, 108 Russell 
Coleman Jami s H. officer at penitentiary and 

tobacconist, 139 Orleans 
Coleman Janus T. brushmaker, Baltimore near 

Coleman James, brush maker, 201 Raborg 
Coleman James, hackman, 31 Albemarle 
Coleman John R. carpenter, 13 Townsend 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer, 180 Gough 
Coleman Joseph, daguerreotypist, 107 Little 

Coleman Lewis H. butcher, Ross extended 
Coleman Mary A. E. confec. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Morgan, (C. & Cox) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Noah, shoemaker, 175 Mullikin 
Coleman Patrick, grocery, 366 e Monument 
Coleman Patrick, harness maker, 65 Mullierry 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 25 Thames 
Coleman Mrs. Robert H. boarding house, 158 

w Lombard 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, chemists and drug- 
gists, 173 w Baltimore 
COLEMAN SAMUEL, wood dealer, 160 and 

162 s Caroline, dw 76 s Ann 
Coleman Sarah, 264 e Pratt 
Coleman Thomas, (C. & Cleaveland) 73 s 

Coleman Wm. W. 8 Henrietta 
Coleman Wm. H. blacksmith, 123 n Broad- 
Coleman Wm. conductor N. C. RaUway, Oak 
near Cathedral 

Coleman Wm. F. blacksmith, 123 n Broadway 
Coleman Wm. W. bookkeeper, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Wm. tailor, 49 n Spring 
Coles & Coats, ladies boot and shoe store, 31 

e Baltimore 
Coles Wm. (C. & Coats) 13 n Front 
Coles Wm. ladies shoe store, n w cor Front & 

Colfcr John, carpenter, 173 n Caroline 
Colflesh George, (C. & Schofield) 207 Mul- 
Colflesh & Schofield, coach makers, German 

near Greene 
Colfort Patrick, laborer, 34 Jew al, O. T. 
Colgan Charles, drayman, 11 House's ct 
Colheiper Adam, 30 Elizabeth la 
Colin Mary, Pratt near Fremont 
Colhoon Henj. C. bookkeeper Bank of Balti- 
more, dw 52 McCulloh 
Colineau Clement, clerk, 5 a Calvert, dw An- 
napolis Junction 
Colineau l>. G. importer French leather, over 

5 s Calvert, dw Annapolis Junction 
Colkmier Frederick, cabinet maker, 205 s Bond 
Coll Ellen, 148 Saratoga 
Coll Ann, 33 Harrison 
Coll Daniel, machinist, 148 Saratoga 
Coll John, house carpenter, 148 Saratoga 
Colladay Joseph M. clerk, 465 w Fayette 
COLLADAY JOSEPH S. grocer and provis- 
ion dealer, 461 and 465 w Fayette 
Colladay Charles D. clerk, 465 w Fayette 
CoUenberg Theodore, shoemaker, 44's Bond 
Collinberg Christian, shoemaker, 229 e Lom- 
Collett George W. of planing mill, Exeter near 

Colley Alfred, carpenter, Fremont, intersection 

of Pennsylvania av 
Colley Alex, butcher, Fremont, intersection of 

Pi-nnsylvania av 
Colley John W. tinner, 39 Grundy 
Colley John W. carpenter, 518 w Baltimore, 

dw cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Mark, carter, 17 Pleasant al 
Colley Wm. H. carpenter, 66 Raborg 
Collier Chas. E. gas inspector, 94 Mulberry 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 212 Hollins 
Collier Henry, brass finisher, 399 Lexington 
Collier John, mariner, 248 Canton av 
Collier Julia A. 38 s High 
Collier Wm. J. blacksmith, 14 Gough 
Collins Alfred, card writer, 271 w Pratt 
Collins Ann, Happy al, near Gough 
Collins Ann, 68 Harford av 
Collins Bridgett, 6 s Frederick 
Collins Benj. tavern, n e cor Poppleton and 

Collins Catharine, 49 Harrison 
Collins Charlotte, 100 Pine 
Collins Charles S. (C, Heath & Hutchinson) 

385 w Lombard 
Collins Daniel, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Collins Capt. Daniel S. mariner, 314 Aliceanna 
Collins David, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Collins Elizabeth, 4 St. Mary 
Collins Kveline, tavern keeper, 75 Thames 
Collins Dr. George T. 46 Richmond 
Collins George, ship.smith, 315 Eastern ay 
CoHins Geo. W. blacksmith, 33 Preston 
Collins George R. huckster, 25 Shakspeare 
Collins George, wagoner, 297 e Eager 
Collins George H. painter, 311 Eastern aT 




COLLINS HENRY, brickmaker, 48 Light 
Collins Henry, butcher, Point la, near Green- 
mount Cemetery 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 4 St. Mary 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 175 Penna. av 
stove, range and furnace manufacturers, 22 
Collins Isaac M. bar keeper, 246 e Baltimore 
Collins Rev. Isaac, 305 William 
Collins John, laborer, 24 Neighbor 
Collins J ohn, miller, Calverton mills near alms- 
Collins Jacob, blacksmith, 28 Scott 
Collins James, cooper, 15 Thomsen 
("ollins James, blacksmith, 331 n Howard 
Collins James, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Collins James, laborer, 331 n Howard 
Collins James W. blacksmith, 89 s Exeter 
CoUins James, milkman, Harford av near city 

CoUins James B. clerk, 72 n Exeter 
Collins James, tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins Johanna, 121 Chesapeake 
Collins Rev. Joseph, 28 w Baltimore 
Collins Joseph, laborer, Mount Royal, foot of 

Collins John, laborer, 341 Penna. av 
Collins Levi, cooper, rear of 26 Liberty al 
ColUns Levi, cooper, 114 Burgundy 
Collins Margaret, furniture deal. 49 Harrison 
Collins Mary, 6 s Frederick 
Collins Mary, 183 s Charles 
Collins Mary, 100 Pine 
Collins Mary A. huckstress, 25 Shakspeare 
Collins Patrick, boarding house, 53 President 
CoUins Patrick, hackman, 45 n High 
CoUins Patrick, new and second hand furni- 
ture dialer, 83 Harrison 
CoUins Patrick, laborer, 30 President 
Collins Patrick, porter, Pennsylvania av 
CoUins Robert, 313 e iVlonument 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 40 George 
CoUins Sarah, 50 n Charles 
Collins Sarah, 56 s Regester 
CoUins Ur. Stephen, 36 n Calvert 
Collins Wm. A. mariner, 123 William 
CoUins Wm. mariner, 132 VVUliam 
Collins Wm. H. engineer B. & O. R. R. 479 w 

Lombard ' 
CoUins Wm. H. brick maker, 493 Light 
COLLINS WILLIAM H. attorney at law, 34 

St. Paul, dw 36 n Calvert 
CoUins Wm. carpenter, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Wm. J. clerk, 99 s Exeter 
Collins Wm. H. Cooksie, L. P. 
Collins Wm. R. butcher, Point la near Green- 
mount Cemetery 
CoUison Edward, 141 Stirling 
CoUison George W. pilot, 328 w Lombard 
CoUison Joseph C. teacher, 97 w Biddle 
CoUison Perry O. huckster, 294 Eastern av 
CoUison Thomas W. house carpenter, s w 

cor Ann and Lombard 
CoUison Wm. draper and taUor, 7 s Sharp, 

dw 180 s Paca 
CoUmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
CoUopy Henry, drayman, 125 Dover 
CoUopy John, drayman, 125 Dover 
CoUopy Wm. laborer, 456 w Baltimore 
CoUum Wm. 17 n Amity 
Colmary Capt. Abraham, 37 Lee 
C'olmore John T. shipsmith, 131 Gough 

Colston F. M. clerk, 196 w Baltimore 

Colston P., Fountain hotel 

Colston Wm. E. clerk, 196 w Baltimore 

Colt Charles, machinist, 314 Light 

Colt Charles, machinist, 153 n Central av 

Colt George, bricklayer, 36 Towson 

Coltart Mrs. Mary, 164 e Pratt 

Coltart John A. pattern maker, 182 n High 

Colter Samuel, brass finisher, 40 Ross 

Colter Mary, 3 Centre 

Coltmyer Wm. carter, 45 Albemarle 

Colton Frederick, confectionery, 111 Hillen 

Colton George, com. merchant, 94 Light, dvr 

357 e Baltimore 
Colton George (Gale & C.) 357 e Baltimore 
Colton H. H. stocking weaver, 475 n Gay 
Colton James, wagoner, 129 Hudson 
Colton John, stone cutter, 12 President 
Colton John, stocking manuf. 672 w Baltimore 
Colton Susan, music teacher, 565 Lexington 
Colton Wm. H. stocking manuf. 76 Hillen 
Colton Wm. property agent, n e cor Bond and 

Columbia Street Church (M. E.) Columbia e 

of Fremont 
Colvin Richard, 77 e Baltimore 
Combart Paul, provision store, 129 Barre 
Comber Bernard, tavern keeper, Clinton 8 of 

Combs Mrs. Mary, 304 Light 
Comegys Benjamin, clerk, 47 w Fayette 
CoMt-GYS BENJAMIN, insurance agent and 

broker, 3 Donnell building, over s w cor Gay 

and Lombard, dw 116 s Sharp 
Comegys Elias H. teacher, 240 German 
Comegys Henry, clerk, 47 w Fayette 

cor Howard and German. — [See ^^ppendix .] 
Commercial Buildings, n e cor Gay & Lombard 
Commercial Hotel, 23 s Gay, Wm. Koors, pro- 
Commissioners of Public Schools, corner of 

Fayette and Holiday. — [See Jlppendix.] 
Commons Francis, grocery, 50 Davis 
Compario Julia, 207 Hanover 
Comte Ann, 81 s High 
Compton John A. clerk Merchants' bank, 399 

Eutaw place, n Eutaw ext 
Compton Mary A. 285 Saratoga 
Compton Wm. blacksmith, 334 Raborg 
Comptroller's office. City hall, Sam'l Maccub- 

bin, comptroller 
Conaiva Lewis, 45 Granby 
Conant Samuel W. clock maker, 323 n Gay 
Conaway Charles R. painter, 149 n Bond 
Conaway George, private watchm. 88 Dolphin 
Conaway Jas. R. shoemaker, 305 e Lombeird 
Conaway James, shoemaker, 129 Bank 
Conaway Samuel, mariner, 151 Washington, 

F. H. 
Conaway Wm. omnib. driver, at Fountain hotel 
Conaway Wm. E. cigar maker, 182 n Exeter 
Conoway Chas. blacksmith, 105 s Poppleton 
Conbaugh Dennis, hackman, 5 e Monument 
Concannon Bernard, shoemaker, 28 Addison 
Concannon Sarah A. E. 14 Stiles 
Condon L. Z. of tobacco warehouse No. 4 
Cone Augustus A. watchmaker, 90 n Charles 
Coney Wm. paper carrier, Townsendiir Johns 
Conigan Martin, laborer, 38 Haubcrt 
Conine Wm. C. broker, 16 n Frederick, dw » 

w cor Charles and Eager 
Coiikling Julius T. cl.rk, 20 Maiden lane 




Conklin Joseph, mariner, 201 s "Washington, 
F. P. 

Conkling Capt. Wm. H. 167 s Broadway 
Conlen Edward, harness mak. 237 L. Hughes 
Conley Anna, Falls road near Northern av 
Conley Anthony, laborer, 32 Biddle al 
Conley Edward, porter, 333 s Sharp 
Conley Francis, meal dealer, 331 Harford av 
Conley Francis, laborer tobac, warehouse No, 5 
Conley Isaac, 22 s Fremont 
Conley James, laborer, 28 Neighbor 
Conley James, plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conley James, boot fitter, 75 French 
Conley John, cooper, 22 s Fremont 
Conley John, machinist, 237 L. Hughes 
Conley Michael, miller, 237 L. Hughes 
Conley Michael laborer, 956 w Baltnnore 
Conley Oliver, fireman iS'. C. Railway, Rose 

la near Falls road 
Conley Oliver, fireman, N. C. Railway, Nor- 
thern av near Falls road 
Conley Thomas, of B. & O. R. R. 128 Vine 
Conley Wm. machinist, 233 Conway 
Conley Wm. quarryman. Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Conlon Michael, blacksmith, 10 Wyi'th 
CONN J. C. grocer, 101 Franklin,' dw 287 n 

Conn Jane, 47 n Central av 
Coim Mary Ann, grocery, 88 n Poppleton 
Conn Wm. clerk, 287 n Howard 
Conn Wm. R. wagoner. 88 n Poppleton 
Connaughton James, drayman, 127 North 
Connell Charles M. laborer, 73 Richmond 
Connell Philip, laborer, 234 Lemmon 
Connellee Elizabeth, boarding house, 33 n 

Connelly Daniel, rear of 142 William 
Connelly Edward, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Ellen, huckstress, 45 Centre Market 

Connelly Ellen, nurse, 5 Franklin 
Connelly Francis, laborer, 158 s Dallas 
Connelly Henry, laborer, 45 President 
Connelly James, plasterer, 42 s Ann 
Connelly James, foundryman, 22 Hillen 
Conneliy James, laborer, 25 French 
Connelly John, laborer, 27 Stockton al 
Connelly John, laborer, 10 Fountain 
Connelly Martin, laborer, 141 Hudson 
Connelly Michael, tavern, 114 s Howard 
Connelly Michael, watchman, 956 w Baltimore 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 125 McElderry's 

Connelly Patrick, porter, 7 Wilmer al 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 136 Vine 
Conner Bartholomew, laborer, 1 Calvert al 
Conner Bernard, 14 Block 
Conner Daniel, blacksmith, 140 Conway 
Conner Daniel, laborer, 233 Gough 
Conner Daniel, wagoner, 156 s Washington 
Conner Edward, laborer, 13 New Church 
Conner Elizabeth, grocery, 151 n Bond 
Conner Elizabeth, jewelry store, 46 w Balti- 
Conner Francis, 38 Burke 
Conner Francis A. 267 Mulberry 
Conner Francis, laborer, 7 Webster al 
Conner Henry cattle driver, 34 Mount 
Conner Hugh, shoemaker, 5 Elliot 
Conner James, laborer, 4 Diamond 
Conner James, laborer, 71 York 
Ck)nner James, tinner, 23 Haw 

Conner James, drayman, 31 s Paca 
Conner John, laborer, 385 s Charles 
Conner John, distiller, 131 Holiday 
Conner John, laborer, 13 West Falls av 
Conner John, watchmaker, 46 w Baltimore 
Conner John, tavern, 37 Centre Market space 
Conner John, stone mason, 33 e Monument 
Conner Joshua, tin safe manufact. Peirce near 

Chatsworth, dw 345 Mulberry 
Conner Lehr, ship carpenter, 77 (-'ross 
Conner Michael, carter, 94 s Central av 
Conner Michai'l, cooper, 33 n Caroline 
Conner Michael J. officer at Penitentiary 
Conner Maxwell, chandler, 91 n Bethel 
Conner Mary, tavern, 31 s Paca 
Conner Patrick, drayman, 84 Holiday 
Conner Patrick, laborer, 104 Harford av 
Conner Patrick, laborer, 38 Burke 
Conner Richard R. painter, over s w cor Lom- 
bard and South, dw 116 Lee 
Conner Richard R. bricklayer, 170 George 
Conner Richard, carpenter, 17 Lanvale 
Conner Rodger, laborer, 13 West Falls av 
Conner Thomas, painter, 271 e Monument 
Conner Thomas W. dealer in hardware, 648 w 

Conner Thomas, laborer, 11 L. Montgomery 
< 'onner Thomas, laborer, 4 Bank 
I Conner Wm. W. carpenter, 339 Ross 
i Conner Wm. porter, 194 s Howard 
I Connery D. laborer, Falls road nr Northern av 
i Connery John, moulder, 27 Abbot 
I Connery Thomas, wagoner, 4 Dover 
Connery Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Arcade al 
Connery Wm. carter, 27 Abbot 
Connolly Ann, Falls road near Cathedral 
Connolly Ann, grocery, 48 Hillen 
Connolly Ann, tavern, 9 Fish Market space 
Connolly Edward, laborer, 100 North 
Connolly James, ship joiner, 136 s Regester 
Connolly James, moulder, 190 n Exeter 
CONNOLLY JOHN B. & T. F. C. marble 

dealers, 49 e Madison, dw J. B. C. 24 e 

Monument. — [See p. 6 Jldvertisements.] 
Connolly John, foundryman, 136 Garden 
Connolly John, boiler maker, 79 n Exeter 
Connolly Edward, porter, 136 Garden 
Connolly John T. machinist, 9 Fish Market 

Connolly John F. marble dealer, 12 Valley 
Connolly John, laborer, 259 w Pratt 
Connolly Mary, 107 w Fayette 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 165 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, tavern, 108 s Howard 
Connolly Matthew, laborer, 136 Garden 
Connolly Patrick, tanner, 240 e Chase 
Connolly Patrick, tailor, 482 n Gay 
Connolly Thos. F. (J. B. & T. F. C.) Cockeys- 

ville, Baltimore Co 
Connolly Thomas, tinner, 103 Garden 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. pattern maker, 177 n Exeter 
Connolly Wm. hackman, 137 n High 
Connoly James H. (C. & Lloyd) s w cor of 

Broadway and Baltimore 
CONNOLY& LLOYD, boot and shoemakers, 

146 w Baltimore 
Connor Edward, laborer, 13 New Church 
Connor Thomas, drayman, 509 w Pratt 
Conrad Christopher, curer & packer of meats, 

24 Diamond, dw 167 Penna. av 
Conrad Charles A. bootmaker, 23 Bath 
Conrad Frederick, grocery, 20 Ogsden 




Conrad Henry, shoemaker, 37 Milliman 

Conrad Jacob, grocer, 167 Penna. av 

Conrad J. Summerfield, clerk, sw cor Greene 

and Baltimore 
Conrad John, laborer, Cluiton near Elliott, 

Conrad Julius, hair dresser, 18 e Baltimore 
Conrad Lewis, cooper, 269 Hughes 
Conrad Margaret, 461 w Baltimore 
Conrad iNelson, merchant, 58 s Greene 
Conrad Nicholas, tailor, 183 Happy al 
Conrad Philip, carter, 108 Hill 
Conrad Susan, victualler 528 Penna. av 
Conradi John, locksmith, 341 s Bond 
Conradt Geo. M. jr. clerk, 42 s High 
Conradt George M. assistant actuary Mary- 
land Institute, dw 49 s High 
Conradt Geo. F. (Walsh & C.) 302 w Fayette 
Conroy Alice, 48 w Baltimore 
Conroy Alice, 30 n Eden 
Conroy Barney, wagoner, 45 President 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, ship carpenter, 147 Chesapeake 
Conroy John, drayman, 66 Essex, Canton 
Conroy John, 30 n Eden 
Conroy Michael, wagoner, 45 President 
Conroy Patrick, grocery and liquor dealer, 

259 Greenmount av 
Conroy Thomas, laborer, 48 Beam's la 
Conry Daniel, laborer. Falls road 
Conry Jane R. dress maker, 19 Barnet 
Conry John, pedler, 5 Plowman 
Conry Martin, carter, 9 Low 
Conry Michael, carter, 180 Greenmount av 
Conry Rebeeca, dressmaker, 21 Barnet 
Conry Thomas V. 21 Barnet 
Conser Rev. S. L. M. 101 n Bond 
Constadt Rudolph, barber, 166 Forn-st 
CONSlABLEjWALKER&CO. gentlemen's 

furnishing goods, 155 w Baltimore 
Constable Sti^phenson, cltrk, 155 w Baltimore 
Constable W. R. (C, Walker & Co.) Balti- 
more Co. 
Constam Aaron, second hand dealer, 173 s 

Constance Joseph, tailor, 7 L. McElderry 
Constanti Thomas, laborer, 35 Low 
Constantine Charles, grocer, 238 Lexington 
Constantine Daniil, ship carpenter, 95s Wash- 
ington, K. P 
Constantnie, Henry, shoemaker, 11 L. Paca 
Constantine Henry, shoemaker, 45 Portland 
Constantine Uichard, at city reservoir, dw 

Lanvale n of Charles 
Constantine Rodolph, barber, 84 Towson, L. P 
Constantine Thomas, laborer, 35 Low 
Constantnie Wm. miller, Falls road nr North- 
ern av 
Constitutional Presbyterian Church, s e cor 

Greene and German 
Constitution-st Methodist Chapel, 44 Consti- 
Contee Benjamin, 628 Lexington 
Conti Santins, manuf. busts, statuary, &c. 121 

Eastern av 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sis- 
ters of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent of Notredame, s e cor Eager and 

Converse Emily, 243 n Eutaw 
Converse John H. attorney, 243 n Eutaw 
Conway Alfred, paper carrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Benjamin F. 25 Fawn 

Conway & E>ro. gro. and flour dealers, inter- 
section Ensor and Gay 
Conway Barbara, 93 Elliott 
Conway Charles, laborer, back of Washing- 
ton, F. H 
Conway Columbus, house carp. 226 s Bond 
Conway Daniel, feed dealer, 41 n Front 
Conway Mrs. Frances Ann, 119 e Madison 
Conway George, laborer, 88 Dolphin 
Conway George, mariner, 33 Shakspeare 
Conway James, carpenter, 68 Johnson 
Conway James, clerk, 14 Jackson 
Conway James, ship carpenter, 68 Johnson 
Conway James F. Ijlacksmith, 62 s Oregon 
Conway Jane, grocery, 55 Lancaster 
Conway John, fisherman, 74 Durst al 
Conway John H. & Bro. grocers and tea deals, 
n e cor Ensor and Chesnut,dw J. H. C. 107 
c Fayette 
CONWAY JOHN R. & SON, wholesale 
grocers and commission merchts, 31 Cheap- 
side, dw J. R. C. 57 Bane 
Conway John W. plumljer, 221 Mulberry 
Conway John, moulder, 171 Hollins 
Conway Lawrence, tavern, 20 Block 
Conway Patrick, (C. & Bro.) 153 Chesnut 
Conway Patrick, stone mason, 2 Anthony 'set 
Conway Robert, jr. carp. 176 L. Constitution 
Conway Richard H (J. R. C. & Son,) 93 St, 

Conway Robert, house carpenter, 226 n Bond 
Conway Sarah, nurse, 110 Park 
Conway 'I liomas, boarding house, 3 Dover 
Conway Tiios. propr. hacks, 24 s Poppleton 
Conway Wm. machinist, 171 Hollins 
Conway Wm. H. collar maker, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Wm. driver Fountain hotel omnibus 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, ne cor Poppleton and 

Cooghan James, laborer, 108 Dolphin 
Cook Adam, shoemaker, 4 Sjirure al 
Cook Adam, s e cor Fayette and Wolfe 
Cook Alex. G. A. shoenmk. 179 w Baltimore 
Cook Capt. Alexander, 129 s Exeter 
Cook Anthony, gardener. Mulberry nr Repul'*- 

Cook Archibald L. assistant operator tele- 
graph, 483 e Baltimore 
Cook Alhonaii, 686 w Pratt 
Cook Asbur)', boiler maker, 143 Hamburg 
Cook Andrew, boot fitter, 287 s Charles 
Cook Bernard, laljorer, 198 EasteTn av 
Cook Benj. M. shoe dealer, 801 w Baltimore 
Cook Chas. clerk B. & O. R. R. 128 n Exeter 
Cook Columbus E. broker, Jarvis building, cor 

iNorth and Baltimore, dw 657 w Lombard 
Cook Casper, stevedore, 239 s Wolfe 
Cook Charles, cigar maker, 15 Jasper 
Cook Charles, varnisher, 126 Henrietta 
Cook Daniel, cabinet maker, 73 Ramsay 
Cook David W. propr. livery stables, 124 

!• iisor, dw 119 Stirling 
Cook David, paper carrier, 295 e Madison 
Cook Edward B. house carpenter, 204 s Ann 
Cook Emily J. 162 e Monument 
Cook Elizabeth, grocery, 221 Aliceanna 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 242 Montgomery 
Cook Frederick, jr. butcher, 242 Montgomery 
Cook Mrs. Frederick C. 123 Garden 
Cook Frederick, sergeant of police. Central 

Station, dw 131 Forrest 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 116 Hoflfman 
Cook George, carpenter, 22 New Church 




Cook George, blacksmith, 268 s Caroline 
Cook George, grocery, 170 s Caroline 
Cook George, grocery, 236 c Lombard 
Cook George W. huckster, 472 w Pratt 
Cook George, wheelwright, 231 L. Hughes 
Cook George W. stone cutter, 150 n Eutaw 
Cook George L. carpenter, 17 Rock 
Cook G. Louis, porter, 17 Rock 
Cook Henry W. cashier Adams Express Co. 

620 Lexington 
Cook Henry C. clerk, n e cor Baltimore and 

Cook Henry F. clerk, 76 w Baltimore 
Cook Henry W. (Brown, C. & Co.) n e cor 

Baltimore and Pine 
Cook Henry, fisherman, 460 Light 
Cook Henry, cooper, 22 Lee,dw 24 
Cook Henry, machinist, 141 York 
Cook Henry, butcher, Calverton road nr Cattle 

Cook Henry, sash maker, 23 Gough 
Cook Henry A. guard at penitentiary, 126 n 

COOK IS^\C P. bookseller and stationer, 

76 w Baltimore 
Cook Isaac P. register of wills, record office, 

dw 76 w Baltimore 
Cook James, wood dealer, 124 William 
Cook James H. prov. com. merchant, 61 South, 

dw 126 n Exeter 
Cook .laiTies, clerk, 158 Harford av 
Cook James H. & Co. grocrrs, 158^ Light-st 

whf. dw J. H. C. 124 William 
Cook James, paper carrier, 376 <' Monument 
Cook Jasper, agricultural imple'nt maker, 83 

Cook John F. machinist, 701 w Baltimore 
Cook John F. printer, 37 Ensor 
Cook John, carter, 186 s Bethel 
Cook John, baker, 34 Thames 
Cook John, tailor, 57 Carlton 
Cook John F. sergeant police. Middle District, 

dw 2 McElderry 
Cook, John, cotton bat factory, 148 Garden, 

dw 151 
Cook John, Franklin house 
Cook John, paper carrier, 372 e Monument 
Cook John, laborer, 460 Light 
Cook .John, laborer, 34 Aliceanna 
Cook John, policeman, 456 Saratoga 
Cook John H. engineer, 87 Mount nr Cathedral 
Cook John H. cabinet maker, 707 w Baltimore 
Cook John, porter Miller's hotel, cor German 

and Paca 
Cook Joseph F. shoemaker, 9 s Bond 
Cook Joseph R. cabinet mak. 707 w Baltimore 
Cook Joseph M. (Brown, C. & Co.) n e cor 

Baltimore and Pine 
Cook Louis, clerk, 17 Rock 
Cook Lewis J. 83 Hamburg 
Cook I^eonard, shoemaker, 230 Canton av 
Cook Margaret, dress maker, Eager nr Cathe- 
Cook Martin, huckster, 32 n Poppleton 
Cook Robert A. clerk, register of wills office, 

4 e Baltimore 
Cook Robert, (Shirley & Co.) 22 e Fayette 
Cook Samuel G. clerk, 657 w Lombard 
Cook Sylvester, shoemaker, 201 e Kager 
Cook Silas, confectioner, 109 n High 
Cook Sarah, boarding house, 96 Camden 
Cook Sarah, 218 w Pratt 
Cook Susan, 128 Hamburg 

Cook Thomas, shoemaker, 74 n Exeter 

Cook Thomas, shoemaker, Vine nr Poppleton 

Cook Wm. stevedore, 21 Port al 

Cook Wm. potter, 82 Vine 

Cook Wm. hostler, 22 Garden 

Cook Wm. B. printer, 23 Anthony 

(^ook Wm. laborer, 144 n liden 

Cook "Wm. S. grocery, s e cor Fayette and 

Cook Wm. stone cutter, 17 Rock 
Cook Wm. W. policemen, 136 Aisquith 
Cooke Charles W. clerk, 98 e Baltimore 
Cooke Chas.W.S. (C.&Snead,) Miller's hotel 
Cooke Eber F. Charles nr Northern av 
Cooke Frank, 189 Loyola Place 
Cooke George, com. mer. 7 Light-st whf. dw 

52 Franklin 
Cooke Isaac McKim, 526 Lexington 
Cooke John, cotton fact'y, 148 Garden, dw 151 
Cooke Octavius, 179 Pranklin 
COOKE& SNEAD, saddle, harness and trunk 
manufs. 9 Eutaw house, w Baltimore. — [See 
p. 48 Mvertisements.] 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, n w cor Charles and 

Cooke Wm. com. mer. 7 Light-st whf. dw 52 

Cooke Warren E. clerk, Charles near North- 
ern av 
Cooksi-y Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Coolahan Kdward, coachman, 50 Mulberry 
Coombs Lydia, 60 Mullikin 
Coombes R. J. printer, n e cor Frederick and 

Coome Hinry M. oyster dealer, s w cor Pop- 
pleton and Hanisay 
Coon C. Louis, tobacconist, 377 w Pratt 
Coon Charles, laborer, 334 s Bond 
Coon Elizabeth, 12 Josejihine 
Coon John, paper hanger, 12 Josephine 
Coon Joseph, varnisher, 61 Kichmond 
Coonan Mrs. Ann, 269 Eastern av 
Coonan Daniil, clothier, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan John, baker, 14 Comet 
Coonan John N. 70 Centre Market space 
Coonan Michael, blacksmith, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Michael I. clothier, 119 w Baltimore, 

dw 70 Centre Market space 
Coonan Timothy, laljorer, 227 Eastern av 
Coonan Wm. fireman, 68 Lancaster 
Coonay Mary, grocery, 146 n Eutaw 
Coonay Michael, tailor, 146 n Kutaw 
Cooney George, boat builder, 276 Eastern av 
Cooney George, boat Ijuilder, 152 Gough 
Cooney James, regulator of cars at Calvert sta- 
tion, dw 132 Harford av 
Cooney James, cooper, 148 Gough 
• 'ooney Lawrence, grocery, 13 n Poppleton 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 19 Foundry 
Cooney Peter, porter, 31 Jefferson 
Cooney Wm. newspaper carrier, Townsend 

near John 
Coonise George, 150 s Eden 
Cooper Dr. Alex, druggist, 41 n Central av 
Cooper Andrew, waiter, 19 New Church 
Cooper -Anthony, grocery, 126 s Fremont 
Cooper Anthony, laborer, 53 Haubert 
Cooper Benjamin, carpenter, 9 n Fremont 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. office 58 Exchange 

place, dw 10 s Broadway 
COOPER EDWARD R. shipping and guano 
merchant, 58 Exchange place, dw 10 s Broad- 




Cooper Edgar, clerk, 278 w Pratt 
Cooper Capt Edward O. 18 s Broadway 
Cooper Eliza, grocery, s w corner Gough and 

Cooper Eliza, 304 Johnson 
Cooper Electa, 219 e iVIadison 
Cooper E. P. clerk, 51 n Calvert 
Cooper George, laborer, 47 Haubert, L. P. 
Cooper George, tin and sheet iron worker, 139 

s High 
Cooper George E. safe and iron railing manuf. 

242 w Pratt, dw s w cor Eutaw and Lee 
Cooper George W. fireman B. & O. R. R. 47 

s Oregon 
Cooper George, ship joiner, s w corner Gough 

and Chester 
Cooper George F. painter, 152 s Ann 
Cooper George, machinist, 468 Penna. av 
Cooper Rev. Georg(; W. 210 Harford av 
Cooper George, barkeeper, Bel-Air av, near 

city limits 
Cooper George, laborer, 19 w Baltimore 
Coopeu Henry, ship carpenter, 77 Hamburg 
Cooper Hugh A. (C. & Sheer,) 161 s Broad- 
Cooper James B. ship carpenter, 123 Gough 
Cooper James, bootmaker, 22 Pine 
Cooper John, moulder, 139 s High 
Cooper John, tavern, 6 Douglass 
Cooper John, stocking weaver, 137 s Spring 
Cooper John H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper John, brushmaker, 74 n Broadway 
Cooper John W. printer, 168 s Bond 
Cooper Joseph M. plumber, 18 Somerset 
Cooper Joshua, 18 HoUins al 
Cooper Mary, 139 s High 
Cooper Mary, seamstress, 130 s Wolfe 
Cooper M. J. seamstress, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Matthew H. mate, 152 s Ann 
Cooper Robert, laljorer, 30 Barnes 
Cooper Samuel, Saratoga extended 
COUPER & SLICER, ship & marine railway 

builders, s w cor Philpot and Wills 
Cooper Thomas, tinner, 139 s High 
Cooper Tho. gate keep. 1st toll gate. Falls road 
Cooper Wm. H. varnisher, 156 Raborg 
Cooper Wm. machinist, 86 n Ann 
Cooper Wm. tavern, n e cor Caroline and Can- 
ton av 
COOVER& KRAUSER, flour and produce, 
commission, and forwarding merchants, 203 
Coover Samuel W. (C. & Krauser,) Fountain 

COPEN HAVER AUGUSTUS, paper hanger, 

150 s Broadway 
Copenhaven John, laborer, 285 Raborg 
Copland Robert, liuckster, 17 Townsend 
Copper James H. ladies' shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Copper Samuel, shoemaker, 128 n Caroline 
Coram Wm. H. shoemaker, Homestead, Bal- 
timore Co 
Coran Joseph, shoemaker, 152 s Fremont 
Corbell Hiram, painter, 58 Harri-son 
Corbell Peter, 58 Harrison 
Corbell Wm. 238 Montgomery 
Corbett Emanuel, ship master, 128 G. Hughes 
Corbett Isaac, umbrella and india rubber deal. 

93 w Baltimore 
Corbitt Kmanuel (Jones & C.) G. Hughes 

near William 
Corbitt Mathias, machinist, n e cor Schroeder 
and Lemmon 

Corcoran Christopher, barkeeper. Bull's Head 

tavern, 132 n Front 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, 84 "York 
CORCORAN PATRICK, proprietor Bull's 

Head tavern, 132 n Front 
Corcoran Patrick, shoemaker, 62 Lancaster 
Corcoran Thomas, bookkeeper, Bull's Head 

tavern, 132 n Front 
Cordery James C. 356 e Baltimore 
Cordery & Thompson, club house, 64 w Fayette 
Cordery Wm.H.(C.& Thompson,)22s Broad- 
Cordray Henry F. cab't maker, 2.30 Mulberry 
Cordus Henry, shoemaker, 877 w Pratt 
Core John, grocery, 113 Preston 
<'orey Benjamin J. saddler, 123 n Eutaw 
Corey Elizabeth, dress maker, 123 n Eutaw 
Corey F. chair painter, 21 Holland 
Corfran John, watchman at Custom house 
Cork James, tailor, 18 Lloyd 
Corkran Benjamin W. paying teller Farmers' 

and Merchants' Bank, 114 s Sharp 
Corkran Cyrus, laborer, 3 Abbey al 
Corkran Dennis, tavern, 17 s Front 
CORKRAN FRANCIS S. lumber and coal 

dealer. West Falls av, dw Lutherville, Bal- 
timore Co 
Corkran Wm. bookkeeper, 172 Hanover 
Corletto Eliza, 194 s Ann 
Corletto Charles W. mariner, 194 s Ann 
Corletto Wm. mariner, 194 s Ann 
Corman Stephen A. shoemaker, 49 n Poppleton 
Corn and Flour Exchange, 77 and 79 South, 

Wm. Crichton president 
Corn Jacob, hay and feed dealer, w Baltimore 

near Gilmor 
Cornelius Charlotte, dressmaker, 98 Barre 
Cornelius James S. feed store, 116 Orchard, dw 

150 n Exeter 
Cornelius John, huckster, 133 Hillen 
Cornelius John W. carpenter, 98 Barre 
Cornelius Nich. huckster, 64 Greenmount av 
Cornelius Nicholas, grocer and com. merchant, 

165 Forrest, dw 163 
Cornelius Richard, of Farmers and Planters' 

Bank, dw 148 s Sharp 
Cornell Mark J. 51 s Greene 
CORNKLL MIC HA EL, carpenter, 13 Morris 

al, dw 242 w Madison 
Cornell & Uorsey, produce comm. merchants, 

70 South 
Cornell Wm. C. (C. & Dorsey,) 51 s Greene 
Cornells Charles, carter, 48 Preston 
Corner B. Mezick (James C. and Sons,) 50 

Corner Conrad, grocery, 354 e Eager 
Corner George W. (James C. & Sons,) 20 n 

Corner Henry, clerk, 122 St. Paul 
CORNER JAMES & SONS, shipping and 

com. merchants. Corner's whf, foot of Fred- 
erick St dock 
Corner John, iron moulder, 217 e Pratt 
Corner Sarah, 309 e Baltimore 
Corner Sol. miller and flour merch. 36 Com- 

inerce, dw 122 St. Paul 
Corner Capt. Theodore, 47 Gough 
Corner Thomas, jr. s e cor Monument & Park 
Corner Thomas (James C. & Sons,) s e cor. 

Monument and Park 
Corner Wm. H. s e cor Monument and Park 
Corner Wm. moulder, 217 e Pratt 
Corney James, teamster, 381 Hamburg 




Corney IVIichael, blacksmith, 9 Low 
Cornman John, furniture wagoner, 62s Bethel 
Cornoer Peter, sawyer, 114 n Paca 
Correa Wm. plasterer, 860 e Monument 
Cornthwait Robert, hat'r. 74 s Washington, F.P 
Cornthwait Robert H. carpenter, 74 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Correa John, carter, 70 n Central av 
Corprew Thomas, boiler maker, 236 Bank 
Corprew Thomas, boiler maker, 142 s Regester 
Correll Abraham, millinery dealer, 38 n Greene 
Correll George H. salesman, 38 n Greene 
Correll Robert L. bookkeeper, 38 n Greene 
Corrick John, laborer, 296 Johnson 
Corrie Dr. James, dentist, 167 German 
Corrgan John, laborer, 2 Fort av 
Corngan Daniel, shoemaker, 105 Harford av 
Corrigan Edward, grocer, 138 Mullikin 
Corrigan Francis, machinist, 46 n Dallas 
Corrigan Michael, grocer, 98 Mullikin 
Corrigan Rosanna, 98 Mullikin 
Corrigan Patrick, soap manuf. 66 n Dallas 
Corse Wm. painter, 214 s Wolfe 
Corser C. F. agent, 90 s Charles, dw Maltby 

CORTLAN & CO. importers of housekeeping 
goods, table cutlery, fancy hardware, &c. 
216 and 218 w Baltimore 
Cortlan James, sr. Charles near Northern av 
Cortlan James, jr. (C. & Co.) 218 w Baltimore 
Cortor Margaret, 400 Canton av 
Corum James, feed store, 40 n High 
Corum James, feed store and coal yard, 88 

North, dw n w cor Baltimore and High 
Corwine Elizabeth, 19 Greenmount av 
Cosgrove John P. 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 269 Eastern av 
Cosgrove Nancy, tailoress, 227 Eastern av 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, 7 Spruce al 
Cosgrove Patrick, tailor, 80 Granby 
Cosgrove Simon, laborer, 1 Hammond al 
Coskery Dr. Felix S. 117 n Calvert 
Coskery Rev. H. B. 106 n Charles 
Coskery Oscar, clerk, 117 n Calvert 
Coss George, (C, Leach & Irwin) 293 Sara- 
Coss George, lottery dealer, 36 St. Mary 
Coss G. MT. & Co. ambrotypists, over 65 w 

Baltimore, dw G. M. C. 293 Saratoga 
Coss, Leach & Irwin, ambrotype gallery, over 

127 w Baltimore 
Cost George W. pilot, 138 Gough 
Costello Edmund, laborer, 398 Saratoga 
Costello James, laborer, 31 s Bethel 
Costello James I. tailor, 193 e Pratt 
Costello John bricklayer, 181 Orleans 
Costello John F. plumber, 124 s Regester 
Costello Michael, laborer, 100 North 
Costello Patrick, laborer, 75 e Monument 
Costello Patrick, laborer, 56 Davis 
Costello Thomas, laborer, 273 Ross 
Costener Thomas, 236 Light 
Coster Albert, collector, 274 s Charles 
Coster E. confectioner, 227 Eastern av 
Coster George R. tavern, 26 n Gay 
Coster Henry, harness maker, 95 Hillen 
Coster John, baker, 9 L. Paca 
Coster Joseph, policeman, 40 Constitution 
Coster Joseph, lumber marker, 417 Light 
Coster Thomas, currier, 32 Hillen 
Costigan Wm. superin't. dredging machine, 

297 e Pratt 
Costolay Pat'k J. (Graver & C.) 184 w Biddle 

Coston Henry, carpenter, 164 Mulberry 
Cothe Louis, grocery, s w cor Eastern av and 

Happy al 
Cotrell Margaret, 7 Rose 
Gotten Robert R. salesman, 14)^ s Calvert 
Cotter Honora, 17 Hillen 
Cotter Jane, tavern, s w cor Bath and Front 
Cotter Nicholas laborer, 109 Dover 
Cotter Richard, teacher, 252 n Howard 
Cotter Wm. painter, 31 w Lombard 
Cottingham &, Harding, agricultural implement 

makers, 150 Light st wharf 
Cottingham Samuel, (C. & Harding,) 69 Hill 
Cottingham Thomas, blacksmith, 38 Grant, dw 

222 Montgomery 
Cottman Herman, laborer, 242 s Dallas 
Cottman Jas.S. (Boggs, C.&Co.) 73 St. Paul 
Cottrell Capt. Clark, pr. marine watering place, 

e end G. Hughes, dw 32 G. Hughes 
Cottrell Daniel G. 59 York 
Cottrell Capt. Henry W. mariner, 23 Hill 
Cottrell James W . grocer, 298 n Eutaw 
Cottringer Misses, young ladies' school, 100 

Couchman George H. carp'r. cor Hampstead 

and Gist 
Coughlan Abraham, 14 East 
Coughlan Bridget, grocery, 21 Wyoth 
Coughlan Cornelius, laborer, 81 Stirling 
Coughlan James, laborer, Towson, L. P. 
Coughlan James, tailor, 54 Orleans 
Coughlan Michael, grocer, 216 e Lombard 
Coughlan Patrick, bookeeper, 114 s Exeter 
Coughlan Wm. bottler, 169 and 171 s Central 

av, dw 64 s Exeter 
Coughlin Cornelius, laborer, 15 Cuba, L. P. 
Coughlin James, tailor, 65 York 
Coughlin Mary, 2 Rock 
Couhlbus Johanna, midwife, 262 s Ann 
Couhlbus Frederick, 262 s Ann 
COULBURN STEPHEN D. com. merchant, 

79 South, dw 23 Conway 
Coulburn Josiah, ship carpenter, 20 Lee 
Coulighan Margaret, 29 New Church 
Coulson Andrew F. painter, 220 s Wolfe 
Coulson Andrew, rigger, 220 s Wolfe 
Coulson George, plasterer, 88 Penna. av 
Coulson George J. A. bookeeper, 84 e Pratt 
Coulson Georgiana, teacher, 82 e Pratt 
Coulson James, glue and neat's foot oil fact'y, 

rear Greenmount Cemetery 
Coulson John, horse market, cor Front and 

Plowman, dw 88 Penna. av. 
Coulson John, carpenter, 88 Penna. av 
Coulson John, plumber, 88 Penna. av 
Coulson John B. painter, 570 Lexington 
Coulson Joseph H. cigar maker, 446 Walsh 
Coulson Robert, clerk atSmedley house, Tow- 

sontown, dw Lexington near Republican 
Coulson Thomas H. bookkeeper Josiah Lee & 

Go's bank, dw 82 e Pratt 
Coulson Thomas F. fireman B. & O. R. R. 295 

Coulson Mrs. Wm. R. Lexington, 2d door w 

of Carlton 
Coulter Alexander, rear 80 Centre Market sp 
Coulter Alexander, teller Merchants Bank, 64 

w Biddle 
Coulter A. B. sec. Bait. Life Insurance Co. 64 

w Biddle 
Coulter Andrew, well digger, 126 Dolphin 
Coulter & Co. provision dealers, 53 Light and 
4 Ellicott 




Coulter George, 60 w Biddle 

Coulter George T. commission merchant, 58 

Exchange place, dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Dr. Henry S. 164 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry, (C. & Co.) 507 w Fayette 
Coulter James, 178 Preston 
Coulter J. M. (Jas. Has]itt& Co.) 178 Preston 
Coulter John C. (C. & Co.) 507 w Fayette 
Coulter John, well digger, 126 Dolphin 
Coulter John P. collector, 178 Preston 
Coulter Mifflin, clerk, 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Councell J. F. 121 Lexington 
Councill Ruth T. tailoress, 195 e Fayette 
Councilman Frederick, fisherman, 393 Cross 
Counselman George F. hostler, 39 n Poppleton 
Counselman Jacob, contractor, 131 German 
Counselman Robert A. 95 Columliia 
Counselman Wm. H. of B. & O. R. R., 652 w 

Countess Joseph, carter, 871 w Pratt 
County Buildine:, 45 w Fayette 
COUPLAND RICHARD, hatter, 40 w Balti- 
more, dw 152 Barre 
Coupland Wm. F. hatter, 152 Barre 
Courleander B. music teacher, 294 w Lombard 
Coursty Benjamin, shoemaker, 56 China al 
Court House, Baltimore city, cor Calvert and 

Court of Common Pleas, Court House, 2nd 
floor, Wm. l^. Marshall, judge; Wm. J. 
Hamill, chief clerk, office basement Record 
Court Wegan, organ builder, 56 e Pratt 
Courts John, laborer, 344 Mulberry 
Courtnay Stephen, gold pen manufac. over s e 

cor South and Si^cond, dw 4 Plowman 
Fire Insurance agents, 2 Carroll Hall, up 
stairs, dw D. S. C, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay William (D. S. C. & Son,) 203 

Courtney E. S. (C. & Son) 215 Madison av 
Courtney Edward, laborer, 2 Petticoat al 
Courtney James A. (C. & Son,) 215 w 

Courtney James, boiler maker, 19 e Lombard 
Courtney James A. (C. & Son,) 5 s Gay 
Courtney James, 68 w Biddle 
Courtney John, carter, 275 e Monument 
Courtney Robert, mariner, 272 Light, 
Courtney & Son, tobacco commission merch- 
ants, 65 s Gay 
Courtney Wm. tavern, 28 Raborg 
Courts Edward, machinist, 124 n Poppleton 
Courts George W. 8 Townsend 
Courts James, butcher, 124 n Poppleton 
Cousins Elizabeth, milliner, 22734 Eastern av 
Cousins John, oak cooper. Mill, dw 28 Fawn 
Cousin Stephen, blacksmith, 2Fitzpatrick'sct 
Cousnell John, produce dealer, 263 n Eden 
Coutts Thomas, supdt. hydrants, 233 e Chase 
Covell Wm. engineer, 33 s Schroeder 
Cover Benj. butcher, 201 Orleans 
Cover Thoma.s F. rectifier and distiller, 142 

Franklin, dw Western hotel 
Covington Henry, carpenter, 169 Aisquith 
Cowan David, (Nourse & C.) 284 n Howard 
Cowan Edward, hackman, 53 Boyd 
Cowan John, plasterer, 521 Saratoga 
Cowan Mary A. 50 s High 
Cowan Wm. H. attorney at law,8 Court house 
lane, dw 18 Aisquith 

Cowan Wm. L. midshipman, 50 s High 
Coward Ann, 162 McCulloh 
Coward Esther M. 171 Lee 
Coward Thomas, (R. D. Shields & Co.) Balti- 
more Co 
Cowder Jacob, coppersmith, 224 s Bond 
Cowen Abraham, scourer, 43 n Liberty, dw 

Mansion house 
Cowen Wm. A. glass blower, 182 William 
Cowen Wm. laborer tobac. warehouse, No. 3 
Cowles Geo. W. (W. C. & Son,)186 n Calvert 
Cowles Henry M. teacher, 1 w Baltimore 
Cowles W. & Son, china and glassware deal- 

COWMAN & BROTHER, trimmings, hos- 
iery and glove dealers, 59 n Howard 
Cowman Charles H. bookkeeper, 1 n Eutaw 
Cowman Edward, (C. & Bro.) 248 Saratoga 
Cowman James, boiler maker, 184 Peirce 
Cowman John H. salesman, 251 w Baltimore 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 46 s Sharp 
Cowman Martha, trim, dealer, 71 Lexington 
Cowman Mary Ann, 1 n Eutaw 
Cowman Nicholas, boiler maker, 7 Hillen 
Cowman Samuel, jr. (C. & Bro.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Saml. S. sr. (C. & Bro.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowplan Capt. Wm. S. mariner, 200 e Pratt 
Cowwitch Mary, nurse, 24 Maiden la 
Cox Amos A. builder, 702 Saratoga 
Cox Ann, 70 Holland 
Cox Charles, painter, 19 East 
Cox Elias, shoemaker, 104 n Caroline 
Cox Esau, brickmaker, 336 e Pratt 
COX ELISHA, coach and livery stables, n e 

cor Bank and Bethel 
Cox Dr. E. Gover, apothecary, cor Pine and 

Baltimore, dw 93 n Paca 
Cox George A. 220 Montgomery 
Cox Guielma, 172 e Lombard 
Cox Henry N. commission merchant, 182 n 

Cox Isaac, hat and cap store, 190 w Balti- 
more, dw 600 
Cox James H. jr. paying teller Citizens bank, 

dw 58 n Greene 
Cox James D. pedler, 86 s Charles 
Cox James L. cigar maker, 144 Harford av 
Cox James H. clerk, 58 n Greene 
Cox James, paver, 77 s Carey 
Cox Jennings S. bookkeeper, Jefferson av 

near Northern av 
Cox John, yeast maker, 110 Mullikin 
Cox John R. (Coleman & C.^ 93 n Paca 
Cox Luther J. jr. commis. merchant, 4 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 5 Hollins 
Cox Luther J. (Cox & Varden,) Falls road 

near Woodbury 
Cox Mary, 91 Jefferson 

Cox Mrs. Margaret, Indian vegetable med- 
icine, 158 e Baltimore 
Cox Michael, carter, 46 French 
Cox Michael, stone mason, 599 w Lombard 
Cox Perry, coach trimmer, 106 Walsh 
Cox Thomas foreman malt house, 9 West 

Falls av 
Cox & Varden, property and patent agents 

rear of 30 Second 
Cox Wm. bricklayer, 77 Somerset 
Cox Wm. H. H. printer. Bond, between Lom- 
bard and Pratt 
COX WILLIAM H. merchant tailor, 606 w 

Cox Wm. B. tobacconist, 517 n Gay 




Cox Wm. \. shoemaker, 145 Penna. av 

Cox Wm. F. bookkeeper, 68 s Bond 

Cox Wm. Perry, receiving teller Citizens bank, 

dw 58 n Greene 
Coxe Rev. A. Cleveland, 213 Madison av 
Coy Dr. Byron F. dentist 70 n Charles 
Coy John, machinist, 84 s Republican 
Coyle Bernard, grocer and provision dealer, 

240 Penna. av 
Coyle Francis, bookkeeper, 266 Franklin 
Coyle James B. S. bookkeeper Howard bank, 

240 Penna. av 
Coyle John, tinner, 42 Albemarle 
Coyle John, ship carpenter, 66 Hamburg 
Coyle Margaret, 76 Mulberry 
Coyle Margaret A. 203 s Central av 
Coyle Mary, tavern keeper, 16 Centre 
Coyle Peter, carpenter, 28 Hillen 
Coyle T. J. carpenter, n w cor Holiday and 

Coyle Terrance P. surg. dentist, 105 Saratoga 
Coyle Terrance W. tinner, 76 Mulberry 
Coyle Thomas J. carpenter, 28 Hille-n 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne John, laborer, 307 Eastern av 
Coyne Timothy, gardener, 123 Chesapeake 
Cozine Jamis, cli'rk, 81 n Front 
Cozine John T. bricklayer, 81 n Front 
Cozine Ursula, boarding house, 81 n Front 
CrabbeJohn E. R. (Dean, C. & Co.) 115 

CRABBS FREDERICK J. clerk, 418 w 

Craen Charles, bricklayer, 38 Centre market 

Craesser Christian, tailor, 63 Barre 
CKAFT CHAKLESH. &. CO. general ad- 
vertising airents, 9 Franklin building, up 
stairs, dw C. H. C. 87 s High 
Craft Clements, foundryman, n e cor O'Donnell 

and Canton 
Craft Daniel Parker, hatter, 184 e Monument 
Craft Geo. clerk, 38 s Eutaw 
Craft Geo. grocer, 40 e Lombard 
Craft Jacob, jr. clerk, 16 s Gay 
Craft Jacob, oil and paint dealer, 23 Cheap- 
side, dw 38 s Eutaw 
Craft John W. stone mason, 108 n Paca 
Craft John C. (C. & Meusel,) 417 Lexington 
Craft & Meusel, upholsterers, 264 w Baltimore 
Craft Mary A. tailoress, over 71 Centre Mar- 
ket spac(^ 
Craft Micliael, carpenter, 558 Penna. av 
Craft Wm. G. (Bailey, C. & Co.) 24 n Liberty 
Cragg Henry, teacher, 44 n Broadway 
Cragg Jas. finisher, 354 Ostend 
Cragg John, grocery, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Josi'ph, engineer, 54 Warren 
Craggs Elizabeth, 203 Gough 
Craggs Win. cracker baker, 131 e Lombard 
Craggs Win. carpenter, 139 n Fremont 
Craig Daniel B. hatter, 350 e Monument 
Craig Horatio E. grocer, s e cor Ross and 

Craig Jamr-s H. actor. Browns hotel 
Craig J. Morrell, clerk, 22 Centre Mark, space 
Craig John, stone cutter, 15 Ogston 
Craig John, type caster, 350 e Monument 
Craig Levin, sailor, 86 Henrietta 
Craig Robirt, dry goods dealer, 22 Centre 

Marki't s[)afe,dw Baltimore Co 
Craig Capt. Thomas, mariner, 16 Henrietta 
Craig Wm. clerk, 29 Granby 

Craiger Frederick, cutter, 250 s Eutaw 
Cramblet George, bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblet Henry, gas fitter, 140 Vine 
Cramblet John, carpenter, 140 Vine 
Cramblet Stephen, jr. paper hanger, 140 Vine 
Cramblet Stephen P. sr. bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblet Thos. A. nigluman, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblet Wm. bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramlilitt Edward, 122 Chester 
Cramblitt Francis, blacksmith, 122 Chester 
Cramblitt John, bricklayer, 250 Happy al 
CramejfcAndrew, wheelwright, 8 Bank 
Cramer Caspar, barber and dentist, 132 

Eastern av 
Cramer Francis, carpenter, 219 Canton av 
Cramer J. N. clerk, 239 w Pratt 
Cramer Wm. tavern, 44 Camden 
C RANDALL & HYDE, grocers and com- 
mission merchants, s e cor Lis:ht and Lee 
Crandall Robert, (C. & Hyde,) 71 Hill 
Crane And. Fuller, (Wm. C. & Son,) 235 n 

Eutaw, Hamilton Terrace 
CRANE BENJAMIN & CO. wholesale deal- 
ers in silk and straw goods, 249 w Baltimore 
Crane Henj (B. C. & Co.) 62 w Madison 
Crane Charles, clerk, 62 w Madison 
Crane Patrick, horse shoer. Falls turnpike 

near toll gate 
Crane Patrick, blacksmith, 3 Dewberry al 
Crane Rachel D. milliner, 114 n High 
Crane Wm. jr. clerk, 235 n Kutaw 
CRANE WILLIAM & SON, hide and leather 
dealers, s e cor Cheapside and Water, dw 
W. C. 180 w Lombard 
Crangle Jas H. carpenter, Barre near Warner 
Crangle Jas. E. bnckmaker, 87 Columbia 
Crangle John, W. carpenter, Williamson al. 

dw 108 s Eutaw 
Cranley Mary, tavern, 17 French 
Cranmer Chapel, (Episcopal,) cor of Mullikin 

and Spring 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinet maker, 15 Oregon 
Crampton Mrs. Caroline, 77 n Kutaw 
Crate Sophia, mi*lk dealer. Homestead, Balti- 
more Co 
Craton George, granite cutter, 353 Lexington 
Cratty James, stone mason, 37 Centre Market 

Craven E. R. prop'r. Baltimore Steam Laun- 
dry, basement 1 e Baltimore, next to the 
bridge, dw 3 s Front 
Craven Isaac, clerk, 3 s Front 
Craver David, machinist, rear of 42 e Eager 
Craver John L. machinist, 87 Hollins 
Craver John S. policeman, 225 Henrietta 
Crawford Alexander, 3 Cathedral 
Crawford Alfred, conductor N. C. Railway, 

123 n Calvert 
Crawford A. A. tonnage cashier N. C. Rail- 
way, 123 n Calvert 
Crawford Andrew coach wheelwright, 55 n 

Crawford Ann, fancy goods dealer, 42 Han- 
over, dw 105 s Sharp 
Crawford Charlotte, dry goods deal. 21 n High 
Crawford Daniel J. (C. & Son,) 140 Pine 
Crawford Dixon, hack owner, 289 n Eutaw 
Crawford Mrs. Eliza, 123 n Calvert 
Crawford Elizabeth, grocery, 289 n Eutaw 
Crawford Henry, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 107 




Crawford Jamos, pedler, 238 s Dallas 
Crawford John A. 389 Canton av 
Crawford John D. printer, 9 n Bond 
Crawford John L. sec. N. W. Va. R. R. dw 3 

Crawford John, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Margaret E. 9 n Bond 
Crawford Mary, provision store, 46 Orchard 
Crawford Nathaniel H. bookkeeper Josiah 

Lee & Go's bank, dw 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Patrick, grocer, 41 Amity- 
Crawford Richard J. machinist, 92 Lee 
Crawford Robt. K. (C. &. Son,) 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Robert M. bookkeeper Josiah Lee 

& Co's bank, dw 302 Saratoga 
Crawford & Son, grocers and provision deal- 
ers, s w cor Pine and Josephine 
Crawford Thomas, printer, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Thomas, stone cutter, 209 Chesnut 
Crawford Wm. H. & Co. prop's Spice Mills, 
warehouse 62 South, spice mill s w cor 
Union al and Dallas 
Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, 7n Frederick 
CRAWFORD WM. agent Phila. W. & B. 

R. R. s e cor High and Trinity 
Crawford Wm. R. clerk, 27 w Baltimore 
Crawford Wm. H. (Wm. H. C. & Co.) 230 

Madison av 
Crawford Wm. H. clerk, 21 w Baltimore 
Crawford Wm. 230 w Madison 
Crawley Mrs. Jane, monthly nurse, 433 w 

Crawley John, laborer, 129 Elliott 
Crawmer Francis M. grocer, n w cor Broad- 
way and MuIIikin 
Cray Michael, carpenter, 20 Rose 
Craycraft Susan, 68 Chew 
Creager Francis N. clerk, 64 Raborg 
CREAGER DR. J. P. 558 w Baltimore 
Creagh Geo. W. shipwright, 128)^ s Broadway 
Creagh John, 174 Park 
Creagh Jolm, laborer, 6 Bank 
Creagh Thomas, laborer, 124 s Washington 
Creaigh Josiah, watchman, 171 G. Hughes 
Creaigh Michael, carpenter, 48 Boyd 
Creagler Peter, butcher, 704 w Pratt 
Cream John, laborer, 6 Bank 
Creamer Alexandir, saddler, 317 Aisquith 
Creamer Ann E. milliner, 283 n Gay 
Creamer Charles, conveyancer, 57 Frederick 
Creamer Charles, tinner, 47 Portland 
Creamer Charles, shoemaker, 34 Henrietta 
Creamer David, (J. C. & Sons,) 127 e Mon- 
Creamer Henry, shoemaker, 85 n Gay 
Creamer Jacob, blacksmith, 176 w Biddle 
Creamer .Jacob, tailor, 71 Hampstead 
Creamer Jacob, shoemaker, 167 Vine 
Creamer John, gas fitter, 62 Ross 
Creamer Joseph, moulder, 24 Scott 
Creamer Joseph F. clerk Sherift"'s office, 102 

n Exeter 
Creamer Mrs. Mary, nurse, 60 Holland 
Creamer Nicholas, paper hanger, 51 St. Mary 
Creamer Thomas, sheriflT Baltimore city, 131 

n Exeter 
Creamer Thomas H. deputy sheriff Baltimore 

city, 283 n Gay 
Cree Peter, laborer, 156 s Eutaw 
Creery William R. teacher at Central High 

school, dw 504 w Fayette 
Creigh David, cattle drover, 32 Mount 
Creigh Michael, carpenter, 1 Rose 

Creighton A. W. clerk, 66 Conway 
Creighton Charles, ship carpenter, 45 Hill 
Creighton Elming, 223 Montgomery 
Creighton Geo J. stone cutter, 353 Lexington 
Creighton Capt. Henry, 106 n Caroline 
Creighton Capt. Henry, 379 Light 
Creighton Capt. Henry T. mariner, 45 War- 
Creighton Capt. James, mariner, 71 William 
Creighton Lewis, carpenter, 42 Ross 
Creighton Michael, tavern, 39 Center Market 

Creighton Nancy, 41 Scott 
Creighton Patrick, carpenter, 28 Morris al 
Creighton Samuel, sailmaker, 87 Orleans 
Creighton Capt. Samuel, mariner, 358 Light 
Creighton Thomas, clerk, 41 Scott 
Cremmen John F. bookkeeper, 432 Lexington 
Cremmen John, jeweler, 432 Lexington 
Creney Thomas S. clerk, 231 w Pratt 
Cressman Jacob W. 135 Stirling 
Cressy George N. 65 Barre 
Crew Wm. J. carpenter, 791 w Baltimore 
Crey Bernard, barkeeper, Mulberry e of 

Crey Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. 70 Buren 
Crey Mrs. Margaret, 7 e Madison 
Crey Thos. laborer, 120 s Washington, F. P. 
Creydt Harman, furniture wagoner, 490 w 

Crichton Wm. (P. Malcom & Co.) 36 Mount 

Vernon place 
Crichton Wm. president Corn and Flour Ex- 
change, Monument near St. Paul 
Crider Charles A. chair maker, 422 Lexington 
Crimm Adam, butcher, 36 Burke 
Crimmins Cornelius, laborer, 11 Valley 
Crimmins Patrick, grocery, 13 Chesiuit al 
Crimmins Tim(3thy, teacher, 127 Division 
Cripp John, gardener, 58 Aliceanna 
Cripps J. T. nightman, 251 e Madison 
Cripps Rebecca; grocery, 267 e Madison 
Cripps Thomas J. laborer, 267 e Madison 
Cripps Thomas, of planing mill, MuIIikin near 

Cripps Wm. coachsmith, 44 n Central av 
Crise John L. 228 w Madison 
Crisp Benjamin, carpenter, 39 Haubert 
Crisp Charles, tobacconist, 304 Canton av 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 89 n Greene, dw 275 

Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 73 Kastern av 
Crisp Richard O. 17 s Broadway 
Crispins Peter, laborer, 56 Durst al 
Criss J. K. salesman, 32 Si)ring row 
Criss Michael, 326 w Fayette 
Criss Michael, 26 Hollins 
Crist Christopher, cooper, 234 s Dallas 
Crist Jacol), drayman, 98 Eastern av 
Crist Jacob, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Cristner Joseph, potter, 32 n Poppleton 
Cristner Wm. potter, 32 n l'o]>pleton 
Christopher VVoollen, bookkeeper, 227 e Pratt 
Criswell Jeremiah R. clerk tobac. warehouse 

No. 4, dw 29 Mc Henry 
Critch Robert, shoemaker, 189 Forrest 
Croan Daniel, laijorer, 23 Low 
Crockard John, stone cutter, 156 n Fremont 
Crocker Charles, clerk, 249 Hiastern av 
Crocker Charles W. (Chas. H. Craft & Co.) 

245 Kastern av 
Crocker Daniel, huckster, 96 Montgomery 




Crocker Emanuel, 293 n Caroline 

Crocker James, clerk P. W. & B. R. R., 249 

Eastern av 
Crocker James J. shoemaker, 466 Saratoga 
Crocker Lydia, 323 Aisquith 
Crocken Victoria, 232 Lemmon 
Crocket Benton H. boarding house, 73 s 

Crocket John, millwright, 348 Franklin 
Crockett Nehemiah, shoemkr, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Rose, 466 Saratoga 
Crockett Samuel, 77 n High 
Crockett Sarah, confectionery, 153 n Caroline 
Crockett Theodore, bell hanger, 1 Grace's ct 
Crockran Patrick, laborer, 1 Slemmer's al 
Crofoot Caufield, brickmaker, 893 w Pratt 
Crogan Thomas, laborer, 50 Buren 
Croghan Thomas, porter, 43 w Pratt 
Croghen Michael, laborer, 2 Slemmer's al 
Croghen Peter, laborer, 2 Slemmer's al 
Croley Jeremiah, coach trimmer, 85 Harrison 
Crombie Albert D. (Ammidon& Co.) 4 Parkin 
CROMER & HUFF, tobacconists, 341 w Bal- 
Cromer John, laborer, 182 Lemmon 
Cromer Margaret, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Thomas W. (C. & Hoff,) s w cor 

Lombard and Strieker 
Cromley Philip, waiter at Fountam hotel 
Crompton Thomas, grocer, 490 Lexington 
Cromwell Caroline R. 122 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Garrison, saw wheter, 16 Camden, 

dw 187 William 
Cromwell George H. cabinet maker, 74 s 

Cromwell's Great Eastern, Western and South- 
ern Steamship Line, 116 Spears whf, Sam- 
uel T. Pearce, agent — [Seeback outside cover] 
Cromwell Henry H. ship carp. 185 s Caroline 
Cromwell Jacob G. baggagemaster B. & O. 

R. R. 24 Brune 
Cromwell Jacob G. bookkeeper, 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Jacob, cabinet maker, 438 Walsh 
Cromwell John sailmaker, 85 s Washington 
Cromwell John, 183 Conway 
Cromwell John, pattern maker, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Joseph, agent Life Insurance Co. 

429 w Baltimore 
Cromwell Joshua, jr. sailmaker, 115 Bank 
Cromwell Joshua & Son, sail makers and ship 
chandlers, Conner's whf. foot of Ann and 
127 Thames, dw J. C. 136 s Ann 
Cromwell J. lottery office, 8 Park, dw 429 w 

Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 265 Ann, dw 118 

Cromwell Nimrod, clerk, 264 e Baltimore 
Cromwell Oliver, gunsmith, 118 Thames, dw 

157 Gough 
Cromwell Oliver, tinner, 16 s Carey 
Cromwell Oliver H. bookseller, 17 w Balti- 
more, "dw 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Richard, jr. 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, agricultural and 
horticultural implement manuf. and seeds- 
man, 29 Light, dw 89 n Paca 
Cromwell Wallace, blacksmith, 228 Barre 
Cronan Charles, painter, 180 n Gay 
Croncraver John, upholsterer, 428 w Fayette 
CRONE EDWARU, tavern, 75 n Gay 
Crone Wm. messenger Adams Express Co. 
109 Albermarle 

Croney Mary, 339 Penna. av 
Croney Philip, cigar maker, 28 s Caroline 
Croney Philip H. cigar maker 58 s Caroline 
Cronhardt JohnC. jeweler, 88 n Gay 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 29 Ensor 
Cronice Wm. M. shoemaker, 84 Peirce 
Cronin Patrick M. tailor and scourer, 19 w 

Cronin Timothy, 91 s Spring 
Crook Columbus S. (Wm. H. Crawford & 

Co.) 165 w Biddle 
Crook Christian A. paper hanger, 189 n Ex- 
Crook Charles C. (J. C. & Son,) 404 Saratoga 
Crook Charles, clerk, 179 w Baltimore 
Crook Daniel, 51 Harford av 
Crook Edward, bookkeeper, 41 w Biddle 
Crook Francis A. treas. Balto, Equitable So- 
ciety, dw s w cor Madison and Townsend 
Crook Francis A. (Geo. Sanders & Co.) s w 

cor Madison and Townsend 
Crook Francis M. bookkeeper Adams & Co's 

Express, 41 w Biddle 
Crook Francis, laborer, 8 Port al 
Crook Geo. W. M. (Levi Perry & Co.) 86 

n Charles 
Crook Henry, clerk Bank of Baltimore, dw 

51 Harford av 
Crook James, bookkeeper, 190 n Kutaw 
Crook Joseph & Son, cabinet and chair mkrs. 

36 Hanover 
Crook Joseph, (J. C. & Son,) 404 Saratoga 
Crook John, shoemaker, 346 Eastern av 
Crook John, shoemaker, 232 Canton av 
Crook Philip, corresponding clerk Bank of 

Baltimore, dw51 Harford av 
Crook Wm. machinist, 404 Saratoga 
fVook Wilson B. 40 w Fayette 
Crook Walter, jr. upholsterer and paper 

hanger, 220 w Baltimore 
Crook Wm. house carpenter, 133 Orleans 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 103 s Eden 
Crooks Eliza, tailoress, 69 Royd 
Crooks John H. clerk, 69 Boyd 
Crookshanks Charles S. ship joiner, Mill, dw 

36 Fawn 
Crookshanks & Green grocers, and com. mts. 

102 Light St. wharf 
Crookshanks John, (C. & Green,) 92 Barre 
Croll Joseph, 406 w Fayette 
Cropp George, cooper, ^^3 Buren 
Cropp Wm. cigar maker, 48 President 
Cropp Wm. plasterer, 27 Pearl 
Cropper & Bro. grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 56 South 
Cropper James, (C. & Bro.) 35 s High 
Cropper Reuben, laborer, 30 Abbey al 
Cropper Stephen, brushmaker, 323 Light 
Cropper Thomas J. (C. & Bro.) 35 s High 
Cropper Thomas, upholsterer, 94 s Charles 
Cropper Z. H. H. 108 Hanover 
Crosby Charles, tavern, 60 West Falls av 
Crosby F. J. salesman, Maltby house 
Crosby James, carpenter, Hudson al near Ca- 
Crosby Jane, 62 McKim 

Crosby Joseph & Son, importers of fruit, 
Bowly's whf, foot of South, dw J. C. 219 
w Lombard 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, 235 e Madison 
Crosby Thomas, shoemaker, 18 Willow 
Croshaw Wm. clerk, n e cor Monument and 
Greenmount av 




Croshaw Wm. salesman, 111 n High 

Cross Rev. Andrew B. 26 e Lombard 

Cross Andrew, fireman, 9 Parkin 

Cross Cyril, sheet iron worker, 98 Granby 

Cross David H. painter, "218 w Biddle 

Cross David, wheelwrig^ht, Hillen bet East 

and Forrest, dw 103 Hillen 
Cross George, shoemaker, 98 Granby 
Cross George W. blacksmith, 139 Camden 
Cross H. L. shoe store, 234 Lexington 
Cross Harry C. clerk, 22 e Lombard 
Cross John W. P. carpenter, 387 w Fayette 
Cross John H. blacksmith, 103 s Ann 
Cross Jonathan, agent Amer. Tract Society, 

302 w Lombard 
Cross Leo G. bricklayer, 98 Granby 
Cross Samuel B. coach maker, 69 s Howard, 

dw 139 Camden 
Cross Samuel J. coach painter, 139 Camden 
Cross John, laborer, 41 Slemmer's al 
Cross Truman, cashier Com. and Farmers' 

Bank, dw 9 s Howard 
Cross Wm. Henry, coachsmith, 139 Camden 
Cross Walter B. cooper, 174 Forrest, dw 206 
CROSS WM. S. lumber, stave and gen(-ral 
commission merchant, n e cor East Falls and 
Eastern avs, dw 26 e Lombard 
Cross Wm. painter, 98 Lancaster 
Cross Wm. mariner, 216 s Wolfe 
Cross Wm. blacksmith, 139 Camden 
Crothers Illinois, painter, 76 s Caroline 
Crothers David, coal dealer, 60 North and 39 

Saratoga, dw 28 s Spring 
Crothers Robert, carpenter, 62 Courtland, dw 

28 s Spring 
Crouch Alex, plasterer, 5 s Caroline 
Crouch David, jr. policeman, 65 Henrietta 
Crouch David, policeman, 192 Montgomery 
Crouch David, 226 Montgomery 
Crouch George W. mate steamboat, 227 Mont- 
Crouch Elizabeth A. Conway btw Fremont 

and Warner 
Crouch Hugh B. boiler maker, 114 Hamburg 
Crouch John, laborer, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Thomas D. blacksmith, 206 Montgom- 
Crouch Thomas M. 142 Henrietta 
Crouch Wm. printer, 101 e Lombard 
Crough Dennis S. stove blacker, Saratoga, nr 

Crouse Henry, sugar refiner, 27 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Crouse Isaac, painter, 28 Brune 
Crouse Ira C. inspector at Custom house, 184 

Crouse Joseph A shoemaker, 28 Brune 
Crouse John, puddler, 20 Burke 
Crout August, tailor, 8 Anthony's ct 
Crout Hezekiah, tin worker, 48 Penna. av, dw 

Crovo B. fruit dealer, 45 Low 
Crow Ezekiel, shoemaker, 19 s Bond 
Crow Jane, grocery, 109 Aisquith 
Crow John, laborer, 109 Aisquith 
Crow John, jr. clerk, 113 Hillen 
Crow John, sr. 113 Hillen 
Crow John T. editor, 42 Bolton 
Crow Lawrence, tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Crow Moses T. tailor, Peirce, nr Ogsden 
Crow Nathaniel J. painter, 9 French 
Crowdcr Jennie, board, house, 3 Tripolett's al 
Crowe Charles, 49 President 

Crowe Mrs. J. G. 25 n Poppleton 

Crowe Michael, porter, 26 Conway 

Crowl Frederick, cooper, 69 Elliott 

Crowl Joseph, piano maker, 406 w Fayette 

Crowley Alfred K. mate, 118 s Bond 

Crowley Dennis, laborer, 122 Greenmount av 

CROWLEY F. C. 32 Columbia 

Crowley Frederick, shoemaker, 556 Penna. av 

Crowley John, weaver, 84 s Spring 

Crowley James, grocer, s w cor Aisquith and 

Crowley Margaret, 138 Garden 
Crowley Thomas, omnibus driver, 43 North 
Crowley Thomas, grocer, 36 s Caroline 
Crowley Wm. S. clerk in clerk's office of Ct. 

Com. Pleas 
Crownfield Mrs. A. J. 24 Camden 
Crowther AmosW. policeman, 100 n Schroeder 
Crowther Benjamin P. stone mason, 86 Tow- 
son, L. P. 
Crowther Capt. John, mariner, 137 s High 
Crowther John, carpenter, 68 George 
Croxall John, clerk Washington hotel 
Croxall Robert M. bailiff Super. Court, 54 s 

Croxall Thomas, 178 Hollins 
CRO YEA U AUGUST IN, importer of French 

goods, 171 w Baltimore 
Cr'ozier Ann M. 172 e Pratt 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 198 s Broadway 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 McElderry 
Crozier Nancy, 6 s Frederick 
Crozier Richard, cigar maker, 72 e Pratt 
Crozier Samuel N. 498 w Fayette 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 118 s Caroline 
Cruden Joseph, laborer 53 President 
Crudon Edward, carter, 95 McElderry 
Crufiild John, laborer, 61 Clifford al 
Cruikshank G. Washington, student of law, 

41 St. Paul 
Crum James, conductor on B. &. O. R. R. 694 

Crumbacker Charles, telegraph operator Mt. 

Clare, dw s e cor Hoffman and Ross 
Crumbacker Ephraim, assist, post master, s e 

cor Hoffman and Ross 
Crunney John, shoemaker, 29 Orchard 
Crummer Daniel, draughtsman, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Eliza, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Henry, clothing cutter, 82 Park 
Crummer Nathan J. grocer, 74 Hillen 
Crummey William, shoemaker, 86 Pine 
Cruse Charles, blacksmith, 24 Hyan 
Cruse Elias T. (John H. C. & Bro.) 154 e 

Cruse Edward, omnibus driver, 285 w Biddle 
Cruse E. T. cigar maker, 54 e Lombard 
Cruse John H. & Bro. tobacconists, 106 w 

Pratt, dw J. H. C. s e cor Caroline and 

Cruse Mrs. Jane, 87 Mulliken 
CRUSE JOHN, tavern, 81 Boston, Canton 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
Cubach Daniel, tailor, 5 Josephine 
Cublipp Wm. B. artist, 52 e Baltimore 
Cuddy Isaac, clerk, 77 n Caroline 
Cuddy Thomas, pedler, 21 Willow 
Cudney L. oyster saloon, 546 w Baltimore 
Cud worth Benjamin, shoemaker, 67 s Bond 
Cuff Patrick, grocery, 40 City Block 
Cughan James, laborer, 108 Dolphin 
Cugle John, jr. clerk, 110 n Eutaw 
Cugle John, (Coale, C. & Co.) 110 n Eutaw 




Cugle Thomas, produce dealer, 121 e Lombard 

Cugnet Emile, shoemaker, 83 n Gay 

Culbert Wm. cooper, 1 n Sharp, dw Baltimore 

Culbcrtson Louisa, 58 n Exeter 
Cullan Edward, laborer, 104 Harford av 
Cullan James, grocery, 81 Forrest 
Cullen Isabella, 119 Castle 
Cullen James, laborer, 113 St. Paul 
Cullen John, porter, rear 27 n Greene 
Cullen Michael, laborer, 190 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Cullen Patrick, drayman, 55 Huren 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 13 e Madison 
Culley Joseph, 19 Warren 
Culley Langley B. port warden, 19 Warren 
Culley Robert, ship carpenter, 98 William 
Culligan Peter, laborer, 192 Holiday 
Cullimore & Austin, ship smiths, 1 and 3 Fell 
Cullimore John, (C. & Austin,) 131 Gough 
Cullimore Harriet, boarding house, 67 s Ann 
Cullison David, mariner, 283 s Durham 
Cullison Eliza, 28 Brune 
Cullison Geo. E. bricklayer, 121 s Regester 
Cullison Geo. E. bricklayer, 228 Bank 
Cullison James, policeman, 299 e Madison 
Cullison Jesse M. hay dealer. Orchard, near 

Tessier, dw 263 w Biddle 
Cullison J. M. millwright, 261 w Biddle 
Cullison John W. stone mason. Falls road, nr 

Northern av 
Cullison Maria, 228 Bank 
Cullison Noah, feed dealer, 87 Penna. av 
Cullison Sarah A. dry goods store, 34 s Ann 
Cullison Thomas W. carpenter, 34 s Ann 
Cullum Ann, grocery and confect. 163 Green- 
mount av 
Cullum George, miller, Lanvale near Charles 
Cullum Rev. J. W. 304 n Gay 
Cullum Nelson, carpenter, 187 e Monument 
Cullumber Rebi'cca, tailoress, 229 Light 
Culnan Samuel, comb maker, 14 Somerset 
Gulp Michael S. blacksmith, 36 n Amity 
Culver Heman, millwright, 6 Fitzpatrick's ct 
Culver John, blacksmith, 1 Central av 
Culver Wm. T. oak cooper, 4 n Sharp, dw 

228 s Eutaw 
Culviner Susan, 208 Castle 
Cumber Sarah, fancy store, 254 s Eutaw 
Cumberger Jacol), cap maker, 30 Ross 

Phipps & Cockey, agents, L. P. 
Cummings James, 119 Peirce 
Cummings James, house carpenter, 94 s Wash- 
Cummings James, regulator B. & O. R. R. 201 

Cummings Patrick, laborer, 193 Castle al 
Cummings Wm. stone cutter, Fremont near 

CUMMINGS JANE, Principal Young Ladies' 

Literary Institute, 7 n Carey 
Cummings Mary, grocery, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Mary, 12 Stiles 
Cummings Wm. J. edgetool maker, 12 Stiles 
Cummins l-'dward G. confect. 48 n Exeter 
Cummins Rev. George D. rector St. Peter's 

P. E. church, cor German and Sharp. 
Cummins John P. painter, 481 w Baltimore 
Cummins John G. jr., carpenter, 48 n Kxeter 
Cummins Daniel G. confect. 48 n Exeter 
Cummins Daniel J. gardener, e, Fayette ex- 

Cummins John G. jr., carpenter, 48 n Exeter 
Cummins John, inspector of liquors, 310 Mul- 
Cummins John G. sr., 48 n Exeter 
Cummins John, gardener e Fayette extended 
Cummins James, carpenter, 450 w Lombard 
Cummins Lewis H. bottler, 155 Garden 
Cummins Mary, 98 s Ann 
Cummins Patrick, laborer, 193 Castle al 
Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 178 n Eden 
Cummins Rosa, 46 Beam's la 
Cummins Thomas, laborer, 45 Centre Market 

Cummiskey, Eugene, attorney, 14 Barnum's 

building, dw 231 n Eutaw 
Cummiskey John, 231 n Eutaw 
Cundiff Wm. 40 McKlderry 
Cunnane, Kdward J. clerk, 22 Ross 
Cunnane Henry, gas fitter, 22 Ross 
Cunnane Michael, laborer, 22 Hoss 
Cunnikan Daniel, gas fitter, 98 Jefferson 
Cunningham Ann, 4 Chesnut 
Cunningham And.' coach painter, 370 e Mon- , 

Cunningham Ann, 76 Lexington 
Cunningham Barney, laborer, 3 Grimman's ct 
Cunningham Bridgi t, 10 Willow 
Cunningham Charles R. clerk Balto. & Savan. 
Steam Packet Co. Union dock,dw 38 n Cal- 
Cunningham Cornelius N. shoemaker, 218 

Cunningham Daniel, painter, 28 Elizabeth la 
Cunningham Edward, laborer, 6 Webster ct 
Cunningham Geo. A. carpenter, n e cor Caro- 
line and Baltimore 
Cunningham Geo. A. painter, 2 King, dw 55 

Cunningham Jane, 141 North 
Cunningham Jas. (J. C. &, Bro.) 68 Gough 
Cunningham Jas. grocer, s e cor Front and 

Baltimore, dw 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Jas. M. dry goods dealer, 119 n 

Gay, dw 206 Aisquith 
Cunningham James & Bro. machinists, 240 s 

Cunningham John, blacksmith, 66 s Regester 
Cunningham John E. A. clerk, 185 e Mon- 
Cunningham John, 68 Gough 
Cunningham John H. grocer, 95 McEIderry's 

whf, dw 93 French 
Cunningham John T. coach trim. 35 Stirling 
Cunningham John, restaurant, 72 n Gay 
Cunningham John, blacksmith, 41 Regester 
Cunningham John D. hackman, 278 Aisquith 
Cuiniingham John, laborer, 28 New Church 
Cunningham John, clerk, Penna. av. near toll 

Cunningham James, stonemason, 84 Mullikin 
Cu)ininghani James, hackman, 127 Vine 
Cunningham Dr. Charles T. D. n w cor Cen- 
tral av and Pratt, dw 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Joseph, carpenter, 11 Centre 

Market space 
Cunningham Merriken B. carpenter, 206 Ais- 
Cunningham Mortimore, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Nich. laborer, 33 New Church 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Cunningham Robert, shoemaker, 218 Hollins 
Cunningham Samuel, hackman 187 Stirling 
Cunningham Sarah J. milliner, 76 Lexington 




Cunningham Thomas A. 44 w Madison 
Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime 

dealer, 145 n Gay, dw 290 n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm C. of Auditor's office, 185 

e Monument 
Cunningham Wm. R. clerk, 117 Ensor 
Cunningham Wm. Amos, clerk Marine Bank, 

dw 16 Lexington 
Cunningham Wm. W. collector, 234 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 149 n Caro- 
CUNNINGHAM WM. W. druggist, 148>^ 
Aisquith, s w cor McElderry, dw 16 Jeffer- 
Cupland Robert, huckster, 17 Townsend 
Cupp Daniel, tailor, 185 s Caroline 
Curby Michael C. clerk, Maltby house 
Curd Geo. furniture wagoner, 62 Penna. av 
Curgan John, stone mason, 65 Happy al 
Curlett Edward W. plasterer, 207 Gough 
CURLETT JOHN G. attorney at law, 6 Law 
Buildings, dw St. Paul, e side, n of Madison 
Curlett John & Son, coachmakers, 33 North 
Curlett John, jr. (Smith & C.) St. Paul, e side, 

n of Madison 
Curlett John, (J. C. & Son,) Calvert nr Mad- 
CURLETT LEWIS G. confectionery, 96 w 

Curlett Mary, 101 Mullikin 
Curlett Thos. coach painter, 204 Gough 
Curlett Wm. (J. C. & Son,) 171 Loyola place, 

n Calvert 
Curley Bernard, drayman, 66 Essex, Canton 
Curley Daniel, laborer, 59 Richmond 
Curley Dominick, plumber, 7 Cowpen al 
Curley Henry R. 206 n Howard 
Curley H. R. (Rogers & C.) Baltimore Co 
Curley James, architect, 83 Park 
Curley James W. hardware dealer, 17 n How- 
ard, dw lialtimore Co 
Curley James, clerk, 246 n Howard 
Curley John T. bookkeeper, 198 n Howard 
Curley Dr. Joseph H. cashier. Peoples Bank, 

dw 24 s Strieker 
Curley Mary, 82 Morris al 
Curley Owen, wood sawyer, 33 Haw 
Curley Thos. laborer, 10 Williamson al 
Curley Wm. boiler maker, 92 Grundy 
Curnaman Andrew, tailor, 89 Cambridge, 

Curney Hugh, hackman, Slemmer al 
Curney Nicholas, laborer, 1 Jenkins al 
Curnion Ellen, 65 Albemarle 
Curran Edward J. sheet iron worker, 104 

Curran Edward, laborer, 149 Aliceanna 
Curran Francis, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran James, hackman, 18 Buren 
Curran Johanna, 310 Light 
Curran John, carpenter, 607 Penna. av 
Curran John, painter, 110 Ensor 
Curran John, moulder, 37 Eastern av 
Curran John, stone cutter, 20 Eastern av 
Curran Mary, 20 Eastern av 
Curran Mich, private watch, McElderry 's wh 
Curran Nicholas, pattern maker, 310 Light 
Curran Patrick, grocery, cor Albert and Web- 
ster alleys 
Curran Susan, 94 n Front 
Curran Thomas, laborer, 176 Lerew's al 
Curran Thomas, marble cutter, 4 Willow 
Curr«ll Samuel, grocery, 114 Hill 

Curren Edward, laborer, 110 Dugan's whl 

Curren John P. carpenter, 607 Fenna. aT 

Curren Michael, cook, 310 Light 

Curry Benj. T. tinner, 200 Lee 

Curry Hugh, dyer, 47 Harmony la 

Curry Jane, boarding house, 77 Camden 

Curry John, hackman, 30 Chatsworth 

Curry John, (Bishop & C.) 48 Chew 

Curry John, carter, 147 Castle al 

Curry John R. house carp. 27 n Eden 

Curry John T. shoemaker, 216 e Madison 

Curry Levi, 77 Camden 

Curry Wm. carpenter, 220 Eastern av 

Curry Wm. H. brakesman N. C. Railway, 

369 Cathedral 
Cursch Walderman, editor German Correspon- 
dent, 42 Lexington 
Curscner Casper, cabinet mak. 144 s Caroline 
Cursey Wm. hatter, 4 Hubbard al 
Curtain Henry, butcher, Harford av, nr city 

Curtain Michael, tailor, 404 s Charles 
Curtain Rebecca, seamstress, 197 Forrest 
Curteain James, laborer, 215 n Eden 
Curtean, Samuel, oak cooper, Ellicott nr Lom- 
bard, dw Eden bet McElderry & Monument 
Curth Wigant, cabinet maker, 56 e Pratt 
Curtin Susan, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtis Albert, tailor, 230 German 
Curtis Chas. P. clerk, 163 w Madison 
Curtis Geo. tailor, 70 Pine 
Curtis John, wagoner, 33 Ensor 
CURTIS & POST, com. merchts, 43 South, 

and 41 w Pratt 
Curtis Patrick, laborer, Aliceanna nr Canton 
Curtis Reuben S. (C. & Post,) 128 e Pratt 
Curvill Wm. sailmaker, 75 s Kegester 
Curtain James, butcher, Harford av near city 

Curtis Thomas, drayman, 23 Constitution 
Curvel Charles, bricklayer, 165 Hoffman 
Curvel David, bricklayer, 102 Chew 
Curvel John, bricklayer, 231 n Howard 
Cusack Lachran, laborer, 27 e Monument 
Cushaw John, cigar maker, 34 Chatsworth 
CUSHINGS & BAILEY, booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 262 w Baltimore 
Cushing Charles E. (Courtney & C.) 215 w 

Cushing David, (Ham «fc C.) 97 w Fayett* 
Cushing John, (Cushings & Bailey) s w cor 

Lombard and Paca 
Cushing John, jr. (Foard & C.) s w cor Lom- 
bard and Paca 
Cushing Joseph, (Whitney & C.) 60 s Green* 
Cushing Joseph, jr. (Cushings & Bailey,) 

99 w Fayette 
Cushing Joseph M. (Cushings &Baily,) 99 w 

Cushing Richard, 276 s Durham 
Cushing Robert H. clerk, 97 w Fayette 
Cushman J. R. agent, ship chand. and com. 
merch. Pratt e of South, Qw 3 s Broadway 
Custy Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 
Custy John, tailor, 30 s Eutaw 
Custy Michael, laborer, 345 s Sharp 
Cutcher Francis, bricklayer, 41 n Schroeder 
Cutter Richard, shoemaker, 170 East 
Cutler Chas. S. clerk, 194 Mulberry 
Cutler David G. shoemaker, 74 n Exeter 
Cutler Smith, carpenter, 118 York 
Cuttle Geo. tea dealer and grocer, n w cor Fay- 
ette and Eutaw 




Cutts Thos. W. city water works, dw 233 e 


Daa James, laborer, 25 Lemmon 

Dacan Capt. Levin, 1 Covington 

Dackenliausen Henry, cig'ar mak. 3 L. Gough 

Dacey Dennis, laborer, 1(5 Rose 

IJadds Wm. laborer, 161 Peirce 

Daffin Benj. cutler, 2 Holiday, dw 44 n High 

Baffin Chas. C. D. engineer, 154 Garden 

Daffin Robt. S. cutler,^44 n High 

Dafner Frederick, 42 Penna. av 

Dagan Wm. J. 43 n Charles 

Dagardner Conrad, carter, 157 William 

Dagner Samuel, grocery, 226 s Caroline 

Dahl Jacob, grocer, 11 Union 

Dahle John H.C. tailor and clothier, 81 Hillcn 

Dahlivaner Joseph, 95 n Schroeder 

Dahm Peter, messenger Adams Express Co., 

201 Lee 
Dahme Charles, laborer, 907 w Pratt 
Daicker John, tavern, 100 Lexington 
Daiger Chas. F. carpenter, 318 Garden 
Daiger Francis A. varnisher, 41 n Pine 
Daiger Fred, hardware dealer, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Joseph, collector, 199 n Eutaw 
Daiger Joseph, jr. charcoal deal. 132 s High 
Daiger Mat. \. cabinet maker, 78 s Broadway 
Dail Daniel, carpenter, 4 Tripolett's al dw 126 

8 High 
Dailey Anthony, (D.&Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey & Brother, tinners, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Charles, cigar maker, 22 Preston 
Dailey Charlis R. cigar maker, 38 St. Mary 
Dailey Elizabeth, dress maker, 96 e Madison 
Dailey Epiiraim V. brush manufacturer, 20 n 

Dailey Edward U. brushmak. swcor Charles 

and Lombard, dw 20 n Frederick 
Dailey John, (D. & Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey John, sailmaker, 153 s Spring 
^ Dailey John, laborer, 2 Albemarle 
Dailey Thomas H. cigar maker, 15 Townsend 
DAILY EXCHANGE, n e cor Baltimore and 

North, Chas. G. Kerr & Co. publishers 
Daily Edward H. clerk, 664 Lexington 
Daily Nicholas, hostler, 24 Willow 
D MLY THOMAS, saddle and harness mak. 

41 South, dw 16 s Calvert 
DAILY Wvl. F. surgical instrument maker, 

11 Light, dw 105 w Fayette 
Daingerfield John B. clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Dainhardt Henry, tailor, 25 Gittings 
Dale John, laborer, 494 w Pratt 
Dale Mary, 2 Slemmer al 
Dale Robert, car painter, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel, grocer, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel, carpenter, 276 Mulberry 
Dales David, cement roofer, 58 Carlton 
Daley Bartholomew, laborer, Jordan al, near 

Daley Chas. marble polisher, 75 Stirling 
Daley Francis, laborer, 6 Garden 
Daley Frank, laborer, 267 Hanover 
Daley Franklin, laborer, 33 Plum 
Daley Henry R. cabinet maker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Henry, marble polisher, 75 Stirling 
Daley Jacob, jr. 162 e Fayette 
Daley Jame.s, baker, 751 w Baltimore 
Daley John C. trunnel maker. 147 Albemarle 
Daley John, carter, 191 Raborg 
Daley John, hookBelhr, 56 Holland 

Daley John, blacksmith, 9 Wyeth 

Daley John, laborer, 2 Albemarle 

Daley Joseph, clerk, 24 Jackson 

Daley Mark, laborer, 58 Tyson 

Daley Martin, tailor, 39 Lcnvis 

Daley Michael, porter, 4 Garden 

Daley Michael, laborer, 4 Garden 

Daley Michael, laborer, 58 Tyson 

Daley Owen, Wine near Charles 

Daley Owen, carter, 85 n Dallas 

Daley Patrick, laborer, 241 Hamburg 

Daley Patrick, laborer, 14 Liberty al 

Daley Patrick, laborer, 29 e Monument 

Daley Patrick, shoemaker, 59 Chesnut 

Daley Thomas, laborer, 396 s Charles 

Daley Thomas, cooper, Charles nr Pratt 

Daley Thomas, cigar maker, 15 Townsend 

Daley Thomas, laborer, 9 Willow 

Daley Wm. J. carpenter. Mount nr Lexington 

DalhufF Wm. engineer, 100 s Central av 

Dalker Jacob, 102 Peirce 

Dall Austin, (D., Gibbons & Co.) 72 Cathedra! 

DALL, GIBBONS & CO. dry goods com- 
mission merchants, 22 Hanover 

Dall H. McPherson, clerk, 89 Saratoga 

Dall Mary, grocery, 146 Saratoga 

Dall Joseph E. (D., Gibbons&Co.) 231 Mad- 
son av 

Dall Wm. shoemaker, 211 n Central av 

Dallam Charles F. clerk, 194 Madison av 

Dallam Edward B. (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 
89 St. Paul 

Dallam H.C. attorney at law, 47 St. Paul, dw 
188 Hoffman 

Dallam Thomas J. 75 Buren 

Daller Christopher, organ builder, 40 s Bond 

Dalling John, stocking weaver, 3 Barnes 

Dallinger Peter, pedler, 69 Preston 

D'Almiane Geo. artist, over 244 w Baltimore, 
dw 5 s Exeter 

Dalrymple Dr. Augustus, 330 e Pratt 

Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 204 n Exeter 

Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A., D. D., prest. Uni- 
versity of Md. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w 

Dalrymple George W. clerk Adams Exprees 
Co. dw 112 Hill 

Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 

Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 

Dalrymple Thomas, carpenter, 259 Forrest 

Dalrymple Wm. F. 113 Park 

Dalrymple Dr. Wm. D. 143 n Eutaw 

Dalrymple Wm. 195 w Lombard 

Dalsheimer David, boot and shoe store, 178 

Dalton Edward, hackman, 142 n Calvert 

Dalton Elizabeth, Dunnabrook terrace, rear of 
170 n Front 

Dalton Eliza, 149 Grecnmountav 

Dalton John, watchman, 53 French 

Dalton Morris, tailor, 183 e Lombard 

Dalton Wm. laborer, 92 s Spring 

DALY & BROTHER, restaurant. Wine bet. 
Charles and Light 

Daly Lugene,(D. & Bro.) Wine bet. Charles 
and Light 

Daly James, (D. & Bro.) Wine betw. Charles 
and Light 

Daly Kate, 8 Pleasant 

Daly Mary, grocery, 85 n Dallas 

Daly Owen, 85 n Dallas 

Daly Richard H. 77 Camden 

Darner Thomas S. music teacher, 168 s Paca 




Dameron Wm. stone cutter, 122 n Greene 
Dames Christian, huckstress, 112 Stirling 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 155 Orleans 
Dammann F. Wm. & E. dry goods impor. and 
com. merchts, over 254 w Baltimore, dw F. 
Wm. D.,Chatsworth, opp Hoffman 
Dammann Earnest, (F. Wm. & E. D.) Chats- 
worth, opp. Hoti'man 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. 137 n Fremont 
Dammar Matthew, tailor, 3 New Church 
Damme Sophia, boot and shoe dealer, 214 s 

Dammer Sebastian, huckster, 49 Diamond 
Damon Peter, laborer tobacco warehou. No. 3 
Danaher Thos. laborer, 145 Albemarle 
Danaher Thos. botth-r, 29 s Frederick 
Danaker Daniel, barkeeper, 118 n Gay 
DANDELET FRA.\CIS, Bait. Breweiy, cor 

Conway and Hanover, dw 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, dyer, 40 n Liberty 
Dane John, laborer, 77 s Poppleton 
Dane Thomas, cooper, 4 Trinity 
Danehar Daniel, of rolling mill, 179 s Castle 
Daneham Thos. laborer, 161 Aliceanna 
Daneker Chas. (Riggins & D.) 2 Williamson 
Daneker David, machinist, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Henry, sheet iron worker, 224 Mont- 
Daneker John F. millright, 375 Franklin 
Daneker John J. deputy sheriff, 143 Cross 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 26 Monument 
DANKLS BOLIVAR D. Jr. attorney and con- 
sul Venezuela, 57 w Fayette, dw Western 
Danels John D. jr, (Claggett & Co.) Charles, 

near Chase 
Danels Joseph D. lieut. U. S. N. 166 Dolphin 
Daneman Geo. lal)orir, 14 s Regester 
Danfelser Martin, shoemaker, 4 Cotton row, 

Danforth F. printer. National Hotel 
Danhard Casper, confectioner, 49 Portland 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 174 Sarah Ann 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 191 Vine 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 63 Portland 
Daniel Augustus, varnisher, 81 Grindle 
Daniel Mr. and Mrs. collegiate institute for 

young ladies, 60 Saratoga 
Daniel Robert, of collegiate institute, for young 

ladies, 60 Saratoga 
DANIEL WM. attorney at law, 13 Law Build- 
ings, dw 56 Lexington 
Daniels George W. chair maker, cor Caroline 

and Chew 
Daniels Isaac, copper smelter, Clinton s Boston 
Daniels Lieut. U. S. N. 166 Preston 
Daniels James, stone cutter, 59 s Fremont 
Daniels Capt. Wm. B. mariner 223 Aisquith 
Dannehy Daniel, barkeeper, 148 s Central av 
Dannenberg F. K. 339 Lexington 
Dannenbcrger Jacob, grocery, 64 Chesnut 
Dannenfelser Lewis, grocer, 84 Lancaster 
Dannettel Henry L. & Co. box makers and 

carpenters, 9 McClellan's al 
Dannettel Henry L. (H. L. D. & Co.) 226 s 

Dannettel John H. (Pfaff & Co.) 3 Vine 
Danncr John, laborer, 245 s Dallas 
Danskin Washington A. jr. gent's furnishing 

store, 628 w Baltimore 
DanskinWashington A. gent's furnishingstore, 

64 w Fayette, dw 93 n Charles 
Danson Capt. Lewis, 97 n Fremont 

Dantziger Julius E. professor of languages, 

100 Hanover 
Danz Edward, tailor, 35 Eastern av 
Danzberger John, clothing cutter, 339 s Bond 
Daoring Valentine, tailor, 30 Bank 
Darber John, bell hanger, 19 Perry 
Darby Benj. F. bookkeeper, 319 w Fayette 
Darby Benjamin, (Kephart, D. & Sons,) 319 

w Fayette 
Darby David, (Kephart, D. & Sons,) 341 w 

Darby hranklin, (Kephart, D. & Sons,) 319 

w Fayette 
Darby Montilion, machinist, 50 s. Schroeder 
Darby Philip, clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Dare G. George, (D., Sproston & Co.) 316 w 

Dare Dr. George H. ofKce s e cor Paca and 

Warner, dw 118 s Paca 
Dare Margaret, 161 Hanover 
Dare, Sproston & Co. commission merchants, 

95 s Charles, 
Dare Wm. basket maker, 367 Canton av 
Dare W. H. carpenter, 108 s Greene 
Dare Wm. H. clerk, 183 s Paca 
Daring George, blacksmith, 433 w Lombard 
Daring Notly, policeman, 433 w Lombard 
Daring Robert, blacksmith, 433 w Lombard 
Dariz Henry, blacksmith, 39 Fountain 
Darlew John W. shoemaker, 325 e Monument 
Darley Sarah, dress maker, 140 w Lombard 
Darling Edward, policeman, 40 Stirling 
Darling Eliza, 157 Forrest 
DARLING F. TAYLOK, dry goods dealer, 

157 Forrest, dw 134 n Exeter 
Darling Isaac, 157 Forri'st 
Darling James, sexton Monument M. E. Ch. 

dw 40 Stirling 
Darling James T. carpenter, 260 n Gay 
Darling John, bricklayer, 254 e Monument 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darling Mary A. milliner, Aisquith near Mad- 
Darling Patrick, laborer, 122 Harford av 
Darraugh Daniel, imj). shoe findings & leather, 

16 s Calvert, dw 28 s Broadway 
Darraugh R. J. clerk, 15 n Caroline 
DarreirCharles, clerk, 10 Barnet 
Darrell Stewart, (J. C. Yates &. Co.) 10 Barnet 
Darrington Mrs. Mary E. 34 s Broadw;iy 
Darrough Wm. shoemaker, 164 e Madison 
Darrwig Conrad, wireworker, 100 Pine 
Darry Samuel, laborer, 177 Eastern av 
Dasch Adam, tailor, 137 Hudson 
Dasch A Hois, blacksmith, McMechin, betw 

Penna. av and Division 
Dasch George, shoemaker, 43 Harrison 
Dasch Henry, blacksmith, 220 Penna. av 
Dasch John, white washer, 153 Durham 
Dasch John P. tavern, 189 Hollins 
Dasenbrock Bernajd, cab. maker, 85 Harrison 
Dashields Mrs. Ann, 289 llastern av 
Dashields Daniel, painter, 37 e Pratt 
Dashields George, painter, 289 Eastern av 
Dashields George N. driver, 63 n Spring 
Dashields Henry, laborer, 83 Washington, F. H 
Dashields James T. mariner, 289 Eastern av 
Dashields John, waterman, 66 n Caroline 
Dashields John V. carver, 289 K'astern av 
Dashiell Daniel, printer, 15 e Pratt 
Dashiell Levin F. prop. Gersham Hall, 172 s 

Bond, dw 170 
Dashiell Mai-y E. boarding house, 38 n Calvert 




Dashiell Mrs. Mary, 207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Matilda, board, house, 27)^ Aisquith 
Dashiell ('apt. Mitchell, 21]/A Aisquith 
Dashiell Dr. Nicholas Leeke' 207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Rev. R. L. 20 n Eutaw 
Dashiell Wm. O. clerk, 27)-^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 109 n Eden 
Dasmond Timothy, 70 Light st wharf 
Dauber John, brass finisher, 19 Perry 
Daubert Charles, confectionery, 27 Ensor 
Daubert Louis, shoemakar, 213 Lexington 
Dauch Peter, stevedore, 151 Ann 
Daughaday John T. carver, 21 Ross 
Daughaday Richard, stone cutter, 54 Light 
Daugherty Barney, cigar maker, 181 Eutaw 
Daugh«rty Charles W. clerk, 158 e Lombard 
Daugherty C. carpenter, 48 Boyd 
Daugherty Daniel, brass finisher, 3 Slemmer al 
Daugherty Daniel, laborer, 49 Boston, Canton 
Daugherty Elizabeth, 3 Slemmer al 
Daugherty Hugh, carpenter, 316 e Pratt 
Daugherty James, 181 n Eutaw 
Daugherty James E. coach maker, Eagle hotel, 

132 Hillen 
Daugherty James M. printer, 80 Harford av 
Daugherty John W. coal dealer, ii c cor Fay- 
ette and Central av. dw 16 Jacksf)ii square 
Daugherty Joseph, Howard House 
Daugherty Joseph, bricklayer, 265 n Dallas 
Daugherty Peter, tavern 49 Boston 
Daugherty Philip, painter, 23 Cimiet 
Daugherty Philip, jr. moulder, 23 Comet 
Daugherty & Sands, feed and fiour dealers, 

Frederick near Pratt 
Daugherty Saml, stone cutter, 146 e Monument 
Daugherty Thomas, printer, 23 Comet 
Daugherty Wm. H. (D. & Sands) 38 n Front 
Daugherty Wm. cigar maker, 181 n Entaw 
Daughter Dixon M. moulder, 234 e Madison 
Daulby Capt. Richard M. 244 e Lombard 
Dauman George, basket maker, 215 s Bond 
Daumety Michael, stone cutter, 48 Stiles 
Dauterich John, lager beer saloon, 98 n Cen- 
tral av 
Dautrich Henry, tavern, s e cor Fayette and 

Davenport Joseph, teacher, 98 n High 
Davenport Joseph B. bookkeeper, 98 n High 
Daveral Thomas, drayman, 56 n Dallas 
David Leonard, tavern, 255 s Bond 
David Margaret, grocery, 33 s Front 
Davidge Rebecca, 76 McCuUoh 
Davids Josiah A. chair caner, 43 Hampstead 
Davidson Armeda H. 207 Hanover 
Davidson A. B. importer and dealer in cloths 
and cassimeres, over 255 w Baltimore, dw 
246 w Fayette 
Davidson Charles N. clerk, 258 w Fayette 
Davidson Charles C. shoemaker, 224 n Eutaw 
Davidson Clark Y. gas fitter, 85 North 
Davidson Elizabeth, 327 Saratoga 
Davidson George, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
DAVIDSON FRANCIS, 119 n Central av 
Davidson F. Harvey, clerk, 83 North 
Davidson George, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Davidson Hannah M. confect. 224 n Eutaw 
Davidson Helen M. 245 n Eutaw 
Davidson James, blacksmith and wheelwright, 

14 and 16 East Falls av 
Davidson John G. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson Robert, weaver, 462 Saratoga 
Davidson Samuel G. rope maker, cor Point la 
and Harford av 


Davidson James W. huckster, 325 Harford av 
Davidson Richard, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Davidson Dr. Samuel A. 67 s Charles 
Davidson Sarah J. 103 Jefferson 
Davidson Solomon K. (Harrison, D. & Co.) 

81 Hill 
Davidson Wallace C. coach trimmer, 83 North 
Davidson Wm. rope maker, corner Harford av 

and Point lane 
Davidson W. B. painter, 249 Monument 
Davidson William P. (Adams & D.) 171 w 

DA VIES & WARFIELD, merchants and mil- 
lers, 16 Spear's wharf 
Davies Solomon B. (D. & Warfield,) 155 St. 

Davis Adam, laborer, 37 s Bethel 
Davis Albert, shoemaker, 21 L. McElderry 
Davis Albert, machinist, 5 w Biddle 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 22 Lee 
Davis Ann, tavern, Clinton s of Boston, Canton 
Davis August, laborer, 334 e Lombard 
Davis August, tailor, s w corner Granby and 

Davis Augustus, clerk, 108 Thames 
Davis Archibald T. tinner, 463 w Lombard 
DAVIS REV. BENJ. M. Clinton, n Boston, 

Davis Benj. cop. smelter, Clinton s of Boston, 

Davis Benj. hair dresser and barber, 806 w 

Davis Bradford A. 156 e Pratt 
Davis Charles A. painter, 10 n Republican 
Davis Charles, upholsterer. Bull's Head tavern 
Davis Charles H. pilot, 73 s Bond 
Davis CharlesW. policeman, 83 n Eden 
Davis CharlesW. bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Mrs. Charles, 89 Mulberry 
Davis Christopher C. B. baggage master B. & 

O. R. R. 143 Camden 
Davis Columbus C. baggage agent B. &0. R. 

R. 143 Camden 
Davis Daniel, copper smelter, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Davis David, carpenter, 149 n Central av 
Davis David, iron roller, 152 s Caroline 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 26 Grundy 
Davis Edward, hatter, 178 s Paca 
Davis Edward, cooper, cor Pratt and Carey 
Davis Edward, carpenter, rear of Carey s of 

Davis Edwin R. hat and cap manufactory, 333 

w Pratt 
Davis Elizabeth, 189 n Fremont 
Davis Eugene V. constable, 213 Montgomery, 

dw 931 Lexington 
Davis Gardner L. clerk, dw Maltby House 
Davis George S. plasterer, 89 Peirce 
Davis George H. stone cutter, 358 Mulberry 
Davis George A. carpenter, 287 w Lombard 
Davis George A. jr. carpenter, 287 w Lombard 
Davis George, blacksmith, 58 William 
Davis Geo. W. D. school teacher, 143 Camdea 
Davis G. Hamilton, clerk, dw National Hotel 
Davis G. W. property agent, 321 Ross 
Davis Harriet, 168 Chesnut 
Davis Henrietta, 349 Franklin 
DAVIS H. WINTER, attorney at law, 56 St. 

Davis Henry, blacksmith, 803 w Pratt 
Davis Henry, cop. smelter, Clinton n of Bostoa 
Davis Henry, laborer, Clinton s of Boston 




Davis Howard, stone cutter, 358 Mulberry 
Davis Howard, millwright, 349 Franklin 
Davis Harriet, 2 Bedford al 
Davis Henry, clerk, 47 w Fayette 
Davis Hugh, laborer, 182 Montgomery 
Davis Jackson, ship carpenter, 58 William 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 105 n Poppleton 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklin 
Davis James, boarding house, 140 Conway 
Davis James, laborer, 76 n Kutaw 
Davis James C. house carpenter, 123 s Caro- 
line, dw 109 s Eden 
Davis James E. painter, 21 Oregon 
Davis James E. clerk, 109 s Eden 
Davis James H. coachmaki-r, 54 e Eager 
Davis Mrs. Jemima, 358 Light 
DAVIS JOHN, ladies shoemaker, 506 w Bal- 
Davis John, junk aud iron dealer, 292 s Caro- 
line, dw 180 Ann 
Davis John, laborer, 66 Perry 
Davis John, plasterer. Greenwood, Bel-Air av 
Davis John, 215 Barre 
Davis John, carpenter, 124 s Caroline 
Davis John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Davis John C. carpenter, 177 Hollins 
Davis John C. master machinery N. C. Rail- 
way, dw 63 w Biddle 
Davis John, 134 Mulberry 
Davis John R. gas fitter. Brown's hotel, 117 n 

Davis John, rigger, 223 s Ann 
Davis John Thompson, boiler maker, Falls 

road near 1st tollgate 
Davis John G. ship carp. 256 Light 
Davis John E. machinist, 21 Oregon 
Davis John, mariner, 29 Cambridge, Canton 
Davis John , silver refiner, cor Clinton & Boston 
Davis John H. S. bricklayer, 62 e Decker 
Davis John W. deputy naval officer at Custom 

house, dw Montgomery near William 
Davis John F. carpenter and builder, 50 Elbow 

lane, dw 58 Columbia 
Davis John W. hostler, 44 Conway 
Davis John 63 William 
Davis John T. tin and sheet iron worker, 237 

Davis John W. tinner, 85 Hamburg 
Davis John, cop. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis John, laborer, 355 e Eager 
Davis John, stone cutter, 676 l-exington 
Davie John H. National Hotel 
Davis Joseph A. blacksmith, 58 William 
Davis .loseph, chairmaker, 245 n Central av 
Davis Joseph, brewer, 394 Saratoga 
Davis Joseph, miller, 593 w Lombard 
Davis Joseph, laborer, 334 e Lombard 
Davis Josiah, sergeant of police, Central sta- 
tion, dw 60 Holiday 
Davis Lawrence B. (Merry man, Griffith & Co.) 

287 w Lombard 
Davis Louisa, 58 William 
Davis Maria E. 236 Canton av 
Davis Mary, 73 North 
Davis Mary, nurse, 148 Hanover 
Davis Mrs. Mary, operator sewing machine, 

250 Lexington 
Davis &. Miller, druggists, 12 n Howard 
Davis Morris, shoemaker, 60 Bank 
Davis Presl«y T. shoemaker, Lexington near 

Davis Presley P. shoemaker, 169 Columbia 
Davis R. W. (Haynter, D. & Co.) 76 Saratoga 

Davis Richard L. carpenter, 506 w Baltimore 
Davis Richard T. dry goods, 212 Saratoga 
Davis Robert, engineer. Mount Royal, foot 

Davis Robert, (D. & Miller) 246 Saratoga 
Davis Samuel G. Maltby house 
Davis Samuel K. 99 Saratoga 
Davis Samuel L. cai-penter, 58 n Oregon 
Davis Samuel, laborer. Cathedral, near North- 
ern av 
Davis Stephen, shoem'r, 150 Lexington, dw 154 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, s e cor Lexington 

and Paca, dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thomas L. ship carp. 58 William 
Davis Travis, ship carp. 58 William 
Davis Tliomas, smelter, Clinton, s of Boston 
Davis Thomas, moulder, 24 Thomsen 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 363 Columbia 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thos. huckster, 171 s Washington, F. P.. 
Davis Thomas, watchman, 1 Cuba, L. P. 
Davis Thomas, laborer, 14 Stiles 
Davis Thomas W. trunk maker, 118 Hollins 
Davis Thomas B. clerk, 48 Barre 
Davis Thomas H. paper carrier, 173 e Pratt 
Davis Thomas B. messenger to mayor, 12 

Davis Walter, iron roller, 341 Eastern av 
Davis Wm. H. house carp. 145 Conway 
Davis William, sailor, 5 Armistead lane 
Davis William, shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
DAVIS DR. WILLL/VM H. 43 Lexington 
Davis Wm. T. machinist, 183 Hollins 
Davis Wm. H. constable, 356 Eastern av 
Davis Wm. ship carpenter, 34 Binney 
Davis Wm. M. machinist, 591 w Lombard 
Davis Wm. lieut. of police, 239 s Paca 
Davis Wm. seaman, 8 Fountain 
Davis Wm. daguerreian gallery, over 121 w 

Haltimore, dw 347 e Baltimore 
Davis Wm. machinist, 289 e Monument 
Davis Wm. R. plowmaker, 125 Jefferson 
Davis Wilson, machinist, 7 Bolton 
Davison John, chemist, 38 Barre 
DAVISON WM. & CO.-manuf. chemicals, 
paints, varnishes, &c. 104 w Lombard, dw 
Wm D. 146 Hanover 
Davlin Bernard, shoemaker, 176 East 
Davy James, laborer, 55 e Monument 
Davy Margaret, tailorcss, 47 e Monumei>t 
Davy Margaret, tavern, 47 e Monument 
Davy Patrick, laborer, 45 e Monument 
Daws Henry, wooden ware dealer, 466 w Bal- 
Dawes Edward B. policeman, 178 s Eutaw 
Dawes Francis A. sr. oak cooper, Centre al 

near w Fayette, dw 159 w Fayette 
Dawes, Hudgins & Co. edge tool manuf. cor 

Pratt and Mill 
Dawes John, (D., Hudgins & Co.) 103 s Exeter 
Diiwes Mary, 173 e Fayette 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 154 Garden 
Dawes Seth, seaman, 173 e Fayette 
Dawsen Ann, 210 s Wolfe 
Dawson David N. engineer, 152 Garden 
Dawson Isaac, cabinet maker, 47 Liberty 
Dawson Samuel, 305 s Bond 
Dawson Wm. J. ship carpenter, 129 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Dawson Wm. jr. engineer, 21 Courtland 
Dawson Philip T. ckrk, 46 n Broadway 
Dawson Richard, grocer and feed dealer, 217 




Dawson Thomas R. 46 n Broadway 

Day Alexr. ship carpenter, 120 Chester 

Day Alfred G. saddler, Gen. Wayne Inn 

Day Edward, shoemaker, 23 Barnes 

Day Edward H. ship carpenter, 189 Bank 

Day Geo. A. puddler, 18 Essex 

Day Rev. Gideon H. 254 e Baltimore 

Day Rev. Hamilton J. 400 Light 

Day Hazen P. baker, 107 Vine 

Day Henry, shoemaker, 49 Fountain 

Day Ira, salesman, Western hotel 

Day John H. (Lehman &. D.) 315 w Pratt 

Day Joseph E. bricklayer, ]24Hollins 

Day Mary A. 101 Camden 

Day Samuel G. tinner, 48 Holiday, dw 304 e 

DAY JAC(JB, secretary to the Board of Pub- 
lic School Commissioners, dw 304 e Chase 
Day Oliver F. saddler, 104 w Fayette 
Day Samuel, policeman, 240 e Lombard 
D'Azevedo Deborah C. saleswoman, 68 n 

Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampstead 
Deacon John, grocery, 495 e Baltimore 
Deagen Thomas, watchman, 3 Elliott 
Daymon Peter, policeman, 2 Hill 
Daymond T. actor. Brown's hotel 
Deacon Capt. Allen N. mariner, 468 Light 
Deahme Henry, shoemaker, 9 Montgomery 
Deal Conrad, W'aver, 56 Biddle al 
Deal Henry, policeman, 31 Constitution 
Deal George W. bricklayer, 287 e Madison 
Deal George J. butcher, 135 Penna. av 
Deal John, bricklayer, 26 Constitution 
Deal John, porter, 27 Goodman al 
Deal Lemuel, cab. maker, 179 Aisquith 
Deal Wm. C. plumber, 88 North, dw 25 

Deal Wm. watchman at Custom house, 25 

Deals Edward M. MuUikin near Eden 
Deam John, shoemaker, 58 e Eager 
Dean Cathenne, 258 Franklin 
Dean Chas.N. owner of Gilmor house coaches, 

dw 445 j^exington 
DEAN, CRABBb: & CO. dry goods merchants, 

243 w Baltimore 
Dean Francis, saddle and harness maker, 240 

w Pratt, dw 256 
Dean John, laborer, 185 s Chapel 
Dean Richard, turner, 48 Holland 
Dean Sarah J. dressmaker, 32 Somerset 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean W. A. (D., Crabbe & Co.) 22 HoUins 
Dean Wm. treasurer Canton Co. cor Boston 

and Patuxent 
Dean Wm. carpenter, 35 Hoffman 
Dearenberger Henry, carpenter, Ross near St. 

Dearing Henry, laborer, 267 Hughes 
Dearling Edward, tailor, over 148 Saratoga 
Dearker Henry, drayman, 88 York 
Dears Frederick, laborer, 98 St. Peter 
Deasel Andrew, 21 Comet 
Deatman H. stove dealer, 84 Orleans 
Deatzee John, cooper, 20 Be van 
Deaver Ford, policeman, 327 e Monument 
Deaver George R. moulder, 91 Hillen 
Deaver James, waterman, 363 e Monument 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 158 High 
Deaver James, machinist, 254 Aisquith 
Deaver John W. miller, 425 e Fayette 
Deaver Margaret, 240 e Madison 

Deaver Mary Ann, 91 Hillen 

Deaver Stephen, painter, 261 s Paca 

Deaver Wm. R. house painter. Federal near 

Debering Anton, machinist, 288 n Eutaw 
De Baufre Ann, board, house, 286 e Baltimore 
De Baufre Wm. butter depot, 262 Eastern av 
Debaugh George, painter, 708 w Baltimore 
Debeet Duncan H. (Barret &D.) 23 e Fayette 
Debering Jarret, grocer, 27 Clay 
Debon Nicholas, coach painter, 186 Vine 
Debow James P. blacksmith, Low near Exeter 
Debow John, 245 Hollins 
Debow Lemuel, oyster dealer, 318 Garden 
Debow Sophia, grocery, 245 Hollins 
Deboye Peter, laborer, Annapolis road near 

long bridge 
Debrenk Oliver, laborer, 27 Preston 
DEBRING JOHN G. shoemaker, 133 n Eu- 
De Brune B. artist, 63 e Baltimore 
DeCaindry Augustin, carpenter, 23 Elliott 
De Caindry Augustine, cab. maker, 226 Wash- 
ington, F. H. 
De Caindry Wm. A. printer, 23 Elliott 
Deck John, bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deckel Conrad, 150 s Eden 
Deckel Mary, 195 e Lombard 
Dcckelman George, shoemaker, 34 St. Mary 
Deckelman John, shoemaker, 37 Chaisworth 
Deckenbaugh Christian, pump maker 168 s 

Decker Addison, butter depot, 113 n Exeter 
Decker Belthazar, tobacconist, 257 Aisquith 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Frederick laborer, 174 s Kegester 
Decker Henry, baker, 11 Fountain 
Decker Henry tailor, 19 Orleans 
Decker Jacob F. of Com. & Farm, bank, 149 

w Fayette 
Decker John W. clerk, 152 e Monument 
Decker John, 52 Carlton 
Decker John, 204 s Wolfe 
Decker L. N. clerk, 152 e Monument 
Decker Mary A. milliner, 273 n Central av 
De Coninck Amelia W. 21 iVJcCulloh 
De Coninck, Francis, clerk, 21 McCulloh 
De Cordova G. J. clerk, 74 Saratoga 
mission merchants, 62 Buchanan's whf 
De Cordova Solomon, (De C, Hendricks & 

Co.) 74 Saratoga 
De Cormis Edward, jr., bookkeeper, 281 w 

De Cormis Edward, (De C. & Rogers) 281 w 

DECORMIS & ROGERS, imp. and dealers 

in wines, brandies, &c. 4 Commerce 
Dcdias Dr. E. 16 Garden 
Dedrich Andrew, tailor, 35 Brown 
Uedrich Adam, wheelwright, 246 Harford av 
Dedricks Martin, engineer, 67 n Frederick 
Dee John, furniture wagoner, 183 s Sharp 
Dee Morris, confectioner, 4 Swan 
Dee Richard, confectioner, 4 Swan 
Deeker Philip, blacksmith, 642 w Pratt 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 17 Sterrett 
Deems Edward T. officer at penitentiary, 289 

Deems George W. machinist, 229 Conway 
Deems Jacob, jr. (Sloan & D.) 6 Hollins 
Deems Jacob, moulder, 37 Dolphin 
Deems Jacob C. painter, 154 Dover 




Deems James, moulder, 279 Columbia 
Deems Mary, huckstress, 160 n Eden 
Deems Mrs. Wm. dry goods dealer, n e cor 

Conway and Warner 
Deems Wm. moulder, 19 s Warner 
Deer Edward, 244 Light 
Deer John, laborer, 201 Montgomery 
Deer Margaret, 201 Montgomery 
Deery Isabella, 17 Hillen 
DEETJEN TYARK, ship chandler and gro- 
cer, 125 Thames 
Deets Eliza, 166 East 
Deets Frederick, (Benton & D.) Monument 

near fStirling 
Deets George "W. bricklayer, 13 n Wolfe 
Deets John, varnisher, 6 Second 
Deets Lemuel, carpenter, 66 s Broadway 
Deets Wm. Henry, telegraph operator, 44 

Deis Henry, butcher, Garrison lane near 

Frederick road 
Deitrich John, 169 s Regester 
Deffenbaugh Daniel , shoemaker, 62 Harford av 
Detfenbaugh John, tavern, 211 I^xington 
Deffit Peter, carpenter, 132 French 

leather and oil commission merchants, 42 s 

Calvert, dw B. De F. 105 n Charles 
De Ford Benj. F. clerk, 105 n Charles 
DEFOHD CHARLES D. & CO. tobacco 

commission merchants and importers of Ha- 

vanna cigars and leaf tobacco, 37 s Gay, dw 

Chas. D. De F. 289 Madison av 
DeFord Geo. T. (Chas. D. DeF. & Co.) 289 

w Madison 
De Ford Geo. H. clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Isaac B. (Benj. DeF. & Sons,) 105 n 

De Ford Richard S. clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Thomas G. clerk, 336 w Fayette 
De Ford Thomas J. (Benj. De F. & Sons,) 

105 n Charles 
De Ford Wm. Y. (Chas. D. DeF. & Co.) 42 

De Forrest Mary, 62 n Front 
Degan Kenton, plasterer, 128 s Wolfe 
Degan John, laborer, 13 Cotton Row, Canton 
Degan Joseph, cigar maker, 6 Truxton 
Degant Ann, 390 n Gay 
Degaw Thomas, carter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thomas, jr. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Degele John F. watchmaker, 271 n Gay 
Degenhard Charles, laborer, 117 Albemarle 
Degenhard Dorothy, tobacconist, 56 Thames 
Dngenhardt August, carpenter, 295 n Central 

Degoey Charles, wharfinger, Chase's whf. dw 

cor Thames and Philpot 
De Goey Wm. hat store, 212 w Pratt 
Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conway 
Dehoff Jesse, wheelwright, 112 Vine 
Deible Jacob, tinner, 12 s Carey 
Deichelborer Xavier, butcher, Harford av near 

city limits 
Deiches Henry, cabinet maker, 274 s Charles 
Deietz George, baker, s e cor Gough and Ann 
Deihl Francis, laborer, 447 w Fayette 
Deihl Parena, trimming store, 447 w Fayette 
Deibel Peter, baker, n w cor Baltimore and 

Deil Mary B. 125 Harford av 
Deipch George, varnisher, 102 n Gay 
Deischmiliir lknry,rag dealer, 253 s Bond 

Deisel Andrew, laborer, 134 Canton av 

Deisel Henry, laborer, 64 Bank 

Deist N. Martin, baker, 34 s Poppleton 

Deitch Jacob, clerk, 174 n High 

Deitch Wm. carpenter, 174 n High 

Deitrich John C. 95 Washington, F. H. 

Deitrich John E. (E. Schlueter & Co.) 150 

Deitrich Lewis, piano maker, 12 East 
Deitz Catharine, 224 n Dallas 
Deitz Frank, carpenter, 45 St. Mary 
Deitz Frederick, shoemaker, 105 Eastern aT 
Deitz Francis, carver, 103 Camden 
Deitz Francis, n e cor L. Monument and Host 
Deitz George P. cabinet maker, 103 Camden 
Deitz George, tailor, 3 n Amity 
Deitz Jacob, varnisher, 103 Camden 
Deitz John, laborer, 196 s Regester 
Deitz John, clothing cutter, 174 s Broadway 
Deitz John, scissors grinder, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz John, cabinet maker, 43 Marion 
Deitz Joseph, plumber, 103 Camden 
Deitz Lawrence, carpenter, 336 s Sharp 
Deitz Lewis, cabinet maker, 103 Camden 
Deitz Reinhart, grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Deitz Wm. A. 310 s Sharp 
Deitz Wm. clerk, 85 Harrison 
Deitz Valentine, tailor, n wcor Bank & Spring 
Deitzel Frederick, laborer, 103 Eastern ar 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
De Lamar B. bookkeeper, 79 Pearl 
Delame Conrad, carter, 25 Preston 
Delaney Catherine M vest maker, 29 Albe- 
Delahay Eliza, 51 Holiday 
Delahay Mrs. A. E. millinery, 59 e Baltimore 
Delahay James C. 20 George 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 31 Henrietta 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 39 Henrietta 
Delahay Jesse S. carpenter, 70 Camden 
Delaney Dennis, drayman, 123 s Exeter 
Delaney Edward, shoemaker, 155 e Lombard 
Delaney Capt. Geo. E. mariner, 116 s Regester 
Delaney Hannah, 265 n Howard 
Delany James, laborer, 77 n Oregon 
Delaney John, gilder, 74 Jasper 
Delaney Dr. Robert, herb doctor, 8 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Delaney Mary, 15 s Bethel 
Delante Wm. laborer, 187 Aliceanna 
Delanty Wm. brickmaker, 359 Light 
Delano Mary Ann, 233 e Pratt 
Delano Philip A. coach painter, 233 e Pratt 
Delano Wm. H. block and pump maker, 233 e 

Delarue Ann F. 161 n Eutaw 
Delcambre Alexis, restaurant, 30 n Liberty 
Delcher Edward W. huckster, 132 n Bond 
Delcher George, huckster, 276 Mulberry 
Delcher John, brewer, 24 St. Peter 
Delcher John T. painter, 126 n High, dw 178 

Delcher John W. fish dealer and grocer, cor 

Harford and Central avs 
Delcher W. G. painter, 511 w Lombard 
Delcher Wm. J. trader, 89 s Caroline 
Deleib Geo. K. (Geo. D. D. &Son) 271 Mul- 
Deleib George D. & Son, coal dealers. Cathe- 
dral near Preston, dw Geo. D. D. 271 MiJ- 
Delevet Matilda, 57 Watson 
Delevie Solomon, 18 Stiles 




Delevingne Theodore H. at Eldon Hall, dw 491 

II Gay 
Delius Charles, (D. & Halvin) 30 n Greene 
Dftlius Gotleib, tailor, 72 s Bethel 
DELll'S & HALVIN, importers German, 
Eng;lish and French fancy goods, over 306 
w Baltimore 
Dell Charles, laborer, 40 s Exeter 
Dell John E. bookkeeper, 11 s Howard 
Dell Lawrence G. machinist, 11 s Howard 
Dell Thos. E. bookbinder, 16 Cowpen al, dw 

11 s Howard 
Dell Wm. jr, bookbinder, 204 Mulberry 
Delia Geo. W. brickmaker, 29 Hopkins' Row 
Delia Peter, brickmakor, 233 s Sharp 
Delia Peter, blacksmith, 319 s Charles 
Delia Wm. brickmaker, 233 s Sharp 
Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, 20 w Pratt 
Dellivie Ury, (Liebman & D.) 50 Front 
Dellehunt Wm. iceman, 95 Eastern av 
Deloughery Dr. Edward, 138 Saratoga 
D'Elpeux Ravin, chancellor of the French con- 
sulate, 107 Cathedral 
Delphey George, Swan tavern, 122 Franklin 
Delman Conrad, wagoner, 25 Preston 
Demler Adam, tailor, 122 Thames 
DeMangin Charles H. T. 66 Mulberry 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
Demelman David S. dry goods and millinery 

dealer, 190 Lexington 
Demelman Jos. optician, 190 Lexington 
Demitz Charles H. cooper, 26 Lee 
Demitz Henry F. cigar maker, 118)^ Light st 

wharf, dw 20 Conway 
Demitz John, S e cor Eastern avand Spring 
Demkin William, mate, 86 Granby 
Demlin John, tailor, 88 e Lomljard 
Demling John, laborer, 23 Perry 
Demling Nicholas, laborer, 23 Pirry 
Demmie Christopher, piano maker, 145 s Fre- 
DeMock Charles, 117 w Monument 
Dempsey Austin, saddler, 110 n Calvert 
Dempsey, Elizabeth R. seamstress, 44 n Eutaw 
Dempsey John, laborer, 82 French 
Dempsey John F. clerk, 110 n Calvert 
Dempsey Thomas, fireman, 15 Williamson al 
Dempsey Timothy, 28 n Exeter 
Dempsey Wm. saddler, 110 n Calvert 
Dempster James, lottery office, 3 Barre, dw 

115 Cross 
Dempster John, moulder, 28 Henrietta 
Dempster John, fisherman, 79 Cross 
Demuth August, machinist, 37 Eastern av 
Demuth Franz, lager beer saloon, 151 Saratoga 
Demuth Gustav. shoemaker, 53 Pearl 
Demuth John, collector, 11 Rock 
Demuth John, jr. bricklayer, 11 Rock 
Demuth William, machinist, 11 Rock 
Denahue James, shipjoiner, 272 Eastern av 
Denbore Mrs. Mary Ann, 378 n Gay 
DeNeckere Rev. F X. 93 Barre 
Dendle Peter, brickmaker, 69 Elliott 
Denges Peter, shoemaker, 22 Park 
Denges Peter, shoemaker, 437 w Baltimore 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 264 n Central av 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 141 Peirson 
Denhart Casper, confectioner, 208 Light 
Denisch Faldine, carter, 179 Mullikin 
Denison Andrew W. (D. & Bros.) 13 s Gay 
Denison & Bros, grocers, 51 w Baltimore, and 

219 w Pratt 
Denison Franklin, policeman, 152 Ross 

Denison Henry C. (D. & Bros.) 13 s Gay 
Denison John, plasterer, 114 n Eden 
Denison John M. (D. & Bros.) 13 s Gay 
Denison Marcus & Son, grocers and tea deal- 
ers, 51 w Baltimore 
Denison Marcus (M. D. & Son) 13 S. Ga 
Denison S. plasterer, 102 n Eden 
Denkler Andrew, laborer, 202 Happy al 
Denkman Carl, soap and candle maker, 92 

DENMEAD A.& W. D. & SONS, Monument 
Foundry, cor North and Monument. — [See 
p 13 Advertisements.] 
Denmead Adam, (A. & W. D. & Sons,) 147 

n Charles 
Denmead Edward, (A. & W. D. & Sons) 

21 n Calvert 
Denmead Francis, prop, city malt house. West 

Falls av, dw 176 n Calvert 
Denmead Isaac, master machinist, 104 Ca- 
Denmead Philip H. cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 88 St. Paul, dw 79 Lexington 
Denmead Talbot, (A. & W. D. & Sons) 190 

n Calvert 
Denmead Wm. (A. & W . D. & Sons) 127 Park 
Dennie Thomas, office over 1 Hanover, dw 

Gilmor house 
DENNIES LOUIS, tavern and furniture wa- 
gons, 56 President 
Denning John, porter, 2 Albemarle 
Denninger John, drayman, 325 s Sharp 
Dennis Andrew T. cooper, 15 Rock 
Dennis Andrew, paper carrier, 333 s Charles 
Dennis Charles, clerk, 318 Light 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. paper hanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. of Wm. paper hanger, 456" 

Dennis Frederick, 235 s Wolfe 
Dennis James R. tailor, 235 s Wolfe 
Dennis John M. paper hanger, 177 Mulberry 
Dennis John A. olacksmith, 14 s Republican 
Dennis Littleton Q. 140 Washington, F. H. 
Dennis Mary, 14 s Republican 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 51 Josej)hine 
Dennis Philip, carpenter, 205 Montgomery 
Dennis Thos. confectioner, 57 Centre Mar. sp 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 15 Rock 
Dennis Wm. jr. bricklayer, 16 Rock 
Dennis Wm. A. carpenter, 239 Conway 
Dennis Sallie, .seamstress, 130 s Wolfe 
Denny Annie F. 32 Hanover 
Denny Ann, 70 St. Paul 
Denny Daniel, grocery, 56 Knsor 
Denny Ellen, 212 Montgomery 
Denny Eliza, 154 Washington, F. H. 
Denny Elizabeth, 114 e Pratt 
Denny George, carpenter, 56 Ensor 
Denny James E. carpenter, 169 Orleans 
Denny John, (Armstrong & D.) 212 Mont- 
Denny Owen, tavern, 52 Camden 
Denny Patrick, tavern, n e cor Frederick and 

Denny Peter, laborer, 27 Hillen 
Denny & Michael, commis. merchts. 64 Siowth 
Denny Stephen T. gilder, Ills Exeter 
Denny Thomas 0. clerk, 114 e Pratt 
Denny Thomas, (D. &, Michael,) 111 s Exeter 
Denoe Thomas, grocer, 666 w Baltiniiore 
Denoe Washington, tinner, 666 w Baltimore 
Denson E. IVJ. confectionery, 206 Hanover 
Denson Wm. clerk, 15 n Front 




Denson Isaac M. & Buck, dealers in metals, 

furs, paper stock, &c. 100 Light st whf 
Denson Isaac M. (Isaac M. D. & Buck,) 143 

n Exeter 
Denson John, sec. hand clothing dealer, 173 

Sarah Ann 
Denson Wm. J. M. clerk, 15 n Front 
Dent James H. salesman, Howard house 
Dent John W. clerk, 38 n Charles 
Dent J. Wm. salesman, Howard house 
DENTAL COLLEGE over New Assembly 
Rooms, n e cor Hanover and Lombard. — 
[See p. 29 Advertisements.] 
Dentinger Joseph, cabinet maker, Harrison, 

near Gay 
Dentry R. B. china store, 40 Pearl 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 393 s Eutaw 
Depche Henry, tailor, 88 Jackson 
Depeape John, rigger, 127 s Chester 
Depert Joseph, shoemaker, 9 Smith's al 
Depas John, policeman, 124 Jefferson 
Depfer Henry, laborer, Hudson, near Federal 
Depkin Henry, tailor, 38 Jackson 
Deputy J. M. restaurant, s wcor Howard and 

Depscr Casper, baker, 329 s Bond 
Depser John, tailor, 453 Saratoga 
Depo Sarah, washerwoman, 78 Preston 
Depow Ellen, 442 Walsh 
Deppish Edward, tinner, 112 n Gay 
Deppish John, tinner, 112 n Gay 
Deppish Wm. cedar cooper, 112 n Gay 
Deppish Wm. cedar cooper, 150 Chesnut 
Deppre Linora, tailoress, 267 s Ann 
Derbeck George, carpenter, 21 Preston 
DERENBERGER G. & J. candy manufac- 
turers, 67 Ross 
Derenberger Daniel, carpenter, 308 Franklin 
Derenberger George, (G. & J. D.) 67 Koss 
Derenberger Jacob, (G. & J. D.) 67 Ross 
Dernhardt Nicholas, grocery, 141 Peirce 
Derlin Charles, umbrella maker, 14 s Sharp 
Derlling Edward, oyster packer, 133 s Caroline 
De Roneeray Louis, 101 s High 
De Roneeray Margaret, 101 s High 
Derr John P. (D., Thompson & Co.) Maltby 

Derr Francis, shoemaker, 235 Franklin 
Derr, Thompson & Co., produce and general 

commission merchants, 6 Camden 
Derr Wm. C. carpenter, 674 w Pratt 
Derral John, veterinary surgeon, 235 East- 
ern av. 
Derrant Sarah, tailoress, 54 Rock 
Derry James, laborer, s e cor Aliceanna and 

Central av 
Derry Wm. shoemaker, 54 e Madison 
Desdoff John H. tobacco merchant, dw 253 w 

Des Forges John P. Bee. hand bookstore, 12 
Light, dw Frederick road, near Mt. de Sales 
Deshon Christopher M. coal agent, office 34 

Second, dw 253 w Fayette 
Desmond Timothy, salesman, 83 McElderry's 

Desolla Jacob Mendes, operator sewing ma- 
chine, 100 s Howard 
Despeaux Ann I. 137 s Bond 
Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, 22 Philpot 
Despeaux Anthony, spar maker, 137 s Bond 
Despeaux Henry, ship carp. 112 s Caroline 
Despeaux Capt. John J. 137 s Bond 
Despeaux John, clothing cutter, 35 Jackson 

Despeaux Joseph, tailor, 35 Jackson 
Despeaux Joseph, jr. clerk, 35 Jackson 
Despommiers Eugene, 271 w Madison 
Dess Joseph, cabinet maker, 137 n Bond 
Dess Saffa, cabinet maker, 215 n Central aT 
Dest George, glass blower, 264 s Dallas 
Desvarreaux Jas. shoe findings dealer, 164 n 

Deter Peter, paper hanger, 156 Raborg 
Detken Frederick, seaman, 217 s Wolfe 
Detrich J. Stoall, machinist, 24 Holiday 
Detter David, grate maker, 28 Maiden la 
Detter Caroline, seamstress, 28 Maiden la 
Dettendale Joseph, laborer, 362 Canton av 
Deubel Henry, tavern, 7 Fish Market spac« 
Deurford Wm. carpenter, 55 Josephine 
Deutch Joseph, 66 Jasper 

Devalangin Miss W. boarding house, 37 n Gay 
Devaughan Ann, 134 Lancaster 
Devaughan Silas, blacksmith, 134 Lancaster 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general, 89 Harrison, 

dw 46 n Front 
Devalin John H. blacksmith, 46 n Front 
Deven John, laborer, 33 Millman 
Dever J. W. lightning rod manufacturer, 93 
Smith's whf., up stairs, dw Frederick road 
near Catonsville 
Dever John, tavern, 115 Hollins 
Dever Morris, rag dealer, 34 Chesnut 
Devereux Thomas, drayman, 56 n Dallas 
Develin Henry, bricklayer, 5 Barnes 
Develin Henry, cooper 63 Harford av 
Deville & Bourguet, hair dressers and wig 

makers, 141 w Baltimore 
Deville Francis, (D. & Bourguet) 529 w Fay- 
Devine Ann N. 2 Grace's ct 
Devine Charles, laborer, 44 Guilford al 
Devine Edward T. policeman, 19 w Biddlt 
Devine Francis, laborer, 3 w Lombard 
Devine Honorah, 3 Grace's ct 
Devine Margaret, grocery, 39 Biddle al 
Devine Wm. ship carpenter, 22 Philpot 
Devine Wm. shoemaker, 37 McElderry 
Devinney Mary D. grocery, 27 Booth 
Devinny Margaret, 134 n Central av 
Devlin Bernard, shoemaker, cor Falls & Buren 
Devlin Bernard, shoemaker, 208 w Pratt 
Devlin Felix P. grocery, n e cor East and 

Devlin John, Petticoat al 
Devlin Louisa, millinery, 121 Lexington 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, 4 Burke 
Devitt E. J. Western hotel 
Devitt Elizabeth, 11 n Eutaw 
Devney Thomas, tavern, 87 McElderry's whf 
Devoe Wm. saddler, 16 Maiden la 
Devon John, carriage maker, 228 Light 
Devon John T. boiler maker, 229 Light 
Devoy Daniel J. gas fitter, 77 Stirling 
Devries B. F. clerk, 93 n Paca 
Devries Benjamin F. clerk, 77 n Eutaw 
Devries Christopher, salesman, Howard house 
De Vries Frederick, lager beer saloon, 2 Presi- 
wholesale dry goods dealers, n e cor lialti- 
more and Howard 
Devries Wm. (D., Stephens & Thomas,) 115 

w Monument 
Devring Adolph, laborer, 27 Preston 
Dew Dr. James, agent periodicals, 176 w Bal- 
timore, dw 27 Chataworth 




Dew John, paper carrier, 64 Harford av 
Dew William, pattern mak. 37 Greenmountav 
Dewalt Christopher, engineer, 100 William 
Dewalt Wm. H. machinist, 100 William 
Dewees Chas. W. last maker, 1 Grant, dw 4 

De Witt Louie B., U. S. Engineer's office. Ex- 
change buildings, dw 598 w Fayette 
Dcwling Lucretia, 137 Cross 
De Wolf Benj. jobber and dealer in diamonds, 

watches, jewelry, &c. 10 Harrison 
De Wolf Sarah, fancy and trimmings store, 10 

De Wolfe Jacob, 16 Harrison 
DEXTER CHAS. bakery, 4 n High 
Dexter Chas. tinner, 28 s Caroline 
De Young Thomas, brass finisher, 116 n Eden 
Dias John, cooper, 61 Portland 
Diamond James, oak cooper, 18 Philpot, dw 

143 s Ann 
Diamond Robert, mariner, 73 s Bethel 
Dibb James, laborer, 67 s Schroeder 
Dibbs John, junk dealer, McElderry's wharf, 

dw 194 n Broadway 
Dice Ann, chambermaid, 36 Conway 
Dick John T. (Hiser & Co.) 228 w Fayette 
Dick John, clerk, 42 s Kutaw 
Dick Wm. carter, 453 Saratoga 
Dickel Charles, carpenter, 68 Granby 
Dickel George H. tailor, 274 s Charles 
Dickel John, shoemaker, 126 William 
Dickel John, ship carpenter, 126 William 
DICKEL HENRY, butcher, 53 Bel-Air 

market, dw Bel-Air av. near city limits 
Dickorson Alfred, moulder, 49 n Eden 
Dickerson Peter, railr'd agent, 637 w Lombard 
Dickey Charles E. 91 Saratoga 
Dickey George S. 9 s Eutaw 
Dickey Mary J. 95 n Caroline 
Dickey Robert L. teacher, 95 n Caroline 
Dickey Wm. J. manufac. domestic goods, 435 

Dickhut George, tailor, 140 e Fayette 
DICKINSON DAVID A. Franklin hall bil- 
liard saloon, North, dw 24 North 
Dickinson Enoch H. machinest, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Elizabeth, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson George W. photographist, 244 w 

Baltimore, dw 25 s Howard 
Dickinson Gideon, carpenter, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson James A. clerk, 281 s Charles 
Dickinson John S. (Whedbee & D.) 39 

Dickinson P. Eugene, clerk, 164 w Lombard 
Dickler Mattice, shoemaker, 232 Canton av 
Dickler Matthew, shoemaker, 232 Canton av 
Dickman John H. tavern, 108 Dugan's whf 
Dicks Preston, huckster, 121 Camden 
Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 297 Lexington 
Dickson Jane, 152 w Madison 
Dickson Dr. John, 261 w Madison 
Dickson Joseph, glass blower, 5 Perry 
Dicus Ann, 120 Garden 
Dicus Elizabeth, grocery, 120 Garden 
Didier Mrs. Adehne M. 74 Cathedral 
Didier Kugene L. clerk, 56 George 
DIDIER HENRY A. agent N. American In- 
surance Co. of Philadelphia, and Delawnrf 
Mutual S. Insurance Co. 45 Commercial 
buildings, dw 74 Cathedral 
Didier Julia, 56 George 
Diebitsch Richard, baker, 125 Penna. av 

Diechelbor Michael, butcher, 126 Hampstead 
Diedrich Frederick, bookkeeper, 18 n High 
Diedrich Lewis, tailor, 12 Lee 
Diefel Xavier, locksmith, 6 West al 
Dieffenbach Chas. H. (Moore & D.) 21 Brown 
DIEFFENBACH & MOORE, apothecaries, 

21 Brown 
Diehl Henry, laborer, 178 Aliceanna 
Diehm John P. shoemaker, n e cor Amity and 

Diener Israel, tailor, 264 s Bond 
Dierback Conrad, carpenter, 25 Preston 
Dierback George, carpenter, 25 Preston 
Dieren Henry L. grocery, 325 Canton av 
Dicring Herman F. tavern, Patterson nr Pratt 
Diering H. Lewis, grocer, s e cor Canton av 

and Wolfe 
Dierling John, carpenter, 120 s Chapel 
Diegelmann Joseph, carpenter, 78 Somerset 
Dietel Andrew, tanner, 381 Penna. av 
Dieter Valentine, paper hanger, 28 n Howard; 

dw 96 Saratoga 
Dieterly Christopher, bookkeeper, n w cor 

Eden & Mullikin 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 354 s Charles 
i Dietrich Adam, wheelwright, 246 Harford av 
Dietrich Frederick, bookkeeper, 48 w Lombard 
Dietrich H. collector, 150 Pearl 
Dietrich Henry, second hand furniture dealer, 

55 Harrison 
Dietrich John, shoemaker, 747 w Baltimore 
Diciricli John, tailor, 64 Walnut al 
Dietrich John, tailor, 21 ['Elizabeth la 
Dietrich Jnjm, shoimaker, 205 w F'ayette 
Dietrich John H. (E. Schlueter & Co.) 150 

Dietrich Leinhard, weaver, 74 Harrison 
Dietrich Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 
Dietsch Mary, 2 Garden 
Dietsch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Dietrick Henry, shoemaker, 27 Rock 
Dietz Charles, scissor grinder, 736 Penna. av 
Dietz Henry, furniture wagon, 200 HoUins 
Dietz Jacob, butcher, e Monument, extended 
Dietz John, grocery, 275 s Sharp 
Dietz John H. merchant tailor, n w cor Pratt 

and Charles 
DIETZ LAWRENCE D. wholesale dealer in 

fancy goods, hosiery, varieties and notions, 

151 Franklin. — [See page 40 Mverlisements.] 
Dietz Ludwig, 103 Camden 
Diez John, clothing cutter, 174 s Broadway 
Dievel Daniel, 99 n Paca 
Dievel Frederick, piano maker, 49 Harrison 
Dievel Wm. shoemaker, 84 s Regester 
Diffenbaugh Christopher, ladies shoemaker, 

Carlton near Lexington 
Diffenbaugh Danl. D. shocmak. 62 Harford av 
Diffenbaugh Wm. H. carpenter, 7 Rose 
Diffendcr Elizabeth, 10 HoHins al 
Diffenderffer George, 71 McElderry 
Diffenderffer Harry, clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer John A. 1 s Frederick 
Diffenderffer Lewis A. clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Dr. Michael, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Michael, jr. clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Octavius, (Chas. H. Ross'& Co.) 

28 North 
Diffenderffer Dr. Wm. 41 s Sharp 
Diffendorf Margaret, seamstress, 37 Preston 
Diffey Alexander, machinist, 58 s Poppleton 
Diffey Victor, horse trader, 86 Carey 




DiiBey John, stone mason, 219 e Fayette 

Difler Michael, tailor, 40 Happy al 

Diggans Henry, rope maker, 33 Gittings 

Digges Dudley, bookkeeper, Howard house 

Diggs Beverly, 39 s Kxeter 

Diggs Beverly, jr. carpenter, 63 s Eden 

Diggs Chas. F. clerk, 30 Fawn 

Diggs Daniel, printer, 63 s Kden 

Diggs Edward G. clerk, 30 Fawn 

Diggs Geo. W. bookkeeper, Howard house 

Diggs Henry, clerk custom house, 63 a Eden 

Diggs James, clerk, 30 Fawn 

Diggs John R. dealer in fancy goods, toys, 

&c., 219 w Baltimore, dw 39 s Exeter 
Diggs Capt. Thos. mariner, 55 William 
Diggs Capt. Wm. mariner, 55 William 
Dignan Julia, 2 Webster ct 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 21 High al 
Dignan Mary, grocery, 21 High al 
Digney Cathenne, 178 L. Constitution 
Dill Capt. Andrew, mariner, 57 n Spring 
Dill Ellen, 163 Hoffman 
Dill Frederick, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill Henry, carpenter, 319 s Charles 
Dill John, mate, 192 s Ann 
Dill Wm. currier, 87 Grindle 
Dillahunt Elizabeth, 92 Chester 
Dillahunt John G. tobacconist, 92 Chester 
DILLAWAY THOMAS, teacher, 121 Ross, 

dw 35 Mosher 
Dilleaberg B. clerk, 42 Columbia 
Dillenburg David, (L. & A. Frank & Co.) 

124 e Baltimore 
Dillfelder John G. cooper, 179 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Dillehunt John, cab't. maker, 230 e Monument 
Dillehunt John G. cigar maker, 92 Chester 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinet maker, 181 e Mon- 
Dillon, Edward, tailor, 33 Haw 
Dime Savings Bank, ii Calvert, opposite Bar- 

num's hotel 
Dimling Charles, butcher, alley near e Mon- 
ument, extended 
Dimling J. Konrat, provision dealer, s e cor 

McHenry & Poppleton 
Dimmet Charles, clerk, 119 n Gay 
Dimmick Nicholas, laborer, 8 Green's ct 
Dinan James, laborer, 103 French 
Dingel Jacob, carter, 102 Hamburg 
Dingle Jacob R. shoemaker, 80 Chesnut 
Dingel Sophia, 102 Hamburg 
Dingfelder Peter, shoemaker, 13 n Frederick 
Dinkelman Henry R. grocery, se cor Howard 

and Conway 
Dinner Henry, cooper, 196 s Bond 
Dinnish John, shoemaker, 84 Chesnut 
Dinnish John, shoemakir, 245 s Ann 
Dinsmore Charlotte, 95 Pearl 
Dinsmore David, stevedore, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Dimond Hugh, brickmaker, 99 Cambridge, 

Dinning Jane, grocery, 46 Short 
Dinsmore James, finisher, 409 Saratoga 
Dinsmore James, machinist, 15 Stiles 
Dinsmore John T. iron moulder, 15 Stiles 
DINSMORE & KYLE, grocers and 

com. merchts, 156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Thos. bricklayer, 15 Stiles 
Dippel Geo. 110 s Bond 
Dippel Mrs. Sophia, 110 s Bond 
Dippel Sophia, confectionery, 119 Bank 

Dippert John, laborer, 184 s Ann 
Dirk Sebastian, cooper, 129 Thames 
Dirkin John, laborer, 70 Durst al 
Dirkin Patrick, laborer, 66 Durst al 
Diaer Geo. laborer, 190 Hollins 
Disney Benj. painter, 195 s Ann 
Disney Geo. iron roller, 168 s Broadway 
Disney John W. painter, 167 L. Greene 
Disney John W. (J. W. D. & Co.) rear of 

Greenmount cemetery 
Disney John W. Co. pavers and coBtractors, 

100 Chew 
Disney Leonard, engineer B. & O. R. R. 432 

w Lombard 
Disney Mary, 142 s Eutaw 
DISNKY OLIVER M. painter, 77 Dover, dw 

182 Conway 
Disney Samuel, laborer, 164 n Spring 
Disney Solomon, 167 Bank 
Disney Richard E. painter, 127 Conway 
Disney Wesley, collector, 57 Conway 
Disney Wm. A. clerk, 57 w Biddle 
Disney Wm. A. clerk, 263 n Howard 
Disney Wm. E. painter, 2 Warner 
Disney Wm. H. carter, 96 s Chester 
Disselbart George, blacksmith, 17 Jasper 
Dissey Rev. Paulinus Francis, prof. St. Mary's 

Seminary, Penna. av near St. Mary 
Distler Conrad, tailor, 70 Hampstead 
Ditman John, plasterer, 330 Raborg 
Ditman Rachel, 184 e Monument 
Ditman Thomas M. clerk, 103 Chew 
Ditman Wm. H. bookkeeper Bank of Balti- 
more, 220 e Madison 
Dittel Ferdinand, baker, 263 e Lombard 
Dittman John H. grocer, 113McElderry's whf 
Dittman Peter, laborer, 437 Lexington 
DittmarJohn H. (L. Kuhn & Co.) 74 Hill 
DITTRICH F. & BRO. cap manufacturers, 

178 n Gay, dw C. D. 172 n Eutaw 
Dittrich Francis, (F. D. & Bro.) 176 n Gay 
Dittus Frederick, butcher, Butcher's row, 

Penna. av extended 
Diwbir Conrad, carpenter, 176 Aliceanna 
Diven Edward R. carpenter, 45 s Poppleton 
Diven John, R. R. superintendent, 25 s Oregon 
Diven Thomas Edw. constable, 19 w Biddle 
Diven Sarah, grocery, 184 Canton av 
Divens Wm. H. moulder, 144 Hollins 
Divine Timothy, stone mason, 8 Liberty al 
Diver Elizabeth, tavern, 135 Eastern av 
Divers Matilda M. 177 n F'remont 
Divert Conrad, cooper, 250 Hamburg 
Diver John, tailor, 188 Aliceanna 
Diver John, tailor, 11 Walker 
Divin Mary, 16 East 

Dix Joseph F. (Schwartz & D.) 257 n Eutaw 
Dixon Agnes, 283 Saratoga 
Dixon Ann V. 166 Aisquith 
Dixon Aug. bricklayer, 892 w Baltimore 
Dixon Bradley S. pumpmak. 718 w Baltimore 
Dixon Mrs. Bradley, dry goods dealer, 716 w 

Dixon Bridget, 5 Mercer 
Dixon Charles, 136 Preston 
Dixon Chas. A. bricklayer, 334 Lexington 
Dixon Eliza, 474 Lexington 
Dixon Isaac, laborer, 14 Durst al 
Dixon James M. (Thos. & Jas. M. D.) Mt. 

Washington, Baltimore Co. 
Dixon James, jr. clerk, 43 s Eutaw 
Dixon John, brickmaker, 415 Light 
Dixon John, tinner, 283 Saratoga 




Dixon John , fire and water proof cement roofer, 

over 117 w Baltimore, dw Mansion house 
Dixon John C. butcher, 117 Columbia 
Dixon Joseph, boiler maker, 17 Armistead la 
Dixon Martha, milliner, 188 s Broadway 
Dixon Capt. Robert R. 136 Cross 
Dixon & Richardson, grocers and com. mer- 
chants, over 116 Light st whf 
Dixon Robert W. K. (D. & Richardson,) 52 

DIXON THOS. & JAMES M. architects, 

117 w Baltimore, up stairs 
Dixon Thos. (Thos. & J. M. D.) Mt. Wash- 
ton, Baltimore Co 
Dixon Wm. weaver, 22 Biddle al 
Dixon Wm. B. clerk, 245 Mulberry 
Doane Hezekiah, mariner, 75 Hill 
Dobbin Eliza, 45 n High 
Dobbin Francis M. of tobacco warehouse No. 

4, 124 Vine 
DOBBIN GEORGE W. attorney at law, 42 

St. Paul 
Dobbin James, tinner, 127 Franklin 
Dobbin Joseph T. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
DOBBIN & FULTON, publishers Baltimore 
American and Commercial Advertiser, 128 w 
Dobbin Robert A. (D. & Fulton,) 56 e Balti- 
DOBBIN & WARFIELD, miners and ship- 
pers of coal and agents Baltimore Coal Co. 
36 Second 
Dobbin Wm. B. (D. &Warfield,) Relay house, 

B. &0. R. R. 
Dobbins Francis, of tobacco warehouse, 4 

Dobbins John, hack and livery stable, 28 n 

High, dw 36 
Dobbins Capt. James, 236 Light 
Dobbs Dr. James, 12 Tripolett's al 
Doberer John, Louisiana house, 199 Lexington 
Doberer Gotleib, barkeeper, 1 w Pratt 
Doblcr Anna C. fancy and millinery dealer, 

163 e Baltimore 
DOBLER DANIEL, paper box manufacturer, 

49 Lewis, dw 88 n Central av 
Dobler David, bookkeeper, 156 French 
Dobler Frederick, clerk, 156 French 
Dobler George, clerk, 163 e Baltimore 
Dobler Mrs. Jacob, 35 Buren 
Dobler John, bookkeeper, 158 French 
Dobler John, bookkeeper, 69 Aisquith 
Dobrich John, moulder, 65 L. Church 
Dobson George H. clerk, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson John T. shoemaker, 168 Ensor 
Dobson John, painter, 229 e Fayette 
DOBSON JOHN A. & CO. dealers in china, 

glass and queensware, 2 and 4 n Charles 
Dobson John A. (John A. D. & Co.) 71 n 

Dobson James T. painter, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson Robt. H. shoemaker 168 Ensor 
Dobson Sophia, 168 Ensor 
Dobson Thomas H. painter, 269 e Lombard 
Dobson Wm. bricklayer, 100 Jefferson 
Dochtermann Conrad, confect'r, 203 Light 
Docwra Mrs. Edwin H. 216 Mulberry 
Dodd Daniel, cracker dealer, 290 Aliceanna 
Dodd George E. bricklayer, cor Harford and 

Central avs 
Dodd Joseph L. shoemaker, 922 n Eutaw 
Dodge A. G. Barnum's hotel 
Dodge & Co. propr's Gay-st. laundry, 4 s Gay 

Dodge George R. & Co. artists and painter's 

store, 42 w Baltimore, dw 255 n Eutaw 
Dodge Henry M. clerk, 255 n Eutaw 
Dodge John W. clerk, 17 s Ann 
Dodge Wm. E. (D. & Co.) 53 Albemarle 
Dodge Wm. E. (Ellenwood & Co.) 145 Camden 
Dodge Wm. (Henry James & Co.) Aliceanna, 

between Albemarle and Exeter 
Dodo Wm. watchman, 155 Chesapeake 
Dodson John W. house painter, 889 w Balti- 
Dodson Richard S. bookkeeper, Maltby house 
Dodson Robert, 17 n Exeter 
DODSON SAMUEL, grocery, 159 German 
Dodson Wm. K. bookkeeper, 17 n Exeter 
Doenges Ernst, shoemaker, 133 Raborg 
Doer Conrad, milkman, Bel-Air av near city 

Doerr Conrad, barkeeper, 30 Hanover 
DOERR DANIEL, restaurant, 11 Brown, dw 

354 Light 
Doerry H. Fayette west of Greene 
Doering Conrad, laborer, 362 Saratoga 
Doering Valentine, porter, 24 Harmony lane 
Doering Valentine, laborer. Harmony lane 

near Poppleton 
Doetsch Joseph, shoemaker, 66 Ja.sper 
Doew Christopher, grocery, 10 s Liberty 
Doft George, tin and sheet iron worker, 109 

Doft John, blacksmith, 35 French 
Doged Martin, clerk and wood dealer, 196 e 

Doherty Hugh, laborer, 15 e Madison 
Doherty M. &E. dry goods dealers, 223 Lex- 
Dohme Charles E. clerk, 263 w Pratt 
Dohme Louis, clerk, 263 w Pratt 
Dohomey Rodolph V. machinist, 7 Centre 

Market space 
Dolan Bridget, 103 Garden 
Dolan Rev. James, 112 s Broadway 
Dolan John, cellar digger, 460 n Gay 
Dolan John, clerk, 212 e Lom'iard 
Dolan Mary Ann, seamstress, 525 w Lombard 
Dolan Maria, grocery, 40 Frederick road 
Dolan Maria, cook 107 s Sharp 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, 28 New Church 
Dolan Patrick, stone mason, 72 Payson 
Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 120 n Spring 
Dolan Val. shoemaker, 212 e Lombard 
Dolch John, blacksmith, 268 w Biddle 
Doleman Wm. trader, 92 Granby 
Doley Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dolfield Alexander, clerk Franklin Bank,dw 

323 s Bond 
Dolfield Frederick, cooper, 339 s Bond 
Dolheimer John, carpenter, 62 Somerset 
Dolhwiner Anna, tailoress, 179 Raborg 
Doll Christopher, merchant, 10 s Liberty 
Doll Daniel, regulator B. & O. R. R. dw 37 s 

Doll Rev. Penfield, 54 Hanover 
Dolle Lawrence, cabinet maker, cor Water and 

Dollinger Charles, butcher, Bel Air av near 

Baltimore Cemetery 
Dolphin Francis, pork and beef inspector, 201 

Dolwett Louisa, midwife, 742 w Baltimore 
Domer Matthew, tailor, 3 New Church 
Domey Wm. stone cutter, 7 Albemarle 
I Domstadt Philip, laborer, 212 s Chapel 




Dominie John, 156 n Eutaw 
Dominie John, (D. & Sloan,) 156 n Eutaw 
Dominie &. Sloan, plain and ornamental plas- 
terers, 85 Mulberry- 
Donahue F^dward, miner, 221 Cathedral 
Donahue Mrs. Eliza, 128 s Ann 
Donaldson Alexander, clerk, 205 w Biddle 
Donaldson Catherine, 99 n Charles 
Donaldson David, tre(der, 121 Jefferson 
Donaldson Edward, Lieut. U. S. Navy, 231 

Donaldson Dr. Frank, attending physician at 
Church Home and Infirmary, office 32 
Franklin, dw 34 
Donaldson George, 67 s Bond 
Donaldson George E. veterinary surgeon, 52 

w Fayette 
Donaldson John, baggage express, P. W. & B. 

R. R. 62 Fawn 
Donaldson .John I. president Franklin Bank, 
and Baltimore Life Insurance Company, dw 
30 Franklin 
Donaldson Joseph, clerk, 205 w Biddle 
Donaldson Richird, cigar maker, s e corner 

Caroline and Jefferson 
Donaldson Samuel I. attorney, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Samuel, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Sidnor, artist, 34 n Front 
Donaldson Tiiomas, attorney, 41 St. Paul 
Donaldson Thomas, collector, 62 Fawn 
Donaldson Walter A. collector, 231 e Fayette 
Donaldson Ward, 205 w Biddle 
Donallen Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donavan James, laborer. 111 Albemarle 
Donavan John, laborer, 148 s Central av 
Donavan John, carter, 145 Albemarle 
Donavin John, saddler, 128 L. Constitution 
caries, s e cor Lee and Eutaw 
Donavin Matthew, (M. W. D. & Co.) 278 w 

Donavin Simpson K. 17 s High 
Dondon James, laborer, 387 w Pratt 
Done Mary & J. H. boarding house, 44 Lex- 
Donegan Owen, tailor, 4 French 
Donehue Hug-h, blacksmith, 54 Albemarle 
Donehue James, ship joiner, 25 s Ann 
Donehue James, carter, 35 Abbot 
Donehue Marcus L. wood dealer, Back basin, 

dw 25 s Ann 
Donehue Michael, grocery, Clinton s of Boston 
Donehue Mary, of Baltimore steam laundry, 

491 w Pratt 
Donehue Thomas, laborer, 25 Morris al 
Donelan Anthony, tailor, 42Slemmer al 
Done van Lloyd, coppersmith, 265 n Central av 
Donges Johanes, brushmaker, 202 Chesnut 
Donges John, shoemaker, 45 Harrison 
Donhauser George, painter, 261 e Eager 
Donkmyer Theodore, baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Donn Joseph, stone cutter, 220 Preston 
Donn O. P. clerk, dw Adams house 
Donn Thomas, grocery, 115 Preston 
Donnell Building, s w cor Gay and Lombard 
Donnell Emily, 308 Canton av 
Donnell James M. machinist, 308 Canton av 
Donnell James J. S. 82 Cathedral 
Donnell John, Union hotel, cor Pratt& Charles 
Donnell John S. s w cor Lombard and Gay, dw 

82 Cathedral 
Donnell Wm. H. ship carpenter, 308 Canton av 
Donnelly Daniel, bricklayer, 40 Beam's lane 

Donnelly Barnett, brass found. 116 Harford aT 
Donnelly Daniel, type caster, 7 Trinity 
Donnelly Daniel, laborer, 19 Jordan 
Donnelly Daniel, brickmaker, Light s of Heath, 

dw 114 Greenmount av 
Donnelly Elizabeth, 116 Harford av 
Donnelly Francis A. clerk, 182 w Baltimore 
Donnelly Hugh, hostler, 2 s Paca 
Donnelly James, 172 n Front 
Donnelly James, painter, 232 e Pratt 
Donnelly James, laborer, 174 Hughes 
Donnelly James, laborer, 48 Biddle al 
Donnelly James, watchmaker, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly John, blacksmith, 156 n Front 
Donnelly John, printer, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly John, weaver, 19 Preston 
Donnelly John, laborer, 32 e Monument 
Donnelly John, carter, 19 Jordan al 
Donnelly Joseph F. carpenter, 147 Penna. &y 
Donnelly Maria, confectionery, 232 e Pratt 
Donnelly Mary, corset manuf. 172 Lexington, 

dw 60 Pearl 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Donelson J. L. tobacconist, 125 n Caroline 
Donner Casper, tailor, 202 Chesnut 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 185 East 
Donohue Daniel, laborer, 175 s Chester 
Donohue Elizabeth, 115 Preston 
Donohue George, ship joiner, 44 Gist 
Donohue Henry, blacksmith, 54 Albemarle 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 71 Gough 
Donohue James, ship joiner, 120 s High 
Donohue James, marble polisher, 4 Webster ct 
Donohue John, tailor, 9 Fish Market space 
Donohue John, laborer, 27 Neighbor 
Donohue, John, grocer, 65 L. McElderry 
Donohue John, tobacconist, s e cor Aisquith 

and McElderry 
Donohue Marcus L. shipjoiner, 49 Wolfe 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 64 n Dallas 
DONOHUE RICHARD, shirt manufactory, 

240 w Baltimore, dw 9 Pearl 
Donohue Thomas, engineer, 259 West 
Donohue Thomas, laborer, 25 Morris al 
Donovan C. grocery, 185 Lexington 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, 3 Hamilton 
Donovan Elizabeth, grocery, Fremont near 

Penna. av 
Donovan Jane, grocery, 78 East 
Donovan Joseph S. s w cor Eutaw & Camden 
Donovan Joseph S. 196 w Lombard 
Donovan Simpson K. reporter DailyExchangP, 

dw 17 s High 
Dooley Edward, nail maker, 215 n Exeter, dw 

18 Liberty al 
Dooner Hugh, 94 Saratoga 
Dopman Henry, sugar refiner, 38 Gough 
Dorbacker Adam, butcher, 91 s Fremont 
Dorbacker Wm. propr. Three Tuns Hotel, sw 

cor Pratt and Paca 
DORBACKER WM. Three Tuns sales sta- 
bles, n w cor Pratt and Paca 
Doremus Peter B. plasterer, 97 Garden 
Dorenberg John D. shoemaker, 151 Conway 
Doolan Rebecca, cook, 112 Hanover 
Dorbeck Conrad, carpenter, 25 Preston 
Dorendorf, Adam, carpenter, 261 Penna. ar 
Dorfflin Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Dorgan Gust, grocery, 294 e Pratt 
Dorgan Thco. A. (Wm. H. Stran & Co.) 74 

s Eden 
Dorguth August, lager beer saloon, 13 n Fred- 




Dorlam Christian, tailor, 107 Orleans 

Dorm John, 65 James lane 

Dorman Ann, confectioner, 75 s High 

Dorman Eliza, 124 Bank 

Dorman James, ship carp. 303 Eastern av 

Dorman Jane G. grocery, 2 e Pratt 

Dorman John, constable, 76 s Spring 

Dorman Matilda, 194 s Sharp 

Dorman Samuel, constable, 24 Second, dw 92 

Dorman Wm. ship carpenter, 180 Bank 
Dorn Geo. laborer, 68 Division 
Dorn John, baker, 11 East 
Dorn John, cooper, 45 Bank 
Dorn John A. grocery and feed store, s e cor 

Park and Richmond 
Dorn John, laborer, 5 O'Donnell 
Dorn Peter, carter, 83 Dawson al 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Dorner John T. porter, 178 n Fremont 
Dorndorf Adam, carpenter, 361 Penna. av 
Dorny Richard, mate, 319 e Lombard 
Dorr Casper, engrav. & printer, 268 Hanover 
Dorr Frank, shoemaker, 229 Franklin 
Dorr Peter, engraver, 256 Hanover 
Dorrett Wm. cigar maker, over 128 s Caroline 
Dorrington Mary, 473 Saratoga 
Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 66 s Washington 
Dorritee L. painter, 23 Holland 
Dorritee Robert, painter, 23 Holland 
Dorritee Wm. jjamter, 5 J South 
Dorrity Michael, laborer, 89 Lee 
Dorry Edw'd G. plumber and gas fitter, 18 

Thames, and n w cor Pratt and Broad vi'ay, 

dw 49 s Broadway 
Dorschel Wm. grocery and liquor dealer, 46 

Dorschry Christopher, boot and shoemaker, 

76 Mount 
Dorsett John, clerk, 82 Camden 
Dorsett John F. bookkeeper, Lombard, near 

Dorsey Allen, (Wheatley, Dr. & Co.) 248 w 

Dorsey Alexander, clerk to sheriff, Hand Tav- 
ern, 42 n Paca 
Dorsey Allen, supt. Bait, and York and Bait. 

and Fredk. turnpikes, dw 248 w Lombard 
Dorsey Ann, 19 Jew al 
Dorsey Bartus C. (Wheelwright, Mudge & 

Co.) 116 s Sharp 
Dorsey Caleb, coal dealer. Exchange pi. 2d 

door e of South, dw 116 s Sharp 
Dorsey Caleb O. painter, 44 Pearl, dw Penna. 

av, near toll gate 
Dorsey Charles, carpenter, 42 s Poppleton 
Dorsey Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
Dorsey David, marble polisher, n e cor Exeter 

and French 
Dorsey Edward H. 49 Albemarle 
Dorsey Edward R. clerk B. & O. R. R. 116 s 

Dorsey Kdward, house carpent. 69 Harford av 
Dorsey Evan L. cond. B. &. O. R. R. dw 40 

Dorsey Freeman, 10 McCulloh 
Dorsey Geo. justice of the peace, 61 Elliott 
Dorsey Geo. W. shoemaker, 291 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Isaac, cabinet maker, 53 s Liberty 
Dorsey Ignatius, bootmaker, 59 Pine 
Dorsey J. W. A. clerk, 70 s Ann 
Dorsey .lacob J. D. carpenter, 203 Orleans 
Dorsey James B. clerk, 23 Calvert 

Dorsey James L. 35 Conway 

Dorsey James E. civil engineer, 51 German 

Dorsey John, laborer, 34 Durham 

Dorsey John, tailor, 165 Columbia 

Dorsey John T. shoemaker, 59 Pine 

Dorsey John, laborer, 2 Chesnut 

Dorsey John A. (Etchison & D.) Howard Co 

Dorsey Joseph I. granite stone cutter, 325 w 

Dorsey Joseph, clerk at Barnums, 403 Lex- 
Dorsey Jos. S. (Middleton& D.) 201 Aisquith 
Dorsey Leonard P. bricklayer, 203 Orleans 
Dorsey Lucy, 43 Lexington 
Dorsey Margaret, 29 Durham 
Dorsey Maria, 344 e Lombard 
Dorsey Michael, tailor, 110 York 
Dorsey Michael, (M. D. & Co.) 131 Hanover 
Dorsey Michael S. clerk, 49 Albemarle 
DORSEY MICHAEL & CO. lime and feed 

dealers, 112 Light-st. wharf 
Dorsey Rachel, 59 Pine 
Dorsey Richard I. clerk steamer Virginia 
Dorsey Richard, clerk, 116 s Sharp 
Dorsey Richard B. treasurer Mechanics' Sav- 
ings Bank, 46 Courtland 
Dorsey Richard B. jr. clerk, 46 Courtland 
Dorsey Richard H. shoemaker, 242 n Eden 
Dorsey Dr. Robert R. 29 n Calv<-rt 
Dorsey Samuel C. bookseller, 24 Chatsworth 
Dorsey Samuel H. bookkeeker, 49 Albemarle 
Dorsey Samual H. vinegar depot, 9 President, 

dw 49 Albemarle 
Dorsey Susan, seamstress, 137 n Central av 
Dorsey Truman, salesman, 8 McCulloh 
Dorsey Washington L. 169 Mulberry 
Dorsey W. H. G. attorney at law, 35 St. Paul 
Dorsey Wm. E. coachsmith, 175 n High 
Dorsey Wm. tailor, 23 Stockton 
Dorsey Wm. A. (Cornell & D.) 47 s Greene 
Dorsey Wm. S. clerk, 49 Albemarle 
Dorsey Wm. J. H. tobacco com. merchant, 

120 s Charles 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 70 s Ann 
Dorsey Wm. H. paying teller Western Bank, 

dw 492 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm. T. 43 Lexington 
Dorsh George, huckster, 1 Spring ct 
Dorskey Ernest, tin and sheet iron worker, 14 

Etna la 
Dorwart Frederick, carpenter, 214 n Central av 
Dossinger Bernhardt, laborer, 69 Preston 
Dotter John, waiter at Fountain Hotel 
Dotterweih Frederick, cigar maker, 85 Ross 
Doty Caleb, salesman, 130 German 
Dotz Martin, 333 s Bond 
Doub & Cassard, property agents & collectors, 

1 s Calhoun. — [See p. 27 Mvertisements.] 
DOUB EZRA, dealer in lime, feed, guano, 
hair, &c. 1 s Calhoun, dw 26 s Calhoun. — 
[See p. 27 ^idvei-tisements.] 
Doub Israel, lime dealer, 1 s Calhoun, dw 26 
Doubleday Samuel, engineer, 360 w Lombard 
Doud Bartley, laborer, 7 Camden la 
Doud Charlotte R. dressmaker, 179 Chesnut 
Doud Francis A. shoemaker, 203 Chesimt 
Doud James, stone cutter, 34 Jew al, O. T. 
Doud John, shoemaker, 53 Hillen 
Doud John, shoemaker, cor Gay & Fayett* 
Doud Michael, laborer, 13 Elliott 
Doud Thomas, blacksmith, 44 Durham 
Dougherty Anthony, laborer, 21 New 
Dougherty Chas. J. shoemaker, 181 n Eutaw 




Dougherty Chas. M. (Egerton, D., Woods & 

Co.) 101 Park 
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, 238 Harford av 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 184 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Dougherty Geo. pedler, 164 East 
Dougherty James, carpenter, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty James, grocer, 181 n Eutaw 
Dougherty James, fruit dealer, 81 French 
Dougherty James E. coachmaker, Eagle hotel, 

Dougherty James W. inspector at Custom 

house, dw 50 Barre 
Dougherty John C. mariner, 146 s Ann 
Dougherty John, baker, 125 n Front 
Dougherty John W. coal yard, 43 L. McEl- 

Dougherty John J. C. clerk at Penitentiary, 

dw 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Julius, discount clerk Farmers' and 

Merchants' bank, dw 267 Saratoga 
Dougherty Julia, 38 n Front 
Dougherty Margaret, 27 s Paca 
Dougherty Mary J. 316 e Pratt 
Dougherty Mary, 69 n High 
Dougherty Michael D. carter, 8 L. Paca 
Dougherty Michael, hack driver, 137 n High 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 46 Hillen 
Dougherty Owen, moulder, 164 East 
Dougherty Rosanna, 80 Harford av 
Dougherty Wm. H. (Sands & D.) 38 n Front 
Dougherty Wm. trunk maker, 23 Henrietta 
Douglas August (D. Bros.) 74 ii Calvert 
Douglas Bros. com. mer. & dealers in wines, 

cigars and confectionery, 129 w Lombard 
Douglas Juie.s, (D. Bros.) Fountain hotel 
Douglass Chas. laborer, 58 French 
Douglass David J cooper, 148 Ensor 
Douglass Edmund, tinner, 148 Ensor 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 92 St. Peter 
Douglass Harriet, 33 Chew 
Douglass Jackson, bookkeeper, 126 Mulberry 
Douglass James B. oak cooper, 192 n Exeter 
Douglass James, mariner, 12 L. Church 
l>.juglass Peter, coopi-r, 12 Thomsen 
Douglass Mrs. L. G. 77 McCulloh 
Douglass P('ter, cooper, 11 Centre Market sp 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 45 n Oregon 
Douglass Wm. H. cooper, 227 w Biddle 
Douglass Wm. H. cooper, 92 St. Peter 
Douglass Wm. J. cooper 92 St. Peter 
Douty Philip, salesman, 130 German 
Dove Benjamin, baggage master R. R. 548 w 

Dove Wm C. iron roller, 152 s Caroline 
Dove Elijah, grocery, 98 Richmond 
Dove Milton C. & Co. grocery and feed deal- 
ers, n w cor Pratt and Central av. dw 135 e 

Dover John, shoemaker, 121 Hamburg 
Dover Joswjh, ship carpanter, 42 Cross 
Dowell & Cochran, gro. and com. merchants, 

84 Light-st. wharf" 
Dowell John, (D. & Cochran,) 63 Aisquith 
Dower John, shoemaker, 240 e Eager 
Dowie John, boiler maker, 543 Saratoga 
Dowling Ann, 183 n Eutaw 
Dowling Elizabeth, millinery deal. 273 n Gay 
Dowling Elizabeth, millinery dealer, 33 Ensor 
Dowling Elizabeth, grocery, 57 s Ann 
Dowling Elizabeth, 452 w Lombard 
Dowling James, laborer, 28 New Church 
Dowling Thomas, laborer, 85 Booth 

Downer John R. 238 Mulberry 

Downing George A. pattern maker, 82 n Pop- 

Downing G. F. salesman, 56 s Greene 
Downes Wm. charcoal inspector, 13 Carlton 
Downey Chas. carpenter, 82 McEldeVry 
Downey Edmund, carj)enter, 82 McElderry 
Downey Edward, marble polisher, 241 Forrest 
Downey James, laborer, 6 n Amity 
Downey John, 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Mary S. seamstress, 207 n Central aT 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 8 China al 
Downey Wm. furn. wagon, 46 St. Peter 
Downey Wm. T. watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Howell, 158 Biddle 
Downing Nathaniel F. bricklayer, 82 n Pop- 

Downing Samuel, carter, 217 n Bond 
Downing Wm. H. bricklayer, 82 n Poppleton 
Downs Chas. produce dealer, 191 Conway 
Downs Elizabeth, 190 Holland 
Downs Harris T. butcher, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Jas. Henry, paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 148 George 
DOWNS JOHN, furnish, and trimming store, 

37 e Baltimore 
Downs Joseph, butcher, 487 e Baltimore 
Downs Mrs. J. B. 22 n Caroline 
Downs Robert F. millwright, 225 n Central av 
Downs Samuel, policeman, 451 Franklin 
Downs Thaddeus L. blacksmith, 148 s Sharp 
Downs Wm. cellar digger, 49 Boston 
Downs Wm. charcoal inspector, 18 Carlton 
Dows Mary Ann, dressmaker, 37 Chew 
Doyle Ann, confectionery, 61 Clay 
Doyle A.J. bookstore, 11 Penna. av 
Doyle Bridget, 205 n Howard 
Doyle Bridget, 34 Douglass 
Doyle Catherine, 140 s Howard 
Doyle Catherine, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Doyle Edward, hackman, 132 s Howard 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 220 s Castle al 
Doyle James, blacksmith. Central av nr Bank, 

dw 80 s Eden 
Doyle James W. blacksmith, 202 Raborg 
Doyle James, liquor store, 45 s Charles 
Doyle John, laborer, 253 Gough 
Doyle John, 106 s Dallas 
Doyle John, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Doyle Dr. John A. 21 n Gay 
Doyle John, laborer, 170 n Front 
Doyle John, 18 Abbey al 
Doyle John, laborer, 10 n Amity 
Doyle Mary, 313 Eastern av 
Doyle Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 
Doyle Michael, messenger Adams Express, 7 

Doyle Patrick, tavern, 11 w Lombard 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 172 Stirling 
Doyle Patrick, laborer. Falls road near Cathe- 
Doyle Patrick, quarryman, Falls Road nr Nor- 
thern av 
Doyle Patrick, cellar digger, 52 Union 
Doyle Peter, wheelwright, Mount Royal fool 

Doyle Samuel R. clerk Adams Express, 7 Co- 
Doyle Thomas G. bookseller, 297 n Gay 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, 13 s Schroeder 
Doyle T.J. butter depot, 150 Camden, dw 137 
Doyle Wm. 42 Park 
Doyle Wm. carpenter, 242 Franklin 




Doyle Wm. laborer, 5 Fitzpatrick 's ct 
Doyle Wm. laborer, Fort av near Light 
Dozzer Francis, laborer, 19 Cambridge 
Drable Frederick, morocco dealer, 52 French 
Drackser Jacob, tailor, 80 Somerset 
Drake Laffatte, puddler, 42 Essex 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, 149 Welcome al, dw 

Conway near Warner 
DRAKELY & FKNTON, wh. produce com. 

merchls. 387 w Baltimore 
Drakely Henry VV. (D. & Fenton,) 291 w 

Drane Hugh, laborer, 26 Biddle al 
Drane Jas. grocery, 103 French 
Drame John, brewer, Seeger's lager beer brew- 
ery, w Pratt extended 
Draster John, willow basket maker, 3 Cam- 
den la 
Drayer Henry, cigar maker, 195 Saratoga 
Drebert Capt. Francis, mariner, 153 Mulberry 
Drebing Augustus, McElderry extended 
Drechsler John, plasterer, 42 n Amity 
Drechsler Frederick, tailor, 8 Spruce al 
Drechsel Henry, 208 s Sharp 
Dreecke August, tailor, 5 Young 
Drees Adam, 10 Shakspeare 
Dreff Gertrot, 18 Bevan 
Dre^e J. R. 333 Lexington 
Dreisch Josepli, porter, 81 Peirce 
Dresch Catherine, 205 s Bethel 
Dreschler Thomas, huckster, 21 1^. McP^lderry 
Dresel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.) C5 St. 

Dreshfield Lewis, 421 Light 
Dressel Conrad, 50 Short 
Dressel Eliza, 93 Cross 
Dressel Geo. grocery, 83 Ross 
Dressel John G. woodsawyer, 67 Somerset 
Dressel John, laborer, 201 Montgomery 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 73 Somerset 
Dressel Lconhard, blind painter, 358 e Eager 
Dressel John G. baker, 172 e Madison 
Dressel John J. baker, 204 Eastern av 
Dresseler John, gardener, 70 Somerset 
Dresser Alfred M . 53 Albemarle 
Drew Amanda L. 150 w Madison 
Drew Michael, laborer, 145 Albemarle 
Drexel H. & Bro. steam scourers, 6 St. Paul, 

dw 142 Lexington 
Drexel Morris, (H. D. & Bro.) 208 s Sharp 
Drexler Ferdinand, laborer, 177 s Eden 
Drexler Gio. foundryman. Fort av 
Drexler Henry, laborer. Fort av 
Drexler John, tanner, Walsh, nrTownsend 
Drey Elkan, (Lewis Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Drey Abraham, (Lewis Lauer & Co.) 64 Con- 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 175 w Fayette 
Dreyer Fredk. (Henry L. Dannetell & Co.) 

49 McHenry 
Dreyer John, laborer, 59 e Monument 
Dreyer Wm. shoe store, 180 s Broadway 
Driebel Jacob, laborer, 179 Chapel al 
Drier Chas. cigar maker, 61 North 
Drill J. M. clerk trausp. office B. & O. R. R. 

Maltby House 
Driller Conrad, stevedore, 210 s Wolfe 
Driller Herman, laborer, 45 Fountain 
Drinkell Sarah, 13 Brune 
Drinker Martin, clerk, 330 w Madison 
Drinker Robert, clerk, 330 w Madison 
Drinker Mrs. Susan B. teacher 330 w Madison 
Drinks Frederick, laborer, 239 Durham 

Driscoll Mrs. Ann, 97 s Eden 

Driscoll D. C. variety store, 35 w Baltimore. 

dw 37 e Fayette 
Driscoll Dennis, laborer, 217 Chesnut 
Driscoll M. A. dress maker, 16 s Liberty 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 16 s Liberty 
Drissell George, wagoner, 4 Dover 
Driver Henrietta, 6 Wyeth 
Driver Silas, brickmaker, 355 Columbia 
Drodwein Jacob, painter, 65 s Bethel 
Droge Theodore, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drohan David, stone cutter, 79 Franklin 
Drohan Thomas, grocery, n w cor Franklin & 

Lerew al 
Droney Dennis, tailor, 83 York 
Droney Martin tailor, 81 York 
Droop Edward F. bookerper, 65 n Howard 
Droppf Blassus, 87 Johnson 
Drost G. A (D. & Sutro,) 253 w Lombard 
Drost John H. 78 Hill 
DROST & SUTRO, imp. & wholesa. dealers 

in French, German fancy goods, and notions, 

253 w Baltimore 
Drought Francis, carpenter, 46 Montgomery 
Drought George, wheelwright, n w cor Gay & 

Caroline, dw 6 Anthony's ct 
Druery Wm. stevedore, 193s Washington, F. P. 
Drugen Hugh, clerk, 55 Pearl 
Drum Sarah Ann, 250 e Pratt 
Drummond Levin J. watchmaker and jeweler. 

31 w Pratt, dw 15 s Exeter 
Drungold Patrick, laborer, 46 Orleans 
Drury Charles H. ag'l implement maker, 204 

s Howard, dw 146 s Sharp 
Drurv J. T. clerk, 385 n Gay 
Drushen Jacob, porter, Fremont nr Saratoga 
Drussmark Andrew brewery, 44 Thames 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 64 Clay 
Drj'den Charh's H. butter and produce dealer, 

59 n Eutaw, dw 36 Josephine 
DRYDEN & GIBBONS, dry goods dealers, 

89 and 91 w Baltimore. — [See p. 45 Jidvertise- 

Dryden James, blacksmith, 257 n Central av 
Dryden J. Meredith, clerk, 68 e Pratt 
Dryden Joshua, brickmaker, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua R. (D. & Gibbons,) 64 n 

Dryden Joseph, shoemaker, 16 Lee 
Dryden Julianna, dress maker, 102 s Howard 
Dryden Robert W. 68e Pratt 
Dryden Robert H. ladies' shoemaker, 257 « 

Central av 
DRYDEN SAMUKL J. lace, ribbon and em- 
broidery store, 147 w Baltimore, dw 11 t 

Dryden Samuel F. bricklayer, 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, s e cor Baltimor* 

and Liberty, dw 11 s Eutaw 
Dryden Wm. H. clerk, 11 s Eutaw 
Dubbers Edward, bookkeeper, Fayette betw. 

Liberty and Charles 
Duberry John, hackman, 16 Harrison 
Du Bois E. C. jr. bookkeeper, 51 Lexington 
Dubree George, spoon maker, Harrison near 

Dubree John H. carpenter, 38 w Biddle 
Dubreul Rev. J. Paul, treas. St. Mary's Semi- 
nary, Penna. av. near St. Mary 
Dubreuil Aristide, liquor store, 155 n Paca 
Ducatel Joana, 89 Saratoga 
Ducker George E. salesman, 120 Mulberry 
Duekett Jeremiah, carter, 183 Peirce 




Duckett Robert, carter, 183 Peirce 
Duckett Richard G. 308 Saratoga 
Dudley A. & P. grocers, se cor German and 

Dudley Christopher, machinist, 78 n Exeter 
Dudley Hester A. 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Joseph, blacksmith, 93 Harrison 
Dudley Marcus L. clerk, 269 Light 
Dudley Richard, shoemaker, 519 w Lombard 
Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 121 Ensor 
Duebel VVm. shoemaker, 47 Harrison 
Duer Edward A. (Murdoch & D.,) 376 Eu- 

taw place, n Eutaw 
Duer John, sr. 376 Eutaw place, n Eutaw 
Duer John, jr. (D., Norris & Co.) s w cor 

Washington place and Madison 
DUER, NORRIS & CO. importers of hard- 
ware, 8 Hanover 
DUER SAMUEL, merchant miller, 38 Com- 
merce, dw 8 11 Pine 
Duerr Conrad, barkeeper, Simon's hotel 
Duering George, bricklayer, 347 Franklin 
Duering John, cabinet maker, 122 Orchard 
Duering John S. shoemaker, 104 St. Mary 
Duering Sarah, 122 Orchard 
Duershiiig Martin, foundryman, 53 Canton 
Duff Andrew, sawyer, 298 Raborg 
Duff Celestine, dressmak'r, 205 e Monument 
Duff Elizabmh, 159 Ch.speake 
DL'FF CAPT. HEiNRY, surveyor of vessels 
and wharfin^^er, 37 Fell, dw 351 e Baltimore 
DUFF HENRY «fc Cu. sash and door factory, 
36 Eastern av, dw H. D. 219 e Monument 
Duff Henry, carpenter, 219 e Monument 
Duff Janus, stevedore, 90 Granby 
Dufte Amilia, 318 Garden 
Duffy Abraham, glass blower, 361 s Sharp 
Duffy Bernard, hostler at Fountain hotel 
Duffy Bernard, 25 Centre 
Duffy Bridget, grocery, 31 s Spring 
Duffy Daniel, watchman, 110 Vine 
Duffy Edward, attorney at law, 28 St. Paul, 

dw Fountain hotel 
Duffy Franci.s, laborer, 2 e Monument 
Duffy Hugh, 123 Aisquith 
Duffy John, liostler, 60 Raborg 
Duffy John, paver, 46 McMechin 
Duffy John, laborer, 120 Schroeder 
Duffy John, laborer, 160 Vine 
Duffy John, jr. moulder, 46 McMechin 
Duffy M. & J. grocers, 109 and 164 Cathedral 
Duffy James, (M. & J. D.) 109 Cathedral 
Duffy James, laborer, 29 Haw 
Duffy James, laborer, 45 Stockton al 
Duffy James, laborer, s e cor Carlton & Raborg 
Duffy James, hack driver, 3 Hargrove 
Duffy James, grocery, 55 Holland 
Duffy John, laborer, 116 Vine 
Duffy John, hackman, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy Mary J. 62 Union 
Duffy Margaret, grocery, s e cor Carlton and 

Duffy Margaret, 7 Camden la 
Duffy Michael, (M. & J. D.) 109 Cathedral 
Duffy Nathaniel, mariner, 120 Schroeder 
Duffy Patrick,. laborer, 5 n Amity 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 17 Barnes 
Duffy, Peter, grocery, 29 Douglass 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, 4 Hammond al 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, 4 President 
Dufren John, laborer, 4 W^yeth 
Dufur & Co. blacksmiths and patent wire rail- 
ing makers, Uhler's al 

Dufur Geo. J. (D. & Co ) 65 Columbia 
Dufur Michael, laborer, 11 Buren 
Dufur Orlando, jr. blacksmith, 65 Columbia 
Dugan Anthony, carpenter, 3 President al 
Dugan Cumberland, (D. & Jenkins,) 62 n 

Liberty '' 

Dugan John, laborer, 2 Grace's ct. 
Dugan John, jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, laborer, 93 Harford av. 
Dugan &. Jenkins, hardware commis. merchte. 

33 s Charles 
Dugan Joseph O. dry goods dealer, 129 n Gay 
Dugan Michael, tanner, 93 Harford av 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 5 Hock 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk Register's office, dw 34 

Dugdale Edward, civil engineer, 76 e Pratt 
Dugdale Geo. (Macdonald & D.) 76 e Pratt 
Dugent Eli, carpenter, 337 e Fayette 
Dugent Francis, grocer, 284 e Lombard 
Duggan Thomas, seaman, 157 s Eden 
DuhamelJ. bag dealer, 13 Bowly's whf, dw 

163 n Paca 
Duhring Frederick, porter, 129 n Bond 
Duhurst Charles H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Henry P. secretary Fireman's Insn- 

rance Co., 1 n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 1 n Front 
Duke James 0. engineer, 253 e Fayette 
Duke Mary, 27 Chesnut 
Duke Mark A. commission merchant, 268 b 

Duke & Smith, match factory, Madison, bet 

Eden and Gay 
Dukehart Adam, huckster, 165 s Rcgester 
Dukehart Edward VV. bookkeeper, 182 n Cal- 
Dukehart Graham, 182 n Calvert 
Dukehart Henry, livery stables, 36 North, 

dw 34 
Dukehart John P. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 

dw 91 n High 
Dukehart John sec'y Associated Firemen's 

Ins. Co. 91 n High 
Dukehart Joseph R. & Co. dealers in fishing 

tackle, twine, &c. 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Joseph R. (J. R. D. & Co.) 151 

Dukehart Mary, 73 e Fayette 
Dukehart Margaret, 157 s Regester, 
Dukehart Robt. W. hosemaker 64 e Lombard 
Dukehart Samuel T. watchmakiT, 67 n High 
Dukehart Samuel M. clerk, 61 s Eden 
Dukehart Thomas M. 8 n Bond 
Dukehart Valerius, (Jo.seph R. D. &Co.) 130 

w Baltimore 
Dukehart Wm. clerk, 64 e Lombard 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 18 Water, dw 

64 i: Lombard. — [See p. 5 ^idvcrtiscments] 
Duk.r Edward O. (Radecke & Co.) 12 New 

Duker Henry, morocco dresser, 34 French 
Dukes James, painter, 48 Luzerne 
Dulaney B T. L. 85 Washington, F. H. 
Dulaney Grafton L. attorney at law, 36 St. 

Paul, dw 59 Courtland 
DULANEY & HARRIS, merchant tailors, 46 

n Howard 
Dulaney Wm. (D. & Harris,) 316 Saratoga 
Dulaney Dr. Wm. H. 169 Lee 
Dulany Henry R. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 

59 Courtland 




Dulany John, mason, 16 Lancaster 

Dulany John N. (Norris & D.) 215 Mulberry 

Duley Brid°;et, 195 e Eager, 

Duley David, blacksmith, 203 Preston 

Duley John C. iron moulder, 563 w Lombard 

Duley Jno. C. jr. iron moulder, 563 w Lombard 

Duley Mary, aress maker, 75 n High 

Duley Martha E. tailoress, 203 Preston 

Duley Solomon P. machinist, 563 w Lombard 

Duley Thomas, drayman, 188 East 

Dulin Dr. Alex. F. 16 n Charles 

Dulin Thomas, blacksmith, 137 Cross 

Duling Jno. grocery, cor Hampstead & Dallas 

Dulong Conrad, tailor, 309 s Bond 

Dull Casper, fisherman, 113 West 

Dull George, brickniaker, 31 Elizabeth lane 

Dull Jacob, laborer, 143 n Bcthid 

Dull Lewis, bristle comber, Frederick road 

near Snake Hollow 
Dullingcr Charles, butcher, Bel-Air av, near 

city limits 
Dum August, laborer, 437 Canton av 
Dumax Mary E. 117 Pearl 
Dumax Mary E. 29 Orchard 
Dumax Margaret E. 260 Durham 
Dumbler John P. pump maker, 29 n Greene 
Dumbler John T. collar maker, 29 n Greene 
Dumbolton George T. teller, 27 Republican 
Dumler Anna, midwife, 10 Diamond 
Dumler Joseph, stevedore, 22 s Regester 
Dumler Mattis, porter, 10 Diamond 
Dumlin George, tailor, 239 e Lombard 
Dumpliew Mary, huckstress, 216 Lexington 
Dumphey Fanny, 1 Wills 
Dumphy Patrick, baker, 206 Haborg 
Dunan Louis, clerk, 38 Columbia 
Dunbar Mrs. Frances, 35 Hamilton 
DUNBAR DR. JOHN R. W. 151 w Lom- 
Dunbar Rose, 56 East 

Dunbar Wm. W. (Stanley & Co.) 35 Ham- 
Duncan Adam, huckster, 311 Penna. av 
Duncan Adam, clerk, cor Chatsworth and 

Duncan Alexander, vegetable agent, Frederick 

road, near first toll gate 
Duncan Ann M. dressmaker, 131 e Lombard 
Duncan Barney, laborer, 112 St. Mary 
Duncan Charles, huckster, 477 Saratoga 
Duncan Charles, huckster, 143 Franklin 
Duncan Crisy, seamstress, 104 Peirce 
Duncan David, clerk, 47 w Lombard 
Duncan Eliza, produce deal. 47 w Lombard 
Duncan George W. brushniaker, 155 G. 

Duncan George H. grocer, 3 e Madison 
DUNCAN HARRISON W. dealer in teas, 

wines and groceries, 254 w Fayette 
Duncan James, W. nightman, 236 e Lombard 
Duncan James, gi-ocer, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan Jesse, machinist, 32 s Schroedcr 
Dundore Henry, bootmaker, 287 Canton av, 

dw 285 
Duncan John, grocer, s wcor Buren & French 
Duncan John, bookkeeper, 47 w Lombard 
Duncan John, mathematical instrument maker, 

155 G. Hughes 
Duncan John F. policeman, 4 s Caroline 
Duncan Jos. W. coach trimmer, 144 Dolphin 
Duncan Mary, 64 Camden 
Duncan Mary, 155 G. Hughes 
Duncan Misses, 132 Cathedral 

Duncan Capt. Peter, 33 s Bond 
Duncan Thomas M. engineer, 501 w Lombard 
Duncan Walter E. varnisher, 64 n Gay 
Duncan Wm. brass finisher, 155 G. Hughes 
Duncan Wm. engineer, 12 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. lime inspector, 5 e Madison 
Duncas Francis, laborer, 17 Cambridge 
Dundon James, laborer, 389 w Pratt 
Dundon Michael, tobacconist, 265 Light 
Dundon Richard, accountant, 104 Dolphin 
Dungan Abel S. miller, 524 Lexington 
DUNGAN & BOGGS, flour, feed and grain 

dealers, 141 n Howard 
Dungan Emily, dress maker, 168 Saratoga 
Dungan David, tobacconist, 5 Buren 
Dungan Francis D. (D. & Watkins,) 297 w 

Dungan Henry G. bookkeeper, 297 w Fayette 
Dungan John, blacksmith, 532 w Lombard 
Dungan Joshua T. clothing cutter, 227 German 
Dungan Joseph W. coach trimmer, 144 Dolphin 
Dungan Lewis, propr. scows, 61)^ w Pratt, 

dw 247 e Baltimore 
Dungan Ruth, 660 Lexington 
Dungan S. Henry, (D.&Boggs,) 660 Lexing- 
Dungan Wilkinson, shoe dealer, 163 Lexing- 
ton, dw 357 w Fayetti! 
Dungan & Watkins, wholesale dealers in boots, 

shoes, hats, &c. over 232 w Baltimore 
Dungan W. W. com. mcrch. 96 s Charles, dw 

297 w Fayette 
Dungas Philip, vinegar depot, 141 Carpen- 
ter al 
Dunham Wm. Chapman, porter Washington 

Dunham W. C. (Lee & D.) 86 n Charles 
Dunigan Louis, 247 e Baltimore 
Dunigan Thomas A. ship joiner, 114 Bank 
Dunigan Thomas, ship jomer, 354 Canton ar 
Dunigan Thomas, laborer, 221 Boston 
Dunigan Wm. 191 Bank 
Dunnivan Samuel, pedler, 206 e Lombard 
Dunker John C. H. box maker, 43 Perry 
Dunkerly George L. watchcase maker, 178 c 

Dunkerly George, machinist, 101 s Carey 
Dunkerly John, 28 s Carey 
Dunkerly Richard P. machinist, 28 s Carey 
Dunkle Joseph, basket maker, 41 Abbot 
Dun lap C. Lewis, family grocer, 13 w Balti- 
DUNLAP CHARLES, grocer, s w cor How- 
ard and Lexington, dw 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap John, policeman, 184 Cross 
Dunlap Thomas H. coppersmith, 184 Cross 
Dunlap Wm. bookseller, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy Andrew F. (McConkey, Parr & Co.) 

20>^ Aisquith 
Dunlevy Frank, laborer, 18 French 

Dunlevy silver worker, 52 e Baltimore 

Dunlevy John, laborer, 18 French 

Dunlevy Thos. C. livery stables, n Frederick, 

dw 20 ^ Aisquith 
Dunlop Hugh, sand contractor, 718 Lexington 
Dunlop Mrs. Anna, 167 Conway 
Dunlop Robert S. clerk B. & O. R. R., 167 

Dunn Ann, 18 Centre 
Dunn Andrew, tailor, 349 Lexington 
Dunn Alexander, laborer, cor Eutaw and Sar- 
Dunn Barney, laborer, 12 Walnut al 




Dunn Bridget, 59 n High 
Dunn Brien, laborer, 214 Chesnut 
Dunn Charles, tailor, 73 Hillen 
Dunn Christopher C. type founder, 95 Cathe- 
Dunn Christopher C. clerk, 169 Cathedral 
Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 45 s Greene 
Dunn Daniel, lime merchant, 115 Preston 
Dunn P^dward, laborer, 573 w Lombard 
Dunn Edward, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Edward, grocery, 116 North 
Dunn Francis, huckster, 177 Conway 
Dunn George, laborer, 68 Division 
Dunn Geo. W. huckster, 38 Warren 
Dunn Helen, grocery, 314 Canton av 
Dunn James, painter, 259 s Ann 
DUNN JAMES, lumber dealer, Spring Gar- 
den whf, dw 133 Barre 
Dunn James, artist, 59 n High 
Dunn John, stevedore, 7 Choptank 
Dunn John, stove moulder, 3 Scott 
Dunn John, conductor N. C. R., 218 Preston 
Dunn John, flagman N. C. R., 95 Harford av 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, back of 108 G Hughes 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, 177 Conway 
Dunn Mary, huckstress, 35 Camden 
Dunn Matthew, laborer, 220 Preston 
Dunn Matthew, drayman, 134 Franklin 
Dunn Michael, machinist, 172 Chesnut 
Dunn Patrick, grocery & liq. deal. 31 King 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 54 French 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 65 York 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 57 s High 
Dunn Robert, moulder, 102 s Central av 
Dunn Robert W. moulder, 38 Warren 
Dunn Susannah, 335 Light 
Dunn Susan, seamstress, 7 e Monument 
Dunn Timothy, carter, 532 w Pratt 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 66 n Dallas 
Dunn Thomas, grocery, 115 Preston 
Dunn Thomas, wagoner, 31 Booth 
Dunn Terrence, laborer, 8 China al 
Dunn Wm. silversmith, Clinton near Elliott 
Dunn Wm. shoemaker, 152 n Pine 
Dunn Wm. printer, Barre, btw Greene and 

Dunne Kate, 160 Garden 
Dunner Moritz, laborer, 366 Penna. av 
Dunnigan Patrick, laborer, 180 Happy al 
Dunning Rev. Halsey, 221 w Lombard 
Dunning Mary, 148 Pearl 
Dunning Thomas B. painter, 148 Pearl 
Dunning Wm. S. bricklayer, 148 Pearl 
Dunning Wm. 8. of city yard. Black Horse 

hotel. 111 n High 
Dunnington L. W. bookkeeper, 43 McCulloh 
Dunnington Wm. salesman, Maltby house 
DUNNINGTUN WM. A. proprietor steam 
plaster mill, lower end G. Hughes, near 
the Basin, dw 43 McCulloh 
Depser Casper, 329 s Bond 
Dunnit Wm. plumber, 278 w Pratt 
Dunnock S. R. (D. & Weatherly,) 56 Barre 
Dunnock & Weatherly, shipping and com. 

merchts, 117 Smith's whf 
Dunphy John, shoemaker, 54 Harford av 
Dunphy Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 54 Har- 
ford av 
Dunphy Thomas, shoemaker, 54 Harford av 
Duns John, stone cutter, 483 w Pratt, dw 205 

s Paca 
Dunsmore Edmund, carpenter, 66 Block 
Dupkens Henry, car driver, 364 Canton av 

Dupuy Charles H. French teacher, 132 n 

DURAND JOHN H. rope manufac. n e cor 
Eden and Johns, and grocer and feed dealer, 
cor Harford av and Biddle 
Durand Felix, barber, 5 Penna. av 
Durand Thos. W. cor Harford av and Biddle 
Durborow Hammond, 359 Lexington 
Durding Ann D. boarding house, 106 e Pratt 
DURDJNG JOHN T. grocer, 464 Light 
Durding Leander A. printer, 106 e Pratt 
Durfey John, laborer, 206 Raborg 
Durfey Joseph P. salesman, 229 w Baltimore 
Durham Albert, policeman, 167 s Wolfe 
Durham Catherine, dressmaker, 132 Vine 
Durham Charles W. chair painter, 178 Ches- 
nut al 
Durham James E. clerk, 327 n Eutaw 
Durham Mary, 37 High al 
Durham Mary J. 327 n Eutaw 
Durham R. grocery, 15 New 
Durham Wm. tailor, 98 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. J. cigar maker, Wolfe bet Wilk 

and Fleet 
Durham Wm. D. cheese dealer, 302 n Howard 
Durhstz Augustus, distiller, 8 e Lombard 
During J. George, cabinet maker, 149 s Re- 

Durkee Henry H. bricklayer, 163 n Central av 
Durkee Mrs. L. R. 138 Saratoga 
Durkin John, ship carpenter, s w cor Chapel 

and Bank 
Durnell Mrs. Ann, millinery store, 129 Sa- 
Durning Mary, grocer, 147 n Central av 
Durocher A. H. danc'g mas'r, 317 w Fayette 
Durss Lorenzo, druggist, 70 Gough 
Dursse Laurent, apoth. and druggist, n w cor 

Lombard and Ann, dw 70 Gough 
Dusenbery Louis M. salesman, 169 w Lom- 
Dushane Albert, clerk, 323 w Lombard 
Dushane Cornelius, clerk, 356 w Lombard 
Dushane George H. carpenter, 336 w Lombard 
Dushane John T. machmist, 19 McHenry 
Dushane John, builder, 76 s Sharp 
Dushane John, of V. 323 w Lombard 
Dushane John A. paper warehouse, 40 s 

Charles, dw 76 s Sharp 
DUSHANE NATHAN T. measurer and su- 
perintendent, 57 n Paca 
Dushane Valentine, bookkeeper, 381 w Balti- 
Dutousch Nicholas, tailor, 122 Saratoga 
DUTROW C. F. & CO. produce commis- 
sion merchants, 5 Balderston, dw C. F. D. 
350 w Lombard — [See p. 16 Mvertisements.] 
Dutrow John S. bookkeeper, 350 w Lom- 
Dutrow James E. butter dealer, s e cor Hollini 

and Oregon, dw 29 n Republican 
Dutrow Robert H. engineer, 125 Raborg 
Dutton Cyrus B. bar keeper, n w cor Saratoga 

and Foppleton 
Dutton Frederick, 69 s Caroline 
Dutton George 594 Lexington 
Dutton John R. provision dealer 76 s Exeter 
Dutton John, 159 e Monument 
Dutton John, 69 s Caroline 
Dutton Mary A. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan P. 53 s Washington 
Dutton Norris, barkeeper, 427 Saratoga 
Dutton Robt. J. clerk, 88 Bank 




Dutton Thomas, artist, over s w cor Eutaw 

and Lexington, d\v 116 Preston 
Dutton Thomas, saihriakur, 69 s Caroline 
Dutton Thomas H. carpenter, 415 e Fayette 
Dutton T. W. bookseller and stationer, 174 e 

Dutzburger George, laborer, 25 Albemeirle 
Duvall Alfred, civil engineer, 7 Penn 
Duvall Ann E. boarding house, 100 Saratoga 
Duvall Benj. 242 Hollins 
Duvall Charles, salesman, cor German and 

Duvall E. G. (D., Keighler & Co.) 365 Eutaw 

Duvall Eldridge E. (D., Keighler & Co.) 365 

Eutaw place, n Eutaw extended 
Duvall Edward, clerk, 130 s I'aca 
Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 242 w Baltimore 
Duvall Geo. W. shoemaker, 77 Hillen 
Duvall Geo. 91 s Sharp 
Duvall Geo. W. (Geo. Lemmon & Co.) over 

84 Light St whf 
Duvall Henry, (D. & Iglehart,) 13 Hollins 
DUVALL & IGLEHART, gro. and produce 

merchants, 128 Light st whf 
Duvall Jacobs, clerk, 32 Hanover 
Duvall James M. policeman, 1 n Caroline 
Duvall James, policeman, 5 Urieaiis 
Duvall James H. pattern maker, 47 e Eagi/r 
DUVALL JUHM H. commission mcrch., 21 

German, dw 229 n Charles 
Duvall John H. clerk, 229 n Charles 
Duvall, Keighler & Co. American 

dry goods, and importers, 25 Hanover 
Duvall Mary B. 40 s Greene 
Duvall Nathan T. shoemaker, 353 s Charles 
DUVALL DR. PHILIP B. (D. & Sparrow) 

68 s Sharp 
Duvall Ridgley, clerk, 229 n Charles 
Duvall Richard, cooper, 408 w Fayette 
Duvall Richard, blacksmith, 134 Preston 
Duvall Rieman, clerk, 197 w Fayette 
Duvall & Sparrow, physicians, 97 s Sharp 
Duvall Thos. J. ladies' shoemaker, 96 Mul- 

Duvall Vinton W. clerk, 32 Hanover 
Duvall Wm. B. (Henry Tiftanv & Co.) 361 

Eutaw place, n Eutaw extended 
Duvall William Henry, machinist, 554 w 

Duyer Franklin, tavern, 60 President 
Duyer Patrick, laborer, 72 Happy al 
Duwees John C. moulder, 174 e Eager 
Dwen Peter S. clerk, 88 n Calvert 
Dwindle Dr. James, 117 s Broadway 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 118 Pine 
Dwyer Elizabeth, 236 Franklin 
Dwyer John, basket maker, 101 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 7 May 
Dwyer Peter, potter, 142 Hollins 
Dyer Benjamin, city tax collector, dw 640 w 

Dyer Levi, machinist, 96 s Poppleton 
Dyer Walter, clerk, 26 n Paca 
Dykes Alex, shoemaker, 319 Saratoga 
Dykes Josephus, shoemaker, 319 Saratoga 
Dykes John, bookkeeper, 31 Granby 
Dyott Aaron, carpenter, 151 n Central av 
Dyott James, carpenter, 272 e Monument 
Dyott John, wheelwright, 248 Biddle 
Dyrnforth Meyer, fur dealer, 178 Light street 

Dysart Moses A collector, 150 Aisquith 



Eaber Andrew, upholsterer, 252 s Sharp 

Eachus Edwin, dry goods dealer, s wcor Pratt 
and Hanovdr,' dw Penna. av near North- 
ern av 

Eagensberger Philip, carpenter, 125 Ross 

Eagle Artillery Armory, 244 Canton av 

Eager Chas. F. 74 Beason, L. P. 

Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, Samuel Hanwfiy, 

Eagleston Abram, wood dealer, cor Wall and 
Dugan's whf, dw 560 Lexington 

Eagleston Chas. butcher, 479 e Baltimore 

Eagleston Mrs. 221 MuUiken 

Eagleton John, morocco dresser, 340 e Eager 

Eakhoff Margaret, deal, in butter and eggs, s e 
cor Sharp and Welcome al 

Ealey VVm. H. ship carpenter, 118 Bank 

Eames Henry, clerk, 54 s Sharp 

Eames Henry E. belt maker, 54 s Sharp 

Eames James L. seilesman, Adams house 

Eames Wm. A. supt. Haskell's card fact. 17 s 

Eareckson Chas C. carpenter, 229 e Baltimore 

Eareckson C. Federal, clerk, 93 s Bond 

EARECKSON EDWIN, druggist, s e cor 
Baltimore and Caroline 

Eareckson Henrietta, 93 s Bond 

Eareckson J. R. telegraph operator, n e cor 
Baltimore and Frederick 

Eareckson P. S. n e cor Baltimore and Fred- 

merchts. West Fall av, dw R. E. 66 s Exeter 

Eareckson Vincent O. clerk, 98 s Bond 

Eareckson V. O. (R. & V. O. E.) 108 e Pratt 

Earhart Geo. W. 153 n P^utaw 

Earl James, carpenter, 169 Orleans 

Earl James H. cigar maker, 95 Peirce 

Earl John, baker, 495 Saratoga 

Earl John, barkeeper, 35 s Paca 

Earl Thomas, engmeer, 49 s Schroeder 

Earley John, miner, Falls road, near first toll 

EARLEY SAMUEL, trimmings store, 82 
Penna. av 

Earlougher Mary, 129 Aisquith 

Early John D. 16 n Eutaw 

Early John D. jr. clerk, 16 n Eutaw 

Early Joseph I. attorney, 5 Courtland, dw 69 
n Broadway 

Early Thomas, (Thompson & E.) 19 e Mon- 

Earnest Charlotte, board, house, 68 Raborg 

Earnest Elizabeth, 35 Pearl 

Earnest Mrs. Rachel, 186 n Calvert 

Earp Elizabeth, 38 Josephine 

Earp James, puddler, 14 Binney 

Earp J. shoemaker, 149 Ross 

Easley John T. boat builder, 258 e Fayette 

Easley Thomas, 352 s Caroline 

Easley Thomas, 66 Block 

Eason John Henry, 19 Abbey al 

East Baltimore Society (German) Mechanics' 
Hall, 76 s Broadway 

East Baltimore Methodist Prot. Church n e cor 
of Aisquith and Fayette 

East Caleb, prov. deal, s e cor Hollins and 

East Elizabeth, 12 Davis 

Easter Hamilton (H. E. & Co.) old Windsor 
road, Baltimore Co. 




EASTER HAMILTON & CO. importers, 

jobbers and retailers ofdry goods, 199, 201, 

and 203 w Baltimore 
Easter James H. (H. E. & Co.) Gilmor house 
Easter James W. (H. E.& Co.) n w cor Pearl 

and Raborg 
Easter Dr. John, dentist, 113 w Fayette 
Kaster John, laborer. 111 West 
Easter John, jr., (Hamilton E. & Co.) 266 n 

Easter Maria, 197 n Eutaw 
Easter Robert, carpenter, 3 Penn 
Eastern Avenue Methodist Episcopal Thurch, 

s e cor Eastern av and Bethel 
Eastern Dispensary, n e cor of Central av and 

Eastern Hay Scales, corner Monument and 

Eastern Hotel, 99 Thames, Christian Kinne- 

mon, proprietor 
Eastern Police Station, Bank, cor of Bethel 

l.ight-st wharf, Z. F. Williams, agent 
Eastern Spring, bounded by Pratt, Lombard, 

Kdcn and Spring 
Easterly Frederick, drayman, 79 n Amity 
Easterly John C. carter, 77 n Amity 
Eastman I. B. ship and commission merchant, 

over 93 w Lombard, dw 138 Mulberry 
Eastman Henry W. machinist, 216 w Pratt, 

dw 133 Conway 
Eastman J. B. 138 Mulberry 
Kastman Dr Lewis M. 11 n Eutaw 
Easton Elizabeth, 44 n Exeter 
Easton Charles P. hardware st(jre, 767 w Bal- 
Easton Peter, 116 West 
Easton Rev. Giles A. 9 Franklin 
Easton James, laborer, 46 York 
EASTON DR. T. surgeon dentist, 124 s Sharp 
Eastwood James, cab. maker, 61 Second 
Eastwood Noel, porter, Lanvale la near Green- 
mount av 
Eaton Alfred, boiler maker, 2 Armi.stead la 
Eaton Albert, mate, 219 s Ann 
Eaton Mrs. Ann, 2 Armistead la 
Eaton Brothers & Co. dry goods commission 

merchants, 13 s Charles 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 52 Mount Vernon place 
Eaton Eli, 46 Chew 
Eaton Georgi' N. (E. Bros. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon place 
Eaton Hooper C (E. Bros. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon Place 
Eaton Isham, huckster, 60 Henrietta 
Eaton John, laboror, 33 n Amity 
Eaton Uobinson, policeman, 183 Chester 
Eaton Thos. J. boiler maker, 2 Armistead 

Eatoii Wm. H. shoemaker, 327 Aisquith 
Eaverson Geo. W. (h. & McCord,) 185 n 

Eaverson & McCord, hat manufacturers, 47 s 

Eaves James, mariner, 74 Block 
Ebaugh l^avui, shoemaker, 105 Preston 
Ebaugli Henry, watchmaker, 111 n Gay 
Ebbe.ghaus(;r Henry, tobacco, 250 Canton av 
Ebbing Julius, hack driver, 209 Canton av 
Eljerlain Michael, lumber sawyer, 15 New 

Eijerline Anton, cigar maker, 67 Granby 
Ebberetine Frederick L. policeman, 42 Essex 

Ebberts Alex, segar maker, 42 s Republican 
Eber Andrew, upholsterer, 738 w Baltimore 
Eber Conrad, barkeeper, 23 s Gay 
Ebert Adam, conductor R. R. 31 s Repub- 
Kbert Henry, confectionery, 12 e Monument 
Ebert O. A. (Theodore S. Bantz & Co.) dw 4 

Ebert Valentine, lager beer saloon, 28 w 

Eberhard l>ouis, clerk, 70 s Fremont 
Eberhart Conrad, tailor, 318 s Sharp 
Eberhart Joseph A. grocer and hardware deal- 
er, 324 Aisquith 
Eberhart George B. tinner, 318 s Sharp 
Eberle John, laborer, 203 s Chapel 
Ebcrle Joseph, stove and tin ware dealer, 295 

n Gay 
El)li; Conrad, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Ebli^y Frederick, 5 Mary 
Ebline John, tailor, 42 Marion 
Eblo Martin, carpenter, 244 n Central Av 
Ebner Martin, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Eborall John, silk trimming manufactory, 190 

e K.ager 
Ebrance Samuel, cook, 14 Anthony 
Ebsworth Thomas J. paper carrier, 20 Lloyd 
Echardt Wm. cabinet maker, 3 Camden la 
Echart John, carpenter, s e cor Bond and Ais- 
Eccleston Wm. furniture wagoner, 199 n Dal- 
Echmainn John F. piano maker, 304 w Pratt 
Eck August, tailor, 57 c Baltimore 
Eck Henry, turner, 152 East 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 212 Canton av 
Eck John, tobacconist, 86 n Ann 
Eckard John, whip maker, 3 Spring 
Eckart Frederick, baker, 2.39 n Gay 
Eckart Lewis, cabinet maker, 42 Low 
Eckel Conrad, baker, 235 e Fayette 
Eckel Daniel, harness maker, 128 Raborg 
Eckel John, laborer, 112 Cross 
Eckvl Wm. J. clerk Kriccson line office, 30 

Greenmount av 
Eckelman Herman R. shoemaker, 10 w Lom- 
Eck( Iman Herman H. cigar maker, 10 w Lom- 
Eckelman HeriTianS. machinist, 291 n Howard 
E(;kels Elva, 143 s Regester 
Eckels Rebecca, cor Schroeder and Lemmon 
Ecker Henry, mason, 8 Bevan 
Eckerman John, pump maker, 64 Walnut al 
Eckert Adam, carter, 289 e Monument 
Eckert Gotlieh, cooper, 98 s Central av 
Eckert John H. tavern, 110 Light-st wharf 
Eckert John, engineer, 44 Clay 
Eckert Lewis, shoemaker, 78 Thames 
Eckert Louis, cabinet maker, 36 Low 
Ei(^.kert Teressa Ann, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Henry, shoemaki'r, 74 s Central av 
Eckert Wm. laborer, 24 Abbey al 
ECKHARD HENRY, cap maker, 310 w Pratt 
Eckiiard J. furniture wagoner, 224 Ham- 
Eckhardt Conrad, paper hangei', 7 Watson 
Eckhardt Conrad, grocery, 5 Pine 
Eckhardt Louis, shoemaker, 349 s Charles 
Eckhardt L. carver and gilder, 25 w Balti- 
more and 58 n Gay, dw 7 Watson 
Eckhardt Henry, hatter, 310 w Pratt 
Eckhart Henry, cooper, 470 Saratoga 




Ecktnan George T. 880 w Baltimore 
Eckman Jacob, shoemaker, 696 w Baltimore 
Eckman John H. omnibus driver, 880 w Bal- 
Eckman, Wm. blacksmith, 880 w Baltimore 
Eckstein George, carter, 68 Preston 
Eckstein Wm. laborer, 18 Townsend 
Ecksturm Christian, carpenter, 13 Barnet 
Ecksturm Henry, 168 e Lombard 
Eckis Christopher, well digger, 151 n Eden 
Eckis Henry, well digger, 151 n Eden 
Edel Josiah, butter dealer, 257 Harford av 
Edel John VV. butter dealer, 257 Harford av 
Edel Philip, tailor, 337 e Eager 
Edel Samuel, T. butter dealer, 257 Harford av 
Edel Josiah, 240 e Biddle 
Edcler George, saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Edeler Wm. saddler, 142 Forrest 
Edelman Charles, stone cutter, 47 Burren 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 171 s Eden 
Edelman John, laborer, rear of 212 s Wolfe 
Edelman Valentine, carpet weaver, 61 Center 

Market space 
Edelman Valentine, box maker, 377 w Pratt 
Eddy G. W. agent Grover & Baker's sewing 
machines, 181 w Baltimore, dw Fountain 
Eden Alex, butcher, Lexington w of Monu- 
Eden Mark, huckster, 149 Aisquith 
Eden Kich'd. paper carrier, 54 Greenmountav 
Eder Francis J. potter, 171 s Wolfe 
Edes Mrs. Mary A. 173 Garden 
Edgar Geo. H. & Co. commission merchants, 

174 Light St wharf 
Edgar Geo. H. (Geo. H. E. & Co.) cor Sharp 

and Camden 
Edgar John M. attorney, 5 Bible House, w 

Edgar Thomas, mate steamboat, 175 e Pratt 
Edgar Thomus, shoemaker, 107 n Spring 
Edgar Peter, mate, 190 s Ann 
Edgar William, 86 s Paca 
Edgar Wm. H. ship carpenter, 198 s Charles 
Edgars Peter, confectionery, 84 Gough 
Edkins Francis, 185 e Lombard 
Edlaman John T. bricklayer, 385 Harford av 
Edleman Michael, shoemaker, 8 Port al 
Edleman Philip H. 872 w Baltimore 
Edling John, piano maker, 3 Charlton 
Kdmeades Wm. T. (Barth & E.js e cor Lom- 
bard and Calhoun 
Edmonds Albert L. blacksmith, 658 w Pratt 
Edmonds John, stone cutter, 66 w Pratt 
Edmonds Mrs. Mary, 166 w Biddle 
Edmonds Page, dentist, 49 Hanover 
Edmonds Samuel & Bro. grocers, n w cor 

Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds Samuel (S. E. & Bro.) 43 n Fremont 
Edmonds Wm. E. (S. E. & Bro.) 412 Lexing- 

- ton 
Edmondson Horace S. inspector at Custom 

house, 606 w Fayette 
Edmondson James, 318 Light 
Edmondson Capt. James, mariner, 10 Hill 
Kdmondson Capt. J. N. mariner, 65 William 
Edmondson Capt. John, 318 Light 
Edmondson Joseph A. (Smith & E.) Maltby 

Edmondson Samuel, 318 Light 
Edward Mrs. Capt Richard, 44 n Broadway 
Edwards Mrs. Amanda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards B. F. engin'r, 115 s Washington, F. P 

Edwards Charles E. apothecary, s e cor. Co- 
lumbia and Fremont 
Edwards Charles, machinist, 11 Patapsco 
Edwards David, copper smelter, 76 Season, 

L. P. 
Edwards Elihu, fireman, 178 McHenry 
Edwards Elizabeth, 170 Gough 
Edwards Eliza, 73 Lancaster 
Edwards Ely, second-hand store, Mullikin 

near Eden 
Edwards Emory, clerk, 139 Conway 
Edwards George M. clerk, rear 144 FrankliH 
Edwards George W. 66 s Republican 
Edwards George H. laborer, 66 s Republican 
Edwards Hiram, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Henry, mate, 12 s Ann 
Edwards Jane, F. 135 e Lombard 
Edwards Jas. cabinet maker, 197 L. Hughes 
Edwards Joseph H. caulker, 163 G. Hughes 
Edwards Lemuel, cigar maker, 50 Republican 
Edwards Marcellus, clerk, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Mary, dry goods store, 102 Pearl 
Edwards Michael, drayman, 63 Richmond 
Edwards Rachel, 68 n Broadway 
Edwards Richard, jr. (R. E. jr." & Co.) Para- 
dise, Baltimore Co 
Edwards Richard G. huckster, 118 William 
ware merchants, 24 a Charles 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 6 e Second 
Edwards Thomas, policeman, Hudson, near 

Edwards Thomas J. clerk, 1 Trinity 
Edwards Thomas J. gas fitter, 55 s Charles 
Edwards Wm. M. teller Mechanic's Bank, dw 

77 w Biddle 
Edwards Wm. H. shoemaker, 53 n Front 
Edwards Wm. policeman, 4 Morris al 
Edwards Wm. carpenter, 17 e Monument 
EELEY SAMUEL, restaurant, 14 South 
Eff Hubert, tinner, 309 n Central av 
Eflin John, huckster, 133 Low 
Effing Benjamin, grocery, 119 Low 
Egan John J. printer, 88 Saratoga 
Egan John, 122 w Fayette 
Egan Lavinia, 208 Saratoga 
Egan Thomas, shoemaker, 111 Tyson 
Ege Michael M. agent, 374 w Baltimore, dw 

18 Pearl 
Eggerling Henry, shoemaker, 203 Canton av 
Egglin Charles, 107 Grundy 
Egenton Margaret, 57 George 
Egger Henry, cigar maker, 155 n Eutaw 
Eggert & Bobeth, piano manufs. 643 w Balti- 
Egerton A. Dubois, (E. & Bro.) 70 Courtland 
Egerton & Brother, exchange oflice, s e cor 

Exchange place and Commerce 
Egerton C'has. C. (E. & Bro.) Read nr St. Paul 
Egerton C. C, sen. 28 Hanover 
Egerton Charles, jeweler, 38Granby 
CO. Baltimore Steam Sugar Refinery, cor 
Lombard and Concord 
Egerton John B. 143 St. Paul 
Egerton John, (E., Dougherty, Woods & Co.); 

corner Eutaw place and Lanvale 
Egleston Abraham, clerk, 560 Lexington 
Egerton Samuel E. clerk, 28 Hanover 
Eggers Harman, leiger beer house, 697 w Bal- 
Eggleston Chas. S. clerk, 212 Mulberry 
Egglistian Jacob, laborer, 49 Bank 




Eggleston Joseph W. carpenter, 26 Peirce,dw 

212 Mulberry 
Egletoii John, morocco dresser, 8 Hubbard al 
Egling Charles, oil seller, 107 Grundy 
Egling Henry, 293 w Pratt 
Egner Lewis, provision dealer, 10 Calverton 

Eharhardt August, locksmith and bell hanger, 

59 German 
Ehlan Ellen, nurse, 64 Conway 
Ehlen Henry W. 137 n Paca 
Ehlen J. H. 137 n Paca 

Ehlers F . carpenter. Brown 's hotel , 1 19 n High 
Ehlers Henry, grocery, 206 e Madison 
Ehlers Lewis, grocer, 378 Light 
Ehlert George, sign painter, 181 Peirce 
Ehlies Aaron, baker, 177 e Monument 
Khlies Henry, 193 s Paca 

Ehren Andreas, crockery ware, 681 w Balti- 
Ehren Philip, brass finisher, 108 n Bethel 
Ehrhard August, locksmith, 59 German 
Ehrhard Albert, teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhard Ferdinand L. B. cabinet maker, 165 

Canton av 
Ehrhardt Anna R. 582 Penna. av 
Ehrhardt George, tailor, 244 s Eutaw 
Ehrhardt George, cooper, 352 Mulberry 
Ehrhardt John, laborer, 167 Eastern av 
Ehrlicher Catharine, nurse, 118 Hanover 
Ehrlichcr Caroline, tailoress, 41 Perry 
Ehrlick Alexander, pedler, 47 Hampstead 
Ehrmann Frederick, stone cutter, 191 L Con- 
Ehrman Charles, of Adams & Co's Express, 

5d Lee 
Ehrman Frederick, grocer, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Geo. blacksmith, 338 s Caroline 
EHRMAN GEORGE M. flour, feed and pro- 
duce dealer, n w cor Howard and Pratt, dw 
24 s Eutaw 
Ehrman Jacob, carpenter, 50 German, dw 20 

s Greene 
Ehrman John, carpenter, n e cor Eutaw and 

Ehrman John, carpenter, 74 Albemarle 
Ehrman Lewis, grocer and ship chandler, cor 

Nicholson and Towson 
Ehrman Meyer, bookkeeper, 43 w Baltimore 
Ehrman S. locksmith, 85 Harford av 
Ehrman Wm. trimming and variety store, 43 

w Baltimore 
Eich Henry, 141 Bond 

Eichard Michael, butcher, Clinton near Elliott 
Eichberg Isaac (Lauchheimer & E.) 305 w 

Eichelberger A. G. clerk, 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger C. W. painter, 165 Mulberry 
Eichelberger Eccleston, clerk, 153 Park 
Eichelberger Emanuel W. lumber merchant, 

cor Pratt and Greene, dw 99 s Paca 
Eichelberger Jacob, 203 Light 
Eichelberger J. & Co. dry goods dealers, 320 

and 322 s Charles 
Eichelberger Joseph, machinist, 241 Light 
Eichelberger John, 137 Hofi'man 
Eichelberger John S. clerk, 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger John W. cigar maker, 408 Sara- 
Eichelberger J. F. tobacconist, 139 Franklin, 

dw 165 Mulberry 
Eichelberger Otho W. liquor dealer, 1 s How- 
ard, dw 41 n Calvert 

Eichelberger Samuel E. clerk, 153 Park 
Eichelberger Wm. O. 41 n Calvert 
EICHELBERGER WM. & CO. grocers, 63 

Eichen Theodore, piano maker, 167 Kent 
Eichengreen Moses, dealer in second hand fur- 
niture, 154 Low 
Eichenrauch Frederick, saddler, 45 n Paca 
Eichinger George, blacksmith, 29 Brown 
Eichinger Lewis, baker, 18Tessier 
Eichman Julius C. clothing cutter, 49 Hanover 
Eichner Andrew, cooper, Lemmonwof Scott, 

dw 365 w Lombard 
Eichner Charles, Garrison la near Western 

Eichner David, butcher. Garrison la nr West- 
ern Cemetery 
Eichner George, laborer, 77 Orleans 
Eichner Jacob, shoemaker, 15 Second 
Eichner John, butcher. Garrison la 
Eichner John, tailor, 9 n Dallas 

Eichorn , varnisher, 167 Carpenter's al 

Eickenberger Henry, tailor, 13 n Frederick 
Eickhoff" Thomas, confectioner, 1 Tripolett'sal 
Eickman John, laborer, 11 Watson's ct, 
Eickner Jacob, shoemaker, 15 Second 
Eidel Philip, 297 s Sharp 
Eidelman Valentine, box maker, 37 Penn 
Eiderman John, drayman, 412 s Charles 
Eidig Frederick, tailor, 8 George 
Eierman Wm. bakery, 75 Barrc 
Eigenbroth Henry, bolsterer, 228 e Lombard 
Eigenbrodt Henry, tavern, 10 n Liberty 
Eigenrauch Fredk. harness maker, 45 n Paca 
higlehart Mitton, clerk, 505 w Baltimore 
Eilau Abraham, clerk, 25 n Howard 
Eilau Wm. furniture dealer, 222 s Bond 
Eilbacher John, blacksmith, 16 Lee 
Eimel George, cooper, 39 Brown 
Eimholf John, laborer, 400 Canton av 
Eims Charles, rag picker, 228 s Caroline 
Einbrod Charles, confectioner, 105 s Paca 
Einhorn kev. Dr. David, 42 n High 
Einkard J. milk dealer, 88 n Sprmg 
Einold Ludwig, 344 s Charles 
Einstein Abraham (Z. E. & Bros.) 66 s Eutaw 
Einstein Abraham, grocery, corner Bond and 

Einstein Gabriel, cloth, cutter, 52 n Central av 
Einstein Meyer (Z. E. & Bros.) 66 s Eutaw 
Einstein Saml. tobacconist, 81 Hanover, dw 61 
Einstein Zadok & Brothers, clothiers, over 110 

w Lombard, dw 91 e Pratt 
Einwaechter Adam, grocery, 6 n Fremont 
Einwacchter Alexander, wheelwright and 

blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Eiseman Bernard, meat dealer, 63 Orleans 
Eisemann Jacob, tanner, 504 Penna. aT 
Eisenberg Andrew, blacksmith, n w cor Can- 
ton av and Chapel 
Eisenberger George, beer brewer and cooper, 

142 e Lombard 
Eisenbrandt Christopher H. manufacturer mu- 
sical instruments, 78 w Balto. dw 8 Watson 
Eisenbrandt Henry W. musical instrument 

maker, 78 w Baltimore 
Eisenhard A nton, brittania ware deal. 14 Ensor 
Eisenhardt Christian, shoemaker, 32 Perry 
Eisenhut Chas. wheelwright, 390 Canton aT 
Eiserman John, huckster, 644 Penna. av 
Eiserman Mary, 644 Pennsylvania av 
Eisfeld L. shoemaker, 82 s Spring 
Eisler George, butcher, 179 Penna. av 




Eisley Jacob, butcher, 56 \v Hoffman 

Eisler John, saddler, 62 e Fayette 

Eising Emanuf'l, (Nordlinger Bros.) 60s Sharp 

Eisman Bernard, butcher, 63 Orleans 

Eisman George, hostler, 51 Orchard 

Eisman Moses, shoemaker, 7 Second and 34 

Ct'ntre Market space 
Eismann G. umbrella maker, 57 Orchard 
Eisor Charles, harness maker, cor Frederick 

av and Calverton road 
Eisor John U. tavern, near Frederick road 
Eitman Daniel, huckster, Fremont near Penn- 
sylvania av 
EITZEL CHAKLES, lager beer saloon, 23 n 

Ekstine George, paver, 514 Penna. av 
Ekstine Wm. butcher, 514 Penna av 
Elbeck Joseph, tailor, 339 s Charles 
Elchester Peter, laborer, rear 282 Aliceanna 
Elder Rev. A. J. St. Mary's Seminary, Penna. 

av near St. Mary 
Elder Allen, 20 Holland 
Elder Ann, 8 s Rfjiublican 
ELDER BASIL T. western produce commis- 
sion house, 120 s Eutaw, dw 206 n Charles 
Elder Benjamin, machinist, 164 n Fremont 
Klder B. S. 79 w Biddle 
Elder Charles M. clerk, 98 e Baltimore 
Elder Francis, watchman at Custom house, dw 

79 Hillen 
Elder Francis W. (White & E.) 80 W Monu- 
Elder James, carpenter, 438 w Lombard 
Elder Jeremiah B. shoemaker, 485 ii Gay 
Elder John J. painter, 141 Ross 
Elder P. Laurenson, clerk, 80 w Monument 
Elder Samuel & Co. flour merchants, 32 n 

Howard, dw S. E. 156 n Howard 
Elderkin James K. silversmith, 437 w Fayette 
Eldridge Mrs. Ann, 221 w Pratt 
Eldridge Wm. C. 50 n Paca 
Eldridge Wm. D. policeman, 161 Chesnut 
Elenbrock Frederick, gro. and liq. dealer, cor 

Calverton road and Frederick av 
Eley Ann E. 160 n Front 

Eleyshon David, cop. refiner, 4 Andrew, L. P 
Eleyshon Matthew, 6 Andrew, L. P. 
Eleyshon Reese, watchman, 8 Andrew, L> P. 
Elfrey Jane, variety store, 36 Harford av 
Elgert John, coachman, 105 w Biddle 
Elbert John, shoemaker, 78 Granby 
Elhman Harman, laborer, Boston near Alex. 

Elias Joseph, second-hand goods dealer, 55 

Pennsylvania av 
Eliason Andrew, brickmaker, 81 Cross 
Eliason Errick, 172 n Fremont 
Eliel Solomon, shoemaker, 108 Low 
Elisha Brother, assistant teacher, St. Vincent 

de Paul's Asylum, n Front 
Elkroth Frederick, tailor, 258 s Ann 
Ellenbrock Louis, shoemaker, 154 Regester 
Kllender Frederick, bricklayer, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Fred(>rick, tin and sheet iron worker, 

rear 348 Harford av 
Ellenwood & Co. Union dye house, 145 Cam- 
Ellerbrook Lewis, shoemaker, 74 Mulberry 
Ellermeyer Charles (Buschman & E.) 32 New 

Ellet James, moulder, 19 Gittings 
Ellicott Andrew, oflice s e corner South and 
Second, dw 95 Cathedral 

Ellicott Benj. bill broker, Sun iron building, 

dw 203 Mulberry 
Ellicott B. H. broker, over 21 South, dw 356 

Ellicott Elias, 54 n Republican 
ELLICOTT EVAN T. dwelhng and office 174 

w Lombard near Eutaw 
Elhcott Evan T. jr. (H. Wm. E. & Bro.) 95 

Ellicott H. Wm. & Bro. iron manufacturers, s 

side Basin 
Ellicott Henry W. (H. Wm. E. & Bro.) 95 

ELLICOTT & HEWRS, produce commission 

merchants, butter, cheese, &c. 59 w Lombard, 

Exchange Place.— [See p. 6 ^Advertisements.] 
Elizer Christian, yeast dealer, 13 Smith's al 
Ellicott John, Eutaw house 
Ellicott Lindly, 5 St. Paul 
Ellicott Thomas P. (Wm. M. E. & Sons,) 5 

St. Paul 
ELLICOTT WM. M. & SONS, commission 

merchants, 3 Spear's whf. dw W. M. E. 5 

St. Paul 
Ellicott Wm. M. jr. (W. M. E. & Sons,) 5 St. 

ELLINGER JOHNT. shoemaker, 119 Cross, 

dw 161 William 
Ellinger Jacob, cow dealer, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger Samuel, cattle dealer, 214 Mullikin 
Ellinger Wm. restaurant, 36 w Fayette 
Ellingsworth Wm. rigger, 29 s Bethel 
Elliott Abraham, dry goods dealer, 70)^ Han- 
over, dw 71 s Sharp 
Elliott Andrew C. guano agent, 73 Smith's wf. 

up stairs, dw s e cor Fayette and Calhoun 
Elliott Ann, grocery, 2 Abbot 
Elliott Benjamin, turnkey middle district police 

station, dw 65 n Bond 
Elliott Curtis, fireman, 61 s Schroeder 
Elliott Daniel, brickmaker, rear of Gittings 
Elliott Edward, carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Elliott Edward, clerk, Madison near Hoffman 
Elliott Edward T. engineer of reservoir pump 

house, dw North near Belvidere bridge 
Elliott George, carpenter, 442 n Gay 
Elliott George, 24 Foundry 
ELLIOTT HENRY A. & BRO. apolhecarieg 

and druggists, 286 Lexington 
Elliott James, bricklayer, 81 Chew 
Elliott James T. huckster, 330 Aisquith 
Elliott Jno. T. ornamental painter, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott John, carpenter, 158 e Eager 
Elliott John, carpenter, 443 n Gay 
Elliott John, miller, Northern av nr Falls road 
Elliott John, piano tuner, 135 w Madison 
Elliott John, blacksmith, 2 Abbot 
Elliott John S. chair painter, 66 McElderry 
Elliott Joseph P. salesman, 48 s Sharp 
Elliott Joseph, flour inspector, 161 w Biddle 
Elliott Joseph S. ship carp. 13 s Spring 
Elliott Joseph, salesman, 59 Granby 
Elliott L. 65 Henrietta 
Elliott Louisa, 44 w Madison 
Elliott Nathan J. clerk, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott Rebecca, seamstress, 34 Millimar* 
Elliott Robert, bricklayer, 297 e Madison 
Elliott Robert, carpenter, 286 Aisquith 
Elliott Robert, laborer, 168 Stirling 
Elliott Robert 0. carpenter, 14 Mott 
Elliott Sophia, 161 w Biddle 
Ellioti Thomas, policeman, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Thomas, clerk, 135 w Madison 




Elliott Thomas C. produce dealer, 110 s Wolfe 
Elliott Thomas C. painter, 228 n Central ay 
Elliott Wm. carpenter, 220 n Central av 
Elliott Wesley, brickmaker, 217 Washington, 

F. H. 
Elliott Wm. bricklayer, 532 w Baltimore 
Elliott Wm. S. ready made clothing dealer, 59 

Elliott Wm. S. wood dealer. County whf., dw 

59 Thames 
Elliott Wm. (E. & Bro.) 286 Lexington 
Elliott Wm. shoemaker, 330 Aisquith 
Elliott Wm. laborer, 217 Washington, F. H. 
EUioti Wm. jr. teacher, 307 n Carohne 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 66 McElderry 
Ellis Alexander, commission merchant, 149 s 

Ellis Benj. ship carpenter, 105 s Bond 
Ellis Elizabeth R. 24 French 
Ellis Edward, laborer, Greenwillow nr Chats- 
Ellis George, actor, Mansion house 
Ellis Henry, 63 President 
Ellis Henry, 26 Jackson 
Ellis Isaac, machinist, 32 Lemmon 
Ellis Isabella, grocery, cor Light and Heath 
Ellis James N. ship carpenter, 107 s Bond 
Ellis John D. wood engraver, over 166 w Bal- 
timore, dw Gay near Aisquith 
Ellis John, 196 w Madison 
Ellis John C. H. horse dealer, 190 Madison av 
Ellis J. L. grain fan manuf. 39 Thames 
Ellis Mary, fancy dry goods store, 190 w Mad- 
Ellis Thomas, bottler, 14 s Gay 
Ellis Mrs. U. Howard, s w cor Charles and 

Ellis Wm. H. machinist, 40 Chew 
Ellis Wm. carpenter, Homestead, Bait. Co. 
Ellison Archibald, silversmith, swcor Charles 

and Lee 
Ellison Julius, tailor, 130 Granby 
EUmore Richard, mariner, 49 Columbia 
Elm Adam, laborer, 482 Penna av. 
Elmer Lewis, silversmith, 2 O'Donnell's whf. 

dw 87 William 
Elmer & Sipes, jewelers, 174 w Pratt 
Elmer Lewis, vinegar depot, 20'Donneirs wf. 

dw 87 William 
Elmes Wm. shoemaker, 68 Hampstead 
Elmore Charles E. clerk. Dolphin bet Grundy 

and Bolton 
Elmore James, butcher, 495 e Baltimore 
Eloffe C. milliner, 88 Franklin 
Elphinstone Jas. carriage trimmer,34 Maiden la 
Elphring Mrs.Wm. H.'grocery, 468 Lexington 
Elsel George, butcher, 179 Penna. av 
Elselroad John W. paper stainer, 94 Warner 
Elseroad Francis, tanner, 92 Warner 
Elserode John, foundryman, 175 s Central av 
Elsocs Louis, second hand clothing dealer, 27 

Elsoes Samuel, pedler, 61 Harrison 
Elton Charles W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Elizabeth, dry goods store, 1 s Ann 
Eltonhead Sarah, fancy goods dealer, 35 e Bal- 
Eltonhead Thomas, watchmaker, 48 Ensor 
Eltonhead Wni. salesman, 35 e Baltimore 
Ely Charles, furniture wagoner, 129 s Chester 
Ely Chas. furniture wagoner, 140 s Chester 
Ely Charles W. (iMaynard, E. & Rose,) cor 
Gaj and Exeter 

Ely Enoch, 185 s Ann 

Ely Enoch N. 185 s Ann 

Ely Geo. F. painter, 170 n Gay 

ELY & GOLIBART, Canton steam saw mills, 

Hudson, s e cor Lawrence 
Ely James, street paver, 352 Eastern av 
Ely Jacob, laborer, 71 Granby 
Ely Jesse F. bookkeeper, German, west of 

Ely John W. wheelwright. Eagle hotel, 132 

Ely John B. bridge and wharf builder, 143 a 

Ely John B. shoemaker, 170 n Gay 
Ely John N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 a 

Ely Mahlon S. ladies' shoe store, 170 n Gay 
Ely Samuel S. 170 n Gay 
Ely Wm. N. bridge and wharf builder, 185 a 

Ely Wm. T. apothecary, a e cor Saratoga and 

Calvert, dw 114 n Calvert 
Elzey James C. salesman, 14^^ s Calvert 
Elzey Letitia, boarding house, 14)^ s Calvert 
Emack James W. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Emanuel Chapel, (Episcopal,) 121 Grundy 
Emanuel Church, (Episcopal,) cor Read and 

Emeline August, tailor. Homestead, Balto. Co 
Emerich Abraham, printer, 169 w Pratt 
Emerich Henry, carpentir, 14 Baker's ct 
Emerich John, laborer, 37 James la 
Emerich John, wheelwright, 75 McHenry 
Emerich Lewis, watchman, 28 Harrison 
Emerich Philip, shoemaker, 28 Harrison 
Emerick Ann B. Ross, 2 doors from Biddle 
Emerick Conrad, wheelwright, West al, near 

Emerick Ludwig, porter, 8 L. Paca 
Emerick Thos. H. boot and shoe maker, 56 n 

Howard, dw Ross near Biddle 
EMERICK WILLI A xM H. boot and shoe- 
maker, 5 and 6 Eutaw house, cor Baltimore 
and Eutaw, dw 217 w Biddle 
Emerey Geo. tailor, 68 s Bethel 
Emerson Edwin, tinner, 140 Camden, dw 486 

w Pratt 
Emery J. C. printer, 16 s Frederick 
EMEllY JOHN B. granite yard,sw cor How- 
ard and West, dw 76 s Paca 
Emery Samuel, brickmaker, 304 w Lombard 
Emge Henry, lithographer, 54 Somerset 
Emge Peter, blacksmith, 214 e Iviger 
Emich Andrew, car builder, 519 Lexington 
Emich Colum. V. (J. H. Perkins & Co.) 136 

n Howard 
Emich Daniel J. (E. & McCrea,) 487 w Balti- 
Emich John V. stove and tin worker, 27 Light, 

dw 28 s Calhoun 
EMICH & McCREA, manufs. of tin & .sheet 

iron ware, 487 w Baltimore 
Emich Philip, cooper, 452 w Pratt 
Emick Bastian, laborer, 29 Goodman al 
Emick Peter, stove smith, 3 s Schroeder 
Emier Chas. mariner, 255 Aliceanna 
Emlong August, baker, 17 Pine 
Emmart Adolphus, painter, 26 North 
Emmart David, coachsmith, 104 n Paca 
Emmart Francis, tailor, 210 Stirling 
Emmart Geo. H. clerk, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Emmart John M. carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 




Emmart Mary Ann, grocery, 107 Mullikin 
Emmart Michael, carpenter, 107 Mullikin 
Emmart Philip Thomas, silversmith, 185 Mul- 
Emmart Sidney, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart Vernon S. clerk, 157 n Paca 
Emmart "Wm. Wirt, stone cutter, 104 n Paca 
Emmel Conrad, baker, 11 s Bond 
Emmel John, confectioner, 283 Canton av 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 18 South, 

dw 324 w Lombard 
Emmerson Wm. boatman, 51 Stiles 
EM MICH JOHN, flour, meal and grain deal- 
er, 81 McHenry 
Emmis Wm. A. carpet factory, 17 s Howard 
Emmons Capt. Geo. T., U. S. N. Hoffman, 

between Garden and Grundy 
Emory Ambrose M. clerk, 96 Park 
Emory Dr. August W. 44 e Pratt 
Emory Andrew, stevedore, 66 Somerset 
Emory Elias, blacksmith, 54 n Fremont 
Emory E. Maria, seminary for young ladiis, 

n e cor Fremont and Lexington 
EVIORY DANIEL C. H. attorney, 47 St. 

Paul, dw Baltimore Co. 
Emory Daniel G. discount clerk Bank of Bal- 
timore, dw 129 n Charles 

Emory , shomnaker, 59 n Gay 

Emory Ely, teamster, 638 w Pratt 

Emory Hopper, attorney at law, 46 Franklin 

Emory John W. conductor, 28 Li mmon 

Emory J. K. B. (Moore & E.) 221 n Howard 

Emory J. K. B. jr. clerk, 36 Holiday 

Emory John, tailor, 238 n Ed>'n 

Emory Dr. J. K. B. office 18 Courtland, dw 

46 Franklin 
Emory John, laborer, 223 s Durham 
Emory M. E. Church, Pennsylvania av near 

Emory Maria, 349 Lexington 
Emory Samuel W. (Pitcher, Wilson & Co.) 

10 s Calhoun 
Emory Thomas H. cashier, 78 St. Paul 
Emory ^Wm. H. com. mer. and grain and pro- 
duce deal. 14 Bowly's whf, dw 78 St. Paul 
Emrich Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Ensor 
Emrich Geo. hair dresser, 215 Barre 
Emrich John P. lace manufactory. North -st. 

dw 149 e Madison 
Emrich Peter, (Flynn, E. &Murrill,) 143 e 

Emrick Andrew, turner, 49 Clay 
Emrick Conrad, laborer, 254 Hanover 
Emrick John, wheelwright, 75 McHenry 
Eney Benj. F. shoemaker, 437 w Lombard 
Eney Jeremiah, shoemaker, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Eney .leremiah, black.smith, 437 w Lombard 
Eney John, plasterer, 437 w Lombard 
Eney Julia A. nurse, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Uliver N. paper hanger, 437 w Lombard 
Eney Oliver, 1 s Oregon 
Engehousen Henry E. tavern, 75 Park 
Engel Geo. shoemaker, 235 Eastern av 
Engcl Henry, lager beer saloon, 17 Harrison 
Engel Henry, grocery, 2}-^ s Exetef 
Engel Henry, 200 w Fayette 
Engel Hugo, clerk, 331 Mulberry 
Engel Jacob, carpenter, 39 n (.^'ntral av 
Engel John, cooper, 9 Leadenhall 
Engel John, beer manufactory, 59 n Exeter 
Engel Julius, salesman, 151 Lexington 
Engel Kaspar, laborer, 170 s Wolfe 

Engel Lazarus, second hand clothing dealer' 

234 s Caroline 
Engel Yugo, bookkeeper, 331 Mulberry 
Engelbach Adam, laborer, 178 Aliceanna 
Engelbach Emanuel, tavern, 75 Hanover 
Engelbert Martin, tailor, 78 s Central &r 
Engelbrecht Anna, 21 Harrison 
Engelhardt Frantz, laborer. Homestead, Balto. 

Engelhardt Henry, boot maker, 222 Light 
Engelking Frederick, tailor, 36 L. McElderry 
Engels Elizabeth, 89 n Poppleton 
Englehart Edward, cabinet maker, 70 n Gay 
Englehaupt Philip, locksmith, 33 Portland 
Engelmeier Joseph, tailor, 261 Aisquith 
Engelmyer Solomon L. pawnbroker, 66 Park 
Engelsman Cathi'rine, over 63 Second 
Englehart Constantine, basket maker, 395 

Canton av 
Engerbrandt Henrietta, tavern, 189 Eastern av 
Enghausen Caroline, 81 n Spring 
England Charles I', sali'sman, 218 w Pratt 
England Christophei-, shoemaker. Falls road, 

near toll gate 
England Francia W. plumber, 171 Gough 
England Geo. E. photographist, 112 w Fayette 
England Joseph, 13 Townsend 
England Joseph T. general ticket agent, B. & 

6. R. R. 79 .s Sharp 
England Julia, boarding house, 40 n High 
England Vlary, bakery, 228 n Gay 
England Mary, confectionery, 58 e Fayettr 
England Samuel, bricklayer, 13 Townsend 
England Wm. G. brakesman, 1 Grundy 
Englart John, portrr, 5 Smith's al 
Engle Casper, laliorer, 213 s Durham 
Engle Jacob, clerk, 39 n Central av 
Engle John, nightman, 121 s Chester 
Engle John G. shoemaker, 580 w Baltimore 
Engle John, carter, 18 Rock 
Engleberg Lewis, dyer, 126 Low 
Englehart Mary grocery, 89 Gough 
Englehart Moses, 89 Gough 
Englehaupt Adam, clothier, 48 w Pratt, dw 102 

s Exeter 
Engli'haupt Philip, laborer, 33 Booth 
Engler, (Graf & 'E.) 26 s Greene 
Engles Henry, 48 Dolphin 
Engleman Augustus, shoe stitcher, 16 e Lom- 
Englemeyer Wolfgang, laborer, 15 St. James 
Engler Augustus, salesman, 26 s Greene 
English Henry, brass founder and faucet mak. 

ri9 n Front 
English John R. 169 Garden 
English John, milkman, 235 Lemmon 
English Patrick, carter, 160 s Chapel 
Enke Ludwig,, 114 w Baltimare, dw 21 

e Fayette 
Enkhausen Hy. station 'y deal. 80 Penna. av 
Ennalls John W. (Frederick Fickey & Sons,) 

28 s Greene 
Ennis Allen, printer, 48 w Baltimore 
Ennis John, drayman, 16 Stiles 
Ennis Thomas, house carpenter, 19 St. Mary 
Eno Chas. E. shoemaker, 225 e Fayette 
Eno Richard, baker, 45 n Eden 
Enright Mary, 3 Rose 
Enright Michael, laborer, 3 Rose 
Ensel Meyer, r.ig dealer, 150 s Greene 
Ensey Lot, (urendorf, E. & Co.) 311 w 

Ensey Mary, 804 w Baltimore 




Enscy Richard, clerk, 48 n Republican 

Ensing-er Geo. carpenter, 293 Eager 

Ensor Abram, 119 n Exeter 

Ensor Charles, watchman, 95 Hampstead 

Ensor Columbus, 119 n Exeter 

Ensor Edward, ship joiner, 38 Milliman 

Ensor Franklin, pamter, 119 n Exeter 

Ensor Hiram, carpenter, 108 s Sharp 

Ensor John, carpenter, 816 w Baltimore 

ENSOR JOHN H. magistrate 18lh ward, 

519 w Baltimore, dw 322 w Fayette 
Ensor Wm. tinner, 483 n Cay 
Enssle John C. harness maker, 31 Lee 
Entler Julia, 24 Pine 
Enter Jacob, tailor, 206 Lexington 
Entz Andrew, clerk, 132 s Sharp 
Entz Henrietta, 48 n Popph'ton 
Epler Chas. wheelwright, 37 e Monument 
Epler Jacob, cooper, 254 w Pratt 
Eppern Louis, shoemaker, 113 s Regester 
Eppley James M. chief clerk Barnums hotel, 

dw 240 n Howard 
Eppley Julius A.,N. C. Railway, 240 n How- 
Epping Jacob, seaman, 294 Aliceanna 
Epron Peter, boot and shoemaker, 148 n Eden 
Epworth M. E. Chapel, cor Washington and 

Erb Adam, stone cutter, 385 w Pratt 
Erb Mena, confectionery, 496 w Baltimore 
Erb Philip, marble cutter, 385 w Pratt 
Erbach Sebastian, barber, 12 w Lombard 
Erbach Wm. barber, 9 n Ed(>n 
Erbehart Georgia G. clerk, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Erben Hmry, organ builder, 7 s Eutaw, dw 

165 s Greene 
Erbercker Augustus, carpenter, 4 Ivanhoc ct, 

e of Washington, F. P. 
Erbert Christian, piano maker, 40 Bloom 
Erck Chas. tailor, 223 Orleans 
Erdanbaecht John, wheelwright, over 314 

Erdman John, gardener. Homestead, Balti- 
more Co 
Erhard Hugh, watchmaker and jeweler, 48 w 

Erbe Henry, carter, 360 s Charles 
Erben Matilda, milliner, 538 w Baltimore 
Erdbring Herman, cigar maker, 184 Lexington 
Erdbrink John H. cigar maker, 8 Fort 
Erdman Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erek Caspar, tobacconist, 184 Lexington, dw 

234 Saratoga 
Erek Daniel, butcher, 37 Hoffman 
Erek Henry, cigar maker, 269 Saratoga 
Erek Wm. H. tobacco merchant, 96 w Lom- 
bard, dw 94 s Paca 
Erff Christopher, 637 Light 
Ergood Gabriel .S. clerk, 156 e Monument 
Erhard Aim, 582 Penna. av 
Erhard Lawrence, shoemaker, 3 Port al 
Erhard Thomas, drayman, 582 Penna. av 
Erhart Wm shoemaker, 346 Canton av 
Erie John, boiler maker, 2 Williamson al 
Erland Francis, 39 Henrietta 
Erlick Jacob, dealer in second hand goods, 46 

Erline John, laborer, 13 New 
Erling Patrick, laborer. Falls road, near city 

Ermaling Geo. laborer, 224 Eastern av 
Ermer Barber, 25 Eastern av 
Ermer Henry, cigar maker, 25 Eastern av 

Ermer John G. laborer, 25 Eastern av 
Ermer Margaret, 25 Eastern av 
Ermold John O. cabinet maker, rear of 41 Clay 
Ernhardt Lewis, laborer, 79 Eastern av 
Ernold A. W. salesman, 346 w Baltimore 
Ernold John, drayman, 54 Pine 
Ernst Andrew, laborer, 254 s Dallas 
Ernst Antoine, laborer, 254 s Dallas 
Ernst Daniel, gardener, 966 w Baltimore 
Ernst Henry, restaurant, 364 e Baltimore 
Ernst Henry, shoemaker, 207 Chesnut 
Ernst Henry, shoemaker, 364 e Baltimore 
Ernst Herman, 6 Walker 
Ernstberger Frank, barber, 261 Aisquith 
Ernull Aaron W. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Erp Adam, stone cutter, over 385 w Pratt 
Erphenbeck Henry, tavern, 207 Canton av 
Krtler Martin, carpenter, 30 n Bond 
Ervin Geo. C. broker, 34 Second, dw 7 Cath- 
Ervin Lewis, mariner, 14 Gough 
Erving Langdon, attorney at law, 79 w Fay- 

.!te, dw 12 Cathedral 
Erwin Edwin M. ambrotypist, 371 w Lombard 
Escaville Susannah, 4 n Eden 
KSC H BAC H FREUE RICK, street contractor, 

54 w Biddle 
Eschbach John, 63 Cathedral 
Eschbach John E. paving contractor, 45 Rich- 
Eschbach Dr. Joseph A. 217 Aisquith 
Kscomfaine Margaret, 336 s Bond 
Escott Edward, baker, 11 Fish Market space 
Escnder George, machinist, 1 Pearl 
Esender James, hardware dealer, 171 Lexing- 
ton, dw 1 Pearl 
Esender James, butter dealer, 262 s Broadway 
Esender Thomas, carpenter, 117 Hollins 
Esender Wm. carpenter, 1 Pearl 
Esham Fanny W. confect. and fancy goods, 

176 w Madison 
Esherich Charles, drovi^r, 96 Leadenhall 
Esherick Antoine, gunsmith, 477 w Baltimore 
Esherick August, cooper, 71 Grindall 
Esherick Thomas, grocer, 166 e Pratt 
Eshridge John E. sailmaker, 18 Hill 
Esland Wm. bricklayer, 222 German 
Esler George, brickmaker, 116 West 
Esler Henry, baker, 61 Stirling 
Esler Samuel, blacksmith, 55 n High 
Esler Samuel, blacksmith, 101 n Schroeder 
Eslinger Wm. bricklayer, 424 w Fayette 
Esper John, laborer, 171 Orleans 
Espi'y Wm. P. cooper 239 s Ann 
Espey Wm. S. cooper, 233 s Ann 
Esselmann Henry cigar maker, 4 s Frederick 
Esselmann Peter, tailor, 8 Water 
Essenger Lewis, painter, 8 Dewberry al 
Essert George, nightman, 50 Chatsworth 
Essex Ann, 430 William 
Estabrook Endor, clerk, 98 Lee 
Esterline Henry, ship joiner, Washington nr 

Eastern av 
Estlack Hiram, shoemaker, 95 Jefferson 
Etchberger Capt. James, 86 s Eden 
Etchberger Jas. S. clerk, 86 s Eden 
Etchlierger John F. boat builder, Caroline near 

Thames, dw 64 Eastern av 
Etchberger Mary, 128 s Bond 
Etchison Frederick, grocer, 404 w Lombard 
Etchison Perry G. (E. & Dorsey) Montgom- 
ery Co 




ETCHISOV & DORSEY, commission mer- 
chants, 52 s Charles 
Etel John, laborer, 6 Cuba, L. P. 
Etlinger Frederick, 254 e Eager 
Etmam John, bricklayer, 389 Harford av 
Ettner John A. cabinet maker, 175 West 
Etting Barnard G. commission merchant, 71 

Smith's whf, dw 270 Lexington 
Etting John, piano maker, 3 Carlton 
Etting Samuel, ship, and commission merchant, 

71 Smith's whf. dw 22 n Eutaw 
Ettinger Benj. blacking manuf. 217 e Fayette 
Etzel Childs, cigar maker, 74 Camden 
Etzel Louis, foundryman, 2 Fountain 
Eubert Adam, shoemaker, 25 St. James 
EUKER & HORN, importers and dealers in 

liquors, 167 HoUins 
Euker Wm. (E. & Horn) 646 w Baltimore 
Euler August, wheelwright, 383 Penna. av 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
EULER JACOB, tobacconist, 18 s Sharp and 

206 Lexington 
Euler John, shoemaker, Frederick road near 

1st toll gate 
Eulon Philip, 104 Franklin 
Eurick Peter, moulder, 310 Aliceanna 
Eustis Alexander, 9 n Carey 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Baltimore and 

Eutaw. John Carroll, proprietor. 
Eutaw street (M. E.) Church, cor Eutaw ct 

and Eutaw street 
taw and Fayette. — [See Jlppendix.] 
Evans Able, miller, 869 w Pratt 
Evans Alfred D. warden of Penitentiary 
Evans Amos, plasterer, 255 Hollins 
Evans Andrew, copper smelter, 5 Cuba, L. P. 
Evans Andrew J, pilot, 104 s Ann 
Evans B. F. trader, 43 Columbia 
Evans Charles H. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Evans Charles, hackman, 17 Courtland 
EVANS CHARLES D. gaiter (upper) manuf. 

26 Harford av 
Evans Charles W. salesman, 134 n Gay 
Evans Daniel, cigar maker, 256 w Pratt 
Evans Daniel T. pilot, 125 Ann 
Evans Daniel E. boiler maker, 68 s Carey 
Evans Daniel W. constable, 228 Bank 
Evans David, carpenter, 88 s Bond 
Evans David G. druggist, 88 s Bond 
Evans Edward, carpenter, 2 St. Mary 
Evans Elizabeth, dressmaker, 98 Barre 
Evans Evan, plasterer, 29 McHenry 
Evans Evan, copper smelter, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Evans Franklin, gas fitter, 2 North, dw 119 n 

Evans Frederick, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Evans Frederick, safe maker, 494 w Pratt 
Evans Rev. F. S. (John F. Sharretts & Co.) 

180 Garden 
Evans George & Co. coopers, 22 Patterson, dw 

G. E. 84 e Baltimore 
Evans George B. clerk, 98 Barre 
Evans George, laborer, 100 Castle 
Evans Geo. W. flour and feed dealer, 808 w 

Evans George G. (H. E. Hoyt & Co.) 41 w 

Evans Henry, oyster packer, 134 s High 
Evans Hiram P. salesman, 26 Pine 
Evans Capt. Hiram, waterman, 158 Cross 

Evans Hugh D. attorney at law, 360 n Eutaw 

Evans Hugh W. 217 Franklin 

Evans Isaac, sr. 96 e Fayette 

Evans Isaac, jr. (Purvis & Co.) 96 e Fayette 

Evans Jacob "H. machinist, 68 Republican 

Evans James C. plasterer, 121 L. Greene 

Evans James, deputy sheriff Baltimore Co. 

Frederick Road near Fairview Inn 
Evans Job & Son, carpenters, 19 Garden, dw 

J. E. 211 n Howard 
Evans John, 5 Bolton 
Evans John E. reporter, 38 n Calvert 
Evans John, inspector at custom house. 

Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Evans John, reporter, 119 n Gay 
Evans John, copper smelt. Clinton s of Boston 
Evans John A. plasterer, 356 w Fayette 
Evans John, machinist, 158 n Spring 
Evans John, 370 w Fayette 
EVANS JOHN, manufacturer of tin ware and 
dealer in housekeeping articles, 18 w Balti- 
more, dw 29 n Eden 
Evans John, nightman, 31 s Washington 
Evans John B. painter, Clay bet. Howard and 

Eutaw, dw 2 St. Mary 
EVANS JOHN C. carpenter and builder, 251 

n Eden 
Evans Joseph, shoemaker. 111 William 
Evans Joseph, bricklayer, 121 s Caroline 
Evans Joseph, leather dealer, 58 n Eden 
Evans Joseph J. shoemaker, 32 Maiden la 
Evans Josh. J., Pratt-st Gardens, 474 w Pratt 
Evans Joshua, carter, 119 Castle 
Evans Lydia V. S. 48 s Ann 
Evans Margaret, 158 Cross 
Evans Mrs. Maria, board, house, 49 Hanover 
Evans Martha, 74 Harford av 
Evans Mary, 125 Hollins 
Evans Mary, 46 Conway 
Evans Mary, dressmaker, 144 Hanover 
Evans Mary K. 70 L. McElderry 
Evans Maybury, messenger Adams Express, 

156 East 
Evans Mitchell, mariner, 4 Wills 
Evans Nicholas, laborer, 27 s Washington, F. P. 
Evans Randolph, grocery and tavern, Harford 

av, near city limits 
Evans Resse, clerk, 823 w Baltimore 
Evans Rosetta, provision store, 53 North 
Evans Samuel M. bricklayer, 63 President 
Evans Sarah, 98 Barre 
Evans Sarah A . 51 Fawn 
Evans, Staum & Kent, produce com. merchts. 

82 Light-st wharf 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 415 Lexington 
Evans Thomas, sexton, 87 s Wolfe 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 24 Stirling 
Evans Thomas, shoemaker, 348 Mulberry 
EVANS THEODORE VV. salesman, 49 Han- 
EVANS Dr. THOMAS B. druggist, 246 Al- 
iceanna, dw 88 s Bond 
Evans Thomas G. (Job E. & Son,) 211 n 

Evans Thomas H. (E., Staum & Kent,) 64 

Evans Thomas J. wharfinger, Wolfe between 

Gough and Bank 
Evans Wm. pattern maker, 157 Montgomery 
EVANS WlVl. H. H. restaurant, 27 Short 
Evans Wm. M. clerk, Calverton road, near 

Frederick av 
Evans W m. cooper, 145 e Eager 




Evans Wm. shoemaker, 47 Buren 

Evans Wm. stone mason, Clinton near Boston 

Evans W. D. 360 n Kutaw 

Evart Sylvester, laborer, 52 s Republican 

Evatt Edward, gun and locksmith, 35 Light 

Evatt Mary, dress maker, 144 Pearl 

Everhart E. S. salesman, 328 w Baltimore 

Everhart Geo. machinist, Lombard, 1 door w 

of Bethel 
Everhart Geo. machinist, 73 s Eden 
Everhart Geo. G. salesman. Gen. Wayne Inn 
Everhart Geo. Wm. printer, 73 s Eden 
Everhart Henry, brickmaker, 227 Hollins 
Everhart Jacob, tobacconist, 26 Eutaw ct 
Everhart Mary J. 301 s Charles 
Everhart Wm.'H. brakesman, 92 s Hovifard 
Everhart Lewis, laborer, 12 Harmony la 
Everhart Martin, tobacconist, 88 s Howard, 

Everett Edward, 49 n Paca 
Everett George L. sailmaker, 119 s Bond 
Everett Lawrence, laborer, 294 s Bond 
Everett John H. boiler maker 134 Conway 
Everett John H. steamboat, engin'r, 507 n Gay 
Everett James T. plasterer, 119 s Bond 
Everett John H. engineer, 507 n Gay 
Evering Bernard, clerk, 91 s Wolfe 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 Holiday, dw 74 
Everist John, shoemaker, 369 e Fayette 
Everist Joseph, cooper, 114 n High 
Everist Thomas C. huckster, 173 Gough 
Everit Elizabeth, s e cor Gough and Happy al 
Everitt Ann J. 106 Ensor 
Everitt Charles, carriage maker, 132 n Gay 
Everitt Davis, carriage maker, 73 n High 
Everitt Thomas, harness maker, 39 Garden 
Everitt Elizabeth, dress maker, rear of 114 

Dugan's whf 
Everitt Thomas S. harness maker, 39 Garden 
Everline John, tailor, 17 Spring ct 
Evers Henry, shoemaker, 2 L. Gough 
Evers John, mattress maker, 310 s Bond 
Eversman Frederick, 81 s Bond 
Eversman Fredk. policy writer, 197 Aliceanna 
Eversman Gerard G. grocery, 309 s Charles 
Eversman Frederick, laborer, 242 s Dallas 
Eversmyer Fredk. nightman, 466 Canton av 
Evert James, lumber wag. 231 Aliceanna 
Evert Jane, fancy store, 42 Plum al 
Evert John, piano maker, 246 Hanover 
Evers Daniil, stevedore, rear 183 s Broadway 
Eversmyer Henry, hack driver, 255 s Bond 
Evesson Miss J. dress maker, 148 Saratoga 
Evey John, laborer, 70 s Republican 
Ewald Eliz'th, washerwoman, 247 Canton av 
Ewald Jno. P. edge tool maker, 14 s Central av 
Ewald John, tailor, 202 s Bond 
Ewald Philip, carter, 22 Hampstead 
Ewaldt August, (James Meyer & Co,) 105 

Penna. av 
Ewaldt John H. shirt cutter, 22 Hampstead 
Ewall Wm. laborer, 499 Light 
Ewalt Samuel A. tinner, 462 w Baltimore, dw 

50 n Poppleton 
Ewart James, architect, 359 Franklin 
Ewart John, clerk, 359 Franklin 
Ewart Wm. 359 Franklin 
Ewart Wm. bookkeeper, 359 Franklin 
Ewell D. F., M. D. 55 Columbia 
Ewell John, barkeeper, 1 Hill 
Ewen Jeremiah, harness maker, 82 Peirce 
Ewen Wm. J. stone mason, cor Preston and 


Ewig John, merchant tailor, 340 w Pratt 
Ewing John J. shoemaker, 246 n Eden 
Ewing Samuel W. shoemaker, 246 n Eden 
Ewing Thomas W. clerk, 77 Chew 
EXCHANGE BANK, Second, adjoining th« 
Post Office, Wm. E. Coale president. — [Set 
p. 19 Mvertisements.] 
change buildings, entrance Second and Lom- 
bard, George U. Porter, secretary 
Extine George, jr. carter, 68 Preston 
Ey George, laborer, 204 s Wolfe 
Eyanson John, (Bull & E.) 61 n Howard 
Eyll Margaret, huckstress, 35 Perry 
Eyll John, shoemaker, 142 Welcome al 
Eyerman Isadore, laborer, 228 s .4nn 
Eyrrley Jacob S. printer, 36 Chatsworth 
Ezekiel Bro, assistant teacher St. Vincent de 

Paul's asylum, Front n of Fayette 
Ezekiel Caleb, saw manuf. 109 n Broadway 
Ezekiel Theodore, cigar manufacturer, 161 

, F. 

Fal)er Bernard, tailor, 21 s Liberty 

Faber Charles, tailor, s w cor Granby and High 

Faber Conrad, laljorer, 91 s Regester 

Faber Frederick, 468 Canton av 

Faber George, cigar maker, 260 s Sharp 

Faber Harmon, tinner, 215 Hanover 

Faber John, umbrella maker, 260 Hanover 

Fade Henry, policy writer, 28 Shakspeare 

Faber John C. clerk, 70 n Eden 

Fal)er Wm. cigar maker, 168 George 

Fable Deitrich, laborer, 270 Aliceanna 

Fachs Frederick, coach trim. 5 Elizabeth la 

Facius Gustavus, teacher, 99 n Calvert 

Fadden Charles, carpenter, 111 Grundy 

Faddle John F. laborer. Falls road nr Charles 

Fadsco Theodore, cabinet maker, 85 Dover 

Fadeley James, tinner, 153 Ensor 

Faehner Joseph, 270 s Ann 

Fagan Anna, U'ouer at National hotel 

Fagan Daniel, oyster shucker at Barnum's 

Fagan James, upholsterer, 55 Dewberry al 
Fagan Owen, porter, 66 n Exeter 
Fagan Robert, drayman, 235 Columbia 
Fagel Lewis, cabinet maker, 7 Fish Market 

Fager John, cooper, 146 s Regester 
Fagler Thomas, tailor, 217 n Central av 
Fagret Francis, carpenter, 40 n Liberty 
Fagret Luille, ladies' hair dresser, 40 n Lib- 
Faherty John, carpenter, 140 Ross 
Faht'Tty Mary, 203 Eastern av 
Fahde August, coach trimmer, 65 Hillen 
Fahey James, laborer, 20 n Oregon , 
Fahey Martin, 224 e Pratt 
Fahey Thomas, laborer, 5 w Chase 
Fahman Lewis, 69 James la 
Fahlen Joseph, teacher, 110 e Monument 
Fahnestock Arthur, oyster dealer, 36 w Bid- 
Fahnestock Derick, (Brooks, F. & Co.) 300 

w Lombard 
Fahnestock Edward, clerk, 244 Saratoga 
Fahnestock George W. clerk, 19 n RepublicaH 
Fahnestock Jesse, clerk B. &, O. R. R. 311 w 

Fahnestock Joseph D. (P. F. & Son,) Lex- 
ington w of Calhoun 




Fahnestock Peter & Son, hermetically sealed 
oyster and fruit dealers, 143 German, dw P. 
F. 300 w Lombard 
Faid Henry, laborer, 60 James lane 
Faih John, laborer, 255 e Pratt 
Fairall George E. iron moulder, 73 s Fremont 
Fairall Wm. blacksmith shop, s w cor Eislen 

and Fremont, dw 40 St. Peter 
Fairbank Andrew J. conductor, 16 McHenry 
FAIRBANK CAPT. NOAH, of steamer Vir- 
Fairbank Chris, shoemaker, 17 n Central av 
FAIRBANK HENRY, prop'r Gen. Wayne 

Inn, n w cor Baltimore and Paca 
Fairbank John, conductor B. & O. R. R. 361 

w Lombard 
Fairbank Samuel, clerk, 144 s Pac& 
Fairbank Samuel G. carpenter, Gen. Wayne 

Fairbank Thomas J. clerk, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Fairbanks Charles, foreman of soap stone 

works, 19 s Fremont 
Fairbanks Christopher, shoemaker, 26 May 
Fairbanks Edw. (F. & Ray,) 215 Gough 
Fairbanks George, bricklayer, 381 Franklin 
Fairbanks Henry T. carpenter, 243 Franklin 
Fairbanks & Ray, shipsmiths, n e cor Point 

and Block 

over 29 s Charles, Wm. A. Wells, agent 
Fairchild Wm. miTchant tailor, 6 e Baltimore 
Fairfiix A. C. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Fairley Thomas, florist, Ross near Lanvale 
Faistenhamer Barnhard, cigarm'r, 126 Low 
Faite John, confectioner, 78 Park 
Faithful Joseph, ambrotypist, n e cor Lexing- 
ton and Eutaw, dw 218 Mulberry 
Faithful Lydia, 89 Chatsworth 
Faithful Margari-t, accoucher, 81 Chatsworth 
FAITHFUL WILLIAM T. apothecary, n e 

cor Fayette and Republican 
Falck Casper W. grocery, 348 s Charles 
Falck John B. clerk, 348 s Charles 
Falconar Alfnd, machinist, 103 Hanover 
Falconar A. Smith, book keeper, 190 n Calvert 
Falconar Edward, clerk, 109 s Sharp 
Falconar, F. 109 s. Sharp 
Falconar Jonathan, clerk B. & O. R. R. 109 

.s Sharj) 
FALCONER JOHN, dry goods com. mer- 
chant, 12 s Charles, dw 103 Lexington 
Fales Capt. Ebenezer, seaman, 36 Jackson 
Fales George E. moulder, 117 Preston 
Fales Lawriiuco, machinist, 117 Preston 
Fal(\s Francis, foundryman, 117 Preston 
Fales Sophia, 117 Preston 
FALES SQUIRE M. iron foundry. Cathedral 

extended, dw 117 Preston 
Fales James G. pilot, 134 s Ann 
Falk John, cooper, 42 Lee 
Falk Powell, cooper, n w cor Sharp and Con- 
Falk John M. piano maker, 460 w Pratt 
Falkinhan Anna, 162 s Regester 
Fallan Henry, of saw mill, 23 Slemmer al 
Fallin Daniel, wood corder, 351 s Sharp 
Fallon James, laborer, 27 Valley 
P'allon Patrick, cooper, 119 St. Paul 
Fallon Peter, tavern, 216 Lexington 
Falls Eneas, shoemaker, 21 Walker 
Falls Moor N. prest. Baltimore Steam Packet 
Co. and prest. Board of Com. of Public 
Works of Md. 19 n Calvert 

Falls William K. attorney, 19 n Calvert 
Falvary Michael, sione mason, 188 East 
Fambach Andres, laborer, 22 Dawson 
Fanger John, tailor, 148 Dover 
Fannan John, hack driver, rear of 78 North 
Fannan John, laborer, 130 Sarah Ann 
Fanning John, carpenter, 253 n Eden 
Fanning Luke, laborer, 12 Webster ct 
Fanning Patrick, laborer, 318 Forrest 
Fanning Patrick, plumber, 34 Jew al. O. T. 
Fangmeyer John, cigar maker, 500 Lexington 
Farber Henry J. (Stellmann, Hinrichs& Co.) 

Balto. Co. 
Farber Henry, tinner, Hanoyer nr Henrietta 
Farber John M. grocer, s e cor North and 

Farber Jno.H. clerk,secor North and Pleasant 
Farber Martin H. clerk, 21 Hanover 
Fardwell Isaac, 49 Hill 
Fardwell Isaac, jr. carpenter, 49 Hill 
Fardwell Wm. bricklayer, 45 Henrietta 
Fardy John T. & Bro. ship builders, Hughes 

St. e end, and fool of Montgomery 
Fardy John T. (John T. F. & Bro.) 47 Lee 
Fardy Matthew J. (Jno. T. F & Bro.) 153 s 

Faringer Alonzo, varnisher, 192 n Central av 
Faringer Benj. F. painter, 192 n Central av 
FARINGER CHARLES, soap and candle 

manuf. 5 Liberty al. dw 14 Constitution. — 

[See p. 15 Mvertisemcnts.] 
Faringer Catherine, 192 n Central av 
Faringer John J. paper hang. 192 n Central av 
Farkas Lewis, locksmith, 349 s Bond 
Farl Patrick, ship carpenter, rear e Second 
Farlan Jeremiah, laborer, 28 Boyd 
Farland John F. sailmaker, over cor Pratt and 

Spear's whf. dw 100 e Pratt 
Farland John, bookkeeper, 312 s Sharp 
Farland Robert, sailmaker, 102 s Regester 
Farley Julia, cook, 16 Courtland 
Farley Matthew, tailor, 362 n Howard 
Farley Thomas, laborer, Bel-Air av near city 

Farley Philip, laborer, 31 Haw 
Farloii Abraham I. J. seaman, 247 sBond 
Farlow James, waiter at Barnum's hotel 
Farlow John T. grocer, 330 e Baltimore 
Farmbacher George, cooper, 18 Plumb 
Farmers' Hotel, n w cor Hillen and Forrest, 

Thomas Street, prop'r 
FarmiT Mark, boiler maker, 18 Valley 

n w cor South and Lombard — [See Jlppen- 

Farmers and Planters' Bank, 17 South — [Set 

Farmer Philip, china store, 178 Lexington and 

21 n Eutaw 
Farmer Patrick, machinist, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Terrence, grocery, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Rose, 25 Barnet 
Farmer Wm. A. butcher, 189 Penna. av 
Farmer Wm. butcher, 189 Penna. av 
Farnan Bernard, grocer, 186 Gough 
Farnan James, clerk, 131 William 
Farnan John, china packer, 131 William 
Farnan Michael, 131 William 
Farnan Patrick, laborer, 1 Jenkins' al 
Farnandis Dr. George G. 130 w FayStte, dw 

48 Hanover 
Farnandis Walter, jr. attorney, 1 Spurrier's 

ct, Lexington, dw 13 n Carey 




Farnandis Edward, 48 Hanover 

Farnandis Mrs. Walter, 48 Hanover 

Farnback Mrs. Fnderika, 63 Bank 

Farnen Peter, gro. flour and feed store, n w 

cor Regester and Bank, dw 106 Bank 
Farquhar Geo. A. tax collector, 21 Chatsworth 
Farquhar John C. clerk, 21 Chatsworth 
Farquhar Wm. clerk, 21 Chatswortii 
Farquharson Charles, real estate agent, over 21 

South, dw 42 e Lombard 
Farquharson Francis L. saddle and harness 

maker, 17 s Calvert, dw Fountain hotel 
Farr Alexander, laborer, Stirling near iVlott 
Farr Joseph, laborer, Stirling near Mott 
Farr Julia Ann, 18 Stirling 
Farr Mary Ann, Stirling near Mott 
Farr Patrick, tinner, 53 Carpenter al 
Farrell Alexander, shoemaker, 202 Hughes 
Farrell Ann H. groci^ry, 36 East 
Farrell Bridget, 13 Fulls 
Farrell Edward, carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 
Farrell Francis, laborer, Jenkins' lane near 

Greenmount cemetery 
Farrell George, laborer, 79 Block 
Farrell James, laborer, 57 s Oregon 
Farrell John, stone cutter, 1 Morris al 
Farrell John, laborer, 78 Centre Mkt. space 
Farrell John, carpenter, 128 Garden 
Farrell John, laborer, 625 Pennsylvania av. 
Farrell John, laborer, 37 York 
Farrell Julia, 6 Hawk 
Farrell Mary, tailoress, 128 Garden 
Farrell Matthew, marble polisher, 19 Mosher 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, 3 Dover 
Farrell Michael, laborer, 125 n Exeter 
Farrell Michael, laborer, 19 Bolton 
Farrell Michael, groc. and liq. dealer, 40 Haw 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 87 McElderry's whf. 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 1 Morris al 
Farrell Parrick, marlile polisher, 1 w Biddle 
Farrell Patrick, tiimer, 53 King 
Farrell Peter, waiter, 130 Vine 
Farrell Thos. 1 Morris al 
Farrell Capt. Thos. 117 s Wolfe 
Farrell Uriah, carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 
Farren J. F. clerk, 6 n Charles 
Earring Augustus H. saddler, 425 n Gay 
Farris Baldoe, fruit dealer, 88 s Charles 
Farris Daniel, tailor, 7 Fish Market space 
Farron Michael, laborer, 43 Abbey al 
Farrow Joseph & Son, oyster dealers, 95 Con- 
way, dw 380 w Fayette — [See p. 10 Mver- 

Farrow Wm. A. oyster dealer, 93 Conway, 

dw 380 w Fayette 
Farrow Wm. clerk, 380 w Fayette 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Farson George W. ship carver, 47 s Ann 
Farson Martin, tailor, 42 Orleans 
Farson Samuel, clerk, 61 Second 
Fasbender C. P. watchmaker, 301 w Pratt 
Easing Henry, tailor, over 82 Cen. Market sp 
Fasite Charles, shoemaker, 302 e Monument 
Fasite John, shoemaker, 302 e .Monument 
Fatch August, boiler maker, 253 e Eager 
Fath Anton, porter, 29 Neighbor 
Fatty Thomas, tailor, 34 Neighbor 
Fauber Conrad, cooper, 250 Hamburg 
Fauble John shoemaker, 141 s Wolfe 
Faucett Michael, clerk, 74 Chew 
Fuul Chai-li's, tinner, 82 e Lombard 
Fauldrat Christopher, laborer, 23 s Spring 
Faul Gustavus, printer, 29 Harrison 

Faulhaber Benedict, wood turner, 152 East 
Faulk Adam, cabinet maker, 51 Goodman al 
Faulk Wolfjen, tailor, 287 Hanover 
Faulkner James, blacksmith, 60 Buren 
Faulkner M. tavern, foot of Cross 
Faulkner Wm. huckster, 44 Hammond al 
Faust John, (Bayles & Co.) 3 Columbia 
Favier John, policeman, 120 Hamburg 
Favier John, coal agent, 70 n Eden 
Fawcus Catherine, huckstress, 9 Webb 
Faxon Eben, architect, 82 w Fayette, dw 11 

Fay August, piano maker, 29 n Greene 
Fay Charles, tinner, 139 Bank 
Fawcett Christopher, supt. Union Protestant 

Infirmary, Division, between Mosher and 

Fay Fordyce, currier, 52 Granby 
Fay Geo. W. of East. Dispensary, dw 31s Eden 
Fay Henry, dry goods deah-r and clothier, 48 

50, and 62 Centre Market space 
Fay James, plumber, 16 s Sharp 
Fay John, 17 Rose 
Fay Lucina, 224 e Pratt 

Fay Mary, nurse, s e cor Sharp and Camden 
Fay Margaret, 38 Chesnut 
Fay Patrick, porter, at Fountain hotel 
Fayette Street (Methodist Episcopal) Church, 

Fayette near Fremont 
Fearis John, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Fearis Sarah, 77 Eastern av 
Fearis Thomas, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Feasler Philip, furn. wagoner, 223 Cathedral 
Feast John E. (Samuel F. & Sons,) n w cor 

Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST JOHN & S< )\, florists, 295 Lexing' 

ton, and n e cor Calvert and Fayette 
Feast Linnaeus (J. F, & Son,) 295 Lexington 
Feast Samuel, jr. (Samuel F. & Sons,) n W 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, florists and nur- 

surymen, n w cor Franklin and Gihnor, and 

55 n Charles, dw S. F. sr., Cockeysville, 

Balto. Co. 
Feaster John, carpenter, 143 Franklin 
Feaster Joseph, laborer, 279 s Bond 
Featherson E. M. tobacconist, 66 Exchange 

place, dw 163 Hanover 
Featherson Mercer, clerk, 163 Hanover 
Fechtig George F. apothecary and druggist, a 

w cor of Gay and Forrest, dw 27 Harford aT 
Feckenger Jolin, dealer" in old rags, 27 

Federal Charles, cabinet maker, 267 n Eden 
Federal Hill Glass Works, G. Hughes ne-ar 

Henry, Baker, Bros. & Co. proprietors 
Federleicht Abraham, (F. & Stine,) 65 s Paca 
Federleicht & Stine, clothiers, 278 w Balti- 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Feegan Mary, 188 Dover 

Feehaley Wm. milkman, Clinton near Elliott 
Feehan Martha, grocery, n w cor Canton aV 

and Caroline 
Feely Kate, 243 w Pratt 
Feeley Mary, washerwoman, 43 Fountain 
Feeley Michael, laborer, 68 Durst al 
Feeney James, carpenter, 168 n Eden 
Feeney John, of planing mill, 168 n Eden 
Feeney Mark, laborer, 39 York 
Feeney Robert, of planing mill, 168 n Eden 
Feenhagen Capt. Thomas, 62 s Ann 
Feeny Ann, seamstress, 259 w Pratt 




Feeny James, tinner, 394 w Lombard 
Fefel John, huckster, 1 s RepubHcan 
Fefel Joseph, jr. tavern keeper, 783 w Balti- 
Fefel Joseph, sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill John, coppersmith, 81 William 
Feger Joseph, cabinet maker, 25 n Schroeder 
Fehan Patrick, hod carrier, 3 Willow 
Fehleisen Christian, morocco dyer, 34 Hillen 
Fehleisen Joshua, morocco dyer, 34 Hillen 
Fehsenfeld Louis, tobacconist, 209 s Broad- 
Feig Andrew, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Ferdinand A. tailor 23 n Caroline 
Feig George A. clerk, 128 Hanover 
Feig John, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Joseph, tailor, 23 a Caroline 
Feige August, upholsterer, 84 s High 
Feige Martin, carter, 193 Orleans 
Fell Wm. cabinet maker, 62 Vine 
Feinour Edw. real estate broker, 34 Second, 

dw s e cor Fayette and Republican 
Feinour Dr. Thos. 49G w Fayette 
Feir John, cabinet maker, 62 Vine 
Feishlar Cyphus, laborer, 322 Canton av 
Feister John, carpenter 143 Franklin 
Feitler John, laborer, 9 s Kegester 
Feitz Elizalieth, tailoress, s e cor Eastern av 

and Bond 
Felber Edward, stocking weaver, 201 Alice- 
Felber Lewis, hosiery, 215 s Broadway 
Felbush John, tailor, 88 Orleans 
Feldcamp Henry, grocer, 79 Leadenhall 
Felde Rosina, cor Harford av and Point la 
Feldenheimer Abraham, clothier, 28 Centre 

Market space 
Felder George, 23 Orleans 
Felder John H. barrel dealer, 144 s Central av 
Feldhaus Arnold, tobacconist, 133 s Ann 
Feldhaus Bernard, shoemaker, 23 Short 
Feldhaus Charles, cigar maker, 49 Watson 
Feldhaus F. A. tobacconist, 28 e Fayette 
Feldhaus John, porter, cor Ensor and Monu- 
Feldman B'nnard, tailor, 65 MuUikin 
Feldman John D. drayman, 80 s Dallas 
Feldmann Daniel, musician, 30 n Frederick 
FELGNER F. W. merchant tailor, over 153 

w Baltimore, dw Madison av 
Feigner John W. Madison av near Mt. Hope 
Fell Casper, laborer, 5 Ogston 
Fell John, tailor, 14 Barms 
Fell Jasper, laborer, 450 w Pratt 
Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 
Feller Charles, oak cooper, 139 s Caroline, dw 

Caroline btw Bank and Gough 
Feller Charles, cooper, 111 s Caroline 
Feller George, cooper, 38 Bank 
Feller Marcellus, tailor, 26 Barnes 
Feller Valentine, furniture wagoner, 7 Clay 
Felling Henry, shoemaker, 154 Henrietta 
Fellows BL-rnard T. upholsterer, 122 n Greene 
Fell's Point Savings Institution, Broadway, 
btw Canton and Eastern avs, west side — [See 
Fell's Point Chapel, s e cor Chapel and East- 
ern av 
Fells George, carpenter, 59 Garden 
Fells George, carpenter, 331 w Fayette 
Felt Wm. A. clerk,. 345 n Gay 
Felthouse Wm. H. tin and sheet iron worker, 
1 Hop(; al 

Feltmeyer Wm. butcher, 32 Gist 

Feltman George, laborer, rear 163 s Regester 

Feltman Henry, cigar maker, 60 Albemarle 

Fenan Bridget, starcher at Barnum's hotel 

Fenan Patrick, 1 Jenkins al 

Fenby Theodosia, dry goods deal. 137 n Gay 

Fenchenser Henry, shoemaker, 84 Harrison 

Fendall Alica, 361 Eutaw Place 

Fendall E. H. 494 Franklin 

Fendall S. Emily, 494 Franklin 

Fendley James, shoemaker, 516 Lexington 

Fendrich Charles, (J. F. & Bros.) Franklin 

Inn, 150 Hillen 
Fendrich David, cooper, 150 Ensor 
nists, 155 Forrest, dw J. F. 200 
Fenge John, clothing cutter, 164 Vine 
Feney John, hatter. Bull's Head tavern, 132 n 

Feney Patrick, plasterer, 300 s Sharp 
Fendall P. R. (Duvall, Keighler & Co.) Bal- 
timore Co 
Fenhagen James C. house carpenter, Eden, 

near Lombard, dw 93 s Eden 
Fenn Dr. L. 251 Aliceanna 
Fennell Maurice, clerk B. & O. R. R. 131 

Fennell Thomas, painter, 136 n Bond 
Fennell Wesley, lumber agent. Mill st, dw 

81 s Exeter 
Fennerman Dedrick, grocer and provis. dealer, 

s e cor Poppleton and Lombard , 

Fenneman Ferdinand, grocery, 267 Canton av 
Fenner Ann, 292 Penna. av 
Fenner Henry, jr. shoemaker, 32 Leadenhall 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 166 Vine 
Fenner Henry, sr. shoemaker, Hamburg near 

Fenner Richard S, clerk, 292 Penna. av 
Fennon Matthew, blacksmith, 122 Stirling 
Fennesee Wm. laborer, 73 Gough 
Fenninger Louis, butcher, n w cor Washing- 
ton and Canton av 
Fensel Ann, dry goods store, 373 Penna. av 
Fensel Francis, tailor, 373 Peima. av 
FENSLEY WILLIAM, boot and shoe dealer, 

141 s Broadway, dw 132 
Fenzell Barnkratz, tailor, 14 St. James 
Fenster Jacob, glazier, 257 Happy al 
Fensterer Jacob, clerk, 84 n Howard 
Fenthouse Everhardt, clerk, 127 e Madison 
Fenton Aaron, (Drakely & F.) 307 w Fayette 
Fenton Daniel A. clerk, 28 Hampstead 
Fenton John, tailor, 28 Hampstead 
Fenton Michael, barkeeper at National hotel 
FERCIOT PETER, wine and commission 

merchant, 34 Holiday 
Ferciot Sophia, fluting and crimping, 34 

Ferder George, matchmaker, 19 Port al 
Ferdner John, confectioner, 14 Fell 
Ferguson Andrew, carpenter, 49 Perry 
Ferguson Chas. A. confec. 239 Montgomery 
Ferguson Caroline, Calvert near Saratoga 
Ferguson C. A. 100 Barre 
Ferguson David B. property agent, 18 North, 

dw 85 n Eutaw 
Ferguson Archibald D. grocery, 337 Franklin 
Ferguson Elizabeth, 33 Harmony lane 
Ferguson George H. Calvert near Saratoga 
Ferguson George H. clerk, 198 w Biddle 
Ferguson George, 148 s Sharp 
Ferguson George, shoemakiT, 302 e Fayette 


• 126 


Ferguson Henry, tailor, 302 e Fayette 
Ferguson J. Henry, (Merrill, Thomas & Co.) 

169 w Lombard 
Ferguson James, clerk, 107 Peirce 
Ferguson John, 76 s Howard 
Ferguson Nehemiah, 231 Forrest 
Ferguson Robert, laborer, 75 Richmond 
Ferguson Thomas, agent, 283 s Charles 
Ferguson Wm. tinner, 7 s Oregon 
Fergusson Chs. (F., Murphy & Co.) 328 Lex- 
FERGUSSON, MURPHY & CO., wholesale 
grocers and commission merchants, 121 w 
Fergusson James, (F. & Teal) 112 Chester 
Fergusson & Teal, block and pump makers, n 

w cor Philpot and Point 
Fergusson Wm. machinist, 55 e Madison 
Fergusson Wm. M. boiler maker, 62 McEl- 

Fernan Wm. E. fi.sherman, 61 Granby 
Fernheimer Samuel, butcher, 238 Aliceanna 
Ferney Alexander, plumber, 178 n Eden 
Ferney James, sash maker, 178 n Eden 
Ferney John, laborer, 178 n Eden 
FtRRANDINlCIPRI AND, hair dresser, Cal- 
vert, under Barnum's hotel, dw 250 e Bal- 
Ferree Alexander, of No. 2 city fire depart- 
ment, 126 Welcome al 
Ferrell Eiisha, iron moulder, 1 Scott 
Ferrell Capt. Joshua, 320 e Pratt 
Ferry Daniel, conductor B. & O. R. R. 14 

Ferry Elizabeth, 43 s Greene 
Ferry & Co. wholesale liquor dealers and com- 

mis. merchants, 51 Light 
Ferry John, (F. & Co.) 43 Lee 
Ferte Rev. Stanislau.s, prof. St. Mary's Sem- 
inary, Penna. av. near St. Mary 
Fersch Michael, cooper, 245 s Sharp 
Ferster Louis cooper, 251 Hamburg 
Ferster Nicholas, baker, 213 Kastern av 
Fertzel Frederick, laborer, Hudson near Fed- 
FesJer Edward, clerk, 216 w Pratt 
Fessler Ursus, confectionery, 32 Perry 
Fetsch John T. stone cutter, 337 s Charles 
Fetsches John, paver, 14 Baker's ct 
Fetter Gotleib, muff maker, 13 Perry 
Fetter Henry, lottery dealer, 205 s Broadway, 

dw 28 Shake.speare 
Fetterson Bernard, grocery, 32 Douglass 
Fetting John, (F & Rapin,) 171 e Baltimore 
Fetting & Rapin, watchmakers and jewelers, 

171 e Baltimore 
Fetz Valentine, paver, 4 Beales'ct 
Feuchter Joseph, shoemaker, 204 s Bethel 
FEUCHTMAN S. manufacturer of copper, tin 
and sheet ironware, dealer in stoves, hard- 
ware and house-furnishing goods, 80 n Eutaw 
Feuerbaum John, carpet weaver, 25 e Pratt 
Feuillan J. & Co. French steam scourers, 80 

n Howard 
Feuss Andrew C. bookkeeper, 21 s Liberty 
Feuss Helen, 21 s Liberty 
Feustel John A. laborer, 5 Hampstead 
Feustel Margaret, 5 Hampstead 
Fey Augustus, cabinet maker, 29 n Greene 
Fey Folden, laborer, 470 Canton av 
Filibs John M. huckster, 65 Lee 
Fick Ahlert, tailor, 23 s Washington, F. P. 
Fick August, engineer, 46 Raborg 

Fick Barbara, grocery, 37 n Pine 

Feverney Ceff, carpenter, 35 Center Market 

Fick Ferd. piano maker, 37 Pine 
Fick Geo. A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick John, varnisher, 173 West 
Fick Wm. G. (Segner & F.) 347 s Bond 
Fick Wm. G. grocer 347 s Bond 
Ficker John H. tavern 182 Pearl 
Fickey Andrew, (F. & Bro.) 83 n Liberty 
Fickey And'w (F. F. & Sons) 83 n Liberty 
goods, 250 w Baltimore, dw F. F. 83 n 
Fickey Frederick, jr. (F. F. & Sons) 83 n 

Fickey & Brother, manufacturers reaping ma- 
chines, 1 Swan 
Fidler Frederick, tailor, 5 New 
Fidler George, tailor, 5 New 
Fidler Michael, laborer, 154 s Regester 
Fidus Benjamin, coach maker, 166 East 
Fiegert Henry, laborer, 94 Raborg 
Fiel William, carter, 236 s Eutaw 
FIKLD ABIATHAR, oyster dealer, 309 w 

Lombard — [See p. 54 ^dveiiisetmnts.] 
FIELD ABIATHAR W. oyster dealer, 309 

w Lombard, dw 4 Hollins 
Field Charles, C. clerk, 88 Barre 
Field George W. clerk, 280 Lexington 
FIELD. JoHiN A. Jr. dry goods commis- 
sion inerchant, 14 and 16 German, dw 280 
Field John H. clerk, 25 s Bond 
Fieldhouse Charles F. cigar maker, 49 Wat- 
Fields Capt. Anthony B. mariner 243 e Fay- 
Fields James, (Patterson & F.) 84 s Ann 
Fields James, 209 e Baltimore 
Fields James, policeman, 52 n Spring 
Fields James, pilot, 84 s Ann 
Fields Janies, laborer, 46 Liberty al 
Fields John, policeman, 85 McHenry 
Fields John, mate, 37 n Eden 
Fields John, laborer, tobacco warehouse No. 5 
Fields Mary, boarding house, 120 e Lombard 
Fields Mitchell B. clerk 25 s Bond 
Fields Dr. P. S. 309 w Lombard 
Fields Peter, laborer, 17 Slemmer al 
Fields Thomas, moulder, 286 e Monument 
Fierheller Godfrey, baker, 22 Thomsen 
Fields Wm. horse dealer, 57 n Schroeder 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, 135 s Paca 
Fields Wm. M. sheet-iron worker, 123 n Bond 
Fifer Adam, laborer, 4 Harmony la 
Fifer Anton, feed store, 192 s Caroline 
Fifer Andon, cooper, 241 s Wolfe 
Fifer Christopher, engineer, 9 Bnlton 
Fifer Francis A blacksmith, 44 Dolphin 
Fifer Godfrey, coach trimmer, 80 Oak, near 

Fifer George, fireman N. C. Railway, dw 80 

Oak, near Dolj^hin 
Fifer Henry, laborer, 64 Granby 
Fifer Henry, laborer, 9 L. Gough 
Fifer Jacob, stone quarrier. Mount Royal, foot 

of McMechin 
FiferMary,trimmingsstore,Oak near Dolphin 
Fifer Margaret, 44 Dolphin 
Fifer Wm. machinist, 44 Dolphin 
Filbert George, shoemaker, 388 n Gay 
Filbert John A. clerk, 104 n High 




Filbert Michael, butter depot, 384 n Gay 

Filbin Patrick, laborer, 14 Mason al 

Filbin Patrick, laborer, 52 Elliott 

Filchner Christian, laborer, 16 Abbey al 

File H. tinner, 118 Ross 

File Thomas, 119 Ensor 

Filerburn Francis, gardener, Lanvale near John 

Files Sophia, 7 n Amity 

Files Wm. ship carp'r. 33 Cambridge, Canton 

F'iles Wm. mariner, 64 Thames 

Filler John, tailor, 123 McElderry 

Filling Henry, laborer, 66 Ramsay 

Filling John, paper and band-box maker, over 

n e cor Pratt and Hanover 
Filling John, cigar box maker, 244 s Sharp 
Fillingcr John, grocer, 857 w Baltimore 
Filliiiger Mrs. John, 5 Columbia 
Fillinger Paul, shoemaker, 542 w Baltimore 
Fillvolk Frederick, rigger, 288 Aliceanna 
Fimister Mrs. R. 32 Hanover 
Finch Eliza A., Mosher near Grundy 
Finch Gustav, butcher, 172 Ross 
Finch James, cigar maker, 41 n Spring 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppluton 
Finch Mary Ann, shoe binder, 101 Jefferson 
Fincknaur Henry, cab. maker, 16 Courtland 
Fincknaur Wm. grocer, 85 n Paca 
Findlay Charles, sec'y and treas. Rowlesburg 
Lumber and Iron Co. 30 South, up stairs, 
dw 79 Centre 
Findley Owen , laborer, 42 French 
Findling Wm. tailor, 20 Preston 
Fincran Martin, wagoner, President nr. Fawn 
Fing Wm. laborer, 30 Abbot 
Fink Adam, cabinet maker, 275 n Central av 
Fink Alfred J. carpenter, 197 Fremont 
FINK & BROTHER, grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, 124 Franklin 
Fink Charles, tailor, 259 e Lombard 
Fink Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 71 Ross 
Fink Frederick, varnisher, 247 s Paca 
Fink George, turner, 215 Peirce 
Fink H. S. (F. & Bro.) 172 n Eutaw 
Fink Henry, cooper, Frederick road, near 

Snake MoUow 
Fink Henry, Chesnut near Hillcn 
Fink Henry, 198 Garden 
Fink Henry, tailor, 215 Canton av 
Fink Henry, shoemaker, 41 Eastern av 
Fink Jacob, tailor, n e cor Lexington and Park 
Fink John, shoemaker, 137 Hudson 
Fink John, car driver, 184 s Ann 
Fink John H. printer, 202 Chesimt 
Fink Joseph, (Shriver & F.) 221 Pranklin 
Fink Joseph, (F. & Bro.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Margaret, tailoress, 160 Ensor 
Finkc Fnderick, varnisher, 247 Stirling 
Finkc John, painter, 15 Elizabeth la 
Finkeldey Henry J. currier, 57 Planover 
Finkonhour John, butcher, 144 n Fremont 
Finley Kliza J, 80 n Front 
Finley Eliza W. 10 Pearl 
Finley James J. commis. agent, 59 w Biddle 
Finley James, 64 Saratoga 
Finley Jane, 35 Aisquith 
Finley John F. clerk, 275 Franklin 
Finley Robert S. (Schaeffer & Loney,) Foun- 
tain hotel 
Finley Thomas, shoemaker, 195 s Chapel 
Finley Washington, surveyerat Custom house, 

58 Barre 
Finn David, laborer, 21 Eastern av 
Finn John, drayman, 27 Rose 

Finn John, tailor, rear of 171 s Central av 
Finn Michael, laborer, 86 Richmond 
Finn Michael, laborer, 6 Bank 
Finn Patrick, laborer, 45 President 
Finn Patrick, laborer, 6 Bank 
Finn Thomas, laborer, 1 Hamilton 
Finnan Bernard, grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Finnan Maria, 161 Stirling 
Finnan Matthew, blacksmith, 161 Stirling 
Finnagan John, porter, 367 w Pratt 
Finnagan John, weaver, 58 Preston 
Finnagen Bernard, blacksmitli, 42 Valley 
Finnagen Owen, drayman, 136 Holiday 
Finnagen Patrick, laborer, 42 Valley 
Finnegan Charles, 3 Frederick av 
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, 142 Holiday 
Finnegan Mary Ann, 3 Frederick av 
Finnegan Patrick, laborer, 26 Ensor 
Finnegan Patrick, shoemaker, 26 Ensor 
Finnen Barney, laborer, 120 Harford av 
Finney Bernard, locksmith, 179 Ensor 
Finney Hugh, machinist, 168 Kden 
Finnick John, hatter, 69 n Gay 
Finrin John, boiler maker, 8e Second 
Finster John, rag picker, s e cor Division and 

Finton Michael, laborer, 63 German 
Fiorillo Otto, clerk, 10 n Frederick 
Figuet Dominic, 813 w Baltimore 
Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, at Old City 

Hall, Holiday near Saratoga 
Fire Inspector's Office, city hall, F. H. B. 

Boyd, Inspector 

South and Second, John Reese, president. 

[See p. 19 Mvertisements.] 
Firnstein Valentine, boot and shoemaker, 411 

Firor John E. carpenter, 45 Poppjeton 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter, 45 Poppleton 
Firoved David, grocer, 232 Franklin 
Firoved John, grocer, 53 s Schroeder 
Firsch Nicholas, laborer, 297 Durham 
First Baptist Church, n e cor Sharp and Lom- 
First English Lutheran Church, Lexington 

between Park and Howard 
First German Reformed Church, Second betw. 

South and Gay 
First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park and 

Firstenhoffer Conrad, milkman, Clinton near 

Elliott, Canton 
Firth Jonas, coachmaker. 111 Preston 
Fischbach Rodolph, carter, 47 James la 
Fischer Arthur J. (F. & Bro.) 103 w Baltimore 
F1SCHI';R & BROPHER, central photo- 
graphic gallery, over 103 w Baltimore 
Fischer Charles, piano maker, 352 s Shai-p 
Fischer Mrs. Caroline, 237 w Pratt 
Fischer Ernest, ship carpenter, 6 Grindall 
Fischer Frederick, tailor, 271 e Eager 
Fischer Fredericka, 2 Anthony 
Fischer Frederick, carpenter, 83 Henrietta 
Fischer Ferdinand, shoemaker, 112 s Howard 
Fischer George, boot and shoemak. 65 North 
Fischer George J. (O'Neill & F.) Baltimore, 

betw Gay and South 
Fischer George J. washing blue manufacturer, 

91 Harrison 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 141 n Bethel 
Fischer Henry, laborer, 321 Penna. av 




Fischer Martin, moulder, 26 Somerset 
Fischer Solomon, cigar maker, 43 Harrison 
Fischer Wm. butcher, 8 Townsend 
Fischer Wm. (P. & Bro.) 103 w Baltimore 

Fischman cooper, 150 s Spring 

Fish Allen C. seaman, 102 s Eden 
Fish Ann, 102 s Eden 
Fish Conrad, vinegar dealer, 141 n High 
Fish Sarah, 102 s Eden 
Fish Sarah, 35 May 
Fishac John, stonecutter, 90 Preston 
Fisher Abraham, variety dealer, 173 Lexing- 
ton, dw 244 Mulberry 
FISHER ADAM & SON, grocers, 25 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Fisher Alexander, puddler, 189 n Eden 
Fisher Ann E. nurse, 188 n Caroline 
Fisher Adam, (A. F. & Son,) 186 Pearl 
Fisher Andrew, laborer, 287 Aliceanna 
Fisher Mrs. Ann, 105 n High 
Fisher Antone E. (F. & Bro.) 137 w Fayette 
FISHER, BOYD & BRO. importers and 

whol. deal, in dry goods, 327 w Baltimore 
Fisher & Bro. booksellers and stationers, 64 w 

Fisher Charles, 263 s Sharp 
Fisher Charles, stove and tin ware, 90 n Gay 
Fisher Charles, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Fisher Christian, saddler, 146 n Front 
Fisher Christian, upholsterer, 146 n Front 
Fisher Christian, carpenter, over 297 w Pratt 
Fisher Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher Emanuel, dry goods dealer, s w cor 

Eden and Jefferson 
Fisher Elizabeth, 40 Warren 
Fisher Elizabeth, 309 Saratoga 
Fisher E. & Bro. French steam scouring, 137 

w Fayette 
Fisher Ferdinand, porter, 77 French 
Fisher Francis M. stove dealer, 14 w Lombard 
Fisher Francis, tailoress, 437 w Pratt 
Fisher Franz, musician, 167 Mulberry 
Fisher Catherine, 147 Peirce 
Fisher Ferdinand, shoemaker, 348 Light 
Fisher Frederick, tinner, 413 Saratoga 
Fisher Frederick, laborer, 174 Aliceanna 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 273 w Pratt 
Fisher Frederick, 41 Gittings 
FISHER GEORGE F. agent, 64 n Gay, dw 

131 n High 
Fisher Geo. sugar refiner, 65 Centre Market 

Fisher George, shoemaker, 65 North 
Fisher George, tailor, 154 n Caroline 
Fisher George W. (F.& Hunter,) 56 Aisguith 
Fisher Geo.W. clerk, cor Saratoga & Strieker 
Fisher Geo. W. (Adam F. & Son,) 190 Pearl 
Fisher Geo. W. (F. & Parsons,) 164 Hanover 
Fisher Geo. E. clerk, 131 n High 
Fisher Godfrey, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fisher Gotleib H. butcher, 236 s Paca 
Fisher Herman, merchant, 100 Lexington 
Fisher & Hunter, plumbers and stove dealers, 

138 w Fayette 
Fisher Henry, shoemaker, 141 Low 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 50 n Bond 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 265 Lexington 
Fisher Henry, (W. F. & Son,) 124 St. Paul 
FISHER JAMES I. & SONS, ship, and com. 
merchts. 54 s Gay, dw Jas. I. F. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher James M. clerk, 133 n High 
Fisher Capt. James, 57 William 
Fisher James H. (W. F. & Son,) 124 St. Paul 

Fisher Jeremiah, (F., Boyd & Bro.) 12 i 

Fisher John, laborer, 87Grindall 
Fisher John, piano maker, 361 Lexington 
Fisher John, carter, 216 Cross 
Fisher John, tailor, 101 Orchard 
Fisher John M. carter, 482 w Lombard 
Fisher John, laborer, 8 Hubbard 
Fisher John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fisher Richard D. (J. I. F. & Sons,) 32 

Fisher Isaac, farmer, 36 Dewberry al 
Fisher John H. currier, 194 e Lombard 
Fisher John, pump maker, 54 n Central ar 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John, shoemaker, 236 s Paca 
Fisher John C. paper hanger, 118 Mullikin 
Fisher John W. house builder, 366 Lexington 
Fisher Joseph, dry goods dealer, 118 s Broad- 
Fisher Joseph, oyster dealer, 169 G. Hughes 
Fisher Louisa, 185 Eastern av 
Fisher Lutwig, tailor, 179 s Bethel 
Fisher Margaret, 75 Hamburg 
Fisher Mary, 119 w Monument 
Fisher & O Connor, paper manuf. and dealer* 

in paper stock, 123 Hillen 
Fisher Peter, shoemaker, 176 s Howard 
Fisher Peter, foundryman, 296 Aisquith 
Fisher & Parsons, house carpenters, 10 Grant 
Fisher Philip, shoemaker, 123 Columbia 
Fisher R. A. Barnums hotel 
Fisher R. D. Barnums hotel 
Fisher Robert A. (Jas. I. F. & Sons,) 32 

Fisher Robert, laborer, 233 Conway 
Fisher Sarah, 21 Hill 
Fisher Sarah, 164 Hanover 
Fisher Thomas W. clerk, 103 Hanover 
FISHER THOMAS, dyer, 10 s Calvert 
Fisher Uriah, laborer, 650 w Pratt 
Fisher Wm. & Son, stock brokers, 22 South, 

dw 124 St Paul 
Fisher Wm. porter, 252 s Paca 
Fisher Wm. L. salesman, 250 Madison aT 
Fisher Wm. 83 Henrietta 
Fisher Wm. Thomas, carpenter, 122 Preston 
Fisher Wm. tailor, 90 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. A. plasterer, 76 Warner 
Fisher Wm. H. cigar maker, 46 n Greene, dw 

170 Franklin 
Fisher Wm. (F. & O'Connor,) 80 Hillen 
Fislier Wm. H. huckster, 171 s Ann 
Fisher Wm. A. attorney at law, 30 St. Paul, 

dw n e cor St. Paul and Eager 
Fishpaw John, laborer, 911 w Pratt 
Fishpaw Henry, farmer, 20 Ross 
Fishpaw Wm. H. carpenter, 20 Ross 
Fislage Geo. grocer, 126 s Fremont, dw 130 
Fistena Peter, baker, 113 n Front 
Fister John, carpenter, Lamb tavern 
Fister Kate, 58 Ross 
Fister Henry, weaver, 66 Union 
Fitch Adolphus P. bookkeeper at National 

Fitch Mrs. Ann, 110 Saratoga 
Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 110 Saratoga 
Fitch Philip, laborer, 5 Grace's ct 
Fitchet Wm. A. 660 Light 
Fite A. J. jr. clerk, dw Western hotel 
Fitzberg Andrew, cooper, 61 Bank 
Fitzberger Henry, blacksmith and bell hanger, 

102 Lexington, dw 116 Garden 




FITZGERALD, BOOTH & CO. commission 

and shipping merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald James, ship chandler, 132 w Pratt, 

dw 492 Light 
Fitzgerald John, butcher, 213 Lcmmon 
Fitzg(!rald John, tavern, 35 Thames 
Fitzgerald Michael, moulder, 218 Preston 
Fitzgerald Mary Ann, 102 n Caroline 
Fitzgerald Martin, laborer, 11 Cuba, L. P. 
Fitzgerald Patrick, shoemaker, 176 East 
Fitzgerald Capt. Richard B. (F., Booth & Co.) j 
190 Franklin ] 

Fitzgerald Thomas B. 89 n Charles 
Fitzgerald Capt. Thomas H. (Friend, Rick- 

etts & Co.) 8 n Calhoun 
Fitzgerald Wm. laborer, 112 e Lombard 
Fitzgerald Wm. shoemaker, 26 Preston 
Fitzhugh Henry M.( Kerr & Co.) 574 w Fayette 
Fitzhugh Thomas, painter, 250 Hanover 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, jr. clerk, 43 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Fitzpatrick Andw. hotel, 43 Centre Market 

Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 61 n Exeter 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, nurse, 84 Uoljihin 
Fitzpatrick Catharine, dressmaker, 300 n 

Fitzpatrick Daniel, tinner, 59 n High 
Fitzpatrick Hannah, 152 Preston 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, laborer, 8 Fulton al 
Fitzpatrick James G.dry goods com. mercht. 
over 1 Hanover, dw over s w cor Pine and 
Fitzpatrick James, 52 Low 
Fitzpatrick James, 250 e Lombard 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 187 Preston 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, Preston, near 

Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, laborer, 179 Vine 
Fitzpatrick Joanna, over s w cor Pine and Jo- 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer. 111 Dover 
Fitzpatrick John VV. bricklayer, 466 Light 
Fitzpatrick John, machinist, 129 Harford av 
FITZPATRICK JOHN, Vauxhall Gardens, 

223 Light 
Fitzpatrick Mary, 2 Fulton al 
Fitpatrick Michael, laborer, Fulton al, near 

Fitzpatrick Owen, laborer, 150 w Fayette 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, foundryman, 11 French 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, grocery, 250 e Lombard 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 7 e Second 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, drayman, 263 e Monu- 
Fitzpatrick Peter, grocery, 221 Cathedral 
Fitzpatrick Peter, huckster, 2 Thomsen 
Fitzpatrick Philip, laborer, 5 Grace's ct 
Fitzpatrick Thos. blacksmith, 7 Hill 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, tinner, n e cor Baltimore 

and High 
Fitzpatrick Thos. C. salesman, over s w cor 

Pine and Josephine 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, beer wagoner, 39 York 
Fitzpatrick Wm. laborer, 105 York 
Fitzsimmons Christian, laborer, 129 Fremont 
Fitzsimmons James, porter, 130 Vine 
Fitzsimmons Michael, porterr, 126 Lee 
Fizone Jacob, milkman 472 Penna. av 
Flach Edward, tailor, 2 Anthony 
Flack Geo. W. (Lentz & F.) 142 Mulberry 
Flack Jacob, tinner, 68 Camden 
Flack James W. clerk, 170 s Sharp 


Flack J. S. 0. clerk, 168 w Lombard 
Flack Thomas J. jr. clerk, 168 w Lombard 
Flack Thomas J. dealer in foreign and domes- 
tic liquors, cor Bowly and Guilford, dw 168 
w Lombard 
Flacken Wm. carpet weaver, McMechin bet. 

Penna. av and Division 
Fladuing Martin, grocer, 71 MuUikin 
Fladung Philip, tailor, 113 McElderry 
Flagge Wm. weaver, McMechin nr Penna. av 
Flaharty Anthony, laborer, 122 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Flaharty Barney, laborer. Falls road near city 

Flaharty Edward, laborer, 48 Albemarle 
Flaharty Mat. laborer, 122 s Washington, F. P. 
Flaharty Wm. carpenter, 4 Lovely la. dw 81 s 

Flaherty Barney, 26 Elizabeth la 
Flaherty Edw. wharf builder, 168 Bank 
Flaherty James, ship carpenter, 121 Bank 
Flaherty John, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaherty John, ship carpenter, 185 s Chester 
Flaherty John, laborer, 106 St. Peter 
Flaherty John A. printer, 375 Lexington 
Flaherty John, printer, 375 Lexington 
Flaherty Matthew, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaherty Michael, ship carpen. 110 s Regeeter 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, 7 Pleasant al 
Flaherty Martin, ship carpen. 128 s Regeeter 
Flaherty Mary Ann, 184 s Chapel 
Flaherty Mary A. 5 s Durham 
Flaherty Miles, laborer, 23 Cannon 
Flaherty Morgan, 256 n Eutaw 
Flaherty Peter, laborer, 134 Vine 
Flaherty Patrick H. painter, 247 e Pratt 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, 8 Albert al 
Flaherty Patrick, painter, 419 e Fayette 
Flaherty Thomas, laborer, 30 Binney 
Flaherty Thomas, omnibus driver, 72 s Re- 
Flaherty Wm. E. carpenter, 4 Lovely la. dw 

81 s Fremont 
Flanagan Elizabeth, 105 Greenmountav 
Flamm Augusta, tailoress, 84 Mount 
Flamm Magdalene, grocery, 32 Holland 
FLAMM PETER, confectioner and baker, 

88 Lexington 
Flammant Rev. Alphonsus, prof. St. Mary 

Seminary, Penna. av near St. Mary 
Flanagan James, porter, 52 King 
Flanagan John, soap chandler, 18 French 
Flanagan John, Union hotel, cor Pratt and 

Flanary Harriett, dressmaker, 85 Lexington 
Flanga, Wm. shoemaker, 14 s Central av 
Flanerry Michael, laborer, 26 Boyd 
Flanigan James, porter, 52 Carpenter al 
Flanigan John, carter, 59 n High 
Flanigan John, tallow chandler, 18 French 
Flannagan Chas. L. reporter, 29 Harford av 
Flannagan Luke, clerk at Post Office, dw 29 

Harford av 
Flannagan Mary, cook, 54 Conway 
Flannagan Patrick, carter, 34 Lancaster 
Flannagan Patrick, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannagan Thos. carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannary Eleanora, 9 Townsend 
Flannary James, laborer, 9 Townsend 
Flannary John, cellar digger, 23 Mosher 
Flannary Mrs. A. 9 Townsend 
Flannery H. dressmaker, 85 Lexington 
Flannigan Annie, cook, 110 Hanover 




Flannigain A. McE. & Bro. lager beer saloon, 

109 Camden 
FLAN NIG AIN ANDREW & CO. shipbuild- 
ers and railway, s side of Basin 
Flannigain Andrew (A. F. & Co.) 212 n 

Flannigain Andrew, jr. 212 n Charles 
Flannigain Benj. F . (A. McE. & Bro.) 109 

Flannigain Lemuel, clerk, 212 n Charles 
Flannigan Kate, grocery, 18 Etting 
Flannigan Patrick, laborer, 6 Bevan 
Flannigan Terrence, laborer, 18 Etting 
Flannigan Wm. driver, 91 William 
Flarger John, cooper, 46 L. Pleasant 
Flarka Frederick, cooper, L. Pleasant, near 

Flater Samuel, driver, 307 William 
Flatly Bernard, laborer, Falls road, nr North- 
ern av 
Flaut Rev. Geo. 25 n Front 
Flaven Thos. tavern, 47 s Frederick 
Flaxcomb Wm. engineer, 6 n Schroeder 
Flayhart Mary, tailoress, 54 Harford av 
Fleck Jacob, 104 Pearl 
Fleck Joseph, clerk, 90 w Biddle 
EHeckenstem Lewis, varnisher, 76 w Fayette 
Fleckenstine Geo. cooper, 111 West 
Fleckenstine John, tailor, 259 n Dallas 
Fleckenstine Peter, laborer, 167 e Lombard 
Pledderman & Gossage, tailors, 14 St. Paul 
Fledderman Henry D. (F. & Gossage,) 99 n 

Fleehearty Hugh, policeman, 214 e Madison 
Fleehearty John T. clerk, 214 e Madison 
Fleischer Emanuel, (Heilbrun, Oberndorf & 

F.) 69 Pearl 
Fleishell John A. moulder, 342 e Lombard 
Fleishell John F. painter, 286 Penna. av 
Fleishell Mary Ann, 342 e Lombard 
Fleisher Henry, carpenter, Garrison lane near 

Frederick road 
FLEISCHMAN JOHN, restaurant, 17 Dover 
Fleischmanon Henry, baker, 223 s Charles 
Fleishman Bernard, (Cahn & F.) s w corner 

Columbia and L. Greene 
Fleischman Moses, butcher, 218 Canton av 
FLEISHMAN MOSES, livery sale stables, 

n w cor Bond and Bank 
Fleishman Philip, lab. 19 Cambridge, Canton 
Fleishman Samuel, tavern and lager beer sa- 
loon, n w cor Bond and iJank 
Fleishman Wolf, laborer, 175 s Eklcn 
Fleisman John, tailor, 255 n hlden 
Fleming Daniel L. 23 s Howard 
Fleming Emanuel, tailor, 158 Pine 
Fleming Fredk. A. clerk, Claggett's brewery 
Fleming Saml. B. plumber, 148 n Eutaw, dw 

137 w Madison 
Fleming Dr. John Perkins, 120 n Greene 
Fleming Wm. P. 120 n Greene 
Fleming Wm. S. (Perkins & F.) 156 w Lom- 
Flemming Anna, Balto. steam laundry, dw 20 

Flemming Catherine, cook, 40 Conway 
Flemming Henry, (Oliver & F.) 40 Hillen 
Flemming James, shoemaker, 121 n Gay 
FLEMMING JAM KS R. leather store, 121 n 

High,dw 84 n Exeter 
Flemming James, shoemaker, 189 East 
I lemming John C. clerk, 54 s Sharp 
Flemming John, 15 s Front 

Flemming John, porter, 467 Saratoga 
Flemming John, laborer. Stiles near Albemarle 
Flemming Michael, laborer, 44 Albemarle 
Flemming Oliver, laborer, 109 s Ann 
Flemming Patrick, tavern, 59 s Frederick 
Flemming Samuel B. plumber, 148 n Eutaw, 

dw 137 w Madison 
Flemming Thomas, gas fitter, 184 McHenry 
Flemming Wm. policeman, 318 Eastern av 
Flemming Wm. H. bookkeeper, 32 Green- 
mount av 
Flemming Wm. tavern, 55 s Frederick 
Flescher, Nathan, rag dealer, 20 Dawson 
Fletcher James 46 e Pratt 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. tailor and clothier, 140 

w Pratt, dw 318 n Gay 
Fletcher Mary, 210 e Lombard 
Fletcher Wm. gunsmith, 138 Cross 
Fletcher Wm. ropcmaker, rear 406 Harford av 
Fleury Harriet, 169 s Sharp 
Fleury Sarah J. 169 s Sharp 
Fleury Susan G. 169 s Sharp 
Flick Wm. N. cigar maker, 92 Lr-e 
Flicker John C. shoemaker, 17 Chesnut al 
Flinchback Ferdinand, tanner, 196 Henrietta 
Flinn iMichael, conductor B. & O. R. R. 44 n 

Flinn Thomas, laborer, 36 Ross 
Flinspach Ferdinand W. currier, 122 Light-st 

whf, dw 50 Hill 
Flint Edward, (Clotworthy & F.) Howard 

Flint Frederick, shoemaker, 297 n Eden 
Flint Sarah A. 136 Cathedral 
Flint Wm. 136 Cathedral 

Flishman Sebastian, shoemaker, 22 Douglass 
Flohr Alexander, printer, 57 n Frederick 
Flood Elizabeth, 125 William 
Flood Thomas, ship carp. 767 w Baltimore 
Florety Metz, 511 w Pratt 
Florey Michael, milkman, 87 Patuxent 
Floss Henry, carpenter, 18 McClellan's al 
Floss Sarah, dry goods and millinery dealer, 

222 s Broadway 
Flowery Patrick, laborer, n e cor Eutaw and 

Floyd Charles T. carpenter, 127 Garden 
Floyd Clement, ship carpenter, 3 Will 
Floyd James, porter, 16 Church 
Floyd James W. blacksmith, 23 Armistead la 
Floyd Joseph, watchman, 227 Light 
Floyd William, printer, 127 Garden 
Fluharty James, boot and shoe dealer, over 

276 w Baltimore, dw 44 Granby 
Fluharty Thomas I. bookkeeper, 44 Granby 
Fluharty Wm. R. bookkeeper, 44 Granby 
Flusky John B. tavern, 41 w Lombard 
Fly Joseph, boiler maker, 22 Dawson 
Flyn David, stone cutter, 88 Richmond 
Flynn Bartholomew, 187 Hughes 
Flyini Catherine, grocery, 15 Chesnut 
Flynn Ellen 11 Hawk 

manufs. 55 Holiday 
Flynn James, bricklayer, 180 w Biddle 
Flynn James, laborer, 50 Albemarle 
Flynn James, laborer, 171 Grei.nmount av 
Flynn James, grocery, 51 Elliott 
Flynn .Tames (F., Emrich&Murrill,)180Mon- 

Flynn John, wagoner, 54 Exeter 
Flynn John, laborer, 43 s Wolfe 
Flynu John A. tinner, 190 Conway 




Flynn John, iron forger, 97 Cambridge, Canton 
Flynn John J. tailor, 12)^ Lexington 
Flynn John, clerk P. O. Jw 46 Jackson 
Flynn John V. moulder, 171 Greenmount av 
Flynn John T. wagoner, 54 n Exeter 
Flynn Lawrence, grocery, Cotton row, west 

of Clmton, Canton 
Flynn Lawrence, boiler maker, 184 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Flynn Lery, shoemaker, 9 New Church 
Flynn Morris, carpenter, 15 Chesnut 
Flynn Matthew, laborer, 9 Cotton row, Canton 
Flynn Michael, laborer, 4 Fitzpatrick's ct 
Flynn Michael, well borer, 78 Happy al 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, 156 Canton av 
Flynn Patrick, grocery, 84 Holiday 
Flynn Thomas, lithographer, 11 Hawk 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, 36 Ross 
Flynn Thomas, 126 n Sprmg 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, 213 Lemmon 
Flynn Thomas, barkeeper at Union Hotel 
Flynn Wm. L. shoemaker, 7 New Church 
Flynn Wm. T. puddler, 37 Lancaster 
Foard Addison K. (F. & Cushing,) 175 Garden 
Foard Charles D. (F.&Vocke,) 83 n Poppleton 
Foard Joseph O. (F. & Rogers,) 308 Madi- 
son av 
Foard IVIrs. K. 308 Madison av 
FOARD & CUSHING, provision brokers and 

commission merchants, 1 Commerce 
Foard & Rogers, shipping and commission 

merchants, 16 Bowly s whf 
Foard & Vocke, painters, 31 n Paca 
Foard Wm. G. 308 Madison av 
Foat Henry, carter, 352 s Exeter 
Foble Ann, 104 Hollins 
Foble & Forman, ornamental plasterers and 

manuf. of plaster ornaments, 85 Preston 
Foble Henry, (F. & Forman,) 374 w Lom- 
Focke Capt. Charles W. 78 s Exeter 
FOCKK & CARTER, gentlemen's furnishing 

goods, over 252 w Baltimore 
Focke Edward I. (F. & Carter) 62 Columbia 
Focks Henry, laborer, 16 Payson 
Focks Jacob, milkman, 228 a Paca 
Foerschel Joseph, shoemaker, 177 s Eden 
Foehring Lewis, clothing cutter, 117 n Bond 
Foertsch John, grocer, n w corner Elliott and 

Chesapeake, Canton 
Fogaler Henry, 185 Hughes 
Fogel Emiel, artist, 345 Saratoga 
Fogel George, paver, 15 Baker's ct 
Fogel K. carpenter, 52 Happy al 
Fogeler John, brickmaker, 384 Hanover 
Fogerty James, miller, 15 Ringgold al 
Fogerty John, laborer, 225 s Wolf 
Fogle Henry H. clerk, 34 n High 
Fogle John, tailor, 472 Canton av 
Fogle John, stevedore, 298 s Bond 
Fogle Michael, tailor, 56 s Caroline 
Fogle Peter, carpenter, 73 s Wolfe 
Fogle Samuel, wagoner, 22 Sterrett 
Foglehuler Leonard, tailor, 40 Maiden lane 
Fogt Christian, paver, 448 Saratoga 
Fohlman Mrs. 58 Bank 
Foid John, tailor, 162 s Broadway 
Foil Martin, tailor, 214 s Chapel 
Folan Mrs. Virginia, dress maker, 169 e Bal- 
Foleston Mrs. 706 w Baltimore 
Foley Ann, crockery dealer, 21 Ensor 
Foley Charles, laborer, 74 Happy al 

Foley Charles, coachsmith, 139 s Chapel 
Foley Daniel J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 72 St. Paul 
Foley Daniel, blacksmith, 21 Ensor 
Foley David, moulder, 310 Light 
Foley Mrs. Ellen, 310 Light 
Foley Francis, clerk, 92 e Pratt 
Foley John, blacksmith, 41 s Paca 
Foley John, laborer, 214 Chesnut 
Foley Michael, moulder, 80 York 
Foley Michael, porter, 19 Foundry 
Foley Matthew J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 43 Mul- 
Foley Matthew, graiij and feed com. merchant, 

50 South, dw 43 Mulberry 
Foley Patrick, drayman, 21 Stirling 
Foley S. J. mail agent, Norfolk steamboat, dw 

546 Lexington 
Foley Wm. F. clerk, 92 e Pratt 
Folk George, tailor, 331 Canton av 
Foley D. J. & Bro. wholesale grocers & com- 
mission merchants, 50 South 
Foley Richard, carriage maker. Star Hotel 
Foley Rev. Thomas, 106 n Charles 
Foliver George, tanner 11 Laurens 
Folk Eliza, 109 e Madison 
Folk Henry, 51 Johnson 
Folk Jacob, carpenter, 52 Happy al 
Folk Jacob, cabmet maker, 143 Durham 
Folk John, tailor, 19 Rock 
Folkar Joseph, laborer, 294 s Bond 
Folkes Robert, machinist, 70 Camden 
Folks George F. carpenter, over 15 n Sharp, 

dw 122 Mullikin 
Folks John E. carpenter, 120 Mullikin 
Folks Magdalena, 37 n Dallas 
Folks Nicholas, laborer, 120 Mullikin 
Follis Edward, drayman, 122 Ensor 
Follmare Lewis, baker, 26 Hampstead 
Folmer John, laborer, 230 Aliceanna 
Folmoth Jacob, shoemaker, 84 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Foltz George, (Stouffer & F.) 2 s Gay 
Foltz Jacob O. lottery and exchange office, s w 

cor Camden and Charles, dw 215 w Biddle 
Foltz John, laborer, 83 Eastern av 
Foltz John, laborer, 272 s Bond 
Foltz Nicholas, laborer, 272 s Bond 
Folz John, tanner, 42 Liberty al 
Fonder Richard, pamter, cor Gay and Harri- 
son, dw 115 n Caroline 
Fonderkrath Engler, 355 Canton av 
FONERDEN DR. JOHN, Medical Superin- 
tendent Maryland Hospital, dw Monument 
near Broadway 
Fones Richard, grain dealer, 272 n Gay 
Fonefair Francis, cigar maker, 34 s Regester 
FonhofT Charles harness maker, 84 Pearl 
Fonnoff Philip, copper smelter, 6 Essex 
Fonshill Charles, tinner, 202 Bank 
Fontaine Samuel C. salesman, 51 Lexington 
Fontaine J. L. (McDowell & F.) 236 w Pratt 
Fontheim Franz, cigar maker, 40 s Exeter 
Fonuum John, tailor, 12 Bryan's ct 
Fountain John, 143^ s Calvert 
Fontz George, brickmaker, 390 West 
Fontz Jacob, butcher, Ostend near West 
Fontz Jacob, carter, 646 Light 
Fooder Caroline, 74 Preston 
Fooks Albert, tailor, 251 e Lombard 
Foos Delia, nurse, 214 n Eden 
Foos Edward A. bricklayer, 143 s Bond 
Foos John, huckster, 302 Mulberry 
Foos John C. tinner, 135 Peirce 




Foos Wm. painter, 185 n Caroline 
Foos Wm. A. bricklayer, 318 e Pratt 
Foose Henry, bricklayer, 56 n Central av 
Foose Sarah A. 401 Lexington 
Fooss John, boot crimper, 71 Park 
Foote Abner L. marine engineer, 86 s Exeter 
Foote Colin A. bookkeeper, Gilmor house 
Fopless James R. clerk, 112 n High 
Fopless J. H. watchmaker, 32 Somerset 
Foran James, wholesale prov. dealer, 181 and 

183 Chesnut 
Forbervesten John, box maker, 214 w Pratt 
Forbes David S. salesman, n w cor Monument 

and Calvert 
Forbes James H. salesman, Maltby house 
Forbes James S. carpenter, s w cor Eutaw and 

Hoffman, dw 328 n Eutaw 
Forbes Rev. Mathias L. 20 s Strieker 
Force Moses M. steward Gilmor House, dw 

175 Pearl 
Ford Augustus, caulker, 325 Light 
Ford Amelia A. 278 e Lombard 
Ford Benj. A. ladies shoemaker, 6 Lanvale 
Ford Bridget, ironer at Barnum's hotel 
Ford Charles T. watchman, 286 Hanover 
Ford Mrs. Caroline, s e cor Baltimore and 

Ford Edward, shoemaker, 121 Ensor 
Ford Edward, brass finisher, 254 e Fayette 
Ford Edward, shoemaker, 84 n Paca 
Ford Elias, boot and shoemaker, s w cor Paca 

and Mulberry 
Ford George, clerk, 84 n Paca 
Ford George T. blacksmith. Mount Royal, foot 

Ford Hiram, blacksmith, 325 Light 
Ford John, mate, 204 s Ann 
Ford John T. (Kunkle & Co.) 186 Mulberry 
Ford John W. carpenter, 189 Aliceanna 
Ford Jolui D. carpenter, 291 n Gay 
Ford Capt John F. mariner, 9 Watson 
Ford John, tailor, 16 Fish Market space 
Ford John, tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Ford Joseph, clerk, 103 n Charles 
Ford Joseph Y. merchant tailor, 4 St. Paul's, 

dw 1 Hollins 
Ford Lewis, clerk, 127 Bank 
Ford Mary, tavern, 17 Saratoga 
Ford Novel, reporter Daily Exchange, 324 w 

Ford Rufus D. shoemaker, 6 Lanvale 
Ford Ruth, dressmaker, 148 G. Hughes 
Ford Samuel, carpenter, 69 s Schroeder 
Ford Thomas, laborer, 5 Rose 
Ford Thomas C. clerk, 291 n Gay 
Ford Thomas, coachmaker. Brown's hotel, 

119 n High 
Ford Thomas, carpenter, 300 e Lombard 
Ford Thomas, shoemaker, 84 n Paca 
Ford Thomas, J. wheelwright. Star hotel 
Ford Thomas J. moulder, 157 L. Greene 
Ford Wm. moulder, 140 Conway 
Ford Wm. turner, 295 Saratoga 
Ford Wm. H. shoemaker, 27 Rose 
Ford Wm. H. merchant tailor, 31 n Howard, 

dw 427 w Fayette 
Ford Wm. clerk, 5 Light-st. whf 
Forden Martin, laborer, 100 North 
Foreman Leander, flour, feed and grain deal. 
146 Franklin, dw cor Walsh andTownsend 
Foring Lewis, tailor, 117 n Bond 
Forman Alexander D. plasterer, 473 w Fay- 

Forman Catharine, nurse, 109 Mullikin 
Forman David, laborer, 159 West 
Forman Elizabeth, milliner, 235 Saratoga 
Forman Evan M. plasterer, 9 Holland 
Forman George W. machinist, 312 e Fay- 
Forman Henry C. clerk, 452 w Fayette 
Forman Henry C. painter, 312 e Fayette 
Forman John, carpenter, 146 George 
Forman John D. snoemaker, 233 e Fayett* 
Forman Joseph, shoemaker, 312 e Fayett* 
Forman Joseph R. gatekeeper Greenmount 

Forman Joshua, cooper, Philadelphia road, nr 

city limits 
Forman Susanna, 129 Vine 
Forman Valentine (Foble & F.) cor Walsh and 

Forney Burkhardt, shoemaker, 2 West al 
Forney George M. clerk, 611 w Lombard 
Forney Henry S. (F. & Stine,) 165 Madison 

Forney Isaac C. carriage trimmer, 167 n Fre- 
Forney Isaac, watchman at Custom house 
Forney Jacob, private watchman, 56 s Carey 
Forney Jacob D. machinist, Franklin Inn, 50 

Forney Jackson, stone cutter, 186 e Madison 
Forney Jemima, 43 Greenmount av 
Forney Jonas, machinist, 43 Greenmount ar 
Forney Matthias N. ( Spear& P\) 12 s Greent 
Forney & Stine, wholesale tobacco and cigar 

dealers, 3 n Howard 
Forney Wm. C. clerk, 389 w Fayette 
Fornoff Adam, carpet weaver, 211 Aliceanna 
Fornshil Columbus, painter, 366 n Gay 

Fornville , cook, 28 w Fayette 

Forrest Alexander, venitian blind maker, 405 

w Pratt 
Forrest Francis, laborer, 664 w Pratt 
Forrest George L. plasterer, 354 n Gay 
Forrest Henry, carpenter, 307 e Madison 
Forrest James H. machinist, 3 Henrietta 
Forrest John, stone cutter, 25 w Chase 
Forrest John, clerk, 176 Pearl 
Forrest Leonard, blacksmith, 73 Columbia 
Forrest Mathias, fireman, 267 Aliceanna 
Forrest Mary L. 98 e Baltimore 
Forrest Thomas J. paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 48 s Broadway 
Forrest Wm. tinner, 251 Columbia 
Forrester Alexander, tavern, 92 n Spring 
Forrester Allen E. (F. & Bringman,) 123 


89 Chatsworth 
job printers, s w cor Baltimore and Soutlj, 
up stairs 
and provision dealers, 112 n Eutaw, dw B. 
F. F. 82 George 
Forrester Charles, carpenter, 82 George 
Forrester George, carpenter, 189 Montgomery 
Forrester James, bricklayer, 210 n Caroline 
Forrester John, bricklayer, 674 w Baltimore 
Forrester John F. ( B. F. F. & Co.) dU 

Forrester John, laborer, 609 Penna. av 
Forrester Patrick, laborer, 261 West 
Forrester Wm. H. marble cutter, 100 e Mad- 




Forrester Wm. H. carpenter, 158 Ross 
Forstcr A. laborer, 4 Townsend 
Forster Donaldson K. clerk, 180 Preston 
FORSTER G. HKNRY, dealer in foreign 

music, 82 w Fayette, dw 11 n Eutaw 
Forston James, miner, 9 Foster al 
Forsyth Alexander, bricklayer, 5 Brune 
Forsyth Alexander, milkman, 39 Tyson 
Forsyth Alexander, gardener, 74 Division 
Forsyth Ann, 5 Brune 

Forsyth Alex D. blacksmith, 113 Hamburg 
Forsyth Alex. M. plumber, 35 Holland 
FORSYTH & COLK, manufacturers of '"snuff 

and smoking tobacco, 84 w Fayette. — [See 

p. 11 ^idvcrtisemenls.] 
Forsyth David, carpenter, 138 Preston 
Forsyth Edward L. painter, 357 Lexington 
Forsyth Edward, printer, 137 e Lombard 
Forsyth Francis, clerk, 19 n Oregon 
Forsyth Gerard M. clerk, 5 Brune 
Forsyth James, drayman, 62 n Dallas 
Forsyth John A. wood dealer, 113 Hamburg 
Forsyth J. M. lottery vender, 103 n Paca 
Forsyth Manuel T. (F . & Cole,) Balto. Co. 
Forsyth Robert, laborer, 10 Abbey al 
Forsyth R. G. lithographer, 149 Hoffman 
Forsyth Robert, laborer, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Teresa, 18 Oregon 
Forsyth Wm. H. post office clerk, 219 Mont- 
Forsyth Wm. horse dealer, 82 Peirce 
Fort Harriet, 61 Conway 
Fort Lea)ider A. carpenter, 201 Ross 
Fort Thomas, rigger, 4 Hammond al 
Fortg Conrad, baker, 151 s Regester 
Fortier P. M. inspector at Custom house, dw 40 

Fortling John H. stone cutter, 271 Saratoga 
Fortman.Adam, carpenter, 224 Dover 
Fortman Arnold, tobacconist, 354 w Pratt 
Fortman Bernard, laborer, 106 West 
Fortman Edw. ship carpenter, 147 Aliceanna 
Fortman Mainard, cab. maker, 38 Leadenhall 
Fortmann Henry, waterman, 64 Light 
Fortner Nathan, engineer, 92 Hamburg 
Fortner Thomas, house carpenter, 354 Eastern 

Fortune James, laborer. Mount Royal, foot of 

Fortune Mary M. boarding house, 9 Barnet 
Forward Wm. L. 231 n Eden 
Fosbenner Ann, 62 s Bond 
Fosbenner Wm. G. bricklayer, 59}-^ Lee 
Fosler Catherine, 10 Harmony la 
Fosler George, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Jabe, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Foss Charles M. tinner and sheet iron ware, 

10 n Eutaw, dw 245 Franklin 
Foss James, bricklayer, 167 Orleans 
Foss James, ship joiner, 318 e Pratt 
Foss John, boiler maker, 45 n Exeter 
Foss John M. butcher, 616 Light 
Foss John N. butcher, 87 Hampstead 
Foss & Pouder, manuf. cabuiet furniture, 

chairs, &c. 30 n Howard 
Foss Thomas, bricklayer, 167 Orleans 
Foss Wm. W. (F. & Pouder,) 259 Franklin 
Foss Wm. carpenter, 167 Orleans 
Fossett James, shoemaker, 14 Low 
FossettJohn, collector, 67 s Caroline 
Fossett Michael, clerk, 74 Chew 
Fossett Richard, omnibus driver, 44 Somerset 
Post Thomas, pedler, 3 Chase 

Foster Ann, confectioner, 76 n Dallas 

Foster Anthony, tanner, 4 Townsend 

Foster Charles, tailor, 154 Light 

Foster Catherine, 168 s Bond 

Foster David B. plumber, 7 Eutaw House, 

dw 149 Conway 
Foster David C. printer, 115 e Pratt 
Foster Elizabeth, 59 Garden 
Foster Elizabeth 174 Bank 
Foster Francis S. ship joiner, 174 Bank 
Foster Franklin, engineer, 4 Williamson al 
Foster James, clerk, 87 n Eutaw 
Foster James, K. carpenter, 235 s Sharp 
Foster Jas. W. steamboat hand, 233 Hanove*' 
Foster Jeanette, nurse, 161 s Sharp 
Foster John T. clerk, dw Maltby house 
Foster Capt. John G. engineer U. S. A. 69 

Foster Joseph, 41 s Regester 
Foster Mahlon, shoemaker, 19 Barnes 
Foster Margaret 41 s Regester 
Foster Margaret, 4 Stirling 
Foster Mary, tailoress, 186 L. Constitution 
Foster Misses Mary F. and Susan W., Insti- 
tute for young ladies, 56 n Greene 
Foster Samuel, carter, 173 Columbia 
Foster Sarah, grocery, 36 Gough 
Foster T. J. (Rossie & F.) 44 s Sharp 
Foster Thomas Y. horse dealer, 73 Pearl 
Foster Wm. J. glass cutter, 36 Gough 
Foster Wm. T. carpenter, 148 n Bond 
Foster Wm. T. (Taylor, F. & Co.) 87 n 

Foster Wm. pattern maker, 84 Harford av 
Foster W. W. Maltby house 
Foster Wm. bricklayer, 170 Pennsylvania &r 
Fostz Jacob, butcher, s Howard extended 
Fothergill E. clerk, 8 Barnet 
Foudriat Peter, (F. & Saurret,) 64 LexingtOH 
Foudriat & Saurret, scourers and fluters, 64 

Foulk Rev. John S. 130 Mulberry 
Foulkes Geo. machinist, Lee, opp. China al 
Fountain Edward C. mariner, 83 s Caroline 
Fountain George W. clerk in tobacco ware- 
house No. 5, dw 1 Ogston 
FOUNTAIN HOTEL, Wm. H. Clabaugh, 

propr. Light near Baltimore 
Fountain John T. tinner, 25 Scott 
Fountain Marcy, jr. clerk, 15 Columbia 
Fountain Wm. E. clerk, 360 Lexington 
Fourth Presbyterian Church, 628 w Baltimore 
Fouse D. Henry, tinner, 163 Orleans 
Fowble Abram, (F. & Miller,) 259 w Fayette 
Fowble & Miller, carpenters, 18 Vine 
Fowble Wm. carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Fowble Wm. A. laborer, 80 Warner 
Fowble Wm. (Potter & F.) 132 Pearl 
Fowble Wm. H. sailmaker, 535 w Fayette 
Fowler Christopher, 15 CaiTibridge 
Fowler David Q. book keeper, dw Fountain 

Fowler Evan M. officer at Penitentiary, dw 147 

e Madison 
Fowler Edwin C. clerk, 147 e Madison 
FOWLER EDWARD H. carpenter, 187 

Montgomery, dw 153 G. Hughes 
Fowler Francis, wire worker, cor layette and 

Liberty, dw 46 Pearl 
Fowler Henry, copper smelter, 56 Essex, 

Fowler Isaac, plasterer, 350 n Gay 
Fowler James H. painter, 44 n Schroeder 




Fowler Jacob, clock and watch maker, 5 n 

Fowler James H. jr., painter, 44 n Schroeder 
Fowler James, sign painter, 52 e Baltimore 
Fowler James, hod carrier, 114 Sarah Ann 
Fowler Jeremiah, 129 Raborg 
Fowler Jeremiah J. P. carpenter, 223 Canton 

FOWLER JAMES W. glass gilder, 60 w 

Baltimore, dw 52 e Baltimore 
Fowler John R. agent Union hat co. 59 w 

Baltimore, dw Hanover 2nd door s of York 
Fowler John, 153 G. Hughes 
Fowler John, (Niemyer & F.) 350 Lexington 
Fowler John P. bookkeeper, 180 w Baltimore 
Fowler Margaret, 258 Franklin 
Fowler Matilda, 222 e Lombard 
Fowler Robert, boiler maker, 15 Abbey al 
Fowler Robert, (F. & Ziegler,) Baltimore Co. 
Fowler Rezin, carpenter, 563 w Lombard 
Fowler Samuel, huckster, 390 n Gay 
Fowler Samuel B. carpenter, 40 n High 
Fowler Susan, tailoress, 156 n Exeter 
FOWLER THOMAS, grocer and hardware 

dealer, 175 and 177 e Baltimore 
Fowler Thomas H. silver plater, 258 Franklin 
FOWLER WM. H. & CO. shipping agents, 

103 Thames 
Fowler Wm. H. carpenter, 66 Holland 
Fowler Wm. Henry, sailmaker, 85 Gough 
Fowler Wm. conductor B. & O. R. R. 47 

Fowler Wm. 15 s Schroeder 
Fowler Wm. H. (W. H. F. & Co.) 53 s 

Fowler Wm. C. pilot, 281 e Fayette 
Fowler Wm. W. brass founder, 158 n Bond 
Fowler Wm. W. hatter, 562 Saratoga 
Fowler Wm. H. cigar maker, 532 w Balti- 
Fowler Wm. private watchman, 485 w Pratt 
FOWLER & ZIEGLER, flour merchants, 91 

and 93 s Charles 
Fownner James, butcher, 422 Penna. av 
Fox Andrew, drayman, Columbia nr Fremont 
Fox Charles, cigar maker, 133 Lexington 
Fox Charles J. ship carpenter, 132 s Wolfe 
Fox Elizabeth, 236 s Dallas 
Fox Frederick, laborer, 8 n Republican 
Fox Gotleib, laborer, 101 n Central av 
Fox Henry, laborer, Frederick av. below Cal- 

verton road 
Fox Hiram E. tobacconist, 189 w Baltimore, 

dw 522 w Fayette 
Fox Jesse, miller, Frederick road, near first 

toll gate 
Fox James, grocery, 31 Douglass 
Fox John, shoemaker, 260 s Kutaw 
Fox John, laborer, 77 Chesnut 
Fox Luther, 308 w Lombard 
Fox Louis, iron and rag dealer, 232 Eastern 

Fox Margaret, 6 Hillen 
Fox Michael, laborer, 4 Swan 
Fox M.:-yer, butcher, 211 s Wolfe 
Fox Nicholas, porter, 53 Ross 
Fox Patrick, laborer, 337 n Howard 
Fox Peter, cooper, 236 s Dallas 
Fox Samuel, butcher, 234 s Ann 
Fox Stephen P. ladies shoemaker, 510 w Bal- 
timore, dw 478 
.Fox Timothy, Union hotcl,cor Pratt & Charles 
Fox Thomas, shoemaker, 165 Lee 

Fox Thos. J. E. clerk, 11 n Eutaw 

Fox Thomas E. laborer, Frederick av below 

Calverton road 
Fox Thomas, carter, 279 s Eutaw 
Fox Wm. laborer, 76 Booth 
Foxcroft Nich. grocery, 46 Chesnut 
Foxwell Charles L. collection clerk Bank of 

Baltimore, dw 140 s Broadway 
Foxwell Eliza, 44 s Broadway 
Foxwell Capt. George W. 228 Montgomery 
Foxwell Henrietta, tailoress, 70 s Caroline 
Foxwell John ship carpenter, 181 Bank 
Foxwell Joseph, ship carp. 12 Binney, Canton 
Foxwell Tabitha, 299 s Charles 
Foy Frederick, teacher at House of Refuge, 

Baltimore County 
Foy Geo. W. shoemaker, 234 n Bond 
FOY JAMES, gunsmith and hardware mer- 
chant, 64 s Calvert, dw 61 Hill 
Foy John, laborer, 29 Barnes 
Foy James H. clerk, 61 Hill 
Foy Philip, ship joiner, 84 Block 
Foy John H. shoemaker, 140 n Caroline 
Fraas Frederick, shoemak. Clinton n of Elliott 
Fraatz Louiisa, grocery, 255 Eager 
Frabill Francis, blacksmith, 35 Barnes 
Frach Leonard, laborer, 68 s Bethel 
Frade John, shoemaker, 64 Park 
Frailey Elzina M. M. 215 n Howard 
Frailey Francis, laborer, 333 Canton av 
Frailey Leonard, 173 w Fayette 
Fraily Manis,dry goods deal. 78 n Caroline 
Fraley J. J. hatter, s e cor Franklin and Eutav 
Fralick Daniel, bricklayer, 119 w Biddle 
Frames Geo. A. (J. P. F. & Ero.) n w cor 

Gay and Aisquith 
FRAMES J. P. & BRO. apothecaries and 

druggists, n w cor Gay and Aisquith 
Frames James P. (Jas. P. F. & Bro.) 270 

Greenmount av 
Frames John M. 270 Greenmount av 
Frampton Henry, clerk, 208 e Lombard 

Delaware state lotteries, 11 Worth 
France Jacob, grocery, 178 Kastern av 
France John, custom house inspector, 46 s Ann 
France John G. tailor, 11 L. Paca 
France Joseph, (Ward & F.) Baltimore Co. 
France Richard, (F., Broadbents & Co.) 50 

Mount Vernon place 
France Thomas, agent Mount Olivet Cemetery 

Company, 71 Lee 
Francis Ferdinand, baker, 281 Eastern av 
Francis Fleetwood, 90 Gough 
Francis Jesse M. carpenter, 67 Holland 
Francis John, plasterer, 72 Granby 
Francis John, sr., 109 s Bond 
Francis John, paper carrier, 108 s Eden 
Francis John, jr., carpenter, 109 s Bond 
Francis Robert, brickmaker, 10 s Broadway, 

yard Canton 
Francis Robert, butcher, 479 e Baltimore 
Francis Thomas, porter, 253 s Broadway 
Francis Thomas jr. baker, 120 s Ann 
Francis Thomas H. clerk, 10 s Broadway 
Francis Wm. J. brickmaker, yard Canton, dw 

267 e Pratt "... 

Francis W. baker, Philad road near city limits 
Franciscowich Ludwig, confectioner, 200 Ca- 
Franciscus Peter, tavern, 51 s Frederick 
Franck George C. tobacconist, 97 w Biddle 
Franck George, live stock dealer, 241 w Fayette 




Franck Peter, 16 e Monument 
Franck Wm. G. tobacconist, 97 w Biddle 
Frand August, harness maker, 425 n Gay 
Frank Adam, (L. & A. F. & Co.) 94 e Balti- 
Frank Adam, rag dealer, 198 Stirling 
Frank Andrew, 106 n Bond 
Frank Andrew, baker, 239 Light 
Frank Andrew, 136 e Lombard 
Frank August, bookkeeper, 278 Lexington 
Frank Christian, piano maker, Fredk. road nr 

toll gate 
FRANK CHRIS. L. grocery, 33 Brown 
Frank Christopher, carpenter, 35 n Frederick 
Frank Charles, porter, 88 Bethel 
Frank David, dry goods dealer, 195 n Gay 
Frank Ernest, machinist, 547 w Baltimore 
Frank Frenchman, 437 n Gay 
Frank Geo. tailor, 27 Brown 
Frank Geo. cigar maker, 55 Union 
Frank Geo. catiinet maker, 28 Hamburg 
Frank Geo. M. junk dealer, 324 s Bond 
Frank Henry, boot and shoe dealer, 193 n Gay 
Frank Henry, laborer, 1.59 n Eden 
Frank Henry, .-^rociry, G Clay 
Frank Heiirv, jiortir, Ijalcer's ct 
Frank HewrV, baker, 3'iS s Bond 
Frank Heiirv C. bnxniak r, 35 n Frederick 
Frank Jacol>, l)akir, 248 Hanover 
Frank Jacob, siecnd lumd furn. dealer, 59 s 

Frank house carpenter, 349 Eastern av 

Frank John, laborer, 296 Aliceanna 
Frank John, laborer, 193 s Regester 
Frank John P. cooper, 25 n Dallas 
Frank John H. barber, 90 Eastern av 
Frank John G. baker, 163 William 
Frank John, dry goods store, 352 Light 
Frank John, 70 Durst al 
Frank Capt. John T. 105 s Ann 
Frank Joseph, shoemaker, 82 Happy al 
Frank Joseph, brickmaker, 194 s Sharp 
Frank Jose])h, sawyer, 196 w Fayette 
Frank Kaufman, butcher, 272 s Broadway 
Frank Leon, (L. & A. F. & Co.) 124 e Balti- 
Frank Leon & Adam & Co. wholesale dealers 

in ready made clothing, 347 w Baltimore 
Frank Leopold, laborer, 21 St. James 
Frank Lewis, dealer in clothing, 167 Forrest 
Frank Lewis, grocer, 67 n Eden 
Frank Michael, porter, 11 Perry 
Frank Moses, junk dealer, 145 s Bond 
Frank Nathan, dealer in brass and iron, 105 

Frank N. tailor, 110 w Pratt, dw 123 e Lom- 
Frank Otto, liquor dealer, 265 Aisquith 
Frank Paul, undertaker, 63 Camden 
Frank Peter, shoemaker, 226 s Charles 
Frank Rosanna, 23 s Caroline 
Frank Simon, butcher, 202 Aliceanna 
Frank Simon & Co. importers and jobbers of 
dry goods, 9 German, dw F. S. 96 e Balti- 
Frank Wm. grocer, 106 Gough 
Frank Wm. tavern, 114 Dugan's whf. 
Frank Wm. laborer, 275 Aliceaima 
Franke August, clerk, 109 w Fayette 
Franke Carl, jeweler, Thames near Caroline 
Franke Frederick Wm. grocery and liq. dealer, 

184 and 186 e Lombard 
Franke John C. cab. maker, 120 n Central av 

Frankel Brothers & Lewitoch, merch. tailors* 

n e cor Centre Market space and Pratt 
Frankenstein Samuel, butcher, 933 w Pratt 
Franklin B. salesman, 25 May 
Franklin B. A. & Co. com. and shipping mer- 
chants, 59 s Gay 
Frankbn B. A. (B. A. F. & Co.) 49 St. Paul 
FRANKLIN COAL CO. office over 36 Second, 

James Boyce, president 
FRANKLIN BANK, 15 South.— [See .Appen- 
Franklin Benj. house carp. 24 s Paca 
Franklin Bernard, dry goods deal. 123 e Pratt 
Franklin Buildings, east side North, near Bal- 
Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadel- 
phia, 1 North. Geo. Carey, agent 
Franklin George R. policeman, 102 Scott 
Franklin George, watchmaker, 25 Harrison 
Franklin Geo. paper box maker, 25 Harrison 
Franklin Hannah, dry goods store, 177 e Lom- 
Franklin Henry, watchmaker and jeweler, 54 

Franklin House, n w cor Howard and Frank- 
lin, G. Lcisenring, proprietor 
Franldin Isaac, pedler, 177 e Lombard 
Franklin Inn, Thomas Jamison prop. 50 Hillen 

Franklin clerk, 130 e Lomliard 

Franklin John, cabinet maker, 58 China al 
Franklin John, bookkeeper, Paca, bet German 

and Lombard 
Franklin John, carpenter, 22 s Paca 
Franklin Joseph & Bro. tobacconists, 275 w 

Franklin Joseph, (J. F. & Bro.) 139 German 
Franklin Joshua, (J. F. & Bro.) 275 w Pratt 
Franklin Margaret, milliner, 73 Lexington 
Franklin Rebecca, 215 s Ann 
Franklin Samuel D. bricklay. 273 e Lombard 
Franklin Street Meth. E. Church, cor Franklin 

and Poppleton 
Franklin Street Pi-esby. Church, cor Franklin 

and Cathedral 
Franklin Square Baptist Church, Calhoun, bet 

Lexington and Saratoga 
Franklin Thos. miller, Cathedral nr Northern 

Franklin Wm. bricklayer, 215 s Ann 
Franklin Wm. engineer, 133 Hollins 
Franks Wm. W. tavern, 114 Dugan's whf, dw 

32 Albemarle 
Fransioli Felix, stencil cutter, s e cor Pratt and 

Frantom John H. laborer, 14 s Durham 
Frantom John H. laborer, 363 e Fayette 
Frantom Nathan A. grocery, 14 Abbot 
Frantom Thomas W. nightman, 254 n Eden 
Frantz Conrad, foundryman, 45 Elliott 
Frantz Charles, shoemaker, 73 Somerset 
Frantz Charles, tailor, 35 Hampstead 
Frantz Giiler, tailor, 162 Stirling 
Frantz John, hair plaiter, 56 s Central av 
Frantz John, shoemaker, 45 Elliott 
Frantz John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Frantz Lewis, tobacconist, 328 Hanover 
Frantz Peter, old iron and rag dealer, 182 

Eastern av 
Frantz Michael, cooper, 168 s Ann 
Franz Andrew, tailor, 206 Stirling 
Franz Charles, shoemaker, 294 Aisquith 
Franz Michael, blanket weaver, 280 Canton aT 
Franz Peter, grocery, 67 Somerset 




Franz Wm. fringe manuf. 242 Chase 

Franz Wm. lace maker, 242 Chase 

Franzke Paul, piano maker, 63 Camden 

Fraser James, machinist, 58 Fawn 

Fraser Walter, watchman, 58 Fawn 

Frasier David, engineer, 211 Barre 

Frauholdz John, paver, 260 e Eager 

Fraylcy John, 119 Chesapeake 

Fray Jacob, box maker, 53 Elbow la 

Fray laborer, 1878 Washington, F.P. 

Fray Saml. jr. fireman, 187 s Washington, F.P. 

Fray Samuel, engineer, 20 Boston 

Frazer Wm. R. grocer, Armitage Hall, 14 n 

Paca, dw 70 Columbia 
Frazier Chas. H. policeman, 70 Bank 
Frazier Chas. omnibus driver, 330 Eastern av 
Frazier Dennis, carter, 127 Albemarle 
Frazier Elizabeth, 41 Dolpiiin 
Frazier Elihu, policeman, 784 w Baltimore 
Frazier Edward H. nut and washer manufac- 
turer, 134 Thames, dw 116 Bank 
Frazier Edward E., officer at Penitentiary, 72 s 

Frazier Frances, 114 Hanover 
Frazier George, mariner, 113 s Dallas 
Frazier Capt. James, president of Fells Point 

Saving Institution, 346 e Baltimore 
Frazier James F. carpenter, and sexton West- 
minster church, 3 Raborg 
Frazier John, old iron dealer, 101 Camden 
Frazier John, confectionery, 301 Franklin 
Frazier John, rope maker, 113 s Dallas 
Frazier Capt. .lohn L. mariner, 281 e Lombard 
Frazier John M. of tobacco warehouse iSo. 3, 

dw 569 Lexington 
Frazier Jos. B. turner, 261 s Bond, dw 108 
Frazier Priscilla, 27 Brune 
Frazier Rebecca, 114 Hanover 
Frazier Samuel R. 784 w Baltimore 
Frazier Samuel R. (Hack & F.) 330 e Pratt 
Frazier Theodore, plasterer, 35 Carlton 
Frazier Wm. fisherman, 184 Burgundy al 
Frazier Wm. H. distributing clerk in post ofl^ce, 

dw 44 n Eden 
Frazier Wm. blacksmith, 81 York 
Freachman Joseph, grocery, 127 Hill 
Freeh John M. tailor, 202 Mulberry 
Frechmann Charles, blacksmith, 256 n Central 

Freck Geo. butcher, Jenkins' la, rear of Green- 
mount cemetery 
Freckman John, coachmaker, 120 Pine 
Freadman Moses, cigar maker, 169 h.astern av 
Frederick Charles, 76 Penna. av 
Frederick Christopher, blacksmith, 110 Penna. 

Frederick Christian, carp, rear of 84 Centre 

market space 
Frederick Christian, tailor, 51 Harrison 
Frederick Ernst, 22 Albemarle- 
Frederick Frederick, shoemr. 178 s Central av 
Frederick Frederick, tailor, 43 Harrison 
Frederick George, bricklayer, 41 Penna. av 
Frederick Henry, clerk, 83 Pine 
Frederick John, 15 Armistead la 
Frederick John M. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick John L. clerk, 181 n Paca 
Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper, 110 Frank- 
lin, dw 181 n Paca 
Frederick Lebrzht, shoemaker, 11 Hill 
Frederick Lloyd, carpenter, 195 Fremont 
Frederick Mary, grocery, 76 Penna. av 
Frederick Michael, locksmith, 65 Park 

Frederick Michael, cabinet maker, 206 s Ann 
Frederick Peter, cabinet maker, 10 Harford av 
Frederick Robert, cabinet maker and under- 
taker, 146 e Monument 
Frederick Thomas, machinist, 98 s Carey 
Frederick Wm. 253 Orleans 
Frederick Wm. shoemaker, 20 s Spring 
Frederick Wm. clerk, 187 w Pratt 
Frederick Wm. cooper, 33 Mosher 
Free Henry, laborer, 7 Greenmount av 
Free Milton A. G. plumber, 551 w Fayette, 

dw 136 s Greene 
Free John, cooper, 136 s Greene 
Free Milton, cooper, 136 s Greene 
Free Wm. shoemaker, 27 Morris al 
Freeberger Andrew J. machinist, 294 s Sharp 
Freeberger Geo. A. proprietor Carroll house, 
Hollingsworth, and 1 Grant, dw 201 Con- 
Freeberger Geo. W, policeman, 474 Canton av 
Freeberger H. G. bailiflf Court of Common 

Pleas, 18 Armistead lane 
Freeberger Peter, bricklayer, 19 Sterrett 
Freeburg Andrew, tanner, 318 Forrest 
Freeburger Andrew, huckster, 203 Conway 
Freeburger Andrew, fish dealer, 39 Clifford al 
Freeburger Kliza, 249 Light 
Freeburger Francis, last maker, 152 n Front 
Freeburger Geo. rear of 12 Light 
Freeburger Jacob H. huckster, 203 Conway 
Freeburger James M. bricklayer, 80 s Carey 
Freeburger John, tin roofer, 527 w Lombard 
Freeburger Wm. tinner, 14 Sterrett 
Freedy John H. carpenter, 493 Light 
Freeland Edward H. bookkeeper, 223 w Lom- 
Freeland F. Adams house 
FREELAND & HALL, grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, 143 w Pratt 
Freeland Orilla, dress maker, 92 Lexington 
Freeland Robt. (Thos. 1. Hall & Co.) n w cor 

St. Paul and Pleasant 
Freeland Thos. H. (F. & Hall,) 233 w Lom- 
Freeman Caroline, seamstress, 111 s Bond 
Freeman Charles, rigger, 27 Eastern av 
Freeman Edward, attorney at law, 325 Lex- 
Freeman James, carpenter, 128 Conway 
Freeman John, bookkeeper. Union place, w 

Freeman James, carpenter. Cider al. dw 128 

Freeman James, carpenter, 7 Watson's ct 
Freeman John, bookseller, 450 w Baltimore 
Freeman John T. policeman, 821 w Baltimore 
Freeman Levin, carpenter, 197 e Monument 
Freeman Samuel, clothier, 346 w Pratt 
Freeman Saml. B. tobacconist, 188 w Madison 
Freeman Rev. Thomas, Md. Tract Missionary, 

450 w Baltimore 
Freeman Wm. P. block aud pump maker, J 6 

Thames, dw 70 s Eden 
FREEMAN, weekly paper, office 3 Jarvis 
buildings. North, Wm. D. Hughes, prop'r 
Fr(-er Wm. wharfinger, 309 e Lombard 
Freese Henry, mariner, 8 Barnes 
Freese J. H. shoemaker, 32 e Fayette 

Frefel cigar maker, 55 Centre Market 

Freidel George, tavern, 187 s Sharp 
Freidein-ich Abraham, (Springer, F. & Co.) 
68 n Eutaw 




Freidenrich Aaron, 22 Albemarle 
Freidenrich F. (Springer, F. & Co.) 139 

Freidenrich Leon, shirt and collar manufac- 
turer, over 332 w Baltimore, dw 22 Albemarle 
Freidhooffer Mary, 258 Light 
Freidman Albert, shoemaker, 26 Sarah Ann 
Freinscht George, milkman, 593 Penna. av 
Freinscht George, jr., 593 Penna. av 
Freis Jacob, cooper, 217 Eastern av 
Freis John, tailor, 185 s Caroline 
Freis X. hatter, 65 Centre Market space 
Freise Dr. Bernard, 220 Aliceanna 
Freishman Bernard , liquor merchant, Howard 

n of Pratt, dw 40 Columbia 
Freitag Ferdinand, restaurant, 24 Centre 

Market space 
Freitag Louis, cigar maker, 71 Hanover 
Freitsegus George, cabinet maker, 28 n Dal- 
Freiwaldt Conrad, carpenter, 187 s Chapel 
French Alexander F. 251 e Madison 
French Andrew J. plasterer, 108 n Eden 
French Charles, tailor, 63 n Exeter 
French Charles, tailor, 258 Hanover 
French Dominic, painter, 51 e Madison 
French Darius, ship carpenter, 18 Jackson 
French Dominic, painter, 104 n Eden 
French Edward, laborer, 319 n Howard 
French George, plasterer, Monument between 

Bond and Broadway 
French George, milkman, 591 Penna. av 
French George W. huckster 317 e Monu- 
French George W. plasterer, 51 e Madison 
French Jasper, laborer, 13 Regester 
French John C. 31 South 
French John, shoemaker, 52 L. Church 
French John, laborer, 288 Canton av 
French John, plasterer, 51 e Madison 
French Joseph J. brass finisher, 234 s Sharp 
French Martin Van Buren, butcher, 51 e Mad- 
French Richard, boot fitter, 12 Anthony's ct 
French Samuel, umbrella and parasol maker, 

31 South 
French Wm. butcher, 51 e Madison 
French Wm. jr. plasterer, 51 e Madison 
French Wm. shoemaker, 14 Anthony's ct 
French Wm. music engraver, n w cor Second 

and Tripolett's al 
French Wm. plasterer, 70 Chew 
French Warren (Gerrish & F.) 33 n Calvert 
Frenyer George, brewer, 146 Penna. av 
Frese John F. tobacconist, 32 Orleans 
Frese J. Henry, shoemaker, 32 e Fayette 
Freshour Wm. H. clerk, 438 w Fayette 
Fretch Jacob, shoemaker, 235 e Lombard 
Freund Henry J. shoemaker, 491 Saratoga 
Freimd Mathias, blacksmith, 433 Canton av 
Freuwalt George, carter, 16 Potomac 
Frew John, hostler, 123 Dover 
Frcy Mrs. Belinda, 128 Barre 
Frey Charles, teacher, 51 n Gay 
Frey C. S. & Co. manufacturer.s of husk mat- 
tresses, 7 Greenmountav. and 41 n Gay, dw 
C. F. S., 9 Greenmount av 
Frey Charles, baker, 303 n Eutaw 
FREY K. & S. wholesale druggists, 314 w 

Baltimore, dw 75 n Paca 
Frey George H. laborer, 89 McElderry's whf 
Frey Gotleib, milkman, 221 s Eutaw 
Frey Henry, machinist, 17 Conway 

Frey James L. (C. S. F. & Co.) 9 Green- 
mount av 
Frey Jacob R. fireman B. & O. R. R., 23 s 

Frey Jacob K. engineer, 11 Greenmount av 
Frey Jacob, tailor, 11 Spring ct 
Frey Jacob, stove dealer, 271 s Sharp 
Frey John J. upholsterer, 182 e Monument 
Frey John B. mattress maker, 11 Green- 
mount av 
Frey Peter, cabinet maker, 91 Eastern av 
Frey Susan, 75 n Paca 
Freyer Charles, tailor, 158 Stirling 
Frhay John, carter, 43 Rose 
Friar Jacob, rag dealer, 59 Short 
Frick Dr. Charles, 103 Park 
Frick E. A. (Kneller & F.) 93^ n Eutaw 
Frick Frank, (Warwick, F. & Ball,) 132 n 

Frick George P. (Shaw, F. & Co.) n w cor 

Grundy and Mosher 
Frick James, clerk, 132 n Charles 
Frick John, vinegar maker, 116 n Fremont 
Frick Wm. F. attorney, 82 w Fayette, dw 61 

Frick Wm. navy officer, 132 n Charles 
Frick Mrs. Wm. 132 n Charles 
Fricke Frederick, 30 Edward 
Fricke Henry, cigar maker, 175 Franklin 
Fricker Henry, tailor, 45 Fountain 
Fricker John, gilder, 74 Harford av 
Friday Frederick, cigar manuf. 64 s Ann 
Friebertshausen Herman, porter, 31 Mosher 
Fried Henry, clothier, 88 Harrison 
Fried Lewis, shoemaker, 6 Contri' Market sp 
Fried Michael, laborer, 512 Peinia. av 
Friedberger Wolf, grocery and liquor store, 

32 s Paca 
Friedburger Lawrence, second hand furniture 

dealer, 47 Penna av 
Friedel Conrad, cutter, nwcor Park and Lex- 
Friedel Frederick, shoemaker, 29 Hampstead 
Friedel George, laborer, 25 s Central av 
Friedel John C. shoemaker, 67 n Gay 
Friedel Peter, tobacconist, 84 Pearl 
Friedenrich F. 139 Saratoga 
Friedenwald Aaron, clerk, 111 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald Isaac, clerk. 111 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald Jonas, clerk, llle Baltimore 
Friedenwald Joseph, (Wiesenfeld & Co.) 16 

Friedenwald Moses, clerk. 111 e Baltimore 
Friederich John, watchmaker and jeweler, 182 

e Baltimore 
Friedheim Arnold, clerk, 22 s Exeter 
Friedhoffer Dr. John G. 79 n Central av 
FriedofT Henry, laborer, 402 Canton av 
Friodlein Robert, saddler, 83 Lexington 
Friedlander Leo, clerk, 111 e Baltimore 
Friedman Louis, (May Bro.& Co.) 23s Sharp 
Friedrich Christopher, tailor, 75 Mullikin 
Friedrich Michael, locksmith, 65 Park 
Freinsheim Charles, goldsmith, 153 w Madison 
Friedrich Peter, junk dealer, 275 Aliceanna 
FriedmannMenka, clothier, 160 w Pratt, dw 241 
Frieman Samuel, clothing dealer, 346 w Pratt 
Frier Henry, shoemaker, 7 Harmony la 
Frien John, laborer, 360 Canton av 
Friend Alfred, (Friend, Ricketts & Co.) 42 

Friend Henry, machinist, 86 n Schroeder 
Friend John, locksmith, 43 Pearl 




Friend John, painter, 75 Eastern av 
FRIEND, RICKETTS & CO. wholesale deal- 
ers in foreign fruits, 53 w Lombard 
Friends' Meeting House, (Eastern district,) 

n e cor Aisquith and Fayette 
Friends' Meeting House, (Western district,) 

Lombard e of Eutaw 
Friends' Meeting House, (Orthodox,) cor 

Conrtland and Saratoga 
Friess John A. tavern, 98 Thames 
Fries Francis T. L. tailor, 66 s High 
Fries Joanna, 68 Camden 
Friese Chas. tanner and currier, 217 Canton av 
Friese G. D. 34 Marion 

Friese John, manuf. cutlery, surgical and den- 
tal instruments, &c., 34 Marion 
Friese Philip C. attorney, 143^ Mansion house, 
Fayette, dw 294 n Howard 

Friese ' cooper, 241 s Sharp 

Frietag Wm. tailor, 183 s Chapel 

Fringer Nicholas, butcher, 574 Penna. av 

Frisby Andrew, furniture wagoner, 133 Chew 

Frisby Bridget, 207 Preston 

Frisby Catherine, 122 Goiigh 

Frisby Mary A. 60 n Broadway 

Frish John W. soap and candle dealer, 46 

Greenmount av 
Frish John, 116 n Fremont 
Frissel Bernhardt, 247 s Ann 
Frist John, coachmakrer, Marion near Eutaw, 

dw 8 s Pine 
Fritch Charles, provision deal, s w cor Wolfe 

and Canton av 
Fritch Joseph, laborer, 184 s Bond 
Fritchner Charles, tailor, 76 Leadenhall 
Frittman Hess, 213 Aliceanna 
Fritz Ambrose, lottery vender, 327 Canton av 
Fritz Andrew, laborer, 149 Johnson 
Fritz Catherine, 101 Penna. av 
Fritz Conrad, glass blower, 301 s Bond 
Fritz Charles, butcher, 323 Canton av 
Frit^ Henry, blacksmith. West al nr Stirling 
FRITZ HENRY, lager beer saloon, Bel Air av. 

dw 266 Aisquith 
Fritz Henry, confectioner, 266 Aisquith 
Fritz John, cabinet maker, 301 s Bond 
Fritz John, laborer, 384 Penna. av 
Fritz John, glass blower, 10 Henry 
Fritz Laurence, cabinet maker, 197 s Sharp 
Fritz Leonard, undertaker, 324 Canton av 
Fritz Valentine, barrel trader, 17 China al 
Fritz Wm. T. bricklayer, 253 e Lombard 
Fritze Michael, blacksmith, 205 Ensor 
Fritzegeis Frederick, laborer, 44 s Regester 
Fritzner George, tailor, 37 n Central av 
Frizell Mrs. A. 118 Hoffman 
Frizell Robert J. stone cutter, 118 Hoffman 
Frizzell Rebecca, grocery and feed store, 525 

w Baltimore 
Frizzell Richard T. tobacconist, n e cor Balti- 
more and Fremont, dw 570 w Baltimore 
Frobisch Joseph, stocking weaver, 42 Chesnut 
Froelich Moses, tailor, 51 s Spring 
Froelich Volster, tailor, 215 Durham 
Froehlich George, cabt. maker, 339 Canton av 
Froehlinger Nicholas, crockery and glass deal- 
er, 197 s Broadway 
Froedder Wm. tanner, 18 Eastern av 
Frohwilter Chas. cabinet maker, 210 Hanover 
Fromm Joseph, milkman, Jenkins' la., rear 

Greenmount cemetery 
Fromm Wm. 36 Harrison 
Fromme Fred. W. lithographer, 96 e Lombard ] 

Front Street Theatre, cor Front and Low 
Frontz Jacob, butcher, foot of Howard 
Frost A. A. (F. & Jones,) 140 n Gay 
Frost Geo. brickmaker, 89 Moore al 
Frost John W. painter, 402 Lexington 
FROST& JONES, hatand cap manufacturers, 

140 n Gay, and dealers in clothing, boots 

and shoes, 124 w Pratt 
Frost Wm. prop'r. High street hotel, 4 s High 
Frush Catharine, confectionery, 117 McElder- 

ry's wharf 
Frush Charles, 292 Madison av 
Frush Ferdinand, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Jacob, laborer, 13 Barnes 
Frush Jacob, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Luther M. grocer, 576 Penna. av. dw 

292 Madison av. 
FRUSH & SNYDER, produce dealers, 95 

Frush Wm. W. (F. & Snyder,) 348 n Eutaw 
Frush Wm. grocer and produce dealer, 576 

Penna. av., dw 292 Madison av 
Fry Gauntlet, (Wm. H. Fowler «fe Co.) 64 s 

Fry George, glass blower, 53 L. Church 
Fry George, engineer, 154 Hollins 
Fry George, barber, 58 Mulberry 
Fry Jacob, fireman, 154 Hollins 
Fry Jacob, tailor, 11 Spring ct 
Fry John, inspector at Custom house 
Fry Capt. John H. mariner, 23 s Ann 
Fry Joseph, teamster, Frederick road near first 

toll gate 
Fry Joseph A. Calverton rdnear Frederick av 
Fry Wm. 54 Holland 
Frye Anton, cooper, 243 s Sharp 
Frye Joseph, (Thurston & F.) Maltby house 
Fryer Andrew, shoemaker, 67 Bethel 
Fryer Elijah S. gilder. Lovely la e of Calvert, 

dw 34 w Pratt 
FRYER JAMES, looking glass manuf. 31 s 

Calvert, dw 325 e Pratt 
Fryer Patrick, shoemaker, 183 e Lombard 
Fryer Thomas, grocer, 77 Watson 
Fryfogel Mary McD. 76 Ross 
Fuchenberger, George, laborer, 45 Eastern av 
Fuchenberger, John A. ship carpenter, 45 

Eastern av 
Fuchs Aloes, tailor, 242 e Eager 
Fuchslucher Jacob, tailor, 259 s Bond 
Fuelling Henry, shoemaker, 248 s Sharp 
Fugitt George T. painter, 108 Jefferson 
Fuhl Michael, butcher, n e cor Constitution 

and Monument 
Fuhr Adam, laborer, 23 n Schroeder 
Fuhr Michael, tailor, 127 w Lombard 
Fuhr Peter, laborer, 196 Canton av 
Fuhrhop John, shoemaker, 11 n Dallas 
Fuld Abraham, stove dealer, 74 Orleans 
Fuld Ephraim, dealer in furniture, 78Mullikin 
Fuld Isaac, tobacconist, 6 Ensor 
Fuld John, shoemaker, 38 w Pratt, dw 62 

Centre Market space 
Fuld lyawrence, rag dealer, 43 Short 
Fuld Philip, rag and iron dealer, 232 Eastern av 
Fuld Samuel, huckster, 146 Chestnut 
Fulda Bernard S. dry goods dealer, 64 s Ann 
Fulda Frank, shoemaker, 81 Henrietta 
Fulda Hugo, clothing cutter, 26 Spring 
Fulford John R. clerk, 1 s Caroline 
Fuldmann Frederick, carpenter, 298 Aliceanna 
Fulford Mary, 82 St. Paul 
Fulkmouth Casper, carter, 117 Eastern av 




Full John Henry, rigger, 212 s Wolfe 
Fullam Francis, laborer, 41 n Amity 
Fullancanip John H. grocery, 38 Portland 
Fuller Andrew, tailor, 67 Centre Market space 
Fuller Mrs. A. R. 91 s Broadway 
Fuller Benj. G. plumber, 179 Chesnut 
Fuller Chas. F. house carp, rear of 95 w Balti- 
more, dw Exeter near Low 
Fuller Chas. E. clerk, 5 L. Gough 
Fuller Mrs. Eleanor, 179 Chesnut 
Fuller Geo. F. upholsterer, 179 Chesnut 
Fuller Henry C. mate steamship, 71 Barre 
Fuller James, miller, 73 Grundy 
Fuller Jacob, ship carpenter, 86 Luzerne 
Fuller John B. H. express wagon. 17 Grundy 
Fuller John H. clerk, 17 Grundy 
Fuller John H. plumber, 271 e Lombard 
Fuller Capt. Josiah, 130 s Broadway 
Fuller Joseph, machinist, 119 n Bond 
Fuller Joseph, porter, 188 German 
Fuller Joshua K. 17 Grundy 
Fuller Lewis O. clerk, 219 Saratoga 
Fuller Philip, wheelwright and blacksmith, 12 

East Falls av, dw 107 s Exeter 
Fuller Robert H. carpenter, 17 Grundy 
Fuller Rev. Dr. Richard, 97 Park 
Fuller VVm. city auditor, 219 Saratoga 
Fullerton Geo. dry goods and groceries, 106 

Fullerton Robert B. (Wroth & F.) n Calvert, 

near Pleasant 
Fullerton Rosanna, 4 St. Mary's ct 
Fullerton Thomas S. ("Wroth & F.) Howard 

Fullerton Tliomas D. clerk, 30 s Paca 
Fullinger Nicholas, currier, 196 s Central av 
Fulmer Thomas, confect'r, 263 e Lombard 
Fulradt John, shoemaker, 228 Aliceanna 
Fulton Albert K. reporter American, 44 e Fay- 
Fulton Alex, telegraph agent. Church home, 

Broadway betw Baltimore and Fayette 
Fulton Chas. C. (Dobbin & F.) 44 e Fayette 
Fulton Charles, clerk, 393 Lexington 
Fulton Charles, clerk, 23 s Eutaw 
Fulton David C. (Jessop & F.) 299 w Fayette 
Fulton Edington, editor Baltimore American, 

37 Fawn 
Fulton Fire Insurance Company of New York, 

1 North, George Carey agent 
Fulton Henry, bookkeeper, 105 Gough 
Fulton Henry K. 47 German 
Fulton House, 34 w Pratt,Geo.W. Buck, prop. 
Fulton James, (Brooks, F. & Co.) 322 Lex- 
Fulton James, tobacconist, 28 Ross 
Fulton James, cigar maker, 28 Ross, dw 36 

Fulton John, horse shoer, 141 n Eutaw 
Fulton John, grocer, 141 n Eutaw 
Fulton John B. H. 176 Preston 
FULTON DR. RUBERT, 53 s Sharp, dw 47 

Fulton Robert, 393 Lexington 
Fulton Susan, grocery, 141 n Eutaw 
Fundrom John, laborer, 75 Somerset 
Funk Augustus, barber, 92 n Calvert 
Funk Charles, laborer, 201 s Bethel 
Funk F. H. grocery, 182 Aliceanna 
Funk George, gardener, 32 Burke 
Funk Henry, cabinet maker, 19 Mott 
Funk Henry, carpenter, 22 New Church 
Funk John, 76 North 

Funk Rudolph, baker, 445 w Lombard 
Funk Wm. cabinet maker, 22 New Church 
Funk Wm. carpenter, 45 n Gilmor 
Funkman Wm. shoemaker, 33 Penn 
Furguson Ann, 66 n Broadway 
Furey Jackson N. laborer, 93 Boyd 
Furlong Elizabeth, 55 McHenry 
Furlong Elizabeth, 346 Franklin * 

Furlong Rev. Henry, 279 e Baltimore 
Furlong John, bookkeeper, 124 v/ Biddle 
Furlong John, 63 German 
Furlong John, laborer, 104 s Dallas 
Furlong John, 23 Barre 
Furlong John, laborer, 651 Light 
Furlong John, laborer, 94 Harford av 
Furlong Mary A. dry goods dealer, 27 e Bal- 
Furlong Richard, 4 Petticoat al 
Furlong Sarah A. H. 67 Lee 
Furlong Thomas, laborer, 294 s Wolfe 
Furlong W. G. clerk, 27 e Baltimore 
Furney Andrew J. stone cutter, 186 e Madison 
Furney .lohn S. boiler maker, 310 n Eutaw 
Furry Wm. H. furniture wagoner, 76 Jasper 
Furscht John, laborer, 223 s Wolfe 
Furscht John, shoemaker, 223 s Wolfe 
Furst Joseph, carpenter, 119 Ross 
Fushman John, tanner, 54 Raborg 
Fusleur Jacob, tailor, 103 Chapel 
Fuss Foster, laborer, 155 e Lombard 
Fuss Francis J. 3 Smith 
Fuss John, watchman, 131 Peirce 
Fuss Wm. locksmith, 12 Callendar 
Fusselbaugh John S. letter carrier, s e cor Cen- 
tral av and Chase 
Fusselbaugh Robert G. clerk, 168 n Gay 
Fusselbaugh Wm. H. B. dealer in oils, paints, 

paper hangings, &c. 168 n Gay 
Fusselbaugh Margaret A. & Mary, teachers, 

168 n Gay 
Fussell Clarissa, teacher, 25 Pleasant 
FUSSELL J. & CO. ice cream and country 
produce deals. Saratoga building, Saratoga, 
near Calvert 
Futter Jacob, laborer, 39 n Schroeder 


Gabatz Adam, well digger, 271 Canton av 
Gabatz Ferdinand, marnier, 271 Canton av 
Gabatz Martin, mariner, 271 Canton av 
Gabe Lcinhardt, blacksmith, 78 Leadenhall 
Gabe Michael, laborer, 95 s Regester 
Gabell Jacob, baker, 12 Sterrett 
Gaber Andrew, rear of Johnson, near Cross 
Gable Benj. J. plasterer, 376 n Gay 
Gable Caroline, 132 n Caroline 
Gable Conrad, machinist, 177 King 
Gable Henry, 376 n Gay 
Gable John, tailor, 34 n Dallas 
Gable Mrs. John, 94 w Monument 
Gable Paul, butcher, 30 Gist 
Gable Paul, butcher, 38 Henrietta 
Gabrio Henry, tailor, 47 Harrison 
GADDESS ALEXANDER, prop, steam mar- 
ble works, corner Sharp and German and 25 
German, dw 13 s Liberty 
Gaddess Alexander, jr. artist, 288 Mulberry 
Gaddess Charles W. marble cutter, 13 s Liberty 
Gaddess Sarah, dry goods dealer, 100 William 
Gaddess Thomas A . plane maker, 245 Mulberry 
Gaddess Thomas S. marble cutter, 54 s Sharp 
Gaddess Virginius, marble cutter, 13 s Liberty 


140 • 


Gade Frederick, carver, 112 n Spring 
Gade John, lace weaver, 114 e Fayette 
Gaderland John, baker, 90 s Wolfe 
Gado Michael, basket maker, 26 s Eutaw 
Gaedt Philip, shoemaker, 63 North 
Gaeilrick Conrad, plumber, 173 Aliceanna 
Gaehle Dora, 346 Lexington 
GAEHLE HENRY, piano mamif. n e corEu- 
taw and Fayette, and 17, 19 and 21 n Eutaw. 
[See p. 47 Jldvertisements] 
Gaehle Henry, piano maker, 100 Pearl 
Gaehle Henry, piano maker, 58 Walsh 
Gaehle Lewis, piano varnisher, 167 Carpen- 
ter al 
Gaehle Thomas, cigar maker, 15 Townsend 
Gaehle Wm. piano maker, 311 Mulberry 
Gaehle Lewis, jr. piano maker, ne cor Fayette 

and Eutaw 
Gaery Wm. carpenter, 29 Walnut al 
Gaester Joseph , shoemaker, 32 Jasper 
Gaffey John, laborer, Jenkins la, rear Green- 
mount cemetery 
Gaffney Edward, huckster, 52 China al 
Gaffney James, laborer, 107 Garden 
Gaffney Thomas, tailor, 16 Neighbor 
Gafford Samuel D. boot fitter, 28 Scott 
Gaffy Michael, caulker, 8 Haw 
Gagan John, laborer, 20 Morris al 
Gagan Patrick, laborer, 87 McElderry's whf. 
Gagel Andrew, mead manuf. 213 Eastern av 
Gage W. L. clerk, 70 s Bond 
Gagens John, messenger Adams Express Co. 

968 w Baltimore 
Gager Capt. Edwin V. mariner, 103 s High 
Gahaga John, laborer, 20 Morris al 
Gahagan Thomas, cellar digger, 146 Cathedral 
Gahahan Mary, 2 Rose 

Gahan John, wagoner, s e cor Pratt & Emory 
Gahan Peter, boot and shoe store, 88^^ w Bal- 
timore, dw 133 Henrietta 
Gahan Patrick, bootmaker, 133 Henrietta 
Gabon John B. currier, 363 s Charles 
Gaiger Michael, cabinet mak. 297 n Central av 
Gaigley John, butcher, 64 n Oregon 
Gail Emil, turner, 215 Hanover 
GAIL G. W. & AX. tobacco manufacturers, 

28 Barre. — [See p. 55 ^Advertisements. \ 
Gail Geo. shoemaker, 15 New Church 
Gail Geo. W. (G. W. G.&Ax,) 122 Hanover 
Gainer John, 252 e Baltimore 
Gciines Henry, ladies shoemaker, 19 s Eutaw 
Gaines M. dressmaker, 19 s Eutaw 
Gaither Fletcher, watchman, 123 e Madison 
Gaither Geo. R. merchant, 20 German, dw 38 

Gaither Greenbury, harness mak. 89 n Calvert 
Gaither R. D. Howard house 
Gaither Samuel, of B. & O. R R., 96 s Sharp 
Gaither Thomas B. silversmith, 92 e Fayette 
Galbreth Samuel, watchman Savings liank of 

Baltimore, 340 e Lombard 
Galbreith Clinton, 13 s Howard 
GALE &■ COLTOiV, commis. merchants, over 

94 Light-st wharf 
Gale Miss E. H. 168 Preston 
Gale Frank, 50 n Paca 
Gale George, U. S. measurer, Custom house, 

dw 37 n Gay 
Gale Henry L. coal agent, n w cor Park and 

Fayette, dw 168 Garden 
Gale Joseph H. bookkeeper, 46 s Caroline 
Gale Levin, attorney at law, 34 St. Paul, dw 
48 Bolton 

Gale Robert W. (G. & Colton,) 45 Columbia 
Gale S. C. 44 Lexington 
Gale Thomas, teacher, 39,1^ Courtland 
Galen Noah, blacksmith, 650 w Pratt 
Gabon Andrew, shoemaker, 62 s Central av 

shoemaker, 112 n Eutaw, dw 82 Ross. — [See 

page 52 Advertisements.] 
Gallagher Andrew, laborer, 54 Cooksie, L. P. 
Gallagher Ann, seamstress, 7 Spring ct 
Gallagher Arthur, drayman, 45 s Frederick 
Gallagher Barney, laborer, 331 n Howard 
Gallagher Dr. Charles R. 116 St. Paul 
Gallagher Crawford, lumber dealer, 271 w 

Gallagher Catherine, 183 n Eutaw 
Gallagher Edward, stone cutter, over s w cor 

Pine and Josephine 
GALLAGHER F. H., mercantile college, over 

207 and 209 w Baltimore, dw 28 Pine.— [See 

p. 51 Jldvertisements.] 
Gallagher Francis T. carpenter, 1 Orange al, 

dw Monument near Ensor 
Gallagher Francis P, clerk post office, 171 n 

Gallagher Francis, laborer, 24 Lemmon 
Gallagher Francis, attorney at law, 32 St. Paul 
Gallagher Grace, 53 North 
Gallagher H. L. clerk, 28 n Pine 
Gallagher James, coachman, 21 Richmond 
Gallagher James, carpenter, 121 Saratoga 
Gallagher James, carpenter, 131 e Monument 
Gallagher James J. carpenter, 259 s Sharp 
Gallagher James, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher James, laborer, 32 Jew al, O. T. 
Gallagher Jane, 90 Chesnut 
Gallagher John, stone cutter, n wcor Buren & 

Gallagher John, blacksmith, 498 Penna. av 
Gallagher John, carpenter, 85 n Schroeder 
Gallagher Lesley, bookkeeper, 8 w Lombard 
Gallagher Mary, 42 Clay 
Gallagher Mary, nurse, 77 Camden 
Gallagher Michael, grocery and liquor dealer, 

n e cor Exeter and French 
Gallagher Michael, carpenter, 81 n Paca, dw 

26 Orchard 
Gallagher Michael, laborer, 30 President 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, 9 Rock 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 36 Clifford 
Gallagher Patrick, hackman, 217 e Pratt 
Gallagher Patrick, machinist, 267 s Charles 
Gallagher Patrick, stone cutter, 359 e Eager 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 331 n Howard 
Gallagher Philip, tailor, 17 n Schroeder 
Gallagher Rose, soap dealer, rear of 159 East 
Gallagher Samuel, laborer, Jackson's ct 
Gallagher Mrs. S. dressmaker, 4 St. Mary 
GALLAGHER THOMAS, ladies and gents. 

boot and shoe manufactun'r, s w cor Paca 

and Saratoga. — [See page 53 Advertisements.] 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, 60 Cooksie, L. P. 
Gallagher Wm. laborer, 63 Boyd 
Gallaher S. G. R. (Dean, Crabbc & Co.) 

49 Lexington 
Gallaugher John, stone mason, 47 n Oregon 
Gallaway Augusta, 99 w j-iiddle 
Gallaway Edward, machinist, 94 s Charles 
Gallaway Goldsmith, painter, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Greenbury, sailmaker, 123 s Edcu 
Gallaway Jesse, iron finisher, 51 Scott 
Gallaway Mary, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Wm. clerk, 99 w Biddle 




Gallaway Wm. engineer B. & O. R. R., 138 

Gallissaire John, porter, 117 Saratoga 
Gallissaire M. dressmaker, 117 Saratoga 
Galloway Jas. gardener, cor Dolphin and Ross 
Galloway John, shoemaker, 79 n Bond 
Galloway Margaret, 660 w Pratt 
Galloway Robert H. restaurant, n e cor Har- 
rison and Fayette 
Galloway Thomas, carpenter, 6 Brune 
Galloway Wm. bricklayer, 103 McElderry 
Gallup John F. varnisher, 200 e Fayette 
Gallup John W. carpenter, 200 e Fayette 
Gallup Joseph, varnisher, 200 e Fayette 
GALSTER FREDERICK, merchant tailor, 

20 Harrison 
Gait Dr. John M. 146 e Pratt 
Gait Thomson, grocer, 357 n Gay 
Gait Capt. Washington, mariner, 112 e Pratt 
Galwine James, carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Gambel Thomas B. officer at Calvert station, 

dw 154 Eager 
Gamble Geo. iron finisher, 186 McHenry 
Gainble Jane, variety store, s w cor Caroline 

and Fayette, dw 209 e Fayette 
Gambell Robert P. carpenter, 255 Forrest 
Gamble James P. grocery, 288 e Madison 
Gamble James, horse dealer, 273 e Madison 
Gamble Mrs. Mary, tavern, 186 McHenry 
Gamble Stephen R. 186 McHenry 
Gambrall George, coach painter, 32 Harford av 
Gambrall Theodore C. 32 Harford av 
Gambrall Eliza, 32 Harford av 
Gambrell James, shoemaker, 113 s Ann 
Gambrill Augustin, clerk, 165 German 
Gambrill Charles A. miller, 32 Commerce, dw 

191 w Fayette 
Gambrill H. M.(Wm. E. Hooper & Co.) Bal- 
timore Co 
Gambrill John W. trunk maker, 102 Pine 
Gambrill Nicholas, mariner, 85 Lancaster 
Gambrill Thomas, grocery, 162 Pine 
Gambrill Wm. confectionery, 434 Penna. av 
Gamelich George, 40 Block 
Gamer Jacob, tailor, Jackson's ct 
Gammerod Christian, tailor, 54 Portland 
Gammie George, butcher, 200 Harford av 
Gammie Jann'S, carpenter, 200 Harford av 
Gammon Wm. sawyer, 2 Wills 
Gangwere And'w M. cigar maker, 207 n Eutaw 
Gangwere Edward, printer, 197 n Eutaw 
Gajily Michael, laborer, n w cor Caroline and 

Canton av 
Ganner Joseph, drayman, 139 Johnson 
Gannon Barney, laborer, 7 Fish Market space 
Gannon Micha(.-1, laborer, 23 n Amity 
Gannon Thomas, laborer, 48 Beam's la 
Gansmiller Barnard, paver, 311 Canton av 
Gauss Mrs. Jennie, milliner, 275 n Gay 
Ganss Herman, salesman, 275 n Gay 
Ganster Peter, clothing cutter, 125 Castle al 
Gant John, bricklayer, Lexington extended, 

near Calvertou 
G^ntt Mary, 60 n Poppleton 
Gantt Martin Van Buren, daguerreotypist, 60 

n Poppleton 
Gantz Abram, tailor, 241 w Pratt 
Ganzer John, drover, Frederick road nr Snake 

Gapetz P. shoemaker. Dolphin near Bolton 
Garber George, bootfitter, 27 Harrison 
Garber Henry S. (J. Hyland & Co.) 22 Con- 

Garber Uriah, shoemaker, 151 Hollins 
Garbey Bridget, 5 Camden la 
Garbey Thomas, gilder, 5 Camden la 
Garcin Raymond, 90 e Pratt 
Garden James M. clerk, dw Ilarnum's hotel 
Gardener J. M. Maltby house 
Gardiner Mrs. Eliza C. Lanvale la near Green- 
mount Cemetery 
Gardiner Isaac, sailmaker, 106 s Eden 
Gardiner James, sailmaker, 106 s Eden 
Gardiner John T. house and sign painter, 99 

w Baltimore, dw 222 Chosnut 
Gardiner Peter, laborer, 199 Eastern av 
GARDINER ROBKRT, dealer in old iron, n 
e cor Hillen and Chesnut, dw 203 n Exeter 
Gardiner Stephen, mariner, 170 e Fayette 
Gardner Andrew J. clerk, 217 Mulberry 
Gardner Alfred S. cooper, 301 w Lombard 
Gardner Alderson, messenger at Custom 

liouse, dw 122 Cross 
Gardner B. F. (Taylor & G.) 96 n Eutaw 
Gardner Charles, tmner, 185 s Caroline 
Gardner Charles E. cashier, 236 e Baltimore 
Gardner Christopher, confectioner, 311 w Pratt 
Gardner Daniel, fisherman, 7 L. Gough 
Gardner Eliza A. (Lewis J. Watkins & Co.) 

220 w Pratt 
Gardner Eliza A. fancy store, 29 e Baltimore 
Gardner Elias N. flour and grocery dealer, 107 

Franklin, dw Western hotel 
Gardner Ephraim, oak cooper, 13 Commerce, 

dw 301 w Lombard 
Gardner F. & P. grocers, 188 Pearl 
Gardner Frederick, laborer, 20 Fountain 
GARDNER FRANCIS, lager beer saloon, 8 

n High 
Gardner George W. tinner, 217 Mulberry 
Gardner Geo. jr. clerk. Fell's Point Savings 

Institution, 159 s Broadway 
Gardner George T. driver of city passenger 

railway, 201 Preston 
Gardner George F. carpenter, 188 n Eden 
Gardner George, omnibus driver, 201 Preston 
Gardner George, ship carpenter, 248 Bank 
Gardner Henrietta B. shoebinder, 105 Lee 
Gardner Henry, foundryman, 196 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Gardner Isaiah, 175 s Charles 
Gardner James, (G. & Matthews,) 19 Penn 
Gardner James C. bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road, near city limits 
Gardner James, shoemaker, 241 n Eden 
Gardner James F. shoemaker, 124 Lexington, 

dw Fayette betw. Liberty and Charles 
Gardner James, mariner, 16 Henrietta 
Gardner James ship carpenter, 248 Bank 
Gardner James, iron finisher, rear of Oak near 

Gardner John T. painter, rear of 99 w Balti- 
more, dw 222 Chesnut 
Gardner John, laborer, 7 L. Gough 
Gardner John, laborer, 3 Patapsco 
Gardner John, 16 East 
Gardner John, laborer, 197 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Gardner John M. painter, cor Fayette and 

Holiday, dw 73 North 
Gardner Joseph, moulder, 33 Plum 
Gardner Lovelace N. clerk, 93 n Paca 
Gardner Capt. Levin, 52 e Fayette 
Gardner Margaret, confectionery, 278 e Mon- 
Gardner Mary E. 74 George 




Gardner Marinda, 188 n Caroline 
GARDNER & IVIATHEWS, carpenters, 179 

w Lomhard 
Gardner Philip, (F. & P. G.) 188 Pearl 
Gardner Richard F. tailor, 29 e Baltimore 
GARDNER THOMAS H. clerk of Criminal 

Court, dw 274 w Fayette 
Gardner Thomas, huckster, 170 Pearl 
Gardner Thomas, (F. & P. G.) 170 Pearl 
Gardner Wm. sr. shoemaker, Ostend near 

Gardner William, bricklayer, 301 w Lombard 
Gardner William, boiler maker, 412 West 
Gardner William T. tinner, 26 Warner 
Gardner William, carpenter, 123 n Eden 
Gardner Wm. & Geo. ship builders, e end of 

Lancaster, dw 159 s Broadway 
Gareis George, shoemaker, 10 e Monument 
GAREY HENRY F. attorney, 85 w Fayette, 

dw 90 s Sharp 
Garing James, chairmaker, 36 n Bond 
Garing Wm. H. chairmaker, 36 n Bond 
Garland Daniel, cooper, 106 n Calvert 
Garland Capt. James D. 148 s Ann 
Garland James, porter, 106 n Calvert 
Garland Joseph, ship shriner, 84 Grindall 
Garman Joseph W.iron moulder, 71 McHenry 
Garmhaussen, Elizabeth, grocery, 63 Ross 
Garmhaussen John, shoemaker, 63 Ross 
Garmuth Andrew, shoemaker, 366 Saratoga 
Garner Ann, 29 Holiday 
Garner John H. shoemaker, n e cor Aliceanna 

and Wolfe 
Garner Wm. laborer, 4 Fort av 
Garnhart Andrew, shoemaker, 350 e Eager 
Garnhausen Elizabeth, grocery, 63 Ross 
Garnett Benj. M. (Hodges, 'G. & Co.) 203 

Madison av 
Garney James, laborer, 19 Hillen 
Garret George, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Boston Canton 
GARRET JAMES P. lottery dealer, 208 

Garret James, foundryman, 44 Gist 
Garret John, grocery, 183 Bank 
Garrett Ann, 219 Chesnut 
Garrett Elizabeth, 94 Ross 
Garrett Henry S. (R. G. & Sons,) s w cor 

Monument and Cathedral 
Garrett James, laborer, 191 Gough 
Garrett John, market master, 239 s Broadway 
Garrett John, foundryman, 145 Welcome al 
Garrett John, grocery and feed store, n w cor 

Bank and Chapel 
Garrett John W. (R. G. & Sons,) 29 Calhoun 
Garrett Joseph, shoemaker, 453 n Gay 
Garrett Joseph, labore-r, 27 s Spring 
Garrett Levi, laborer, 6 Windsor, Canton 
Garrett Mrs. 65 Mulberry 
Garrett Patrick, laborer, 322 Aliceanna 
Garrett Patrick, laborer, 237 Gough 
Garrett Richard, puddler, 278 Canton av 
Garrett Richard, laborer, 31 Fountain 

and commission merchants, 34 n Howard 
Garrett Wm. A. tavern, 239 s Broadway 
Garrett Wm. W. carpenter, 69 Pine 
Garrettson Robert L. attorney, 17 St. Paul, 

dw 44 Lexington 
Garrick Charles, tobacconist, 16 Orleans 
Garrick John, drayman, 62 n Schroeder 
Garring William, chair maker, 36 n Bond 
Garrison Cornelius, boat builder, 200 s Wolfe 

Garrison Mary, 166 n Spring 
Garrison John, 108 n Fremont 
Garrison Samuel Jefferson, 224 Mulberry 
Garrison Samuel, grocery, 44 Carlton 
Garrison Thos J. carpenter, 34 Chatsworth 
Garrison Thomas, ship carpenter, 292 e Pratt 
Garrish Wm. brickmaker, 121 (-hester 
Garrish Wm. brickmaker, 395 Canton av 
Garritson G. W. of Custom house, dw 37 

n Gay 
Garrity John, engineer, 2 Decker 
Garrity John, wheelwright, 29 New Church 
Garrott John, laborer, 46 Happy al 
Garrott William, cattle and hog dealer, 98 s 

Garthe August, (G. & Loewenstein,)283 Han- 
Garthe & Loewenstein, slaters, cor Hanover 

and Hamburg 
Garth August, laborer, 83 Goodman al 
Gartz Wm. machinist, cor Howard and Hill 
Gartling Michael, wheelwright, Philadelphia 

road e of Guest 
Garton Wm. C. glass blower, 162 Henrietta 
Gar veil David, laborer, 18 Pleasant al 
Garvey Ann, 3 Watson 
Garvey James, hack proprietor, 154 n Calvert, 

dw 156 
Garvey John, 148 n Front 
Garvey Patrick, huckster, 130 Ensor 
Garvey Wm. brakesman, 148 n Front 
Garwig John, laborer, 10 Calendar 
Gasang Adam, tailor, 213 s Bond 
Gasford Wm. 52 St. Mary 
Gaskins Charles, sailmaker, 92 s Chester 
Gaskins Samuel S. 59 n Greene 
seph Brown, sec'y 
Gas Works, Holiday near Saratoga, and 

Spring Gardens 
Gassaway Henry, flour and grain merchant, 

dw 66 McCulloh 
Gassaway Noah A. & Co. flour and grain 
merchants, 12 Spear's whf. dw N. A. G. 66 
Gassaway Mrs. Noah, 66 McCulloh 
Gassaway Samuel (Noah A. G. & Co.) 66 

Gassaway Samuel B. clerk, 66 McCulloh 
Gast Michael, laborer, 53 Aliceanna 
Gast Philip, laborer, 101 Peirce 
Gaston Henry, shoemaker, 80 Preston 
Gaston Robert, blacksmith, 54 Union 
Gaswein Fritz, shoemaker, 395 s Charles 
Gatch Benjamin W. millwright, 93 Columbia 
Gatch Conduce, millwright, 93 Columbia 
Gatch Charles H. machinist, 93 Columbia 
Gatch George, painter, 93 Columbia 
Gatchell Hannah Ann, 7 s Exeter 
Gatchell John W. clerk, 15 w Pratt 
Gatchell Wm. H. attorney, 51 w Fayette, dw 

189 Loyola place, n Calvert 
Gately John, stone mason, 86 e Madison 
Gately John, jr. coach painter, 86 e Madison 
Gately Patrick, laborer, 67 Watson 
Gates Adam, 248 Happy al 
Gates Ezra (G. & Small,) 166 s Sharp 
Gates Frank, detective policeman, Biddle near 

Gates Francis, policeman, 72 Ross 
Gates John L. milkman, 230 s Paca 
Gates John C. C, policeman, 57 Centre Mar- 
ket space 




Gates John L. 72 Division 

Gates Louis, painter 290 s Sharp 
GATES & SMALL, manufacturers and deal- 
ers in ladies' dress trimmings, 221 w Balti- 
Gates Thomas, carpenter, 156 s Bond 
Gats John, laborer, 154 s Eden 
Gatz John, Harness maker, 259 n Eden 
Gattman Adam, laborer, 198 Aliceaniia 
Gatto Dominico, barber, 11 s Gay, dw 7 
Gaubatz Christopher, tavern, 114 Thames 
Gaubatz Martin, 156 Aliceanna 
Gauer Christian, carter, 194 Henrietta 
Gauges Sebastian, laborer, 675 Penna. av 
Gaul Geo. W . tobacconist and musician, n e 

cor Eastern av and Ann, dw 213 s Bond 
Gaule George, (G. & Zastrow) cor Boston and 

Eastern av 
Gaule Stephen, milkman, 42 Diamond 
Gaule & Zastrow, tobacconists, 252 Eastern av 
Gauline Joseph C. sign painter, 149 e Monu- 
Gauline Mary Ann, 60 Holland 
Gaull & Brother, granite cutters, 432 w Pratt 
Gault Cyrus (G. & Bro.) 335 w Lombard 
Gault John, shoemaker, 186- Lee 
Gault Matthew, (G. & Bro.) 312 w Lombard 
Gault Robert, type founder, 92 Holiday 
Gaunt John, bricklayer, 265 n Central av 
Gaunt Samuel, huckster, 33 Jefferson 
Gautron John B. currier, 9 Mercer 
Gaver Wm. tobacconist, 119 n Gay 
Gavier Wm. conductor B. & O. R. R. 462 

w Lombard 
Gavin Matthew, hod carrier, 202 Vine 
Gavin Mrs. Mary, 58 French 
Gavin Patrick, boot maker, 7 French 
Gavin John, blacksmith, 23 Morri.s al 
Gavin John, second hand deal. 23 Pine 
Gavin Matthew, drayman, 7 House's ct 
Gavney Matthew, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Gawne Ann, variety store, 413 s Charles 
Gawne John, boot maker, 413 s Charles 
Gawronska Madame H. M. dancing academy, 

227 Ross 
Gawronska L. R. prof, music and languages, 

227 Ross 
Gawthorp James, shoemaker, 166 Ross 
Gawthorp Thomas, miller, 160 e Eager 
Gawthorp Wm. H. shoemaker, 56 n Eutaw 
Gay Daniel, currier, 61 n Howard 
Gaydecke Francis, shoemaker, 172 Green- 
mount av 
Gayhart Valentine, carter, 217 Cross 
Gayle Capt. Benjamin, 81 s Ann 
Gayle Capt. Joseph R. 77 s Ann 
Gaywire Wm. freight conductor B. & O. R. 

R. 532 w Baltimore 
Gaynor John, (Childs & G.) 252 e Baltimore 
Gaynor John, laborer, 4 French 
Gazan Jacob, china dealer, 157 Chesnut 
Gazan Nathan, collector, 157 Chosnut 
Gazzalo Peter, clerk, 66 President 
Gebaucr Frederick, tailor, 13 Clay 
Gebb George, butcher, Jenkins 'lane nr Green- 
mount av 
Gebb John, cooper, 18 Preston 
Gebb Philip, gardener, Bel-Air and Harford 

Gebblein George, shoemaker, 232 s Bond 
Gebhard Chas. E. portrait painter, 19 Barnet 
Gebhart Frederick, shoemaker, 150 Franklin 
Gcbhart John, baker, 9 L. Paca 

Geddes Adam, tailor, 15 Pine 
Geddes Alex, tailor, cor Pearl and Mulberry 
Geddes Alex, painter, 92 Mulberry 
Geddes George W. cigar mak. 32 n Schroeder 
Gedeon August, optician and dealer in Brazil- 
ian pebble spectacles, 137 w Baltimore 
Geddes Charles, engineer, 80 Greenmount av 
Geddes James W. (Harvey, G. & Jones) 92 

Geddes Wm. frame maker, 93 n Amity 
Geer Alfred S. carpen. 61 Cambridge, Canton 
Geer Emanuel, shoemaker, 432 w Lombard 
Gees B. F. (Wm. A. Boyd & Co.) 141 yr 

Gees Olivia, fancy trimming store, 125 w Biddle 
Gees Richard, deputy sheriff, 325 n Eutaw 
Gees Thomas, plasterer, 325 n Eutaw 
Gegan Jos. prof, of music, 128 n Charles 
Geghen Wm. porter, 64 n Exeter 
Gehan John, laborer, 481 w Pratt 
Gehlach Frederick, cutler, 211 Chesnut 
Gehnelig John, porter. North near Madi.son 
Gehock Miles, stevedore, 55 Aliceanna 
Gehrhard George, tinner, 59 Johnson 
Gehring Andrew, laborer, 218 e Eager 
Gehring Charles, jeweler, 7 Ensor 
Gehring Conrad, 101 s Wolfe 
Gehring John G. jeweler, 194 n Gay, dw 7 

Gehring Joseph, drayman, 62 s Schroder 
Gehrigan Andrew, cab. maker, 21 Guilford al 
Gehrman C. 580 Saratoga 
Gehrman Charles, cigar maker, 154 East 
Gehrman Henry, tobac. 252 s Broadway 
Gehrmann August, tobacconist, 71 Thames 
GEHRMANN GEORGE, cigar maker, 71 

GEHRMANN JULIUS, tobacconist, 84 n Gay 
Geigan John ship carp. 152 Lee 
Geiger Charles, confectioner, 196 Gough 
Geiger Conrad, baker, 19 s High 
GEIGER EDMU.ND L. H. stove and tin deal- 
er, 88 n Howard, dw 61 
Geibt Philip, shoemaker, 63 North 
Geiger Charles, baker, 19 s High 
Geiger Fredk. restaurant, Frederick road, nr 

Snake Hollow 
Geiger John, shoemaker, 132 s Caroline 
Geiger John, cooper, 16 e Pratt 
Geiger Wm. capmaker and furrier, 105 e Pratt 
GEIGER WM. baker, 19 s High 
Geilfus Theo. tailor, 61 Chew 
Geilhard John, shoemaker, 58 s Eutaw 
Geirwens Francis, wheelwright. 111 Saratoga 
Geis Christopher, tailor, 32 Josephine 
Geis Geo. brickmaker, 386 Light 
Geis John, hay dealer, 70 McKini, near Eager 
Geis John, laborer, 343 s Charles 
Geis Leonard, shoemaker, 251, n Gay 
Geis Lewis, shoemaker, 160 n Caroline 
Geis Nicholas, 125 Barre 
Geis Peter, clerk, 163 Stirling 
Geis Sebastian, clothing cutter, 57 Garden 
Geiser Chas. laborer, 18 Fell 
Geiser John, woodsawyer, 187 s Chapel 
Geisendaffer Wm. H. letter carrier, 566 w 

Geisler Joseph, laborer, 1 Port al 
Geisler Michael, shoemaker, 193 s Bethel 
Geiss Nicholas, tinner, 125 Barre 
Geist John W. mariner, 198 e Lombard 
Geisz Henry, shoemaker, 207 Chesnut 
Geitzgow Michael, tailor, 299 n Central av 




Geiwiz Geo. artist, 26 Albemarle 
Gekler Wm. G. clerk, 445 w Baltimore 
Gelbach John D. carpenter and builder, Green- 
mount av, near city limits 
Geller Henry, cooper, 86 n Schroeder 
Gelston Victor D. salesman, Washington Hall, 

1 e Baltimore 
Gelston Hugh D. planing mill, 197 s Caroline, 
office Washington hall, 1 e Baltimore, dw 
near Calverton mills, Balto. County 
Gelston Hugh, Washington hall, 1 e Balti- 
more, dw 261 Lexington 
Gelston Robert B. Washington hall, 1 e Balti- 
more, dw Baltimore Co. 
Geltler Frederick, butche^, 244 e Eager 
Gembe John A, cigar maker, 92 Lee 
Gemmell Walter, carpenter 535 Lexington 
Gempf George, paver, 55 n Amity 
Gempp John, paver, 304 Franklin 
Gempp Wni. paver, 304 Franklin 
Gemundt Charles, (Pasgueay & G,) 26 s Bond 
Gemundt Thomas, butcher, 35 St. Mary 
Genavan Geo. engineer N. C. Railway, rear of 

Oak near Hudson 
Gendreitzly Franklin, cab. maker, 133 n Bond 
Genhardt Bartimeus, laborer, 20 Fountain 
Gengnagle Sophia, dressmaker, 146 Henrietta 
Genhenbine Josephine, 125 n Fremont 
Gen. Wayne Inn, Henry Fairbank, proprietor, 

n w cor Baltimore and Paca 
Genoy Thomas, grocery, 90 Holiday 
Gentler George, shoemaker, 115 Pearl 
Genz John, tailor, 244 s Sharp 
Genner George, drayman, 139 Johnson 
Gennis Evan, 16 Stiles 

Gens Charles, music teacher, 176 w Madison 
Gent John, moulder, 137 Henrietta 
Genthncr Michael, laborer, 48 s Regester 
Geoghcgan Catharine, 82 Hill 
Geoghegan Capt, Henry P. 175 n Eden 
Geoghegan J no. R. brass finisher, 127 L. Greene 
Geoghegan Capt. Stewart, 41 Warren 
Geoppel Henry, dry goods deal. 161 s Eutaw 
George Andrew J. glassware deal. 7 s Charles, 

dw s w cor Baltimore and Dallas 
George Dr. Archibald, 71 Mount Vernon place 
George Archibald, jr. (A. G. & Co.) 49 St. Paul 
George A. & Co. grocers and commission mer- 
chants, n w cor Howard and Mulberry 
George Alfred, (Steph. G, & Son,) 241 Sara- 
George Chas. W. (Steph. G. & Son,) 111 

GEORGE FRANCIS J. fresco pamter, 341 

George G. piano maker, 10 n Greene 
George George W. printer, 5 Plowman 
George Isaac S. wholesale and retail dealer in 
boots, shoes, &c. 80 Centre Market space, 
dw 214 e Baltimore 
George Isabella, 24 s Bond 
George James, grocer and com. merchant, 27 

3 Frederick, dw 162 n Howard 
George Jas. B. jr. mail agent, 198 e Baltimore 
George Jas, B. sr. prop, agent, and collector, 

208 e Baltimore 
GEORGE & JENKINS, provision and com. 

merchts, 3 Commerce 
George John M. clerk, 208 e Baltimore 
Georg(! John, carpenter, 18 Warner 
George Philip T. (G. & Jenkins,) 2 Waterloo 

Row, n Calvert 
George Samuel K. jr. 71 Mt. Vernon place 

George Saml. K. com. merchant, 50 s Gay, 

dw 71 Mount Vernon place 
George Stephen, carpenter, 72 Richmond 
George Stephen, carpenter, 214 Barre 
George Stephen & Son, lumber dealers, 37 n 

George Thos. clerk, 44 n Eutaw 
George Thos. J. bookkeeper, 208 e Baltimor* 
George Wm. S. carpenter, 7 s Ann 
George Capt. Wm. T. seaman, 37 Holland 
George Wm. H. W. waterman, 120 Cross 
George's Creek Coal & Iron Co. 19 South, 

up stairs, A, H. Stump, pres't 
Georgius Fredk. painter, 128 s Regester 
Georgius Gustavus, barber, 156 n Gay 
Geortz H. piano maker, 175 w Fayette 
Gephardt Fredk. laborer, 241 s Wolfe 
Gephardt Chris, butcher, 61 Hampstead 
Gephardt George, tailor, 69 Gough 
Gephardt John, tailor, s e cor Baltimore and 

Central av 
Gephardt John, tailor, 147 s Bethel 
Gephardt John, tailor, 191 s Chester 
Gephart John, laborer, 33 Bank 
Gephart John, jr. wh, dealer in tobacco, cigars, 

&c. 293 w Baltimore, dw 303 w Lombard 
Gephart Thomas, tailor, 418 Canton av 
Gephart Valentine, laborer, 466 Canton av 
Gephart Wm. wheelwright, Madison, between 

Stirling and Aisquith, dw 125 e Madison 
Geraghty Michael F. attorney at law, 85 vr 
Fayette, dw Hamburg, between Sharp and 
Gerahty James, spar maker, 78 Block 
Gerahty Mrs, Peter, 78 Block 
Gerahty P. J. spar maker, 78 Block 
Gerber Anna B. 237 Hamburg 
Gcrber Charles P. carpenter, 222 s Paca, dw 

Gerber Christian, (C. G. & Son) 126 s Paca 
Gerber Christian P. (C. G. & Son) 273 w 

Gerber C. & Son, house carpenters, 222 s Paca 
Gerb«r Michael, planing mill, dw 124 s Caro- 
Gerber Michael, carpenter, 110 s Caroline 
Gerber Wm. candy maker, 124 s Caroline 
Gerbrick Francis A. engineer, 91 Oak 
Gcrbrick John W, engmeer, N. C. railway, 

Mount Royal, foot McMechin 
Gerbrick Jos. watchman, 37 Buren 
Gerbrick Joshua, fireman, 91 Oak 
Gerbrick Mary Ann, 76 Ross 
Gerdes, Bulling & Wehrhane, shipping and 

com. merchants, 143 w Lombard 
Gerding George, ibundryman, 531 Canton av 
Gerhard George, tailor, 17 Spring ct 
Gerhard Henry, cooper, 111 s Caroline 
Gerhard Josiah A. 21 Pennsylvania av 
Gerhardt Conrad, letter carrier, 85 McElderry '• 

Gerhardt Jacob, carter, 134 Hamburg 
Gerhardt J. H. box maker, 114 n Bethel 
Gering Michael, tailor, 31 Centre Market 

Gerk August, laborer, 340 Canton av 
Gerke Carel, furrier, 60 Lexington 
Gerke Charles, fur dealer, 60 Lexington 
Gerken Wm. grocery, 76 Boyd 
Gerlach Adam, shoemaker, 273 Orleans 
Gerlach Conrad, tailor, 271 e Madison 
Gerlach John, shoemaker, 10 e Monument 
Gerlicher, George, blacksmith, 500 Penna. av 




Gerlitt Jacob, lumber wagoner, 103 Cambridge 
German Baptist Church, 66 Hill 
German Benj. C. butcher, 216 e Fayette 
German Benj. C. jr. prov. store, 158 Orleans 
German Chas. cigar maker, 154 East 
German Chas. E. grocery, 228 e Lombard 

Kaine, proprietor, 3 s Gay 
German Mrs. Catherine, 50 Chew- 
German Mrs. Catherine, 39 n Exeter 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, Con- 
way near Sharp 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, n e 

cor St. I'eter and Scott 
German Jacob H. tavern, 248 s Broadway 
German John, policeman, 12 n Caroline 
German Mary, sewing machine operator, Pratt 

between Eutaw and Howard 
German M. E. Church, s e cor Penna. av and 

German Methodist Church, Penna. av near 

German Michael P. tavern, 21 Block 
German Reformed Church, Calvert s of Sara- 
German Lutheran Reformed Church, cor Sara- 
toga and Holiday 
German Thos. butcher, 50 Chew 
German Thos. policeman, 225 Harford av 
German Wm. M. butcher, 216 e Fayette 
Germania Society, (German Club,) 156 w 

Germann Dorothea, grocery, 33 n Frederick 
Germann Geo. F. letter carrier, 33 n Frederick 
Germand Andrew, cabinet maker, 297 n Cen- 
tral av 
Germer John Henry, shoemaker, 6 Burke, 

Germershausen Francis G. shoemaker, 269 n 

Central av 
Germershausen Louis, grocery, 432 n Gay 
Germroth C. tailor, 54 Portland 
Gernhardt Christopher, shoemak. cor Hamp- 

stead and Choptank 
Gernhardt Francis, (J. W. G. & Son) 59 n Gay 
Gernhardt Francis E. glass stainer, 59 n Gay 
Gernhardt Herman T. (J. W. & H. T. G.) 162 


goods and perfumery store, 16 North 
Gernhardt John Wm. & H. T. glass stainers, 

16 North, dw J. W. G. 59 n Gay 
Gerns Ellen R. variety store, 652 w Baltimore 
Gerns Lida, 89 n Fremont 
Gerock Mrs. Marie, 486 Light 
GERRISH & FRENCH, com. merchants, 
and wholesale dealers in fish, 22 & 24 Com- 
Gerrish Henry P. (G. & French) 33 n Calvert 
Gerwick Frederick, agricultural implement 

maker, 27 n Amity 
Gesby Ernest, 8 Leadenhall 
Gessall Henry, tailor, 309 s Bond 
Gessel Theodore, blacksmith, cor Baltimore 

and Emory 
Gessford George, china dealer, 315 n Gay 
Gessford Wm. 52 St. Mary 
Getchel George, tailor, 279 Canton av 
Gessing Henry, milkman. Homestead, Balti- 
more Co 
Gessler X. piano maker, 60 King 
Gestler John, 105 McElderry 
Crestler Joseph, shoemaker, 32 JaBper 


Gestlick Chas. clerk, 294 Franklin 

Gestner Henry, boiler maker, 235 e Lombard 

Gestner Peter, laborer, 202 s Wolfe 

Getchel Henry, cigar maker, 56 York 

Getchell John G. Franklin house 

Gettier Ann C. 292 Penna. av 

Gettier Ann, 271 Franklin 

Gettier Augustus J. carpenter, 150 Division 

Gettier Chas. A. messenger Adams Express, 

87 Pine 
Gettier Cor. E. painter, Walsh near Smith 
Gettier Edmund P. carpenter, s e cor Walsh 

and Smith 
Gettier Edward P. painter, 211 w Biddle 
Gettier George, turnkey, 104 Ross 
Gettier George, carpenter, 129 Ross 
Gettier Henry, turner, 235 w Biddle 
Gettier Jacob, 87 Pine 

GETTIER JOHN L. carpenter, 102 Hoff- 
man, dw 104 
Gettier John T. tinner, 87 Pine 
Gettier John F. blacksmith, 168 Ross 
Gettier Jos. A. private watchman, 168 Ross 
Gettier Wm. P. tobacco and cigar dealer, 259 

w Pratt, dw 50 s Eutaw 
Gettier Wm. V. bricklayer, 168 Ross 
Gettslich Chas. E. clerk at Custom house, 311 

Gettslick Ernest, 71 Amity 
Getty Aug. dry goods dealer, cor Gay and 

Front, dw 38 n Calvert 
Getty Mrs. Catherine, 54 York 
Getty James, 141 Saratoga 
Getty James, 69 Paca 
Getty J. dry goods dealer, 101 n Gay, and 

67 n Howard, dw 69 n Paca 
GETTY WM. F. importer and dealer in 
liquors and wines, s e cor Calvert and Lom- 
bard, dw 13 s Eutaw 
Getz Chas. C. cigar maker, 92 Lee 
Getz Chas. C. artist, 109 n Calvert 
Getz Conrad, tailor, 259 n Eden 
Getz Conrad, barber, 151 s Bank 
Getz Conrad, tailor, 49 n Spring 
Getz Earnest, shoemaker, 25 May 
Getz Edward, shoemaker, 40 s Dallas 
Getz George, tailor, 25 L. Gough 
Getz Henry, tailor, 50 Short 
Getz Henry, sawyer, 237 Eastern av 
Getz Jacob, laborer, 288 Aliceanna 
Getz Lawrence, carpenter, 72 Division 
Getz Lewis, grocery, 135 e Lombard 
Getzendauner Chas. F. laborer, 214 York 
Getzendine Charles, laborer at tobacco ware- 
house No. 3 
Getzier Francis, shoemaker, 106 Gough 
Getzinger Mrs. 61 President 
Getzinger Lewis, blacksmith, 180 n Caroline 
Getzner Charles, upholsterer, 227 e Eager 
Geuges Joseph, grocery, 116 n Poppleton 
Geyer Adam, laborer, 214 s Bethel 
Geyer Adam, tailor, 60 Portland 
Geyer Edw. G. (G. &Wilkins,) 279 Lexington 
Geyer John, painter, 241 n Caroline 
Geyer & Wilkins, ship, and commis. merchts. 

over 22 s Calvert 
Ghent Henry, ship carpenter, 12 Hamburg 
Ghent Thomas, ship carpenter, 12 Hamburg 
Ghenzerodt Ferdinand, tailor, 65 North 
Gheo Andrew, confectioner, 70 w Baltimon 

dw 31 w Fayette 
Gherhardt Henry, cooper. 111 s Caroline 
Gherumeter John, varnisher, 499 w Baltimore 




Ghequiere Miss, 220 Franklin 

Gibb George, butcher, Jenkins' lane back of 

Green Mount 
Gibb Obediah B. harness maker, 30 n Gay 
Gibbs Mary A. 396 Lexington 
Gibbons Alfred W. (Dryd.-n& G.) 12 St. Paul 
Gibbons Charles C. locksmith and bell hanger, 

e Monument 
Gibbons Daniel P. (Ball, G.&Co.) 256 Mad- 
ison av 
Gibbons Frank W. salesman, Charles nr Lee 
Gibbons Francis A. government contractor, 

144 Cathedral 
Gibbons Hubbard, laborer, 12 Liberty al 
Gibbons John, carter, 34 Lancaster 
Gibbons John T. sailmaker, over 16 Bowly's 

whf. dw 174 s Charles 
Gibbons John, blacksmith, 162 Raborg 
Gibbons Mary Ann, 15 Perry 
Gibbons Sarah A. milliner, 46 c Baltimore 
Gibbons Wm. clerk, 17 n Caroline 
Gibbs Edward A. regalia and banner manufac- 
turer, 23 n Gay, dw 108 Aisquith 
Gibbs Jacob A. carpenter, 199 e Eager 
Gibbs Sarah Ann, 199 e Eag.-r 
Gibbs Susan, cook, 138 s Siiarp 
Giblin Andrew, barkeeper, 18 Buren 
Gibling Patrick, hod carrier, 5 Calvert al 
Gibney Christopher, drayman, 84 Richmond 
Gibney Geo. J. (G. & Hall,) 40 s High 
Gibney & Hall, com. merchants, 88 and 90 

Spear's whf 
Gibney James, drayman, 84 Richmond 
Gibney John, cabinet maker, 481 Lexington 
Gibney Michael, drayman, 84 Richmond 
Gibney Patrick, drayman, 136 Saratoga 
(iibney Dr. Richard, dentist, 32 n Gay 
Gibmyer Frederick, laborer, 383 Canton av 
Gibser Edward, carter, 56 Cooksie, L. P. 
Gibson Andrew, shoemaker, 4 Ensor 
Gibson Andrew, barkeeper, 18 Buren 
Gibson Anna T. boarding house, 61 Second 
Gibson Chas. C. (G. & Co.) 226 n Eutaw 
GIBSON & CO. auctioneers, 7 n Charles 
Gibson Chas. T. (G. & Kirk,) 240 e Monu- 
Gibson David, paper hangar, 273 e Monument 
Gibson Eveline, 142 Raborg 
Gibson Frank, 90 Saratoga 
Gibson A. F. bookkeeper, 90 Saratoga 
Gibson George, printer, 4 Knsor 
Gibson George G. corresponding clerk Josiah 

Lee & Co's bank, dw 119 n Charles 
Gibson George, (G. & Co.) 119 n Charles 
Gibson Dr. G. S. jr. 116 Park 
(iibson Henry, clerk, 90 Saratoga ■ 
Gibson Henry B. bookkeeper, 90 Saratoga 
Gibson Henry W. painter, 70 Ross 
Gibson James, rear of 337 n Howard 
Gibson James, jr. 90 Saratoga 
Gibson Capt. James, Gibson's whf. foot of 

Fell, dw 114 w Madison 
Gibson James, gas fitter, 195 e Monument 
Gibson John R. clerk, 286 c Monument 
Gibson John W. painter, 70 Ross 
Gibson John, printer, 4 Ensor 
Gibson Joseph, printer, 4 Ensor 
GIBSON & KIRK, lock manufacturers and 

bell hangers, 1 Cheapside 
Gibson Mary, 115 n Calvert 
Gibson O. B. harness maker, Brown's hotel, 
119 n High 

Gibson Michael, laborer, 365 s Charles 
Gibson Patrick, cashier Bank of Baltimore, 

dw 9 Cathedral 
Gib.son R. F. (J. B. Welch & Co.) 122 e Bal- 
Gibson Robert, rigger, 115 s Regester 
Gibson Robert, plumber, 7 Eutaw house, 

Baltimore, dw 72 n Popplelon 
Gibson Sarah S. 5 n Caroline 
Gibson Thomas, laborer, 365 s Charles 
Gibson Thomas L. Hunter al near John 
Gibson Wm. salesman, Howard house 
Gibson Wm. F. machinist, 115 n Calvert 
Giljson Wm. clerk, 60 s Eden 
Gichel Conrad, tobacconist, 185 s Sharp 
Gideon Jacob, fisherman, 10 Fish Marketspace 
Gidelman Maurice, 5 Aisquith 
Gieger John, cooper, 57 Bank 
Giegrich Egracias, 5 s Regester 
Gier Chas. harness maker, 92 s Eutaw 
Gier Joseph, cooper, 174 s Caroline 
Gier Adam, tailor, 60 Portland 
Giender Henry, tailor, 7 Perry 
Gies Andrew W. smith in general, 35 n Cen- 
tral av 
Gies Afa, seamstress, 3 Anthony 
Gies John, laborer, 35 Fell 
Gies John, blacksmith, Fremont near Cooke 
Gies Valentine, tailor, 281 n Central av 
GIESE J. HENRY & CO. coal dealers, 9 
South, and 21 Spear's whf. dw J. H. G. 
140 Cathedral 
Giese J. Henry, (Carr, G. & Co.) 140 Cathe- 
Giesc Henry, 5 Hoffman 
Giese Henry, brickmaker, 903 w Pratt 
Giese i^ewis W. H. com. lumber agent, t^ast 

Falls av. dw 140 Cathedral 
Gieske Gust. (G. & Niemann,) 9}4 n Eutaw 
GIESKE& NIEMANN N, tobacco commission 

merchants, 120 s Charles 
Giesler Augustus, shoemaker, 529 w Lombard 
Gif sler Jolin, instrument maker, 194 w Balti- 
Giesregen Paulus, cabinet maker, 108 s Spring 
Gieseman Christian, machinist, 243 s Bond 
Giessel Christopher, carpenter, s w cor Biddle 

and Somerset 
Giffin Geo. cabinet maker, 131 L. Greene 
Gitfin Henry W. F. cabinet maker, 239 Lee, 

dw 131 L. Greene 
Gilford Hugh, potter, s w cor. Eastern av and 

Chester, dw 67 s Ann 
GifTord Thomas, superintendent Exchange 

buildings, dw 131 Orleans 
Gifford James J. carpenter, 188 e Fayette 
Giger Josephine, 197 n Eutaw 
Oi^lin John, grocery, 107 n Eutaw 
Gilber .lohn G. camphene and alcohol dealer, 

188 Columbia 
Gilberg John, stone cutter, 243 i>ight 
Gilbert Andrew, laborer, 23 Guilford al 
Gilbert Edward, coach trimmer, 125 n Eutaw 
Gilbert Georgiana 125 n Eutaw 
Gilbert Jarrett N. clerk, 26 iNorth 
Gilbert John B. pedler, 71 Hanover 
Gilbert Lewis, carpenter, 335 n Howard, dw 

31 Garden 
Gilbert Lewis, tinner, 190 Raborg 
Gilbert Wm. B. shoemaker, 152 Columbia 
Gilbert Wm. D. tailor, 16 n Bond 
Gilcliri.^t James, drayman, Pratt betw. How- 
ard and Eutaw., 




GILCHRIST WM. dealer in razors and steel 

cutlery, 269 w Baltimore, dw Gilmor house 
Gilday John, waiter at Eutaw house, dw 50 

Gilday John, laborer, 207 Vine 
Gilde Francis, bricklayer, 31 St. Mary 
Gildea John, huckster, 29 St. Mary 
GILDERSLEVE GEORGE, note and bill 

broker, 61 Second, dw Charles n of Eager 
Giles Mrs Alice A. 162 Conway 
Giles George, laborer, 36 Haubert, L. P. 
Giles Henry M. clerk, 277 e Baltimore 
Giles John R. 590 Lexington 
Giles John E. stone cutter, 348 Mulberry 
Giles Josiah P. cigar maker, 50 w Pratt 
Giles Mary, tailoress, 149 Eastern av 
Giles Wm. oak cooper, 346 Mulberry 
Giles Wm. F. judge U. S. District Court, 17 

Gilfoy Patrick, laborer, 12 Rose 
Gill Absalom, shoemaker, 82 Peirce 
Gill Ann, 18 Callendar 
GILL BRYSUN & SONS, dentists, cuppers 

and Icechers, 56 s Sharp 
Gill Bryson J. (BrysonG.& Sons,) 56s Sharp 
Gill Chas. iM. (Bryson G. & Sous,) 56 s Sharp 
Gill D. D. attorney at law, n w cor Fayette & 

St. Paul 
Gill Eli, (Bryson G. & Sons,) 56 s Sharp 
Gill Eliza, 109 Bank 
Gill Elizabeth R. 129 Columbia 
Gill Edward C. policeman, 129 Conway 
GILL ELISHA P. grocer, Aliceanna, Canton 
Gill George, fisherman, 147 s Wolfe 
GILL GEOKGEM. attorney at law, 36 St. 

Paul, dw 227 n Charles 
Gill Hester, 62 St. Paul 
Gill Henry, typefounder, 218 Stirling 
Gill James H. clerk. Gen. Wayne Inn 
Gill Jas. H carpenter, 193 s Washington, F.P. 
Gill John C. moulder, 18 Callendar 
Gill John, bricklayer, 82 Peirce 
(Jill Luther, saddler, 336 w Pratt 
Gill Nicholas C. shoemaker, 129 Conway 
Gill Nich. cedar cooper, 444 Lexington 
Gill Nich. Franklin Inn, 50 Hillen 
Gill Nicholas, shoemaker, 1 Bloodgood ct 
Gill Noah, cooper, 419 n Gay 
Gill Owen A. (Martin Gillett & Co.) 160 w 

Gill bamuel H. dentist, 38 Hanover, dw 158 s 

Gill Wm. H. clerk, 41 Courtland 
Gill Wm. S. painter, 158 Dover 
Gill Wm. F. dentist, 87 n Greene 
Gill William L. teller Merchant's Bank, 41 

Gill Wm. D. clerk, 124 Bank 
Gill Wm. K. plasterer, 240 Mulberry 
Gillan James, laborer, 207 Lemmon al 
Gillard Charles, tinner, 304 Franklin 
Gillard Wm. H. whip maker, 12 Chatsworth 
Gillard Wm. whip maker, 12 Chatsworth 
Gillaspey Robert, painter, 23 St. Mary 
Gillbee Catherine, 30 Townsend 
Gillegan Edward, ship carpenter, 120 s Regester 
Gillegan Patrick, huckster, 7 Jasper 
Gillen James, plumber, 88 Holiday 
Gillen Mary, 95 Harford av 
Gillen Michael, huckster, 182 Dover 
Gillen Robirt, printer, 6 s Exeter 
Gillen Wm. baker, 125 n Front 
Giller Charles, tinner, 304 Franklin 

Giller John, shoemaker, 12 e Monument 
Gillerman Christian, grocer and prov. dealer, 

49 Columbia 
Gillespie Anton, laborer, 342 Canton av 
Gillespie Patrick, laborer, 98 Chesapeake 
Gillespie Stephen, cabinetmaker, 183 Aisquith 
Gillespie Wm. copper plate engraver, over 244 

w Baltimore, dw 467 w Fayette 
Gillett George M. (Martin G. & Co.) 166 w 

GILLETT MARTIN & CO. importers and 

jobbers of tea, 38 w Lombard 
Gilley Capt. Isaac F. mariner, 166 e Lombard 
Gillien James, cooper, 51 e Monument 
Gillien Patrick, cooper, 51 e Monument 
Gilley Peter, varnisher, 24 Knox's ct 
Gillin John, laborer, 75 Boyd 
Gillin Patrick, hackman, 31 Marion 
Gillin Patrick, marble polisher, 61 Hillen 
Gillingham Edward, conductor B. & O. R. R. 

dw 139 s Paca 
Gillingham George 0. 322 Madison av 
Gillingham George H. bookkeeper, dw Adams 

Gillingham Henry R. machinist, 139 s Paca 
Gillingham Kate, 10 Walker 
Gillingham Mrs. R. A. 322 Madison av 
Gilman Charles, 6 Cathedral 
Gilman Elizabeth, school, 217 n Caroline 
Gilman George, plasterer, 448 w Lombard 
Gilman George, laborer, 46 Abbot 
GILMAN DR. JUDSON, assistant health 

comraissioner, dw 54 s Greene 
Gilman James, laborer, 153 L. Greene 
Gilman John S. (Horace Abbott & Son,) 67 e 

Gil martin James, laborer, 89 n Bethel 
Gillis Michael, ship carpenter, 13 Elliott 
Gillmeyer Geo. S. omnib. driver, 1 Townsend 
Gilmor Chas. S. cor Northern av and Decker 
GILMOR CHARLES, agent Baltimore Co's 

Coal, office 58 Second, dw n w cor Howard 

and Monument 
Gilmor House, Monument square 
Gilmor Robert jr. attorney at law, 20 Law 

Buildings, dw 193 n Howard 
Gilmor Mrs. Robert, 132 Park 
Gilmor Robert, sr., 193 n Howard 
Gilmor Wm. jr., clerk, 193 n Howard 
GILMOR WILLIAM, notary public, Gittings 

Buildings, 79 Second, dw 47 Franklin 
Gilmore James, 3 Aisquith 
Gilmore Richard J. clothing cutter, s e cor 

Bond and Thames 
Gilmore Robert, blacksmith, 164 s Eutaw 
Gilmore Robert, grocery, 85 Hillen 
GILMOUR ANDREW M. bakery and con- 
fectionery, 243 w Pratt 
Gilmour Jas. D. confectioner and baker, n e 

cor Madison and Eutaw 
Gilmour Wm. W. confectioner and baker, 73 

n Charles 
Gilnard Bernard, tinner, 62 s Eutaw 
Gilpin Albert G. collector, 42 s Eutaw 
Gilpin Bern. (Canby, G. & Co.) 6 s Greene 
Gilpin John W. cooper, 34 Johnson 
Gimpey John A. cigar maker, 92 Lee 
Gimble Casper, stevedore, 239 s Wolfe 
Ginder Martin, barber, 133 Saratoga 
Gingkel John, tailor, 67 s Regester 
Ginn Mary, 166 e Baltimore 
Ginter Francis, shoemaker, 568 Lexington^ 
Ginier John E. carpenter, 281 Ross 




Ginter John, laborer, 33 Biddle al 
Gintcr Leonard, ambrotypist, 133 Mulberry 
Ginzol Henry, laborer, 96 s Eutaw 
Gippericli Joseph, clothing cutter, 84 Wolfe 
Girdin Henry, engineer, Fort av. near Laurel 

Girstey Christian, tailor, 342 s Chax-les 
Girvin Catherine, 295 Franklin 
Girvin John, printer, 295 Franklin 
Girvin James, (J. & J. M. G.) 149 n Paca 
GIRVIN J. & J. M. ship, commission mer- 
chants and produce dealers, 23 Spear's whf. 
Girvin James A. clerk, 295 Franklin 
Girvin J. M. (J.& J. M. G.) n wcor Howard 

and Franklin 
Girvin Wm. clerk, 34 Ross 
Gisenger Henry, ragman, 9 Port al 
Gisriel Jacob, flour dealer, Fremont, intersec- 
tion Chatsworth 
Gissel Wm. tailor, 122 Henrietta 
Gissner John N. blacksmith. Homestead, Bal- 
timore Co. 
Gist Cornelius H. salesman, 268 w Baltimore 
Gist Edward, bonk Keeper, 24 n Paca 
Gist Jos. (G. & Wells,) 306 w. Lombard 
Gist Margaret, 24 n Paca 
Gist Wm. salesman, 24 n Paca 
GIST & WELLS, produce and commission 

merchants, 126 and 128 s Eutaw 
Gittinger J. W. clerk, Barre, between Eutaw 

and L. Greene 
Gittinger John W. salesman, 17 Chatsworth 
Gittings Building, s e cor Second and South 
Gittings James, commission merchant, 58 Bu- 
chanan's whf. dw 2 McCuUoh 
GITTINGS JOHN S. & CO. bankers, 29 

South. — [See p. 17 Advertisements.] 
Gittings John S. (John S. G. & Co.) pres- 
ident Chesapeake Bank, 149 St. Paul 
Gittings John, 223 n Bond 
Gittman Margaret, 2 Shakespeare 
Gittings Lambert, com. and ship, merchant, 
58 Buchanan's wharf, dw 62 Mount Vernon 
Gittings Mary, 333 Aisquith 
Gittings Richard J. State's Attorney Baltimore 

Co. 33 St. Paul 
Gittings Wm. J. nightman, 261 n Bond 
Gittings Wm. S. 338 w Madison 
Gittings Wm. R. S. 128 Cathedral 
Giusta Stephen, carpenter, 7 Centre Market 

Giustiniani Rev. Joseph, n w cor Mosher and 

GIVEN JOHN C. wholesale grocer, 22 s 
Calvert, and proprietor Chinaman's tea 
store, 37 and 39 w Baltimore. — [See p. 20 
Given Mary, 49 n Caroline 
Glaab George, shoemaker, 57 Holland 
Glaab Peter, tailor, 201 e Eager 
Glady Henry, barber, 80 Thames 
Gladfelter Peter, carpenter, Mount Vernon 

factory. Falls road 
Gladding Alfred, 19 Armistead la 
Gladson Andrew J. bricklayer, 212 Harford av 
Gladson Charles A. bricklayer, 208 Harford av 
Gladson Mrs. Rebecca, 208 Harford av 
Gladstane Mrs. W. C actress, Western hotel 
Glaezcr Wm. tavern, 244 s Bond 
Glaenzer Charles F. grocer, 865 w Baltimore 
Glaen Anton, piano maker, 10 n Greene 
Glancy Patrick, laborer, 19 n Amity 

Glanding Jacob, cabinet maker, 181 Lemmon 

Glanding Mary Ann, 139 Raborg 

Glann Edwin P. house carpenter, n e cor Low 

and Forrest 
Glann George, of fire department, n e cor 

Low and Forrest 
Glanville James W. collector, s w cor Caroline 

and Eager 
Glanville John W. of city council, 122 Conway 
Glanville Thomas, shoemaker, 387 w Fayette 
Glanz Christian, shoemaker, 114 n High 
Glas Conrad, brewer, 1043 w Pratt 
Glaser Alexander, laborer, 416 Canton av 
Glaser Henry, shoemaker, 165 e Fayette 
Glaser Mary, 165 e Fayette 
Glaser Wm. 165 e Fayette 
Glasgow James, bookkeeper, 23 n Calvert 
Glashoff Daniel, mariner, 44 Bank 
Glasman Charles, laborer, 196 Eastern av 
Glass Conrad, brewer, 84 Burke, Canton 
Glass Conrad, 20 Centre Market space 
Glass Emory, shoemaker, 33 Henrietta 
Glass Isaac, 90 Bank 
Glass Isaac, jr. cigar maker, 118 s Eden 
Glass John, laborer, 248 s Bethel 
Glass John, laborer, 29 James lane 
Glass John, laborer, 54 Elliott 
Glass Sarah Ann, 17 Constitution 
Gleasar Eliza, ready made linen dealer, 205 s 

Gleasar Frederick, shoemaker, 205 s Bond 
Gleasar John, shoemaker, 205 s Bond 
Gleasby Martha, grocery, 213 n Caroline 
Gleason Catherine, 250 n Eutaw 
Gleason D. A. carpenter, 250 n Eutaw 
Gleason John, 123 Division 
Gleeson Thos. Farmers' hotel, 150 Forrest 
Gleeson Wm. attorney at law, 26 n Calvert, 

dw Farmers' hotel, 150 Fornst 
Gleghorn John, shoemaker, 4 Armistead la 
Glendi Capt. Wm. 201 w Fayette 
Glen Jeanette ,grocery and liquor dealer, 231 e 

Glen James, engineer, 231 e Monument 
Glenn Alexander, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Glenn Andrew, gardener, 46 Mulberry 
Glenn Benjamin, carpenter, 75 s Washington 
Glenn Daniel, actor, 45 Jackson 
Glenn Elijah B. sr., organ builder, 273 e 

Glenn B. jr (Samuel G. & Bro.) 273 e 

Glenn James, engineer, s w cor Monument 

and Eden 
Glenn Mrs. John, 20 n Charles 
Glenn John, laborer, 11 Chase 
Glenn John, cow-keeper, 197 n Eden 
Glenn Joseph, sweep master, 211 e Pratt 
Glenn Patrick, laborer, Morton al 
Glenn Samuel & Bro. imp. and wholesale 

dealers in cutlery, 52 Light, dw S. G. 273 e 

Glenn Samuel M. tobacconist, 98 s Regester 
Glenn Samuel W. artist, 45 Jackson 
Glenn Samuel B. shipsmith, Pratt near Bond 
Glenn Samuel, policeman, 63 n Caroline 
Glenn Sarah, grocery, 4 n Amity 
Glenn Sophia, huckstress, 145 s Regester 
(ilenn Wm. grocery, 238 Bank 
GLENN WILLIAM W. attorney at law, 20 

n Charles 
Glennin Richard, laborer, 112 Dugan 'a wharf 
Gliddon James, laborer, 200 Raborg 




Glesman Henry, carter, 51 Fountain 

Glig:man Michael, tailor, 130 s Dallas 

Glichman Joiin, tailor, 144 s Caroline 

Glick Casper, paver, 57 Ensor 

Glick Charles, dyer, 236 e Chase 

Glick Conrad, milkman, 385 e Eager 

Glines Edward, 41 Stirling 

Gline John, laborer, 12 Union al 

Glock Adam, shoi-maker, 13 e Lombard 

GLOCKER & NORRIS, conveyancers and 

property agents, 63 w Fayette 
Glocker Theo. (G. & Norris,) Baltimore Co 
Gloninger John R. (P. Tierman & Son,) 47 

Glorias Martin, tailor, 112 n Eden 
Gloss Frederick, bricklayer, 9 Laurens 
Glass Henry, stevedore, 161 s Eden 
Gloss John, grocer, 65 Greenmount av 
Gloss John, baker, 69 Hampstead 
Gloudel John, Magnolia house, 401 w Balto. 
GLOVER & AMDERSON, restaurant, base- 
ment Adams house, s w cor Hanover and 
Glover Ann, huckstress, 229 Forrest 
Glover Charles G. 190 e Madison 
Glover Henry, painter, 94 s Charles 
Glover James, boiler maker, 684 w Pratt 
Glover John W. boiler maker, 320 William 
Glover Joseph, barkeeper, 552 w Baltimore 
Glover Joseph, (G.& Anderson,) Adams house 
Glover Thomas, boiler maker, 17 Cannon, 

Glover Thomas, mariner, 311 Light 
Gluck Adam, cooper, 26 Pleasant al 
Gluck George, gardener, 89 Harrison 
Gluck Henry C. grocery, n e cor Madison and 

Gluck Wm. tinner, 81 n Gay 
Gluckstein Alois, shoemaker, 91 n Eutavir 
Glue Christian, shoemaker, 205 Peirce 
GMINDER JACOB, silver plater and manu- 
facturer of cotfin trimmings, lOj^ii s Calvert, 
dw 148 Henrietta 
Gnade Toletti, tailoress, 168 Durham 
Gneismer, Henry, broom maker, 203 Aliceanna 
Goaz Wm. cigar maker, 200 Montgomery 
Gobbel Wm. cigar maker, 107 s Castle 
Goblert Julius, confectionery, 110 n Caroline 
Gobright Covington G. coachmaker, 100 n 

Gobright Joseph S. coachmaker, n e cor Smith 

and Chatsworth 
Gobright Louisa, 100 n Greene 
Gobright Wm H. printer, 70 n Howard 
Gocker Bernard, tailor, 24 Barnes 
Gocker Lewis, tailor, 24 Barnes 
Gocking Anton, carpenter, 349 Canton av 
Goddard Charles, dealer in patent medicines, 

95 w Fayette 
Goddard George, clerk, 95 w Fayette 
Goddard Thomas, cigar maker, 74 s Eutaw 
Godey Henry, clerk, 41 Hanover 
Godey Thos. cabinet maker and undertaker, 

54 Hanover, dw 41 
Godfrey Catherine, 45 Garden 
Godfrey George, .saw maker, 18 Hillen 
Godfrey John, grocery, 712 Penna. av 
Godfrey John tailor, 370 n Gay 
Godfrey Johnson, carter, 623 Penna. av 
Godfrey Sarah, 370 n Gay 
Godfrey Samuel, tailor, 370 n Gay 
Godlibe John, sawyer, 172 Burgundy al 
Godman Robert, butcher, 898 w Baltimore 

Godman Thos. W. butcher, Frederick av. near ' 

Rock Spring gardens 
Godman Thos. W. butcher, 898 w Baltimore 
Godman Wm. H. butcher, s w cor Division 

and Lanvale 
Godwin Ann, 188 Conway 
Godwin Jane, dairy, 145 e Pratt 
Godwin Jer. mariner, 93 Mullikin 
Godwin Littleton, trunk maker, 188 Conway 
Godwin Walter E. machinist, 188 Conway 
Godwin Wm. jr., commission merchant, over 

Corn and Flour Exchange, 77 and 79 South, 

dw 58 Bar re 
Goodwin Richard, baker, 150 East 
Goebe Michael, 95 Regester 
Goebel Charles, tinner, 169 s Caroline 
Goebel George, currier, 310 w Pratt 
Goebel Ludwig, tailor, 11 Clay 
Goepel L. salesman, 105 w Biddle 
Goepert Christian, harness maker, 251 s Bond 
Goer Philip, puddler, 66 s Carey 
Goertz Frederick, variety store, 146 Hill 
Goettman John, grocer, 194 Ross 
Goetz Bernard, (G. & Samstag,) 79 n High 
Goetz Charles, machinist, 95 Hanover 
Goetz George, baker, 775 w Baltimore 
Goetz George M. tailor, 25 Gough 
Goetz Gregory, barber, 197 w Pratt, dw 71 

Goetz John A. G. tin store, s e cor Brown and 

Elizabeth la 
GOETZ & SAMSTAG, importers and dealers 

in wine and liquors, 9 n Gay 
GofF Wm. laborer, 19 Slemmer al 
Gogel Charles, butter and ice cream dealer, 

405 n Gay 
Goforth Geo. W. bacon dealer, 252 e Madison 
Goghegan Henry, varnisher, 433 w Pratt 
Going Alrah, clerk, dw Maltby house 
Going Albert, jr. .salesman, 204 w Biddle 
Going A. machinist, 204 w Biddle 
Going Daniel, clerk, 204 w Biddle 
Going Hosea F. clerk, 204 w Biddle 
Gohlinghost Harman, tavern, 285 s Bond 
Gohlinghorst John G. tavern, 15 Commerce 
GOHLlNGHORST JOHN G. Railroad hotel, 

66 Light 

Light-st whf. dw 8 Camden 
Gohn John B. currier, Hanover between Pratt 

and Camden 
Gohsman F. M. drover, 230 Aliceanna 
Gohsman Michael, 230 Aliceanna 
Gohultheis Lawrence, cabinet mkr. 91 Regester 
Gola Charles, prof, music, 47 Courtland 
Gold Abraham, (R. Kraus & Co.) 39 e Pratt 
Gold B. (R. Kraus & Co.) 39 e Pratt 
Gold Chas. W. supervisor N. W. Va. R. R. 

185 Conway 
Gold George, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Gold Joseph, brickmaker, 900 w Pratt 
Gold Lucy, 79 Cross 
G<ildberg Samuel, clerk, 23 s Sharp 
Golden Barnet, shoemak. 72 Cent. Market sp 
Golden James, sugar refiner, 13 Webster al 
Golden John, saddler, 62 n Eutaw 
Golden John, sugar refiner, 168 Greenmount 

Golden Michael, laborer, 13 Sterrett 
Golden Patrick, tinner, 34 Jewel, O. T. 
Golden Patrick, grocery, 104 Doljihin 
Goldenburg & Co. millinery dealers, 51 Q. 





Goldenburg Jacob, 170 e Lombard 
Goldenburg Jacob, 24 n Eden 
Goldenberg Mrs. R. millinery, over 67 w Bal- 
GOLDEi\RERG& WEINBERG, jobbers and 
dealers in embroideries, laces, &c., 67 w 
Goldenberg Reuben, (G. & Weinberg,) 13 

Goldenburg Sarah, 24 n Eden 
Golder Mrs. Archibald, 127 w Fayette 
Goldcr Dr. George, 127 w Fayette 
Golder J. C. & Bro. paper hangings manufac. 

35 Hanover, dw J. C. G. 239 n Howard 
Golder L. Howard, (J. C. Yates & Co.) 167 n 

Golder Robt. jr., (G & Unduch,) 495 w 

Golder & Unduch, imp. and dealers in paper 

hangings, 33 Hanover 
Golder William W. (J. C. G. & Bro.) 127 w 

Goldgrefa Wm. 564 w Lombard 
Goldman August, clerk, 392 w Pratt 
Goldman Benj. clothier, 4 Center Market 

space, dw 12 s Exeter 
Goldman Jane, 290 e Fayette 
Goldman Leman, butcher, Harford av. near 

city limits 
Goldman Louis, clothier, 80 ^^ Centre Market 

space, dw 49 Holland 
Goldsborough Alex. W. dry goods dealer, 443 

w Baltimore 
Goldsborough Charles, clerk, Gilmor house 
Goldsborough Dr. Howes, 443 w Baltimore 
Goldsborough Mrs. Jane M. 235 Madison av 
Goldsborough John,liqu. store, 146 Eastern av 
Goldsljorough Dr. Leander, apothecary, 173 

Penna. av 
Goldsborough Louisa, 58 Lancaster 
Goldsborough Martin, agricultural commission 

merchant, 119 n Calvert 
Goldsborough Thomas, wagoner, 22 Ham- 
mond al 
Gold.sborough Wm. J. clerk Farmers' and 

Planters' bank, 95 n Bond 
Goldsborough Wm. printer, 173 Penna. av 
Goldschmidt Sol. shoemaker, 229 Aliceanna 
Goldschmidt Michael, second hand furniture, 

3 Hampstcad 
Goldschmidt Molly, 3 Hampstead 
Goldsmith Aaron, pedler, 3.3 Orleans 
Goldsmith Charles, shoemaker, 11 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Goldsmith Daniel, shoemaker, 26 Oregon 
Goldsmith E. com. merchant, 119 w Lombard, 

up stairs, dw 48 s High 
Goldsmith Eliza, 198 n Howard 
Goldsmith Falk, clerk, 137 Lexington 
Goldsmith George W. clerk, 198 n Howard 
Goldsmith Jacob, grocery, 46 s Central av 
Goldsmith John S. dealer second hand stoves, 

&c. 38 Douglass 
Goldsmith John T. 247 e Madison 
Goldsmith Jonas, teacher, 66 s Eden 
Goldsmith Lewis A. omnibus driver, 25 Or- 
Goldsmith Reuben S. dry goods dealer, 208 

Goldsmith Samuel H. 85 n Calvert 
Goldsmith Solomon, jr. clerk, 208 Aliceanna 
Goldsmith Thomas, 67 McHenry 
Goldstein A. ink maker, 221 n Central av 

Goldstrom M. hat and cap dealer, 248 Alice- 
Goldstone Bernard, new and sec. hand clothier, 

16 Harrison 
Goldstone Brendela, 16 Harrison 
Golibart Joseph R. clerk, 355 e Baltimore 
Golibart Simon R. (Randolph, G. & Co.) Bal- 
timore near Ann 
Goll Elizabeth, 229 Hollins 
GOLLERY & CO. house and ship plumbers, 

11 e Pratt 
Gollery Henry, (G. & Co.) 1.59 s Ann 
Gommer John, tinner, 218 w Pratt 
Gompf Peter, shoemaker, 76 Pearl 
Gonce John T. laborer, 338 n Howard 
Gonder Jacob A. stone cutter, 169 n Eutaw 
Gonder Wm. cigar maker, 20 Brune 
Gonso Wm. H. shoemaker, 135 Vine 
Gonther Wm. piano maker, 136 Raborg 
Gontrum Conrad, boot fitter, 3 May 
Gontrum John, varnisher, Caroline near Mon- 
Gontrum Peter, shoemaker, 455 n Gay 
Gontz Simon, rag dealer, 159 Henrietta 
Gontzhorn Michael, shoemaker, 19 French 
Good John B. furniture dealer, 31 Harrison 
Good Mary, 18 Centre 
Good Patrick, wheelwright, 5 Falls 
Good Wm. porter, 178 s Howard 
Goodacre Daniel, stone cutter, s w cor Presi- 
dent and Stiles, dw 85 Albemarle 
GOODE WM. F. grocer, 180 Pearl 
Goodey Frederick, milkman, Franklin near 

Goodey George, 99 s Washington 
Goodhand James B. carpenter, 87 n Calvert 
Goodhand John, (Tucker & Smith,) 17 n Fre- 
Goodhard August, laborer, 1 Choptank 
Goodin Ann, 48 Somerset 
Gooding Ellender, 3 Hope al 
Goodloe T. W. (Massie, Belt & G.) Paca nr 

Goodman Aaron, clothier, 75 and 105 n How- 
ard, dw cor Clay and Howard 
Goodman Abraham B. (Samuel G. & Co.) 206 

w Pratt 
Goodman Achsah, 205 Aisquith 
Goodman Edward C. boot and shoemaker, 172 

n Gay 
Goodman Elizabeth, grocery, 125 n Fremont 
Goodman H.& Bro. clothiers , 66 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Goodman Henry, (H. G. & Bro.) 39 e Lom- 
Goodman Isaac, second hand furnitue dealer, 

62 Harrison 
Goodman Jacob, machinist, 453 w Lombard 
Goodman John, 281 s Paca 
Goodman John, salesman, 241 s Paca 
Goodman John, butcher, s e cor Chester and 

and Madison 
Goodman Joseph G. gas fitter, 172 n Gay 
Goodman Joseph, cap maker, 43 Harrison 
Goodman Joseph, clothier, 10 Centre Market 

Goodman Josiah, clothier, 136 w Pratt, dw 25 

Goodman Lewis, second hand furniture deal. 

68 Harrison 
Goodman Lewis, rag dealer, 60 Chesnut 
Goodman Michael, bakrr, 58 Short 
Goodman Simon, clothier, 91 n Howard, dw 75 




Goodman Samuel & Co. clothiers, 206 w Pratt 
Goodman Seigel, teacher, 36 Harrison 
Goodman Thaddeus S. cigar maker, 92 Lee 
Goodman Winnobald, tailor, 115 McElderry 
Goodmood John, laborer, 7 Harmony la 
Goodrich Geo. W. watchman at Customhouse 
Goodrich Henry, grocer, 2 Harrison, dw 71 

Goodrich J. W. tavern, 15 Fish Market space 
Goodrick George W. carpenter, 271 Forrest 
Goodrick Thomas T. carpenter, 32 e Baltimore 
Goodsmith Wm. jeweler, 448 w Baltimore 
Goodwin Charles, assistant cashier Merchant's 

bank, 209 w Lombard 
Goodwin James, blacksmith, 61 Boyd 
Goodwin John, blacksmith, 61 Boyd 
Goodwin Mary Ann, 39 Abbot 
Goodwin Richard B. (G. & Stevens,) 27 Stiles 
Goodwin Richard, baker, 150 East 
GOO DWIN & ST iiVENS, ship builders, Phil- 
pot near drawbridge 
Goodwin Patrick, blacksmith, 61 Boyd 
Goodwin Thomas, (Mills, Mayhew & Co.) 

29 Hollins 
Goodwin Thomas, shoemaker, 20 Centre 
Goodwood Valentine, tailor, 533 Lexington 
Gootee George S. 99 s Washington, F. P. 
Gordon Alexander B. attorney at law, 3 Bible 
house, Fayette, dw 66 Mount Vernon place 
Gordon Ann E. 184 Lexington 
Gordon Catharine E. 150 Greenmount av 
Gordon Mrs. Bazil B. 133 n Charles 
Gordon Charles, clerk, 105 s Eden 
Gordon David, baker, 72 Albemarle 
Gordon George W. commis. merch. over 94 

Light-st. whf. dw 105 s Eden 
Gordon George H. sailmaker, 28 Somerset 
Gordon Isaac N. printer, 17 s High 
Gordon James A. bricklayer, 14 Buren 
Gordon James, laborer, 154 Greenmount av 
Gordon James, laborer, Hull, L. P. 
Gordon John, restaurant, 17 e Pratt 
Gordon John M. president Union Bank, 101 

w Monument 
Gordon Joseph, shoemaker, 43 Milliman 
Gordon Joseph, oak cooper, 102 n Fremont 
Gordon Josiah, cigar maker, 153 n Fremont 
Gordon Lemuel S. commis. merchant, 114 

Spear's whf. dw cor Decker and Shirk 
Gordon Martin, laborer, 19 Pleasant al 
Gordon Mrs. Providence, 222 Harford av 
Gordon Patrick, laborer, Concord near Lom- 
Gordon Wesley H,, 171 Aisquith 
Gordon Wm. F. 412 Franklin 
Gordon Wm. H. watchman at Custom house, 

74 n Broadway 
Gordon Wm. E. bookkeeper, 105 s Eden 
Gordon Wm. shoemaker, 278 w Fayette 
Gordschell Frederick watchman at Custom 

house, 10 Townsend 
Gordshell Dr. George W. grocery, 163 n 

Gore John W. (Hopkins & G.) 133 Dolphin 
Gore John H. clerk, 38 n Calvert 
Gore Joseph, carpenter, 262 Franklin 
Gore Michael, carpenter, 245 Mulberry 
Gore Susan, 125 e Madison 
Gore Thomas, 38 n Calvert 
Gorges John, block and pump maker, 73 Lee 
Gorlotto Joseph, ship carpenter, 147 s Ann 
Gorman Bryan, grocery, 79 Richmond 
Gorman Ellen, confectionery, 41 President 

Gorman Henry, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Gorman John, machinist, 10 Valley 
Gorman John, fireman, 61 s Schroder 
Gorman John E. 63 s Howard 
Gorman John 0. drayman, 22 Rose 
Gorman John, agricultural implement maker, 

116 n Central av 
Gorman Nicholas L. printer, 191 e Madison 
Gorman Tliomas W. restaurant, 317 w Pratt 
Gorman Thomas W . detective policeman, Mar- 
shal's office, Holiday 
Gorman Wm. bricklayer, 151 Peirce 
Gorman Wm. E. sailmaker, 85 Gough 
Gorman Wm. 91 s Washington 
Gormley Ann, grocery, 2 Foundry 
Gormley John, tinner, 230 Lexington 
Gornall John, coppersmith, 169 Hoffman 
Gornell Richard, brass finisher, 153 East 
Gorsuch Amanda J. York road 
Gorsuch Artridge, 76 Chew 
Gorsuch James, ship carpenter, 52 Phiipot 
Gorsuch Jehu, hardware dealer, cor Gay and 

Front, dw 78 n High 
Gorsuch John T. bricklayer, 152 e Eager 
Gorsuch Nicholas, hatter, 65 Holland 
GORSUCH PEREGRINE, conveyancer, 32 

St. Paul, dw 227 Aisquith 
Gorsuch Ro1)ert, 157 e JVIonument 
Gorsuch Robert, clerk, 188 Mulberry 
Gorsuch Sarah, shoebinder, 8 New 
Gorsuch Theodore, carpenter, 85 Mulberry, 

dw Bull's Head tavern, 132 n Front 
Gorsuch Thomas, tailor, 100 Saratoga 
Gorsuch Wm. S. confectionery, 100 Mulberry 
Gorsuch Wm, G. carpenter, Clay nr Liberty, 

dw 100 n Eutaw 
Gorter G. O. consul for Belgium and commis. 
merch. 52 s Gay, dw Relay House, B & 
O.K. R. 
Gorton Wm, S, 147 s Ann 
Gosden John T. prof, of music, 132 n Gay 
Gosliell Eugenia, milliner, 102 s Broadway 
Goslee Daniel W. 121 e Pratt 
Gosling Mary, seamstress, 50 e Lombard 
Gosman Adam J, druggist, 66 n Eden 
Gosman Michael, cooper, 230 Aliceanna 
Gosnell D, E. clerk, 285 Franklin 
Gosiiell Enoch G. policeman, 8 Thomsen 
Gosnell Franklin, carpenter, 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Francis, carpenter, 64 s Poppleton 
Gosnell George W. 120 e Lombard 
Gosnell George, painter, 314 Harford av 
Gosnell George T. & J. T. caqjenters, 45 

George, dw Geo. T. G. 194 George 
Gosnell George W. 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Jesse T. (G. T. & J. T. G.) 142 

Gosnell John T, silver plater, Liberty near 

Baltimore, dw 29 Chatsworth 
Gosnell Joshua, policeman, 7 Thomsen 
Gosnell Lemuel W. 7 Waverly terrace 
Gosnell Mary J., Erune 
Gosnell Matthew T. clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Gosnell Philip H, merch 't tailor. 72 Poppleton 
Gosnell Quincy, carpenter, 144 Preston 
Gosnell Rebecca, trimmings, 144 Preston 
Gosnell Susan, 13 Josephine 
Gosnell Thomas, carpenter, 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Upton, blacksmith, 38 s Schroeder 
Gosnell Wallace, carpenter, Bee Hive tavern, 

37 Penna. av 
Gosnell Walter, brakesman B. & O, R. R. 554 
w Pratt 




Gosnell Wm. T. salesman, 7 Carey, Waverly 

Gossage John, tobacconist, 172 e Baltimore 
Gossage Levin, oyster dealer, 247 s Durham 
Gossage Wm. (Fledderman & G.) 100 Sara- 
Gossler Charles, harness maker, 260 n Cen- 
tral av 
Gosweiler Daniel, lime dealer, 188 w Biddle 
Gotfreid Moses, baker, 42G n Gay 
Gotfried Waiter, drayman, n e cor Central av 

and Holland 
Gotleib Samuel, tailor, 154 n Caroline 
Gott James, hackman, 43 Hillen 
Gott John, coachmaker, 325 Franklin 
Gott J. C. carpenter, 12 s Eutaw, dw 325 

Gott Wm. carpenter, 155 Hoffman 
Gottamiller Harman, porter, 63 Albemarle 
Gottbehuett A. cigar maker, 21 s Liberty 
Gottebehuet Adam,ironfiuisher, 141 s Fremont 
Gotte Carson, conf^^ctioner, 123 Eastern av 
Gottert G. Leonard, 176 Harford av 
Gottert Reinhard, 155 Chester 
Gottleib Henry, butcher, 97 Jefferson 
Gottleib Philip, butcher, 97 Jefferson 
Gottschalk Adolph, cooper, 218 Durham 
Gottschalt Henry, tobacconist, 113 Penna. av 
Gottsleben Peter, shoemaker, 433 Lexington 
Gotwalt Jacob, salesman, 33 n Calvert 
Goudy Albert, clerk, 481 w Lomliard 
Goudy David, moulder, 481 w Lombard 
Goudy John, machinist, 481 w Lombard 
Goudy Susan, 421 w Lombard 
Gough Benedict, clerk, 86 n Charles 
Gough Dr. Dixon, 70 s Sharp 
Go'ugh F. grocer, 126 Holiday 
Gough George T. seaman, 12 Jackson 
Gough James, clerk, 235 w Madison 
Gough Joseph H. harness maker, 12 Jose- 
Gough Robert, foundryman, 219 Boston 
Gough Wm. labon-r, 18 Albert al 
Gough Wm. foundryman, 219 Boston 
Gough Wm. R. carpenter, Washington near 

Goughan Barbary, tavern, 23 Centre 
Gould Alexandi'i-, sr. 368 Light 
Gould Alexander, jr. property agent and real 

estate broker, 81 Second, dw 70 Barre 
Gould Bmijamin Franklin, real estate broker, 

over 81 Second, dw 368 Light 
Gould C. W. printer, 162 n High 
Gould Ca])t. Edward, 148 s Bond 
Gould James, (G. & Ward,) 38 Franklin 
Gould James A. (Marriot & Co.) 376 Lex- 
Gould John H. clerk Sun office, dw 90 e Fay- 
Gould John G. 76 Albemarle 
Gould John R. clerk, 162 n High 
Gould Lucy, 73 Cross 
Gould Mrs. Mary Ann, 162 n High 
Gould Robert, moulder, 73 Cross 
Gould Thomas N. inspector of weights and 

measures, 91 w Biddle 
Gould Valentine, miller, 124 Stirling 
GOULD & WARD, importers of clocks, 
watches, chronometers, jewelry, &c. 168 w 
Gould Wm. ship carpenter, 122 Hamburg 
Gould Wni. H. clerk Sun office, 90 e Fayette 
Gould Zaccheus, clerk, 157 William 

GOULEY LOUIS, Jr. vegetable medicine 

dealer, 38 w Baltimore 
Gouliart John, grocery, 143 Henrietta 
Gourley Klizabeth, 9 n Bond 
Gourley Georare, laborer, 13 Tyson al 
GOURLEY GEO. shoer and smith, 9 Presi- 
dent, dw 65 Albemarle 
Gourley James, clerk, 26 n Frederick 
Gourley James, blacksmith, 4 Slemmer al 
Gourley John, clerk, 4 Slemmer al 
Gourley Wm. mariner, 465 n Gay 
Gouse John, laborer, 1 Grace's ct 
Gousha Napoline, 123 Chew 
Gover Geo. P. (Josiah Lee & Co.) Har- 
ford Co 
Gover Gerard, (Josiah Lee & Co.) Har- 
ford Co 
GOVER PHILIP & CO. exchange brokers, n 

w cor Baltimore and Harrison 
Gover Samuel H. auctioneer and com. mer- 
chant, 84 w Baltimore, dw 7 n High 
Gover Wm. L. clerk, 7 n High 
Governick John laborer, 232 Aliceanna 
Go well Mrs. 166 s Bond 
Gower Christopher, cooper, 331 s Eutaw 
Graar John, huckster, 162 n Spring 
Graberdy Jacob, bookkeeper, 124 s Charles 
GrabwhoU Catharine, cor Dover and Cam- 
den la 
Grabner Henry, stevedore, 193 s Regester 
Grace Aaron D. shoemaker, 158 Pine 
Grace A. D. shoemaker, 360 e Madison 
Grace C. A. 179 n Howard 
Grace Church, (Episcopal) cor Park and Mon- 
Grace James C. bookseller, 4 President 
Grace James, seaman, 6 Fountain 
Grace Jacob, gate keeper 1st toll gate Harford 

Grace John, carter, 346 s Charles 
Grace Teresa A. 82 s High 
Gracey Benjamin M. clerk, 55 .Aisquith 
Gracey H. & J. T. architects and builders, 55 

Gracey Hahy, bricklayer, 310 e Monument 
Gracey John, teacher, 55 Aisquith 
Gracey Robert, carter, 15 Greenmount av 
Gracey Thomas, laborer, 21 Barnes 
Grady Catherine, grocery, 24 East 
Grady James, jr. public weigher, 8 Garden 
Grady Michael J. carpenter, 107 Harford ay 
Graescn Peter, laborer, 169 s Regester 
Graden Chas. carter, 156 n High 
Gradwohl Martin, ship carp. 222 Canton av 
Grady Jas. 8 Garden 

Grady John, stone quarricr, 154 Cathedral 
Graef Conrad, lager beer saloon, 95 Hanover 
Graefe Edward, 92 s Eutaw 
Graefen Lewis, carver, 60 Carpenter al 
GRAF & ENGLKR, foreign exchange and 

bill brokers, over 18 Second 
Graf Fredk. B. vice-consul Sweden and Nor- 
way, over 18 Second, dw Eutaw house 
Graf Frederick B. (G. & Engler,) Eutaw house 
Grafe Edward, cabinet maker, 9 Clay 
Grafe Fredk. watchmaker, 186 Eastern av 
Grafensted Henry, cigar maker, 59 s High 
Graff Adam, shoemaker, 258 Montgomery 
Graff Araminta, 66 s Ann 
Graff E. Beatty, attorney, 14)^ Mansion 

house, w Fayette, dw 156 w Biddle 
Graff Geo. laborer, 315 s Bond 
Graff Geo. U. (Clabaugh & G.) Balto. Co 




Graff John, cooper, 315 s Bond 

Graff John D. 2 n Eden 

Graff John, coachmaker, 145 n Central av 

GrafRin Geo. W. dry goods merchant, 77 

South, dw 296 w Lombard 
GRAFFLIN J. C. proprietor Baltimore bag 

factory, 77 South, dw 7 Hollins 
Grafflin Joseph, deputy sheriff, s w cor State 

and Franklin 
Grafflin Jacob W. locust timber and trenail 
dealer and lumber yard. Canton av near 
Exeter, dw 33 Stiles 
Grafflin Jacob, 274 Lexington 
Grafflin Wm. H. lumber com. mercht. 88 

West Falls av, dw Fulton near Fayette 
Graft Christian, tailor, 71 s Bethel 
Graft George, carriage maker, 145 n Central av 
Graft J. Thomas, butcher, Point lane near 

Graft Thomas, carpenter, 154 Gough 
Graft WiTi. G. 24 n Liberty 
Grafton Rev. C. C. 42 Lexington 
Grafton McHenry, (Meixsel & G.) Balti- 
more Co. 
Grafton Samuel H. salesman, 580 Lexington 
Grafton Wm. 19 n Strieker 
Graham Amanda, 40 e Fayette 
GRAHAM ANDREW, tobacconist, 337 n 

Gay, dw 87 Aisquith 
Graham Andrew, private hospital, 242 n How- 
Graham Ann, dry goods dealer, 95 Preston 
Graham Benjamin, policeman, 356 s Central av 
Graham Capt. Campbell, 64 Franklin 
Graham Daniel, (W. & D. G.) Ill Jefferson 
Graham Edward, bottler, undiT s w cor Balti- 
more and Sharp, dw 169 n Central av 
Graham Ellis J. C. carpenter, 125 e Monu- 
Graham Felix, laborer, 98 s Charles 
Graham Capt. G. R. marmer, 104 Johnson 
Graham James, pattern maker, 198 Conway 
Graham James, blacksmith, n e cor Canton 

av and Castle al 
Graham Jeanette H. 242 n Howard. 
Graham Jesse, shoemaker, 153 n Exeter 
Graham John, shipsmith, 45 Fawn 
Graham John, tailor, 65 York 
GRAHAM JOHN, soap and candle manu- 
facturer, s w cor Caroline and Canton av 
GRAHAM JOHN, bookseller, 520 w Balti- 
more, dw 64 Raborg 
Graham John, baker, 7 Buren 
Graham John, brass moulder, 7 Buren 
Graham John T. bookkeeper, s w cor Charles 

and Bcirre ' 
Graham Joseph R. H. bookkeeper, dw Na- 
tional hotel 
Graham John, 248 Aisquith 
Graham John, potter, 103 Jefferson 
Graham Josiah, shoemaker, 32 Hillen 
Graham Marietta W. fancy store, 283 n How- 
Graham Matilda, boarding house, 76 Saratoga 
Graham Michael, botthng establishment, 238 

Harford av 
Graham Peter, wood dealer, s e cor Boston 

and Chester, dw 130 s Chester 
Graham Robert, carpenter, 315 Mulberry 
Graham Sarah A. 71 s Ann 
Graham Stephen J. 256 Eastern av 
Graham Thomas J. real estate agent, 8 Court 
house la, dw 76 Saratoga 

Graham Wm. blacksmith, 13 Scott 
Graham Wm. J. clerk, 125 e Monument 
Graham Wm. & J. coal oil dealers, 518 w Bal- 
timore, dw Wm. G. 64 Raborg 
Graham Wm. H. agent Brown Bros. & Co. 

54 Cathedral 
Graham Wm. cabinetmaker, 109 Jefferson 
Graham Capt. Wm. com. mt. and President 
Merchants' Mut. Ins. Co. Commercial build- 
ings, s Gay, dw 130 n Charles 
Graham W. & D. furniture manufacturers, 11, 

13 and 15 Edward 
Graham Wm. (W. & D. G.) 109 Jefferson 
GRAHAME ISRAEL J. apoth. and drug- 
gist, 354 w Baltimore, dw 82 Columbia 
Grahame H. Harris, clerk, 354 w Baltimore 
Grahame John M. grocer and tea dealer, 43 n 

Eutaw, dw 83 n Howard 
Gralla Casper, laborer, 10 Barnes 
Gramm Rev. Gustav. E. 118 Gough 
Gramble John, laborer, 184 s Ann 
Gramer Christian, 9 Ross 
Gramer Martin, knitter, 57 Williamson al 
Granan Bernard, machinist, 191 East 
Grandfield Richard, laborer, 49 President 
Grain Hugh, laborer, 15 Greenmount av 
Graininger Elizabeth, 34 Harford av 
Graininger John, tinner, 28 Liberty al 
GRANINGER J, E. shoemaker, 15 Court- 
GRANGE WM. & CO. shipping and gene- 
ral com. merchts. 3 Exchange place — [See ]}. 
40 Mvertisements.] 
Grange Wm. (Wm. G. & Co.) 624 Lexington 
Granger Geo. R. 185 w Lombard 
Granger Henry, 185 w Lombard 
Granger John, 44 Diamond 
Granger John, jr. painter, 44 Diamond 
Granger Levin H. wood deal. 27 Warren 
Granger James, restaurant, 369 s Charles 
Granger Lewis, painter, 16 Gold's ct 
Granger Matthew, tobacconist, 127 Saratoga 
Granger Wm. laborer, 129 Hamburg 
Granger Wm. sr. of tobac. warehouse No. 3 

Granger Wm. jr. of tobac. warehouse No. 3 

Granger Wm. H. tobacconist, 109^^0 '^ How- 

Granger Wm. laborer, 177 G. Hughes 
Granger Wm. laborer, 264 s Sharp 
Granruth Mary A. grocery, 265 s Bond 
GRANT & BRO. commission merchts. 61 

Exchange Place 
Grant Edward B. (G. & Bro.) 620 w Fayette 
Grant Bridget, 8 Mott 
Grant Edward, teacher 100 Bank 
Grant Catherine, 20 Mott 
Grant George W. blacksmith, 125 s High 
GRANT J. M. agent for religious periodicals, 

73 w Fayette, dw 109 Grundy 
Grant James B. (G. & Bro.) 247 n Howard 
Grant Margaret, 8 Mott 
Grant Mary, 20 Mott 
Grant Michael, carter, 23 Stirling 
Grant Patrick, cor Broadway and Bank 
Grant Xenophon, hat and cap maker, 498 w 

Grantz Charles, saddler, 295 Penna. av 
Grantz John C. clerk, 172 s Central av 
Grantzow Wm. tailor, 25 n Frederick 
GranzerJohn, tailor and scourer, 6 Bank la 
Grape Charles, baker, 307 Saratoga 
Grape Wm. H. carpenter, 137 e Monument 
Grapp Peter, shoemaker, 276 s Dallas 




Grape Andrew, trunk maker, ne cor Ensor and 

East dw 133 e Monument 
Grape Mrs. Charlotte, 137 e Monument 
Grape Geo. S. principal public school, No. 9, 

dw 137 e Monument 
Grape Jacob, bacon dealer, 119 Hillen, dw 97 
Grape John, wood dealer, 36 Granby 
Grape John T. salesman, 53 Stirling 
Graser Augustus, piano maker, 50 Oregon 
Grasmick John, drayman, 159 s Eden 
Grass Philip, tanner, 8 Baker's ct 
Grasser John, copper smelter, 22 Fountain 
Gratehous Christian, tailor, 171 e Lombard 
Grattan Adelia, boardmg house, 69 North 
Grattan Thos. L. practical gas fitter and plumb- 
er, 8 North, dw 69 
Gratz John W. cooper, 190 s Regester 
Grau John, tailor, 248 Kastern av 
Graue Herman H. (Wilkens & Co,) 168 s 

Grauer Ignatius, dry goods deal. 179 n Gay 
Grauer Saml. tobacconist, 646 w Baltimore 
Grauling F. tailor, 375 s Charles 
Grauling Geo. shoemaker, 2 s Central av 
Gravel Geo. laborer, 296 Franklin 
Gravcnstede Henry, cigar maker, 59 s High 
Gravenstine Jas. H. wire worker, 18 s Exeter 
Graver Lewis, tailor, 8 New Church 
Gravert Benj. mariner, 64 Block 
Graves Elizabeth A. 198 e Madison 
Graves Goo. trader, 21 Ryan 
Graves Geo. W. blacksmith, 198 e Madison 
Graves Dr. John J. office 36 s Charles, dw 

Windsor Mill road 
Graves John, mariner, 2 Wills 
Graves Henry M. assistant engineer city water 

works, dw Windsor Mill road 
Graves Wm. B. student of law, dw Windsor 

Mill road 
Gray Adelaide, 45 s Caroline 
Gray Adam, ship master, 55 s Exeter 
Gray Alexander P. shoemaker, 23 East 
Gray Andrew, (Kelsey &, G.) 90 e Baltimore 
Gray Ann L. 164 w Lombard 
Gray Ann M. 1 Williamson 
Gray Augustus, bricklayer, 16 Thomsen 
Gray Benjamin F. tailor, 497 w Pratt 
Gray Bernard, grocer, s w cor Monument and 

Gray Charles E. (Walker & G.) 142 s Paca 
Gray David W. (Pearco & G.) 168 Garden 
Gray E. jr. jeweler, 104 n Greene 
Gray Ezekiel, jeweler, 218Barre 
Gray Ezekiel, teamster, 153 Greenmount av 
Gray Franklin G. cigar maker, 32 Warner 
Gray Francis E. painter, 103 s Wolfe 
Gray Francis W. cracker agent, 19 s Bond 
Gray Frederick, bookseller, 140 Eastern av 
Gray Forden, 26 n Eutaw 
Gray George W. mariner, 45 Conway 
Gray George W. huckster, 18 s Bond 
Gray George W. laborer, 155 Durham 
Gray H. Otis, clerk, 33 n Calvert 
Gray Henry, bottler, Howard near Mulberry, 

dw 124 Hollins 
Gray Hugh, tallow chandler, 103 n High 
Gray James E. shoemaker, 46 Williamson 
Gray James A. painter, 138 Bank 
Gray James, laborer, 110 Stirling 
Gray James, laborer, 6 Falls 
Gray James L. carpenter, 669 Lexington 
Gray James E. harness maker, 334 w Balti- 


Gray John N. tailor, 497 w Pratt 

Gray John, sailor, 340 Eastern av 

Gray John, laborer, 4 Falls 

Gray Temperance, 271 n Dallas 

Gray Capt. Joshua A. mariner, 55 s Exeter 

Gray Jonathan J. carpenter, 81 Somerset 

Gray John, huckster, 92 Gough 

Gray John T. shoemaker, 236 e Madison 

Gray John W. sailmaker, 21 s Wolfe 

Gray J. Joseph, sailmaker, Kerr's wharf, dw 

50 s Broadway 
GRAY LEONARD W. constable, 49 Con 

Gray Manufacturing Co. office 13 Lexington, 
Chas. Marean, agt. dw s w cor Lexington 
and Charles 
Gray Mary Ann, 18 Haw 
Gray Mary A. cook, 76 s Sharp 
Gray Patrick, drayman, 109 Dover 
Gray R. W. carpenter, Gilmor, near Lexing- 
Gray Sarah, 124 s Ann 
Gray Thos. B. book agent, 94 s Charles 
Gray Thos. cabinet maker, 187 s Charles 
Gray Thos. shoemaker, 146 Mullikin 
Gray Vincent, tailor, 497 w Pratt 
Gray Wm. M. (Sheckels & Co.) 113 n Fre- 
Gray Wm. E. paper hanger, 287 n Eutaw 
Gray Wm. hatter, 16 Thomsen 
Gray Wm. mariner, 64 Thames 
GREACEN JOHN, salt deal. 83 Exchange 

place, dw Conway, nr Fremont 
Greaser Casper, cabinet maker, 354 Mulberry 
Greaser G. piano maker, 50 s Oregon 
Greaser Henry, shoemaker, 58 Ensor 
Grealcy John, laborer, 73 Happy al 
Greamer Jacob, carter, 238 s Dallas 
Greason George, omnibus proprietor, 252 Lee 
Greason Robert, 252 Lee 
Greason Thomas, huckster, 204 German 
Greasur Charles, paper stainer, 389 s Eutaw 
Greb Peter, groc. s e cor. Howard and Center 
Greble Benjamin, potter, 76 Ensor, dw 30 Har- 
ford av 
Greble Wm. potter, 124 Chew 
Grebe Henry, shoemaker, 194 s Wolfe 
Greber John, cloth, cutter, 56 Greenmount ar 
Greegor N. C. 82 s sharp 
Greely Patrick, laborer, 2 Diamond 
GREKN AMON & CO. manuf. of cotton yarn, 
wrapping twine, candle wick, and carpet 
chain, n w cor Exeter and Hillen. — [See p 7. 
Green Anion (A. G. & Co.) 70 Hillen 
Green Andw. coach trimmer, 219 Peirce 
Green Andrew, huckster, 383 n Gay 
Green Anthony, laborer, 187 s Caroline 
Green Ann, 77 n Fremont 
Green Catharine, 2 Bruno 
Green Mrs. Cecilia, 132 n High 
Green Charles A. (G. & Hobbs,) 50 Philpot 
Green Charles B. grocer, n w corner Gay and 

High, dw 130 n High 
Green Charles Bennet, clerk, 147 Hanover 
Green Cordelia, confectionery, 140 Aisquith 
Green Cornelius, barber, 31 w Pratt 
Green David, salesman, 78 n Howard 
Green Capt. Edward, 76 Buren 
Green Mrs. Elizabeth, shoebind. 215 Conway 
Green Francis, bricklayer, 269 w Biddlc 
Green George W. house and sign painter, 51 




Green George M. carpenter, 269 w Biddle 
Green Henry, sr. (Blackiston & G.) 450 dw 

Green Henry, jr. cabinet naaker, 5 s Schroeder 
Green Henry H. currier, 194 Lexington, dw 

41 Pearl 
Green Hester, 150 Burgundy al 
Green & Hobbs, shipsmilhs, 10 Philpot 
Green Hugh, salesman, 88 e Madison 
Green Hcniry, conductor B. & O. R. R. dw 50 

Green Henry L. gas fitter, 10 Falls 
Green Jacob, lime and hair dealer, 44 Buren, 

dw Baltimore Co 
Green James M. painter, 269 w Biddle 
Green Capt. James, 32 s Ann 
Green James, librarian Mercantile Library, dw 

23 n Fremont 
Green John, 27 Gittings 
Green John, iron moulder, 139 Welcome al 
Green John J. blacksmith, 119 Grundy 
Green John, laborer, 248 Light 
Green John, daguerreotypist, 685 w Baltimore 
Green John, printer, 450 w Fayette 
Green Capt. John M. (Crookshanks & G.) 

136 n Exeter 
Green John, 127 e Baltimore 
Green John, contractor, 40 w Monument 
Green John J. stone cutter, 41 Orchard 
Green John F. carpenter, 119 Grundy 
Green John F. moulder, 133 Welcome al 
Green John, lottery vender, 127 n Howard, dw 

Baltimore Co 
Green Joseph, laborer, 192 L. Constitution 
Green Joseph, grocery, 51 Chatsworth 
Green Joseph, huckster, 253 Columbia 
Green Joseph D. blacksmith, 134 s Bond 
Green Joseph N. carpenter, rear of 70s Carey 
Green Joshua, rectifier of liquors, 220 Mul- 
Green Joshua H. machinist, 118 Jefferson 
Green Josiah, clerk, 1 s Frederick 
Green L. A. 238 n Howard 
Green Mary Ann, 101 n Front 
Green Maria, 64 Camden 
Green Matthew, blacksmith, 17 Constitution 
Green Capt. M. R., steamer Baltimore, Adams 

Green Noah, car regulator B. & 0. R. R. dw 

16 s Republican 
Green Patrick, laborer, 45 Dewberry al 
Green Philander, restaurant, 63 South, dw 366 

w Fayette 
Green Rebecca, 102 Ensor 
Green Richard C. cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 

167 s Paca 
Green Richard M. blacksmith, 296 n Eutaw 
Green Samuel, (Amon G. & Co.) Columbia 

factory 3 miles on Harford road 
Green Samuel, ladies shoemak. 131 e Lombard 
Green Thomas, tavern, 56 Thames 
Green Thomas M. (G. & Yoe) 88 w Baltimore 
Green Mrs. Thomas P. 132 n High 
Green Thomas, carpenter, 109 Chew 
Green Thomas, proprietor Belvidere house, 

195 Nortn 
Green Thomas C. huckster, 4 al 
Green Wm. F. merchant tailor, 74 s Charles 
Green Wm. F. carpenter, 131 Ross 
Green VVm. moulder, 105 Plum 
Green Wm. P. restuarant, 57 South 
Green Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 107 s High 
Green Wm. H. conductor, 16 s Republican 

Green Wm. shoemaker, 450 w Fayette 
Green Wm. H. clerk, 236 n Howard 
GREEN cfe YOE grocers, 88 w BaltimoVe 
Green Zaccheus, carp. 167 sWashington, F. P, 
Greenbaum Isaac, pedler, 200 s Broadway, dw 

191 s Bond 
Greenbaum Isaac, dry goods deal. 191 s Bond 
Greenbaum Isaac, tailor and clothier, 146 w 

Pratt, dw 97 e Lombard 
Greenbaum John, pedler, 153 s Chester 
Greenbaum M. tailor and clothier, 319 w Pratt 
Greenbaum Meyer, clothier, s w cor Forrest 

and French, dw 168 French 
Greenbaum Nathan G. grocer, 157 Orleans 
Greenbaum Simon, clothing cutter, 319 w 

Greenbaum Wolf, grocery, 417 Saratoga 
Greenan Michael, laborer, 68 Durst al 
Greenawald Michael, grocery, 252 s Bond 
Greener John, cabinet maker, 133 Stirling 
Greenfield Aquilla H. hardware dealer, 167 

Lexington, dw 261 Saratoga 
Greenfield Caleb W. hardware merchant, 236 

Greenfield Harriet M. 261 Saratoga 
Greenfield Rachel, shoe binder, 3 ffarmony la 
Greenfield Thomas K. (J. & T. King & G.) 

89 s High 
Greenfield Wm. bracket sawyer, 119 n Gay 
Greenhood A. baker, 80 HarrLson 
Greenleaf John, engineer P. W. & B. R. 152 a 

Greenley Ann M. 36 Holiday 
Greenley George, laborer, 98 Granby 
Greenley Wm. plasterer, 116 Ensor 
Greenmount Cemetery office, 1 Courtland 
Greenough E. A. 21 s Sharp 
Greensfelder Bernard, 41 Granby 
Greensfelder Henry, wholesale and retail fancy 

dry goods dealer, 219 n Gay 
Greensfelder Moses, clerk, 27 n Eutaw 
Greensfelder S. & Co. auction dry goods deal- 
ers, over 2 Hanover, dw S. G. 10 s Exeter 
Greenspence Conrad, glass blower, 119 Ham- 
Greensteen Simon, fancy goods dealer, 27 e 

Greensteen Simon, dry goods dealer, 190 s 

Greentree Albert, 67 e Lombard 
Greentree Andrew D. painter, 373 Franklin 
Greentree Catharine, 173 Franklin 
Greentree Dr. Hiram, apoth. and drug, and 

coroner, cor Grundy and Preston 
Greentree Isaac, clerk, 67 e Lombard 
Greentree Jacob, clothier, 80 and 84^ Center 

Market space, dw 67 e Lombard 
Greenthal Isadore, clerk, 111 e Baltimore 
Greenwalt Abraham, second hand furniture 

dealer, 64 n Spring 
Greenwalt Pancratz, shoemaker, 3 Anthony 
Greenwalt Samuel, cigar maker, 150 L. Greene 
Greenwalt Samuel, second hand clothier, 137 

Greenwalter Samuel, shoemaker, 72 Center 

Market space 
Greenway J. Henry & Co. general commission 
merchant, 73 Smith's wharf, dw J. H. G. n 
w cor Charles and Monument 
Greenway Mrs. Wm. W. T. 98 Park 
Greenway Edward M jr. cor Mt. Vernon and 

Washington places 
Greenwell Dorothea, 240 s Paca 




Greenwell Thomas F. block and pump maker, 

280 e Pratt, dw 421 e Fayette 
Greenwood Chas. H. carpenter, 149 s Chester 
Greenwood George Z. com. mercht. 2Bowly's 

whf. dw 14 Henrietta 
Greenwood John, machinist, 36 Ryan 
Greenwood Robert, machinist, 36 Ryan 
Greenwood Richard, regulator B. & O. R. R. 

dw 22 Ryan 
Greer Alexander, sexton St. Paul's Church, 7 

Greer Capt. Charles H. mariner, 86 s High 
Greer Isabella, 133 n Paca 
Greer John, 133 n Paca 
Greer John, carpenter, 169 n Eden 
Greer M. 133 n Paca 

Greer Robert A. accountant, 40 n Fremont 
Greer Robert, shoemaker, 162 Chesnut 
Greer Sophia, 86 s High 
Greer Thomas, 86 s High 
Greer Wm. speculator, 104 Dugan's whf. dw 

86 s High 
Gregg Andrew & Co. gro. and produce mer- 
chants, 109 and 111 Franklin 
Gregg Andrew A. (Bayfield &G.) 58 Franklin 
Gregg Eliza, 29 e Baltimore 
Gregg J. Newton, clerk, 348 w Fayette 
Gregg James, (A. G. & Co.) 58 Franklin 
Gregg John, (A. G. & Co.) 126 n Charles 
Gregg John H. bookkeeper, 348 w Fayette 
Gregg Robert, 43 Holiday 
Gregg Thomas, tailor, 398 w Fayette 
Gregg Wm. clerk, 137 L. Greene 
Gregory Amos, grocery, 210 s Charles, dw 220 
Gregory David, lal)orer, 160 s Wolfe 
Gregory H. D. tobacconist, 247 Light, dw 

48 Hill 
Gregory Henry N. painter, Jefferson east of 

GREGORY JOHN B. grocery, 199 s Charles 
Gregory John B. plasterer, 102 Hollins 
Gregory Joseph, carter, 73 n Spring 
Gregory Martha, variety store, 119 Gough 
Gregory Mary, 26 Chatsworth 
Gregory Thomas, cigar maker, 14 Henrietta 
Gregory Wm. ship carpenter, 137 s Eden 
Gregory Wm. plasterer, 102 Hollin.s 
Gregson Richard, book agent, 10 Carroll hall, 

up stairs, dw Mansion house 
Grehle Foldham, tailor, 59 James lane 
Grehmer Jacob, tanner, 32 Liberty al 
Greibe Andrew, shoemaker, 331 s Eutaw 
Greibe Anthony, tailor, 113 n Bethel 
Greif Peter, tailor, 213 s Broadway 
Greifenstein George, tailor, 294 w Pratt 
Greives David F. carpenter, 71 Warner 
Grell Gotleib, tailor, 32 s Regester 
Gremm Elias, liarber, 190 e Monument 
Grender Anton, tailor, 36 Park 
Grening John, shoemaker, 161 William 
Grenzebach Henry, shoemaker, 240 s Sharp 
Grepp Joseph, sawyer, 210 s Bethel 
Gresen Louis, carter, 267 Eastern av 
Greshoff Francis A. gold and silversmith, 
Wine, bet. Light and Charles, dw Caroline, 
between Pratt and Gough 
Gresley Jacob F. butcher, Penna. av. near 

Northern av 
Gress John, paper hanger, 12 Baker's ct 
Greve Henry, tailor, 321 n Central a.f 
Grever Louis, tailor, 8 New Church 
Greves Daniel R. tobacconist, 172 s Broadway 
Greves Wm. confectionery, 154 s Charles 

Grew John, rope maker, 366 l-ight 

Grew Philip, coppersmith, 70 Essex 

Grewe Mary, 4 Thomsen 

Gi'essman Christian, carpenter, 58 e Lombard 

Greyer George, tailor, 298 n Canton av 

Gfice Kliza, 295 e Baltimore 

Grice Joseph P. (Scott &G.) 295 e Baltimore 

Gridley John, (Claridge & G.) 130 n Gay 

Gridley John & Co. lottery & exchange office, 

1.30 n Gay, dw J. G. 129 n Eden 
Griebel Christian, tailor, 109 Eastern av 
Griefterian Ernest, cigarmaker, 52 Josephine 
GRIEFZUE CHRISTIAN, tobacconist, 379 

Canton av 
Grieneisen Adam, tailor, 78 Hanover 
Grier Eleanor, 187 n Howard 
GrierDr. Wm., U. S. N., 187 n Howard 
Grips Adam, shoemaker, 75 Harrison 
Gries Cornelius, cooper, 41 Slemmer al 
GRIES JOHN G. wood and twist turner, 

rear of 11 Light, dw 542 w Pratt 
Grioser Adam, cooper, 125 s Exeter 
Grieser Lizzie, vest maker, 125 s Exeter 
Grieshaber Emanuel, saddler, 9 Sterrett 
Griesman Christian, carpenter, 58 e Lombard 
Griesman Theodore, tailor, 90 Pearl 
Griesmer Henry, cabinet maker, 267 w Pratt 
Griesmer Jacob, tinner, 276 s Dallas 
Gricst Moses, (Michael Dorsey& Co.) 58 Hill 
Grieves David F. carpenter, 71 Warner 
Griffin Anthony, carter, 245 Columbia 
Griffin Bridget, 2 Beam's la 
Griffin Charles H. butcher, 402 n Gay 
Griffin Clara, 27 Edward 
Griffin Clara, 392 n Gay 
Griffin Catherine, grocery, 31 w Chasse 
Griffin David, sewing machine agt. 13 n Gay, 

dw 73 n High 
Griffin George, millwright, 17 Armisteadla 
Griffin George, jr. machinist, 156 Cross 
Griffin George, machinist, Cross bctw. Light 

and William 
Griffin Henry C. (R. B. G. & Sons,) 13 Penn 
Griffin Henry, (G. & Hopkins,) Baltimore 

betw. Ann and Wolfe 
Griffin & Hopkins, dealers in grain, feed, &c. 

13 w Pratt 
Griffin James, laborer, 31 w Chase 
Griffin James, shoemaker, 102 n Bond 
Griffin John, laborer, 20 Callendar al 
Griffin John, plasterer, 303 Frankiin 
Griffin Johanna, 32 Stockton al 
Griffin James, printer, 13 Comet 
Griffin John, tailor, 204 Hanover 
Griffin Joseph, restaurant, 116 Franklin 
Griffin Luke, tavern, 10 Fish Market space 
Griffin Michael, laborer, 103 Vine 
Griffin Paul, laborer, 42 Diamond 
Griffin Robei-t J. carpenter, 213 Barre 
Griffin Robert B. & Sons, deals, boots, shoes, 

hats, caps and bonnets, over 17 s Charles, dw 

R. B. G., 96 n Paca 
Griffin Thomas, plumber, 38 Ross 
Griffin Thomas W. magistrate 1st ward, 178 s 

Broadway, dw 120 s Chester 
Griffin Timothy, 18 Comet 
Griffin Wm. policeman, 19 s Washington, F. P. 
Griffin Wiley Hunter, salesm. FousUain hotel 
Griffin Wm. J. M. stone cutter, 303 Franklin 
Griffin Wm. Hunter, salesman. Fountain hotel 
Griffin Wm. W. 96 n Paca 
Griffiss Mrs. John 1. n w cor Baltimore and 

Central av 




Griffiss Sarah Ann, s w cor Cathedral and 

Griffiss Sarah Ann, 36 Chesnut 
Griffiss Tliomas J. bill broker, 170 Cathedral 
Griffiss Thomas J. 2G n Front 
Griffith Allen, laborer, 143 s Fremont 
Griffith Catherine, trim'ngs store, 33 Harrison 
Griffith Charles G. Judge Orphan's Court and 

silversmith, 201 Raborg, dw 384 w Fayette 
Griffin Allen, iVlal thy house 
Griffith Allan, 11 s Eutaw 
Griffith Charles, clerk, 331 w Pratt 
Griffith Daniel, shoemaker, 100 s Regester 
Griffith Edward L. (Merryman, G. & Co.) 136 

G. Hughes 
Griffith Edward, clerk. 144 Hanover 
Griffith l.dwin L. bookkeeper, 103 Hanover 
Griffith Ellen, 23 Stirling 
Griffith Eliza, 33 Harrison 
Griffith Ebzabeth, 101 e Madison 
Griffith Elizabeth, 39 German 
Griffith Francis P. slater, 53 North 
Griffith G. S. imp. and job. of carpets, &c. 77 

w Baltimore, dw 121 n Calvert 
Griffith George, jirinter, 21 Perry 
Griffith Hannah iVI. 30 s Exeter 
GRIFFITH HEMIY, merchant tailor, 2 

Light, dw 89 e Fayette 
Griffith Howard, 2 Waverly terrace 
GRIFFITH, HYATT & CO. imp. of brandies, 

wines, cigars, &c. and dealers in tobacco, 6 

Griffith Israel, sr. over s e cor Baltimore and 

Sharp, dw 43 s Sharp 
Griffith Israel, jr. over 1 Sharp, dw 43 
Griffith James T. shoemaker, bO Peirce 
Griffith Jas. i\l. clerk, 81 McCulloh 
Griffith Capt. John R. 55 Lee 
Griffith Joseph A. slater, 56 Walsh 
Griffith Leonidas M. clerk, 231 w Pratt 
Griffith Levi P. shoemaker, 133 Forrest 
Griffith Lewis P. house and sign painter, 355 

Griffith Mary S. 225 w Biddle 
Griffith Michael, 228 n Caroline 
Griffith M. ship, clerk tobacco warehouse 

No. 3, dw Miller's hotel 
Griffith IMich. R. (G., Hyatt & Co.) 6 Water 
Griffith Philemon, tobac. msp. warehouse No. 

3, dw 77 Camden 
Griffith Robt. H. ship carpenter, 63 Hill 
GRIFFITH R. R. Jr. commission merchant 

& dealer in fish, 13 Mercer, dw 195 Garden 
Griffith Rich'd H. jr. salesman, 558 Lexington 
Griffith Richard H. 384 w Fayette 
GRIFFITH R. R. Sr. guano and phosphate of 

lime agent, over s e cor South and Exchange 

place, dw 81 McCulloh 
Griffith Samuel J. hatter, 225 w Biddle 
Griffith Samuel G. miller, John bet Townsend 

and Lanvale 
Griffith Teresa, 107 n Caroline 
Griffith Thomas, produce dealer, 21 Perry 
Griffith Wm. 316 Forrest 
Griffith Wm. cedar cooper, 279 n Eutaw 
Griffith Wm. watchman, 24 St. Peter 
Griffith Wm. H. (B. Crane & Co.) Waverly 

terrace, n Carey 
Griffith Wm. H. clerk. Mansion house, n w 

cor Fayette and St. Paul 
GRIFFITH WM. H. upholsterer and paper 

hanger, 13 n Gay 
Griffiths I. J. (Lapsley & G.) 12 St. Paul 

Griggs James, pilot, 91 s Bond 
Griggs John J . machinist, 28 n Caroline 
Griggs Wm. pilot, 144 s Bond 
Griggs Capt. Wm. 150 s Bond 
Griley Elijah, bootmaker, 135 Stirling 
Grill Francis, drayman, 72 Portland 
Grill John, gunsmith, 7 Port al 
Grill Wm. laborer, 33 Brown 
Grim Andrew, porter, 56 Burke 
Grim Chrisiian, boarding house, 45 Bank 
Grim Edward 0. carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 
Grim Francis, cabinet maker, 27 Harmony la 
Grim John, baker, 296 s Bond 
Grim Wm. D. carpenter, 323 n Eutaw 
Grimes Charles E. clerk, 206 w Baltimore 
Grimes Edward, sweepmast. 492 w Baltimore 
Grimes Elijah J. carpenter, 236 Preston 
Grimes Hugh, paver, 61 French 
Grimes James A. tavern, 10 Frederick av 
Grimes James, 46 Hanover 
Grimes John, mariner, 52 n Spring 
Grimes James, bricklayer, 887 w Baltimore 
Grimes Jehial, laborer, 57 s|^Schroeder 
Grimes Josiah, 70 s Poppleton 
Grimes Richard, rigger, 149 s Washington 
Grimes Susan, 52 n Spring 
Grimes Vinson, boatman, 116 s Caroline 
Grimm Adam, 251 n Eden 
Grimm George, sugar refiner, 41 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Grimm Jos. truss and glove maker, 93 North 
Grmim Rev. Christian F. 126 s Caroline 
Grimm Geo. cap maker, 251 Hanover 
Grimmell Jacob, clothing cutter, 71 Hampstead 
Grimmenger Joseph, shoemaker, 64 s Bethel 
Grimmer Falten, lager beer saloon, 277 s Ann 
Grindall Isaiah J. custom house officer, 289 

Grindall John T. carpenter, 179 Montgomery 
Grindall Wm. hose maker, 632 w Pratt 
Grindalmyer John, laborer, 77 Peirce 
Grinn John A. carpenter, 251 n Eden 
Grinnell Chas. A. (G. & Jenkins,) 2 Cathedral 
Grinnell & Jenkins, wholesale dealers boots, 

shoes, hats,«fcc., 275 w Baltimore 
Grinegar George, carpenter, 7 Orchard 
Grinsfelder &. Brother, millinery and fancy 

goods dealers, 25 n Howard 
Gnnsielder Joseph G. (G. & Bro.) 25 n How- 
Grinsfelder Samuel, (G. & Bro.) 71 Pearl 
Gristle Dennis, laborer, 11 Slemmer al 
Griswell Levi, machinist, Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Grob Charles, locksmith, 433 Lexington 
Grob Dorothea, grocery, 433 Lexington 
Grobft John, laborer, 27 Abbey al 
Grocers' Exchange, s e cor Exchange place & 

Grodry James, Maltby house 
Groebl F. Lous, manuf. marquetry, 414 Lex- 
Groebl Mary, prof, music, 414 Lexington 
Groeninger Frederick, porter, 130 Raborg 
Groeninger Joseph, grocer, n w cor Fremont 

and Raborg 
Groenzo Charles, harness maker, 293Penn. av 
Groeshel Llias, tailor, 62Mullikin 
Groff John, tailor, 231 n Bond 
Groff Wm. sawyer, 101 Eastern av 
Groflin Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Groft Wm. planing mill, dw Wilk near Exeter 
Grogan Chas. E. clerk, 100 w Monument 




Grogan James J. clerk, 100 w Monument 
Grogan Joseph, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

Eager near Valley, dw 82 Harford av 
Grohe Christian, laborer, 90 Albemarle 
Grohe Geo. tailor, 64 s (Jarey 
Groman Casper, 31 Carpenter al 
Gronau Conrad, cabinet maker, 167 s Caroline 
Gronau Edward, clothier, 125 s Broadway 
Gronau Wm. tailor, 125 s Broadway 
GRONEBERG EDWARD, jeweler, 70 e 

Gronester John, baker, 350 Eastern av 
Gronewell John, cooper, 32 Church 
Gronewell Margaret, tavern, 104 s Howard 
Groom Henry, salesman, 65 Boyd 
Grooms Chas. brass founder, 108 n Bethel 
Grooms Chas. E. plasterer, 238 n Caroline 
Grooms Elizabeth, 263 n Gay 
Grooms Nathan, huckster, 263 n Gay 
Grooms Wm. H. plasterer, 95 Mullikin 
Grooms Wm. L. jr. plasterer. 111 e Madison 
Grooms Wm. sr. plasterer, 113 e Madison 
Groppe Frank, cabinet maker, Stirling, bet 

Eager and Chew 
Groppe Joseph, blacksmith, 159 Stirling 
Grosbender Edward, finisher, 68 Portland 
Groscors Herman H. bookkeeper, 140 s Sharp 
Groscup Ann J. 80 e Pratt 
Groscup Catherine, 92 Albemarle 
Grosehands Jacob, brewer, Frederick road, nr 

Snake hollow 
Grosh Eugene, sailmaker, 48 n Bond 
Groskopf Philip, tailor, 325 Hanover 
Gross Frederick, cabinet maker, 8 s Dallas 
Groskopf Michael, cooper, 288 s Durham 
Gross Adam, paver, 83 Eastern av 
Gross Armgate, shoemaker, 148 s Regester 
Gross Adam jr. engineer, 83 Eastern av 
Gross Catherine, cook, 81 s Sharp 
Gross Caspir, stone cutter, 323 n Central av 
Gross Frederick, shoemaker, 258 Montgomery 
Gross Geo. R. tobacconist, 684 w Baltimore 
(iross J. piano maker. Gen. Wayne Inn 
Gross .lacob, inspect, of customs, 106 n High 
Gross John, stevedore, 40 Aliceanna 
Gross John I. 99 Aisquith 
Gross Louis, clerk, 85 Harford av 
Gross Margaret, 46 s Register 
Gross Nicholas, tailor, 8 Broad al 
Gross Peter, mason, 221 s Paca 
Gross Wm. mason, 221 s Paca 
Gross Wm. H. carpenter, 251 Mulberry 
Gross Wm. J. tinner, 11 Fine 
Gross Wm. S. com. merch. 172 e Eager 
Gross Wilhelm, bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Grosscors Herman, bookkeeper, 140 s Sharp 
Grosskopj) Frederick, tailor, 325 Hanover 
Grote Faldine, 23 Shakspeare 
Grote John, tailor and clothier, 89 n Front 
Grote John H. tavern, 41 Saratoga 
Grotsman John, tailor, 259 n Dallas 
Grou Francis, shoemaker, 96 n Dallas 
Grouk John, machinist, 272 Aliceanna 
Grouling Henry, tailor, 357 s Charles 
Ground John F. machinist, 24 Holiday 
Grouse Adam, butcher, 50 Henrietta 
Groth Henry, barber, 253 s Ann 
Grothaus George F. merch. tailor, 11 w Balti- 
more, dw 243 e Baltimore 
Grothe Christian, 40 Somerset 
Grove Daniel L. inspector at custom house, 

618 Lexington 
Grove David, laborer, 95 n Amity 

Grove David, foundryman, 47 Oregon 
GROVE FRANCIS, grocer and prov. dealer, 

8 & 10 Penna. av. dw 110 n Gre-ene 
Grove George, printer, n e cor Frederick and 

Grove Joseph, bottler, Calhoun al nr Camden 
Grove Henry H. (G., Miller & Co.) 170 Ross 
Grove Hiram, bookkeeper, 16 s Greene 
Grove Jacob F. clerk, 259 e Baltimore 
Grove Dr. L. Jew^tt, 190 Bank 
Grove Martin, carpenter, 185 L. Constitution 
Grove, Miller & Co. coal dealers, 163 n How- 
ard, and n w cor Paca and German 
Grove Robert, shoemaker, 6 Grundy 
Grove Wm. shoemaker, 6 Grundy 
GROVER & BAKER, fam. sewing machines, 

181 w Baltimore, G. W. Eddy, agent 
Grover Chas. Gustavus, 190 e Madison 
Grover Leonard B. 121 s Paca 
Grover Paul, lottery vender, 172 w Pratt, dw 

59 Hanover 
GRO VERMAN ANTHONY, grocer and com. 

merchant, 54 South, dw n e cor Charles and 


commission merchant, 374 w Baltimore, dw 

2 n Carey 
Groverman Henry, 2 n Carey 
Groves Charlotte Ducket, 106 Pine 
Groves Geo. W. policeman, 124 Johnson 
Groves Sargent, coach painter, 6 Grundy 
Groves Capt. Wm. H. 105 s Wolfe 
Groves Wm. shoemaker, 398 Saratoga 
Growley Christiana, grocery, 52 Lancaster 
Grubb Geo. W. cedar cooper, 415 n Gay 
Grubb Henry, clerk, 415 n Gay 
Grubb Joseph, dentist, 106 n Exeter 
Grubb John, engineer, 161 Hollins 
Grubb Richard B. morocco dresser, 415 n Gay 
Grubb Wm.A.J.clerk,B.«fe O. R. R. ]79 Lee 
Gruljb W. A. plane maker, 260 Mulberry 
Grubbs 'I'hos. B. com. prov. mercht. Pratt, nr 

South, dw 2 Henrietta 
Grube Lewis, (Henry L. Dannettel & Co.) 126 

Gruber Felix, carpenter, 2 Lanvale 
Gruber Jacob, boiler maker, 96 William 
Gruber John, cooper, 218 s Bond 
Gruenibaum Marks, clothier, 134 w Pratt, dw 

64 Hanover 
Gruetter Frederick L. oak cooper, 312 Mont- 
gomery, dw 222 s Sharp 
Gruis Wm. 4 Sarah Ann 
Grumbaugh Jacob, 62 Philpot 
Grunbine Emanuel, tinner, 105 Pearl 
Grund Wilhelm, cap maker, 32 Leadenhall 
Grundy Byron, bookkeeper, 90 Saratoga 
Grunebaum Joshua, clothier, 64 Aisquith 
Gruiiebaum M. baker, 140 Orleans 
Grumbaum Mark, clothier, 134 w Pratt, dw 

64 Hanover 
Grunebaum Samuel, dry goods dealer, 204 s 

Gruner George, cabinet maker, 33 Albemarle 
Gruner John, tailor, 49 n Central av 
Grunsbaum Isaac, clothier, 146 w Pratt, dw 

97 e Lomljard 
GKUPY FRANCIS H. hide andleath. dealer, 

42 s Calvert, and 23 Grant, dw 226 Aisquith 
Grupner Frederick, carp, weaver, 47 e Fayette 
Grass Wm. Arbeiter hall, 5 s Frederick 
Gruver & Costolay, cedar coopers, 120 and 

148 Franklin 




Gruver Geo. W. (G. & Costolay,) 274 Frank- 
Gruver Jacob, watchmaker, 71 Orleans 
Gruver Wm. H. lieut. western district police, 

dw 111 Pearl 
Guass Henry, carpenter, Peirce near Ogsden 
Guckert John, lumb. wagoner, 148 s Eden 
Gude Christian, morocco dresser, 34 French 
Gude Henry, cigar maker, 108 n Paca 
Gude Henry P. dry goods store, 161 w Mad- 
Gude Justus C. grocery, 67 German 
Guenther Henry, tailor. Perry, betw. Hanover 

and Charles 
GUERAND FRANCIS, French dyer, 124 n 

Howard. — [See p. 9 Jldvertisevients.] 
Guest Harriet, 156 w Lombard 
Guest J. Wesley, bookkeeper Bank of Com- 
merce, dw 156 w Lombard 
Guest Mahala C. boarding house, 154 & 156 w 

Guest Richard S. salesman, 364 w Fayette 
GUEST SAMUEL, real estate broker, 140 w 

Guggenheimer Saml. 175 e Lombard 
Gulder John F. tailor, 193 e Madison 
Guild Chas. H. (E. T. Cross & Co.) 328 w 

Guildener Fredk. carpenter. Homestead, Bal- 
timore Co 
Guildener Hannah, 58 n Liberty 
Guise Clara, tavern, 318 s Bond 
Guise Geo. 136 Lancaster 
Guishard Phoebe B. 120 s Sharp 
Guilford Wm. Henry, of planing mill, 193 s 

Guilfoyle Wm. C. planing mill. Star al, near 

GUININGER J. E. shoemaker, 15 Courtland 
Guinny James, livery stable. North, near Fay- 
ette, dw 113 n Calvert 
Guinzburg Rev. Dr. Aaron, prof. German, 101 

GUITEAU & SULLIVAN, agents for Sun- 
day School and Tract Depository, 73 w 
Guiteau Rev. Sheridan, (G. & Sullivan,) Bal- 
timore Co 

Guirk shoemaker, 19 Scott 

Gulery Joseph, 160 s Washington, F. P. 
Gulery John, house carpenter, 160 s Wash- 
ington, F. P.. 
Gull James, laborer. Falls road, near 1st toll- 
Gummel C. Gotleib, carp. 502 Penna. av 
Gump Henrietta A. confectionery, 87 e Lom- 
Gump Mary dry goods deal. 176 e Baltimore 
Gunipert Nicholas, gardener, Scott, nr Ham- 
Gumpert Joseph, tailor, 160 Ensor 
Guiiipnian Charles, paver, 20 Preston 
Gumpman John, mason, 32 Burke 
Gumpnian Michael, porter, 64 Jasper 
Gunby Capt. Francis A. 281 e Lombard 
Gunby James VV. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby John, mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Joseph D. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Maria, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Mary S. 158 Cross 
Gunby Stephen, sailmakcr, 128 s Ann 
GundcU John, furn. wagoner, 91 Harrison 
Gundell Lainhart, cooper, 90 York 

Gundersdorf Christian, boot and shoe maker, 

277 Saratoga 
Gundersheimer Joseph, clothier, 231 w Pratt, 

and dry goods dealer, 235 w Pratt 
Gundina Louis, currier, 277 w Pratt 
Gundiner Louis, laborer, 391 w Pratt 
Gundlock Elizabeth, cook, s e cor Sharp and 

Gundy John, 100 St. Mary 
Gundlach Geo. shoemaker, 145 Columbia 
Gunslow Henry, laborer, 543 Canton av 
Gunn Ann, 172 Columbia 
Gunn Edward, laborer, 87 McEldcrry's wharf 
Gunn Hugh, woodsawycr, 4 Slemmer al 
Gunn John, sawyer, 4 Slemmer al 
Gunn Dr. John P. s w cor Lombard and Sharp 
Gunnell Wm. T. coach trimmer, 28 Thomsen 
Gunning Thos. laborer, 78 Greenmount av 
Gunnison Wm. 213 Hoffman 
Gunnison Wm. H. 213 Hoffman 
Gunsler Louis, lager beer saloon, 43 n Fred- 
Gunselman Adam, shoemaker, 45 Happy al 
Gunter John H. shoemaker, 170 Sarah Ann 
Gunther August, lager beer saloon, 27 Ensor 
GUNTHER CONRAD, dentist, 183 e Bal- 
Gunther Erhardt, weaver, 60 Penna. av 
Gunther Fredetick, laborer, 316 Aliceanna 
Gunther George, tailor, 69 Hampstead 
Gunther L. W. (G. & Uodewald,) 527 w 

Gunther Mary, 156 Garden 
Gunther & Rodewald, general com. merchts. 

and tobacco factory, 90 w Lombard 
Gunther Wm. piano maker, 136 Raborg 
Gunts John, glassblower, 278 Light 
Gurgand Henry, laborer, 49 Eastern av 
Gurgand Theodore, grocer, 153 e Lombard 
Gurley Geo. laborer, 13 Tyson 
Gurry James, porter, 32 Chatsworth 
Gurvick Fredk. agricultural implement maker, 

n e cor Poppleton and Pratt 
GusdorffAlex. dry goods deal. 641 w Balti- 
Gusdorff Bernard, dry goods dealer, 653 w 

Gusman John, cooper, 170 s Ann 
Gutberllet August, 206 German 
Gutberllet Charles, 273 Dallas 
Guthlein IS icholas, hosiery dealer, 226 s Broad- 
Guthrie Joseph, police, 141 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Guthroff Wm. blacksmith, 418 Saratoga 
Guthrow Chas. brushmaker, 277 n Gay 
Guthwasser John, tailor, 21 Mott 
Gutermuth Geo. broom maker, 94 French 
Gutermuth Valentine, clothing cutter, 533 Lex- 
Gutman Joel, dry goods dealer, 29 n Eutaw, 

dw 192 Saratoga 
GUTMAN MUSES & CO. clothiers, 331 w 

Baltimore, dw Moses G. 92 s Sharp 
Guttermuth Gephart, confectioner, 56 Camden 
Guy Benjamin, carpenter, 15 Townsend 
Guy Dixon, tailor, 16 Stiles 
Guy Elizabeth, 186 n Exeter 
Guy Isaac, milkman, 1 L. Constitution 
Guy James, bread depot, 123 Bank 
Guy James, drayman, 46 n Bond 
Guy Jane, 16 Stiles 
Guy Joseph, ship ceirpenter, 16 Stilea 




Guy's Monument House, 13 and 15 n Calvert, 

Wm. Guy & Co. proprietors 
Guy Moses, carpenter, 43 n Central av 
GUY WM. & CO. propr. Monument house, 

13 and 1.5 n Calvert 
Guy Moses, ship carpenter, 16 Stiles 
Guy Robt. J. dry goods dealer, 122 Lexington 
Guy Capt. Samuel, mariner, 81s Washington, 

F. P. 
Guy Wm. ship carpenter, 8 Sleramer al 
Guyer August, shoemaker, 66 Somerset 
Guyer John J. bootmaker, 79 Forrest 
Guylet Frederick, shoemaker, 261 Canton av 
Guysen John, coachman, 121 Saratoga 
Guyther Henry, pilot, 118 e Pratt 
Guyton Abraham S. carpenter. Eagle hotel, 

132 Hillen 
Guyton Benj. F. bookkeeper, 78 n Howard 
Guyton Boale S. (G. &Hyde,)249w Lombard 
Guyton Charles F. (G. &, Matthews,) 83 Chew 
Guyton Elisha, coachmaker, 83 Chew 
Guyton Elisha, 73 s Charles 
Guyton Francis, millinery stoi-e, 58 Lexington 
Guyton & Hyde, dry goods merchants, 62 

Guyton Jane 62 Ramsay 
Guyton John, collector, 83 Chew 
Guyton & Matthews, grocers, ne cor Centre 

Market and Fish Market spaces 
Guyton Wm. furniture dealer, 78 n Howard 
Guyton Wm. L. carpenter, 83 Chew 
GWINN CHARLl'.S J. M. attorney, 41 St. 

Paul, dw s w cor Mount Vernon place and 

St. Paul 
Gwinn Charles H. machinist, 75 n Popplcton 
Gwinn James W. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Gwinn L. N. sailmaker, 75 n Poppleton 
Gwinn Washington, barkeeper, 143 Franklin 
Gwyn Charles W. clerk, 108 Hanover 
Gwyn John R. (Capron & G.) 602 w Fayette 
Gwynn Mrs. Eliza, 75 n Charles 
Gyte George, huckster, 119 Jefferson 


Haacker Julius, carriage maker, 379 n Gay 
Haar Hermann, clothier, 115 n Howard 
Haas Anton, porter, 18 Davis 
Haas Augustus, butcher, 137 Ross 
Haas Gotleib, cabinet maker, 120 n Eden 
Haas Judas, 15 Albemarle 
Haas John, shoemaker, 50 s Central av 
Haas Louis, turner, 189 Raborg Thomas J. salesman. Western hotel 
Habbersc tt Wm. carpen'r. 149 Greenmountav 
Habl)irsLtt John, upholsterer, 263 n Central av 
Habeikamp John, millstone cutter, 69 East- 
ern av 
Haberland Ruppert, shoemaker, 76 Penna. av 
Habenhausen John, grocery, 41 Eastern av 
Habermehl Henry, teacher, 366 Saratoga 
Habest Ernest, huckster, 176 s Caroline 
Habighorst Fredk. sugar refiner, 93 e Pratt 
Habicht Leonard, tailor, 22 New 
Habis Fredk. cigar maker, 252 e Pratt 
Hable Herman, grocer, 138 Orleans 
Hable Lewis, sexton, 47 Watson 
Hablcr Conrad, cabinet maker, 4 New 
Hablicht L. grocery, 22 New 
Habliston John M. cashier Sun office, dw 32 

n Front 
Habner Isaac H. tailor, 642 w Baltimore 
Hachemeister Geo. cabinet mak. 192 Conway 

Hachemeister Henry, cabinet mak. 192 Con- 
Hachtel Christian, shoemaker, 37 s Paca 
Hachtel Christian, grocer, 43 Orchard 
Hachtel Geo. grocer, 107 Orchard 
Hachtel John L. grocery, 11 Brune 
Hachtel John C. bookkeeper, 22 Jasper 
Hachtel Leonard, shoemaker, 22 Jasper 
Hack Andw. C. clerk, 326 Lexington 
Hack Andrew A. & Wm. A. provision deal- 
ers, 36 n Howard, dw 321 Lexington 
Hack F. W. (H.&Klaunburg,) 121 n Calvert 
Hack & Frazier, prov, and com. merchts, 379 

w Baltimore 
Hack Fredk. A. (H. & Frazier,) 326 Lexing- 
HACK HENRY C. &. CO. genl. intelligence 
agts, 8 n Frederick, dw H. C. H. 142 Lex- 
Hack Jacob, furn. wagoner, 116 French 
Hack & Klaunburg, importers of cigars, brown 

linen, &c. 61 s Gay 
HACK OLIVER F. attorney, 7 Counsellor's 

hall, Lexington, dw 188 Ross 
Hack Wm. tailor, 61 Perry 
Hacker Frank, shoemaker, 57 Clay 
Hacker Henry, propr. oyster saloon, 178 e 

Hacker John C. shoemaker 36 St. Mary 
Hacker John, porter, 46 Preston 
Hacket Jas. bookkeeper, 43 Courtland 
Hackett George A. 52 Forrest 
Hackett Hannah, 16 Mulberry 
Hackett Josephus, bricklayer, 3 s Paca 
Hackett Sophia, of Baltimore steam laundry, 

61 L, Montgomery 
Hackett Patrick, laborer, 55 King 
Hackey Mary J. 175 n Fremont 
Haekman John F. grocery, 16 Park 
Hackman Lewis, grocer, 425 Saratoga 
Hackney Eleanor, 93 Ross 
Had George, cooper, 4 Fell 
Haden Michael, laborer, 33 China al 
Hadler John, laborer, 20 Fell 
Hadelmann Frederick, tailor, 202 Stirling 
Hadaway Albert, sailor, 85 s Regester 
Hadaway Jas. H. policeman, 119 n Bethel 
Hadaway Oakley, bricklayer, 83 Gough 
Hadaway Wm. H. tobacconist, 63 Camden, 

dw 106 s Eutaw 
Haddaway John Q. salesman, 94 Lee 
Hadel Wm. clerk, 355 s Sharp 
Haefner Christian A. 120 e Fayette 
Haenkamp Wm. piano maker, 3 State 
Haese Albert, tailor, 124 e liombard 
Haesner Geo. tailor, 186 s Washington, F. P. 
Hafner Charles, 175 Hollins 
Hafner Christian, tailor, 78 Centre Market 

Hafner John, gardener, 8 Painter's ct 
Hafkorn Wm. musician, 246 Hanover 
Haffner Valentine, 6 s Oregon 
Hafferman Patrick, cellar digger, 37 Preston 
Haffcke Charles, Hquor dealer, 50 n Exeter 
Hafler Nicholas, cooper, 242 Aliceanna 
Haflner John, tailor, 170 Stirling 
Hagel John, laborer, 237 s Wolfe 
Hagan Ann, 1 Welch al 
Hagan Ann, 5 Bank 
Hagan Alice, rear of 170 n Front 
Hagan Charles, plasterer, 162 s Fremont 
Hagan Charles, tanner, 74 French 
Hagan Daniel, digger, 8 s Chester 




Hagan Hugh, carter, 1 Centre 

Hagan Francis, laborer, 83 McElderry's whf 

Hagan James, tavern, n e cor Lombard and 

Centre Market space 
Hagan James, wagoner, 33 Eastern av 
Hagan James, carpenter, 1 Bank 
Hagan John W. cigar maker, 192 s Eutaw 
Hagan John, tailor, 49 King 
Hagan John, laborer, 2 e Monument 
Hagan John H. bookkeeper, 132 n Howard 
Hagan Patrick, carpenter, 45 Fawn 
Hagan Wm. clerk, 66 Pearl 
Hagel Catharine, confectionery, 336 Mulberry 
Hagel Herman, shoemaker, 348 s Bond 
Hagelin Chas. M. 58 s Bethel 
Hageman Chas. turner, 53 Pearl 
Hageman Louis, cabinet niak. 391 w Pratt 
Hagen John, laborer, 143 Aliceanna 
Hagenbrook Deter, laborer, 337 s Bond 
Hagenman Louis, turner, 277 w Pratt 
Hagenmeister Henry, turner, 192 Conway 
Hager August, tailor, 46 L. Pleasant 
Hager Mrs. Geo. W. 176 e Monument 
Hager Jacob, cooper, 125 Orleans 
Hager John, cooper, 272 Canton av 
Hagerich Geo. piano maker, 277 s Sharp 
Hagerom Henry, shoemaker, 203 s Charles 
Hagerty Elizabeth, 18 St. James 
Hangeman Wm. cigar maker, 391 w Pratt 
Hagerty Barnes, stone cutter, 366 e Eager 
Hagerty Edward, porter, 27 New Church 
Hagerty James, tea dealer, 12 Harrison 
Hagerty James, collector, 52 Faron 
Hagerty James, laborer, 33 e Monument 
Hagerty John collector, 28 s High 
Hagerty John, bricklayer, 114 Low 
Hagerty John, laborer, 158 s Chapel 
Hagerty J. S. (Keen & H.) 34 Granby 
Hagerty Michael, laborer, 119 Elliott 
Hagerty Susan, 48 Raborg 
Hagerty Wm. miller, 124 Holiday 
Haggerty Levi, cooper, 112 n Bethel 
Haggerty Patrick, horse shoer, 31 Ryan 
Hagger Chas. E. elk. cor Prattand Spear's whf 
Hagger John, laborer, 46 Preston 
H^ler Jacob, laborer, 9 Philpot al 
Haginston John laborer, 79 s Poppleton 
Hagner Adam, boiler mak. Eutaw near Cross 
Hagner Fredk. stone cutter, 45 Penn 
Hagner John, machinist, 535 Lexington 
Hagner Wm. watchman 1 Townsend 
Hagner Wm. machinist, 11 Townsend 
Hague James G. clerk, dw Mansion house 
Hahn August, blacksmith, Parkin near Lem- 

Hahn Charles, 135 Mulberry 
Hahn Christopher, cooper, 360 Canton av 
Hahn Daniel H. (John & D. H. H.) 501 w 

Hahn Edward, butcher, 209 Orleans 
Hahn Ferdinand, tailor, 107 w Lombard, dw 

261 s Sharp 
Hahn George, laborer, 124 s Spring 
Hahn George, glass blower, 365 s Eutaw 
Hahn Hammond, tailor, 56 Portland 
Hahn Henry, blacksmith, 157 Henrietta 
Hahn Henry, 501 w Baltimore 
Hahn Henry, cabinet maker, 402 w Pratt 
Hahn Henry, baker, s w cor Lombard and 

Hollins al 
Hahn Henry G. butcher, 124 Mullikin 
Hahn John, attorney at law, Granby nr High 
Hahn John, chairmaker, 41 President 

Hahn John, shoemaker, 76 Penna. av 
Hahn Jno. & Danl. H. teachers, Armitage hall. 
Paean of Fayette, dw J. H. 501 w Baltimore 
HAHN J. & CO. manufacturers of all kinds 
of corks, 157 w Pratt, dw J. H. 42 Conway 
Hahn Lewis, varnisher, 19 Jackson's ct. 
Hahn Lewis, varnisher, 7 Sterrett 
HaKn Lorenzo, cabinetmaker, 127 Franklin 
Hahn Otto, clerk, 135 Mulberry 
Hahn Wm. 30 Albemarle 
Hahn Wm. 203 Orleans 
Hahn Wm. P. butcher, 209 Orleans 
Hahn Wm. butcher, 124 Mullikin 
Hahnbaum Mrs. E. R. teacher, 309 Saratoga 
Hahnemann Frederick, grocery, 15 Sterrett 
Hahser Gotfried, baker, 78 Wolfe 
Haickes John, tailor, 63 s Eutaw 
HAIG GEORGE H. hosiery and trimmings 
store, 123 w Baltimore, dw Barnum's hotel. 
[Seep. 56 ^Advertisements.] 
Haig James M. importer and manufacturer of 
ladies 'dress trimmings and mantillas, 223 w 
Baltimore, dw Barnum's hotel 
Haigers John, tailor, 63 s Eutaw 
Haigh George, bricklayer, 46 n Schroeder 
Haight Grover, trader, 110 Ensor 
Hain Christian, tailor, 179 w Pratt, dw Stag 

Hall, 59 Hanover 
Hainbu Henry, laborer, 267 s Wolfe 
Haise Elias, bookbinder, 12 w Fayette 
Haislett Samuel, sailmaker, 375 Cfanton av 
Haislett Wm. V. shoemaker, 375 Canton av 
Hackesley Edward, newspaper dealer, 148 n 

Gay, dw 333 
Hainer George, liquor rectifier, 901 w Pratt 
Haines Benjamin F. hardw. dealer, 160 Frank- 
lin, dw 18 n Fremont 
Haines Catharine, 41 Hillen 
Haines Capt. Frederick, 127 William 
Haines Robert L. mariner, 83 s Regester 
Hainks Frederick, cabinet maker, 444 Walsh 
Hakel Peter, tailor, 35 s Caroline 
Hakesley Edward M. 333 n Gay 
Hakesley George W. clerk, 333 n Gay 
Hakesley Wm J. carpenter, 333 n Gay 
Hakesly Charles C. gardener, Point la, nr Bond 
Hakesly John, gardener. Point la, near Bond 
Halbach C. cutler and hardw. deal. 94 n Gay 
Halbeg Paul, straw & hay dealer, 45 St. Mary 
Halberstadt Louis C. druggist, s e cor Pratt 

and Eden 
Halbert Adam, laborer, 164 Stirling 
Halbert Mary A. 38 n CaroHne 
Halbricht Leonard, tailor, 14 New 
Halcon Sarah, nurse, 107 s Sharp 
Hale Annie M. 51 n Liberty 
Hale Barbara, 109 Pine 

Hale David D. clerk B. & O. R. R. 181 Hoff- 
Hale George C. principal St. Peter's Protest- 
ant Epis. free school, 27 German, dw 21 s 
Hale James, coach painter, 18 s Gay 
Hale James bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Hale Capt. Philip M. mariner, 181 Hoffman 
Hale Wesley chairmaker, 101 York 
Hale Wm. carpenter, 68 Raborg 
Hales W. R. policeman, 62 Jefferson 
Haley Daniel, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Haley Darby, laborer, Falls road near North- 
ern av 
Haley Jane, washerwoman at Fountain hotel 
Haley Martin, clerk, 42 Albemarle 




Haluy Oliver, 211 Raborg 
Haley Patrick, laborer, 294 s Wolfe 
Haley Patrick, tailor, 75 Washington, F. P. 
Haley Wesley, bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Haley Wm. ship carpenter, rear e Second 
Halfinburg Louis, grocery, 65 Ross 
Halpenny Samuel W. carter, e Fayette ex- 
Hall Albert S. painter, 135 Forrest 
Hall Ann, washerwoman, 332 n Howard 
Hall Aaron, carpenter, 223 e Monument 
Hall Adelaide, dressmaker, 185 n Fremont 
Hall Alex, bricklayer, 416 Harford av 
Hall Amanda, 262 e Madison 
Hall -Xmasa C. shipping merchant, 81 Smith's 

wharf, dw 250 w Lombard 
Hall Artaxerxes, boiler maker, 136 Hamburg 
Hall & Brother, provision dealers, 3 Pleasant 

and 117 North 
Hall &. Brother, public weighers, 59 s Gay 
Hall Cornelius, shoemaker, 37 Penna. av 
HALL CARTER A. & T. H. com. merchts. 

4 Camden, dw C. A. H. 220 w Lombard 
Hail Charles G. (H. & Bro.) 17 n Calvert 
Hall D. Sprigg, (H. & Bro.) 83 Saratoga 
Hall Edward, plumber, 321 Eastern av 
Hall Edward, liquor store, 153 s Caroline 
Hall Elias, shoemaker, 247 w Hoftman 
Hall Elias, shoemaker, 230 n Caroline 
Hall Elizabeth, 321 Eastern av 
Hall E.VV. brakesman N.C. Railway, dw 226 

Hall E. Q. blacksmith, 318 William 
Hall Francis J. shoemaker, 302 n Gay 
Hall Francis, paper hanger, Mosher nr Penna. 

Hall Franklin, cooper, 88Greenmount av 
Hall Franklin, cooper, 54 n Broadway 
Hall Freeborn G. pilot, 234 e Madison 
Hall F. \V. clerk, 51 Lexington 
Hall George D. (H. & Bro.) 17 n Calvert 
Hall George, brass finisher, 32 William 
Hall George H. clerk, 62 Albemarle 
Hall George H. M. bookkeeper, 62 Albemarle 
Hall George W.S. & Co. merchts. 65 Second 
Hall George W. S. (G. W. S. H. & Co.) near 

Relay house, B. & 0. R. R. 
Hall Mrs. George H. 42 Cider al 
Hall George, traveling agent, Jackson east of 

Hall Gi'orge, shoemaker, 24 Abbot 
Hall Henry W. brakesman, 226 Preston 
Hall Capt. Henry, mariner, 361 e Baltimore 
Hall Hester, 60 s Bond 
Hall Isaac C. 21 n Caroline 
Hall Isaac C. mariner, 22 s Spring 
Hall l.saac, clerk, 230 n Caroline 
Hall Jacob T. clerk at Post office, 48 s Pop- 

Hall Jacob, laborer, 38 Abbot 
Hall Julia, 97 w Biddle 
Hall James J. clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Hall .lames P. 2d bookkeeper Merchants bank, 

dw 222 w Hoftman 
Hall James, shoemaker, 325 e Monument 
Hall James, laborer, 1 Henrietta 
Hall James, organ builder, 187 German 
Hall James, (Freeland & H.) 35 n Calvert 
Hall Dr. James, colonization agent, 65 Second, 

dw near Relay house B. & U. R. R. 
Hall Mrs. James, boarding house, 24 Holiday 
Hall Jesse K. rope maker, Harford av, north 

of Point la 

Hall Job Henry, policeman, 285 s Charles 

Hall John, plasterer, 54 Harford av 

Hall John, mariner, 86 Hamburg 

Hall John, grocery, 162 n Caroline 

Hall John H. jr. (Skinner & H.) 313 n Gay 

Hall John, laborer, 4 Abraham 

Hall John B. (Gibney & H.) 190 n Calvert 

Hall John R. painter, 211 s Charles 

Hall John H. assist, weigher Custom house, 

254 e Biddle 
Hall Joseph, policeman, 172 L. Greene 
Hall Joseph W. rope maker, Harford av, n of 

of Point la 
Hall Joseph, property agents, 137 Mulberry 
Hall Joshua M. 323 e Baltimore 
Hall Kinsey, mariner, 50 n Dallas 
Hall Laura J. 262 e Madison 
Hall Levin J. billiard room, 87 n Central av 
HALL & LONEY, general com. and shipping 

merchants, 56 Buchanan's wharf 
Hall Lydia A. 34 s Broadway 
Hall Maria, dry goods dealer, 406 Saratoga 
Hall Mary, seamstress, 64 McElderry 
Hall Nathaniel, 137 Orleans 
Hall Owen D. shoemaker, 241 n Central av 
Hall P. D. clerk, 220 w Lombard 
Hall Richard, cabinet maker, 196 e Baltimore 
Hall Richard J., U. S. A. 321 Eastern av 
Hall Richard H. secretary Great Western In- 
surance Company, 3 McCulloh 
Hall Richard H. shoemaker, 148 East 
Hall Robert L. tavern, basement. North next 

to n e cor Fayette, dw 19 Fish Market space 
Hall Robert, jr. clerk, 37 Ensor 
Hall Robert, tailor. .308 Aisquith 
Hall Mrs. R. W. 45 Lexington 
Hall Ruth, 223 n Howard 
Hall S. clerk, 83 Saratoga 
Hall Mrs. Sarah B. Union place, w Calhoun 
Hall Sarah, tailoress, 21 New Church 
Hall fSarah R. 181 n Fremont 
Hall Samuel, tailor, 149 n Bethel 
Hall Samuel, tailor, 81 Chew 
Hall Silas, laborer, 20 Stiles 
Hall Susan & Caroline V. teachers, 69e Fayette 
Hall Thomas I. & Co. tobacco and general 

commission merchants, over 143 w Pratt, dw 

T. I. H. Anne Arundel Co. 
Hall Thomas H. (Carter A. & T. H. H.) 220 

w Lombard 
Hall Thomas VV. jr. attorney at law, 17Barnet, 

and editor of Daily Exchange, dw 38 Mount 

Vernon place 
Hall Thomas J. carter, 36 William 
Hall Thomas W. sr. stock and bill broker, 

51 Second, dw 38 Mount Vernon place 
Hall Thornton, clerk at post office, dw 48 3 

Hall Wells R. clerk, 39 Washington, F. P. 
Hall Wm. S. varnisher, 509 Saratoga 
Hall Wm. A. ( Youse & H.) n e cor Gay and 

Hall Wm. A. clerk, s w cor Caroline and 

Hall W. Carvel, clerk, St. Paul, near Saratoga 
Hall Wm. collar maker, 21 Josephine 
Hall Wm. T. tailor, 32 tnsor 
Hall Wm. C. clerk, 144 w Biddle 
Hall V^m. H. printer, 290 n Gay 
Hall Wm. Taylor, (H. & Loney,) 45 Lex- 
HallWm. W. merchandise broker, Exchange 

place, dw 103 Conway 




Hall Wm. P. shoemaker, 325 e Monument 
Hallamon Charles, cooper, 7 James la 
Hallamyer John, tailor, 257 Caroline 
Halle Simon H. tailor, 131 Franklin 
Haller Conrad, laborer, 70 Lancaster 
Haller George, brakesman B. & O. R. R. 67 s 

Hallet John T. tobacconist, 122 Forrest, dw 

61 Stirling 
Halliday Robert, nurseryman and florist, n e 

cor Penna. av and Dolphin 
Halliday Robert J. florist, n e cor Penna. av & 

Hallmeyer T. E. mariner, Adams house 
Hallock Zerubabel, dealer in paper hangings, 

264 n Gay 
Hallwell Margaret, 638 w Baltimore 
Hallwig Bruno, gilder, 231 Hanover 
Hallwig Gustav. tailor, 231 Hanover 
Hallwig Oscar, painter, 231 Hanover 
Hallworth James, 163 Aliceanna 
Halpen Thomas, laborer, 151 Aliceanna 
Halpin Alice, 228 n Caroline 
Halstead John, Chesapeake Bark Mill, City 

Block, near drawbridge, dw 15 Gough 
Halter Mary, 259 Happy al 
Halton Margaret, grocery, 364 e Monument 
Halvric Henry, shoemaker, 137 s Caroline 
Halwey John, laborer, 63 Block 
Ham & Gushing, imps, and wholesale dealers 

in watches & jewelry, over 263 w Baltimore 
Ham John F. carpenter, 161 Gough 
Ham John H. (H. & Gushing) 82 n Charles 
Hamal Henry, locksmith, 50 Raborg 
Haman Elizabeth, grocery, 75 Albemarle 
Haman James, 75 Albemarle 
Hamann John, grocer, 21 Gough 
Hambacker Frank, cooper, 171 s Regester 
Hamblet Friend, shoemaker, 30 Hampstead 
Hambleton Francis H. engineer, 27 Calhoun 
Hambleton James D. attorney at law, 27 Cal- 
Hambleton John A. & Bro. wholesale dry 

goods dealers, 269 w Baltimore 
Hambleton J. A. (John A. H. & Bro.) n w 

cor Strieker and Fayette 
Hambleton Thomas B. sailmaker, 6 Bowly's 

whf. dw 97 e Pratt 
Hambleton Thomas E. prest. Md. Fire Ins. 

Co. of Bait, office n w cor of North and Bal- 
timore, dw 27 Calhoun 
Hambleton T. Edward, (John A. H. & Bro.) 

cor. Charles and Pleasant 
Hambleton T. E. jr. (John A. H. & Bro.) 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Hamburg August, cigar maker, 152 e Pratt 
Hamburger Anthony G. gent's furnishing 

store, 55 w Baltimore, dw20e Fayette 
Hamburger A. 91 e Lombard 
Hamburger Abraham, shoemaker, 78 n Eden 
Hamburger Catherine, confect. 57 Thames 
Hamburger Charles, dry goods store, 171 n 

Hamburger Herman, painter, 169 Eastern av 
Hamburger Lsaac, clothier, 185 s Broadway 
Hamburger Kaufman, (H. K. & Co.) 20 e 

Hamburger Louis, clothier, 212 s Broadway, 

dw 200 
Hamburger Lazarus, dry goods dealer, 185 e 

Hamburger Moses, second hand clothier, 26 


Hamburger Morris, painter, 73 Orleans 
Hamburger Solomon, 200 s Broadway 
Hamburger S. dry goods dealer, 171 n Eutaw 
Hamburger Valentine, lager beer brewer, 57 

Hamalt Benj, coffee roaster, 345 Canton av 
Hamel Dr. Earnest F. 239 s Bond 
Hamberger Nicholas, carpenter, 4 Sarah Ann 
Hamel George, baker, 31 Ross 
Hamel Patrick, laborer, 89 Richmond 
Hamell Patrick, grocer, 110 Dugan's whf 
Hamell Theodore, laborer, 192 s Wolfe 
Hamer Sophia Bertha, grocery, 76 Harford av 
Hamer Wm. H. ladies' boot and shoemaker, 

51 Hanover 
Hamill Alexander, dealer in lamps & coal oil, 

125 n Gay 
Hamill Alex. jr. miller, 263 n Gay 
Hamill Bernard, grocer, 142 e Kager 
Hamill Jacob, jr. baker, s e cor Monument and 

Harford av 
Hamill James H. clerk, 7 Holland 
Hamill John, laborer, 196 Columbia 
Hamill John, 142 Eager 

Hamill John A. lottery vend. 132 n Gay, dw 142 
Hamill Bernard, marble polisher, 142 e Eager 
Hamill Catherine M. confectionery, 150 n Eden 
Hamill Jacob, distiller, s e cor Monument and 

Harford av 
Hamill Robert, sr. huckster, 267 n Central av 
Hamill Robert, jr. currier, 267 n Central av 
Hamill Robert, 125 n Gay 
Hamill Robert, shoemaker, 150 n Eden 
Hamill Thomas, tavern, 51 Harrison 
Hamill Wm. plasterer, 267 n Central av 
HAMILL WM. J. feed dealer, 50 s Freder- 
ick, dw. s e cor Jackson and Aisquith 
Hamill Wm. J. clerk Court Common Pleas, 7 

Hamill William V. Ill n Caroline 
Hamilton Ann, 194 Holiday 
Hamilton Alfred H. (Rineker & H.) 399 n 

Hamilton Caleb B. carpenter, 42 George 
Hamilton Caleb B. jr. paper hanger, 42 George 
Hamilton Charles, messeng. Bank of Baltimore, 

45 Harford av 
Hamilton Charles R. tavern, foot of Concord, 

dw 105 Albemarle 
Hamilton Mrs. Eliza, female physician, 17 n 

Hamilton Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 Courtland 
Hamilton Edward, carpenter, 67 w Fayette 
Hamilton George B. agent, basement n w cor 

North and Baltimore 
Hamilton George W. tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Hamilton George, carter, 103 Harford av 
Hamilton Henry, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Hamilton Harriet, 56 n Oregon 
Hamilton Henry, clerk, 245 Mulberry 
Hamilton Henry, carpenter, 265 n Central av 
Hamilton Hugh, bricklayer, 162 Dover 
Hamilton Hugh, contractor, 539 w Balto. 
Hamilton James, bacon cut. 197 e Monument 
Hamilton Dr. James, 119 n Gay 
Hamilton James, milk dealer, n e cor Balti- 
more and Gilmor 
Hamilton James A. bricklayer, 42 George 
Hamilton James, furniture dealer, 30 Centre 

Market space, dw 357 e Baltimore 
Hamilton J. Douglass, attorney at law, 19 Lex- 
Hamilton John, painter, 19 Ogston 




Hamilton John, laborer, 314 Aliceanna 
Hamilton John, porter, 45 Harford av 
Hamilton John, 67 w Fayette 
Hamilton John, jr. weaver, 113 Peirce 
Hamilton John W. puddler, 662 w Pratt 
Hamilton John, tailor, 105 n Exeter 
Hamilton John, ice dealer, John near Reservoir 
Hamilton John, weaver, 113 Peirce 
Hamilton John, chair maker, 97 n Spring; 
Hamilton Joseph E. carpenter, 313 Aisquith 
Hamilton Joseph, cellar digger, 539 w Balto. 
Hamilton Larkin, plasterer, 350 s Caroline 
Hamilton Mary, 132 Garden 
Hamilton Mary C. 64 Courtland 
Hamilton Mary C. teacher, 104 Walsh 
Hamilton Margaret, 45 s Bond 
Hamilton Mrs. M. A. milliner, 67 w Fayette 
Hamilton Rebecca R. 171 n Eutaw 
Hamilton Richard, ship carpenter, 281 s Bond 
Hamilton Robert, grocer, 70 Camden 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter, 27 McClellan's al. 

dw 113 Vine 
Hamilton Samuel M. telegraph operator, 158 

w Lombard 
HAMILTON SILAS M. 277 w Lombard 
Hamilton Theodore, 67 w Fayette 
Hamilton Thos. foundryman, 96 Chesapeake 
Hamilton Thomas, carter, 343 Eager 
Hamilton Wm. clerk, Franklin Inn, 50 Hillen 
Hamilton Wm. bookkeep. dw Mansion house 
Hamilton Wm. 77 n Liberty 

13 Courtland, dw 79 Mulberry 
Hamilton Wm. auction and com. merchant, 64 
and 66 s Charles, dw York road nr citylim. 
Hamilton Wm. watchman, 196 Garden 
Hamlen Wm. C. seaman, 38 Henrietta 
Hamlin R.v. B. B 244 iVladison av 
Hamm Emanuel, miller, Calverton mills, near 

Hamm Henry C. bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hamm Jacob, bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hammachet Fritz, tailor, 352 w Pratt 
Hammack Augustus, grocery, 382 n Gay 
Hammack Geo. M. shoemaker, 221 n Gay 
Hammal John, tinsmith, 210 Aliceanna 
Hamman Anthony, (Ostendorf & H.) 120 Sar- 
Hammann Eliza, ready-made linen dealer, 244 

Canton av 
Hammann Michael, carver, 244 Canton av 
Hammann Michael, (H. & Petignat,) 232 

Canton av 
Hammann & Petignat, carvers and moulders, 

34 Park 
Hammar Andrew, whip maker, 7 Humes 
Hammel Geo. cigar maker, 190 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Hammel James, tailor. Hunter al near John 
Hammel Valentine, 111 n Caroline 
HamnnU Patrick, variety store, 169 s Dallas 
Hammer Annie, midwife, 68 Mulberry 
Hammer Christian, tailor, 11 Clay 
Hammer Eliza, boarding house, 121 Saratoga 
Hammer Mrs. H. milliner, 103 n Eutaw 
Hammer John, laborer, 134 Eastern av 
Hammer John A. hat and cap store, 104 

Franklin, dw 121 Saratoga 
Hammer Louisa, 196 Mulberry 
Hammer Peter, millwright, 103 n Eutaw 
Hammer Peter G. bookkeeper, 60 n Eutaw 
Hammerbacher, George, cooper, Hamburg nr 

Hammerbaohr Martin, cooper, 74 Leadenhall 
Hammerslaugh Lewis, dry goods merchant, 

155 Lexington 
Hammersley Chas. W. clerk, 204 s Charles 
HAMMERS LEY DAVID L. confectioner, 

246 Lexington 
Hammersley Wm N. clerk, 204 s Charles 
Hammett John R. clerk, 92 e Fayette 
Hammill Peter, teamster, Calverton mills near 

Hammon Michael, carpenter, 37 Pearl 
Hammond Angelica, 59 Hillen 
Hammond Mrs. A. C. 168 Cathedral 
Hammond Barbary, 195 Peirce 
Hammond Charles W. 363 w Lombard 
Hammond Charles, 282 w Fayette 
Hammond Charles H. book keeper Western 

Bank, dw 168 Cathedral 
Hammond David, hack driver, 66 Richmond 
Hammond Eliza, 118 Pearl 
Hammond Mrs. Fanny, boarding house, 47 w 

Hammond Frances, 202 s Ann 
Hammond Frederick, policeman, 204 Mont- 
Hammond George, car builder, 42 Orchard 
Hammond George G. clerk, 779 w Baltimore 
Hammond Harriet, 34 McCuUoh 
Hammond Henry, block maker, 50 Raborg 
Hammond Henry, shoemaker, 113 Albermarle 
Hammond Henry P. (H. & Smith,) 61 Ensor 
Hammond John, marble polisher, 196 Co- 
Hammond John D. saddler and harness mkr. 
355 w Baltimore, dw 324 w Fayette. — [See 
p. 8 ^Advertisements.] 
Hammond John A. conductor P. W. & B. R. 

R., 17 Jackson 
Hammond John S. bricklayer, 202 s Ann 
Hammond John, paver, 305 Aliceanna 
Hammond John, carter, 7 Hoffman 
Hammond John S. bricklayer, 230 s Broadway 
Hammond John, 90 Cathedral 
brokers and commission agents. Bank ol' 
Baltimore building, St. Paul, dw J. T. H 
Baltimore Co. 
Hammond John L. 49 Lexington 
Hammond Joseph, of tobacco wareh. No. 3 
Hammond Joseph, moulder, 204 Montgomery 
Hammond Michael, tinner and plumber, 106 .s 

Hammond Nicholas, porter, 57 s Bond 
Hammond Marcus, officer at Penitentiary, dw 

204 Montgomery 
Hammond Mary Ann, 25 Plum al 
Hammond Peter, grocery, 214 s Caroline 
HAMMOND & SMITH, house carpenters. 

8 Grant 
Hammond Wm. T. 34 McCulloh 
Hammond Wellington, salesman, 36 n Eutaw 
Hammond Wm. L. (J. T. H. & Bro.) Biilii- 

more Co 
Hammond Wellington, clerk, 36 n Fremont 
Hammontree W. W. wood turner, 688 w Pratt 
Hamnell Mrs. 250 e Biddle 
Hamner Rev. James G., 135 St. Paul 
Hamner Rev. J. G. jr. 135 St. Paul 
Hampe Adam, laborer, 229 s Dallas 
Hampe Francis, tobacconist, 195 Saratcifra 
Hampel Henry, laborer, 216 Durham 
Hamper John, shoemaker, 33 Buren 
Hampson A. J. grocer, 81 n Charles 




Hampson Edwin, hatter, 70 Lee 
Hampson James S. clerk, 81 n Charles 
Hampson Jos. bricklay. 116 Greenmount av 
Hampton Jesse, carpenter, 25 s Poppleton 
Hampton John A. E. carpen. 488 Lexington 
Hamsley Capt. Henry, steam tug, 109 Albe- 
Hanahan Martin, drayman, 4 L. Constitution 
Hanaman Mary, tavern, 202 Lexington 
Hanan H. Murray, clerk, 11 Courtland 
Hanan H.N. clerk Green Mount cemetery, dw 

114 n Bond 
Hanan J. S. attorney at law, 11 Courtland 
Hanan John, attorney and U. S. Commis- 
sioner, U. S. building, 22 North, dw 11 
Hanan John, laborer, 4 Centre 
Hanan Michael, grocer and liquor dealer, 27 

Pleasant al 
Hanan Thomas, laborer, 122 Holiday 
Hanaway Edward, plumber, 9 Falls 
Hanaway Patrick, laborer, 6 Falls 
Hanaway Rose, 9 Falls 
Hannah Stevens, laborer, 5 Port al 
Hanbrok Conrad, hack driver, 219 Canton av 
Hanbrok Elilzabeth, 219 Canton av 
Hanbrok Frederick, hackman, 219 Canton av 
Hance James, apothecary, 84 Columbia 
Hance Seth S. apothecary, 108 w Baltimore, 

dw 185 Loyola place, n Calvert 
Hancock Absalom, collector, 325 e Baltimore 
Hancock Charles A. 325 e Baltimore 
Hancock F. M. book keeper, 325 c Baltimore 
Hancock Henry C. huckster, 30 East 
HANCOCK JOHN F. apothecary, n w cor 

Baltimore and Caroline 
Hancock John T. general agent, 26 Brune 
Hancock William, 107 Cross 
Hand Alexander, boot maker, 65 n Eutaw 
Hand George, prop. Friendship house, 114 n 

Hand Henry policeman, 176 Gough 
Hand John, laborer, Mount Royal, foot of 

Hand John M. engineer B. & O. R. R. 528 w 

Hand John H. bricklayer, 176 Gough 
Hand S. G. (S. G. H."& Co.) Eutaw house 
Hand S. G. & Co. general commission and 

shipping merchants, 101 Smith's whf. 
Hand Thomas, plasterer, 42 n Paca 
Hand Thomas B. (Hanson & H.) 193 e Fay- 
HAND THOMAS J. & CO. shipping and 

commission merchants, 56 s Gay, up stairs 
Hand Thomas J. (T. J. H.& Co.) 188 n Cal- 
Hand Thomas R. book keeper, 38 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Handerhan, Maurice, tavern, 164 s Eutaw 
Handley Amos, carjjenter, 44 n Oregon 
Handley Andrew G. huckster, 325 Mulberry 
Handley James, laborer, 3 Welch al 
HAND TAVERN, 42 n Paca, nr Lexington, 

George Bond, proprietor 
Hands Gilbert L. last finisher, 50 e Lombard 
Hands Tabitha, 60 e Lombard 
Handy Chas. C. policeman, 23 Brune 
Handy Edward H. policeman, 23 Brune 
Handy Geo. W. boot and shoem. 76 Barre 
Handy John, stone cutter, 114 Harford av 
Handy John H. attorney at law, 31 Lexington 
Handy Michael, porter, 114 Harford av 

HANDY DR. WM. W. 221 w Pratt 
Hanegan Frederick, tinner, Orleans near Eden 
Hanegan Henry, tinner, L. McElderry, near 

Bel Air market 
Haneman Augustus, shoemaker. Central av, 

near Chew 
Haner John, laborer, 89 Lee 
Hanerty Jeremiah, laborer, 52 O'Donnell 
Hancs Eliza, 138 Pine 
Hanes Francis M. coach painter, 138 Pine 
Hanes John, confectioner, 546 w Pratt 
Hanesworth Henry, shoemaker, 165 Vine 
Haney Charles M. conductor from Washing- 
ton to New York, 226 Barre 
Haney Mary Jane, tailoress, 228 Lemmon 
Hanftiing Geo. shoemaker, 152 Henrietta 
Hanig Charles, 58 Durst al 
Hank Dr. J. W. F. 83 w Biddlc 
Hank Rev. Wm. 285 e Lombard 
Hanke Adolphe, tailor, 233 L. Hughes 
Hamlin John, jr 405 s Charles 
Hanlan Barney, laborer, 13 e Monument 
Hanlan John, carter, 405 s Charlis 
Hanlan Sarah, grocery, 38 n Amity 
Hanlan Thomas, laborer, 38 n Amity 
Hanley Christopher, gardener, 70 Clay 
Hanley James, harness maker, 84 Holiday 
Hanley James, butcher, Greenmount av near 

Hanley Miss L. dressmaker, 182 Lexington 
Hanley Margaret, chambermaid at Founain 

Hanley Rachel, of Balto. steam laundry, 9 

Hanley Timothy, laborer, 104 Lerew's al 
Hanline Mauritz, grocery, 138 s Bond 
Hanlon Eliza, grocery, 7 Lancaster 
Hanlon Patrick, carpenter, 32 Chatsworth 
Hanly Andrew, barkeeper Guy's Monument 

house, 13 n Calvert 
Hanly Patrick, laborer, 9 Scott 
Hann James H. 45 n Strieker 
Hann John H. cooper, 426 w Lombard 
Hanna Bersheba, 31 e Pratt 
Hanna Charles, cooper, 68 n Ann 
Hanna Charles, cooper, 38 Eastern av 
Hanna Elizabeth, grocery, 118 n Caroline 
Hanna J. Marshall, reporter Sun, 23 n Calvert 
Hanna John A. tinner, 546 w Pratt 
Hanna John, tobacconist, 7 n Calvert, dw 28 

Hanna Mary, 128 e Fayette 
Hanna Robert, cabinet maker, 118 n Caroline 
Hanna Samuel, stone cutter, 204 Chesnut 
Hanna Wm. bricklayer, 204 Chesnut 
Hanna Wm. importer tobacco, cigars, &c. 7 

n Calvert, dw 28 Pleasant 
Hannah James H. shoemaker, 5 n Frederick 
Hannan Alexander, shoemaker, 72 Centre 

Market space 
Hannan Edward, shoemaker, 72 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Hannan Edward, shoemaker, 29 Buren 
Hannan Fanny, tavern, 29 Centre Mkt. space 
Hannan George, butcher, 143 Ensor 
Hannan Michael, carter, 179 n Exeter 
Hannan Patrick, grocery, 71 Watson 
Hannan Rose, 62 Preston 
Hannagan Thomas, furn. wagoner, 209 Vine 
Hannaman Geo. coach maker, 142 Orchard 
Hannan Owen, laborer, 25 Morris al 
Hannan James, tailor, 23 w Lombard 
Hannassay Hugh, hackman, 13 s Front 




Hanne Henry, furniture wagn. 196 Eastern av 
Hanney Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 123 

Hannibal Henry, lager beer saloon, 51 Harri- 
Banning Brod. laborer, 50 Johnson 
Hanning Frederick, laborer, 85 Washington, 

F. H. 
Hanning Valentine, huckster, 103 Eastern av 
Hanning Wm. shoemaker, 246 Mulberry 
Hanno Gustavus, painter, 45 Harrison 
Hanrahan Bernhardt, stone mason, 2 Decker 
Hanrahan John, stone mason, 196 Raborg 
Hanrahan Maurice, porter, 7 Dover 
Hanrahan Michael, stone mason, 196 Raborg 
Hans John, painter, 47 Columbia 
Hansel C. tailor, 16 Park 
Hansell John, cabinet maker, Fremont near 

Hanson Ambrose, shoemaker, 152 Ensor 
Hanson Charles, property agent. Hand tavern, 

42 n Paca 
Hanson Enoch O. carpenter, 238 n Central av 
Hanson Edward L. tailor, 269 n Dallas 
Hanson Frederick, porter, 52 Hughes 
Hanson Geo. H. policeman, 292 e Madison 
HANSON & HAND, tin ware and house 

furnishers, 33 e Baltimore 
Hanson Henry, porter, 99 n Howard 
Hanson John, shoemaker, 292 e Madison 
Hanson John, (H. & Hand,) 189 e Fayette 
Hanson John, F. comb maker, 7 Young 
Hanson John P. (0. Brehme& Co.) 67 Hollins 
Hanson Jolin H. clerk, 90 Saratoga 
Hanson John, 189 e Fayette 
Hanson John, mariner, 312 Aliceanna 
Hanson John M. & Co. lottery office, s w cor 
Light and Lombard, dw J. M. H., Baltimore 
between Broadway and Ann 
Hanson Notley, clerk, 373 w Fayette 
Hanson Thomas H. furniture dealer, 35 s Cal- 
vert, dw 209 e Baltimore 
Hanson Pitrr, rigger, 263 s Wolfe 
Hanson Neil, blacksmith, cor O'Donnelland 

Canton, Canton 
Hanson P. W. clerk, 47 n Liberty 
HANSON PETER, tin ware and house fur- 
nisher, 32 e Baltimore 
Hansen Thomas P. rigger, 250 s Ann 
Hanson Wasiiington R. botanical practitioner, 

244 n Eden 
Hanson Wm. E. periodical and stationery 

dealer, 29 n Howard, dw 69 s Paca 
Hanson Wm. H. saddler, 41 e Eager 
Hanthorn John, laborer, 79 s Greene 
Hantley Mrs. 143 Canton av 
Hantz John J. laborer. Mount Royal, foot of 

HANWAY SAMUEL, proprietor of Eagle 

Hotel, 1.32 Hillen 
Hanze August, cabinet maker, 159 e Pratt 
Hanzsche & Co. English and German book 

and job printers, over 166 w Baltimore 
Hanzsche E. (H. & Co.) 204 Saratoga 
HANZSCHE F. A. English and German 
book and job printer, over 212 w Baltimore, 
dw 181 Saratoga 
Hanzsche H. (H. & Co.) Mansion house 
Hape Samuel, (Perkins & Co.) 196 n Eutaw 
Happel Henry, tailor, 156 n Caroline 
Hapner Catherine, seamstress, 206 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Happel John, plasterer, Peirce near Ogston 

Happel Michael, laborer, 3 Bank 
Happell John, cabinet maker, 137 n Bond 
Harbach Francis M. clerk German-st hall,dw 

12 n Bond 
Harbaugh Benjamin, bookkeeper, 235 s Paca 
Harbaugh Charles L. W. clerk, 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Gustavus, machinist, 285 Ross 
Harbaugh Edward McC. 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh James O. chairmaker, 178 e Eager 
Harbaugh Jerome, coachmaker, 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Thos. chairmaker, 186 e Fayette 
Harbaugh Thomas, shoemaker, 285 Ross 
Harberger Emanuel, tailor, 33 n Gay 
Harburger Asher, clerk, 70 n Gay 
Harchdeagner Herch, second hand furniture 

dealer, 79 Mullikin 
Harcourt William, turnkey eastern district 

station, 15 s Ann 
Hard George, tailor, 76 Somerset 
Hardcastle Marcus, janitor University of Md. 

schools of letters and collector, 70 George 
Hardcastle, Benjamin, clerk, 70 George 
Hardcastle John, commiss. traveling agent, 166 

w Lombard 
Hardegar George, tailor, 519 Canton av 
Harden John S. (Hopkins, H. & Kemp,) 31 

Harden Philip, laborer, 124 Granby 
Harcorstine Christian, laborer, 35 Burke, 

Harbercum George, stevedore, 37 Lancaster 
Hardegan John, stone cutter, 42 Albemarle 
Hardester Abraham, sailmaker, 59 Centre 

Market space 
Hardester Caroline, 193 e Baltimore 
Hardester John, carpenter, 24 s Caroline 
HARDESTER THOMAS H. lamp and oil 

store, 234 Light 
Hardesty Caroline D. 3 n Caroline 
Hardesty Charles R. tobacco and commission 

merchant, 92 s Charles, dw 251 n Etitaw 
Hardesty Charles R. jr. clerk, 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty George W. brass foundry, 44 Hol- 
iday, dw 276 e Monument 
Hardesty Mrs. E. McLean, 31 Cathedral 
Hardesty John H. clerk, 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty Mary, 66 York 
Hardesty Richard C. student of law, 188 

Hardesty Richard W. salesman, 276 e Monu- 
Hardesty Richard W. 188 Franklin 
Hardey Wm. 16 Chatsworlh 
Hardey George, wood dealer, 191 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Harding & Carroll, flour, grocery and commis. 

mirchants, 126 n Howard 
Harding Henry, watchmaker, 148 e Lombard 
Harding James, carpenter, 14 Cowpen al. dw 

122 w Fayette 
Harding John, salesman, 23 s Gay 
Harding John, cl^rk, 236 w Baltimore 
Harding Mary, mantua maker, 37 n Liberty 
Harding Mary, dressmaker, 37 n Liberty 
Harding Norman B. (H. & Carroll,) 27 s How- 
HARDING PETER & CO. ship chandlers, 

109 Smith's whf 
Harding Capt. Peter, 48 s Spring 
Harding Richard, policeman, 172 L. Greene 
Harding Wm baker, 170 Lee 
Harding William H. (Cottingham & H.) 27 




Hardsock John, foundryman, 131 Hudson 
Hardisty Anna M. 36 s High 
Hardisty Hannah, matron Widow's home 
Hardman Henry, cooper, 259 e Lombard 
Hardtner J. Leonard, driver Adams express, 

10 Davis 
Hardwick Henry, paper carrier, 58 Green- 
mount av 
Hardwick Wm. grocery, 44 Greenmount av 
Hardy Edward, 157 St. Paul 
Hardy George, salesman, 209 Gough 
Hardy George W. ploughsmith. 111 Hamburg 
Hardy Hugh M. carter, 95 Boyd 
Hardy Henry, pilot, 62 s Ann 
Hardy James, laborer, 56 Boyd 
Hardy John U. auctioneer, 240 w Pratt, dw 47 

Chew ' 
Hardy Summerfield, tobacconist, 47 Conway 
Hardy Wm. machinist, 32 Boyd 
Hardt Wm. tailor, 57 Thames 
Hare Francis, tobacconist, 313 Aliceanna 
Hare John, laborer, 168 Canton av 
Hare John, (Weatherby & H.) 184 w Madison 
Hare Michael, carpent(?r, 331 Cathedral 
Hare Michael, grocery, Cathedral near Bolton 

Hare Raborg, butcher, 11 Laurens 
Hare Richard, salesman, Howard house 
Hare Thomas, 313 Aliceanna 
Hare William, portrait painter, 187 n Exeter 
Harey Jacob, laborer, 85 Dawson al 
Harford Avenue (M. E.j Church, cor Harford 

av and Biddle 
Harford George, cabinet maker, 484 Lexington 
Harford Wash, carpenter, Lanvale nr Charles 
Hargadon Ellen, confectionery, 365 w Pratt 
Hargan Dennis, 54 s Bethel 
Hargan John, laborer, s e cor Exeter and 

Eastern av 
Harger John, laborer, 958 w Baltimore 
Hargest John, gardener, Harford av near city 

Harget Michael, laborer, 115 Elliot 
Hargraves Robert, clerk, 71 Raborg 
Hargraves Robert, shoemaker, 71 Raborg 
Hargrove Miss M. milliner, 163 Mulberry 
Hargrove Wm. H. painter, 379 w Pratt 
Harig Bernard L. (J.& B. L. H.) 176 Hanover 
Harig Henry, tailor, 288 s Ann 
Harig John B. sr. 94 Hill 
Harig John, cigar maker, 57 n Frederick 
Harig Joseph, (J. & B. L. H.) 58 Hill 
Harig Joseph, hardware dealer, s w cor Hill 

and Hanover, dw 60 Hill 
Harig J. & B. L. hardware and stove dealers, 

72 Hill 
Haring Augustus, shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Hark George, laborer, 494 Penna av 
Harken Henry, carpenter, 148 Conway 
Harken John, waiter, 3 Abraham 
Harken Manasses, laborer, 3 Abraham 
Harker George, huckster, 162 Greenmount av 
Harker George, huckster, 586 Penna. av 
Harker James H. bricklayer, 107 Greenmount 

Harker John V. tavern, 101 Greenmount av 
Harker John J. carpenter, 214 Harford av 
Harker Julia Ann, 162 Greenmount av 
Harker Mrs. Mary, 196 Harford av 
Harker Richard M. J. teacher, 77 Hillen 
Harker Samuel, printer, 95 York 
Harker Wm. grocer, 191 s Charles 
Harkins Charles, laborer, 2 Bedford al 

Harkins Edward, clerk, Bedford al. between 

Camden and Perry 
Harkins Neal, .shoemaker, 396 Saratoga 
Harkness Andrew J. 51 n Caroline 
Harkness Mutary, milkman, Franklin near 

Harkness Thomas, grocery and liquor dealer, 

n w cor Franklin and Fremont 
Harkness Thomas, grocery, 107 n Fremont 
Harkum James, painter, 60 Hamburg 
Harlamyer Joseph, sr. tailor, 257 n Caroline 
Harlamyer Joseph, jr., tailor, 257 n Caroline 
Harle Bcrnhard, cab. maker. West, between 

Eutaw and Paca 
Harle Louis, shoemaker, 342 w Pratt 
Harley James K. artist, over s w cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Harley John, tailor, 190 s Dallas 
Harley Joseph, 114 s Chester 
Harley Joseph 1^. brass and iron foundry, 8 

Thames, dw Baltimore Co. 
Harlow Branch B. bookkeeper, 29 s Eden 
Harlow Isaac, shoemaker, 31 Orleans 
Harman ."^dani, ship carpenter, 80 Lancaster 
Harman Bernard, tailor, 150 s Eutaw 
Harman Christian, cooper, 28 Liberty al 
Harman Christian, cooper, 85 Stiles 
Harman Daniel, tailor, 118 Mulberry 
Harman Enos, keeper Long Bridge, Annapolis 

Harman George, laborer, 78 French 
Harman George, shoemaker, 295 n Central av 
Harman Henry, cigar maker, 24 Preston 
Harman Henry, tailor, 263 e Eager 
Harman Rev. Henry M. principal Light st. 

Institute, dw 265 w Fayette 
Harman Jacob, shoemaker, 238 s Eutaw 
Harman Jacob, 34 McElderry 
Harman John, laborer, 34 Hampstead 
Harman John, potter, 156 Orleans 
Harman John (H. & Norfolk) 100 Orleans 
Harman John, clerk, 175 w Fayette 
Harman John, 105 Hanover 
Herman Joseph, baker, 76 s Central av 
Harman Mary A . 321 n Eutaw 
Harman M. E. hosiery and trimming store, 

193 w Pratt 
Harman Michael, laborer, 78 French 
Harman & Norfolk, ship joiners, foot of Cov- 
Harman Philip, porter, 170 s Central ay 
Harman Samuel, junk shop, cor Caroline and 

Harman Samuel, brickmaker, 33 Conway 
Harman Wm. prof, music, 214 w Fayette 
Harman Susanna R. 16 Carey 
Harman Wm. lumber inspector, 79 s Regester 
Harman Wm. H. carpenter. Abbey al near 

Cross, dw 35 Warren 
Harmer Hugh, clerk, 135 w Biddle 
Harmer Hugh R. 135 w Biddle 
Harmer H. R. 84 s Paca 
Harmer Samuel, clerk, 135 w Biddle 
Plarmer Samuel M. lottery dealer, 95 w Lom- 
bard, dw 135 w Biddle 
Harmer Thomas, tailor, 83 s Bethel 
Harmman Christopher, tailor, 641 w Baltimore 
Harmon Robert, 117 s Bond 
Harmony Club Room, 9 s Frederick 
Harmowsky Franz, glazier, 664 w Baltimore 
Harnaman Lewis, wood turner, Frederick 

road e of toll gate 
Harnet Daniel, "clerk. Eagle hotel, 132 Hillen 




Harnets John, laborer, 96 St. Peter 

Harney E. R. young ladies' academy, 596 w 

Harney Levi, shoemaker, 451 n Gay 
Harnig Adam, carter, 84 s Central av 
Harp Cecilia, 125 Bethel 
Harp Edward, huckster, 118 s Regester 
Harp Ellen, 205 s Wolfe 
Harp George, blacksmith, 112 Dolphin 
Harp .lohn, huckster, 125 s Bethel 
Harp Wm. trader, 145 s Regester 
Harpel John, salesman, 15 Shakspeare 
Harpel Martha, 132 Lancaster 
Harper Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 67 n Eu- 

Harper Elizabeth, 120 Hoffman 
Harper Frank, laborer, 23 Neighbor 
Hiirner Capt. James L. of steamb. Columbia, 

65 s Bond 
Harper John S. bookkeeper. Mansion House 
Harper John P. salesman, 18 w Lombard 
Harper L. A. shoemaker, 263 w Fayette 
Harper Presbury, shoemaker, 243 n Eden 
Harper Mrs. Gen. R. G. 10 Cathedral 
Harper Washington, tobacconist, 28 St. Mary 
Harper William, shoemaker, 67 n Eutaw 
Harper William, tailor, 260 s Dallas 
Harpest John, cabinet maker, 16 New Church 
Harr Charles, painter, 190 e Fayette 
Harr George, maciiinist, 80 Mullikin 
Harr James W. machinist, 287 Columbia 
Harr John laborer, 12 Garden 
Harr Peter, collector, 28 St. Paul, dw 190 e 

Harrar John, wood sawyer, 126 French 
Harrer Godfrey, bak^r, 78 s Wolfe 
Harrigan Andrew, 19 Lewis 
Harrigan Andrew, collector, 222 e Monument 
Harrigan John, moulder, 60 Kamsay 
Harrigan John, carter, 114 s Exeter 
Harrigan Maria, 1 Ross 
Harrigan Thos. W. policeman, 150 e Eager 
Harring Augustus, shoemaker, 175 Hanover 
Harrington Mrs. A. M. music teacher, 118 n 

Harrington Ann, grocery, 60 s Calvert 
Harrington & Bogue, importers and dealers in 
tailors' trimmings, &c. over n e cor of Balti- 
more and Charles 
Harrington Elisha, property agent and collec- 
tor, 79 Second, dw 149 s Sharp 
Harrington Elisha, jr. (Samson Cariss & Co.) 

149 s' Sharp 
Harrington George W. engineer, 226 Bank 
Harrington George W. engineer, 196 Castle al 
Harrington Henry L. (H. & Bogue,) 32 s 

Harrington Helen, 79 n Charles 
Harrington Joshua, restaurant, 218 n Gay 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Harrington John, hackman, n e cor Exeter 

and French 
Harrington John, of tobacco warehouse No. 3 
Harrington Mrs. Joseph, teacher of music, 

79 n Charles 
Harrington Mary Ann, 253 Gough 
Harrington Matilda, 116 e Monument 
Harrington Milton, varnisher, 94 Chatsworth 
Harrington Nichs. grocer, 50 Harford av 
Harrington Richard, laborer, 253 Gough 
Harrington Samuel, carpenter, 57 Garden 
Harrington Samuel, 48 Warren 
Harrington Samuel, varnisher, 69 Forrest 

Harrington Thomas, huckster, 61 e Monu- 
Harrington Thomas, mariner, 74 Henrietta 
Harrington Wm. mariner, 48 Warren 
Harriss A. 65 n High 

Harris Augustus, stone cutter, 100 n Front 
Harris Alexander, 93 McCulloh 
Harris Benjamin, grocery, s wcor Boston and 

Harris Benjamin G. (Neale, H & Co.) 23 

Harris Buelah, dry goods dealer, 83 Howard 
HARRIS Dr. C. A. dental surgeon, 51 n 

Harris Charles W. chairmaker, 212 e Pratt 
Harris C. C. gaiter fitter, s e cor Gay and 

Harris Caroline, 161 G. Hughes 
Harris Charlotte, 20 Harmony la 
Harris C. B. 51 n Charles 
Harris Edward B. grain com. merchant, 6 

Bowly's whf. dw 616 w Baltimore 
Harris Mrs. E. 68 Perry 
Harris Eleanora, 120 G. Hughes 
Harris Elizabeth, dressmaker, 129 s Sharp 
Harris E. P. salesman, Maltby house 
Harris F. O. clerk, dw Maltb^^ house 
Harris Francis, policeman, 5 Somerset 
Harris Frederick, tinner, 129 s Sharp 
Harris Dr. George, (Townsend & H.) 83 n 

Harris Geo. M. agent, s e cor Gay & Forrest 
Harris George, blacksmith, 147 s Fremont 
Harris Henry C. coach painter, 112 e Lombard 
Harris Henry, carpenter, 8 Bolton 
Harris Henry W. (Samuel Harris & Sons,) 

189 St. Paul 
Harris Hicks, 83 n Howard 
Harris James, moulder, 24 s Oregon 
Harris James T. bricklayer, 116 Jefferson 
Harris James B. carpenter, 73 s Bond 
Harris James, porter, 21 Buren 
Harris J. (C. P. Morton & Co.) 94 Light-st 

Harris Jacob, laborer, 27 Low 
Harris James, laborer. Front nr Lombard 
Harris J. Morrison, attorney at law, 26 n Cal- 
Harris John, stone quarrier, secor Grundy & 

Harris Joseph, sexton Emanuel Church, 1 

Harris Joseph, (Dulaney &H.) 312 Saratoga 
Harris Josephine, 54 East 
Harris Lethe Ann, 755 w Baltimore 
Harris Mrs. M. s e cor Gay and Forrest 
Harris Mrs. Mary E. 195 Montgomery 
Harris Mathias, policeman, 27 Gough 
Harris & Miller, ship joiners, 44 Philpot, and 

foot of Cross 
Harris Margaret, dressmaker, 129 s Sharp 
Harris Richard, carter, 118 Boyd 
Harris Robert, printer, 17 s Caroline 
Harris Robert, janitor Carroll Hall, dw Fall.s 

road near Northern av 
Harris R. Hopkins, (Samuel H. & Sons) 116 

St. Paul 
Harris Mrs. S. G. 289 n Howard 
HARRIS SAMUEL, Jr. stock broker, base- 
ment Chesapeake Bank, dw Monument 
HARRIS SAMUEL & SONS, bankers, 196 
w Baltimore 




Harris Samuel, architect and measurer, 141 w 

Harris Sophia, dress maker, 129 s Sharp 
Harris Thomas C. (Samuel Harris & Sons,) 

93 Cathedral 
Harris Wm. E. clerk, 14}^ s Calvert 
Harris Wesley R. hatter, 181 n Exeter 
Harris Wm. D. (H. & Miller) 300 e Pratt 
Harris Wm. gunsmith, 116 w Pratt, dw 4 

Harris Wm. water supplier for ships, 76 Block 
Harris Wm. mariner, 88 s Washington 
Harris Wm. well digger, 105 Garden 
Harris Wm. stove finisher, 636 w Lombard 
Harris Wm. mariner, 56 Thames 
Harris Wm. bricklayer, Clinton n of Boston 
Harris Wm. H. bricklayer, 436 Lexington 
Harris Wm. T. cooper, 86 York 
Harris Wm. tanner, 136 s Exeter 
Harris Dr. W. A. 94 Saratoga 
Harris Wm. A. (Coates & H.) Three Tuns 

HaiTisburg Rudolph, tailor, 37 North 
Harrison Ann Rebecca, 58 Holiday 
Harrison Benj. F. stock and bill broker, 20 

Second, dw 26 Franklin 
Harrison Benjamin, clerk, 113 German 
Harrison Benjamin H. carp. 1 n Central av, 

dw 149 e Baltimore 
Harrison Caroline, 69 n Eutaw 
Harrison Catharine, 143 Mulberry 
Harrison Chas. S. bookkeeper, 57 s Gay 
Harrison Chas. T. clerk, over 1 Second 
Harrison C. R. clerk, Adams house 
Harrison Chas. E. varnisher, 56 Holiday 
Harrison Chas. T. ship carp. 170 Bank 
Harrison Chas. 1st bookkeeper Merchants' 

bank, dw Baltimore Co. 
Harrison Chas. E. clerk, 29 s Howard 
Harrison Clement D. carpenter, 142 Vine 
Harrison Daniel E. painter, 194 e Baltimore 

cap manufacturers, 20 s Charles 
Harrison Elizabeth, 67 Pearl 
Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, 379 w Pratt 
Harrison Francis, 215 Orleans 
Harrison George, 348 w Baltimore 
Harrison Geo. W. clerk B. &0. R. R. Eutaw 

Harrison Geo. C. mariner, 37 Stirling 
HARRISON GEORGE L. commis. merchant, 

6 O'Donnell's whf. dw 371 Eutaw place, n 

Eutaw extended 
Harrison Geo. H. boiler maker, 24 Sterrett 
Harrison Harriet 243 n Eutaw 
Harrison Henry G. currier, 379 e Eager 
Harrison Henry G. currier, 55Mi]liman 
Harrison James W. carpenter, 44 Valley 
Harrison James, junk dealer, 254 Canton av 
Harrison Jane, dressmaker, 144 Hanover 
Harrison John, painter, 191 Eastern av 
Harrison, John, clerk, 67 Pearl 
Harrison John, painter, 38 Slemmer al 
Harrison John H. pohceman, 316 Canton av 
Harrison John O. ship carpenter, 64 Hamburg 
Harrison John P. clerk, 101 s Sharp 
Harrison John, bar room, under Howard 

Harrison Julia, 26 Thomsen 
Harrison Lewis B. clerk, 69 n Eutaw 
Harrison Louis, (H., Davidson & Co.) 197 

Harrison Mark, hatter, 169 Greenmount av 

Harrison Mary A. 29 s Howard 

Harrison Mary, actress of Holiday Street 

Harrison Maria L. book store, 86 Hanover 
Harrison Michael, pedler, 57 n Gay 
Harrison Nathan, broker, 10 Water, dw 212 

n Eutaw 
Harrison Nicholas S. lightning rod agent, 56 

Harrison P. H. tobacconist, 2 n Poppleton, 

dw 680 w Baltimore 
Harrison Richard H. ship carpenter, 75 Ham- 
Harrison Robert, mariner, 3 Ivanhoe ct, w of 

Harrison Robert H. wood turner, 7 Centre 

Market space 
Harrison R. S. S. clerk, 56 Mount Vernon 

Harrison Dr. Samuel A., Charles 2 doors n of 

Harrison Susanna, 698 w Baltimore 
Harrison Samuel F. carpenter, 131 s Regester, 

dw 226 e Pratt 
Harrison Thomas, huckster, 58 Holiday 
Harrison Thomas, ship carpenter, 201 Gough 
Harrison Wm. clerk, 146 e Monument 
Harrison Wm. E. C. book £igent, 26 Second, 

dw 86 Hanover 
Harrison Wm. agent Canton Co. office cor 

Boston and Patuxent, dw s w cor Cathedral 

and Centre 
Harrison Wm. G. president George's Creek 

Coal and iron Co. 64 Mount Vernon place 
Harrison Wm. R. carpenter, 174 e Lombard 
Harrison Wm. A. shoemaker, 84 s Charles, 

dw 104 Hill 
Harrison Wm. A. carpenter, 16 Jefferson 
Harrison Wm. N. book agent, 26 Second, dw 

37 Stirling 
Harrison Wm. stone cutter, 23 Preston 
Harrison Wm. H. bricklayer, 275 e Lombard 
Harrison Mrs. W. 348 w Baltimore 
Harrison Wm. 206 e Pratt 
Harrison Wm. R. carpenter, 417 e Fayette 
Harrison Wm. H. carpenter, 3 Young 
Harrod Wm. T. shoemaker, 141 s Regester 
Harry Charles E. 47 Granby 
Harryman Ann M. 28 s Caroline 
Harryman C. C. clerk, 158 e Pratt 
Harryman Charles, carpenter, 28 s Caroline 
Harryman John G. clerk. Gen. Wayne Inn 
Harryman Joshua, policeman, 218 e Lombard 
Harryman John, clerk, 256 e Madison 
Harryman Josiah, bacon dealer, 207 e Monu- 
Harryman Julia Ann, 82 n Exeter 
Harryman Mary, 82 n Exeter 
Harryman Walter, furniture warehouse, 39 

South, dw 58 e Pratt 
Harryman Q,uiller, supdt. Baltimore Cemetery, 

dw Bel-Air av, cor Balto. Cemetery 
Harmann Lewis, laborer, Saratoga near Fre- 
Harmann Nicholas, laborer, 57 s Bond 
Harmeyer Anthony, grocer and liq. dealer, 88 

Har Sinai Temple (Jewish Reformed) High, 

between Fayette and Low 
Harstinge George, basket maker, 21 Cannon 
Harshaw James, teacher, 45 Harford av 
Harsp Andrew, carpenter, Wilson btwPenna. 

av and Division 




Hart Alexander, restaurant, 413 w Baltimore 

Hart Asa, carpenter, 185 Aisquith 

Hart Barnet, salesman, 209 w Fayette 

Hart Edward, laborer,- 5 Pleasant 

Hart Francis, (H. & McGowan) Northern av 

n of McMechin 
Hart Francis, jr. machinist. Mount Royal, 

foot of McMechin 
Hart James, laborer, 6 Gist 

Hart , book binder, 119 n Gay 

Hart John, huckster, 88 Hamburg 

Hart John, confectionery, 168 e Madison 

Hart Joseph, laborer, 9 L Gough 

HART & McGOWAN, coal and flour dea- 

ers, 226 Cathedral 
Hart Margaret, dry goods dealer, 156^ Lex- 
Hart Marx M. wood engraver, over 244 w 

Baltimore, dw 156/^ Lexington 
Hart Mary C. 221 Orleans 
Hart Mrs. Mary, 144 Pearl 
Hart Patrick, 197 Montgomery 
Hart Robert M. clerk, 618 Lexington 
Hart Samuel grocer, 59 North 
Hart Sarah J. dress maker, 402 n Gay 
Hart Stephen, 264 Aisquith 
Hart Tobias, clothier, 15 Second, dw 77 e 

Harten John, carter, 100 Dolphin 
Hartfeld Frederick, shoemaker, 226 s Charles 
Hartigan John J. stone cutter, n. e cor Pratt 

and Albemarle 
Hartgans Christopher, grocery, 2 Josephine 
Hartigan Morris, 83 s Poppleton 
Hartlein Hinry, porter, 41Tessier 
Hartlein Michael, omnibus driver, 41 Tessier 
Hartley Elizabeth, 21 Ogston 
Hartley Geo. policeman, 230 s Castle al 
Hartley Henry J. clerk, 22 e Monument 
Hartley John, omnibus driv. 130 s Regester 
Hartley John, ship carpenter, 338 Canton av 
Hartley Thomas, 21 Ogston 
Hartley Wm. T. ship carpenter, 2 Pleasant al 
Hartlove Ann E. S., Paca near Hamburg 
Hartlove Enoch, brickmaker, 161 Hamburg 
Hartlove Chas. H. brickmaker, 79 Warner 
Hartlove Geo. brickmaker, 269 Aliceanna 
Hartlove John, brickmaker, 129 West 
Hartlove Mary A. 66 Ridgely 
Hartlove Wesley, brickmaker, 333 Light 
Hartlove Wm. brickmaker, 269 Aliceanna 
Hartman Adam, laborer, 482 Penna. av 
Hartman Alfred Z. school teacher, 103 Co- 
Hartman Andrew, 147 Johnson 
Hartman Dr. Andrew, 176 Aisquith 
Hartman Caspar, cooper. 111 n Spring 
Hartman Christian, shoemaker, 58 Dolphin 
Hartman Charles, tailor, 25 Fell 
Hartman Conrad, tailor, 246 n Central av 
Hartman Daniel, tailor, 284 s Bond 
Hartman Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 290 e Mad- 
Hartman Francis, cab. maker, 37 n Central av 
Hartman Frank, 33 Marion 
Hartman Francis, marble polisher, 33 Marion 
Hartman Frederick, tailor, 56 Oregon 
Hartman Frederick, foundryman, 13 Fountain 
Hartman Geo. cabinet maker, 261 n Eden 
Hartman Geo. laborer, 38 s Exeter 
Hartman Gotlieb, laborer, 15 Second 
HartmaUjjGeo. J. shoemaker, 34 Ensor 
Hartman George, grocer, 111 n High 

Hartman Geo. F. tailor, 28 n Gay 
Hartman John, laborer, 225 s Wolfe 
Hartman Henry, cooper, 284 s Bond 
Hartman Harmon, tailor, 222 e Eager 
HARTMAN ISAAC, merchant tailor, 4 s 

Gav, dw 28 n Gay 
HARTMAN JACOB P. merchant tailor and 

clothier, 197 w Baltimore, dw 278 w Fayette 
Hartman John, carter, 26 Dewberry al 
Hartman John, drayman, 61 Watson 
Hartman John H. shoemaker, 267 Aisquith 
Hartman John, shoemaker, 678 w Baltimore 
Hartman John, porter, 8 Wyeth 
Hartman John C. clerk, 329 Saratoga 
Hartman John, cabinetmaker, 121 Saratoga 
Hartman John P. shoemaker, 79 Booth 
Hartman Henry, tailor, 87 Booth 
Hartman John T. shoemaker, 79 Booth 
Hartman John, laborer, 33 Fountain 
Hartman John, 106 Hampstead 
Hartman John, tailor, 470 Canton av 
Hartman Leon, (Straus, H., Hofflin & Co.) 

179 w Fayette 
Hartman Maria, variety store, 120 s Sharp 
Hartman Michael, carp. 188 s Dallas 
Hartman Michael, bricklayer, 32 Preston 
Hartman Nicholas, brickmaker, 391 s Eutaw 
Hartman Paul, laborer, 24 Somerset 
Hartman Philip, tailor, 116 Hollins 
Hartman Saml. shoemaker, 103 Columbia 
Hartman Sloan, merchant tailor, 127 n Gay 
Hartmier Richard, butcher, 55 Hoffman 
Hartmier Richard, baker, 119 Penna av 
Hartner Andrew, produce store, 113 n Bond 
Hartner John, cabinet maker, s e cor Franklin 

and Eutaw, dw Bee Hive hotel, cor St. 

Mary and Penna. av 
Hartogensis Edward S. second hand clothing 

dealer, 36 Harrison 
Hartogensis Henry S. stationery, 36 Harrison 
Hartshorne Joshua, iron dealer, 92 w Lom- 
bard , dw 129 w Fayette 
Harttund Ferd. shoemaker, 50 s Regester 
Hartung Bernhardt, saddler, 285 n Central 

Hartung Frederick B. saddler, 285 n Central 

Hartung George, carpet weaver, 261 n Eden 
Harty George, mariner, 182 s Ann 
Harty John, drayman, 170 Dover 
Harty Mary, 11 Slemmer al 
Harty Patrick, 11 Slemmer al 
Hartz Sampson, dry goods dealer, 197 n Gay 
Hartz Tobias, clothier, 15 Second 
Hartzel B. F. conductor B. &0. R. R. 89 Ross 
Hartzel & Cleirk, livery and hack stables, 76 

Hartzel David, (H. & Clark,) 342 w Lombard 
Hartzel George, hack owner, 89 Ross 
Hartzel J. F. hack driver, 54 Hoffman 
Hartzel Jacob, of Custom house, 98 Preston 
HARTZEL LEONARD, propr. hacks, 95 n 

Hartzel Wm. H. carter, 20 Boyd 
Hartzell Edwin, omnibus driver, 21 Boyd 
Hartzell John, carpenter, 42 Hoffman 
Hartzell John, omnibus driver, 53 Preston 
Hartzell Leonard, omnibus driver, 42 Hoffman 
Hartzell Lease, hackman, 20 Boyd 
Hartzell Luther, omnibus driver, 98 Preston 
Hartzog George, broker, 22 South, dw 85 

Harvey Abraham, shoemaker, 40 Warner 




Harvey Archibald, 30 Maiden la 
Harvey Ann C. e;i"ocery, 216 Hollins 
HARVEY & BOYD, druggists and chemists, 

44 Aisquith 
Harvey CharlesW. conductor R. R. 31 n Pop- 

Harvey Charles (Wm. T. Walters & Co.) 78 

Harvey Charles C. (H. & Boyd,) Bait. Co 
Harvey Catherine, millinery store, 98 Lexing- 
ton, dw Baltimore betw. Greene and Pearl 
Harvey Danl. carp. Ogsden nr Peirce, dw 265 

Harvey Edward U. shoemaker, 40 Warner 
Harvey Edward, shoemaker, 40 Warner 
HARVEY, GEDDES & JONES, dealers in 
stoves and hot air furnaces, Lehigh stove 
house, 98 and 100 w Baltimore 
Harvey Henry D. (Henry D. H. &, Co.) 147 

HafVey Henry D. & Co. wholesale grocers, 

105 w Lombard 
Harvey Henry, laborer, 298 Johnson 
Harvey Jas. cashier Western bank, 283 w 

Harvey Jas. jr. 283 w Lombard 
Harvey Jas. K. shoemaker, 139 Chester 
Harvey Jas. wagoner, 150 Stirling 
Harvey J. W. jr. bookkeeper, 22 Second 
Harvey John, laborer, Eager, near Green- 
mount av 
Harvey J. W. real estate broker, over 22 Sec- 
ond, dw Baltimore Co 
Harvey John E. (H., Geddes & Jones,) 239 w 

Harvey John W. bricklayer, 133 West 
Harvey John, collar maker, 23 n Greene 
Harvey Joseph, property agent, 551 w Fay- 
ette, dw 692 Saratoga 
Harvey Joseph B. cigar maker, 64 s High 
Harvey Joshua & Co. dry goods merchants, 

66 Hanover, dw J. H. 239 w Lombard 
HARVEY JOSHUA G. & CO. provision 
and produce commis. merchts. 75 Exchange 
place, dw J. G. H. 313 w Lombard 
Harvey Joshua, jr. clerk, 239 w Lonibard 
Harvey Jacob P. plasterer, 175 e Eager 
Harvey Patience, 30 Wayne 
Harvey Robert J. painter, 93 Preston 
Harvey Samuel T. collar maker, 7 Josephine 
Harvey Thomas, shoemaker, 486 Penna. av 
Harvey Thomas J. letter carrier, 80 Mul- 
Harvey Thomas P. secretary Eutaw Savings 

Bank, dw 20 Penn 
Harvey VVm. carpenter, 24 n Republican 
Harvey Wm. clerk, 283 w Lomlmrd 
Harvey Wm. H. mate, 30 Maiden la 
Harvey W. P. J. clerk, 313 w Lombard 
Harwick Francis, stevedore, 44 s Regester 
Harwood Elizabeth, 223 n Howard 
Harwood James K. purser, U. S. N., 159 St. 

Harwood Mary E. 156 n Howard 
Harwood Sarah E. 53 Garden 
Harwood Valentine, shoemaker, 352 e Eager 

Harz , pedler, 257 s Bond 

Hasenbalg Harmon, druggist, 177 s Broad- 
Hasenkamp Anton, cabinet maker, 188 Park 
Hashcomb August, carpenter, 14 Diamond 
Hashert George, barber, 73 n Fremont 
Hashet Adam, laborer, 29 Eastern av 

Hashou James, laborer, 23 Rock 

Haskell John H. machine card factory, 33 8 

Eutaw, dw 106 n Eutaw. 
Haskell Mrs. Mary, 31 s Howard 
Haskell Theo. J. beltmkr, 157 L. Greene 
Haskey Henry, sr. blacksmith, 176 s Regester 
Haslam Samuel, tavern, s e cor Frederick and 

Haslett Geo. (A. George & Co.) 275 Saratoga 
Haslett Robt. paper hanger, 40 s Republican 
Haslett Sarah, fur dealer, 21 Park 
Haslett Thos. sexton Disciples BaptistChurch, 

dw 40 s Republican 
Hasloop John, carp. 18 McClellan's al 
Haslup Geo. clerk, 595 w Lombard 
Haslup Geo. cigar mkr, 148 s Fremont 
Haslup Henrietta, 31 Aisquith 
Haslup John, 595 w Lombard 
Haslup John, tobacconist, 148 s Fremont 
Haslup Jos. N. coachsmith, 31 n Eden 
Haslup Leroy, blacksmith, 49 n Frederick 
Haslup Lloyd, coachmkr, 49 n Frederick 
Haslup Marion J. (H., Small* Co. )30n Front 
Haslup Mrs. seamstress, 239 Henrietta 
Haslup Oliver, 100 Hill 
Haslup Rezin & Co. smiths in general, 57 

North, dw R. H. 49 n Frederick 
Haslup Robert N. clerk, 286 n Howard 
Haslup, Small & Co. genl. commis. merchts, 

5 O'Donnell's whf 
Haslup Thos. fisherman, 148 s Fremont 
Hasman Henry, cigar maker, 152 e Pratt 
Hasper Chas. shocmkr, 10 Jackson's ct 
Hass August, cabinet mkr, 3 Diamond 
Hass Aaron, butcher, 78 Harrison 
Hasson Neale, waiter, 16 n Amity 
Haswell John, carp. 188 Penna. av 
Hass Conrad, tinner, 64 Lancaster 
Hass Henry, cabinet maker, 2 Etna la 
Hast Herman, shoemaker, 92 n Ann 
Hatch Charles B., (H., Mann & Co.) Bal- 
timore Co 
Hatch Elizabeth C. millinery and dry goods 

dealer, 160 Lexington 
Hatch Frederick, carver, 57 Raborg 
Hatch Mary Jane, 100 Saratoga 
Hatch James G. brushmaker, 144 w Lombard 
Hatch Jane, boarding house, 12 Harrison 
Hatch, Mann & Co. oyster packers, 111 Mc- 

Elderry's whf. 
Hatch Samuel T. builder, 237 n Howard 
Hatch Samuel T. jr. plasterer, 263 Hollins 
Hatcheson Benj. O. shoemaker, 187 e Pratt 
Hatcheson James H. ship carpen. 187 e Pratt 
Hatter Ann M. confectionery, 135 w Lom- 
Hatter Martin, confectioner, 133 n Gay 
Hatton Henry, carpenter, 236 n Caroline 
Hassauer Andrew, grocery, 70 McElderry 

and chemist, 73 Hanover 
Hasselberger Louis, butcher, 364 Light 
Hasshaw Philip, wagoner, 25 L. Gough 
Hasson Hugh, rigger, 86 Oak 
Hasson John, 52 s Broadway 
Hasson John M. 318 e Baltimore 
Hasson Malcom, engineer, 156 Garden 
Hasson Rebecca B. 52 s Broadway 
Hastings -Amelia A., M. D., homcepathic 

medicines, books and cases, secor Saratoga 

and Sharp 
Hastings Joseph S. jr. (J. A. Dobson & Co.) 

Chatsworth opposite Hoffman 




Haawell John, 74 Towson, L. P. 
Hatfield John, trader, 532 w Baltimore 
Hatline Michael, 280 Johnson 
Hathaway Annie, 44 n Caroline 
Hatton Edward, painter, 5 Walker 
Hatton Ellen, 3 Walker 
Hatton Maria, seamstress, 46 East 
Hatsburg Wm. rag deal. 33 n Gay 
Haubert H. C. S. ]6 s Howard 
Haubert Harman V. marble carv. 108 Orleans 
Haublin Geo. tailor, 10 Cowpen al 
Hauck Chas. cigar mkr. 507 Saratoga 
Hauf Mich, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Haufienmeyer Geo. piano mkr. 116 Burgundy 
Haugh Solomon, fireman, 124 Raborg 
Haughay Jas. laborer, 235 e Chase 
Haughoy Benj. 305 Garden 
Hauisen Mary, 369 n Gay 
Haupet John C. cooper, 88 Dover, dw 90 
Haupp Peter, laborer, 99 Washington 
Haupt Chas. cigar mkr. 126 Pine 
Haupt Edward, cigar mkr. 101 Pine 
Haupt Edwin, grocer, 101 Pine 
Haupt David, prof, of music, 879 w Pratt 
Haupt Geo. restaurant, cor Fayette and Tem- 
Haupt Jacob, shoemkr. 73 Harrison 
Haupt John M. G. painter, 119 Pearl 
Haupt Joseph, shoemkr. rear 39 n Eden 
Haupt Matthias, cigar mkr. 101 Pine 
Hauptman Chas. bricklayer, 247 Franklin 
Hauptman John, 247 Franklin 
Hauptman Thos. printer, 247 Franklin 
Haurand Jos. B. cigar store, 32_V2 ^ Balti- 
more, dw 64 n Gay 
Haurand, boarding house, 64 n Gay 
Haurand Rudolph, tobacconist, 17 w Fayette 
Haurand Wm. jeweler, 10 Harrison 
Haus Christian, laborer, 65 Aliceanna 
Haus Conrad, laborer, 261 s Wolfe 
Hausch Philip, wagoner, 36 Barnes 
Hatise Christian, machinist, 23 Saratoga 
Hause John A. policeman, 111 Hill 
Hause Martin, 4 Port al 
Hause Rosaline, nurse, 23 Saratoga 
Hauseh Geo. wheelwright, 78 n Broadway 
Hausdaffer Henry, laborer, 66 Mulberry 
Hausney John, laborer, 65 Aliceanna 
Hausen Elizabeth, 77 Jasper 
Hausenvald John H. grocer and feed dealer, 3 

Penna. av 
Hauser Henry, tailor, 76 n Caroline 
Haver Geo. stone mason, Frederick road, e 

Hauslcr John, tailor, 80 e Lombard 
Hausworth Wm. butcher, 393 Penna. av 
HAVERKAMP CHAS. H. grocer, O'Donnell 

w of Clinton 
Haverkamp Chas. H. shoemak. 50s Regester 
Haverkrost Henry, milkman, 414 Harford av 
Haverstrow Christian, tailor, 21 Rock 
Havcrsett John, upholsterer. Central av near 

Havickhorst George, laborer, 331 Canton av 
Hawkens Wm. grocer, 163 e Pratt 
Hawker Charles, lamplighter, 15 Ensor 
Hawkins Andrew, plasterer, over 4 s Gay 
Hawkins Charles, saddler, 231 e Madison 
Hawkins Charles, jr. saddler, 231 e Madison 
Hawkins Charle.s, grocery, 336 n Gay 
Hawkins John, clerk, 31 Marion 
Hawkins Patrick, laborer, 9 Patapsco 
Hawkins Sarah, 51 Warren 

Hawkins Susanna, 244 e Pratt 

Hawkins Wm. (Mills, Mayhew & Co.) 181 

HAWLEY R. K. & CO. lumber commission 
merchants, 16 Eastern av. dw R. K. H. 253 
Madison av 
Hawkins Samuel, caulker, 3 Be van 
Hawthorn James, carter, 188 German 
Hawthorne Capt. James, 120 s Bond 
Hax Christian, (J. B. & C. H.) 117 n Caro- 
HAX J. B. & C. contractors and pavers, 62 & 

117 n Caroline 
Hax J. B. (J. B. & C. H.) 62 n Caroline 
Hax John P. cooper, n w cor Caroline and 

Hax Valentine, laborer, 231 s Bethel 
Haxel Peter, tailor, 13 Clay 
Hay James, bookkeeper, 143 Mulberry 
Hay Jesse, paver, 304 Hollins 
Hay John C. clerk, 304 Hollins 
Hay Marion, paver, 653 w Lombard 
Hayburn James, shoemaker, 72 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Haydcn Elizabeth, 175 w Biddle 
Haydcn Frank, laborer, 29 Elizabeth la 
Hayden George, dravightsman, 175 w Biddle 
Hayden George, feed dealer, n e cor Penna. av 

and Biddle, dw 175 w Biddle 
Hayden H. W. register's clerk, 24 Strieker 
Hayden Dr. H. Mozart, dental surgeon, 98 n 

Hayden John, cigar maker, 9 s Caroline 
Haydcn Capt. John F. mariner, 175 w Biddle 
Hayes Catherine, 119 Chesapeake 
Hayes Edward F. painter, and of No. 2 city 

fire department, 83 Barre 
Hayes James blacksmith, 265 e Monument 
Hayes James, carter, 158 s Fremont 
Hayes James, drayman, 7 Dawson 
Hayes James, laborer, 20 President 
Hayes John, stone cutter, 89 North 
Hayes John, painter, 91 w Fayette, dw 87 
Hayes Michael, chairmaker, 20 Lcmmon 
Hayes Michael, laborer. Cathedral nr city lim. 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, 19 n Amity 
Hayes Patrick, laborer. Cathedral nr city limits 
Hayes Peter D. painter, s w cor Bank & Dur- 
ham, dw 60 s Washington, F. P. 
Hayes Robert J. 143^ s Calvert 
Hayes Rcvcrdy, painter, 148 s Bond 
Haync Mrs. Eliza, 33 Hamilton 
Haynes Chas. bookkeeper, 222 Madison av 
Hayncs D. Francis, clerk, 52 Spring row 
Haynes Patrick, barber, 8 China al 
Haynes Robert, huckster, 170 Durham 
Haynes Wesley, machinist, 83 Hollins 
Haynie John, pilot, 169 s Ann 
Haynie Capt. John F. 93 s Ann 
Haynie Hezekiah, laborer, 174 William 
Haynie Martin, piano maker, 62 s Eutaw 
Haynie Martin, piano maker, 171 Lee 
Haynie Stephen W. boat builder, 169 s Ann 
Hays Catherine, 175 n Howard 
Hays Catherine, house keeper, 64 Franklin 
Hays David, attorney at law, 53 w Fayette, 

dw 160 n Howard 
Hays David, carpenter, 241 Lee, dw 150 Barre 
Hays Daniel, clerk, 10 Valley 
Hays James, blacksmith. Mill, dw 265 e Mon- 
Hays Capt. James A. 163 s Sharp 




Hays James H. carver, 111 Aisquith 

Hays James, mariner, 286 s Dallas 

Hays John, hackman, 203 n Howard 

Hays John, stone cutter, 62 s Eutaw 

Hays John M. tailor, 2 Addison 

Hays John, porter, 211 Hollins 

Hays Mary A. seamstress, 140 s Fremont 

Hays Michael A. chair maker, 114 Holland 

HAYS & MORSE, carvers, Clay bet Howard 

and Park 
Hays Robert, (H. & Morse,) 89 Aisquith 
Hays Robert, cigar maker, 247 Forrest 
Hays Robert W. tinner, 89 Aisquith 
Hays Thomas, shoemaker, 94 e Lombard 
Hays Wm. Initcher, 30 F'rench 
Hays Wm. laborer, 47 York 
HAYWARD, BARTLE'l'T & CO. wholesale 
stove warehouse, 24 Light, foundry s w cor 
Pratt and Scott 
Hayward Eli B. assistant secretary Baltimore 

Equitable Society, 171 Garden 
Hay ward Elizabeth, dry goods dealer, 47 s 

Hayward Jacob, ornam. painter, 13 Diamond 
Hayward Jonas H. (H., Bartlett & Co.) 320 

Hayward John B. painter, 15 MuUikin 
Hayward N. P. 119 Park 
Hayward Sophia, 235 Hollins 
HAYWARD -WM. H. magistrate. Mansion 
house, corner Fayette and St. Paul, dw 320 
Haxford David C 159 n Central av 
Hazel Edward J. salesman, 83 s Caroline 
Hazelip Benjamin M. coach paiiU'r,75 n Exeter 
Hazelitt James, blacksmith, 17 Concord, dw 25 
Hazelitt Joseph N. blacksmith, 9 Swan, dw 31 

n Eden 
Hazlehtirst Henry R. (Murray & H.) Ellicotts 

HAZLEHURST & PHELAN, distillers, 17 

Spear's whf 
Hazlehurst Samuel, (H. & Phelan) 224 w 

> Hazlitt Boston, (Jas. H. & Co.) Maltby house 
HazlittJas. & Co. importers and dealers in 

foreign liquors, 39 and 41 s Gay 
Hazlitt Jas. (J. H. & Co.) 242 w Lombard 
Hazzard Capt. George W. of U. S. A., aO w 

Hazzard Robert A. painter, 8 Williamson al 
Head Washington, watchman at Custom 

house, 702 w Baltimore 
Heafly Jacob D. printer. Cathedral extended 
Heagy Wm. H. salesman, 66 Pearl 
Heald Howard, 162 w Fayette 
Heald Jacob, jr. clerk, 162 w Fayette 
HEALD JACOB & CO. tobacco and commis- 
sion merchants, 58 s Gay 
Heald John R. clerk Mechanics' bank, 395 w 

Heald John H. & Co. Patapsco tannery. North, 

dwJ. H. H. 70 w Madison 
Heald Wm. H. (John H. H. & Co.) 72 w 

Heald Wm. (Jacob H. &, Co.) 158 w Fayette 
Healey Edward, stone cutter, 224 Ross 
Healey Francis J. teacher, 175 n Paca 
Healey James, carpenter, 94 s Charles 
HEALEY DR. JAS. E. n wcor Baltimore and 

Eden, dw 233 c Baltimore 
Healey John, grocery, 26 e Pratt 
Healey J. Oscar, carpenter, 94 s Charles 


City Hall, Holiday 
Healey Dennis, tailor, 16 French 
Healey Leonard S. coal agent, n e cor Cen- 
tral av. and Hampstead, dw 233 e Baltimore 
Hean John, laborer, 177 s Eden 
Heaney Joseph, carter, 89 n Amity 
Heaps Capt John B. 53 s Ann 
Heaphy Bridget, washerwoman, 83 McElder- 

ry's wharf 
Heaphy Mary, grocery, 131 s Exeter 
Heaphy Michael, laborer, 3 Bank 
Heard John, 115 n Bond 
Heard Wm. painter, 112 Jefferson 
HEARN ALFRED J. hosiery and trimmings 

dealer, 157 and 225 Lexington 
Hearne Dennis, laborer, 24 Fawn 
Hearthline John, laborer, 190 s Bond 
Heath Ann, 39 Greenmount av 
Heath Elisha S. (Collins, H. & Hutchinson,) 

314 Hollins 
Heath Francis W. iron foundry, 2 Gillingham " 

al, dw 523 w Fayette 
Heath George, potter, 20 Bank 
Heath George, 313 e Monument 
Heath John, shoemaker, 36 Orleans 
Heath Michael, grocery, 98 n Dallas 
Heath W. printer, 36 Orleans 
Heather George, 69 Raborg 
Heaton Richard H. hatter, 40 Jackson 
Heavel Ross, blacksmith, 6 Garden 
HeavenerRolandus L. B. salesman, 112 w Fay- 
Hebb John, pilot, 80 s Ann 
Hebb Thomas A. clerk, 138 n Howard 
Hebbel Charles, baker, 160 Orleans 
Hebbel Earnest, tailor and green grocer, 1 s 

Hebel Henry, laborer, 277 s Ann 
Hebber James, paver, 6 Green's ct 
Hebburn Samuel, nightman, 106 German 
Hebberman Fredk. coach maker, 224 Franklin 
Hebden Margaret, 3 Lancaster 
Hebden William H. Powhatan hall, 259 s 

Hebler Christiana, tailoress, 191 e Eager 
Hebler Gustavus, tailor, 191 e Eager 
Hebling Joseph, shoemaker, 77 e Lombard 
Hebner Martin, cooper, 109 Eastern av 
Hebner Martin, shoemaker, 502 Lexington 
Hebsacker Justus, bookbinder, 135 Saratoga 
Hechtley Anthony, laborer, 321 s Charles 
Hechinger Ferdinand, clerk, 59 Forrest 
Hechinger David, clerk, 59 Forrest 
Hechinger Sophia, 59 Forrest 
Hechenthall Louis, artist, s e cor Lanvaie and 

Mason al 
Hecht Andrea, tailor, 35 Hampstead 
Hecht Absalom, dry goods dealer, 148 s Broad- 
Hecht Abraham, salesman, 47 n Front 
Hecht Jacob, Bros. & Co. clothiers, n w cor 

Center Market space and Pratt 
Hecht Jacob, (J. H. Bros. & Co.) 14 Lloyd 
Hecht John, clerk, 169 s Broadway 
Hecht Lewis, (H. & Putzel,) 236 Saratoga 
Hecht Lewis, (Jacob H. Bros. & Co.) 236 

Hecht Lewis, bottle dealer, 15 Albemarle 
Hecht Moses, (Jacob H. Bros. & Co.) 72 e 

HECHT & PUTZEL, wholesale dealers in 
boots, shoes and hats, 302 w Baltimore 




Hecht Robert, dry goods dealer, 160 s Broad- 
Hecht Samuel, dry goods deal. 186 s Broadway 

dw 169 
Hecht Samuel, dry goods dealer, 182 s Broad- 
Hecht Simon, druggist, 341 Saratoga 
Heck Charles, shoemaker, 211 Light 
Heck Frederick, grocery, 45 Forrest 
Heck Frederick W. cigar maker, 280 Mulberry 
Heck George, whip maker, 80 n Eutaw 
Heck George C. whip maker, 98 n Eden 
Heck George W. shoemaker, 142 Conway 
Heck John, milkman, 224 s Paca 
Heck John, laborer, 239 s Wolfe 
Heck John, cabinet maker, 259 Eastern av 
Heck Julia, grocery, 98 n Eden 
Heck Samuel, furniture dealer, 232 Aliceanna 
Heck Wm. tailor, 126 Sarah Ann 
Heck Wm. bricklayer, 364 Saratoga 
Heckathorn Wm. engineer, 489 w Lombard 
Hecken Wm. carter, 50 Cooksie, L. P. 
Hecker Jacob, iron roller, 16 Beck 
Heckman Frederick J. grocery, 233 e Lombard 
Heckmeyer Louis, 654 w Baltimore 
Heckner Sophia, 59 Forrest 
Heckrotte Henry W. cigar maker, 385 w Pratt 
Hedden Electa, .399 Lexington 
Hedder Christian, bottler, 270 s Caroline 
Heddinger Daniel C. 10 n Caroline 
Heddinger James H. printer, 219 e Fayette 
Heddinger Michael, plasterer, 71 s Bond 
Heddinton James, trunk maker, Baltimore bet 

Pine and Fremont 
Heddock James, huckster, 24 Dewberry a! 
Hedges Edward, dry goods dealer, 180 w Mad- 
Hedges Rev. John W. 190 Penna. av 
HEDIAX MARTIN, manufacturer gold leaf, 

19 Mercer 
Hedian P. J. (Kelly, H. & Pict,) 40 n High 
Hedian T. mirror and picture frame maker, 82 
\ w Baltimore 

Hedley Andrew, carpenter, 241 w Biddie 
Hedley Wm. F. painter, n e cor Canton av & 

Hedrea Catherine, 238 s Bond 
Hedrik George, tailor, 420 Canton av 
Hedrich Henry, tailor, 317 e Lombard 
Hedrick Geo. shoemaker, 168 e Baltimore 
Hedrick John, machinist, Johns, betw. Town- 

SQnd and Lanvale 
Hedrick Jackson, butcher, 58 n Central av 
Hedrick Wm. miller. Hunter al. near Johns 
Hedrick Wm. carpenter, 190 e Eager 
Heesh Chas. coachsmith, 242 e Biddlc 
Hefner Conrad, harness maker, 9 Chestnut al 
Hefner Joseph, laborer, 688 w Baltimore 
HefTner Edw. superintendent, Greenmountav 
Hefl'ner Hugh, truckman, 11 Centre Market 

Heffner Michael, brickmaker, 285 s Paca 
Heffern Patrick, 37 Preston 
Hefflcr Valentine, pedler, 239 e Eager 
Hefran Peter, 36 Morton al 
Hegdon Tliomas, chairmaker, 121 e Lombard 
Heggele Alfonsa, bookbinder, 41 Richmond 
Heggele John, machinist, 41 Richmond 
Heggele Joseph, carpenter, 41 Richmond 
Heggele Henry, cigar maker, 41 Richmond 
Hehland Chas. tinner. Elbow la. betw. Scott 

and Fremont 
Hei Petting, tailor, 19 n Frederick 

Heibeck Nicholas, grocer}^ 107 Sarah Ann 

Heibner Jacob, tailor, 33 Ross 

Heibner Mockeleana, 537 Canton av 

Heibrick Joseph, tailor, 84 s Wolfe 

Heid John, bootmaker and grocery, 192 8 

Heide Frederick, shoemaker, 49 n Frederick 
Heideman Augustus H. paper carrier, 133 

Heidenrich Emiel, clerk, 70 Chatsworth 
Heider Henry, grocery, 273 Hanover 
HEIDERICK ANTON, tavern, 26 s Liberty 
Heidner Andrew, baker, 153 e Baltimore 
Heidrich Nicholas, 209 Light 
Heien Herman, propr. Bremen house, 280 a 

HEIGHE BENJ. M. attorney at law, 30 St. 

Paul, dw 44 .Mulberry 
Heighe Wm. J. clerk, 44 Mulberry 
Heigle Mary, 102 Jefferson 
Heiker John, foundryman, 533 Canton ar 
Heikmann Wm. laborer, 354 s Charles 
Heil Adam, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Heil Charles, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Heil Chas. shoemaker, 245 Broadway 
Heil Geo. butcher, Bel Airav, near city limits 
Heil Samuel, dentist, 43 Hanov^ 
Heilbrun A. clothier, 318 w Pratt 
Heilbrun Henry, 27 n Howard 
Heilbrun, Oberndorf & Fleischer, wholesale 

clothiers, 288 w Baltimore 
Heilbrun S. (H., Obendorf& Fleischer,) 122 

Heilbrun Micliaei, dry goods deal. 52 Hanover 
Heildeffer Peter, cooper, Washington nr East- 
ern av 
Heilley Wm. grocery, n e cor Charles & Hill 
Heilner Rev. L. 121 e Lombard 
Heim Albert, tailor, 143 Eager 
Heim Albert, sawyer, 82 Orchard 
Heim Andrew, porter, 42 Chatswortl.. 
Heim Bartholomew, sexton, cor Ross and 

Heiman Jacob, tailor, 219 s Broadway 
Heim George, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Heim George, shoemaker, 19 Plum 
Heim George, porter, 95 Hanover 
Heim Jacob B. (H., Kicodemus & Co.) 79 n 

Heim John, 254 Hanover 
Heim John, tailor, 178 s Eden 
Heim John, laborer, 185 Gough 
HEIM, MCuDEMUS & CO. importers & 

dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, 383 

w Baltimore 
Heim Philip, packingbox maker, 265 n Gay 
Heimbacher Henry, shoemaker, 150 Raborg 
Heiman Conrad, tiiilor, 290 n Central av 
Heimann John, laborer, f6 n Ann 
Heimer George, cooper, 19 James lane 
Heimer Michael, laborer, 209 s Bond 
Heimer Philip, shoemaker, 5 Spring ct 
Heimerdinger John C. shoemaker, 14 Ross 
Heimil Joseph, laborer, 55 Aliceanna 
Heimiller Andrew, shoemaker, rear of Centre 

Market space 
Henniller Henry, coacjimaker, ]61e Madison 
Heimiller Paul, cooper, 427 w Lombard 
Heimler John, laborer, 2 Bouldin al 
Heinbecker Henry, shoemaker, 150 Raborg 
Heinboch Conrad, laborer, 196 Canton av 
Heinboch John, sr. tailor, 196 Canton av 
Heinboch John, jr. laborer, 196 Canton av 




Heinboch Peter, drayman, 196 Canton av 
Heindle VVm. H. clerk Sun office, dw 157 n 

Heine Frederick, porter, 15 Commerce 
Heine Wm. basket maker, 153 Canton av 
Heinecke Henry, shoemaker, 124 s Wolfe 
Heinekamp Wm. piano maker, 3 State 
Heineman Charles, huskster, 222 Aliceanna 
Heinemann Ezekiel, pattern maker, 439 w 

Heinemann Henry, fancy paper-box maker, 

439 w Pratt 
Heinneman Christian, cabinet maker, 85 Stiles 
Heiner Francis, 55 Hoffman 
Heiner Henry, cooper, 112 Hamburg 
Heiner John H. shoemaker, 226 s Ann 
Heiner John Z. clerk at post office, 36 Second 
Heiner Christoper, 305 Aliceanna 
Heiner Theodore, basket maker, 276 s Ann 
Heinickons Ernst F. carpenter, 283 Ross 
Heinlein Adam, milkman, 648 Light 
Heinlein George, porter, 31 Mosher 
Heinlein John, baker, 84 Thames 
Heineman John, tanner, 202 Stirling 

Heinneman rag dealer, 63 Harrison 

Heinrich Rennent, tailor, 248 s Eutaw 
Heiurichs Frfderick, blacksmith, 60 Walsh 
Heins Jacob, laborer, 89 Eastern av 
Heiiis John, laborer, 53 James la 
Heinsman Catherine, 323 Penna av 
Heints George, ship carpenter, 8 Fountain 
Heintz David, laborer, 362 s Charles 
Heintz Martin, nail maker, 50 Lancaster 
Heinz Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 80 n 

Gay. — [See page 34 Mvertiseinents.] 
Heinz Charles, painter, 83 n Schroeder 
Heinz Frederick, tavern, 35 n Paca 
Heinz Henry, butcher. Point la, near Green- 
mount cemetery 
Heinzelman Matthew, wheelwright, 257 Mul- 
Heinzerling August, baker, 63 Ensor 
Heinzerling Emile, toaker, 125 Penna. av 
Heinzerling John, sawyer, 17 Green's ct 
Heinzman Catherine, 323 Penna. av 
Heinzman John, drayman, 89 Eastern av 
Heinzmann Henry, lager beer, Wolfe near 

Heird Henry W. (Trego, H. & Co.) 146 e 

Heironimous H. W., Howard house 
Heis Christopher, drayman, Eastern av, near 

Heis John, tavern, 89 Eastern av 
Heise Elias, book binder, 12 w Fayette 
Heise Wm. box maker, 13 Park 
Heiser August, cooper, 256 Hamburg 
Heiser John, cabinet maker, 251 s Bond 
Heiser Samuel, carpenter, 187 s Caroline 
Heishman Henry, baker, 85 Harrison 
Heisler Ennis, tailor, 47 n Dallas 
Heislcr Hersleb L. dry goods dealer, 285 n 

Central av 
Heisner Geo. gardener, 423 Canton av 
Heisler William, engineer N. C. Railway, 71 

Heisner John, stevedore, 273 Canton av 
Heitmiller Wm. tailor, 240 e Pratt 
Heitmuller Henry, shoemaker, 346 Canton av 
Heitner Henry, carpenter, 176 s Eden 
Heiter Joseph, laborer, 53 Aliceanna 
Heither Charles, 40 n Central av 
Heitzman Mathias, sr. grocery, 732 Penna. av 

Heitzman Mathias, jr 732 Penna. av 
Heiz John, shoemaker, 225 s Bond 
Helbing H. basket manufacturer, 375 n Gay 
Helboldt Adam, laborer, 217 Aliceanna 
Held Charles, turner, 111 Raborg 
Held Charles, cigar maker, 1 Saratoga 
Held Francis, sugar refiner, 113 Elliott 
Heldan Thorte, washerwoman, 96 Richmond 
HELDMAN DR. ADAM J. 120 Pearl 
Heldman Catherine, 222 Penna av 
Heldman Henry, butcher, Garrison lane near 

Western Cemetery 
Heldman Henry, baker, 16 e Lombard 

Heldman , laborer, 16 e Lombard 

Heldrong Aug. shoemaker, 44 Milliman 
HELEN E Paul, grocer, 222 Columbia 
Helfenbein Henry, grocery, 65 Ross 
Helfenbein Henry, tailor, 83 Ross 
Heifer Joseph, porter, 80 n Wolfe 
Helfrich George, clerk, 558 Lexington 
Helfrich Jacob, painter, 446 Saratoga 
Helfrich James, laborer, 71 Preston 
Helgardener Kunigunda, confectionery, 72 s 

Helgardener Louis, stone cutter, 72 s Bond 
Hellen Henry, cement roofer, 12 s Eutaw, dw 

30 e Eager 
Hellen John F. clerk, 275 e Pratt 
Hellen Thomas W. 275 e Pratt 
Hellenerich Gotleib, turner, 32 Ross 
Heller Frederick, whitewasher, 7 New 
Heller Henry, tailor, 3 Regester 
Heller Wm. H. green grocer, 46 Aisquith 
Helling Bernard, tailor, 45 St. Mary 
Helling Henry, turner, 7 Sterrett 
Hellman Henrietta, 169 e Baltimore 
Hellman Joseph, hatter, 180 n Gay 
Hellstein & Oettinger, whol.& retail clothiers, 

76 s Charles 
Hellstein F. (H. & Oettinger,) 117 e Lombard 
Hellstein Philip, (H. & Oettinger,) 117 e 

Hellthaler Rupprecht, shoemaker, 63 s Eutaw 
Hellweg John H. cigar maker, 342 s Sharp 
Hellwig Augustus, varnisher, cor Leadenhall 

and Henrietta 
Hellwig August, barber, 268 Canton av 
Hellwig Geo. grocery, 155 s Fremont 
Hellwig Wm. tobacconist, 82 Thames 
Heltman Andrew S. paver, 305 Aliceanna 
Helm Charlotte M. 13 Cambridge, Canton 
Helm Frederick, baker, 232 s Ann 
HELM JOHN F. tin and sheet iron worker, 

52 s Calvert, dw 254 Aisquith 
Helm John, blacksmith, Frederick road, cor 

Calverton road 
Helm Joseph H. policeman, 18 Constitution 
Helm Wm. O. carpenter, 255 e Madison 
Helme Joseph N. shipwright, 142 Bank 
Helman Wm. T. cigar maker, 30 Brune 
Helmcamp Wm. furn. wagoner, 57 Eastern av 
Helmers John, shoe tool manufacturer, 250 w 

Helmington John G. 97 n Spring 
Helmle Chas. cabinet maker, 42 Abbot 
Helmling Anthony, engineer, 235 s Paca 
Helmling Anna, 4 Henrietta 
Helmling Augustus, 108 Columbia 
HELxMLlNG HENRY, billiard saloon and 

restaurant, 62 w Fayette 
Helmling John, clerk, 119 Ross 
HELMLING WM. block and pump maker, 
184 s Paca 




Helmstetter Peter, laborer, 62 Durst al 
Helmute Lewis, shoemaker, 66 L. Monumewt 
Helsby Samuel, merchant tailor, 11 s Liberty, 

dw 108 n Pine 
Helsby Dr. Thomas H. 771 w Baltimore 
Helsby Thomas H. (Wm. T.Chandler& Co.) 

108 Pine 
Helve Conrad, teamster, Calverton Mills near 

Helvick Henry, shoemaker, 137 s Caroline 
Helweg Gustav. baker, 23 Hanover 
Helweg John, cigar maker, 289 w Baltimore 
Helzerman Charles, shoemaker, 83 Henrietta 
Hembel W. shoemaker, 211 s Bond 
Hemke John, lumber wagoner, 100 w Pratt 
Hemmerly Frederick, shoemaker, 68 n Cen- 
tral av 
Hemmeter John, varnisher, 97 Hollins 
Hemmick George A. shoemaker, 84 n Eutaw 
Hemmick George H. watchman at Custom 

Hempel John C. fancy trimmings, 268 n Gay 
Hempfling John, shoemaker, 221 s Wolfe 
Hemple Frediirick, propr. Reben Laube, Fay- 
ette near Harrison 
Hemmick Jacob, ladies' shoemr. 39 n Liberty 
Hemmick Wm. H., Eutaw house 
Henchell Christopher, ship carpenter, 185 s 

Henchen Michael, laborer, 79 Goodman al 
Henck Joseph, sign painter, 219 w Riddle 
Henck Lewis, teacher, 180 George 
Henck Sarah, 124 Pearl 
Henck Wm. clerk, 124 Pearl 
Hendering Morris, tavern, 7 Dover 
Henderson Alice A. milliner and dressmaker, 

21 Harford av 
Henderson Anthony, carter, 169 s Eden 
Henderson Andrew, machin. 565 w Lombard 
Henderson Catherine, 94 Mullikin 
Henderson Dr. C. B., 61 s Caroline 
Henderson Charlotte H. dressmaker, over 159 

w Baltimore 
HENDERSON DAVID, hardware dealer, 146 
Forrest and 333 w Pratt, dw 286 n Howard 
Henderson Edward, laborer, 99 Johnson 
Henderson Francis, wagoner, 30 St. Mary 
Henderson Gustavus A. clerk, 73 s Broadway 
Henderson Gustavus R. (John H. & Co.) 15 

Henderson Henry, (H. & Moreland,) 264 e 

HENDERSON JAMES A. & CO. boot and 
shoemakers, 5 n Calvert, dw J. A. H., 121 
e Baltimore 
Henderson James, clerk, 137 w Lombard 
Henderson James, brass moulder, 455 w Lom- 
Henderson James, clerk, 3 Courtland 
Henderson John, jr. 67 s Broadway 
Henderson John, 124 w Fayette 
Henderson John & Co. ship chandlers and 
commission merchants, cor Commerce and 
Pratt, and rope walk, 425 Harford av, dw 
J. H., 75 s Broadway 
Henderson John C. bookkeeper, dw Maltby 

Henderson Jos. 184 n Broadway 
Henderson Kiturah, nurse, 87 n Gay 
Henderson & Moreland, shoe store, 56 n Gay 
Henderson Mary, 10 s Central av 
Henderson Mana, dress maker, 60 n Pine 
Henderson Samuel, agent, 14 n Pine 

Henderson Samuel G. barkeeper, 40 w Pratt 
Henderson Samuel G. 98 s Charles 
Henderson Samuel A. clerk, 181 German 
Henderson Capt. Thomas, 230 Bank 
Henderson Thomas F. attorney, 6 Counsel- 
lor's hall, Lexington, dw 71 Cathedral 
Henderson Thos. bookkeeper, 97 n Schroeder 
Henderson Wm. tinner, 89 n Eden 
Henderson Wm. M. draughtsman, 53 Albe- 
Henderson Wm. H. 161 s Washington, F. P. 
Henderson Wm. P. painter, 375 Light 
Henderson Wm. marble cutter, 33 e Pratt, dw 

31 s Caroline 
Henderson Wm. (Sindall &. H.) 89 n Eden 
Henderson Wm. F. clerk, 64 e Baltimore 
Henderson Dr. Wm, B. druggist, 349 n Gay 
Hendell Andrew, stevedore, 10 Anthony 
Hendorff Frederick, bookkeeper, 9 s Greene 
Henebery Richard, engineer, 157 Eastern av 
Hengerman Henry, tailor, 177 Ensor 
Hengle John O. laborer, Bel Air av near city 

HENIGHAUSEN GEORGE, hair dresser, 

152 Hamburg 
Henis Mary, 187 e Fayette 
Henkel Balthazer, scissor grinder, 72 Somerset 
Henkel Charles, German and English school, 

s w cor Pine and Raborg 
Henkel Eugene, cigar maker, s w cor Pine and 

Henkel Martin, shoemaker, 238 e Eager 
Henkel Wm. turner, cor Cross and Hamburg 
Henkel Dr. Wm. 168 s Ann 
Henkell John, cigar boxmaker, 242 s Sharp 
Henkell Peter, cigar boxmaker, 246 s Sharp 
Henkelman Frederick, 127 w Baltimore, dw 

651 Lexington 
Henkle John, cigar maker, 232 s Bond 
Henkle Joseph, tailor, 17 St. James 
Henkle Joseph, tobacconist, 232 s Bond 
Henley Isabella, huckstress, 36 e Lombard 
Henlein John, piano maker, 222 Lexington 
Hennaman Herman R. grocery, 414 n Gay 
HEN NAM AN JOHN F. tobacconist, 195 

Lexington, dw 62 n Paca 
Hennberger George, saddler, 4 Callendar 
Henneman Jesse, variety shop, 40 Albemarle 
Henneman John, grocery and provision dealer. 

116 Saratoga 
Henneman Linda, 343 s Charles 
Henneman Wm. E, clerk, 112 Pine 
Henner Jeremiah, shoemaker, 194 Conway, 
Hennessey Patrick, labor. 122 Greenmount av 
Hennich Ferdinand, cooper, 323 s Charles 
Hennichgan Henry, tinner, 9 L. McElderry 
Hennick Joseph, natter, 120 Barre 
Henniker Augustus, cigar maker, 51 Harrison 
Hcnnigs Ernest A. com. merchant, 3 Han- 
over, dw Charles n of Northern av 
Henning Anthony, tailor, 267 e Eager 
Henning Augustus C. silversmith, 101 Granby 
Henning Elizabeth, 125 Saratoga 
Henning Frederick, tailor, 60 Philpot 
Henning Herman, carver, 41 Marion 
Henning Mary Ann, tailorcss, 3 w BiddU: 
Henning Thomas, 3 w Biddle 
Henning Henry, shoemkr. 41 Marion 
Henning John H. shoemkr. 41 Marion 
Henning Virginia A. 3 w Biddle 
Henning Wm. painter, 35 Orchard 
Henning Wm. shoemkr. 246 Mulberry 
Hennings Julius, plasterer, 33 Chew 




Hennick Edw. R. wood turner, 27 Somerset 
Hennick Mary, cook, 79 Camden 
Hennicks Capt. John C. 120 Barre 
Hennicks John M. P. hatter, and of No. 2 city 

fire department, 120 Barre 
Hennicks Josias G. hatter, and of No. 2 city 

fire department, 120 Barre 
Hennis Joseph, laborer, 2 Watson's ct 
Hennlein John, cabinet mkr. 222 Lexington 
Henny Geo. laborer, 201 s Wolfe 
Henrich Henry, piano mkr. 181 Conway 
Henrich Gotfried, tailor, 339 s Charles 
Henrick Frederick, tinner, 109 Orleans 
Henrie Rich, tailor, 56 n Fremont 
Henritz Daniel, tailor, 12 Union al 
Henrix Bethiah, 1G6 s Howard 
Henrix Mary, 6 Pearl 
Henry Alex. 155 e Lombard 
Henry Arthur, (H. &. Riley,) Franklin house 
Henry B. T. clerk, Gilmor house 
Henry Chas. tailor, 15 Clay 
Henry David, carpet weaver, 117 Chew 
Henry Geo. W. engineer, 352 n Eutaw 
Henry Isaac, huckster, 220 Raborg 
Henry Jacob, laborer, 83 (irindall 
Henry Jas. broker, 98 s Charles 
Henry J. Long, coach mkr. 63 Centre Market 

Henry Jas. fish huckster, 1 e Second 
Henry Jas. laborer, 11 s Bethel 
Henry Jas. laborer, 15 Neighbor 
Henry Jemina J. dry goods, 238 Hollins 
Henry John, bricklayer, 30 Lenimoa 
Henry John C. clerk, dw Maltby house 
Henry John, moulder, 57 Scott 
Henry John, machinist, 117 Chew 
Henry John, bricklayer, 30 Lemmon 
Henry John, drayman, 179 s Eden 
Henry John J. machinist, 668 w Pratt 
Henry John, huckster, 220 Raborg 
Henry Louis, tailor, 43 Portland 
Henry Mary, huckstress, 220 Raborg 
Henry iVlartin, laborer, 1 Hainmond al 
Henry Michael, grocer, 322 Eastern av 
Henry Michael, laborer, 60 Cooksie, L. P. 
Henry Peter, laborer, 323 Pennsylvania av 
Henry & Riley, tailors, 93 n Howard 
Henry Samuel T. clerk, 13 Oregon 
Henry Solomon, clerk, 117 Chew 
Henry Thomas, laborer, 30 Thomsen 
Henry Thomas, carpenter, 117 Chew 
Henry Val. proprietor hacks, 30 Sarah Ann 
Henry Wm. P. fireman, B. & O. R. R., 133 

Henry Wm. fireman, B. & 0. R. R., n e cor 

Poppleton and Pratt 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, 668 w Pratt 
Henry Wm. of tobac. warehouse No. 5 
Henschen Christopher, (Torney &, H.) 327 s 

Hense Frank, carpenter, 105 McHenry 
Hensel Philip, carpenter, 33 Hoifman 
Hensel Wm. tailor, 85 Harrison 
Hensell Jacob M. moulder, 18 Dawson 
Hen.sler Frederick, lager beer house, 796 w 

Hensler John, tinner, 94 Low 
Hentz Charles, 83 Lee 

Hentzel John, carter, Grundy, nr Northern av 
Henze Mrs. Rebecca, confectioner, 466 w Bal- 
Hepburn David, carpenter, 167 Gough 
Hepler John, chair maker, 141 s Spring 


Hepner John, carter, 14 Dawson 

Heppell John, carpenter, 137 n Bond 

HERA Rev. E. R.,113 s Exeter 

Herald Albert, dry goods dealer, 191 s Sharji 

Herald George, wheelwright, 9 s iiegester 

Herbert Andrew, tailor, 317 n Central av 

Herbert Bartholomew, of rolling mill, 179 s 

Herbert Daniel, 81 Henrietta 
Herbert Daniel, second hand variety store, 87 

Herbert Jas. R. (.Tas. R. H. & Bro.) 89 n Paca 
Herbert Jas. R. & Bro. tobacco and produce 

com. merchts. 33 Grant 
Herbert Jas. policeman, 102 s Washington 
Herbert John Adam, tailor, 82 Somerset 
Herbert John J. ship joiner, 145 Gough 
Herbert Mathias H. (Jas. R. H. & Bro.) 89 n 

Herbert Nicholas, foundryman, 19 Elliott, 

Herbert Rebecca, 145 Gough 
Herbes John, shoemakrr, 43 Low 
Herbst August, bookkeeper, Simon's hotel 
Herchemine Conrad, tailor, 191 Orleans 
Herchman Geo. house carp. 197 Happy al 
Hcrchenine Henry, tailor, 30 Guilford al 
Hercheiiine Henry, tailor, 35 Lewis 
Herd Francis, grocery, 113 Elliott 
Herd Capt. Wm. 37 s Bond 
Herdeman A. H. paper carrier, 133 Dover 
Herfel Henry, tailor, 31 n Dallas 
Herdfeller, Fredk. shoemaker, 226 s Central av 
Herford Julius, tavern, 240 s Broadway 
Herford Spanger, 240 s Broadway 
Herdick Geo. stevedore, 17 Cambridge, Canton 
Hergenhan Martin, tailor, 38 Union 

shipsmith and wrought iron rail maker. Bond 

s of Thames, and Patapsco, Canton, and 38 

Fell, dw 12 Thames 
Hergesheimer Chas. shipsmith, 198 Bank 
Hergesheimer, Christopher, jr. shipsmith, 12 

Hergesheimer Elijah, shipsmith, 12 Thame.s 

Hergesheimer , shipsmith, 296 Eastern av 

Hergesheimer Jos. ship carp. 55 Regester 
Herget Albert, watchmaker, 23 Port al 
Herget Margaret E. confectioner, 94 William 
Herhold Carl, tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Heritage Henry, coachmaker, 6 North 
Heritage Henry, trunkmaker, 74 Albemarle 
Heritage Thomas, carpenter, 145 s Caroline 
Herkenhoff Wm. cigar maker, 70 Albemarle 
Hcrklots Henry G. bookkeeper, 52 s Gay 
Herrlich Charles H. stove and lock dealer, 23 

Second, dw 86 e Lombard 
Herl John, shoemaker, 275 Canton av 
Herley Wm. piano maker, West near Eutaw 
Herman Aaron, shoe store, 174 n Gay 
Herman Bernard, tailor, 100 Gough 
Herman Bernhardt, tailor, 34 n Bond 
Herman Charles, confoc. 83 n Charles 
Herman Clemens, butcher, 140 s Spring 
Herman Daniel, dry goods dealer, 245 n Eden 
Herman George, shoemaker, 295 n Central av 
Herman H. & Bro. boot and shoemakers, 72 

Center Market space, dw H. H. 113 Albe- 
Herman Henry, cigar maker, 22 Preston 
Herman Henry T. tailor, 6 Lewis 
Herman Jacob, saddler and harness maker. 

392 w Pratt 




Herman Johanna, scourer, 64 n Eutaw 
Herman John, carpenter, 245 n Kden 
Herman John, pottery, 767 Light 
Herman Lehman, butcher, 140 s Spring 
Herman Lewis, (H. H. & Bro.) 172 n Gay- 
Herman Lewis, ck'rk, 325 Saratoga 
Herman JVlartin, scourer, 64 n Kutaw 
Herman Solomon, clerk, 89 n Eden 
Hermange Edmund V. clerk Sun office, Liber- 
ty, near Saratoga 
Hermausdorffer Everhardt, tailor, 187 s Bond 
Hernel Christopher, printer, 29 Holiday 
Hernton Thos. peddler, 61 e Monument 
Herold Albert, dry goods dealer, 183 s Sharp 
Herold Anton, cabinet maker, se cor St. Mary 

and Penna. av 
Herold Chas. 163 e Fayette 
Herold Elizabeth, 294 Canton av 
Herold Frederick, cabinet maker, 191 s Sharp, 

Herold John F. C. pamter, 135 William 
Herold John, shoemaker, 51 Diamond 
Herold Jos. carpenter, 37 Penna. av 
Herold Peter, shoemaker, 187 s Bond 
Heron Caroline, 121 Garden 
Herphy Mary, liquor deal. 168 West Falls av 
Hcrr Michael, laborer, 209 s Bond 
Herr W'm. painter, 37 n Caroline 

Police, City Hall, dw 99 e Fayette 
Herring Geo. Wl . (Shirley & Co.) 32 Stiles 
Herring Henry, jr. lumber inspect. 82 s Bond 
Herring Henry, commission lumber merchant, 

West Falls av, dw 26 Stiles 
Herring John L. collector, McMechin, near 

Herring John Q. A. receiving clerk Adams 

Express, 86 e Fayette 
Herring Joseph, chairmaker, 20 n Frederick 
Herring Jos. E. painter, 664 Lexington 
Herring Dr. Julius, 103 Pearl 
Herring Malcom W. clerk, 26 Stiles 
Herring Drigonal, paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 80 w Baltimore 
Herrman George, shoemaker, 154 Durham 
Herrman Peter, potter, 197 Mullikin 
Hersch Eva, 305 n Eutaw 
Herschberg Henry, paint, oil and glass dealer, 

221 s Bond 
Herschfield Emil. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Hersh Caroline, 128 Happy al 
Hersh VVm. omnibus agent, 12 n Republican 
Hertel John, cabinet maker, 269 Canton av 
Hi'rten John, carter, 100 Dolphin 
Hertzamer Charles, 281 Canton av 
Hervis Henry, shoemaker, 124 n Spring 
Hervis Josephine, 124 n Spring 
Hervey Richard, ship carpenter, 138 s Chester 
HERZBERG & BRO. clothiers, 2 Centre 
Vlarket space 

Herzberg , s e cor. Caroline and Bank 

Herzberg Lazarus, dry goods, 675 w Baltimore 
Herzberg Meyer, 224 Aliceanna 
Herzberg Philip, (H. & Bro.) 34 e Fayette 
Herzberg Seligmen, (H. & Bro.) 2 Centre 

Vlarket space 
Herzberger George, tailor, 54 Portland 
Herzinger Jacob, clothier, 191 Canton av 
Herzog Conrad, lager beer brewer, 84 Burke 
Herzog George, tailor, 54